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  1. The only thing worse than being stuck with a username you came up with when you were 16 is trying to come up with a new one when you're 30.
  2. Can't the Federation just borrow some of Samus's DNA to mass-produce the Metroid vaccine so the X aren't a threat anymore?
  3. Why would they bother putting actual effort into Gen 9 when SwSh proved that they can break sales records by taking a huge shit into Switch cartridges and calling it a day? The simple truth of the matter is that the multi-billion-dollar corporation has learned that they can get away with cutting corners because little kids will still ask mommy and daddy to buy the games anyway, just because it says Pokemon on the box. There is basically zero chance of this franchise ever getting any better.
  4. It's definitely interesting that they're already revealing the top 8 but not the exact numbers. Presumably they're saving those for the midterms?
  5. MILF!Tiki is in the top 8 for the women's division!
  6. I'd like to think of that cutscene of Samus calmly charging her beam while Kraid roars at her as an internal acknowledgement on her part that her old enemies will always find a way to return from the dead, and there's nothing she can do to prevent it, but that's okay because she's also resolved to keep fighting and killing them until they decide to stay dead. This also retroactively explains her lack of reaction to Ridley's reappearance in Fusion after the mental breakdown he gave her in Other M.
  7. How does the media find out when famous people die? Do they just go randomly dialing their phone numbers and asking "Hey, are you dead yet?"
  8. Best case scenario? It happens in Banjo, Microsoft gets pissed about it, and forces Nintendo to get their shit together. Majora's Mask isn't a matter of if, but when. 3DS remake aside, that game has had emulation issues dating all the way back to the Collector's Edition on the Gamecube.
  9. As far as acquisitions go, Monolith has been treated amazingly well by Nintendo compared to other studios acquired by other companies. Before Xenoblade, all of their attempts to make a grand RPG had been cut short by external factors (i.e. Xenosaga episodes IV-VI being canceled forcing them to awkwardly wrap everything up in Episode III; basically everything about Xenogears Disc 2). Nowadays, it's like: "Hey, Monolith. Whatcha working on?" "A massive open-world RPG with giant robots." "Cool! Hey, do you think you could help us out with Zelda? We'll even let you finish your giant robot game." "Sure, just give us a minute to finish designing this waifu." "No problem, take your time."
  10. Does it count as a spoiler that Monolith supposedly helped work on it?
  11. GameFreak are a bunch of incompetent hacks and until proven otherwise I'm keeping my expectations at rock bottom.
  12. What's the difference between Master Duel and Legacy of the Duelist?
  13. Wonder what game-crashing, save data-erasing glitch there'll be this time?
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