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  1. Zero Time Dilemma Deadly Premonition Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Shantae Half Genie Hero Ultimate Edition (Ninja Mode) Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse - Boy, of all the Castlevanias I've played so far, this is the one that frustrated me the most. But Classicvania is about patience. If you try to rush through it or find shortcuts, you die and get frustrated, which leads to more deaths and more frustration. There's something about how this series teaches you to calm down, play methodically, and be patient that makes it incredibly gratifying. By the end, you know you overcame the challenges by your own wit and cunning. Admittedly the respawning enemies and scrolling screens make for some unforeseeable deaths that led me to feel cheated at times, as well as some downright sadistic placements of the knife subweapon. I lost track of how many times I had the cross with the III modifier and happened to whip the one candle that held the knife and immediately jump into it. Ouch. But that MUSIC. I heard some familiar tunes that I didn't even know got their humble start on the NES, like Riddle and Aquarius. I think Rondo and Ecclesia are still my favorites, but with competition this stiff that's a tough call for me to make.
  2. I saw someone asked Matt Bozon about that on Twitter, and he assured them there would be no microtransactions. My impression is that these cards are either the central or supplemental power up gimmick, and it's clear from his comments that they'll be a collectible found within the game world. To address another earlier point: Matt also clarified that the only animation Trigger is doing for the game is the opening that we've already seen. So either Wayforward is doing animation in house or I'm totally misinterpreting the meaning of "TV style cutscenes."
  3. It's been renamed Shantae and the Seven Sirens, lads. And we have screenshots and some new details! Though the in-game assets look to be taken straight from Half-Genie Hero, the level design seems to be making a return to form, boasting an interconnected world and the return of labyrinths, self-contained dungeons that despite being a staple in all three original Shantae games, were absent in Half Genie Hero. One has only to look through the screenshots to see this difference in level design. This comes as a welcome surprise, since the linear level design was my main gripe with the last Shantae outing. Also outlined are new half-genie characters, new "Fusion Magic," and the ability to augment Shantae with collectible cards she finds across Sequin Land. Presumably this is how the upgrade system is presented in Seven Sirens. Lightning-fast, aquatic-themed transformations are also promised, one of which can be seen in the screenshots. Wayforward also teases TV-style cutscenes, likely suggesting more animation from Studio Trigger! The new art style is beautiful, and I'm glad to see Wayforward can use Half-Genie Hero as a framework to top what they did last time. I liked Half-Genie Hero well enough, but its linear level design made it somewhat less replayable in my opinion despite all of the different modes encouraging multiple playthroughs. The ocean motif seems to work with Shantae really well, so I'm glad to see that it's brought to the forefront with this outing. Looking forward to hearing more, and I'm hoping we're still on track for a release date this year!
  4. Zero Time Dilemma Deadly Premonition Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Shantae Half Genie Hero Ultimate Edition (Ninja Mode) - Finally made time to finish this mode to whet my appetite for Shantae 5. Working on Beach Mode now. I'm enjoying the DLC for Half Genie Hero, but it still hasn't been able to usurp Pirate's Curse as my favorite in the series. The transition to stage-based gameplay from the open Metroidvania level design of previous entries is something I never got over, and I'm hoping they return to the older level design for Shantae 5. Still, these DLC outings are nice additions, even if the fact that they're retreads of the main game makes them hard to digest all at once. Still hoping against hope for a Shantae Smash reveal.
  5. Before the Amazon discussion gets out of hand, I'll drop in my two cents about the Turbografx. I skipped the NES and SNES mini because I have most of the games I want for those systems. But the Turbografx is something I never got the chance to explore, and the price point nowadays is steeper than my wallet will allow. So I'm pretty excited for this mini console, particularly given that it has Rondo of Blood and an assortment of other PC Engine titles. I managed to get it preordered and I'm pretty excited to get to explore a console I have zero experience with.
  6. Zero Time Dilemma Deadly Premonition Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - I've been working on this one since January. It took me this long partially because I've been simply gaming less as of late, and partially because I didn't want it to end. But at long last I felt ready to be done. This is a special one, guys. Much like the first one, which became my favorite game of all time, there is a spark to this story, world, and set of characters that is truly special. I don't rank it quite as high as the original- just because the original had that surprise factor of being the first Xenoblade, and 2 is weighed down somewhat by the gacha mechanics. I absolutely love that the game ends up being a stealth-sequel to the original. And Zeke is my spirit animal. I'm looking forward to going through Torna soon.
  7. Even publications are getting in on the rumor mongering. But something tells me if Sakurai and the team were going to hint at Shantae's inclusion in Smash, it wouldn't be through her own game. As much as I want to hope. The animation is fantastic. Every single frame is beautiful and I'm loving how the angular Trigger style translates to Shantae and the crew. I would buy one of the animation cels if I could.
  8. Greed isn't limited to western gaming companies. Or the gaming industry in general. Companies are companies, and companies are out to make money. I do think there's something of a difference in western and eastern game design philosophy, but greed is universal. For every EA shoving loot boxes into their games we have a Konami mistreating and shaming their staff. For every Activision Blizzard churning out microtransaction-ridden live services we have a Square Enix releasing an unfinished game that they will retroactively fix post-launch with paid DLC. For every Fallout 76 we have a Street Fighter V. You get it. There's not much that can be done in a free, unregulated market to dissuade companies like EA from acting in their own self-interest at the expense of their employees or customers. But no, I don't think it's a problem unique to American companies.
  9. It's always weird when new characters get added as alt units first, but I'm overjoyed to see Pent. So of course I'll waste all my free orbs and never pull him.
  10. Totally. Though it's not as big a step as it should have been given the limited release. Last I heard, the paltry supply rivaled the shortages of the early Amiibo days.
  11. Great. Thanks for the clarification!
  12. I have only ever been able to see the lack of Virtual Console on Switch as a misguided attempt to secure more online subscriptions. I've always been a collector of physical games, since when you purchase a digital game you're really only paying for a license- one that in Nintendo's case is tied to your console and not to an account. However, I'm at the point now where some of my old carts are losing their battery charges, so the option to cheaply buy Super Metroid for $8 is now looking like a great alternative to soldering a new battery into my cart. It'd be interesting to know if the sales of VC games are comparable to the revenue Nintendo currently rakes in from subscriptions.
  13. I have a question about skills. Maybe you guys can help me. So I've made Haar a heavy investment unit because I love Haar. I've merged him as much as it's possible to do at this point (+2). I've given him Ardent Service+ (HP +5, Def +4), Rally Spd/Def, Ignis, Atk/Def Bond 3, Quick Riposte 3, and both Odd and Even Def Wave 3 skills. This build should mitigate his lackluster speed while making him into the flying fortress he is Radiant Dawn. By this I mean all of these skills should add up to a buff of +15 Def on any given turn that he's placed next to another unit, but if I check his buffs on any given turn, the most it shows is the +6 from Def Wave. Do these skills not stack naturally? Or is there something I'm missing?
  14. Sorry, my brain doesn't recognize the image. Would you mind jogging my memory?
  15. I'm surprised they opted for Simon's Quest and Kid Dracula over Rondo or Symphony. Still, this'll be a nice collection. Of these eight I've only played Castlevania 1 and Simon's Quest. May 16th, eh? That's not too far off. I'll be picking this up for sure.