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  1. Mask painting is done: Sword is coming along:
  2. I am in said country. However it’s only in northern areas of Canada, so no spawns here.
  3. I'm Kickstarting a game (my second only ever Kickstart) called "Monster Sanctuary" that's meant to be a Metroidvania/Pokemon styled game. Looks really good so far: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1286599243/monster-sanctuary-monster-taming-metroidvania/posts/2595678?ref=ksr_email_backer_project_update_registered_users
  4. @alienboyva I just did one today (got an invite from a friend), Speed-Forme.
  5. Added a little wood effect to it Also happy F13!
  6. So, Link's Awakening is doing promotional cups through 7-Eleven locations in Canada. Unfortunately, there are exactly ZERO in my province. I, obviously, would like to get my hands on a set of them without forking over eBay prices. Do any of you have a 7-Eleven in the area that carries them and you can pick me up a set? I will gladly pay shipping, costs, and thank you tip through either PayPal or e-transfer for them.
  7. There's talk it actually MAY be a new EX Raid Boss, if not, it'll be Deoxys. Just show up on time, or a little early, there's usually lots of people and you can jump into a full/large lobby easily. You'll probably not even need to worry about your team.
  8. I have NES cartridge of first 4. I really liked the 4th one.
  9. Weekend progress on Fierce Deity Sword is currently 5 feet long
  10. Randomly can mean MORE frequently. Anyways. I’m obv playing LttP, already two temples finished in the Dark World.