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  1. Bad Dragon opened up a store right around the corner from my apartment! If only it wasn't so fucking hot out...
  2. Does Enoema technically count as a "race" if Kanden was made in a freak laboratory accident?
  3. Multi-media franchise that technically originated from a video game. Also it made more sense to put Aguamon over Rex than to put Valkyrie and the Prince of All Cosmos over the Potato Heads.
  4. Plus there's that old lore that "Metroid" is the Chozo word for "ultimate warrior", thus the series title could refer to Samus herself. And then all of those "y can't metroid crawl" memes become somewhat correct.
  5. Another factor regarding Sm4sh was that since the Wii U was dying, they had less of an incentive to re-balance Bayonetta instead of just moving on to Ultimate.
  6. Subspace-style story mode, but it's the entire focus that the game is built around. Doesn't have to include every character from Ultimate, but everyone they do include needs to have some role in the plot (i.e. if Sonic, Toon Link, Wolf, and Jigglypuff were only going to show up at the very end, they should've been cut). Go hog-wild with the crossover aspect. SSE had stuff like Samus going through a futuristic enemy base or Link going through the woods, but those were just generic versions of settings that we'd already seen in their own games. Have Donkey Kong travel the Great Plate
  7. People complaining about Kazuya because there are too many shotas in Smash doesn't make any sense. Do they not know what a shota is? Kazuya looks way older than Pit, Dark Pit, Young Link, Toon Link, Villager, Ness, Lucas, and Inkling.
  8. Part of the backlash against Other M came from Sakamoto's statement that he didn't pay attention to the lore established in the Prime trilogy while writing the story of Other M. Some people misinterpreted this as Sakamoto saying that he considered the Prime games to be non-canon. But seeing things like the Aurora Units and other references in Dread makes it clear that the Prime games are indeed part of Sakamoto's vision for the series.
  9. When I was a kid my siblings and I used to play the Humongous Entertainment point-and-click adventure games. The later ones had this thing where every time you replayed them, some of the puzzles would be different, and you’d get to explore a different part of the game from your previous play through. For example, in one play through of Spy Fox in Dry Cereal, you’d have to find the right key to de-activate William the Kid’s Milky Weapon of Destruction by moving mirrors to re-direct laser beams. But in another play through, you’d have to shut off the power by moving the carrots on st
  10. My little sister loves Life is Strange and Danganronpa. I know what to get her for Christmas!
  11. This. Anniversaries are only really worth treating as a huge milestone if it's a multiple of 10. Technology hasn't been advancing quickly enough compared to how it was in the past to warrant enough "ground breaking" games to be worth celebrating. Compare something like the original Super Mario Bros. (released in 1985) to Super Mario 64 (1996), and they feel like completely different games due to how much technology had advanced in just 11 years. By contrast, Majora's Mask (released in 2000) still feels fairly similar to Skyward Sword (2011) in te
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