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  1. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    The Ruler of Laguz banner got a demote, i see no reason why this one wouldn't. Like, much of the panic around no demotes, after the lack of demotes from OC banners/Adrift/farfetched heroes, doesn't acknowledge, while those banners were technically New Heroes banners, they were clearly a different kind of new heroes banner. Like, unless it's OCs, involves a theme that isn't just "characters from this video game", or is related to CYL, I think it's still safe to assume we're getting a demote.
  2. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    dat ass Yeah, I'll want to get Kaden eventually. I don't even like furries but he has a heart of pure gold and it's my weak spot no judging okay. To add a bit more, it's really unclear who the "obvious" demote is; velouria or kaden. They're both honestly underwhelming with their basekits but have great cheerleading prfs. Because of this, I'll wait until either kaden drops (which isn't a guarantee) or he shows up on a three person banner before trying to get him. I like Kaden, I really do, but I find the risk-vs-reward too great on this banner.
  3. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    you don't get to choose, it's random. SO last night I did a yolo summon on the greil's merc banner. I got V!Ike. It went from 'awesome I got V!ike" to "I'll probably just wait until march to give Arden DC and Special Fighter 3." SF3 isn't useful on Arden because he's, well, uhh, puts too much emphasis on being strong and tough. However, if he needs to create a choke point it's basically guard but better so it's not completely useless. DC is the main fodder though. It mostly came down to me realizing that while I like V!Ike and I'm really really happy both Ike and Soren appeared together on the Vanentine's event of all banners, I just don't know how I'd actually use V!Ike. I might break him out for AA or blessed gardens, and certainly use him in arena next week, but he'll just be a benchwarmer. Arden, on the other hand, sees the most use of any of my armors--his unfortunate weakness to magic and dragons makes him difficult to use though.
  4. i suppose I should have mentioned I'm not in the mood for anything het
  5. I'm about to finish Gintama which will mean I need to find a new anime to watch. What are some anime y'all have watched recently and have enjoyed? I'd prefer something shorter, like, less than 30 episodes for the entire series (which admittedly is most anime).
  6. I genuinely don't get why Funko is so popular. I'm curious why. I see them everywhere, and I'm not a fan of them, but clearly they're offering something of value to get so much shelf space.
  7. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I hear Duma getting a lot of flack. I'm curious, who'd you guys choose for colorless and why?
  8. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    80% of my votes for L!Hector so if y'all get a lyn don't blame me. I don't want to get into too much detail on l!lyn other than say I'm salty she won because she offers very *very* little value even if you don't already own her; something I can't say about the other three winners (except maybe Duma, but colorless had no clear winner anyway so he's fine).
  9. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'll go ahead and use Wary Fighter for now and see how that works out.
  10. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Given parking herself and letting enemies suicide into her is definitely a thing, VF3 seems better. BF is considered "optimal," but only in the sense the only thing she can do that H!Jakob can't do better is starfish bold fighter shenanigans and I don't have Linde or Jakob so... But, yeah, the build I'm going for is ultimately outclassed by guard bow VF Jakob but that isn't a thing I can get so w/e.
  11. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I've been thinking of giving W!Cecilia Vengeful Fighter. Should I kill my lone W!Tharja? I'll wait until the March update to get both CC and VF3, but the truth is I don't really use W!Tharja that much and, well, I'm too gay for the fanservice so I can' think of a reason why not. And I actually like W!Cecilia as a character.
  12. i'm still trying to digest that we live in the world where "battle royale tetris" is a thing.
  13. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    The closest thing I have to a colorless wall is W!Cecilia (no fighter skill, just QR2) and I feel her damage output isn't nearly enough.
  14. I... really don't know what to make of 3H. It's hard to tell if the game looks underwhelming or the presentation was bad. Like, it looks like Hogwartz Professor Simulator 2019. And the three routes isn't giving me good vibes. I feel what hurt Fates a lot is how much if its content was spread over three routes (especially in the narrative department) so... hmmm. Other thoughts: SMM2 looks great. Glad to see Rune Factory isn't dead. DQXIS is getting orchestrated music? In the west??? Surely I misheard something. DQB2 is something I'm really excited for. It's like mine craft but looks less, uhh, blocky and I think my bf and I will waste hours on that game with coop. Final fantasy ix is today? I might get it. It's best FF game It was honestly a pretty solid direct, I just wish 3H looked better.
  15. Ares

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Between Saias, Julia, Julius, and Arvis I have attack ployers aplenty. Attack ploy runs in the family. When you say ranged defenses, what are we talking about here? My Julius runs DD9 (Loptous is effectively guard tome 90% of the time) and Saias has blarserpent+. Maybe I should focus on a team that buffs them through the roof, and kill a Garon so Saias can gave DD3 instead of mirror stance on A and run QR3 in B instead of darting stance in S. The only question is how to give them buffs. Tactics make the most sense.