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  1. He's got his greeting, that's now mine.
  2. Well shit, I thought they were like the one company that didn't do this...
  3. He also said during this "Direct" that when picking a Zelda he had access to unreleased BotW to get a feel for her character, and for Byleth he got unfinished 3 Houses to play around with.
  4. Untitled Goose: Standard Special - Item Grab: Yanks items right out of other fighter's hands, including Smash Balls (which just resume floating around) and Dragoon pieces (which scatter) Other moves can be nips/bites, flap his wings to send an air current, a reflector like Mario's Cape where when he honks it repels items or spins a close enemy around Have his attacks be similar to Peach where she grabs veggies to throw (he grabs random items he stole) and his forward Smash has him hit you with random items (bat, a No Goose sign, a hairbrush) LOTS of grabs, obviously. Final Smash he reigns on high with his crown and rings the shit out of this bell, damaging and putting into stun all in the area Really surprised we haven't seen a Resident Evil rep with all the re-releases of RE0 through like 6 on the Switch. Though it may feel like a Snake clone unless they use Super-Wesker... Geralt from Witcher III would make a good tanky Sword/Magic fighter. But I'd rather no more humans with swords until other options are explored. Also Alucard from Symphony of the Night, but same reason. Still shocked we don't have Zero from Mega Man... They're making the Zero collection, sooo maybe? I wouldn't be surprised to see an Undertale character. I still know nothing about the game, but they put a song in and the creators seem to want a rep in.
  5. It's literally my only real complaint for all the FE characters. People will say Mario has too many reps, but they're not all human sword fighters in similar looking armor. Hell, I'm a massive fanboy and don't want another Link in the game. Even another Zelda rep I'd rather be non-human (thought with BotW2 announced and that Mii costume shown, and that comment about BotW Zelda, I can see BotW2 Zelda being added)
  6. 6 more characters, oh boy can't wait for 1 surprise, Zelda BotW2, two Pokemon, and two more FE characters.
  7. At least a Pokemon wouldn't have been another human with a sword.
  8. Learning how to count in binary on your hands got more interest from me than another FE character