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  1. My Xbox achievements say I did. I looked at a couple guides to shake my memory, and I used: Spell Twister, Shaman Stone, and Stalwart Shell and using the Abyss Shriek attack
  2. Yeah you need a great Charm loadout, I looked up a guide to win and still took me multiple tries. I actually loved the old-school level of challenge. I really want to try my hand at Cuphead, buuuut don't want to pay for it (Hollow Knight was on Gamepass and I was on a free trial).
  3. Both of the newer South Park games are fantastic. But Stick of Truth really does have a Paper Mario feel to it now that you mention it.
  4. I'll likely get the demo, but not touch it until like the week-of, get started and farm some rupees ahead of release.
  5. I do like how the DBs are part of the fight in Hyrule Warriors so it doesn't look like Ganon just dropped an UNO Reverse card and killed all the Champions before the DBs even did anything in the war, as that was kind of the feel from BotW.
  6. Immortals Fenyx Rising looks like BotW/Assassin Creed mix and I'm okay with that.
  7. I don't think I beat that boss either, did most of Grimm Troupe DLC. Hollow Knight is a phenomenal game.
  8. Trial of the Chicago 7 Such a good movie and casting, but holy shit that judge frustrated the shit out of me...
  9. I got playing with sharpie the other day...
  10. A game I backed on Kickstarter like 2 years ago releases in December! Coming to Steam, Switch, PS4, XB1. It's a Metroidvania Monster Training game.
  11. Galarian Farfetch'd has returned. Can now evolve IF you set him as your Buddy AND perform 10 Excellent Throws. Galarian Ponyta is now appearing in Pink Raid Eggs.