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  1. Igneous42


    For me, I think the biggest single thing is if I can't get invested in a game's world and/or aesthetic. That applies especially to single player, story driven games but even multiplayer games and games that don't have a story still a sort of aesthetic and feel. If I'm not into that aesthetic I won't like the game. The best example I can think of where the aesthetic didn't work for me was Skyrim, and really Bethesda games in general. I can look at those games and objectively see why they are good, but I just could never get into them and I've concluded it's just because I don't particularly like Bethesda's presentation style. On the other end of things, I've played only two of Vanillaware's games and loved both of them. Even though both have some pretty big problems with feeling repetitive and getting stuck in long menus. The look and feel of the world just won me over instantly, even when the gameplay or story faltered it didn't matter because I enjoyed the aesthetics and feel of the worlds so much.
  2. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Ninian being a bonus unit means I can use my normal Dragon Team. Adult Tiki, Corrin, Male Grima and Ninian. Working pretty good so far. I just recently pulled a not great nature Brave Ike so sacrificed him to Tiki. Warding Breath Aether Tiki is pretty awesome.
  3. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'm hoping we get a free one. Hector is about the only one I care about. Maybe Celica but will probably use the free summon on Hector.
  4. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Oh man pulled Sanaki on the Bride banner... But not the bride one I don't even want nah just normal one I want even less. I've somehow managed to pull 3 Sanaki in this game and have zero interest in building or using her. Guess it's spare TA 3 fodder for someone down the line. Actually the more I toy with the idea the more I think I may build my LA!Lyn with a Blarraven Triangle Adept skillset. I know that's not really a highly recommended build for her but I feel like she could run it well and I like having a dedicated colorless (Bow Lyn) counter. So maybe I'll just use Sinaki for that.
  5. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'll be honest I don't get the giant controversy around Sanaki. Like, I half get it, the child bride connotation is a kind of icky but they make clear she's not actually getting married. This is coming from a series where player's self-insert character can "marry" the likes of Lissa, Elise, Sakura, Nowi, Nah, Midori and Nyx in Awakening/'Fates worse. And there are several others not on that list who are still kind of pushing it. Pretty much all those characters slide by on a contrived technicality. Anyone who has watched more than 2 episodes of anime would look at those characters and be like "those are children." Heck, even Lyn is apparently actually 15 in The Blazing Blade and no one seemed to give a shit then, the reason it's "ok" essentially boils down to her art and the fact that she's localized as being 18, which is still kind of silly because it just proves how arbitrary age is in Fire Embelm. That said, I can definitely agree with the people asking why not LITERALLY ANYONE else from the Tellius games. Is she even that particularly popular? Elencia, Micaih, Nephenee, Mia, and heck even Titania seem more popular than she is and would have caused zero controversy.
  6. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Yesh so Bride Tharja really is pretty much just a straight upgrade of vanilla Tharja. On stat that vanilla has better is def, which is low enough that it's negligible anyways. Her offensive spread is straight up better. Despite saying I didn't think know go hard for anything of these and even being annoyed by Tharja I still spent a bunch trying to get her with nothing to show for it. But oh well if this is the banner where my luck runs out I can live with that. There will probably be something I really want from the summer banner/s so might as well start stocking up now.
  7. Igneous42

    Soul Calibur 6

    Looks way better than his Tekken 7 variant. One of his better looks IMO. Seems like one by one all the favorites are coming back. I'm actually to the point where I'd be interested to see a new character or two. Though I would still really like to see Cervantes before I'm completely content myself, but have no reason to believe he wouldn't be included.
  8. So... this kind of just looks like a Wii Sports Resort clone that somehow managed to get ported to switch. Neat......
  9. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Honestly, I expect Bride Tharja's statline to just be "better" than initial Tharja's. That's kind of the precedent we've seen so far. Legendary Ike is pretty much a straight upgrade of Ike, Zelgius is a straight upgrade of Black Knight and Love Abound Hector is pretty much just a better version of normal Hector. So I'm expecting Tharja will have a similar but better overall statline. I really personally don't mind alts as much as most (or at least vocal) people do, except when they are redundant. So while Tharja is my favorite aesthetically, I don't really have a desire to pull her and am a bit annoyed at her having the same movement and weapon type as normal Tharja.
  10. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Here's our Brides! with a special guest not shown in the trailer: Groom Marth! Not only did we actually get a groom, it was Marth's first alt. I'm sure people will still find a way to complain but overall I think this is an overall good banner. Not just Fates/Awaking units, three of the four are first time alts and Marth's first alt after that game has been out what a year and four months? Sanaki is the only weird one too me. While It's nice to see a Tellius seasonal who would have guessed Sanaki of all characters would be the first. Sanaki got a seasonal before Ike! As for me personally, I don't think there is anything I really want. Ninian is tempting because she is a Mage Flier Dancer which sounds pretty awesome, but I already run Flier Azura on one flier team and she'd have to kick out Summer Corrin from my Camilla Emblem, while she could find use there I have troubles believing she'll have a stat line as offensive as Summer Corrin (and she doesn't match the Camilla Emblem theme very well). Tharja is easily my favorite in terms of art, but I've never cared for her as a character much and there is no niche she would fill that I really need. My orbs are probably safe but Ninian is tempting me because I like Flier teams so much. Also, Def/Res Link seems really cool, hope we start seeing similar skills on non-seasonals.
  11. Igneous42

    Physical or Digital

    I used to be pretty attached to physical but with the switch I'm pretty much going the opposite direction. I've bought exclusively digital so far and will probably continue to do so. I may make the exception for Smash Bros or Fire Emblem, but even then really only if there is a collectors edition or something. Ideally I like havi g all my games on it to make use of its portability.
  12. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    As long as Camilla 4 is a blue flier I'll be happy. But tbh I'd much prefer something like Summer or Halloween for Camilla's next seasonal. Which means I've Prot just jinxed myself and we're absolutely getting Bridal Camilla now. And she won't be a flier or blue just to make me angry.
  13. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    A lot of people are saying maybe Tharja in the right? Left could be anyone because I think the outline around their head is the ceiling making it hard to gleam any notable features. If that's not anveip maybe Ninian which would be cool I suppose. I don't think either of them line up with my previous guesses :b
  14. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'm pretty much in the same boat. There isn't enough challenge or time requirement for me to really have an adverse opinion of it. It's easy and has some cool rewards. Is it interesting enough to look forward too? No, but it can be fun using my heroes in a pretty stress free mode and it takes what 3-5 minutes back day? In other news we're probably hearing about a Bride/wedding banner soon. Anyone have guesses on who we'll see? Even though there has been a lot of people asking for grooms I'm not entirely convinced we'll see them. My guesses are Eirika, Celica, Lucina and the last (assuming it even is 4) either a Fates character or Anna. If a Fates character I'm going with Oboro. She's apparently pretty popular in Japan and I could see her tailoring and fashion interests mixing well with a wedding theme.
  15. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'm pretty sure only assassin's bow+ can be refined into guard Bow. So you'd have to make it Assassin's Bow+ on Setsuna before giving it to jakob