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  1. is it a terrible idea to buy both NEO TWEWY and Great AA on the same day? yes. am I doing it tomorrow? Probably. I'll probably go GAA1-->TWEWY 2-->GAA2 because decisions hard.
  2. meanwhile my weekend plans are finishing the last three routes in this: and otherwise finding new and creative ways to waste time until Tuesday. I changed my Great Ace Attorney pre-order to Best Buy so I can pick it up on Tuesday. Megaman Collection is also on deck soon.
  3. Bootcamp and Proton are very different programs. Bootcamp is about running Windows; Proton is about converting Windows programs into something Linux understands natively (so, effectively, just changes the installation process of your games). You'll always be using SteamOS unless you install Windows (which *is* an option). that said, I'm really not the person to comment if steam deck or building a PC is a better option, assuming the portability is a non-factor.
  4. Probably, but it really comes down to what games you want and, if they lack native Linux support, how compatible they are with Proton (i.e. the thing that let's you play Windows games in a Linux environment). Lookup proton compatibility here. The games may not run perfectly--e.g. for Trails in the Sky SC, the movies may not work unless you install a hardfix (you can read the comments). For my purposes, I really don't like the form factor (a 1.5lb Wii U Tablet is yikes) and price for Steam Deck so will pass on it for now, but it's absolutely a fair alternative to a PC. -----
  5. yeah, this is a big factor for why I'm not big on PC gaming anymore. It's literally just a VN machine and Trails in the Sky device lol.
  6. I'm still baffled squeenix literally did not patch Automata until literally last week SS is still one of my favorite Zelda experiences. Not sure if it's something I'd swipe to revisit mind, but the highs are just so high that I'm really glad I went through it years ago.
  7. I'm almost done with Nier Replicant. Just need to Ending E, and I'm almost at the divergent point. Very interesting game, but also very flawed. anyway, now need to decide what to do until Great Ace Attorney comes out. Probably Tales of Vesperia, since i got the DE a long time ago but haven't gone through it yet.
  8. Would the Steam Deck be able to play games that run only on Windows, or would it only be compatible with games that run on Linux/SteamOS? i'd mostly be looking at it as a visual novel machine lol. Most of those games are Windows only.
  9. i legit thought this was a meme until I saw there was a trailer
  10. anyway, decided to start Link's Awakening because i forgot i even bought that for Christmas money (I think I was going to start it on a plane ride back to Texas, but turbulence was like 'lol nope?'). Davy will be done with the Yakuzabox aka PS4 soon, so I'll be able to get around to Nier Replicant after uhh, three months?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg__LJIAn5o (Edit: also note all mysterious games were ported to Switch since the video was made, albeit use the Vita, rather than PS4 version, as a base). i used this video to make a decision, but decided go with Atelier Sophie (the first in the "Mysterious Trilogy") because it had no time limit, and even if time limits aren't a huge deal most of the time, it's extra stress I wanted to skip.
  12. I'm really excited TWEWY is getting a sequel after so many years. No idea when I'll get around to it, as Ace Attorney Chronicles comes out the next day and need to play the demo to see if I'd rather get it for Switch or PS4. Still hyped though I also burned through Atelier Sophie way faster than I expected while I'm going through Famicom Detective Club currently, no idea what I'll play next (will probably play twewy switch demo to bid time lol)
  13. davy is turning my Switch (more so) into a weeb machine.
  14. 1.) Pepperoni 2.) Lettuce and cheese 3.) I don't drink alcohol yes, i'm vanilla af ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. you're talking as if Nintendo's bottom line will be hurt lmao. People are going to buy their Pokemon, Zelda, and Splatoon 4k or not and Switch will still be on track to be one of the best-selling consoles of all time (isn't the OLED already out of pre-orders?). The 'collateral damage' are just a tiny fraction of very online Gamers(TM) who trolled themselves into thinking Nintendo wouldn't pull a Nintendo; 90%+ of them will probably buy BotW2 anyway.
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