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    Viridian City - N4A Chat Thread, November 2018

    snowing like crazy here

    Viridian City - N4A Chat Thread, November 2018

    Mornin' It's cold. I'm tired. I want to go home and play Fallout.

    Fallout 76 discussion

    Got to play for a few hours last night, did all the quests in the first "settlement" with my sister-in-law, then another friend joined and we did a couple more story quests. I'm still getting used to the real-time play of inventory management and VATS, but I actually really enjoy the game so far.
  4. Didn't see it mentioned here. Anyways with the new update the CP changes have gone into effect, nerfing the bajeezus out of Blissey, Snorlax, and Slaking, and boosting basically everything else. The new "Sinnoh Stone" is now available. Currently being reported as only obtainable through Research Breakthrough (7 Research Stamps). It is used to evolve an previous Gen Pokemon into their newly introduced Sinnoh forms (Electrivire, Togekiss, Mismagius, Porygon-Z, etc). From The Silph Road: Gen 4 Evolutions: Many Gen 4 evolutions are now obtainable in-game via evolving with a Sinnoh stone! The Sinnoh Stone itself appears to be obtainable via the 7th Day Research Breakthrough - a nice way to make it obtainable for even those in rural areas (but not too common - unless another method arrives to obtain them, it will take months to evolve them all!) So far, Sinnoh Stones have not been encountered in other ways - but we reached out to Niantic to see if they may become more common in the future. Liz from Niantic shared: Evolution candy costs have been reduced for many species that have a Gen 4 evolution. E.g. Rhyhorn, Togepi, Duskull, Porygon: 50 -> 25 Species now evolvable: Rhydon Magmar Electabuzz Misdreavus Gligar Porygon 2 Murkrow Sneasel Roselia Togetic Dusclops Species NOT yet evolvable: Eevee (Leafeon/Glaceon) Aipom Nosepass Kirlia (Gallade) Lickitung Magneton Tangela Yanma Piloswine Snorunt (Froslass)
  5. That would explain the request I just got
  6. They've been Raid bosses for a few days now, but good to know they're in the wild. Also, the CP changes go into effect today.

    Detective Pikachu (Movie) - FIRST TRAILER!!!

    I love the CGI except for Psyduck

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

    I believe it was confirmed Infinity War Pt 2 has a filmed cameo.
  9. Adventure Sync does not spin Stops. As far as I can tell it just tracks your steps/distance and rewards you once a week with a bonus based on your accomplishments. Give this a quick lookover https://thesilphroad.com/news/adventure-sync-breakdown-summary/