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  1. Anyone interested in doing this on Sunday (September 22nd)? The Top 8 get 2500 Gold Coins! Takes place between 10am-8pm PST (1pm-11pm EST). 24 total races with it mixing people up every 4 races? ^If you can't see this
  2. Look in my eyes.... A special part of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, cause I had a bunch of footage for support conversations.
  3. I'm making this topic to archive the Tournament videos and Highlights I've accumulated throughout the years. It'll start with the playlist of the Tournament Highlights from the original Mario Kart 8 followed by the current Deluxe Tournaments/Battles/Streams. A look down memory lane! *Features the latest Tournament* *Not much of a playlist for this one* *Stream playlist of saved and upcoming* ^I also stream this on my Twitch channel Depending on how things go in the future I might stop making the videos and have this exclusively as a stream.
  4. Today will be Double upload starting with Ultimate Alliance 3! Stay Tuned for the next video at 5pm EST!
  5. I will but Is anyone else actually going to be up for it? Here is last week's Tournament. Pretty short because of what happened last week. I'm streaming tonight on Youtube and my Twitch Channel.
  6. Continuing our exploration of the deepest parts of Yarrow in SteamWorld Dig 2! https://youtu.be/0_XeiDvqlfw
  7. I might play tonight but it depends on if my brother needs the computer after 10.