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  1. I did have to read it a few times but I think I get it. I'm fine with that! This will be the last time I post in here today. So when I was talking about the color settings last night, this is what I meant. The left side is default and the right are the changed settings for my recordings. It's so the videos look better to the eye than what's on the left. Since I use different settings in OBS when streaming, I have to use the default setting in my recording software so it doesn't mash with OBS's settings. If you check the stream video from the beginning up to a certain point, both color settings are active, making the colors too bright. That's why I went and fixed them (didn't know I could during the stream). That you can see later on in the stream video. Just a visual aid to see what I was trying to explain.
  2. Aye! I forgot that the challenge was the first Saturday of every month.
  3. It was good that we got that problem fixed for the most part. Now it's just if the settings hold up the next time we're on it. There were some good matches. Don't remember if I won any. That one match as Robin on the Castlevania stage was just bad. Wanted to use Diddy at some point but never got to. @Kezay had some good matches as well. The Great Cave Offensive! @DLurkster @purple_beard
  4. Been up since yesterday but here is part 35 of Color Splash. A heads up that since I started a new job that has me working 9-5 during the week, I won't be able to record until the weekend so uploads are going to slow down.
  5. Tonight is 200cc so set up your karts accordingly. YT stream: Twitch stream
  6. @DLurkster How dare you! I'll drop in and play tonight.
  7. GGs! Pretty surprising to see some chat members and Ryu drop by. Sucks Eliwood wasn't able to get in. Got a clip though:
  8. Here's tonight's stream links: Twitch Stream @purple_beard If we need to help with your mic settings, the YouTube stream can be used so you can hear how you sound. Don't think the viewers would mind. Also, we're doing that 3D All-Stars theme, right?
  9. Part 33 of Color Splash going after the last Big Paint Star!