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  1. It never snows here in the Bay Area. It gets cold enough, but it never does.
  2. And then there's Gamestop, who honored that one guy's pre-order of Duke Nukem Forever from 2001.
  3. The name should've been a giveaway, but then again, this is apparently real:
  4. It's an edit? I legit thought it was real.
  5. The closest thing to an MMO I've ever played was AdventureQuest back in the mid-00's.
  6. Today I learned that in the early 80’s, there were plans for a spin-off of Lupin the Third set in the future. However, there was some sort of copyright bullshit between TMS and the Maurice LeBlanc estate, so the Lupin spin-off ended up getting re-tooled into Inspector fucking Gadget.
  7. Got my first vaccine appointment set up for the 26th.
  8. Imagine if Gen 8 looked like this.
  9. UPDATE: >stop by Target on the way home from work to pick up groceries >take Uber home >literally right when I use the clicker to open the gate to my apartment complex >get call from the computer store guy >says that my files are finally done copying >thank him and tell him I’ll be there tomorrow to pick up my computer FUCKING GAMESTOP
  10. Not that I don't appreciate the sentiment, but what exactly does this accomplish? He'll be gone in a week anyway, and with so many social media sites banning him, he has no way to rile up his followers. At least last year's impeachment could've gotten rid of him when there was still time left for him to really fuck things up. But now, it's a case of too little, too late.
  11. Shit-talking aside, I do have a lot of happy memories of this franchise, and probably wouldn't be who I am today without it. Severely disappointed with what it's become, but will always treasure what it used to be.
  12. Now watch as GameFreak rushes out Gen 9 by the end of the year.
  13. A lot of it has to do with my paranoia that the doujins that I don't download will disappear forever due to the websites that host them getting shut down. A year and a half ago there was this big scare that Sad Panda would get taken down due to changing laws regarding lolicon in the country where the servers were hosted. If the site owner hadn't managed to move the servers to Moldova, we would've lost the equivalent amount of data that it takes to run the International Space Station for ten years.
  14. Think long and hard about who you're asking that question to.
  15. UPDATE: >leave brand new 5-terabyte external hard drive with the guy on my home from work on Monday, half an hour before the store closes >he begins transferring my files; tells me to come back the next day >come back yesterday, approximately 22 hours later >files are less than a percent finished transferring >the guy has no idea how long it will take to transfer them all >give him my number and tell him to call me back once they're done It feels exactly like leaving your dog at the vet to undergo a complicated surgery.
  16. Will Jr. be unlocked as a playable character for the main game after clearing Bowser's Fury?
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