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  1. What's the context? What twitter translate told me is "Briggid (if implemented)," which makes it sound like fanart (albeit, from a professional artist) so what am I missing?
  2. Genealogy playthrough 2 done. Thracia 776 patched. Time to start this tomorrow. is it a good idea to start an FE game with 3H in just under two weeks? Absolutely not. Am I doing it? You betcha.
  3. I'll probably finish my second playthrough of Genealogy of the Holy War today and will be able to start Thracia 776. Where can I find the latest patch of project exile? I might be able to have beaten all the FE games (or their remakes) for a hot second before 3H inevitably breaks the record.
  4. if the math isn't real don't you just need to multiply it by the imaginary unit? this is a bad math joke and i should feel bad
  5. Who lives a pineapple under a sea? unless your fish is named spongebob squarepants, then idk, but it's definitely that fish
  6. When I was younger, I thought Lupin the 3rd was actually the 3rd movie or something in a series and never watched the Ghibli film because I couldn't find Lupin I or II. Now I just haven't watched Lupin the 3rd because my anime backlog grows every season and maybe watch something every other.
  7. oh boy, time for anime game of "all manservice is either bara or shota take your poison." that said, I'm getting the impression here that wolt is here because there was no where else to stick them and who needs manservice anyway (i.e. he's here in lieu of manservice, not a case of it himself). Look. I'm tired. The least three seasonal banners are fanservice and let's not pretend IntSys makes manservice a priority. The upcoming New Heroes Banners are probably 3H; CYL3; 3H round 2; FFH3; and if they're planning to finish book 3 around November (not that they should, they literally only have two chapters with the 3H banners), generals of hel. We had to go through a plethora of beasts banners, and I get it, beasts are the new thing get them out there. But the character content has been awful this year--at least for me--I can't help and look at this banner think to myself almost anything would be better than this.
  8. How do you access night-time courses? And are they exclusive to the old themes, not 3d world theme?
  9. For easy/hard/lunatic story chapters, a team like Tibarn, Surtr, L!Lucina, and Veronica could work. You'd want to get good mage like Reinhardt to replace Lucina. As for CC, it's largely about counterpicking. Look what units they have and what units you have to counter. The Echoes chapters have a lot of turn limits, so PP centric units like Eir can help there. Like, there isn't a team you can expect to consistently use from chain challenge.
  10. Rephrase the question. There's no team that works "in general," rather you need different teams for different content. What content is this for? PvE like chain challenges, hero battles, and the like? Arena? AR offense? Defense? All those modes have different demands.
  11. I spent most of today playing mario maker 2 I'm making levels and I have no idea if they're good