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  1. The spaces between the question mark's outlines show an obscured character. That character is a unit in the next new heroes banner.
  2. whelp, i guess I'm buying Tokyo Mirage Sessions. when did the direct say TMS is coming out? Overall, I don't think there was much that caught my interest, but I also don't think it was a bad direct overall. TMS and SNES games definitely have me hyped though.
  3. "I got ayra, I finished my judgra--" /legendary julia "I got legendary julia, finish my jugdral--" this banner plays whelp, maybe I will, after this Friday, finally have completed my jugdral collection. there's a genealogy banner after this isn't there. 780 orbs going into the banner, so wish me luck.
  4. It's not really a matter of whether or not I can play them or ease into them; I'm casual that I'm not too concerned how well I play a character because I'll play them anyway. I like seeing how different characters translate into a fighting game and appreciating the creativity that goes into it; e.g., I know splatoon is all about inking turf I can appreciate just how much thought went into designing inkling. But that doesn't really work when I don't know the character's basegame--I can assume they did a good job translating them into Smash but can't appreciate it when I only see how they appear in Smash. I didn't play Banjo Kazooie on N64. No doubt they're the most "nintendo-y" of the DLC characters, but they're basically a retro addition at this point.
  5. I personally wish more of the DLC fighters had a presence on modern Nintendo consoles. The Hero is the only character so far I've been interested in, and like... it basically boils down to the fact Dragon Quest actually had a presence on Nintendo in the past ten years so I've played that franchise. Compare someone like Joker, when the only way to know who they are is to play game on a completely different console. Looking at SNK's recent output on Nintendo consoles, I'm getting a very similar concern. I mean, it's fine; I don't need to buy the pass after all. I'm waiting this out to see who the last character is, but I could see myself skipping the pass entirely or just buying Hero; and it's such a huge contrast to Smash 4's DLC that kept my interest in Smash long after release.
  6. I really need to finish Dragon Quest XI. I love what I've played of it, I just haven't actually finished it. But since I'm watching jojo (just finished battle tenancy yesterday) and I usually watch anime on my ps4 (headphone jack is bliss), I might start up DQXI again because it's in the PS4. I really wish I waited for the Switch version though, since it seems just all around better; but I don't want to make up near 40 hours of progress I've already put into the game, let alone spend $60. if you'll don't hear from me for a few days, just assume I'm watching Jojo. Getting into Stardust Crusaders, even if it's the most episodic one so far.
  7. the more I watch Jojo the more it feels like yugioh except instead of children's card games it's big bara men fighting.
  8. I tend to find myself playing mobile more these days. and by mobile, I mean feh
  9. How about "The World Erdrea" or just Erdrea to coincide with DQXIS?
  10. i think it's time to start part 2 of jojo i didn't even finish gay mafia boys I'm the worst anime viewer please understand
  11. I thought that twitch charity stream was like months ago or was there an encore or something?
  12. look, i have no idea what this is, but it felt relevant to the current conservation.
  13. You do realize Spooky Myrrh is only ever coming back on Land's Bounty reruns, right? She ain't appearing on a legendary banner, since she already did once. Save up for October. Go into the banner with 400 orbs, and there's a 90% chance you'll get her on day one.