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  1. A support conversation part featuring ending conversations for the characters included in Three Houses.
  2. Starting Chapter 21 of Three Houses with some Academy Activites!
  3. I'll update this topic in a few days with a video since I did record two of my one hour sessions. The combat will take some getting used to because of how the clashes work. I'm not sure if it gives you a clue on the direction to pick to beat your opponent but they can get really good the longer they go. In certain circumstances you can morph to gradually recover health. Camera is all over the place with how fast battles go. The current weapons: Bat- My preferred weapon. Fast and hits the mark. Hammer- Strong, slow and can break weapons. Ball/Yo-yo- Eh Drill- Was ok. Usually didn't like going against a drill user cause blocking was out of wack anytime I got hit by them. Got in so many situations where I'd try to jump multiple people low on health in a battle and get wrecked by an unrelated party. Otherwise I did enjoy playing the beta finally. I will be getting the game when it releases. Any thoughts, @DLurkster?
  4. Updated the OP & topic with today's Beta test date and times along with the release date.
  5. I believe that I have some Unfinished Business with Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap!
  6. Link for tonight's festivities: So will the first 30 minutes or so be dubbed "Shulk Time" because of the Definitive Edition releasing yesterday?
  7. Results: Edit: Fixed an error in the placements. Thanks for letting me know @alienboyva So I'm scrapping Mixer from my streams. Just too much trouble to set up for it to not work for 4 weeks in a row!
  8. Here's the link to the YouTube stream: Gotta go fast! Edit: Random thought- Feel free to suggest some video game music I can use for the stream.
  9. @Surge135 I haven't checked but if you have the time, would you be able to change the speed to 200cc?
  10. Stream link: There's the stream in full. Had to restart at the beginning since Mixer wasn't working. GGs!
  11. I'm fine with that. Guessing only for the first hour or so?
  12. @DLurkster It's a better time than the previous ones that's for sure. Hopefully this time I'll be able to get online. 3 days after the previous release date too.
  13. I'm completely fine with that. Will be streaming some Mario Maker 2 beforehand so if anyone has any levels they want me to play, let me know.
  14. Some support conversations for Chapter 20. Not all of them but a good bit.