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  1. Not being able to clear notifications drives me crazy. I can deal with the UI reminders elsewhere but get that non-dismissible notifications bullshit out if here.
  2. Yeah I like the Valentine's banner this year too. I've been saying they should do a Valentia valentine's for awhile. Actually having a romantic alt for Alm/Celica is nice. My only complaint is they should have grabbed other characters with canon relationships. SoV is one of the few that actually has a bunch. Where is Clive and Mathilda the ultimate lovebirds? Or Mae/Boey, Gray/Claire or Saber/Saber's drink?
  3. While I would appreciate a vote per gender everyday, it's always been the top two of each gender. Otherwise we'd have Tharja instead of Roy. Edit: added spoilers in case people are awaiting official results.
  4. My final ballot of choose your legends 4. Kind of women favouring admittedly but I'm still happy with my choices. A few picks just cause they were faves but the "midterm" results coming early this time influenced some of my choices. Really hoping Claude and Edelgard hold top two at least, Dorothea stealing second and Edel first would be the best results for me but I'm not holding my breath that Dorothea would be able to jump that much. Hilda would be even better but is even less likely.
  5. I've actually voted for someone else each day this time. Think my last few will be Edelgard, Claude and Eirika. Though I may consider throwing one if those to Kagero since she's one of my favorites, even if she isn't in the top runnings or anything.
  6. Yeah the main character isn't even in the top 20. How could they do this to Hanneman
  7. I don't mind Three Houses domination but Lysithea and Bernie are both kind of blah. Kinda hope someone pushes past them to second, even if it was Eirika. My personal vote would be Dorothea and seeing her that high I may just bandwagon her now. I'm sure that it's because it's the weekend but it seems early for "interim" results when we're not even through the third day. A lot of time for things to potentially change but we'll see. Without knowing the numbers for the interim results it's hard to know how much can change. I'm always curious how close things actually are.
  8. It hasn't reset yet. You've essentially redid your day one vote. I think it follow the "news" reset so roughly 2 1/2 hours from now I believe. My first vote was Saber
  9. I'm actually pretty excited myself. I've mentioned in the past that I like some of Smash to still focus on it's Nintendo roots, while the various third party characters are neat, I don't mind seeing more first party characters, especially since Byleth is the only one from the bunch. Granted, I'm biased because Three Houses is probably one of my favorite games of all time and I haven't even played any of the other characters games aside from Banjo. Adding the other Relic weapons was a great way to mix it up. I wouldn't have minded Edelgard, but it makes sense they'd pick the main character and not want to show "favoritism" to just one of the houses. I don't get this either. Not only because like you said, there are just as many characters using punches and kicks, but mostly because really how many other weapon types really have that many main characters who use something different? If they started pulling from western games a bit more maybe there'd be a bigger argument for it, but realistically the overwhelmingly vast majority of video games that star a character using a melee weapon. that weapon is a sword. Hell, even if you look at most popular western fantasy franchises the central characters weapon is a sword. If you move away from fantasy you have more options of course but a character shouldn't not get a chance just because "they are a fantasy character with a sword." Likewise a characters biggest assets for being in Smash shouldn't just be "they don't use a sword." Fact is swords as a weapon are just kind of hard to get away from in most fantasy/high fantasy fiction.
  10. Seems pretty neat. People pointed out that the levels being shown are using units who aren't normally able to be grouped together, and one even "appears" to have Edelgard and Hilda on the same team. Wonder if this really is just a side story or some sort of alternate path. Dunno how that'd work as it seems to take place after the initial selection but maybe it works as a sort of additional branching path that is available to all paths. Though based on being called a side story more likely it's just a completely contained separate DLC (or rather the missions will just show up special on the calendar and may have special rules), kind of like some of the Fates and SoV ones, but i'm still excited to play it. None of the new character really catch my eye but the main dude having a first weapon relic is pretty cool.
  11. So wait, are you saying you're excited? But yeah would not have called this banner in a million years. Though I guess with the remaster coming out soon I guess it makes sense. And hey @Chrom won't even have to worry about trying to pull the next "Chrom" alt. I haven't played TMS so not I'm not really planning to spend any orbs in this banner but it's neat to see TMS is in the mix. I wonder if they'll be in CYL now. I also wonder if this means the Warriors OCs are potential options....
  12. 1/8: Dragon's Crown Pro (PS4) Hey look at that I'm actually getting an early start this year. I had started this just after the holidays so knew I probably wouldn't finish before the new year, but that's ok it gives me a bit of a head start for 2020. I think I've added Dragon's Crown to a Ninfora Games Beaten thread 2 times before this so not gonna try to not go too crazy about thoughts but still gonna add a spoiler block to save space. Igneous42 2020 Games Beaten 1/8: Dragon's Crown (PS4] C: 1 Next up will probably be finishing up Three Houses: Silver Snow. I beat the other three path's so close together it's weird that it's taken me so long to get through Silver Snow. Perhaps after three pretty consistent playthroughs I just needed a break. I'm pretty confident that will be the next game I add and hopefully it won't be too long. Though I'm still planning to enjoy Dragon's Crown a bit more so we'll see.
  13. Kind of disappointing if this is the only direct this month. Nothing against Pokemon, but with it being the first direct of the year I was hoping for a bit of a 2020 preview or something. It to mention any sort of word or reveal for fighter 5 in Smash.
  14. I wasn't good at staying on top of updating this in 2019, but the good news is that's because I had barely anything to add! Wait that's not really good news..... Anyways the only other game I actually beat this year was Three Houses though I have beaten three of the routes so if we count them separately I feel a smidgen better. I also don't remember dates for each path I updated as "beaten" on 8/6 so just listing them all there even though I know I beat the first two path's earlier. Igneous42 2019 Games Beaten 2/4: Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Switch) 2/10: Soul Calibur IV (PS4) 8/6: Fire Emblem Three Houses: Crimson Flower 8/6: Fire Emblem Three Houses: Azure Moon 8/6: Fire Emblem Three Houses: Verdant Winds C: 5 So kind of a rough year for beating games, but oh well. It's not even like I have the excuse that I wasn't playing games, I just didn't play many that I could "beat" in the typical sense. Three Houses I also just put a lot of time into, despite the fact that I haven't beaten Silver Snow yet. Hopefully next year will be better, I'll have my first game beaten probably within a few days so at least I'll have a bit of a head start.
  15. I pulled Anna on accident . I was (am) trying to get merges for New Year's Camilla, and accidentally got on the wrong banner. Literally didn't realize it till I pulled Anna and my reaction went from "wait what I can get her on this banner" to a horrowing realization that I just burned a bunch of orbs on the wrong damn banner. Nothing against Anna, I'll still use her but I had literally zero intention of pulling on this banner aside from free tickets.