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  1. God no. I give out Meltan Boxes on Community Day all the time to people who've never finished it.
  2. If I'm up at 4AM, I want to be by myself and enjoy the peace.
  3. I remember being excited for this game when the trailer first dropped. ...then saw the genre. Nope.
  4. Technically they could. Especially if they have a keystroke recorder.
  5. Finished The Outer Worlds, if you like Fallout New Vegas, Firefly, and a peppering of pop culture references then this is a game to get.
  6. I missed all of the NYC tour because I hadn't started playing yet, I think I only just caught the end of the first Tokyo Tour. So my best is currently a Level 4 Peach and a Level 4 Paper Glider.
  7. Yeah I debated this a bit. I didn't have any of the red at all, but then just felt it was more of a pallet swap and needed more elements from Zelda. I added the red, but to keep it rotatable(?) it looked like a gear at first. Then since I figured I'd have straps on the back so it would be held upright properly, it might be okay to do the head and talons. But I'm still unsure.
  8. First design attempt at a "Captain Hyrule" shield Thoughts?
  9. I really the "T" Trick levels and hope the next platform MK implements them.
  10. My wife hates strategy games; she LOVED Pokemon Conquest