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  1. anyway, davy and I's itinerary is planned out. We have a looooooooong drive to just inside New Mexico; followed by a short drive to middle of Arizona the next day; and then a drive so short to SoCal, that we'll probably check out the Kaibab National Forest first. We'll arrive at my parents on his birthday, lmfao. That's just how timing worked out. Anyway, T-minus 42 days until departure
  2. It's not just Obergefell/Lawrence is on thin ice because lmao, guess who learned last week Roe, Lawrence, and Obergefell all use the same basic legal argument. There's also how much anti-queer rhetoric (although more anti-trans than anti-lgbt broadly) is not only accelerating this year but includes a special focus on schools when, oops, my career plan changed to being a teacher during the pandemic. The fact David and I need to talk about fucking *Lawrence* is just spooky as hell. Lastly, and most critically, my parents may only be able to hold us over this year while we take a month to get settled, so we need to hedge our bets now. We've tried to explain our concerns as openly as possible to David's mother, but she's doing the whole "nothing will happen" thing. Which hmm. Mostly, David and I aren't going to talk with her about the politics too long. We've explained our concerns and mostly saying "we're entitled to our choices and we'll do what we feel most comfortable doing." We're aware we might be overreacting, but if the worst case scenario is that we end up in Cali instead of Texas for no urgent reason, there's worse outcomes.
  3. a taste of my shitty-ass week: In-law: "Your boyfriend comes from a very close family. That is why you came here. You can't run away so quickly." Me: "And I don't come from a close family?" In-law: "You don't have a grandpa like David." sorry if my grandparents died, ma'am. (and yes, I realize they're not technically my inlaws because we aren't married yet, but like... that's basically our relationship lmao) And context, my inlaws are not taking David and I's decision to move to California well, like, at all.
  4. Exhaustion is a status ailment, just like poison.
  5. Yep. Fatigue is only in P3. Instead in Persona 4, days you spend dungeon crslawling and days you spend social linking are mutually exclusive.
  6. So I had like a very shitty day yesterday so if any of y'all have pics or vids of cute cats doing cute things that'd be swell.
  7. As far as I know, there's no specific explanation for that, but
  8. I wouldn't say so. The fact that PLA not only does so much right but appears to be the proof-of-concept for many things to come in SV tells me GameFreak *wants* to move the franchise forward and I'm honestly excited to see where Pokemon is headed to next. Star Wars, on the other hand, is hmm. Look, I enjoy Star Wars well enough and watched the original trilogy many times over growing up, but I also just don't have the nostalgia-glasses many folks do for that trilogy. So when *all* of the spin-off content for Star Wars revolves around the original trilogy, it's just not an exciting franchise in the slightest. Like, I'm sure it's all fine, but that's about it, really.
  9. Wdym no May game is noticeable. Touken Ranbu Warriors is very noticeable for giving us the sword husbando filled musuo game we've always wanted. I'd honestly seriously consider picking it up if I weren't drowning in pirate warriors.
  10. You don't need to romance anyone and jealously isn't really a mechanic outside of p3. In Persona 4 and 5, around the ninth link or so, you're given the option to keep things platonic or romantic (this option will be pretty clear when it happens). This changes dialogue and has other cosmetic changes, but you can finish the social link regardless. I know, because I go full ace in p4/p5 because lmao, only straight options.
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