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  1. GGs Here is the video with all the conversations we had (for the most part)! I might have to lower the noise gate for the discord voice chat. A lot of the time, PB was getting cut off.
  2. Before I forget @Surge135, if you haven't would you be able to change the tournament to 200cc?
  3. I will be on as well. Playing DKC 3 for the two hours before we start!
  4. Who will be on the track tonight? Also, check the post above this if you haven't.
  5. The sound wasn't too bad going back through all the races. There are a bunch of things that need context here so bare with me. Here's the video: This was what I was referencing to with the Scott Steiner Math and History lessons: Here are some moments from the stream in question: That will be all! Tonight I will be streaming A Hat in Time!
  6. Just checked and the room hasn't been changed to 150cc. @Surge135 Hopefully I caught it early enough! Darn, foiled again @purple_beard
  7. I just have a theory.... a GAME (ignore this)! If @purple_beard posts, I bet he'll have a theme in mind. Don't look at it PB, I want to see if I can get it right. Post then check the spoiler tag. Here's the stream for later:
  8. Here's the Smash Saturdays video with a special intro!
  9. First topic update this year! Other than the weekly Mario Kart and Smash nights being uploaded, I haven't been able to record much since dealing with Covid. I'm trying to get some more up this week since the plan is to go back to work by next week. I'll upload what I have so here's a new part for Age of Calamity!
  10. @purple_beardmaking them moves! For anyone that wants to watch tonight. I will be playing tonight but I will not be playing next week as a heads up. I'll try to be on Discord before 10 cause I think we need to fix your settings again.
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