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  1. *Runs in* Here's the link: I'll be playing! *Runs out*
  2. Here's the results! So when the stream went down it ended up making another link to the last few races. Why I hate streaming on YouTube. Got a good audience thanks to @Koari!
  3. Here's the stream link: Will probably be playing some Animal Crossing beforehand.
  4. I'll be on. Will probably stream some AC beforehand.
  5. The Results! Also, the series of events for this year are as follows: January- World War 3 Fears (Kobe Bryant's death R.I.P.) February- Australia Wildfires March- Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  6. To give some more content on my channel other than waiting for more Fire Emblem or Luigi's Mansion, I've been playing this on the side as much as I could. I call this a "side thing." Here is part 1 of Mega Man X! I had gotten the Legacy Collections for Christmas and I've been wanting to play through these games for a while now. This is technically blind since I have played a few of these stages.
  7. I don't mind when you or anyone else does it during Mario Kart. I can't stop you from being you. It's just when it gets to those derogatory words from random people we don't know. Not saying you guys can say those words. I posted this on Twitter a few minutes ago. I just need to filter the viewers.
  8. I can see only inviting regulars if they happen to play more than 3 - 5 weeks in a row. Not doing so if they pester me about it. The only way I can think of PM/DM is if they either have Discord or Twitter. On Discord I'm not about looking for people on there. About booting, that's probably an admin power. Best we could do is just muting them. I noticed that it kept picking Final Destination near the end and that got old fast. The tactic is an easy tell and won't work against projectile characters, but I wasn't that patient last night as I kept dying off first near the end. When I heard "that word" I was just done with them. I don't mind cussing, PB does it all the time and we're all adults here. My vids/streams aren't aimed at kids yet we had a bunch join the lobby. I don't cuss or use "that word" even though I'm black. It made me change my mind on a few things. You never know what you'll get. For one Skelly you get 2 or 3 of those kids from last night. So that was that.