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  1. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I guess I really need to play the Tellius games again because I didn't recognize Sigrun or Tanith. Once I googled Sigrun she kind of came back to me, but I literally don't remember Tanith at all. Even after looking at her artwork and portrait I just have no recollection of her role in the game. She looks nice though so that's cool. I think I played myself though, I said I'm a sucker for seasonals but this is probably the easiest seasonal skip for me in the history of the game. So that's a thing I guess. It works out though because I've never pulled Bride Lyn or Charlotte and have always wanted them so I'll probably just invest anything I would have into the new banner into getting them (then maybe Ninian if my luck is good).
  2. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    The one on the right looks like a guy to me. They seem to have a shoulder cape thing going on that seems more fitting of a groom than a bride. I've seen a lot of people on Reddit say left looks like Fjorm and I can see it. It looks like you can even sort of make our her earings. Then again Though I'm usually terrible at guessing these so who knows. I'm a sucker for seasonals normally but I'm not even sure who I'd want to see on this banner. It doesn't usually take much for me to get excited for them granted the art is good and I at least decently like the character though so we'll see. Also, we should be getting a TT with them again right? Excited to see who the free unit is this time. Lately, my favorite unit was often the free one so curious to see if the trend continues. Though officially I guess the Picnic banner broke that since I was more excited about Lukas than Leo (I still liked getting Leo free).
  3. That is what I'm expecting, I'd say Pokemon fits transitions to the gacha model even easier than Fire Emblem did. The game is already about collecting Pokemon so just making them the "heroes" in a hero collector seems like an easy fit. Based on Pokemon's popularity this could end up doing really well too as long as it's handled well. While I don't need more gachas to play (I only play 2 but still), I'd certainly give it a try. My biggest issue with Pokemon whenever I play it is I come up with all these team ideas and have all these cool Pokemon but then I beat the game and feel like there isn't much to do with post-game stuff. I guess that's all assuming it actually is something akin to a "Pokemon Lite" that uses the more standard RPG gameplay and team building. If it's some weird offshoot gameplay I probably won't be interested. Though I think Nintendo/TPC would be foolish not to go the route of a Pokemon Mobile/Lite though. It really just fits so well and if Fire Emblem did as good as it has there is no way Pokemon wouldn't do well. I know some people don't like Gachas, and I can't blame them, but it just makes too much sense to me.
  4. The whole model for the VC was problematic from the start. The VC service should have been set up with the forethought of having it transfer from console to console. It would have had much more value and worth that way. I liked the VC on Wii but as soon as they announced you'd have to rebuy them on Wii U the service lost most of its appeal to me. Sure people can just keep the old consoles for using those VC games but having them on every Nintendo device moving forward would have been awesome. So many people looked at steam and were like "we want in on that." They failed to see the reason people like it and the reason it took off so well is not just the large catalog of games, but the reassurance that our libraries would still be there in the future and from computer to computer. The "streaming" version that they are offering with Switch would maybe be an ok option if it launched with a decent catalog and had any sort of reassurance that it would be a program that lasts beyond just the Switch's life. If I can play a game on Nintendo's "online service" and have confidence that I will still have access to my save files and such when the Switch's time is done I'd be willing to pay for it. Especially if they started including things like N64 and GCN games. Without those kinds of features, it's just an online version of renting a game, and that is not something that appeals to me at all.
  5. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I feel like Tiki should have been based in the future past DLC Awakening version instead. But hey, it makes this an easy skip for me.
  6. Igneous42

    New Fire Emblem: Three Houses info

    So It's pretty much confirmed at this point that there is no Avatar customization (other than name/gender). Kind of a bummer, if that's the case I'd rather them just not do the "you are the hero" spiel and have it as a static character. I may actually go with the female avatar first this time with that being the case. I'm not really a fan of either's design tbh but the girl one is at least cute.
  7. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Fun similar story. I spent a bunch of orbs going for Nahlia on this banner because I really wanted Null C-Disrupt for my Spring Camilla. Most of you probably already see where I went wrong there because, for some asinine reason, Null C Disrupt only works on infantry. I managed to pull her, -atk/+res and got to the inherent skill screen before I realized that. I don't know why but I have never realized that skill is infantry only. So that was a fun disappointing experience. The silver lining is Nahlia still has distant counter so my vanilla Camilla finally has DC which gives her a lot more flexibility.
  8. Igneous42

