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  1. I wander if Chie would like Kung Pow: Enter the Fist?
  2. This sounds like the plot to a great romcom.
  3. >follow a day-by-day guide for Persona 4 Golden to try to get everything in one playthrough >at one point, the guide neglects to mention that I need a Justice Persona in order to increase Nanako's Social Link, resulting in me being one step behind the guide despite doing everything else perfectly >panic because I recall reading somewhere that Nanako's Social Link expires after Halloween >attempt to compensate by spending extra time with her instead of building a model for one of the Fox's sidequests >this eventually leads to a domino effect where I end up missing almost an entire month's worth of progress for the Hermit Social Link because one of the Fox's quests requires talking to a girl at school, which I can't do over Summer vacation FUCKING GAMESTOP
  4. The Simpsons has been renewed for a 34th season this year. However, Disney and Fox have implemented a new rule for the show for it's next season and onwards. Google “Simpsons Rule 34” for more information.
  5. Making the Iron Giant playable in a fighting game is missing the entire point of his character. He doesn't *WANT* to be a gun.
  6. Teenage Robot was the last Nicktoon I watched "actively" before I stopped watching Nickelodeon in high school.
  7. On this day, six years ago, a meme was born.
  8. Perhaps explain to your in-laws the specific reason why you're moving to California (i.e. because it's one of the few states that will recognize your marriage given recent events), and that maybe if Texas wasn't such a shithole for LGBT people, you might've been more reluctant to leave it behind?
  9. That's cool, but what about all these items I keep finding with descriptions that say "cures/prevents exhaustion"?
  10. Hot damn, did they get rid of the fatigue mechanic in P4G? I've been in Shadow Rise's dungeon for the past several BART rides, and the only time anyone's ever bitched about being tired is when they're low on health!
  11. Did I really just connect my Vita to the internet just to make a "damn it's dark out" shitpost? Yes, yes I did.
  12. So I just beat FC, and there was one part of the ending I didn't get:
  13. Neat. Too bad Rhea's skills aren't inheritable. They'd be great on FTiki.
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