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  1. Bowser's Fury (Switch): Collected all 100 Cat Shines and viewed the true ending.
  2. 4 lets you freely change party members before the final dungeon, and adds a post-game dungeon with unique quests for every party member, one of which ended up foreshadowing a major plot point in The After Years. None of this was in the DS remake, btw. 5 has four extra Jobs and a bonus dungeon. 6 has a few extra Espers, a bonus dungeon full of superbosses, and a survival gauntlet.
  3. At least the FF3 remaster is the first time the original version of the game is playable in English, since the DS remake was so drastically different. All the other remasters have less content than their respective GBA and PSP ports.
  4. Whenever I played those missions in Hyrule Warriors where you fight multiple human-sized clones of The Imprisoned, I liked to imagine Link getting swarmed by dozens of tiny Demises.
  5. Bowser's Fury is a very charming game, but it needs map pins like in Breath of the Wild. Every time Bowser wakes up, I keep forgetting where those grey blocks with his face on them are.
  6. Talk to the guy with the crying baby and he'll grind them into potions for you to drink.
  7. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (Switch): Completed both the main game and the Killer Marathon DLC. Can't wait for NMH3 next month!
  8. Leaked footage of Jeff Bezos' rocket launch:
  9. I initially installed Bootcamp on my Macbook to run Kyonyuu Fantasy, but eventually it stopped booting up correctly in Windows mode, so I had to uninstall it before I could finish the harem route. Now all I've got to show for it is a Macbook with a crippled storage capacity. But going through that site, it looks like all the weeb games and hentai VNs should be able to run correctly on Steam Deck without too many issues (though Vestaria Saga being "borked" is a bummer). The only thing that sucks is that my dad got me a really nice curved widescreen monitor last Christmas
  10. You think the Steam Deck will be an adequate solution to all these problems?
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