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  1. I used the regular 8bitdo SNES version, Pro versions of the controller, and that NES Pro (sticks are a little small but workable). Pretty solid controllers. might be worth getting a regular SFC30/SNES30 controller and a Pro one separate cause the shoulder buttons are different and throw me off when playing SNES games with the pro. Good battery life on all of them and works on almost everything. Just be sure to get a bluetooth adapter cause connecting them USB only has some odd issues. mostly not registering but works after a few times. and something about the analog sticks rubbing off quickly but I slapped on one of those caps to protect it. just make sure the cap is a little smaller then the xbone controllers cause its a little loose.
  2. I am afraid I cannot give a serious answer. But I will say the god of ____________ really is interesting.
  3. Nintendo just won. They just... Won. GOD BLESS SAKURAI!
  4. That level. That stupid level in star fox adventures I got stuck in cause I wasn't quick with my taps. til I figured out some cheap tactic but man I hated that part of the game. Pretty sure it fucked up my A button too.
  5. So I was playing this game called Lethal Skies Elite Pilot Team SW for the PS2. Kinda like a mix of arcade and realistic flying. its one of those games that will kick your teeth in til you figure out a certain way to beat a mission and get used to the controls cause don't be fooled this isn't Ace Combat. you don't have 200 missiles that reload mid-air. if your plane can only hold 12 missiles max no matter the type. it will only have 12 missiles max. Thankfully the plane guns are much easier then in AC cause the circle where you need to aim the gun at to hit a plane is much bigger. Anyway so I get to this one mission very late in the game. its like 2-3 missions before the final mission. Holy sweet jesus what in the fucking shit it is so much harder then it should be like god DAMN IT! So for this mission you have to take out about 5 planes, another two spawn after they get destroyed or just appear. Blow up four ships and a carrier. while also defending your own carrier and ships. Sounds simple right? AHAHAHAHA WRONG! If your plane wings get really fucked you will have a hard time to use your plane guns on the enemy ships. some planes you can loss control and just crash or get hit by missiles or gun fire. Another is your AI teammates can be useful and totally useless at the same time. The mission right after this one they actually take out the guns and engines of the big enemy gunship right? Well here on this mission even if you give them air to ground/ship weapons they have a habit of... kinda dangling in the air not doing anything once all planes in the air are destroyed. Here is the video of my stream of the mission I am talking about. You can skip around from the start of the video to around the 1:50:00 mark to see the mission I am talking about. mind the low quality cause my upload is terrible for streaming but anyway that mission just took a lot out of me. Mind you this is one normal difficulty. Normal. Difficulty. I had no choice but to finish it on easy. it seems on that difficulty like I can take more of a beating but not much really changes I can tell. Anyway... What games you guys had that has that one bullshit mission or level in a otherwise okay game that almost killed it for you? Or just pissed you off after trying it over... and over... and over again.
  6. Vita is literally dead for real this time. A shame. I just wanted a PSP2. Instead we got a Vita with the dumb memory cards.
  7. Don't forget the time when the site got those really bad ads that almost gave people viruses.
  8. Don't worry it will fully shutdown for good. Who knows maybe Nsider2 domain goes on sale... Purchase it and have it redirect to Ninfora from now on!
  9. Looks like that Billy sauce is gonna be relabeled as Billy's Inferno tears.
  10. I came back from the dead. So what happened to the forum and anything funny happen?
  11. Careful the edge is gonna kill you faster then the knife itself wew lad. More like Boobies in your face the game amirite?
  12. So who wants to construct additional pylons together? Also known as play some mod map that isn't Dota and blow each other up.