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  1. Today will be two Support Conversation videos for Three Houses. The first one is up right now! The 2nd will be up at 5pm!
  2. Well, here is the final edited tournament video (for now). I'll have to try to get the stream running earlier so I can work out the kinks (sound problems). I think it was because of having to restart my computer to get a signal going. Below is the link to tonight's stream.
  3. Time to learn how to use them! At this point I don't care who gets in even though I'm glad Byleth was revealed. I already got my overall pick before the game came out.
  4. Another family related battle and the first Paralogue Battle since the time skip. This is my toughest battle yet in Three Houses!
  5. You know the saying "If you build it....." Here we are with the 1st Academy Activities since the time skip!
  6. So I went ahead and updated the topic mostly with the recent sales that started up again. I'll update the rest later since I've been working on this for about an hour!
  7. I'll be up for playing tonight. Still have to test some settings and all that.
  8. I've been slacking because of the long work days at the start of the week that I haven't been promoting the videos. Although, I've noticed that they get views without the advertising I do which is good but I can't seem to keep them watching no matter how short or long the video is. Eh! So here are the videos I posted this week. Here's the supports starting off Chapter 14 of Three Houses! And the most recent Luigi's Mansion 3 outing with the 9th Floor! I'll try to shorten this explanation. Mario Kart Tournaments will now be stream videos only (marked public) as I'll stream them through OBS now. Mainly to use the built in noise cancelling and gates for no background noise. That decision is to focus editing on my many playthroughs. I want to stream more but background noise is holding me back. That is why I'm on OBS for Mario Kart and sometimes Smash. I want to find a simple mic program that can eliminate background noise as I record and any other helpful effects. Other than that, thanks for reading my small update.
  9. Here is last week's tournament and the first of the year/decade! We'll see how the stream goes tonight!
  10. Here's the embed for the Direct. I'll have to watch it after work.