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  1. So many of the characters were well written.
  2. I actually DID see the live action movie years and years ago... before even seeing a single episode of the show. But yes, the show! Iroh and Toph. But Zuko had a great overall arc and Sokka's evolution was pretty awesome.
  3. hey guys I finally watched through Avatar: The Last Airbender for the first time!
  4. Soooo I know it's called "Zero Mission" but can we get a prequel? I want to see more Chozo. I want to start a game where Samus is training with the Chozo and learning the suit.
  5. Finished my Halloween costume during my week off
  6. Metroid Dread - Switch Back4Blood - XB1
  7. Finished it during my week off, clocking in a playtime of 11:45 or something with like 89% of items. That was THE Metroid game for me.
  8. Finally got around to finishing this 'nightlight' for my wife
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