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  1. Toadette is in the game too. We'll see! Anyway, here's last week's Battle session! and the YouTube link for the stream tonight
  2. Doing some exploring and capturing some Boos before heading to the next floor in Luigi's Mansion 3!
  3. Went pretty well for the most part. Hard to hit those that I couldn't find since it seemed as I was always on the outside. Just need more human players! Also, for some reason the YouTube stream completely skipped the first two Renegade Roundup matches. The Twitch, Mixer and Facebook streams were fine! No idea why.
  4. Here's last week's Tournament and the link to tonight's stream!
  5. Last year we did two battle nights in November. I think one at the start and one at the end. If no one has a problem with it, I'd like to do more battle nights. So I think tomorrow night we can do some battles instead of the tournament races. Move the 200cc tournament to next week. I already messaged Adri on Twitter about it if she plans on joining us this week. She has me added so it's fine. Just have to find some people to fill up the room. That's if everyone (that can make it) is ok with battles instead of races. Also, last week's tournament video will be up tomorrow. I was editing it this morning but didn't get halfway through until I had to leave for work. Got home at 6pm yesterday and went straight to bed. I'll have time to edit it tomorrow and get it uploaded.
  6. So with this Thursday being Thanksgiving and the start of in-store Black Friday deals, who will be here for the tournament? PB is out since he works that night. @Surge135 @alienboyva @avalonknight @DLurkster @Kezay There was an idea I had. If we don't have a lot of people racing, we could maybe do battles. It was something we did last year cause of the lack of players. Otherwise it would be a 200cc Tournament! Could be a change of pace. I could also try to get more random people to fill the spots since it would likely be a friend room rather than the tournament setup. Opinions?