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  1. Here's the Clip Compilation for October. Was going to be both October and November but the only clips from November were from October streams. @DLurkster Interesting idea. @purple_beard I'm up for playing. Not sure if I'll be on at 9 or 10 but I'll check the Discord around those times and see who's on.
  2. Just thought of something that could be fun. They just changed the game with this update.
  3. @DLurkster I just assume people are coming unless they say otherwise.
  4. Here is part 2 of that Mario Party session: Disclaimer: Lag spike for the first 14 minutes of the video.
  5. I'll go ahead and post them in here since we did this last Thursday. Here is part 1 of that Mario Party session featuring @Surge135 & @purple_beard! I'll have part 2 up tomorrow, just have to edit it tonight. Also, make sure the tournament is set to Mirror Mode for tomorrow!
  6. @purple_beard If you can't make 9 we can start at 10, but please read the posts that you quote for this information. If there's one more person that might want to join us for Mario Party (N64 NSO App), let us know within the next few hours. I'm aiming for 9pm but that might be moved back to 10pm. I'll have my discord open if anyone wants to message me there.
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