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  1. So I made a poll yesterday that was voted on today to pick the Pre-Game session game before Smash. Fall Guys won so I'll be playing that from 8pm to 10pm Eastern. If any of you guys would like to hop on around that time, I'll be on Discord. @alienboyva @Surge135 @TheBarkinHyena
  2. @DLurkster @Eliwood8 I assumed the Team Smashdown would be the 13th since that was decided weeks ago.
  3. Anyway, what we raced tonight was my first experience with the tracks. Still have to play on the 3 we didn't get but it'll be different since they won't be mirrored.
  4. I'm likely not going to read this topic until I finish the game. Just wanted to post my playthrough of the game here if anyone was interested in how I'm doing things. At the rate I'm going, I'm not finishing this game for months.
  5. Starting Chapter 5 with the Base Camp Focus on new facilities and recruits. The first Side Quest for the Chapter will be up later today.
  6. So I won't be on due to SummerSlam but here's the highlights video with 15 matches. I added Bowser Jr. since Joe tends to use him a lot. Here's the link to the full session on Twitch: Full Twitch Session w/ additional matches at start Also, the match wasn't included but on Wuhu Island where I was confused on how I lost my first stock, PB Ko'd me pretty early.
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