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  1. 3D All-stars is my first time playing the OG Super Mario 64. I can't tell whether my deaths are due to clunky controls, faulty Switch emulation, or the fact that I'm a casual babby who grew up with the DS remake.
  2. That's more like what "cuck" and "incel" have become, depending on which end of the political spectrum you're on.
  3. While we're at it, the term "SJW" no longer means anything because it's no longer possible to tell whether someone's using it to refer to someone who wants to ban porn, or to someone who's opposed to genocide.
  4. Shooting fish with Yoshi vomit so they can turn into platforms that you must then hop across so Yoshi can vomit onto a force field was way worse.
  5. Ironically, the one level that I got stuck on as a kid was Scrubbing Sirena Beach, purely because I was so terrible at levels with time limits. I ended up not beating that level until I was 14.
  6. Sunshine was basically my first video game, excluding Pokemon and those old edutainment games they had in the computer lab at school. It will always have a special place in my heart.
  7. >first two arcs >deconstruction of vigilantism and what it means to do the right thing, even if it's against the law >final arc >TECHNOWOGY IZ BAD 4 TEH ENVIWONMENT! TwT What the fuck happened?
  8. As much as I love VI for it's characters, story, and music, but the actual gameplay is kind of balls. *Magic rapes everything; physical attacks are basically useless *Leveling up in the early game hurts you in the long run since you can't gain stat boosts from Espers *Personal skills range from useless (Celes's Runic; Cyan's Bushido) to ridiculously OP (Terra's Trance; Gau's Rages) V is my favorite.
  9. Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch): Took me three years, but I finally 100%'d the game. All characters leveled up to 150, all A-supports with each other, all crests unlocked, all skills learned, all personal weapons decked out with attributes, all missions on all History Mode maps completed with S-rank, all Story Mode chapters cleared on Lunatic difficulty with the Infernal blessing active, all badges earned.
  10. I think they're deliberately spaced a fraction of a second apart to give the illusion of a chorus. If they were truly simultaneous, it would just sound like one clip being played very loudly.
  11. On the subject of Mother 3, it's been speculated that one of the biggest obstacles to a localization is that the Magypsies would be interpreted as offensive transgender stereotypes. Well, I came up with a potential solution: Much like how the Runaway Five were expies of the Blues Brothers, I propose that the Magypsies be localized as expies of the Village People.
  12. I know that feel. My old computer that had Photoshop on it died, and it would cost like $600 to reinstall it on my new one.
  13. I had a really weird dream last night. I was at a theater to see "Pikmin: The Movie". I don't remember all the details, but I do remember bits and pieces of the plot: *Only the first ten minutes or so had anything to do with Pikmin. *From there, it transitioned to a JAV about Hitomi Tanaka getting vore'd by an alligator. *The rest of the movie was a bizarre horror film starring Kevin James as a detective investigating the filming of the JAV. *The end credits was a mish-mash of old YTMND memes.
  14. For comparison, it only cost Disney 4 billion dollars to buy out Star Wars.
  15. Is there anything left to do in Frontline Phallus now that Ashnard is dead? It keeps showing up with an exclamation point on the icon, but all it ever says is “boss has been defeated”.
