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  1. Official trailer if you don't want all the noise
  2. I stopped playing long time ago, some levels were basically straight-up impossible without buying characters with specialized moves.
  3. I just kept an eye on him, and when he was more than half emerged, I'd go looking for the blocks.
  4. I just finished Forest Temple in portable Hero Mode. Pro is better than portable, but I find that to be the case every time.
  5. Finally got around to playing Undertale to see what the hub-bub was about. I was really enjoying it, Pacifist Run, but holy shit... Dr Aphys blowing up my phone just wasn't funny or quirky or whatever, I almost stopped playing right there. But I was close to the end so I kept it up. No, I wasn't. And it wasn't like Symphony of the Night where you're happy it was sort of a false ending and there was a chunk of game still left. It started to become a chore to finish. Debating on bothering with a Genocide Run, but as petty as it is, with no achievement for doing so, I doubt I'll bother. That bein
  6. Even then it's not overly necessary. But I still catch them all too.
  7. Fallout 76: Steel Reign DLC - XB1 Undertale (Pacifist Run) - XB1
  8. Asked for these revisions: Pointier head for Fi Smaller Navi Thinner scarf for Sheik, scarf/mask combo if possible Make Link less skinny
  9. Got the first draft of my tattoo design back, curious what thoughts you guys have for revisions? Details are still to be added:
  10. I always flush the letter, then after the hand goes back into the toilet, I sit on it and use it.
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