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  1. Any now the standard model will have better battery life
  2. Latest update is available for Android and iOS devices. Includes the new appraisal system, the new battle change, and likely the info for when the new "things" start showing up. Also, if you go into your Pokemon and do a search for " 4* " it will bring up any 100% Pokemon you have.
  3. Hit Tier 3 last night, STILL stuck on that level in Solo. I even swapped to Bowser Jr and used an item so he can blast his skill right away (popping bubbles) and not enough capsules to finish...
  4. I'll probably get that soon. I'm on a level that I'm certain you HAVE to use an item or a Dr ability to clear. Even with Bowser blasting two lines I run out of capsules with like 8 viruses left.
  5. We only did 9 Raids out of the planned 25, as by that point we all had at least one shiny and at least one over 93%
  6. So you can actually replay the same seed (or whatever the map structure is called). They play through it once, map everything out, then pick to play it on the same seed, follow the strategic path. Still seems insane to me.
  7. Although I don't have this game, I've found that to be the case with the Switch in general.
  8. We have a few like that around here, but most of the community is nice enough that if the total lobby is big enough, people will back out and wait.