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  1. I will be playing tonight! Here's the link to the YT stream: and the Twitch stream: https://www.twitch.tv/tkrazyo/
  2. Results: KINGCARSON got pretty annoying with all those friend requests so I blocked him.
  3. It was pretty interesting as it ended up getting to the bottom of the barrel. Wouldn't mind doing Smashdown more! So Hyena checked our first match and confirmed that PB was in fact Pac-Man!
  4. @DLurkster So "Smashdown" then?
  5. Ooh, you got that Rurouni Kenshin and Custom Robo! Still need to finish Kenshin. Custom Robo was pretty fun. Gauntlet brings back memories as well. That was another one of our YouTube anime back in the day.
  6. You guys playing tonight? Is the theme still..... Here's the stream link: