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  1. We've got a straight-up proper drive-in theatre about 30 minutes from here. Opening up this weekend!
  2. Any fellow cosplayers looking for a bunch of cheap ebooks? https://www.humblebundle.com/books/cosplay-like-pro-books
  3. It was...different. But yes, fantastic game.
  4. wait, what? Is there a new SH coming?
  5. Inside - XB1 I think I preferred Limbo, as this one got a little weird at the end and there was a ton of water. Still a fantastic platformer.
  6. Fractured Minds (XB1) Buuuut I can see why if you don't want to count this one:
  7. I'd wager that as well Best use of "above 100% completion" was Symphony of the Night though. Wonder how many people got to like 90%, beat the boss and thought "well I finished that game"
  8. Apparently it's on back order and I won't get it for like a month. So, still looking for headset recommendations!
  9. Hollow Knight (XB1) with 107% (97% when I beat boss first time) Man that was an amazing game