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  1. Obviously, the "H" stands for "Humongous Entertainment". Putt-Putt confirmed!
  2. Turns out Ban-Ban isn't a GHB; he's just being added to the 3-4 star pool. The real GHB is Astram.
  3. https://dengekionline.com/articles/12551/ Article from a Japanese website about an upcoming banner focused on New Mystery.
  4. Chapter 12x: Pan's Labyrinth That might be all for this weekend. My dad is having a big party tomorrow.
  5. Considering that he worked on developing the Switch from his deathbed, I think it's fair that any first-party Nintendo game released next year or earlier gets a free pass, depending on how long it was in development. Anything later than 2021 is probably pushing it, though.
  6. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is the only Metroidvania I've played that's not from either of the namesake series. I was really looking forward to Bloodstained, but they still haven't fixed the Switch version.
  7. Chapter 12: Fuck, I Should've Used That Title For This One
  8. Like, it's one thing if you're smoking a cigarette on a crowded bus filled with small children, or at a restaurant two tables down from an old lady with asthma. But if you want to smoke in your own backyard, nobody should have the power to say you can't.
  9. People have the right to do what they want to their own bodies. Why is that so goddamn hard to understand?
  10. You know that site that keeps track of your video game backlog and assigns you a random one to play? They should make a site like that, but for anime.
  11. I’ll need to see what it looked like beforehand to form an opinion on your craftsmanship.