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  1. Jumping back into uploading with me jumping back into the 10th Floor of Luigi's Mansion 3!
  2. Skelly really added to the night. One of the funnest nights we've had in the discord chat. Here are the results! and here's the tournament if you want to relive all of that!
  3. Ending off Fire Emblem week with the support conversations for chapter 16. This is a long one so I just put almost all of them into this video. Hopefully I can get some time with Luigi's Mansion so I can get a few of those videos up this week before going back to Three Houses!
  4. Here be the results for that tournament that we just played in!
  5. Here's tonight's stream on YouTube. I'll put what I have in the results screen. I'll have to make Throwdown smaller for that gradient border example.
  6. Here is the 2nd half of those Support Conversations! I'll make it my duty to have the next part edited and up by tomorrow! It'll be the main battle.
  7. I got some plugins for paint.net so I was able to get outlines for the words. The idea that I came up with was inverting the red used for Ninfora for the light blue color of Thursday Night Throwdown. I outlined it in black and have a darker rainbow gradient behind that. This is the result.
  8. There were some more supports for this chapter so I split them into two videos. The first will be below and the next will be tomorrow!
  9. If the rumor is true about the save transfer, wouldn't it be because the island is connected to the Switch since it's one Island per Switch? Meaning if multiple people play the game on the same system and one of them transfers their user data to another Switch, the AC data won't matter since they have to make a different island. The nature of the game wouldn't allow cloud saves anyway since the island would be changing while you aren't playing. Player interactions stay with the Animals you meet. They move away to other people's towns or islands and still bring other players up in conversation. Cloud saves are the bane of Mr. Resetti's existence.
  10. The 2nd day of Fire Emblem Week brings a Paralogue Battle for the ages. This was tougher than the last one. TKrazyO Trivia! This is the longest video on my channel!
  11. As far as I know, you have to leave the floor after the boss battle then go back for the Boo to appear. It might not apply to all floors though since I still have a bunch to finish.
  12. Took a break and played a bunch of Fire Emblem. I'm deeming this Fire Emblem Week! The first video will be the Academy Activities of Chapter 15! The plan is to have the videos scheduled for 2pm nearly everyday this week. I'm still trying to edit some of them since I had some long battles or a buttload of support conversations.
  13. I'll work on it again on Thursday. I have a ton of stuff to edit and making all these changes is taking me away from that. I was trying to outline the text to make it easier to view since the gradient alone will make the words hard to see without it. But I don't want the outline to overpower everything. Just enough to see but not enough to blot it out. A middle ground. It's just hard to do within paint.net since you need to use all these effects AFAIK to accomplish that. It's looked a bit ugly the times I tried.
  14. I need a better place to put these. Makes it seem like I'm hogging the topic. So I redid the Ninfora logo this morning before going to sleep. Thursday Night Throwdown I just finished about 10 minutes ago. @alienboyva @avalonknight
  15. So which font should I use for "Ninfora" and "Thursday Night Throwdown?" What color(s) should I use for the latter?
  16. I'm not an artist or have any knowledge on font etiquette, but I feel stupid for not understanding this. So in your edit, you're saying that you horizontally matched the top of the tall letters together and the short letters together? Other than that, the only other difference I see is the cross on the f being higher. If that's wrong, don't bother explaining it to me. I probably won't get it and it won't even matter.
  17. I have no idea what the bolded means but I got what you said about the F -> O spacing and the top hook. I remember noticing it back when I asked about the font but forgot about it. Made some changes and put two different ones in the same pic. Ignore the white line near the first one. 1st one I used Emboss and Overlay which is why the letters look a little jagged. 2nd one I used Relief. I don't change the options too much so anti aliasing was on. It's just how the first one looks after doing the effect. It needs the edges for that look. I'll give this a rest for now since I've been working on these for the past hour.
  18. I spent the last hour on this since I have no clue how to make a border for letters. So I made an attempt. The attempt w/ changes Just to give an idea, the canvas is 1280x720. The MK8D Logo is touching the edges.
  19. @Kodiack For this one it looks the same but I went a slightly different direction to get there. Image is 720p. Had whatever anti-aliasing option on for it (don't really change things in paint.net). If you need it 1080p or even bigger, let me know. When I was doing the Mario Kart logo, I was going for a more metallic look to match the "Mario Kart" in the logo. Although that one uses a different font. Hope this is a little better. I could put a shadow behind it if that'll help.