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  1. All aboard the hype tank? Squad E, move out! okay, I can't be the only one who's super excited for this game? Right. right? It's releasing on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 25th. What is the gameplay like? Fire Emblem meets XCOM is perhaps the most succinct way of explaining the combat. Valkyria Chronicles is a unicorn; it's honestly faster to try VC4's demo yourself. This is a strategy RPG--and like Fire Emblem--emphasis is on positioning. However, whereas Fire Emblem uses a simple grid system, Valkyria Chronicles has a fully 3D map that you move around and combat is semi-real time third person shooter combat often compared to XCOM. Don't worry if you're bad at shooters though: enemies won't continue to shoot if you're standing still (for example), so you have plenty of time to aim. This helps makes this a strategy game first and foremost. There's over 50 units with their own set of skills belonging to one of six classes. Do I need to play previous entries? To the best of my knowledge, no. This game takes place the same time as the first game, but in a different area. From what I've heard, the first game is referenced but not in a plot critical way. That said, if you have a PS4 or decent PC, the first game is available and relatively cheap at $20. What is the story premise? You're in a parallel world of Europa during the Second Europan War. Whereas Gallia was the setting of the first game, in this game you're part of the Atlantica Federation. You're losing the war against the Empire and in a last ditch effort launch a Operation Northern Cross. Expect snow. Lots of snow. Wait, the Switch Version is also coming 9/25? Yes. The Switch version, like many third party game as of late, is coming late in Japan. In fact, we get the Switch versions a few days before Japan! But, for the worldwide release, all four versions launch on the same day: September 25th. Anyway, who's thinking of playing this game or picking it up? I love this series and I'm glad to see a sequel on consoles again so I'll be buying the game day 1.
  2. Zora

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    I've been holding off on the Naggier Plains for a week. Time to embrace the trenches. I remember very little of the first Valkyria Chronicles, but that trench map is one I didn't forget :x
  3. Zora

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    I don't get why people are so upset about this port??? I guess I generally feel Wii U to Switch ports are good things. The Switch is already more successful than the Wii U that a Switch port is the only way people can access the game; how many more people experienced Mario Kart 8 just because deluxe existed? And you're being facetious if you think the development time spent on ports is anywhere enough to make a new game. Doubly so for NSMB, where getting the NSMB engine working on Switch (assuming they reuse assets like they always do) is a cornerstone away from a NSMB U port that they might as well just do it. Like, if you don't like this game personally, that's fine--but at least appreciate for some people this port will be their first opportunity to play NSMB U and it requires very little effort on Nintendo's part and like... that's a good thing? I think?
  4. Zora

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    I learned last night that Chrom and Gintoki share the same (Japanese) voice actor and now I can't escape this mental image of Chrom sneaking into the Gintama universe and doing everything Gintoki does.
  5. Zora

    Netflix Voltron gets a 7th season

    I'm watching this series with the bf (well rewatching for me, since I watched the first five seasons) for season 7's alleged gay. I'm hoping it's not disappointing but I'm also fully expecting the partner to be MIA because shows want their gay characters without a gay relationship so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Zora

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    Meant to type Europa Emblem. Aurocorrect. Europa Emblem is my nickname for Valkyria Chronicles. VC is not exactly Fire Emblem with guns but I feel FE and VC scratch a similar itch.
  7. Zora

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    Almost done with Dragon Quest VIII. I'm sort of relieved it's almost over. There's so much to love about this game, but there are some rough edges. Boss's dip into fake difficulty when they have status moves (that target everyone) and there's no real protection against most statuses . There's a lot of arc fatigue; getting passage to the western continent feels like almost a quarter of the game. But the fact it's the first 3d console Dragon Quest game gives it the best presentation of any DQ game and its story is surprisingly engrossing given all DQ games basically have the same plot. If nothing else, I'm hyped for Dragon Quest XI which is like three weeks away. Aaaaaaaaa. And then there's Europe Emblem 4 like three weeks after that.
  8. Part of me wants Isaac so people will be interested in Golden Sun and maybe we'll finally address that cliffhanger. Hell, even Simon's inclusion made me tangentially interested in Castlevania but I don't think any current gen systems have a Castlevania game, even as a virtual console title.
  9. Zora

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    So I got God of War (2018) not long after launch and ended up liking it. So I decided to go through the first game, since I already owned it (alongside God of War 2) for the PS3 but never actually played them. The game is pretty alright, my only major complaint is lack of subtitles during cutscenes. Otherwise, it's a PS2 era game alright.
  10. I don't think Shadow has been seen as an AT in Ultimate yet.
  11. Zora

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    I played the Doom demo not long after getting my PS4 and it was great. There's just too many games and not enough time.
  12. Zora

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    Bethesda's latest announcement is more Nintendoom, except this time it's Eternal. I should seriously get the 2016 Doom game. I'll probably for PS4 version eventually.
  13. Also, as pointed out elsewhere, this trailer and related information soft confirm held items and abilities will be absent. Specifically: Mega evolutions require the key item be in your bag; no equipping makes sense if held items are gone. Charizard Y does not cause drought when summoned; abilities are probably gone. Anyway, it's an easily missed piece of info from yesterday.
  14. I have a mental image of the last scene in Eva. Except Shinji is Chrom. Everyone is an Awakening character and saying "Chromgralutions." It's to welcome Chrom into the smash fold Also, the penguin is Grima.
  15. Zora

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Granted, but this banner felt like a successor to performing arts so I was hoping.