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  1. Laclipsey

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    "Waifu-pandering" -> Not my words. But it is a convenient term for what we're talking about, so I adopted it to save time. Attractive characters aren't the issue. What kicked this off was the overmarketing of the core cast of Fates. I may have allowed my distaste for Fates in general to color my complaint, but I don't recall ever saying no one should be able to enjoy Fates or that people who enjoy Fates are dumb. For what it's worth, I played Fates and enjoyed it to some extent. If one of you took more from the experience than I did, I won't lose any respect for you. I have leveled a number of criticisms at Fates that have little to do with the dating sim elements, namely the bad script, the monetization model, and the fact that the Hoshidan/Nohrian royalty won't go away. At any rate, I understand Binding Blade drove a similar rift between fans before I ever knew what Fire Emblem was. That doesn't mean I can't have an opinion. I worded it strongly but it's still only my opinion, and I feel I must emphasize that I will lose respect for no one if they disagree with me.
  2. Laclipsey

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I didn't know Fates' script was outsourced. But I have zero trouble believing it. Is that why every single support conversation involves training at the base? Never mind the fact that the entire crux of the story- and the premise Fates was predicated on- was having to choose who to side with. That could have been interesting had Revelations not swept both main stories neatly into the dustbin. What a transparent cash grab that was. Instead it opts for this frustrating idiot plot where five minutes' ceasefire to talk things through would mean all eight royal siblings would see Garon for the mustache-twirling meanie man he is. I didn't finish Conquest and I didn't make it to Revelations, but I know enough about Valla to conclude that it's a contrived, overly-convenient plot device to prevent the heroes from simply talking it out, and it's lazy as all heck. It's a shame, because I really do think Fates does some interesting things. Unique skills for each character, limited reclassing options, an overhauled weapon triangle, and some fun new classes like Ninja and Witch. And there are some characters that I legitimately enjoyed, like Kaze, Silas, and Ophelia. None of them were the eight royal siblings. As for Three Houses, I don't really think the trailer is markedly worse than most other first looks we get at RPGs these days. I don''t think the goal of a teaser trailer is to set the stage for the narrative, but to drive excitement without establishing the stakes. I don't think the trailer is a good indicator of whether Three Houses marks a return to actual storytelling because we know nothing about the story yet. That said, while Shadows of Valentia was a return to form of sorts, I think most people chalk that up to it being created as a faithful remake of an NES game rather than consisting of new ideas meant to drive the direction of the series' future. What has thus far concluded the series indicates a direction I'm not happy with, and I don't think IS cares. If IS set out to make Awakening the ultimate Fire Emblem game, then Fates is the one where they sold out. Though I hate to use such a hackneyed phrase, I think it accurately describes what happened. I do not think Fates was a labor of love like Awakening was. Fates is a product, and the incessant marketing of the worst characters in the worst Fire Emblem game shows it pretty transparently.
  3. Laclipsey

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Oh, it probably will be the same director. Dating sim elements, waifu pandering, and eugenics are heavy factors in the series' new identity. I thought Awakening managed to weave romance and children into the story in a way that was unobtrusive and added to the game's narrative, but I came away from Fates simply frustrated by its transparency. At the end of the day I'm more readily accepting of a narrative that introduces the grown children of the main heroes as a means to further the desperation of a doomed future time travel plot than one that places the children in alternate dimensions where time passes differently so they can be married off for the sake of waifu pandering. I'm skeptical of any new Fire Emblem going forward, because it was Awakening- the game that embraced player avatars, children characters, and waifu pandering- that propelled the series to such massive success. Now this may not have been a result of the waifu pandering in particular, but IS doesn't seem to care, as they've doubled down on it since then. I think we can expect that to continue in new entries in the series. I was pretty thoroughly happy with Shadows of Valentia, though. I just want them to make Shadows of Elibe.
  4. Laclipsey

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Can we get away from Fates please? Or at least away from the Hoshido/Nohr royalty? How many Camilla alts do we really need? Weren't we up to five already? I'm ready for Three Houses to come out already so IS will stop shoving Fates' least interesting characters in our faces. Agh. I can't really complain too much. They just put Tibarn in, after all. I'm just so sick of seeing the same eight characters time after time.
  5. Laclipsey

