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  1. You can go ahead and have control over the first run of something. But I don't think they should tack on their own conditions to getting it. Like how GameStop will hold new consoles and make "bundles" just so they can sell extra crap some people don't want just to get the system.
  2. Exclusive deals is fine. But when they're the only game in town carrying another company's product, no.
  3. GameStop and Best Buy didn't hold the product back until you signed up for a premium service.
  4. Yeah... That's so fucking sleazy to me. "Exclusive to us, aaaaand you need to get a subscription to our premium service to get it" Should not be allowed.
  5. It's Prime exclusive, which I think is complete bullshit.
  6. SS Link (Prime exclusive)
  7. SS Link
  8. Not sure if this is level dependent, but you can now buy Max Revives and Max Potions from the shop.
  9. So glad I locked in POs on all of them...
  10. I thoroughly enjoyed it myself. Even with the cheese they had in there. Major step up from first.
  11. You get 1 coin per hour defended per Pokemon. Apparently still a max of 100/day.