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  1. He may not have played an early build of it, but Sakurai did say that he greatly enjoyed Xenoblade 2. Rex is pretty much a solid lock.
  2. I have a huge blob of mucus stuck in the pipeway between my throat and my right nostril and it's been driving me crazy.
  3. I'm calling it now: At least one reveal trailer for fighter's pass 2 will involve a highly-requested character finding the sealed envelope, opening it, reading it for a few seconds, and then throwing it away. Followed by a different character from the same company picking up the discarded envelope, looking at it, and then being confirmed as the new fighter.
  4. I literally just got to the timeskip in my Blue Lions playthrough. I made the mistake of trying to max out everybody's skill levels and classes so I could just buy them with Renown in future playthroughs. As a result, everyone is 10 levels higher than the recommended level, but battles still last an eternity because I need to have Flayn poke that Armor Knight to death with a Training Axe so she can become a Brigand, while Alois repeatedly heals her for 2 HP so he can become a Bishop. I was considering just going with Seminars and Advanced Drills for the entirety of Part Two so I could speed through the rest of the story and take a long break with other games before I did the Church route. And then the Ashen Wolves DLC was announced for next month.
  5. The best thing about Smash is that it brings together characters from so many different games. The worst thing about Smash is that it brings together the fans of so many different games.
  6. Just throwing out my pics. 1. Travis Touchdown 2. Haruka Amami 3. Henry Fleming 4. Sigurd 5. Rex and Pyra 6. Ninten
  7. Why are people so butthurt about having so many sword users when there are just as many characters who use punches and kicks? Or hammers? Or guns? Or elemental magic powers?
  8. Didn't those Mega Men already have Mii costumes in the fourth game?
  9. I’m actually planning to pick them up along with Hashtag Effie.