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  1. Here is the clip compilation for March: Stream link for tonight:
  2. Here's the clip compilation for March: @DLurksterI was going to mention my absence for the next two weeks when we finished the challenge but everyone left before I could.
  3. A heads up that I will not be playing next week (April 10th) or the week after (April 17th). The former since it's Wrestlemania week and it's two nights again. The latter is because of Cooldown Saturday. Matches were cool for the most part. So many of them I went out too early. The video will be up in the next few days. Don't know if it'll be Tuesday or Wednesday.
  4. So I went back and read through the week long prep of this tournament. Didn't see that it would be just 4 minute timed matches so that's my bad. I also didn't see that we would be doing regional rotations with matches. Even though I didn't see that, everyone else was still confused by it when it was mentioned. I believe it was only done that way because of how each region's matches were set up. The problem with how the matches were set up was there was no variety in the region. With what we had the earliest someone would go against themselves was the 2nd round, which happened in ev
  5. Here's the stream if anyone wants to watch for either Super Metroid or Smash:
  6. Here's the video: and here's the meme I was referencing. *Language warning*
  7. Just making use of the tools I have. If it's after every region's round I can probably do it on screen. Can't make any promises.
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