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  1. Yeah that Duo is all kinds of bonkers. Lucina, a main Lord and 2nd place female character in the first CYL is regulated to cheerleader for Mia? Art for he Duo is pretty questionable too. Still really not a fan of Duo units, them not even having to fit together anymore makes them even worse. Would honestly be better if each character just got their own alt. Selena looks great at least. And even lute doesn't look bad. 4 Star Female Demote too for once too. But pretty meh overall, probably the least excited I've been for a summer banner, but not disappointed like I was for the Spring one. May throw some Orbs at Selena/Lute but don't want to go too crazy since another Summer banner is around the corner.
  2. While I like Nailah pretty well I'm mostly excited for her because she's a Green Wolf Beast unit. Wolf Emblem is a thing and has full color coverage.
  3. I've had some crazy luck on this banner too. Granted I'm a degenerate who spent some money but with 25 pulls on the banner I got Julia, Karla, Lyon, Julia again and Ike. Karla was at a low pity rate so didn't mind as she's new, Lyon broke my rate but then I got Julia and Ike the circle after. Overall probably some of the best luck I've had in this game. Ironically I was only going for Ike but I don't mind any of the others
  4. Ashnard actually looks decent too! The "male wyvern rider" curse is broken! Just kidding we all know what's not a wyvern. Let's talk about how that's being better hidden than the Flame Emperor's identity is though. I even think I may make him my next merge project. I was just thinking how I have a decent amount of 5* +10 units but none of them are male. My only real gripe with the selections is Ike is yet again a sword infantry with Ragnell. Making 4 of the 5 versions of Ike swords. I'll confess I don't really know what else they could have made him, but since it's a what if alt in the first place I feel like they could have found a way to do something different. Make him so angry he throws Ragnell or something.
  5. Beat: Final Fantasy VII Remake Igneous42 2020 Games Beaten 1/8: Dragon's Crown (PS4] 2/19: Monster Hunter World (PS4) 3/8: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (PS4) 4/26: Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) C: 4 It's weird that it was that long between Iceborne and Final Fantasy VII but I guess it makes sense. FFVIIR is a big one so as always gonna put it in spoilers, gonna avoid spoilers though. Even though my games this year haven't been remarkable by any means I actually feel like I'm doing a bit better than the last few years. I'm on a pretty decent stretch of not having an MMO I'm actively into so it seems like I'm finding a lot more time for single player games. Next up I'm thinking I may revisit Shadow of the Colossus again, continue some the nostalgia FFVII Remake initiated.
  6. As far as legendary/Mythic balance goes I don't think she's all that oppressive. It's hard to see till we get her stars though, if she's naturally going to double most of the time and has high attack that's a little strong, but the personal refresh is at least her B slot, so it is actually a pretty big trade-off since she won't have access to the fighter skills and the refresh. I also don't think it's too early, the timeskip designs for the Lord's was revealed before the game even launched. If you just mean specifically the spoilers though then yeah, they could have been a bit more subtle... Not that the spoilers involved were subtle in 3H in the first place, but still it is a little much this time.
  7. Edelgard is like "get the fuck away from me plebians." Not really obviously because judging based on social class is orrt much the opposite of her, but still funny. Debating pulling I have over 100 orbs right now but I was trying to save for the likely upcoming Bridal Banners. Not that I'm a huge fan of thst theme but it's one of those banners that could easily have one of my favorites. Which I guess any banner "could" but the wedding banners have had popular girls fairly frequently. Of course I wouldn't mind one of my favorite guys getting a groom alt either if they actually got a slick more traditional/Western tux. But even beyond being more likely to spring for girl characters I'm not a fan of the all white getup Marth and guy from last year got. Oh also @Tyranogre the Dragalia FeH crossover has young Tiki if you didn't see that already
  8. I still think it's funny how every year within days of the Spring banner being announced/starting where I live gets a snowstorm. It's like the game is rubbing in the fact that U love in a place where we often get snow in March and it's not even unusual in April. Well jokes on you game I kind of like the snow, or at least that's what I tell myself.
  9. Well there goes the tradition of Spring having one of my favorite seasonals and including one of my favorite characters. I know I shouldn't have built my hopes up but this is honestly probably the most disappointing and uninteresting seasonal banners they've ever done. I know it's gratuitous but I liked the sexy bunny ladies. Instead this year we just get a bunch of prepubescent girls. No thanks, huge pass.
  10. Beat: Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter World Iceborne Igneous42 2020 Games Beaten 1/8: Dragon's Crown (PS4] 2/19: Monster Hunter World (PS4) 3/8: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne C: 3 Actually beat World a couple weeks ago just haven't been on my computer too much lately to update. For other games in the past I've counted expansions as another game as long as they have their own campaign/credit roll so I assume it's ok to do so with Iceborne as well. As always I'm going to put my thoughts on the game in spoilers below. I'm gonna put my YTD stuff first instead though because I think it looks better going forward, and less to dig through when needing to reference the posts in the future. Next Up: Probably More Monster Hunter, but I feel like I'm missing something if I don't say Three Houses Silver Snow. I feel like it's a personal meme that I can't motivate myself to finish Silver Snow.
  11. Not being able to clear notifications drives me crazy. I can deal with the UI reminders elsewhere but get that non-dismissible notifications bullshit out if here.
  12. Yeah I like the Valentine's banner this year too. I've been saying they should do a Valentia valentine's for awhile. Actually having a romantic alt for Alm/Celica is nice. My only complaint is they should have grabbed other characters with canon relationships. SoV is one of the few that actually has a bunch. Where is Clive and Mathilda the ultimate lovebirds? Or Mae/Boey, Gray/Claire or Saber/Saber's drink?
  13. While I would appreciate a vote per gender everyday, it's always been the top two of each gender. Otherwise we'd have Tharja instead of Roy. Edit: added spoilers in case people are awaiting official results.
  14. My final ballot of choose your legends 4. Kind of women favouring admittedly but I'm still happy with my choices. A few picks just cause they were faves but the "midterm" results coming early this time influenced some of my choices. Really hoping Claude and Edelgard hold top two at least, Dorothea stealing second and Edel first would be the best results for me but I'm not holding my breath that Dorothea would be able to jump that much. Hilda would be even better but is even less likely.
  15. I've actually voted for someone else each day this time. Think my last few will be Edelgard, Claude and Eirika. Though I may consider throwing one if those to Kagero since she's one of my favorites, even if she isn't in the top runnings or anything.