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  1. Given 3/31 is the end of the second financial quarter, I have no doubt this is just using FOMO to make money quickly to make their Q2 report look less bad.
  2. Why are we bringing up Dragon Quest? Nintendo published Dragon Quest IX as part of a partnership with Square Enix, and although it's clear the marketing fell onto Nintendo, the localization proper fell onto Square Enix (source)--I suspect the same is true for VI, VII, and VIII. Moreover, nurturing Dragon Quest as a NIntendo series (every DQ game has reached a Nintendo system since) had a huge payoff in Japan proper, where Dragon Quest is more popular. By contrast, Nintendo would localize Mother 3 by itself, for a franchise that seemingly has no future, to sell said game to an audience who--pragmatically speaking--already owns the game via emulation; none of this is in common with Fire Emblem or Dragon Quest.
  3. That's unfortunate. I'd swallow that price for a Genealogy release, but not this. I'd hedge my bets on no. Fire Emblem fanbase is extremely eager for content between Three Houses and Heroes--there's an audience for this. By contrast, anyone who's interested in Mother 3 has probably emulated the damn game by now. The scale of the project is different--mother 3 is just more text heavy and involved than a 30yo NES SPRG. Fire Emblem 1 has a sweetspot of eager audience and modest effort that few Japan-only games can hit.
  4. This is neat, and $6 is a solid asking price given the QoL changes and localization (coding English into old games isn't an envious task), but wtf is this digital only game available until 3/31? Please stop with the Nintendo vault. Anyway, do we know the details of the 30th anniversary collection? If it's a decent asking price, I might consider it, but if it's over $30 I'd probably only consider the standalone game, if that.
  5. I imagine mother 3 is trending because Fire Emblem 1 was announced stateside so people are hoping for Mother 3? Idk. The projects just seem so different in scale.
  6. Although the Calendar says Land's Bounty is on 11/1, it's actually 11/2 because DLS. Every event, except grand conquests, needs to have a day mentally added to it.
  7. Voted yesterday. Line was an hour and ten minutes long, and supposedly the waits have been record breaking for Texas. And I'd have preferred to go absentee, but lmao, Texas.
  8. My registration has officially been processed for Texas. Was a bit worried about that since I had to rely on mailing it. Anyway, I'll have to go to a polling place (during early voting) because, lmao, Texas doesn't allow absentee voting especially during a pandemic, but given Texas flipping isn't out of the question, I'll do my part. Even if it's probably just voting D all the way down.
  9. I know about FeMC can date men but like... the male options are terrible aside from akihiko . We're look at a kid who's too young, Igor's assistant who looks too old (I get he probably transcends age or something but still), hobo jotaro, an android who's not exactly gendered as a boy, Ryoji who uhh doesn't have much presence in the game iirc, and uhh... akihiko who's like fine, but he's just like fine. If I do play portable, I'd go FeMC just for the novelty, but the dating pool is slim.
  10. So I'm nearing the end of Persona 5R and had a surprisingly good time with the game, and I want to revisit Persona 3 which I haven't played since high school (most of my experience with Persona since then was with 4, and something about that entry didn't click with me). So now for the eternal question: FES or portable? Reading up on differences, my main question/concern seem to be about presentation. From what I understand, P3P adopts a visual novel presentation to the extreme, and this can make certain scenes harder to follow or lose impact, since it's difficult to tell where people are relative to their surroundings or something. I'm having a hard time visualizing what exactly people mean by this, so it'd be nice to see an example of what's going on or just some input from someone familiar with both versions. And remember, while I played FES over a decade ago, I barely remember the game beyond there being a playable doge. - also, happy birthday chrom!
  11. joycons came back. That was faster than expected I don't know when I'll go back to TMS given I'm like 40+ hours into Persona 5R (currently in summer break after 8/21 event), but TMS is back on deck. But it's nice to have a Switch again.
  12. God, registering to vote in Texas is such a pain compared to California I think I figured it out, and will be going to post office tomorrow (want to make sure my registration form is postmarked by the 5th, so going to post office seems like the safest route).
  13. Nintendo receieved my joycons. One step closer to actually being able to play my switch again i mean, yes, I could use the TV, but I don't want the entire house to know I'm playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions please understand.
  14. Given smash DLC is emphasized third parties--with Byleth and Minmin as the only exceptions I think--Steve was inevitable. I'll be passing on it, personally. I never got around to playing Minecraft (Davy and I just played Terraria whenever we had the 'must build things' itch), and I don't buy Smash DLC unless I've played their game so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Triandra and Frejya probably won't be playable for a long time; Triandria is a dark mythic obviously and Freyja's weapon makes her much better as a defense mythic; so until we get more astra/light mythics they need to sit out. Freyr, though, might show up sparkable--perhaps on early november banner to coincide with book 4's end. If he's light and our late November mythic is astra, we'll actually complete gen 1 mythics just in time for book V.