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  1. I think the only thing is, going too fast makes me misplace pieces which screws me over. Especially later on when I'm trying to recover from attacks. I did play until I got the Splatoon theme yesterday so some of the good matches there could show my slight improvements.
  2. Don't you still have time or did it end already? So I had some leftover footage from that contest in March of two pretty good matches. Here it is!
  3. Here is last week's Tournament! Here's the link to the stream.
  4. The 2nd to last level going against the mastermind in Kirby Star Allies! https://youtu.be/Rlap7Oj0xVE
  5. The first game to succumb to Finale Week is the short offering of Fairune. I take on the Scourge in the final dungeon in this finale!
  6. I have no idea how someone beat that level in 33 seconds.
  7. Made the return to this game after so long. Here's Kirby Star Allies with Part 15!
  8. Here is last week's Super Mario Make 2 themed Tournament! And here is the link for tonight's Tournament!
  9. Just uploaded my post to include my newly uploaded stage. Sequel to one of my stages in the original Mario Maker.