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  1. @purple_beard @DLurkster So when are we gonna play these games together?
  2. This is one of those games I have played multiple times. It wasn't a tough Zelda game which might be why. It was also the first Zelda game I'd beaten. I quite like the Switch version because of how it looks but you can't beat the GBC version for the nostalgic feeling. 30 years!?
  3. Here's the video for last week's session: Characters correlate with our usage that night.
  4. Unless something comes up, I'm in. Also, we have a @TheBarkinHyena, if he's able to substitute.
  5. The echoing comes from the other person usually when their mic picks up their speakers. Just need to work together so we aren't too loud on their end to cause that issue.
  6. Here are those races: I'm trying to find an audio balance. The past two videos I've raised the volume up higher for the Discord Voice chat side making them louder than our volume. Just have to individually make audio changes in Discord just enough for some people since background noise is an issue. Not on stream or in the recordings, just in general.
  7. This has happened twice within the last 2 weeks or so. When I open a topic on my phone that has pictures or media in them, the page freezes, the phone goes to sleep then when I try to get past the lock screen it doesn't progress past the passcode screen so it goes back to sleep. I have to do a hard reset on my phone since it won't wake up again.
  8. @purple_beard So on the main screen if you push - the in-game friend menu slides in from the right side. From there you have to scroll down until you see his name, click on it and it should open a window with his name on it with options to pick. The first option should be invite. Or you could click the right stick which opens the Party Menu on the left (in pic), you click one of the 3 open slots on that tab and it'll just open the right side menu anyway. They open really slow though.
  9. I'll be on. I have family over so I won't be streaming until later. If I do play Sonic and it goes over time, I'll be to Smash late.
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