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  1. Got two Tiki + Ninians on the first day of the Halloween banner going up. Gonna keep rolling for a Speed boon before I merge them.
  2. Kiiiiiiiinda... Shadow Dragon was basically a remake of this game with some, but not all, of the gameplay features and QOL improvements from FE7-10 (i.e. they added the weapon triangle, a not-stupid inventory system, ability to view enemy's movement range without manually counting tiles, and multiple difficulty options, but got rid of support conversations and fleshed-out characterization). They also added some new gaiden chapters and recruitable characters, but everyone hated the way you had to unlock them (purposely letting large numbers of your own units die). One thing that Shadow Dragon added that was up-till-then unheard of was the "reclass" feature, where almost every unit could change to a different class set then the one they started with (i.e. Cavalier --> Myrmidon). But that's not what they're releasing. This is a straight-up port of the original Famicom game with a new English translation.
  3. Mario was $60. ----------- $50 is fine for a bunch of collectible trinkets, but this "limited time only for a digital game" shit has got to fucking stop.
  4. I haven’t played TF2 since before the Wii U came out.
  5. Symphony of the Night is a fantastic game, but it’s also way too easy. In order for there to be any sort of challenge, you have to go out of your way to make yourself weaker by equipping shittier equipment. Circle of the Moon’s biggest issue is that because all of the cards are locked behind random drops, it discourages you from experimenting with the different card combos in favor of just rolling Venus + Mandragora all day. Magician Mode fixes this by giving you all of the cards at the start of the game.
  6. Bayonetta Nendoroid: Melia 1/7 Scale (wip): Off the Hook Figmas: Lyndis 1/7 Scale: Marnie and Morpeko Nendoroid (wip): Which ones are you going to pick up?
  7. I’m wondering if there might be a connection between our recent spambot problem and the pornbots who keep liking my Thracia 776 LP via Twitter...
  8. Super Mario 3D All-stars - Super Mario Sunshine (Switch): Sunshine was the first console video game that I ever played, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. That being said, certain missions in this game can eat a dick.
  9. Can we at least leave enough spambots alive so that our "total member count" stays at 420?