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  1. I'm now at that awkward point where I've finished all the start-of-month tasks at work and have basically nothing else to work on until the middle of the month.
  2. Yearly reminder that every time the planet Kashyyk appears in any form of Star Wars media, those poor bastards have to re-watch the Holiday Special to make sure they get all the details right.
  3. Are these the investors we're talking about? Fuck them. They don't know shit.
  4. Nah, it's okay. I'm a dumbass and realized that SS got delayed to October literally seconds after posting mine.
  5. Starlit Season was the only game coming out in May that I had any sort of excitement for. Bite me. Penis.
  6. I just spent the past two hours wandering around a city in the middle of the desert, talking to random NPCs, getting signed up for a tournament to serve as a distraction while NotJin/Dunban and NotZeke try to sneak into a castle to rescue NotMOMO, all the while arm-wrestling with an Architect-awful camera that moves on it's own more than a little sister's hips in a hentai. On top of all that, apparently the way to move forward is by getting the key to the sewers from a hide-and-seek kid who I already talked to while exploring the city, before finding the key became my current objective.
  7. Now that I no longer have Xenosaga to occupy my weekends, it's about time that I made an attempt at clearing out some of my backlog: *Danmachi s2 *Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere s2 (though it's been almost a decade since I watched s1, so I'd have to re-watch that first) *Squid Girl s2 (same boat as Horizon) *Queen's Blade OVAs (though at that point I might as well also marathon s1, 2, and Rebellion) *Konosuba *High School DXD *Myriad Colors Phantom World Which trashy fanservice show should I knock out first?
  8. We don't deserve Adam Howden. He's too beautiful and pure for this world.
  9. Beat Xenosaga 3 earlier today. Time to find out what a Xenogear is!
  10. Xenosaga Episode 3: (even more German words) (PS2): Enjoyed it, but I can kinda tell that Monolith ran out of money near the end. Sad that we'll never get Episode 4 since they teased it at the end, but at least we got Xenoblade out of it.
  11. Gal*Gun Returns (Switch): Got all four girls' true endings in Story Mode, and the two angels ending in Doki Doki Carnival mode. At some point I might go back to get all the bad endings and fill out all the girls' profiles, but for now, I'm done.
  12. Only two more years before Mickey Mouse becomes public domain!
  14. My current phone, which I got in August 2016, is a Galaxy S7. What Galaxy S number are they up to now?
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