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  1. My 2nd favorite bit of censorship ever is that the generic enemies from Ice Climber were replaced with little furry waddling heads because they were afraid that Americans would associate it with seal clubbing.
  2. At the very least, I'd recommend watching a Longplay of it. Fusion has a few bullshit difficulty spikes that Dread greatly tones down.
  3. Meanwhile Chrom has 14k followers and is considered a "big name" in the FEtwitter community.
  4. love when i lose aobut 100 followers immediately after being horny on main. the weak shriveling up into dust. Thats called darwin
  5. Real men don't need an alt account for porn. Real men are horny on main. My general policy is that I only retweet stuff if there's no visible nipples on it. Otherwise, it's Like-only.
  6. We still haven’t met the Ylla or the N’Kren.
  7. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/10/metroid-dread-studio-hit-with-allegations-of-poor-organisation-and-management Yikes. On the bright side, remember how Retro was also plagued with similar issues while working on Prime 1, and then afterwards, Nintendo put a stop to their crunch culture? Hopefully this will lead to a similar crackdown at Mercury Steam.
  8. Part of the appeal behind having a character like Samus, Master Chief, or Doomguy stay silent most of the time is that it makes it feel all the more impactful when they do talk.
  9. I just had a terrifying realization about Pokemon: They only exist digitally as data within a game, but they're still randomly generated by the game itself, and "ownership" of them can still be transferred from one person to another via exchanging them for another Pokemon that was also randomly generated. On top of that, as of Pokemon Bank/Home, you have to pay money to maintain permanent access to them. If I have a Shiny Charizard, and you also have a Shiny Charizard, both of our Shiny Charizards might look the same, but mine might have different IVs or a different Nature than yours. And even if they have the same nature, same IVs, same moveset, etc, there would still be differences within the game's code about how our Shiny Charizards were randomly generated. Maybe you got yours from Professor Oak at the start of Leaf Green, while I got mine through the Masuda method in Ultra Moon. Don't you get it? Pokemon are NFTs!
  10. "Hey, buddy, I think you've got the wrong door. The recharge station's two rooms down."
  11. I just a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad thought: Shinesparking with Joycon drift.
  12. Final Tier List: (unless there's an alternate tier list maker that lists all the Mii costumes separately)
  13. Reminds me of that time when Steam had a glitch that caused certain games to be priced for a negative amount of money.
  14. If the 50 dollar price is meant to cover the cost of the Animal Crossing stuff, that basically means that people who don't play Animal Crossing are being charged extra for nothing.
  15. Basically, destroying a certain door while there's a map marker for that same door on your minimap crashes the game. Very obscure bug, but good that they're fixing it anyway.
  16. It wouldn't even necessarily be the Hyper Beam; I just went with that name out of convenience. The important thing is that it would be a weapon that you only have permanent access to after beating the game, that only exists to make 100% completion easier without devaluing advanced speedrunning tricks. But yeah, that stuff at Mercury Steam really sucks. There have been instances of the opposite problem happening, as well: Devil May Cry 2 spent most of it's development with one guy as the director, only for him to quit just four months before release, so when Capcom brought in Hideaki Itsuno to replace him, the other guy went uncredited, despite being the one who had done most of the work.
  17. In my frustration to get Dread's few remaining pickups that are locked behind Shinespark puzzles, I think I came up with a solution for future games: After completing the story, the Hyper Beam is unlocked as an actual power-up instead of just a weapon against the final boss. Give it the ability to destroy all types of blocks (i.e. Power Bomb, Screw Attack, Speed Booster), but do not add an additional type of block that only it can destroy. This way, speedrunners who take pride in their ability to show off cool Shinespark tricks will still be able to do so before beating the game, more casual players who lack the proper hand-eye coordination will still be able to achieve 100% completion, and most importantly, it would not artificially pad out the length of a 100% completion run.
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