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  1. Nice! Always up for more Elibe love. I'm mildly disappointed Rath isn't a different color than his daughter, since it seemed like a missed opportunity to add a red or blue ranger. Fiora was really miscast, in my opinion, and her art is a little too generic anime for my liking. Leila is hype, though. I wonder if we get Nergal for GHB or Tempest Trials?
  2. Those space shooters look fantastic. I can't wait to try out Blazin Lazers in particular.
  3. Funko Pops are eldritch abominations that only exist because Funko has access to every license known to man. Though I appreciate that they at least bothered to pose Shantae, that featureless face and those soulless Coraline eyes are impossible for me to ignore. Besudes, there are better options for Shantae fans.
  4. Agree to disagree there, friend. Heroes by its very nature encourages players to pursue new content. One of the core draws of the game is the endless influx of new and familiar characters from across the series, for which the game's primary currency is necessary. IS has leveraged this to extensive effect. Even when one has a competitively viable team, the gameplay loop encourages players to always be building another, and there are always new characters being added. That said, I feel I should clarify that I don't expect free stuff to any greater extent than F2P orbs are currently available. I understand and agree that IS has to make money somehow. If the game wasn't profitable it wouldn't continue to receive support- I'm not contesting that. But I do reserve the right to disagree with exploitative or predatory monetization models, and I'm especially cynical about free-to-play and pay-to-win. I'll put it this way: They didn't make the decision to charge a monthly subscription fee because Heroes is doing poorly. Quite the opposite, my friend.
  5. I found this and got some laughs out of it. Maybe you guys will enjoy it, too.
  6. I'm complaining about the entire idea. If this was truly about making old units competitive again they wouldn't be asking for $10 a month. That avaricious price point tells us the whole story. Besides, I may have fixated on it, but the +2 to every stat isn't the point- it's only the beginning of what they'll do down the line. The quality of life improvements notwithstanding, I don't want to see them increase it by +5 next time, or introduce exclusive powercrept skills locked behind a $10 per month wall. My core point is this: If Mario Kart Tour taught us anything it's that it won't stop here. I see no reason not to complain about it now.
  7. Cool to see Heroes going pay to win. Suddenly if you aren't dropping a whopping $10 a month on it, all of your units are no longer competitive. I hate this. I guess this speaks of the broader issue of Nintendo cannonballing into the pitfalls of mobile gaming with reckless abandon, using its mobile offerings to push the limits of what their base will tolerate. This wouldn't have flown with Iwata in charge.
  8. Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan - First game beaten of the new year. I can't believe it's taken seven years for me to see this one through. But I finally did it: I beat my very first Etrian Odyssey. I've loved the series since picking up EOIV at launch in February 2013, and I've continued to play the series over the years,-from EOIII all the way to the Untold duology and EOV- but without persevering through the wall I hit at the very end of EOIV. That final boss was pure evil and it can choke on a flaming buzzsaw. I still have the postgame to look forward to but I'll always remember Etrian Odyssey IV for the sense of wonder it instilled in me. Drawing my own maps was such a new and creative idea, and the core gameplay loop is easy to lose myself in for hours at a time. Its minimalist storytelling made me invent my own character backstories, and gradually unlocking more of the world in my skyship felt like an adventure that was bigger than all of the other EO games. Hopefully it won't take me another seven years to beat the rest of them.
  9. But the ending just teases the X Parasites. That doesn't necessarily point to a Fusion remake, either- it just foreshadows Fusion.
  10. I'm not convinced the Chozo art revelation necessarily points to a Fusion remake per se, just that there's a plot point to address in some future game. Unless I'm missing something fairly important, it doesn't necessarily have to be addressed during Fusion.
  11. Boy, this event sure snuck up on me. As such I only got four votes. I spent three of them on Pent and one on Lloyd, because the existing art for Lloyd is atrocious.
  12. If we're gonna get another Capcom rep, I'd rather it be Dante, X, or Zero. Scorpion makes more sense if we're talking classic fighting game representation, but I don't know how they'll get past the fatalities. And if they wouldn't include Mai in the background of Terry's stage, I don't see how they can justify a playable Morrigan. Remember, Smash is for good bois and grills.
  13. When discussion about remakes rolls around, my first thought is to question what it is exactly about the game in question that needs to be updated. Metroids 1 and 2 aged extremely poorly, and the formula they pioneered was arguably perfected in Super Metroid, and expanded upon by games like Symphony of the Night. Those first two games benefited from innovations made in later entries, such as updated visuals and an actual map to ease the tedium of wandering around areas that looked exactly the same. The problem I see with any sort of Super Metroid remake is that the original already has a reputation for being one of the greatest games ever made, so anything more than a graphical update will be met with massive resistance. Link's Awakening on the Switch is not the same game as the Game Boy original. The seamless exploration and the addition of analogue movement alone change the game into something altogether different, whether or not you want to make the argument for these changes being objectively better or worse. With a game as legendary as Super Metroid, the only thing that would make fans happy would be a one-to-one transfer of the SNES original with a fresh coat of paint. It would have to be the same game- to not only retain the integrity of its music and art design, but also retain the same controls, layout, game feel, and speed running and sequence breaking tricks players have learned over the years. But Super Metroid has aged much more gracefully than its predecessors, so at that point, I don't see how it would be different from a simple port.
  14. I'm curious, why do you think Metroid V is unfeasible? I'm in the camp that believes Super and Fusion need no remakes, and just want Metroid V, so I'm curious what your thoughts are.
  15. I'm rather hung up on the nebulous definition of "reputable" as well. At any rate, our cries for a return to the original RPG format of Paper Mario has fallen on deaf ears for more than a decade, so I see no reason for Nintendo to have a change of heart now. A continuation of the Metroid series from where Fusion left off seems too good to be true. Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch seems like a lock-in as we near Prime 4's release, but a new 2D Metroid so close to the last one is unprecedented before or since Fusion-->Zero Mission, and Nintendo has no reason to take another financial risk on Metroid so quickly given the series' historically low sales.