  16. Wasn't there that one train simulator that had over $10,000 worth of DLC?
  17. After being such a massive success, it's only natural that we'll eventually get a sequel to the quirky strategy game about Abraham Lincoln forming a team of characters from classical literature to fight against Lovecraftian aliens. But the question is, since we already have representation from The Red Badge of Courage, Moby Dick, The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Mark Twain, and many others, what other public-domain folk heroes could they possibly add to the cast? Each character would need to have a primary weapon modeled after a type of animal, and a powerful special ability that can only be used once per battle. With that in mind, I've already got a few ideas: *Paul Bunyan: Minigun shaped like his blue ox Babe. Naturally he'd be slow as hell, but capable of taking tons of hits. His Special could consist of chopping down a gigantic tree, which flattens all enemies in a straight line. *Davy Crockett: Raccoon shotgun named Betsy, like in the old Disney serial. Plus, the part where he killed a bear and brought back its meat to feed starving soldiers could spark a humorous reaction from Robin and Lucina, for whom bear meat is a bit of a recurring gag. His Special would be splitting an enemy in half from 40 yards away by throwing an axe. *Pecos Bill: Coyote pistol. His Special should definitely be lassoing a tornado. *Harry Houdini: His weapon would be a tool box shaped like a rabbit that he could use to disable traps, allowing allies to escape from dangerous situations. Going with the stage magician theme, his Special could be sealing an ally and an enemy inside two magic boxes, then throwing knives at the box that the ally was sealed in, only to have them emerge unharmed from the other box while the enemy takes damage from the knives. *Sherlock Holmes: Bloodhound revolver. Going with the detective theme, his Special would enable him to reveal the locations of all enemies on the map, possibly by seeing through obstacles. *Mina Harker (Dracula): Like Scarecrow, her weapon is based on a vegetable instead of an animal; in this case, Garlic, to go with the vampire theme. Serves as a counterpart to Randolph Carter in that her Garlic launcher would cause enemies to be repelled away from the shots instead of drawn to them. Her Special is to call forth the morning sun, causing enemies caught in the attack radius to crumble into dust. *Lampwick (Pinocchio): Has not fully reverted from his donkey form, but is still capable of walking upright and wielding a submachine gun, which is also shaped like a donkey. For his Special, he launches a giant cue ball at a set of equally-giant billiard balls, causing them to ricochet around the battlefield damaging enemies and allies alike, which ties into the original moral about the dangers of gambling. Naturally, there'd also be amiibo support for all the Fire Emblem characters that came out after Sm4sh, which, in addition to their own primary weapons, also have unique sub-weapons that can't be swapped out: *Roy: The Binding Blade can send out flaming shockwaves like Ike's Ragnell, and his sub-weapon is a thrown Javelin from his father Eliwood. His Special is a fully-charged Flare Blade from Smash Bros., creating a massive explosion around him and also damaging himself. *Corrin: The Omega Yato causes their limbs to transform into dragon appendages when landing a killing blow, causing them to penetrate through the enemy and hit additional enemies at once. Useful for enemies that gather in large clusters. Their sub-weapon differs depending on whether the male or female Corrin amiibo is scanned: either a Hoshidan Snake Spirit Scroll for male, or a Nohrian Lightning Tome for female. Other than looking different, the two sub-weapons behave exactly the same. Their Special has them transform into a dragon and summon a whirlpool. *Alm: Dracofalchion swings in a large arc that displaces enemies that it doesn't kill. Sub-weapon is the Luna Arc bow that his legendary alt wields in Heroes, which deals about half the damage that a weak-point-strike would've dealt, regardless of where the arrow hits the enemy. Naturally, his Special would be the awesome shield-toss jump-stab that he uses to finish off Duma. *Celica: Beloved Zofia can easily strike enemy weak points. Sub-weapon is the Ragnarok spell, which lightly damages herself each time it's used. Special is summoning the spirit of Mila to restore HP and steam to herself and nearby allies. *Chrom: Falchion behaves exactly like Marth's version. Sub-weapon is the Randgr(norse symbols)r bow that his legendary alt wields in Heroes, which functions exactly like Lucina's Nidhogg. Fitting how his Smash moveset is a composite of Roy's and Ike's, his S.T.E.A.M. moveset is a composite of his daughter and his ancestor. Special is Awakening Aether, which deals increased damage based on how much health his allies have remaining, representing his famous quote, "Our bonds give me strength!" *Tiki: Since her Warriors moveset revolving around a purposely-overpowered super-mode wouldn't work right in a turn-based setting, she could simply remain in human form and briefly transform into a dragon for her Special. Primary weapon is blowing fire breath at enemies; sub-weapon is swinging around her Dragonstone like a dagger, similar to her Dragalia Lost counterpart. Both of these weapons are much weaker than average, but to compensate, she's the only character that can use her Special more than once per battle. However, she can only activate it when her steam gauge is completely full, and each time she uses it, it will gradually grow weaker. *Byleth: Sword of the Creator can hit foes from three tiles away. Sub-weapon to be determined once we get more details on whether they're getting an amiibo for both genders like Corrin. Special is performing Ruptured Heaven on an AOE that resembles the Gambit used by Jeralt's Mercenaries.
  18. I, for one, welcome this change, as it means most retailers will list the games at $69.99. nice
  19. My tiny brain is incapable of understanding how some of the new skills work. Before, it was simple: >Unit gains +4 Speed when initiating combat. But now, every new skill reads something like: >If unit initiates combat after beating the Elite Four one hundred times, capturing Missingno, and using Strength on the truck, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack, gains special cooldown -2, and can now play as Luigi.