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  1. On Black Eagles it was 12. Alois was kind of just there not being helpful for me.
  2. I've seen people suggest maybe instead of a free character they'd include summoning tickets for the Brave Banner. Not sure I buy that but if it's a TT based on the Brave Heroes it's plausible
  3. Granted I spoiled my Dorothea a bit because she was my S rank. But she had like 22 Cha by time I did the event. Even if you didn't spoil her I think she'd be fine as she's probably the closest thing to the "canon" dancer of this game. Mentioning dancers, I'm gonna be weird and make Sylvain mine for BL, I've heard people have actually had decent success with that. My question is while preparing him to be a dancer is it better to keep him a melee class or should I change him to a magic class so he can actually get some magic growths? I know he has pretty ok natural strength growth so I'm thinking making him a magic class will get him a bit more well roinded. But I'm also afraid he'll be too squishy if I go mage/warlock until the dance month.
  4. It's funny because Sylvian was exactly who I was thinking about lol. I do like Mercedes pretty well but her voice kind of gets to me depsite enjoying her as a character quite a bit.
  5. Good taste those are 2 of my favorites as well. I ended up going with Dorothea for first my first Black Eagles run but Shamir is probably my favorite. My original plan was Dorothea, Manuela, Hilda and Shamir. But then I went and decided to do a female character for my Blue Lions run so now Inhvae no idea what to do with the S rank.
  6. Yeah Samurai Showdown guy is a bit random. Albeit he is actually incredibly fitting and cross fighting game characters can be cool. His franchise just isn't big enough to have that wow factor. Cassandra looks awesome though and I'm happy we're even getting a season 2.
  7. Well Summer Camilla is still MIA and now Brave Camilla is around the corner. My orbs are sad too. Though of the two I'll focus more on Merges for Summer Camilla since she is seasonal and we at least get a Brave unit free.
  8. If your playing normal you can grind auxiliary battles to raise support. Typically recruiting through support is easier than the skills. They require pretty high skills to join if your recruiting them that way (I believe B for most students). If your on hard than the answer is pretty much no. If you have units you want the best way is to Brite force with gifts, planting flowers can help with that. But as others have said your house plus other teachers/faculty is enough aside from just trying to snag your favorites.
  9. Pretty serious spoilers about BE/midgame below (so other path spoilers for the school phase too).
  10. Happy that Camilla is a flier still. I know some people wanted her as an Axe Armor using Garons Axe. Wasn't a fan of that idea. There are a lot of powerful axe Armors as is (and another one likely coming in the /nearforeseeable future). Flying Healer is more limited and makes her easier to continue to use with Camilla Emblem. Plus that would have been a third green Camilla. It's strange that she's "Queen of Nohr" though as even in the route where that should have happened she relinquished the crown. Curious to see how/if they try to explain that.
  11. Pretty much, both are reason but black is what anima should be, so like elemental magic and dark is things like hexes, mire and all that stuff. Also I figured out the B support thing for anyone else curious. They have a chance to ask to join during the week once they're B rank. Guess other than save scumming there isn't much you can do to prompt or control it. We'll see how what my patience for that is I guess since I don't really plan on using them anyways.
  12. So I'm near the skip and have 3 characters who are at B rank who haven't asked to join my house yet and won't when I ask. Is it just random? Or so they have to have be a decent chunk into B support? I'm not too worried about it because I plan to do multiple playthroughs and prefer to use the class for the route I'm playing. But might as well get them if I've already got them to B rank and that allows you too.
  13. Yeah flubbed the whole thief thing hard for my first playthrough didn't get a single item off him and. In fact I still don't have a lockpicker and I'm on chapter 10. I need to get the old idea of how classes work out of my head because it's prevented me from grabbing some skills that could have been useful even if I didn't use them in their typical class.
  14. I think what you're "supposed" to do is steal it with a thief then either use a combat art to get them to safety or just end the map since the win conditions for his map are pretty controllable. But you way works too lol