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  1. Fire Emblem Three Houses (Switch): Finished the Silver Snow route.
  2. In other news, I just hit 500 subscribers on YouTube because of a six-year old video of myself getting Charles Martinet to quote Hotel Mario.
  3. https://blog.jlist.com/news/anime-studio-arms-declares-bankruptcy/ RIP Queen's Blade.
  4. I'm keeping my Wii U as a dedicated Virtual Console machine.
  5. Now we just need Epsilon stages that turn every stage into Small Battlefield.
  6. ---- Looking forward to the Piklopedia and co-op campaign.
  7. South Park: The Stick of Truth is a great Paper Mario game.
  8. Assuming the .hack set isn’t already worthless without the first game, how difficult would it be to sell the second and fourth games without the third?
  9. What's the point of making Brigid and Darros into seasonals? They're both the exact same class that their vanilla versions could've been, except Brigid loses Yewfelle.
  10. My uncle was riding a bike through Phoenix and took shelter in an air-conditioned store, where he came across a box of old games and anime DVDs that he thought I could either keep, or re-distribute among fellow weebs and gamers. Some of this is stuff that I either already have, or am otherwise curious about. PC version of FF7, which I already have on my PSP. Already have Cowboy Bebop and Spirits Within. Any of these Street Fighter movies the one with naked Chun-Li? Never heard of any of this stuff. Already have FFX. Curious about the PS2 version of DQ8, as I've heard that the 3DS version is censored. Vaguely familiar with Dot Hack thanks to Project X Zone, but these are the second, third, and fourth games, with no sign of the first. Don't think *Japanese words* IIDX 3rd style will work on an American PS2. DDR didn't come with the dance pad. Already have Crystal Chronicles for the Gamecube, not to mention the Switch version coming out next month. These are VHS tapes. Do they even make VCRs anymore...? Is any of this stuff any good? And if not, is it at least worth anything?
  11. Is there a name for that capital B surrounded by a red square that you commonly see in Twitter shitposts?