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  1. See, with local multiplayer games like Smash or Mario Kart, while there may be this inherent feeling of animosity when you lose, but as long as you're playing together with your friends, you can laugh it off because deep down, you know you're just having fun. But once that goes online, you're not just having fun with your friends anymore. You're playing with complete strangers. And without that factor of having fun with your friends, it becomes much harder to laugh it off. I've entered a few Smash tournaments at cons, and never made it past the first round. My opponents beat me just as hard as random strangers online. However, because they're actually there playing with me, as opposed to over the internet, I was still able to laugh it off as if I was having fun with my friends, even though they were still complete strangers. I don't know how else to explain it.
  2. In other news, online multiplayer games are toxic. More at 11.
  3. Just started three new World of Light playthroughs with the goal of determining the lowest possible number of fighters to rescue while still reaching the true ending. So far Mario is the only one who's absolutely required, but the Marth and Villager paths converge very early on.
  4. There have to be adults somewhere. Either that or they hit puberty at an early age.
  5. Think about it. If they have tentacles on their heads mimicking human hair, it only makes sense that they'd have tentacles growing down there as well.
  6. My biggest concern about Netflixgelion is whether it will affect the dubbing of Rebuild 4.
  7. Simple: *Stop doing yearly releases. There was a 5-year gap between gens 4 and 5. That should be the ideal length. *Instead of throwing gimmick after gimmick into the battle system, take the time to fine-tune previous mechanics and expand upon them. *Hire people who can actually program worth a damn (see my screenshot on the previous page about Lillie's models). *The games are the most important foundation that the entire franchise is built upon. The anime, toys, TCG, etc. only exist as marketing tools to promote the games. Delaying SwSh to program all 800 mons would cause problems for the anime? Tough shit. Fuck the anime. The games are more important. *The only online service should be basic trading and battling functionality. Any other modes like Dream World, Festival Plaza, or Max Raid Battles are destined to eventually disappear forever once the servers inevitably go down, and once they do, all that will remain is a pointless waste of development time that could've been put toward a better single-player experience. *No more sequel hooks. Treat every game as if were the last. Or, if you must make that third version, at least be subtle about it. "Hmm... Why does this Pokemon have the same battle theme as the boxart legends, and why does it come right after them in the Pokedex? Oh well, it was never mentioned in the plot, so it's probably not important."
  8. Like, it's not even a matter of yaoi-baiting. All the anti-Christ symbolism loses its meaning if Kawaru only "likes" Shinji rather than "loves" him.
  9. Just finished Order of Ecclesia. Unrelated to the thread, but here are my thoughts on all the Metroidvanias that I'm played: With that being said, I'm super excited to pick up Bloodstained next week!
  10. The way I see it, it could be similar to Mario Maker in that there'd be different "styles" that correspond to a classic 2D Zelda game: *Zelda 1 *Link to the Past *Link's Awakening/Oracles *Minish Cap/Four Swords *Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks *Link Between Worlds/Triforce Heroes *Link's Remakening But each style would have certain restrictions on what can or can't be used. For example, 8-bit Link can't move diagonally, only GameBoy Link and beyond can jump with the Roc's Feather, and 3/DS Link would lose access to any items that require the touch screen or microphone.
  11. Maybe this will cheer you up, ace:
  12. If your significant other is stolen from you by a horse, are you a victim of neightorare?
  13. @Ares There's an important part of the Xenoblade 2 experience that got patched out of the game before you started playing.
  14. I think he means that he can’t register for certain websites because he has a Japanese IP address.
  15. It's not just Americans, either. Japan is also pissed about this.