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  1. It’s about as pornographic as a Rob Schneider movie.
  2. Ah, so it's like Plumbers Don't Wear Ties!
  3. There's a great manga about a guy who summons a succubus but instead of fucking her he asks her to help him clear his backlog of games. I forget what it's called.
  4. Only tangentially related, but I also think for the past few gens they’ve made certain plot-important Pokemon detrimental to the gameplay. It was okay in Black and White because the clash between Reshiram and Zekrom was woven into the entire narrative. But in XY? You’re forced to capture Xerneas/Yveltal for no reason other than because the plot says so. Gen 7 handled it the worst. Not only did they force you to capture Solgaleo/Lunala for no reason, but they also tried to impose a “canon” personality on them by giving them two completely pointless pre-evolutions that serve no in-game purpose other than to be a plot device. And that’s not even getting into Ultra SuMo, where the alternate Necrozma forms on the box art are completely outclassed by Ultra Necrozma, thus rendering them completely pointless. And it’s not just the legendaries, either. GameFreak seems to be discouraging you from interpreting certain Pokemon as individual members of a species. Every Mimikyu is jealous of Pikachu and wants to have friends. Every Incineroar is a heel wrestler who loves kids. Every Bewear is over-affectionate to the point of snapping people’s spines. Etc.
  5. It's really weird. I have all these new tools and UI improvements to create stages with, but I feel like I already used up all my best ideas on the Wii U version.
  6. Thanks to BootCamp, I've finally joined the PC master race! However, every time I turn on my computer, it boots to Windows by default. Isn't it supposed to let me choose whether to boot to Windows or Mac?
  7. I was gonna do a blind LP once I got home from AX, but ended up buying so many dragon dildos that it’ll probably have to wait until I finish 3H.
  8. What does being a pedophile have to do with the validity of the information he spreads? Would the information be any more or less valid if it came from a person who did not diddle kids?
  9. First of all, the “job date” is from last November. Second of all, nowhere is Metroid mentioned in that job description. For all we know, it could be for Dong Returns 3.
  10. Fucking hate math. ”ooooh, look at me, I can turn numbers into other numbers!” Fuck off.
  11. FUCK, Play-Asia sold out. Fuck it; I'll just get the vanilla edition of the burgerland version from Amazon. Those extra goodies would've been nice, but: 1. The soundtrack is bound to show up on YouTube anyway. 2. The artbook will undoubtedly be outclassed by an updated Japanese version eventually. 3. The calendar will become useless 18 months from now.