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  1. Up to 4 hatched Farfetch'd, 3 Kangas, and 2 Mr Mime. Giving me a no-trade 151 Kanto Dex. Also caught a hundo Koffing yesterday!

    The Velvet Room - N4A Chat Thread, September 2018

    He just waltzed on through my work space and plopped a paw right in my black paint. Luckily I managed to scoop him up before he walked too far. Holding him still and washing his toe beans was not an enjoyable experience for either of us
  3. Got a shiny Geodude and hatched a couple of Kanga

    The Velvet Room - N4A Chat Thread, September 2018

  5. Well the Bank is linked to your NNID, they can EASILY just email you. And/or let you buy an extended subscription or top-up at any time. It's not that pricey, I'd be willing to pay or like 5 years and forget it.
  6. The thing I hate about Pokebank is you can't renew too early. And unless you open the Bank you don't get any form of reminder. I once only caught on with 4 days left and had ALL of my Pokemon in there.

    Hurricane Party for Florence!

    Well I'm up in Canada so it'll die down before it gets here... but stay safe everyone who will be affected. Take this shit seriously.
  8. Overall a good Direct. I really hope the FFIX port is from the slightly up-ressed version that was released a couple years ago and not the original PS1 version.
  9. Would've been nice to see if they listed a few of the "still free to play" games and if they planned on expanding passed NES games
  10. EH_STEVE

    Nintendo Download: An Underground RPG

    I might actually get Undertale. I know very little about it other than people don't shut up about it.
  11. EH_STEVE

    The Velvet Room - N4A Chat Thread, September 2018

    Donating blood today. Never did it before, sort of a spur of the moment idea. Cosplay progress from last night: boots
  12. Also only Brazil and South Korea. You need to think of the manpower it would be if everyone could submit suggestions. Though I'd be fine with 30. Also, gyms are determined how many Stops are in a "cell", a grid of the map we don't see in game. Once a cell gets x amount of Stops in it one of the Stops becomes a gym. There's a guy in my FB group that started playing Ingress for the sole purpose of being able to nominate new "portals" which end up becoming PokeStops, then based on the nominations and the cell structure he's been able to add numerous Stops and Gyms in our area.