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  1. Is "Whites are under attack/will be minorities soon" under Overt racism just because it's a common white nationalist talking point? It's not really untrue, in many parts of the world. To what extent, and whether it's a "good" thing will depend on the place and person. In the US, whites in general don't have it so bad. But they will definitely be minorities at some point, and there are plenty of people who outright hate them.
  2. I think you guys are vastly overestimating how big of a deal this is. And everyone always says he's melting down every time he makes a tweet, this is silly.
  3. http://slatestarcodex.com/2016/11/16/you-are-still-crying-wolf/ Good article.
  4. War's not going to happen outside of the middle east that easily. What would there be to gain from a war in Asia? I can see China getting pissy over its ocean border or something, but that wouldn't lead to anything substantial on its own.
  5. Freedom of speech isn't just a law, but an idea and a culture. It's there for a reason, after all. Ideas should be debated and censorship will not have the result you want. You're not criminal if, as just a citizen, you try to silence those who oppose you... unless you try to silence them with force. But you clearly don't care about free speech, either way.
  6. Trump supporter is being equated as fascist/racist. I don't agree that all Trump supporters are fascist and racist. It's a very authoritarian idea, as well, to just fuck them up like that. It seemed to imply they should be killed, even. I think I can sympathize with wanting to just be rid of your mortal enemies, but I'm questioning people's judgement on what that constitutes. Ah well. There you go, anyway.
  7. No one's saying whites in general aren't better off. Not all whites are, but sure, there's a divide. Saying FUCK WHITE PEOPLE THEYRE ALL RACIST is hard to take as just a call for change. Because it's not, and that's why people are upset over that rhetoric. There's a reason people are saying those hateful things, I can see that, but it's not an excuse. It may not be racism as it's defined nowadays, but it's... just more of a way to divide people. It's not constructive. And at least as far as I'm concerned, that's where a lot of this started. This is kind of funny, actually. I ass
  8. So, I'm getting an idea of the thought process here. Because someone is white, and has white privilege, because they are part of the majority group that has and had power. They owe it minorities to make up for that unfair advantage. That unfair advantage alone makes it reasonable to want to disparage the group, whites, especially considering historical context. (I'm not sure what being insensitive to whites as a whole does practically, but oh well.) Is this about right?
  9. The point being... because they haven't been oppressed on the basis of their skin color, it's okay to do it now? What? That's not going to lead to anything good. Keep in mind, I was responding to this post, not the one above me. Let's take it from there. It is not hypocrisy to hate people who hate other people. Sure. Are you a part of that group? No? Are you white? Yes? Okay. So there are whites that don't fit into that group. The issue I'm taking is that you're defining "people who have demonstrated a complete and utter hatred for minority groups"
  10. That is a very broad brush, my man. There's tons of poor whites. Victims of abuse, gays. Maybe they've not been oppressed because of their skin color,(except maybe with rhetoric like seen in this thread) but that's not the point here.
  11. That just makes it more concerning. Is it acceptable for me to say that blacks overall have X problem, like many people here are saying whites have a privilege problem? Hell, "fuck white people" goes past that. I wouldn't say "fuck black people" if I thought there was a correlative issue. That'd be, y'know, insensitive...but I guess it'd be okay if I were black? I guess. I dunno, you guys are weird.
  12. Cool. Then have these. http://www.cps.gov.uk/northeast/victims_and_witnesses/hate_crime/ http://www.report-it.org.uk/files/hate_crime_operational_guidance.pdf (@1.2.3) "Evidence of the hostility is not required for an incident or crime to be recorded as a hate crime or hate incident." I'll settle to just make the argument... Just saying that hate crime and incidence is on the rise in the UK doesn't mean much. And unless you're in an area that you know is dangerous, you don't need to fear for your life all of a sudden. I'm sure you personally have a more realis
  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3805008/The-great-Brexit-hate-crime-myth-claims-epidemic-race-crimes-referendum-simply-false.html If I remember correctly, that figure is also counting all of the reports Nigel Farage got. For the former link, I won't defend anyone being hateful in the wake of all this, but... I don't think the danger's risen that much. Some fear for some people is justified. A lot of this is going overboard, though.
  14. If the investigators have to go over more material, then surely in some respect, the case is reopened. Like, if something was found, and it was incriminating... that would make Comey reconsider his recommendation, perhaps? It could probably be said that the case was reopened at some point before that juncture? Anyway, whatever. I like Chaffetz, but I guess it's practically still closed, whether or not there might be more stuff to go over, and I guess you could say he's jumping the gun. I've followed this closely, at least in the months prior. I know why the FBI director didn't indi
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