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  1. Someone asked that, he's not going to ZD for first time, he's collecting Koroks
  2. The shit people pull off in BotW never ceases to amaze
  3. Holy shit I'm just reading about this too... terrible..

    General movie discussion

    New trailer for Avenger's Endgame dropped:
  5. Happy Pi-day to all those who follow the mm/dd/yy format!

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    Basically this. I loved the movie. I prepurchased tickets because it looked good and it's MCU. I gave zero shits what "reviews" were saying about it, I was excited to see it, I enjoyed, the end. I don't really care about the "politics" behind it. It's a piece of entertainment that costs hundreds of millions to make, and makes hundreds of millions back. I spend my entertainment money where I want, and all I honestly care about is if I enjoyed it and felt I got my money's worth. And I did.
  7. Don't forget, today is the first (possibly weekly) Raid Lunch Hour! At 11:50am (your local time) any gyms that don't currently have a Raid will get a Raid-Egg spawn with a 10 minute countdown. At noon, those eggs will hatch giving every gym an active Raid! Oh, and they're all Dialga.
  8. That one doesn't count Ty. Do it again.