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  1. So here's the Smashdown for this month: @DLurksterEliwood had 9 wins Also, my Cooldown Saturday stream is tonight so I won't be participating in whatever theme there is.
  2. Here are the results: Here's something special that I brought up last week. My parody of Pimp My Ride based on Diddy Kong Racing DS, Chimp My Ride! This was from 11 years ago. Funky is the Xzibit of this. Defiant was one of the regulars on the DKR:DS board on GameFAQs. I posted it here cause it would be several tweets on Twitter.
  3. Delaying the Smashdown video to Friday. Decided to rework the pre/post match tally to simplify the process and add certain people (plus tweaked the thumbnail). That took me an hour to do and I haven't even started going through the matches to get the stats. I can get part way through this tonight but I'm not staying up past 1 a.m. editing even though I took a nap as soon as I got home today. I'm also not including the match with Laclipsey cause I'm pretty sure I was complaining the entire time. Have to keep the stats for it though.
  4. Here's the highlights: The full session is here:
  5. This is just my thoughts on it. Not an official explanation but using other games with similar categories for this thought. Mario Tennis is "other games." Technical I think would be the character's moves and strategies being used to break your opponents down in a way that takes advantage of their shortcomings. I could be wrong with this example being that you have more control over your character or actions (like hitting the ball in Tennis). Can't think of a Smash character that fits this at the moment. Maybe Captain Falcon? Tricky would be more like misdirection or tricking your opponent into situations you can take advantage of with your moves. Like in Mario Tennis where a Tricky character has lots of curve in their shots. I see Diddy as a Tricky character. I'm sure the other Smash players on here if they see this could maybe offer a better explanation. @DLurkster@purple_beard @TheBarkinHyena @Eliwood8 @Surge135
  6. @DLurkster I completely understand. When something that's time consuming becomes even more so with less people it will definitely take you out of that comfort zone. It dragged. That got me thinking back when I got raided during one of the Smashdowns and after explaining the rules the guy was like "Why is it 4 player?" There were less characters at the time but thinking back to it that would take forever to do 30+ matches in the time we had. Plus I'm not really a fan of 1v1s. So I suppose it really depends on what you guys would want to do instead if we don't have enough people. If not playing Smash that night is one of the choices, totally reasonable. Can always change the stream to something else if that ends up being the case. I will be on unless something comes up. It normally doesn't but you never know.
  7. Here's the video: and the full session including the "Quick Play" matches before the arena opened up. Something happened during the arena fights that normally doesn't happen. Care to guess what that is? I'll bring it up during Mario Kart tonight!
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