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  1. Hope Smash went well for you guys last night. Just thought of posting this here since it's related to the Smash Saturday streams. The poll I made for the next Pre-Game playthrough with the 4 choices. It closes on Friday so if anyone would like to vote, feel free!
  2. We'll see because I plan on taking a nap when I get home from work. Afterwards I'd have to buy the pack which I wouldn't know if the game would have to update because I've been having that download problem that came with the last Switch update.
  3. When I beat A Link to the Past last Saturday on stream I still had some time to kill. So I played Famicom Detective Club for a few minutes. DKC 2 Finale will be up tomorrow!
  4. I was wondering if anyone would be available to play on either Tuesday or Wednesday? Was thinking of getting the premium pack and hosting a room. I'd have to be after 8pm though. Brought up those two days since I don't watch much on TV those days. Just a thought.
  5. Here are the results! Edit: The stream markers worked and I got 2 clips from them!
  6. I'll go by that guideline for the next highlight video and see how that goes. I'm just wondering if the short clips should only be match enders or just crazy KOs? I'll have a week to think on it since the Challenge is next week.
  7. Here is the highlights video: It was pretty tough picking some of the matches since only 5 people won with only Hyena getting a single win so everyone else has two matches with wins with a random match that happened to be my win (cause it was a good match). It's hard to pick two matches for someone that wins 11 of them. If you have any suggestions on the presentation feel free to share. I can try to implement them within one editing day. I did edit this video yesterday. If you want to check out the full session I have it available on Twitch
  8. I think if we do use items it should only be for regular nights. If they were on for Smashdowns they would greatly influence the results of the matches. The video will be up later today and I'll post it here after work.
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