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  1. Sorry, my brain doesn't recognize the image. Would you mind jogging my memory?
  2. Laclipsey


    I'm surprised they opted for Simon's Quest and Kid Dracula over Rondo or Symphony. Still, this'll be a nice collection. Of these eight I've only played Castlevania 1 and Simon's Quest. May 16th, eh? That's not too far off. I'll be picking this up for sure.
  3. So Joker's pretty fun guys. I would liken him to a hybrid of Robin, Bayonetta, and Zero Suit, though describing him that way isn't super helpful since he's really his own beast. My first impression is that he's a quick aerial fighter but with a few spacing tools and the Belmont's limited recovery (when Arcene isn't out). I haven't found much practical application in his neutral special yet except for defensive aerial mixups and stunning characters out of attack animations. Given the low damage output, it feels like you're supposed to spam it like MegaMan's lemons, but its rate of fire and the fact that it locks you in place makes it extremely unsafe to just throw out anytime. Being able to inflict steady damage with forward B and tank a hit with no knockback with down B is insanely useful, though.
  4. It's alright, man. Try not to let it ruin your day. I'm hyped as all heck for Joker, but I can wait one more day if it comes to that. There's always tomorrow.
  5. Laclipsey

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I don't care if Haar isn't the best flier in the world. I'm just happy one of my favorite Fire Emblem characters is in. And as a Grand Hero Battle character there's no risk of me losing out. I don't really play this thing competitively anyway. The art looks fantastic, and I'm looking forward to hearing his voice. ...Assuming he doesn't pronounce his name "Hair" or some such nonsense.
  6. Laclipsey

    Video Games Finished in 2019

    Yeah, I'm now convinced I need to see Twin Peaks. XD Each character in DP is kind of a giant caricature. Coupled with their animations and voice acting, there definitely is something magnetic about them.
  7. Laclipsey

    Video Games Finished in 2019

    Zero Time Dilemma Deadly Premonition - Went through this with a friend recently. This is a really flawed game with some amazing storytelling that really caught me off guard. Between the janky animations, rough driving controls, and downright meme-worthy sound editing, I wasn't expecting this story to make me emotional by the game's end, but here I am. I understand this is something of a cult classic, and now I understand why. I really wish more people would look past this game's admittedly prominent flaws, because there's a great mystery narrative here, and a cast of characters that's absolutely overflowing with personality. Not to mention all of the laughs I had with my friend over some of the musical cues and sound editing.
  8. Laclipsey

    Wayforward Announces Shantae 5

    It's not a dream! Wayforward has just announced Shantae 5 for Switch, PS4, XBox One, PC, and- interestingly- Apple Arcade. I am over the moon. No details are known yet, but we do get a nice preview of the updated art style, and what may or may not be the official title and logo. Shantae 5 is slated to arrive later this year. Personally, I half expected a reveal during the recent Indie Direct, given that it's been a while since Half Genie Hero wrapped up, and was mildly disappointed when we didn't see anything from them. Turns out we didn't have long to wait regardless! As a longtime fan of the series, this just easily became my most wanted game this year, so I'll be following this closely. My hope is that the level design returns to the interconnected Metroidvania style of Shantae 1-3 rather than the segmented stages we saw in HGH. But either way, I'm just happy it exists. What about you? Are you excited for a new adventure through Sequin Land?
  9. Laclipsey

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I hate to complain, but it seems they've really left free players out in the rain. I haven't pulled a focus unit since the Radiant Dawn Laguz banner. I keep pulling Henry and Barst. And my dwindling orb supply is kept on a drip feed without Tempest Trials and - as much as I hated it- Tap Battle. Is there any indication the orb drought is going to continue? I want Idunn.
  10. I was hoping to hear about a new Shantae or Luminous Avenger iX, but Blaster Master 02 and Cadence of Hyrule were nice surprises. Blaster Master 01 improved on the NES original in every conceivable way, but felt pretty safe in terms of keeping to the original level design. 02 looks like Inti turned it all up to eleven without bothering to constrain themselves to the original game's framework. This is cool stuff. I hope they're eventually able to put in the DLC cameo campaigns from 01.
  11. Laclipsey


    As much as I hate throwing money at Konami these days, I'm at least going to go for that Castlevania Collection. Particularly because I'm not going to have access to any console but my Switch for a year starting in May. It'll be worth it for Castlevania I, III, and IV already. I really hope they put in Rondo of Blood and Harmony of Dissonance. I'm sure Symphony of the Night is in the cards, too. Though with which dub, who can say?
  12. Is it? I didn't know they brought it over. That's good news. Still, there's a lot of gaming history that's just gone now. At least we have the PS4 port of Rondo of Blood.
  13. It's criminal that there is now no legal way to play the original Sin & Punishment unless you bought it on Wiiware, especially considering how unintuitive the control scheme is on a Classic Controller. It would work so well with gyro aiming.
  14. Laclipsey

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    We need this applied to his Smash taunts now.
  15. Laclipsey

    What are you listening to?