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  1. This time on Ys VIII, Adol and the group take on the final two eras to release the psyches needed to combat the Lacrimosa!
  2. I bring to you the finale of Mighty Gunvolt Burst as the Azure Striker, Gunvolt! For the replacement side series, I chose Fairune. It'll be a no commentary playthrough with subtitles sprinkled in there. Depending on how I format it, I might do 4 parts a week with it's upload day being double upload with a morning and evening part. It depends!
  3. As for this week, this is last week's Tournament! Hopefully we have more people tonight! In the case that anyone wants to watch the tournament tonight, here's the link for the stream!
  4. Because of yesterday's video ending, I uploaded the next part today. So here it is! https://youtu.be/iEphfl0GCYw
  5. Gunvolt dives deeper into the subspace in Mighty Gunvolt Burst! https://youtu.be/en_hdfSP3Uk
  6. Hope someone sees my posts!

  7. Noticed in the "Contact Information" area on the profile pages say Array instead of the actual information input for each section.
  8. Here is last week's Tournament! Had fun with the last race and a few of the races beforehand.
  9. Here's the stream link for tonight's tournament.