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  1. Recently discovered Cartoon Planet. You can’t tell me that Brak and Zorak didn’t at least partially serve as the inspiration for Homestar Runner and Strong Bad.
  2. Chapter 2: The Bucks Stops Here Chapter 2x may or may not be out tomorrow. We'll see.
  3. Wish I could take a long-distance train ride. Closest I’ve ever had are the hour-long Amtrak trips to SacAnime every year.
  4. Pity broken by SCamilla. -Atk nature. Doesn't even have any useful fodder.
  5. Nvm, fixed it. I ended up just copy-pasting the text from outside the editor.
  6. Put a mirror in front of him and he'll be even grumpier.
  7. I used to have an aquarium when I was in high school. I had a pair of Swordtails that had babies.
  8. Yesterday I created a thread with a spoiler box at the top, and accidentally put the entire rest of the post inside the spoiler box. Now not only can I not fix it, but I'm also unable to edit anything in the OP except for the thread's title.
  9. Chapter 1: A Weismann Once Said ...whew. That was exhausting. No way in hell am I going to be able to update this during the work week. Expect Chapter 2 sometime over the weekend when I can sit at my computer for more than three hours a day.
  10. After spending the entirety of my free time from getting home from work to getting ready for bed, I’m currently up to turn 3. No, not Chapter 3. Turn 3. Of Chapter 1. First episode will hopefully be out by this time tomorrow night.
  11. Fucking hell, I haven't even started the game yet and I've already fucked up the formatting.
  12. Twenty years ago, as the N64 entered its final days, some genius named Shouzou Kaga decided that it would be a good idea to develop a game for the SNES. However, with the GameCube due to come out a year later, nobody wanted to buy a game that was effectively two console generations behind. Sales were so poor, that Nintendo fired Kaga. Enraged by their sudden betrayal, Kaga declared, "Fuck you guys, I'm gonna start my own studio and make my own Fire Emblem game for the PS1!" And then he proceeded to do just that. Humbled by this, Nintendo decided to gift Kaga with a big fat juicy lawsuit. As the Fire Emblem series continued to find success on the GBA, almost died off on the GameCube and Wii, and eventually became an A-List franchise on the 3DS, Kaga's final installment became lost to the sands of time. Even as the Western fanbase discovered the pre-GBA games and translated them into English, nobody ever bothered to translate this one... ...until now. Before we get started, just a couple of notes: *Unlike FE3 (which I had played the DS remakes) and FE4 (which I was familiar enough with to attempt a challenge run by intentionally sabotaging the gene pool), this is going to be a completely blind playthrough. While I will be following a guide, I'm otherwise completely unprepared for any sudden shenanigans that may happen. *I will be attempting to get all of the gaiden chapters, as well as recruit as many characters as I can. However, if a character proves to be too much of a hassle to recruit, I reserve the right to leave them behind. *Save-states will be used, but I will try to limit them so that things aren't completely boring. *In the four years it's been since the last time I did this, I have gotten a full-time job. As such, the era of multiple episodes per day is long gone. Depending on work, stress, and other factors, there may very well be some days where there are no updates. Rest assured, however, that unless something really fucking stupid happens (i.e. corruption of save data, hard drive wipe, etc.), I will see this through to the end. So, will Kaga's career at Nintendo go out with a bang? Or will Leif be forever overshadowed by his uncle and cousin? Let's find out! --- Table of Contents: *Chapter 1: A Weismann Once Said *Chapter 2: The Bucks Stops Here
  13. Thanks to Yuri Lowenthal, we now have an official pronunciation of Nergal’s name: NURR-gull.
  14. What do you guys think of the size of these screenshots? Is the text readable, or should I make them a bit bigger?
  15. How do I do that on a MacBook running Windows 10 through Bootcamp?
  16. Just have Disney buy out Sony. There, problem solved.
  17. Who should be my Dancer on the Golden Deer route? I could just classnap Dorothea and do her again, but where's the fun in that?
  18. Finished the Black Eagles route. Will start Golden Deer on the bus to work tomorrow.
  19. What platform is that MILF Isekai show streaming on?