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  1. It never snows here in the Bay Area. It gets cold enough, but it never does.
  2. And then there's Gamestop, who honored that one guy's pre-order of Duke Nukem Forever from 2001.
  3. The name should've been a giveaway, but then again, this is apparently real:
  4. It's an edit? I legit thought it was real.
  5. The closest thing to an MMO I've ever played was AdventureQuest back in the mid-00's.
  6. Today I learned that in the early 80’s, there were plans for a spin-off of Lupin the Third set in the future. However, there was some sort of copyright bullshit between TMS and the Maurice LeBlanc estate, so the Lupin spin-off ended up getting re-tooled into Inspector fucking Gadget.
  7. Got my first vaccine appointment set up for the 26th.
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