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  1. Is there any particular reason to watch hunter x hunter anime over reading the manga? I'd at least hope or assume the anime has an ending 148 episodes is a huge commitment, so hmmm
  2. a shroedinger vaccine; you won't know if it's moderna or pfizer until you observe it
  3. which vaccine are you getting? Moderna, pfizer, or j&j?
  4. anyway, after taking an extended break from manga after getting current with one piece, I decided to start Seraph of the End. It's pretty alright, and about halfway to getting current. After SotE, I'll probably go through Dragon Ball because I mostly want to have read the classic shonen series because, idk, reasons I guess. On the anime side, I finally suffered through Gundam ZZ and just glad it's behind me. Now I'm watching IDOLish7 because pretty boys do pretty dance moves I guess with LOGH DNT on the side.
  5. not in instances where he shows emotions and respects women and i'm literally not making that shit up https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/25/21302942/netflix-enola-holmes-sherlock-arthur-conan-doyle-estate-lawsuit-copyright-infringement basically, Doyle Estate cannot fully copyright Sherlock Holmes because he's old, so tries to imagine many different instances of Holmes, of which the latter is just young enough to be covered by copyright This ultimately puts Sherlock Holmes into a dicey legal situation, and it's just better to avoid the issue entirely.
  6. I wouldn't say the mix is "limited" as most characters are playable in Revelations; afaik Izana, Scarlet (except joining temporarily for a chapter or two), and Yukimara are the only Fates characters that are not playable in Revelations. Basically, unless a character is one of those three, assume they're playable in Revelations. As Ty mentioned, M!Corrin must go with one of his unique S-supports in order to obtain every child unit. Also, there are a few fringe cases where you, say, if two Hoshido siblings are the only characters left unmarried they cannot marry each other. It's prob
  7. I got my second dose just last week. Was lucky enough that the drive near us had leftovers or something, so was able to get it a little early. On Wednesday it'll be two weeks after, so yeah.
  8. the entire series is on PC, and in fact one title (Sky the 3rd) is exclusive to it; moreover PC versions tend to be the definitive versions of all entries before Cold Steel 3. That said, "PC" here specifically means Windows, so if that's an issue, it might be worth looking at the PSP version of Sky FC/SC and the Vita version of Cold Steel 1/2 (those are the only titles you'd consider buying from PS3/P/V).
  9. I feel like we go through this rumor every month and wishful thinking gets people to read too much into things. Lack of gaming news? Probably just COVID disrupting Nintendo. New Pokemon game actually looks good? That's GF outsourcing development; at the very least, there's no way Pokemon Arceus is Switch Pro-exclusive--TPC prefers money to graphical fidelity. Nintendo apparently makes DLSS contract with Nvidia per Bloomberg? Okay, maybe there's something to that, but I feel like we've had this song and dance before. Even if there is a Switch Pro, it'll probably be about as exciting
  10. Edit: oops, I'm seemingly half a day late to this discussion ----------- Most places on tumblr are fine post porn ban; like it's still a big social media website even though it took a hit. The porn ban was never really about removing porn; but rather their owner wanted to pretend to care about porn for sweet sweet advertisement money. Half-assed, inconsistent, and haphazard describes the situation pretty well; porn still probably exists on tumblr because unless their advertisement money is getting yoinked, why do they care? Most of the corners I visited, however, seemingly got ri
  11. Honestly, these two games look nice. Dunno if I'll get them, but they look nice. Diamond/Pearl remakes' art style is simplistic, and I'd rather not have the DP remake project devolve into making Sinnoh look pretty when there's only so much you can do to make a DS game look modern, so I'm fine with that choice. Dunno if I'll get them, though, I still need more information. Pokemon Arceus Legends seems like a solid concept. I'm not a huge fan of open world myself, so dunno if The Legend of Arceus: Mons of the Wild will be my thing, but dear arceus has Pokemon needed to try something new and thi
  12. The real question is what xenoblade 2 music are we getting? Keep in mind Battle!!, Still, Move Forward, and Those Who Stand Against Us are already in the game, aka first battle theme, second battle theme, and first unique monster battle theme. please gives us mor ardain that's all I ask
  13. I started the Wano Island Arc in One Piece, aka the current arc, and it feels surreal that I could be current with this series by the end of the week. After One PIece, I'll check out Blue Flag on SJ app, but idk what I'll read after that. Thinking Dragon Ball (then Z then Super) because Toriyama, but hmm.
  14. https://airtoncs.wordpress.com/2014/03/08/change-disc-on-ps-vita/
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