    Avengers: Endgame Spoilers Thread

    I've seen people suggest 2014 Gamor was missing because she got snapped by Tony. Not in a malicious sense or anything but it does make some sense. He had never met either version so wouldn't really know to separate her from the rest of Thanos' army. Though that would kind of defeat the purpose of bringing her back that way, so I dunno if I buy that is what happened. I think there is a good chance she simply left and went on her own path as well, but either plot thread could tie into GotG 3. I'm curious to see what they do with Hulk. I'm with @Eliwood8 that the merging was too simple. If that's just the end of Bruce/Hulk's large role in the MCU and he's just that from now on I'll be disappointed. On the other hand with wild speculation, I'm also kind of hoping this is setting up for them to take another stab at a Hulk movie. Though as I understand it, a lot of that has to do with working with Paramount in addition to overcoming the fact that the Incredible Hulk was the worst performing movie in the MCU. Even if it wasn't in a solo movie they could continue his story through others. I've always liked the idea the Hulk's main enemy is actually Banner and vice versa. The idea that their "merge" may not be as mutual as it seems in endgame could make for an interesting story. In Ragnarok, we saw what happens when Hulk takes control and keeps Banner out. I like the idea that what's actually happening now is Banner is taking control and keeping Hulk out, which he was able to do after Hulk got his ass beat by Thanos. The fact that Bruce's spirit body was still just normal Bruce was interesting. That could easily just be aesthetics but I'm hoping there is more too Hulk than just "he got over it offscreen."
  9. Igneous42

    Avengers: Endgame Spoilers Thread

    Yeah, Nebula wouldn't have to worry about killing her past self because they established time travel didn't work that way. That said, there does seem to be a plot hole with Steve deciding to stay in the past. That should have created an alternate timeline which would mean he wouldn't be on that bench. I've seen some people speculate that he lived out life in an alternate reality and just returned (way) later than he was supposed but then he should have still shown up on the platform instead of over on a bench without a suit on. Which would also beg the question of wouldn't taking the other timeline shield cause issues for that timeline?
  10. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Well I did it, here my boy is That's 50 defense before buffs thanks to his refine. His Ignis hits like a truck and he can withstand physical attacks even from units with weapon advantage. I wish his Res was better, but with the team I'm running him with he's working pretty good. SS!Camilla is the only character who's specials are eclipsing his. He's hitting over 100 damage Ignis decently often.
  11. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    So I did pull some on this banner. Initially wasn't super psyched for it but I do like Lukas pretty well, probably my second favorite make character in Echoes after Saber. Well I got lucky and got him with the bit of "saved" orbs I had plus chapter orbs. Got him +Def/-Spd which from what I can tell is pretty much the best IVs he could hope for (assuming not removing the flaw which I don't plan to summon anymore on this banner). This ginger will have 36 base Def with his super boon, if he's defending he'll have 40 with his base weapon. He's ridiculoua. So now I need to decide how I want to build him. I know wary fighter can be good but I'm not a huge fan. I do have Halloween Myrrh who I got from the find and vote thing who is just sitting there. Vengful fighter sounds like it's be pretty good on him. I also don't plan on using him in Aether raids (or really plan around them in general) so his A skill will need replaced. Maybe one of the bonds can go there or something.
  12. Igneous42

    Wayforward Announces Shantae 5

    Just from that screenshot I already think I like the style better than 1/2 genie hero. I liked half genie hero but it was almost too chibi for me sometimes. This seems closer to the pirates curse which was my favorite. Pretty excited! I'd also like to see it go back to more Metroidvania style maps.
  13. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Update/datamine is out and well Oof Haar's statline and weapon are pretty mediocre. I mean he's not terrible but certainly doesn't do or bring anything unique to the table. His art seems really good though.
  14. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    She had to share a color with Halloween Kagero didn't she? Glad Adrift Camilla isn't here so spending a lot of the spring banner didn't bite me in the ass, but I was wanting to go for a merge on Halloween Kagero but..... not really excited for the other two greens. Lewyn would at least be Special Special fodder I guess. But easily the least excited I've been for any Legendary/Mythic Hero. Not that I hate her or anything but "childlike" characters just aren't my thing and I'd little interest in building her if I did pull her.
  15. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'm kind of the same, I really want more merges for Spring Camilla, but if I don't have to have her compete with this month's Mythic banner (assuming the two chars I think will be on it are) that's good.