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  1. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Err... GamePress isn't a wiki. They asked for feedback in the reddit thread I listed but anything worth mentioning has already been said. So... Dunno what I can do
  2. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    The bigger issue is that they're looking at 1v1 damage calculations which not only ignores the fact positioning is a huge portion of the game, but cuts away too much gameplay to the point of being meaningless. Like Bladetome Cecilia is better at killing than TA3/Raven Cecilia is, but we all use the latter anyway because it walls the most important units. But GamePress sets trying to optimize number of kills on a damage calculator is business as usual, so not sure what I expected. I suppose my frustration is a resource that'd be very useful is something like a tier list that was better at guiding new players. GamePress' tier list is what most people will google and rely upon, and the more divorced it is from how the game actually is played the more damage control needs to be done.
  3. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Ever since someone suggested that might be a bird (i.e. yune) on left girl's hip I feel like micaiah is most likely left. I could see it being Ayra, but I'm also terrified for my wallet if it is.
  4. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/b2048j/gamepress_offense_tier_list_march_16th_update_and/ -->says tier list is viable for AR -->places armors near the top Tier List for reference: I'd write something say that arena/AR/PvE have such different needs that using one tier list isn't sufficient (even for AR, offense and defense should be tiered seperately) but I feel they know that, just didn't want to put the effort. And like, their tier list is clearly biased towards arena, but an arena that doesn't actively consider how "extra points from bonus unit kills" favors cheerleading meta. It's just... I don't even know who honestly benefits from this tier list. ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯
  5. Captain Marvel was hard to watch But, in all seriousness, it was a solid film. Marvel films are starting to feel a tad formulaic, but that's my only complaint.
  6. the more kingdom hearts fan theories I read the harder I find it to deny that sora x riku isn't canon
  7. --> go to twitter --> remember that twitter is terrible --> go to tumblr --> remember all of tumblr but autistic tumblr is dead --> go back to twitter i hate this cycle anyway, enjoy a pi day meme:
  8. I need to update my calculations because using ice density was evidently wrong.
  9. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Let us take a moment to mourn the passing of Kliff, whose sudden sacrifice was not in vein, for I hath created the anti-Ophelianator Mach 1. Because jfc tier 21 is ophelia's everywhere I'll give her attack smoke once I get a kaze to kill and a light blessing on Tuesday when we presumably get another one. But she's going to be great. And yes, during light season she gets 50 visible resistance; 56 with a buff.
  10. Ares

    Archer Appreciation Day

    "Soren, always lost on your books." The line that led the world's duckiest "wah!"
  11. Ares

    Archer Appreciation Day

    My FEH Jamke was the result of trying to make a decent anti-bow/dagger unit none of my other Jugdral heroes could scratch. He's been one of the most surprisingly good characters: So let us appreciate the prince of verdane. Edit: also shout out to 3-13 archer who will inevitably save my ass when I play more radiant dawn.
  12. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Nanna is paired with Leif and Ares is paired with Lene. I'm a sucker for canon couples ama
  13. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    So anyway, I want to begin by talking about my relationship with aether raids and why getting tier 21 is a big deal. I want to take this time to simply acknowledge some units who helped me along the way. Is this a silly thing to do? Probably, but I’m a silly person so we’re doing this. I jumped into Aether Raids early because the main prize—the grails—were the ticket ot +10ing my favorite unit: Arvis. He will one day be +10 ploy boy. The mode has been… a frustrating experience. Trying to do well in this mode without diverting too many resources into units only for AR (e.g. not summoning Lazura) actually proved difficult. So the fact I was able to do this feels… well, it feels relieving. Before getting to deep, it’s important to remember that I focus almost exclusively on Jugdral units. While I’m fine breaking out the non-Jugdral character for something as bullshitty as AR, in general I only summon and use resources (except feathers and the occasional pitybreaker fodder) for my Jugdral units. This also means that my Jugdral units have a lot of investment, so they tend to be my best units anyway. My final set of teams for this past week consistent of these units: ~The AR Offense Hall of Fehme~ Julius Cecilia Hoshidan Summer “Dancer” Micaiah Jamke: Eir, my only one: Ethlyn: Flylivia: Finn: Tailtiu: Deirdre/Julia: Saias: Kaden: Arvis: Nanna: Ares: Since I was actually planning to make the jump to T21 in two weeks with Arvis as a bonus unit, there are still a few feather-intensive but orb/grail-free projects that were in the works that I'd probably finish off. These include W!Cecilia, WT!Olwen, Silivia, and Leif which only require feathers and/or sacred coins to finish their projects.
  14. When Davy and I move on we're definitely gonna get a kitty or two.
  15. I mostly said adopt because I'm too gay to conceive.