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  1. I love Fiora and Poppi from Xenoblade 1 and 2. I guess through a spoilery technicality, almost the entire cast from Xenoblade X could count, as well.
  2. Oooh, does this mean we get Denning as a GHB? I can picture it now: "This is a message from Summoner Kiran: 'Hello!' This is a message from Summoner Kiran: 'Hello!' This is a message from Summoner Kiran: 'Hello!' This is a message from Summoner Kiran..."
  3. What if the real Nintendo Direct is the friendships we made along the way?
  4. “That Loptous Cult ain’t right, I tell ya hwat.” ”Don’t be ridiculous, Sigurd. Everyone knows that the Loptous Cult are a myth perpetuated by the Granvallian Government to scare little children into behaving themselves.” ”Is that really true, Eldigan? ‘Cause one time back at the Knight Academy, my instructor caught me sneaking into the women’s barracks, and later that night, I heard some eerie noises and saw some flickering red lights coming from outside my dorm window...” “Man, I tell ya hwat, man, that dang ol’ Loptous Cult, man, I’m talkin’ ‘bout worshippin’ some dang ol’ dragon from another continent, man, and he’s all like possessin’ a human host by passin’ down his spirit through some dang ol’ black book; it’s real spooky, man.” *sip*
  5. One thing that I love about computers is that you can get as mad at them as you want without hurting their feelings. Much healthier than getting mad at a human being.