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  1. Might be cool if the entire Book is going to be randomly jumping around between chronological chapters. Sort of like Hourglass of Summer.
  2. Started Dragon Quest VII on the 3DS, and beginning to realize how much I appreciate the Switch being able to instantly go into sleep mode at the press of a button with no battery penalty.
  3. The new arena update is fantastic. All I need to do is set the difficulty to easy for five fights, and every week I can potentially get one step closer to finishing my Fallen Tiki merge.
  4. The wind sure is blowing hard these days...
  5. DISCLAIMER: I’m not actually into Vtubers; this was just a random one that I hadn’t seen before.
  6. I’m almost disappointed in how good this looks. We could’ve had something like the live-action movie with Bob Hoskins, where it was so abysmally terrible that it wrapped back around to being hilarious!
  7. PROTIP: If you haven't done so already, you're going to want at least two of these things.
  8. Thank god my office closed down the day before Thanksgiving because someone tested positive. That gives me until December 5th to fix my sleep schedule.
  9. Persona 5 Royal (Switch): True ending reached.
  10. Props to Skeledirge for being the first fully-evolved starter since Gen 5 that looks like an actual Pokemon instead of someone's fursona.
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