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  1. So I was thinking of posting to ask about the Smashdown but then I saw PB post. I read the post and it wasn't about the Smashdown. Will there be enough people for the Smashdown this Saturday?
  2. Here's the highlights: and the full session:
  3. Anyone know if the room was changed back? I'll check it when I get home later.
  4. It's battle. I messaged him on Twitter yesterday and he said he'll handle it.
  5. I can ask him tonight during Mario Kart.
  6. I'll play tomorrow unless something comes up.
  7. I'll be on tonight. Just messaged @Surge135on Twitter about changing the room to 200cc for tonight. Might take a little nap after ordering dinner before getting on.
  8. There's still time, as in time to watch this video of last week's events! @DLurkster I know you did what you could with your mic settings when you upgraded but is there a mic boost option anywhere? This is you at 200% with the commentary higher than usual, even though the music I put in is loud in a few of the races.
  9. A Christmas Miracle with me actually finishing Age of Calamity before the year is up. Here's the final part!
  10. I'll probably ask my nephew closer to the time. Kezay isn't home yet so he probably won't be able to when he gets here.
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