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  1. Chapter 23: No, Seriously, Fuck You Ced Hoping to finish this LP by the end of the weekend. If not, then by the end of next week for sure.
  2. Do you ever see people harassing the developers to put PacMan into Project X Zone? Or to put Howard the Duck into Marvel vs Capcom? Or to put the Brothers Flub into Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island? No! What is it about Smash as a crossover game that draws out so much drama from people?
  3. Untitled Goose Game: Finished the main "story mode" of stealing the bell.
  4. How do I make the groundskeeper wear the sun hat?
  5. You know those little chairs they have in elementary schools that are made of plastic and have metal legs, and you sometimes get shocked by static electricity when you sit in them? When I was a kid, that's what I thought the electric chair was.
  6. Chapter 21x: No Political Commentary Here, No Sir
  7. Just finished the Golden Deer route. Couple of NG+ questions: *Does the game keep track of data from ALL of my previous playthroughs, or just the most recent one? *Can I inherit skills belonging to gender-locked classes as a Byleth of the opposite gender (i.e. can FemByleth inherit War Master's Strike)?
  8. Fire Emblem Three Houses: Finished the Golden Deer route. Gonna spend next week's commute re-playing the final boss fight to get all of the marriage scenes for the support gallery, then take a break and wait for the DLC to come out before I start Blue Lions.
  9. Since the 3DS is backwards-compatible, what would've been the point of remaking any game but Superstar Saga?
  10. Bring her to the library and stand still for a few minutes.
  11. Chapter 21: The Virgin Leif VS The Chad Seliph
  12. PG&E is thinking about shutting off power to the Bay Area tomorrow to prevent another wildfire. Who wants to come over to my house and run on a hamster wheel so I can watch anime?
  13. I don't think that's the issue. I was rubbing it just fine for several months before my external hard drive started doing this just last week.