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  1. terrible, thanks for asking. Let's not forget To Stay Dreaming rerunning in a few days and Julia get a solid refine and having A!Ishtar sharing on the same banner before getting yeeted until March. IntSys is out for blood. And money.
  2. Compared to other "leaks," I'm more optimistic that this one might be true. I'd trust (former) journalists over your average YouTuber--the former has necessarily networked with people who would have inside knowledge--and if the Direct happens to coincide with TGS (which, relatedly, is why we'll probably have a September direct), Nintendo will need another big release to market that isn't Splatoon 3 (which will be out by then)--BotW2 is a strong contender for that game. If Nintendo does move into BotW2 marketing mode, they'll need something between then and now, which TP and WW ports at least fit the bill of "smaller release that can happen alongside Pokemon." Am I saying it's happening? Fuck if I know. But this has a more reliable source and a whole lotta more common sense than most Switch rumors.
  3. "Hey Ranz, I heard you wanted something meatier. Mate, here's a Tiki for you to spark." --------------------------- After adjusting to the fact The Boytm has a sword again, he honestly looks pretty good. Up to 40% def has true damage can hppefully tech some serious matchups, NFU+miracle is sweet, and four movement is solid. Proccing specials is probably his biggest weakness.
  4. This has big "we just want to shit this out" vibes. But, given how long the manga's been finished and how we haven't heard a peep about another season, I'm not surprised.
  5. Ah, so that's the lore for why marvel and DC only casts hunks. also I apparently won't get my xenoblades until tomorrow. Which :S
  6. Ymir exists to counter lethality basically. I do not get the hype around this unit *at all*.
  7. Me right now. Good excuse to do future connected; held off as a holdover until xenoblade 3 but xc3 announcement to launch was so short!
  8. How have my life choices led me to studying SAT in year 2022 of our lord Tiki? Well, because a job interview uses their own SAT diagnostic test and I need to well on the math portion. Huzzah? Anyway, hopefully I do well on that diagnostic test lmfao, I'm not even applying for an SAT-related position but job requirements are job requirements.
  9. Read the article's source. It's a literal nothingburger. Their website has higher quality renders. That's the story.
  10. My first roommate had a three hour phone call with his (now ex) girlfriend in our studio dorm at like 2am. And I had a calculus exam the next day. At 8am.
  11. Probably not. First, Xenogears was cut because Square Enix had a stringent production schedule; not anything do with Final Fantasy VIII per se. Takahashi has been on the record about this; e.g. here. By contrast, Xenoblade was delayed *specifically* to avoid this scenario. ------------------------- My own guess is that Xenoblade 3 has already gone gold and could have always targeted a July release, but was strategically held off until September assuming Splatoon would target July instead. Splatoon 3 needed the September deadline, so Xenoblade 3 was moved up. Generally speaking, I'd go further and say Nintendo strongly prefers to have games go gold before they begin marketing; without fail, because it's clear games that are announced before that are delayed without fails. Especially Prime 4 and BotW 2.
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