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  1. I'll post this now since I already let DL know last Saturday. I will be here for the Smashdown this Saturday. For the rest of the month I won't be on for Smash. The 8th is a WWE PPV/PLE. The rest of the month I'm going to focus on playing a different game for a future playthrough on my channel. I won't be able to beat the game within that time since it's a JRPG but I want to put some time into it since I've put off playing it for over a year. @DLurkster Had a suggestion for the Failure to Launch nights. Since the matches tend to go on for the entire time limit have you thought of lowering the stocks to 2? Also, no Smash video this week.
  2. Here's the Mario Kart video: @Ithrak Utopia I went ahead and used 2 of your pics for the thumbnail. Hope that's alright!
  3. If there's anyone on Team Gear that would like to team up, I'll be playing from 8pm to 10pm Eastern. I'll also be on the OG Discord chat for voice. @alienboyva An hour beforehand I will be playing the Dragon Ball: The Breakers beta on stream if anyone would like to watch some of that. @DLurkster
  4. @DLurkster This was the video I was referring to a few weeks ago about what happens when you uncap the frame rate in the PC version.
  5. @DLurksterI can't make any promises. I will be playing before Smash though.
  6. Starting up Chapter 7 in Three Hopes, the Base Camp Focus. The next part will be up later today. Edit: Here it is!
  7. Welcome to Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Week! Today is the Main Quest for Chapter 6!
  8. Here's the video: I threw the thumbnail together in 5 minutes.
  9. Here's the highlight video: and the full session: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1591989286 Will be out this Saturday due to the Cooldown Saturday stream.
  10. For anyone here that has the game, I'll be playing in around 20 minutes on my stream. So if you'd like to party up within the next two hours and maybe talk on Discord, let me know. @alienboyva @Ithrak Utopia @Art_de_Cat @Eliwood8 and anyone else I might've forgotten. I'll be on the OG channel.
  11. Here's Part 2 of the Smashdown: I'll make the room for Smash tonight for those that might want to jump on. From 8pm to 10pm I'll be on Splatoon 3 if anyone would like to party up. I'll post this in the Splatoon thread as well. I'll be on Discord if anyone would like to voice chat.
  12. Here is Part 1 of the Smashdown!
  13. Definitely loved the storytelling, the lore that opens up the further you get into the game and the battles. The battles were more interesting than I thought they would be. I initially started on Normal before switching to Hard early on. Would recommend for anyone that likes the visual novel type games and RTS battles. The presentation pulled me into getting this when it came to the Switch and I wasn't disappointed.
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