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  1. The real question is what xenoblade 2 music are we getting? Keep in mind Battle!!, Still, Move Forward, and Those Who Stand Against Us are already in the game, aka first battle theme, second battle theme, and first unique monster battle theme. please gives us mor ardain that's all I ask
  2. I started the Wano Island Arc in One Piece, aka the current arc, and it feels surreal that I could be current with this series by the end of the week. After One PIece, I'll check out Blue Flag on SJ app, but idk what I'll read after that. Thinking Dragon Ball (then Z then Super) because Toriyama, but hmm.
  3. https://airtoncs.wordpress.com/2014/03/08/change-disc-on-ps-vita/
  4. Well, I'm 65% of the way there and started last month so go me?
  5. I've been getting into more manga as well. Been reading one piece--currently at chapter 652--which is alright, but will focus on smaller (probably BL series) afterwards.
  6. ngl, i completely forgot stadia was a thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. It's almost time for some more Falcom goodness. Also, apparently it's time for another chat thread.
  8. Quick. Everyone, what is the last rpg you beat? I just finished replaying First Chapter going for an almost 100% run (skipped some achievements, like opening every chest, but otherwise mostly there). It was really fun revisiting Liberl after seeing the rest of the Trails series too.
  9. Even if the four routes lends itself to interesting perspectives having to repeat the same basic 50 hours campaign thrice over for what amounts to maybe 10% of extra story just isn't good design. The fact that each route is largely the same, yes even post timeskip (sans Crimson Flower), only cheapens that initial decision over multiple playthroughs. I'm not a huge fan of Fates' approach either, since even disregarding that Revelation is the "Golden Route," I was just burned out by the end of the third route. To be fair, I don't think KT/IntSys expect people to play all four routes
  10. Good * checks clock and see it's 8:30 pm * morning to you too.
  11. Hey now, Chrom might be a winner and/or lose to gatekeeper. Dunno, depends on cyl5
  12. Finished Season 2 of Fruits Basket. That was a very enjoyable anime. But, I dunno what to watch next, ideally something short like >=26 episodes. Edit: also, do we know if season 3 is spring or fall 2021?
  13. Anyway, Biden will be far from perfect, but at least we have a baseline competent president for the time being.
  14. "I'll watch Fruits Basket (2019) because Hatsuu liked it" Okay so it's an otome game taken anime form with transforming zodiac animals. Uhhh... Got it? I'm enjoying it so far though.
  15. I, for one, would welcome our new cat overlord But, yeah, that's a big rip.
  16. "i finished cold steel IV" "maybe I should replay trails in the sky now" I won't be surprised if geofront finishes its Azure translation by the time I'm done with SC, so I'll be replaying that again soon.
  17. I suppose finding a career job (currently working through my teacher's certification) so Davy and I can get our own place. Crashing at his parent's place for the past year has been, uhh, a little awkward, but circumstances are as they are. Once Davy and I get our own place, we'll probably get our own kitties too! I want two, one orange and one black, and we can name them Estelle and Joshua
  18. Look, I'm not saying 2021 is going to be amazing or something, but I'd like to at least be optimistic that we're looking forward to a better year. As far as I'm aware, there's no serious concern that the new strands will cause the vaccine to be moot; the vaccines we have are already extremely effective so even they're compromised, herd immunity should still be achievable. Distributing the vaccine will be a huge logistical challenge and herd immunity may not exist until latter half of 2021, but I'm optimistic that there's light at the end of the tunnel here. And, while Biden is goin
  19. that elf village after Ymir Forest in Tales of Symphonia. I don't even remember the name of the village (For some reason I'm thinking Heimdallr, but I might be confusing it with a Cold Steel city), but eff. that. dungeon.
  20. Are there any anime out there like Laputa or Last Exile? I'm not counting the Last Exile sequel, since I heard that was kind of bad. I'm in the mood for steampunk-ish anime about airships and the like and yes, this 100% due to me playing Trails series.
  21. Because I'm running low on turn-based RPGs to play and it's either Atelier or Neptunia Also, usually if my bf enjoys a game, that's a good sign and he's been trying to get me into the series for awhile so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . I suppose he'll try to get me into truck simulator next
  22. Okay, so suppose I were to start playing Atelier. Where should I start? Because, uhh, I might start this series once I beat Cold Steel 4 since I need a smaller and comfier RPG to play Also, my bf owns the Arland trilogy, so ideally I'd start there so I don't need to spend money. Just start with the first game in the Arland trilogy?
  23. I'm finishing cold steel 3 today, probably clocking in at 100 hours. Cold Steel 4 will probably start today, and then afrte that all that remains is the Hajimari waiting room
  24. It's still wild to me how the last seven games were spent on Phantasmal Blaze plan arc. seven out of ten. I'm really curious how they'll translated Kuro no Kiseki. Trails of the Black is the literal translation, but hmm, it sounds underwhelming.
  25. oops, already put 53 hours into Cold Steel 3 and I'm not even through chapter 3 I'm so invested into the world of Zemuria I always talk to the NPCs (whose dialogue updates pretty regularly in response to events--it's one of the series' quirks) incase they have anything interesting to say.
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