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  1. Finally pulled my boy Saber, been wanting him for awhile but never really went hard for him since he's in the permanent pool. Tbh I didn't expect they'd be so stingy with banner he's on. I think I've mentioned before he's one of my favorites, probably my favorite non-lord male character, and even up against the lords he's one of my faves. +Hp/-spd is pretty meh though so not sure how to go about building him. If I had the fodder I'd spoil him but don't really have the stuff I'd want so may just have to stick to a bit of a vanilla build. Debating giving him steady breath with the free Brave Ike we got from the hero's path stuff (which is also what gave me the orbs the pull Saber), but my normal Brave Ike wouldn't mind the merge either, oh decisions.
  2. Maybe Seteth or Flayn? Their hair is pretty close to Tikis colors. If it is Tiki I hope it's adult Tiki. Unless I'm forgetting one we haven't gotten an alt of adult Tiki since the first summer seasonals.
  3. Just read stuff so dunno if I'm missing stuff but seems like a decent direct. - Banjo today! Awesome easily the DLC character I'm most excited for.ay even Brave the servers to play him soon as possible. Terry is meh, cool for people who'd like him but pretty much down at the bottom alongside Hero and Bayonetta for characters I don't care about. More DLC coming is pretty cool though I'm personally hoping it's not so Thurs party centric. -TMS and Xenoblade Saga Switch rerelease - Maybe I'll finally give these two a shot? I've told myself I wanted to try Xenoblade for awhile now. TMS never cared about as much but Three Houses has got me all hyped on FE again so I may be more willing to try it. - DMC 2... Just why? It'd be one thing if they were releasing the collection on Switch or something but DMC 2 is easily the worst of the series. Three would probably get me excited though but it's strange that there is a collection of the game and instead they're just releasing them individually. I know there was a lot of other stuff but those were the main things that caught my eye. I haven't watched it yet though just read the announcements (and watched Terry's trailer).
  4. Not gonna lie I was hoping for Three Houses to at least share some spotlight on this banner. But on the other hand a super easy skip works since I've spent way too many orbs (and money) on this silly game recently.
  5. I had one of those rare times when I got super lucky and got Naga on my free pull, +ark even. I had her but pretty meh IV so I can merge her and have an Ark boon one! I wasn't spending anything on this banner otherwise so nice little surprise.
  6. I think I did the worst order. BE/Edelgard, Blue Lions and now working on Golden Deer. Some spoilers for BE/BL below. Excited to see more Golden Deer for more world building, but I also kind of think it's my least favorite house for students. I am warming up to them as a play their house, but Claude, Hilda and Marianne are the only ones who are really standing out to me so far.
  7. I'm struggling to decidey Golden Deer's dancer too. I prefer us to use one of the students from the route I'm playing but can't decide for GD. Leaning towards Marianne but I fear it will hurt her healing too much. A lot of people also say she's great as a Holy Knight and she probably the only character Is ever use as one. I'm not a huge fan of that class otherwise. Debating on Raphael too. I know he's probably best as a grappler/war master but kind of want to make him a Fortress Knight.
  8. On Black Eagles it was 12. Alois was kind of just there not being helpful for me.
  9. I've seen people suggest maybe instead of a free character they'd include summoning tickets for the Brave Banner. Not sure I buy that but if it's a TT based on the Brave Heroes it's plausible
  10. Granted I spoiled my Dorothea a bit because she was my S rank. But she had like 22 Cha by time I did the event. Even if you didn't spoil her I think she'd be fine as she's probably the closest thing to the "canon" dancer of this game. Mentioning dancers, I'm gonna be weird and make Sylvain mine for BL, I've heard people have actually had decent success with that. My question is while preparing him to be a dancer is it better to keep him a melee class or should I change him to a magic class so he can actually get some magic growths? I know he has pretty ok natural strength growth so I'm thinking making him a magic class will get him a bit more well roinded. But I'm also afraid he'll be too squishy if I go mage/warlock until the dance month.
  11. It's funny because Sylvian was exactly who I was thinking about lol. I do like Mercedes pretty well but her voice kind of gets to me depsite enjoying her as a character quite a bit.
  12. Good taste those are 2 of my favorites as well. I ended up going with Dorothea for first my first Black Eagles run but Shamir is probably my favorite. My original plan was Dorothea, Manuela, Hilda and Shamir. But then I went and decided to do a female character for my Blue Lions run so now Inhvae no idea what to do with the S rank.
  13. Yeah Samurai Showdown guy is a bit random. Albeit he is actually incredibly fitting and cross fighting game characters can be cool. His franchise just isn't big enough to have that wow factor. Cassandra looks awesome though and I'm happy we're even getting a season 2.
  14. Well Summer Camilla is still MIA and now Brave Camilla is around the corner. My orbs are sad too. Though of the two I'll focus more on Merges for Summer Camilla since she is seasonal and we at least get a Brave unit free.