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  1. One of my bosses is out sick, and the other is at an off-site meeting. It's gonna be a long day.
  2. Is the mermaid's bikini still a bikini, or did they replace it with a pearl again?
  3. Might roll Colorless on my free rolls for F!Corrin, but otherwise skip.
  4. Hooray, another fucking 2-hour BART delay.
  5. All these memes about Untitled Goose Game are reminding me of when I was eleven and my mom was eight months pregnant with my youngest sister. While my other siblings were at soccer practice, Mom and I would hang out at a playground by the school that had a duck pond next to it. One time, there was a goose sitting on a nest of eggs, and I sat down to look at her. Being an eleven-year-old kid with no experience interacting with wild animals, I grabbed a small twig and held it out in front of her. Instead of angrily hissing at me, she took the twig and added it to her nest. For the next few weeks, whenever my siblings had soccer practice, I would visit the goose and feed her some bread. After my sister was born, and we brought her to the duck pond for the first time, I went over to the same spot. The nest was still there, and had several little feathers in it, but the goose was gone. I'll never know what happened to that goose or her eggs, but I hope her descendants are doing all right.
  6. Pity broken by Yarne, so I fed Atk/Spd solo to F!Tiki. I wanted to feed Galeforce, too, but IS wouldn't let me.
  7. Chapter 15: The Choice is Yours, and Yours Alone
  8. Chapter 14x: Do the People Have to be Freedom Beef?
  9. Spending $20 on an Uber ride instead of waiting 30 minutes for the next bus. YOLO
  10. I'm more concerned about all the fucked up stuff that they might find, like human experimentation or bioweapons.
  11. Obviously, the "H" stands for "Humongous Entertainment". Putt-Putt confirmed!
  12. Turns out Ban-Ban isn't a GHB; he's just being added to the 3-4 star pool. The real GHB is Astram.
  13. https://dengekionline.com/articles/12551/ Article from a Japanese website about an upcoming banner focused on New Mystery.