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  1. Main story field checks won't ever require rare blades, and may require "mastery" skills. After chapter 3, you'll get an option to grind blades passively. I want to say the most notable one is dark mystery around a midgame dungeon. Look through your common blades, and prioritize blades with level 3 mastery field skills. Send them out using said passive grind feature, and keep them on hand for when those mastery checks come up.
  2. So apparently Leif, Kicks, and Saharah are guaranteed to visit every week whereas the other five (redd, cj, flick, gulliver, and Label) visit every other week on average. That seems so... backwards? Leif and Kicks stock isn't so great I need to see them every week, whereas Redd in particular is someone I'd want every week to complete the art exhibit. Like, I enjoy New Horizons a lot, but the game seriously needs major qualify of life changes because a lot of little frustrations continue to add up. This handling of special visitors is one of them.
  3. So finally got Final Fantasy 7 Remake because I need a JRPG to hold me over until Xenoblade DE. I'm mashing buttons and have no real idea what I'm doing. Also, since when did organization xiii come to midgar and why are they now ethereal? damn it nomura, what are you getting at!?
  4. Can you let me know when you open up? I only just checked on for the day and would love to sell turnips if I can.
  5. Another day, another week of praying to our boar and tanuki overlords for great turnip prices.
  6. Mac asked to move so he'll be in boxes tomorrow. Once his plot is empty, I'll ask Pierce to move in via Amiibo, perhaps after trying my luck with nook islands. If any of y'all want Mac, let me know
  7. My sleep schedule became normal again entirely because Nook's Cranny closes at 10pm
  8. I am in a constant state of flux of letting kitty into my home office because her meows make me feel bad followed by realizing kitty will distract me from work and should probably be removed only for her to start meowing and I feel bad again :/ It's a cycle I never learn from y;
  9. hay fever is just seasonal allergies and totally did not learn this word because it's part of a title in animal crossing. Basically, I'm asking is pollen leaving you alone at least
  10. Do you at least feel less hay-feverish?
  11. You can't, since infinite electricity (energy) violates conservation of energy; the energy has to come from somewhere. Water in the can either has gravitational energy or kinetic energy, which sum up to its internal energy (proportional to temperature). So if some of that energy is taken put via a generator while water is in free fall, it loses some energy and therefore temperature. As temperature goes down (assuming no particles evaporate and atmospheric pressure is constant), volume goes down as well (id est thermal expansion), and eventually you won't have volume to overflow. Now, you could argue temperature goes back up due to the watering can system tending towards thermal equilibrium with the rest of the outside world. The problem is that over long times, particle number goes down due to natural vaporization unless you close the system, and if the system is closed (e.g. it's put into a giant airtight glass container) then eventually the entire system loses temperature with no way to get that energy from the atmosphere as heat (also, wind turbines exist, and convert atmospheric thermal energy into electricity with far fewer steps, so uhh just use that). Tl;dr: this isn't a method for infinite electricity because eventually the water's volume will decrease by losing energy (less energetic particles==more closely spaced), and once it's below a certain volume, it doesn't work.
  12. I finally beat Cindered Shadows and now on my fourth route (Silver Snow) for Three Houses. I'll be redoing White Clouds again so I can properly train units I want to use, particularly the Ashen Wolves. Currently, my "final team" comp, besides the required characters, looks like it'll include Seteth, Flayn, Anna, Ashen Wolves, plus an additional unit from each house (probably Ferdinand, Ashe, and Lysithea) but I'm more open to fun suggestions this route. Regarding the DLC: I'm very ambivalent about Cindered Shadows. On one hand, I do feel it's one of the stronger, if the not the strongest, instance of FE DLC, certainly better than Fates', but on the other hand, the campaign's attempt at being challenging often crossed over into frustrating (note: played on hard, since 3H's main story is very easy). For example, the omnipresence of "evasion titles" in conjunction with enemies having high attack speed meant it was very difficult to execute turns properly when attacks are missing left and right, to say nothing of chapter 3's "guess which relic stone to activate" or chapter 4's "everyone crossing this gate spawns two reinforcements in front of the exit" four turn victory lap. I'm glad I went through it, but I don't think I'd want to touch it again. And I don't think the problem was the challenge per se; I tend to enjoy the challenging FE games like Thracia, Binding Blade, and Radiant Dawn (even if they have their share of BS maps--I'm looking at you Arcadia).
  13. I'm for one, am happy bunny day is almost over. I don't think I'd be opposed to the idea of an approximate week long event, but bunny day itself was far too disruptive. I basically just stopped fishing except when I absolutely needed to, for example, because of water eggs. If they do something like this in the future, I'd hope they'd make sure it doesn't interfere with normal gameplay flow.