    Soul Calibur 6

    Oh, snap, that dropped today! Man, guess that means I have to go buy the DLC after I'm all done with teaching practicum on Friday. I'm having a bit of a horrible time right now in life, so I haven't had a lot of brain space to dedicate to paying attention to these things. I'm really glad to hear she's fun to play. Looking forward to trying her out this weekend. 2B will be pretty hard to top as a Soul Calibur inclusion, with Automata being one of my favorite games. I doubt I'll be as hyped about the other characters going forward, but we'll see. Well. It's not as if Ivy and others haven't already blazed the trail for butt-baring costumes in this series. Given that this is Soul Calibur, I'm not that surprised. Does she include any other CAS parts besides the Kaine outfit? I'm not super fussed about the lack of a story for 2B, but it would have been a nice addition. I remember being somewhat mystified by the importance given to Ivy in 2B's introduction. Beyond the superficial detail of them both having white hair Ivy really has nothing in common with 2B. Granted, not that 2B would have exactly meshed with anyone in particular, but I thought it was kind of strange they played up Ivy's presence so much. Hey, Ridley, are you playing on PS4? We should totally play together sometime.
  6. Y'know what? I think it's just obtuse and confusing enough for it to be true.
  7. Laclipsey

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Fantastic. Guess I'm saving my orbs till then! Thanks, friend!
  8. Laclipsey

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Seriously, I'm so happy Tibarn's in. And I'm pleased as punch with his voice actor. Did they say when the Laguz drop?
  9. Laclipsey

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I'm not a huge fan of the Joycons. The lack of a + control pad and the tiny buttons were never a selling point for me. So I've got the Xenoblade 2 Pro and I think it's one of the most comfortable controllers out there. Ergonomically it justifiably has drawn some comparisons to the Wii U Pro and the XBox 360 controllers. The buttons I would compare to SNES for size and PS4 for space. The sticks are like the Gamepad, perhaps a little longer. All of the buttons are more squishy than the 3DS/Joycons but not Game Boy levels of squishy. Again, think Gamepad. The battery on this beast is insane, too. My only complaint is that it doesn't have shoulder button analog, but then, that's not a capability the Switch was made with.
  10. Laclipsey

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Wow, that sucks since I merged all of my extra 3 and 4 star units in anticipation of being able to raise their rarity later. That's going to take soooooo many feathers. Which are suddenly in short supply for me. Anyway, thanks for clearing that up, Arvis.
  11. Laclipsey

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I apparently don't understand a thing about how unit merges work in this game. I had a 4* +2 Lyon I was going to merge onto my 5* +1. I'm aware that merging a lower star unit onto a higher star one yields only SP, so I made sure to promote the 4* one to 5* before performing the merge, only to find it only gave my powerful Lyon +1. Similarly, I just had a +4 Kaze revert back to +0 when I promoted him from 3* to 4*. What is going on? As a free player, this is really frustrating for me.
  12. Laclipsey

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I'm really disappointed with Samus' nerfs. She was in pretty dire need of a buff in 4, and from what I've seen she's only been made worse now. That aside, I've been using my Xenoblade 2 Classic Controller almost exclusively on my Switch, and I absolutely love it. I'm considering just using that for Smash this gen in lieu of a Game Cube Controller.
  13. Laclipsey

    PS Plus Free Games for December 2018

    Nice! I had a great time with Steredenn on PC. It's got some good tunes, too. I'll be happy to have the chance to play it on console. SOMA always looked interesting and I've been meaning to make time to watch Stein's Gate, so I have an interest in that, as well. Also Iconoclasts was a game I had a pretty good time with earlier this year on PS4, even if the ending left me scratching my head.
  14. Laclipsey

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Holy crap Surtr is absolutely broken. Not just his abundantly good skill set, but his stat spread is nothing to sneeze at, either. He sits at roughly 50 ATK, gets to add half of his considerable DEF to it for his special, and he gets to deal 20 damage to anything near him every turn? The only thing he's missing is Distant Counter and a bit of SPD. Put Distant Counter and Quick Reposte on this man and he's practically invincible.
  15. I admire your positivity. At the end of the day you're right. Still, I'll probably end up foregoing the Switch release in favor of the PS4 original though. I'm a sucker for physical copies and there's a sweet physical edition with the soundtrack. And probably a more active online community.