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  1. Today is Double Upload Sunday! I'll start with the Academy Activities for Three Houses. Part 5 will be up tomorrow. Later on in the day will be more Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3!
  2. You know what's weird? We got so caught up in the room being full that we totally forgot that it was @alienboyva's birthday last week. It was really when I was wondering why I was using the Fox Mii Suit when getting the thumbnail screenshot. Everyone was there for alienboy! Happy Birthday!!! Anyway, I need to explain something about this video. The stream version is fine. When I exported the recording it added 17 seconds to the video causing a desync issue. To the best of my ability, the start of every single race will have the audio (Game, Discord, etc.) in sync. It desyncs in every race but I hope that isn't too much of a problem. Here's last week's Tournament and this week's Tournament Stream link (also in the OP):
  3. Other than the corruption problem I had recording this, here is part 14 of my SteamWorld Dig 2 playthrough!
  4. The mock battle between the houses in Three Houses. I'll have the Academy Activities part up by tomorrow.
  5. I'd be up for this. Happy Birthday!!! I'll have to change something in the stream thumbnail but it won't be too troubling. Here's this week's video: And here's the stream for tonight's tournament: Also, not sure if it matters but @Surge135 if you could, do you think you could put the playlists from my post on July 28th in the OP? Not sure if anyone looks at the outdated OP from years ago anymore but I thought it would be a good place to advertise future videos and streams for Tournaments.
  6. I went ahead and made the unlisted sub part a public video. So here's part 1.5 of Three Houses where I explore the academy. It's not as long as the first part.
  7. That last post didn't age well.

  8. We now return to our regularly scheduled program!