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  1. I want to make a thread of resources to donate to the George Floyd protests, but so far all I've got is this one...
  2. What is it about my Thracia 776 LP that pornbots find so attractive?
  3. >Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival "Festivals are the bestivals!" >Animal Crossing Amiibo Bestival >ACAB
  4. @Youngster Joey Also, don't worry too much about rare Blades. There are enough available through side-quests without relying on gacha for at least a full party.
  5. There's also what fans call "Season 0", which is actually a completely different show that adapts the earlier parts of the manga from before the card game took over everything.
  6. Season 1: Duelist Kingdom - Dungeon Dice Monsters - Legendary Heroes (that arc where they got trapped inside Kaiba’s game) Season 2: Battle City Season 3: Virtual World - Battle City Finals Season 4: Waking the Dragons Season 5: KaibaCorp Grand Championship - Millennium World - Ceremonial Duel
  7. Just spent my first night in my new place. Will post pics once I’m done decorating.
  8. Even though Black and White 2 were more than likely rushed out the door before the DS died, they still had the best post-game the series has ever had. Can’t believe that ORAS of all games were the last ones to have the national dex.
  9. I have no idea what any of those things mean.
  10. Currently in the process of moving into my own place. Can’t wait to show you guys!
  11. That’s basically what Federation Force was. The thing about Hunters is that it came out during a time when Metroid was still an A-list franchise. Even if it wasn’t your cup of tea, you could safely ignore it and take solace in the fact that Corruption was coming out a year later. But now, with the franchise still recovering from the damage that Other M did to the brand, and Prime 4 being delayed, it’s probably not the best idea to make another game with such a heavy emphasis on multiplayer.
  12. Would it be worth getting a PS4 if the PS5 is going to be backwards-compatible?
  13. I mean, realistically, who’s the least likely to come back? Anyone first-or-second party is probably safe because there’s literally no reason why they can’t come back. Going off of third-parties alone... *Snake: Gone. Metal Gear is dead. Fuck Konami. *Sonic: Pretty safe. The long-time rivalry with Mario and all that. *Megaman: Depends on what Capcom intends to do with the IP. Hasn’t been seen since MM11. *Pac-Man: Even if Bamco doesn’t help out with development anymore, he could still stay in via recognizability. *Ryu/Ken: More than likely to stay, possibly joined by a new character from Super Ultra Street Fighter V Alpha HD EX Turbo Remix Championship Edition & Knuckles Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series. *Cloud: Could go either way. Either replaced by an FF rep with greater ties to Nintendo, or kept in to advertise future episodes of FF7R. *Bayonetta: So long as Bayo 3 remains Switch-exclusive, there’s no real reason to cut her. *Simon/Richter: Even if Castlevania as a game series may be dead, they could always replace them with Trevor as a tie-in to the Netflix series. *Joker: Probably the most recognizable Atlus character. Only question is whether Sega deserves a third rep. *Hero: Will always be huge in Japan. Worst case scenario, he might get a new alt to tie-in with Dragon Quest XII. *Banjo: Gone. Dead franchise owned by a direct competitor who only got in due to a literal miracle. *Terry: No idea. Don’t know how relevant SNK or Fatal Fury is right now. But even if all third-parties were to be cut, that would only reduce the roster size by twelve + two Echoes.
  14. What didn't you like about XC1's climax?
  15. Skip for me. Gotta save orbs for two consecutive Summer Tiki reruns.