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  1. Oh, also watched 'Ip Man 4' - absolutely loved it, love the series, great films. And 'Color Out Of Space' - it's a Lovecraft story with just the right amount of crazy Nicholas Cage. Don't watch 'Slenderman' - it's a piece of garbage.
  2. Finished Umbrella Academy Season 2, so good
  3. The "hate the current Zelda, worship the previous" is very true among a lot of people. TP got a shit ton of hate, now I see it grace the top of some people's favourite Zelda games. SS was hated for a looooong time, now people want it remade because they want to play it again. WW didn't have enough dungeons, now it's the best for exploration, etc. People hate the "Zelda formula" but when a game strays from it, they hate that one and love the last formulaic one; then another formulaic one comes out and people praise the last one for "at least being different" The only real hate I ever see for BotW nowadays is the lack of proper dungeons and weapon durability. It's still widely revered among fans as the shake up the series needed. WHERE'S MY BOTW2 INFO NINTENDO! SHOW YOURSELVES!!!!!!!
  4. Fallout 76 Main Story+Wastelanders DLC - XB1 Started a new character and played through the entire main storyline and all of the Wastelanders DLC storyline
  5. Just reached the Blue #2 warp pipe. Absolutely enjoying the hell out of this game. And the WATER! Incredible for a game about Paper.
  6. Is this being streamed live, or just uploaded fully? I'm not seeing any Live broadcasts on Nintendo's YT or Twitch
  7. Also enjoying it. Loving the toad collecting/convos and rebuilding with confetti. Battles are fun as I like the puzzle aspect to it, I was worried they'd be too easy given the first areas but then they step it up.
  8. EB games was offering me more for my trades towards a game than an XB1 controller, so I preordered this. If I don't like it, I'll at least get new release trade credit towards my controller afterwards.
  9. I'm 600+ hours into this game. Only JUST started a second character the other day, level 27. My main is 260+
  10. I'm heading to the game store today for a trade-in event.... it's either this or new XB1 controller... I was going to wait for reviews on this and the no XP thing threw me off