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  1. As I'm going for home games for Smash's roster, starting with some easy NES/SNES NSO games, a thought entered my mind: isn't Ice Climber just parkour simulator (e.g. Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, etc.) in NES format?
  2. I can promise an upper limit on horniness on main, but normality otherwise is a big nope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I keep my horny and non-horny (aka main) account separate. Albeit, I feel my main account is like 33% ship art, 33% tweeting my thoughts to the void, and 33% other stuff. But this is my main for the curious. It's not a deep account at all lol.
  4. I bump thee! Anyway, I'm getting back into New Horizons, and for my Crossbell redevelopment project, an extremely important piece of furniture is the Nuptial Bell. I managed to get the white white variant, but I'm wondering if anyone has a blue or brown variant I might be able to have so I can experiment and see what color works the best. In particular, I suspect the blue bell would be the best variation.
  5. I'm a derp. I made a transcription error or something when writing the guide, but none of those are actually balloon recipes Now I just need to decide if I'll wait for Christmas, New Years, and Festivale naturally or just time travel to see them through.
  6. The only thing Nintendo responds to is money. If enough people don't upgrade or "Netflix'ing" the subscription, they'll change the situation; but if enough people upgrade, they'll be happy and do nothing. Personally, I went the "Netflix" route, because reasons. And while the negative online response is palpable, I don't know how much that reflects on the entire consumerbase. *looks at OLED's week one sales compared to online response*
  7. Status report: three hours of idling balloons using "jailbar method." Not new recipes found. We got clay though. I only need four more apparently: festive wreath, gift pile, sleigh, and yule log. So at least there's light at the end of this dreadful tunnel.
  8. I'm thinking of jumping back into Animal Crossing NH myself. I feel like I'd need to time travel to get the remaining balloon recipes, so I might set my Switch up on a monitor while doing real-life shtuff. I'll also finally get around to my island redesign project that's like... half complete lol.
  9. The big difference between PS+ and NSOEP is that PS+ adds two new-ish games per month that you probably never played before whereas NSOEP are staple N64 and Genesis entries that you've probably played before--multiple times, perhaps. Like, do I really need to play OoT or SM64 again? Also, NSO's main service--online--is unreasonably laggy for a paid service.
  10. You'd be more than welcome to! I haven't quite worked out details yet, such as who'll be the primary account holder, etc.
  11. Yeah, banjo is probably the first "launch window" title I'll want to play, so hopefully I can find other peeps to split costs. Davy is down if I can get a full 8, and I can maybe rope in his brother, but that still leaves 5 more
  12. I'm curious, has anyone used the $35 family plan? I'm a little bummed since I was hoping to try banjo-kazooie via N64 this year (I could emulate, but playing on my computer is not very comfortable so having it on Switch is important), and while $50 per year is a lot, $10 per year is more than manageable. But want to know how the family plan experience is before recruiting other people.
  13. Yeah, I don't like this pricing structure at all. If the AC:HHP was permanent with this plan, it'd be worth considering. But HHP is the only thing that gives the plan value, and the you need to renew annually to access it and like. Hmmm. Maybe if other VC games are added or DLC for games I wouldn't revisit is added I'd consider it, but for now, it's a big pass.
  14. Except 0.2 and 3, I'm pretty sure SE using cloud versions for KH on Switch is a pure business decision, rather than technical barrier, for putting KH on Cloud, but it's disappointing all the same. I'm actually itching to replay the series (except CoM, just don't care for the remake) and had it been a native release, I'd honestly get them in Switch. Oh well, PS4 go brrr soon.
  15. Happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving to you too
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