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  1. Bile duct cancer? That's the same thing that killed Iwata, isn't it? Fuck.
  2. What classes can you and your spouse pass down to your children? If either of you have Galeforce, is it in the bottom skill slot?
  3. Intsys, hurry up and add Myrrh and Bantu to the game so we can have Battle of the Manaketes.
  4. #TeamLachesis Also, for some reason the voting gauntlet is still showing the results from last month...
  5. What I did was fuck around in caves until everybody was roughly the same level. Mathilda has decent RES and great MOV, so I gave her a Javelin and had her charge ahead and try to pick off a few Witches before too many of them could spawn. Alternately, if you're feeling pretty ballsy, you could have Silque Warp Alm directly in front of Nuibaba and try to kill her on the first turn. Once she's dead, any Witches that she summoned will automatically disappear.
  6. Send some of that water over to California. My shift hasn't even started yet and it's already a hundred fucking degrees outside.
  7. Will the DLC be gone too, or will I still be able to download it as long as I still have the game itself?
  8. I'd imagine that when they add Laguz to the game, they'd be close-range colorless units.
  9. The cartoon itself, or the Loud Nigra edit?