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  1. Here is the 2nd half of the challenge:
  2. Here is the first half of the Iron Man Smashdown Challenge: The 2nd half will be up tomorrow.
  3. This item is currently unavailable. Please check back soon.
  4. Since almost all the clips are Mario Kart related, here's the clip compilation video for April. It's shorter than last months. Last week's races will be up tomorrow.
  5. It's been a week since I've uploaded. Did put the Mario Kart battle video up yesterday but I never have them in their own posts. The OP updates because of the playlist. Here is the clip compilation video for April: https://youtu.be/tdLqghBDmp4
  6. Here is the Battle Mode session from the start of this month: The races from last Thursday will be up on Wednesday!
  7. @DLurkster I am set for this Saturday!
  8. I was thinking about getting this game eventually and at least interested in it because I'm a fan of Beat em' Ups and Matt McMuscles (of What Happened? fame) worked on it. I'd probably only get it whenever it goes on sale.
  9. I'm good for next Saturday. In other news, here's the highlight video: Here's the full session if you want to really see how most of the matches with certain players went.
  10. @DLurkster @purple_beard @Eliwood8 Heads up, I won't be playing this Saturday since I plan on seeing the new Dr. Strange movie with my brother that night. I'm up for next week though. No stream on that night. I'll try to have the video up on Friday. Just have to go through the matches to see which groups I won't include. The full session is already up on Twitch via "Highlight" if you guys want to relive the night and have any ideas on what I should include in the video. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1474415925
  11. I'm really liking the Rememberance sections since I find myself going through it for the story and how it unfolds. Don't really like using the MP in they Analysis area since I'd like the info to be unlocked as I go along. Trying not to use them on characters since it ends up spoiling what you eventually find out. Was thinking of switching the difficulty in Destruction to Hard but after the 3rd Wave in the first area, that's a hard NOPE! Having fun with the game.
  12. I'll be on tonight. Here's the highlight video for last week's session: So will we wait until 10:30 or will we have a different room until after 10:30 when DL arrives?
  13. Good races! In other news, the March clip compilation video is now up. I'm posting it here since most of the clips are of Mario Kart. It is also my longest clip compilation video coming in at 14 minutes. So give it a watch whenever you have some free time.
  14. Here is the Tallowmere session from that night.
  15. Back when I did the Rogue-Like Power Hour for one of the Smash Saturday streams, I played two games for around an hour each. I also wanted to test the Twitch export to YouTube tool along with the YouTube editor afterwards to see what I can do for future reference. The below video is the Bit Dungeon+ session from that night. I will post the Tallowmere session on Thursday.
  16. Here's last week's session: @Surge135it'll be 200cc this week.
  17. I'm fine with that if everyone else is. It'll give me more time to set things up
  18. Roll call for tonight's festivities. @DLurkster @The Albraskan @Samus2008 I have contacted Adri on Twitter if she could be a backup. I'll check back at around 9pm Eastern and start setting things up a bit afterwards.
  19. I will not be on Saturday due to another stream. Here is part 1 of the Iron Man Smashdown Team Challenge!
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