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  1. Igneous42

    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    I've sat out the last few years but I think it's time I participate again. Just signed up! Excited to do this again.
  2. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I lied to all of you and spent money to get the new Camilla. Of course she's -atk/+def which may be about the worst combo you can get, but I'm still glad I got her. Fortunetly she has good enough Attack that even with a bane it's not gonna hurt her too much. Even with -Atk she actually still has more Atk than a neutral Summer Camilla. When you add the +3 from the tome and flier buffs she'll be able to manage just fine. Gonna stick with a pretty vanilla build with her for now. Of course, like @Carl321 said, if it does feel like she's struggling I can just throw a bladetome on her. It is amusing though, with Adrift Camilla I realized 4 of the 5 variants had -Atk for my first pull of them. The only one that didn't was Spring Camilla. So I guess that's just my life lol.
  3. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I know I may seem biased, but even my bias aside it's still probably Camilla. All her units are flying so any combination can be a flier Emblem but in addition, no combination is redundant. On top of that Spring Camilla is still a great raventome user meaning Camilla even has good coverage against colorless. Tiki s probably pretty close though, not just saying that to brownnose. With a powerful red flier and a powerful blue armor the other two can be pretty much whatever and she still does well. With no SI restrictions, Xander also may be up there, even though some of his alts aren't remarkable, having a dancer is pretty great and he's the only single character team who can do it without being redundant atm. If you had good access to tactics skills he'd have full coverage a pretty powerful C skill buffs. Lyn is similar but trades a dancer for overall better units.
  4. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Even being a fan of Camilla I'm still kind of sitting here scratching my head. It hasn't been that long since Summer Camilla and having invested in Camilla Emblem already I'd be hard pressed to find a place for another tome flier Camilla. I guess I can cycle the three tome using ones depending on the need of the map? If she was a staff or new move type I'd maybe a bit more excited. Even then though it seems too soon for another Camilla, but this whole banner is just a bunch of alts and Mikoto.
  5. Igneous42

    Your Smash Ultimate 5 pack DLC?

    Hmmm, great topic idea! Let's see if I can come up with decent answers. Ultimately (for reals no pun intended) most of my most wanted characters since Brawl got in Ultimate. But there are still a few I'd like to see. 1. Shantae (Shantae), Stage: Scuttle Town, Music: Dance through the Danger, Scuttle Town , GBC Intro (or a remix of it), Boss Battle, Cape Crustacean I'm setting myself up for disappointment but, seeing her as a spirit gives me hope that maybe she could be more. I got spoiled and got most of my Nintendo/First party wants in Ultimate. It's funny because I'm actually being pretty hypocritical here sing I normally don't like third party/guest characters all that much. But at this point Shantae would probably be my most hyped newcomer. 2. Hades (Kid Icarus), Stage: The Underworld. His theme is already in Smash Bros and about my favorite theme from Kid Icarus: Uprising so any other music would be a bonus. A lot of people suggest Medusa instead, but even though he doesn't have the "classic" lineage to fall back on I really enjoyed Hades in Uprising. He was such a perfect mixture of humor and sinister that I couldn't help but enjoy him. I also like the idea of him being the very last DLC and the trailer mimicking the false credits in Kid Icarus. Sakurai saying "and that's the final newcomer, hope you enjoy the characters" only to be interrupted by Hades saying "now wait just a second." 3. Kystal (Star Fox), Stage: Dinosaur Planet. Her role as an assist trophy makes this pretty unlikely but I've liked Krystal since before Brawl. Even so, I feel like her moveset is easy to imagine and I'd honestly love to see her. I suppose there isn't much more to say. Star Fox is a series I enjoy but not necessarily one of my top favorites. But I'd still be hype to see her. 4. Isaac (Golden Sun): I don't have an idea for a stage or music for Isaac. In fact, the main reason I choose him is because I have friends who'd love to see him. 5. Nightmare (Soul Calibur), Stage Astral Chaos, music: Confrontation. Again coming with a choice out of first party, and honestly a bit out of left field. Soul Calibur is one of my favorite series ever and I'd love to see it back on Nintendo. Nightmare (with a Seigfriend alternate costume) would be amazing. If Bandai Namco got another character I'd expect it to be from Tekken (probably Heiachi realistically). But if there was a chance to get a Soul Calibur Character instead I'd be hyped.
  6. Igneous42

