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  1. Hope someone sees my posts!

  2. Noticed in the "Contact Information" area on the profile pages say Array instead of the actual information input for each section.
  3. Here is last week's Tournament! Had fun with the last race and a few of the races beforehand.
  4. Jumping into traffic in Mighty Gunvolt Burst! Won't be uploading tomorrow since the Nintendo Direct will compromise any view that it might get. I also work tomorrow so I can't see it live.
  5. I proved the mayor wrong and get to dig more in the process. Here is part 3 of SteamWorld Dig 2!
  6. Thank you Doc! When I told my manager at work it was my birthday (cause no one knew), they offered to let me leave 2 hours early. They also got me a cake which I didn't expect. It was a surprise for a place I started to hate working but it was the good that I needed for the bad that started off this work week. Anyway, here is the 2nd video for the day. The 3rd part of my Mighty Gunvolt Burst side series as Gunvolt in these great levels that I play on! I hated these stages!
  7. Since it's a special day for me, this will be a double upload day. We will start the day off with an early upload of Ys VIII where I continue through the Octus Overlook to the next era. It's my birthday!
  8. Here are the results! @alienboyva Here is another angle of the phenomenon.
  9. Here is last week's Tournament in full! Tonight's Stream:
  10. GGs, like usual the lvl 50 FP are quite strong. The scream I was talking about was Roy's star KO which never happened in the matches. If you go to Roy's sound test, play Voice 14.
  11. So I decided to go with both games. Two parts for each game a week for as long as I have material. In that case, here is the next part of SteamWorld Dig 2! Mighty Gunvolt Burst will be tomorrow!
  12. Finish up the last quest to get back to saving the world in this part of Ys VIII!
  13. Here is the 2nd game that I want to do a series on. We jump into a virtual world in this video game in Mighty Gunvolt Burst! So which would you rather see as a side series first, SteamWorld Dig 2 or Mighty Gunvolt Burst?
  14. [Edit: The browser I use to upload videos tends to not upload things. So it never completed the upload that I advertised everywhere. I'll post it when it's up!]
  15. Here are the results! What was with all the red shells?
  16. Here's last week's Tournament! Here is the link to what hopefully is tonight's stream.
  17. Here is the first of the two games planned. Welcome to Jurassic..... I mean SteamWorld Dig 2!
  18. Here is the next, action packed episode of Ys VIII where we take on a raid followed by a rescue quest! So the plan for this week is to gauge interest in a side series while Kirby is missing in action. I'll be uploading two new games with one being tomorrow and the other more than likely being either Wednesday or Friday. Whichever one garners more interest will be the side series I play. It's also to slow down on these rapid fire Ys VIII uploads lately. So when the games are uploaded, let me know which you'd prefer to see first.