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  1. You think they forced their interns to sit at their computers shouting slurs into their microphones to teach the algorithm which words to block?
  2. Assuming this isn't just a belated April Fools joke, it brings up several logistical questions: If "swearing" and "sexually explicit language" are separate options, how can it tell the difference between, for example, "I fucking love this" and "I fucked your mom"? Why is the N-word a separate option from racism/xenophobia? Why does it have a simple on/off switch instead of a slider like the other options? For that matter, how do the sliders even work? "Hmmm... I was planning on setting the misogyny to 'make me a sandwich', but after that last bos
  3. So basically, the general consensus is that Yuji Naka should be given his own animation studio in exchange for never being allowed to touch a game development tool ever again?
  4. Yes. But the movie it's from is even more bizarre. Spy Kids 2.
  5. Do you think God stays in Heaven because He, too, lives in fear of what He has created?
  6. If you equip a wooden shield, use it to soak up a bunch of arrows from a Bokoblin, and then put the shield away, you'll automatically collect all the arrows that were stuck in it.
  7. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (Julius Mode) (DS): Fantastic bonus mode that doubles as a tribute to Castlevania III. Too bad they couldn't get Hammer to fill in for Grant...
  8. More info on what you will and won’t be able to do once the PSN dies.
  9. Dracula X Chronicles comes with a direct port of SotN whose only difference is replacing the campy voice acting. This is a compilation of Final Fantasy I and II with less content than their respective PSP remakes. War of the Lions has more content. Isn't that getting remade for the Switch, or am I thinking of something else? Can't remember whether this one is on the Wii U virtual console or not (as Mega Man 64). Can't remember whether this one is included in the MGS HD collection available on the PS4, XBone, and Vita. T
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