    Soul Calibur 6

    IMO Ivy beats her pretty handily. I'm gonna be salty for a sec here so feel free to ignore me, but I'm actually pretty damn disappointed with her as DLC. Unlike Geralt, she doesn't fit the aesthetic at all. But even more so, I would have preferred pretty much any series veteran over her. Even if we had to get a guest character though I think there are better more fitting picks. A little mad at myself for buying the season pass because of it tbh. /rant end On a more optimistic note, I have been enjoying and playing the hell out of it. The formula is a nice mix of old and new. Soul Calibur V didn't have the best reception for several legit reasons, but I still stand by the fact that I think it's gameplay was incredibly solid. A lot of people may not even realize that there does seem to be a decent amount that SC VI still pulled from V. To me it really feels like the moves and aesthetics of the old game with a lot of the better parts of SC Vs gameplay. The single-player modes have actually been pretty fun. I like that there is a mode for custom and classic characters and that they even intersect sometimes. The RPG elements found a good place in Libra of Souls and work well without feeling too over important. I do have a few gripes though. I'm not a huge fan of Critical Edges so far. They were cool the first few times but the more I've played online the more I've started to dislike them. Mostly because they just seem to easy to land. I like SCV's version where you had to go for certain setups to reliably land. SC VI's super moves come out so damn fast they typically seem to work even better as string/combo breakers. For how much damage they do it's a little ridiculous that a character can be mid animation for an attack but the Critical Edge still lands first. For the record, this has helped me MANY times, probably even more than it's hurt me. Seigfried is who I've been playing a lot and he really benefits from the speed and priority that Critical Edges have. If someone is too up if you face they can prevent it but I've ended many otherwise close online matches by just throwing out a Critical Edge when I'm being pressured. My other big gripe, which was a big talking point on the Subreddit as well, is that CAS can be used in Rank. I love CAS and have already made 8ish characters. However, I still have to agree there needs to be a separation for modes that allow CAS and those that don't. Even if it was just something as simple as "Competitive Ranked" and "Free Ranked" where one allows CAS and character customizations while the other is more strict and just the standard cast with recolors at most. Otherwise, I'm pretty pleased. It's great to actually have a lot of classic characters back and decent single player content. The gameplay is fast and fun and even though I let myself get too salty I still love playing Soul Calibur online again. Smash and Soul Calibur have always been my favorite fighters. Dunno what system people are playing on but I'm Igneous42 on PSN anyone else is playing on PS4. I also would be down to see and show off CAS characters.
  7. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Yeah, the summoning pool REALLY needs to be cleaned out again, probably about as bad as it did the first time at this point. If they're not gonna clean the summoning pool then they need to adjust how the focus units work. Actually, even if they do fix the pool I still think they need to change the focus only reset for on banner units, especially for seasonals. Summer Camilla Halloween Kagero were miserable to try to get a hold of for me. Getting pitybroken by literally any non-seasonal unit while trying aiming for a seasonal feels awful, even if they're good units (Legendary Hero banners being an exception since they're rare too). If nothing else they should start the focus % higher than it used to be to make up for how many more units are in the pool, but that would be less preferred than just splitting the focus rate. On another topic, I am super excited we finally got Aversa! And since she isn't a unit I would have made any effort to +10 I'm glad and surprised she was a GHB unit. I'll definitely promote and merge all 3 copies of her, really the only bummer is without IVs she can't get +HP and she's the one unit I'd want that as. I've already got my first one started so I can use her for Arena next week. Still deciding on a B skill though I'm thinking either renewal, dull ranged or windsweep. That's all assuming I keep her prf tome. I plan to make a second bladetome build for her and already have it pretty much ready except for the actual bladetome. I do have an extra 4* Tharja though so would just need the feathers to promote her.
  8. Igneous42

    Soul Calibur 6

    I ordered the collectors edition on Amazon so I'm just sitting here waiting for it to deliver . Should be in today sometime though so hopefully I'll get to play it a bunch tonight. The reviews so far seem to be anywhere between good and great which is encouraging! I even enjoyed the ones that got less than stellar reviews but having a good load of single player content and classic favorites back is exciting. I am sad to see how many faces are still missing though. Cassandra, Amy, Hwuang or Yun-Seong, Setsuka, Hilde, Lizardman and on a personal note Algol. I wasn't exactly expecting him back but I'd be super excited to see him as DLC.
  9. Igneous42

    Huawei releasing a Switch competitor?

