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  1. If the ballot really is what they're going on, and a character as old/disused as K. Rool can get in, then maybe... Just maybe Isaac could happen. Ah, it returns... The pain of allowing myself to hope.
  2. There are only really 3 things I want for sure in Smash 5, in order of importance: 1. Mega Man stays 2. Cloud stays 3. If Link gets a new moveset incorporating stuff from BotW (Champion abilities, runes, etc.), they should have "Classic Link" with his OoT design and a moveset similar to his in Melee. Screw the Gale Boomerang. This would be in addition to keeping Toon Link. Having three Links doesn't seem too absurd to me considering they're all different people... I mean, there are two Marios, and that's just a costume change! As for everything else, whatever. I'm we
  3. As I recall it teased me for a while until I was at about 4 or 5 balls left, and then it ran away.
  4. I'm still in denial about Kingdom Hearts actually coming out this year. I'll just have to watch the trailers a few hundred more times. Other than that, I'm very interested in Dragon Quest XI. Between that and KH3, this year may finally be the year I get a PS4, especially if the PC port of Monster Hunter World is bad. What else...? I dunno when Dragon Quest Builders 2 comes out, but I just finished the first one on Switch and absolutely adored it, so I'm really looking forward to the sequel. I'm cautiously waiting to see if Fire Emblem Switch (I am very done with the Awa
  5. Cool, cool! I have way too many Commander decks haha. I rarely play tournaments anymore, I just really haven't had a deck that I'm super amped to play. Maybe UG Merfolk in Standard will change that... I'm not sure though. Or maybe I'll finally get around to updating my Myr Superion brew for Modern
  6. Oh man, there are folks on here that play MtG?? Where have I been? You guys should help me playtest my custom Zelda set! (Jk it is terrible and I am terrible and also it's really hard to find art for things)
  7. I decided that recently I haven't been having as many panic attacks as I'd like, so I made an online dating profile. I make great life choices.
  8. Link really needs some work on his costumes too. I'd like to see actual models, rather than just textures, for his Skyloft and Fierce Deity costumes, and also maybe an Ordon Ranch one and of course a BotW/Champion's Tunic costume. I'm really curious as to how (if at all) the Virtual Console will return. And what Fire Emblem will look like.
  9. I normally never do this, but I guess the holiday has me feeling abnormally not-self-loathing.
  10. Thank you so much for the gifts, internet Santa @ace! I'm very much looking forward to playing them. This Secret Santa was a really positive experience, especially for my first time doing it. So thanks to everyone! I look forward to participating next year as well.
  11. This is great news! Capcom has really regained some respect from me these last few weeks. Now if they would just localize a Monster Hunter game for Switch...
  12. Yeah I haven't seen anything specifically referring to a "Mega Man X Legacy Collection" kind of game. Maybe there will be multiple collections, or maybe they haven't fully decided yet? That reminds me... I wonder if/when we'll get any news on Nintendo's efforts to bring classic games to the Switch. Maybe they're related?
  13. This has got to be a sign of the apocalypse, because the game actually looks... Decent? I mean, a hell of a lot more promising than Mighty No. 9. Plus coming out in "late 2018" means they'll hopefully have time to polish up some of those rough animation transitions and such. I, too, will be buying every Mega Man game that I can get my greasy mitts on comes to Switch. It seems like the absolute perfect console to play the Legacy Collection games on.
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