    After working at a cell phone repair shop for 7 years the thing that I always remember about Huawei is this masterpiece of marketing A campaign that draws attention to the fact that not only does no one know how the fuck to pronounce their name, but also that no one knows what they actually even do. I don't think Nintendo is sweating in their boots too much lol.
  10. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    .Whald/dolphined a bit but finally managed to get Halloween Kagero. +Atk/-res which I'm perfectly content with. Even with the - she's still sitting at 30 resistance. Opted to refine her weapon with res to make up for it too and it leaves her with a 32/33 defense spread. With +atk she has a base 41 Atk for a pretty damn good mixed phase unit. Halloween Kagero also finally gave me something to use that free Takumi on so now she has close counter as well. Only thing I'm unsure of is what I want to do for a special and C skill. Even Atk wave is great but only applies every other turn and Ibplan on using her with an armor team for the most part so may gonwith an armor buff. She good enough bulk that I could see Ignis or similar working well.
  11. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    At this point, I don't even care about arena BST. I feel like worrying about that is the best way to make yourself hate the game. If you're decently dedicated it's not too rough to stay in tier 18-19 and I'm content with that. Arena feels like it's literally just a mode that's there to make whales feel good about themselves and since they are a significant contribution to the profit of the game I'm fine with that. As long as nothing more the 4-5 orbs a week is locked to it then whatever.
  12. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    So we didn't get another Camilla which is good I guess since I'm content with Camilla Emblem, but IS saw right through me and was like "well how about the equally good Fates girl Kagero as a sexy maid armor unit?" I would not have guessed her in a million years. I saw how it could have been Camilla, or maybe Sonya if I was lucky or even Loki on a far-out guess. But Kagero? With her having gotten a seasonal already this year I wasn't expecting to see another so soon. But guess I'm going all in. They managed to get me super hyped for this banner in a way I would have never expected. While Kagero is my primary goal the banner as a whole is kind of crazy. Lots of really strong units here, but hell I'm happy. The only part of this that makes me sad is the lack of orbs. Good thing it lasts a month I guess because I'm pretty much going all in for Kagero.
  13. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I've been pretty vocal about the fact that I'm a big fan of Camilla but even I'd be a little annoyed if we're actually getting another Camilla already. Not enough to stop me from rolling for her but with her being one of my favorites I'd like to see some other characters get seasonals at this point. Especially because Camilla Emblem lucked out enough to have a really well balanced flying team. Knowing IS it'd be worried a Halloween Camilla would just be redundant and be a straight power crept version of Vanilla Camilla or something. That said there is debate whether what people are seeing as a well-endowed chest is actually that or it's actually a shoulder. The silhouette makes it hard to be certain of a lot of that stuff. I've even seen quite a few people throwing out Sonya as an alternative which is funny because I just mentioned I'd want her for Halloween. The right one I've seen decent evidence supporting either Corrin or Oboro. What appears to be a bow, sleaves and her shoes do kind of match Oboro's Halloween DLC picture from Fates. We'll probably see tonight in either case. I think we're getting it a bit early because of the update.
  14. Igneous42

    Dragalia Lost

    I've actually been decently impressed with the raid so far. There actual mechanics and such. Goes back to that bit of an "MMO feel" I mentioned interested me about Dragalia lost. I also really like the ally character, seems it won't take too much to keep her permanently as long as you use her often in quests and the event. Tbh I'm actually kind of surprised she's the one we're getting for free, seems like she's the kind of character that would normally be "bait" on the banner.
  15. Igneous42

    Dragalia Lost

    Well if we're really going to talk about sound can we just appreciate how freaking awesome the soundtrack in this game is? I'm actually having a lot of fun with Dragalia Lost personally. Sure the plot isn't "deep" but I find the characters fun and for me liking the characters tends to be even more important than the main story (see Fire Emblem Fates). My biggest gripe is really just the item/mechanic bloat which @Destiny Hero sort of alluded too. Once you get what it's all for it makes sense but it's still a bit overbearing. However, the alternative is something like Fire Emblem Heroes where character pulls fill the role of units, skills, and weapons all in one which is a bit of a double-edged sword. I like that once you pull a character you just have it. There is no merging, or IVS or having to sacrifice it for its skills. So far weapon crafting/upgrading is probably the most "tedious" feeling aspect to me. Having to fully unbind a weapon and level it to max in order for it to upgrade to then be used as an unbind for another weapon seems kind of ridiculous, and I'm only working on 3-star weapons. I'm sure 5-star weapons are going to be absolutely brutal in that regard. At least weapons aren't RNG I suppose. Sure their grindy but you don't have to risk losing a weapon to upgrade it like in some (mostly oldschool) MMO's and it's not part of the gacha which is kind of nice. Also, I haven't mentioned it here but I somehow lucked out and got Vanessa in my tutorial summon. She's only a 4 star so I'm sure she's not that rare but as someone who: Like fire, has red hair, prefers Axes and likes Barbarian types" she was the best first summon I could think of.