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  1. Hmm, interesting to see "evil Kilik". I wonder if that's just part of a super move, an in-match transformation (ala Kazuya to Devil Kazuya in the more recent Tekken games) or if he'll be a separate playable character from Kilik. I also like the look of Nightmare and agree that given his moveset looks similar to the past couple of games, which made him distinct from Siegfried and the prior incarnations of Nightmare that Siegfried will most likely be a separate playable character as per usual. That's fine cuz I've enjoyed playing as both characters especially since they separated the
  2. Oh dang, I missed Picross e8 on my initial perusal of the list. Well, every time I think I may break the addiction to Picross, another one releases, lol. Oh well, got money in my eshop wallet to burn so on to some more Picross!
  3. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that (probably intentionally). God, I hated them making Kilik a Soul Edge / Edgemaster / Charade / every character, character. I thought it was cool that they brought back Edgemaster cuz I liked using him back in the original Soul Calibur as my random every character person since I learned all of the characters from a range of moderately to very proficiently. So he would have been fine for V and they could have just left out Kilik altogether since they had his bo staff replacement, who I didn't particularly like either. But yeah, either way, I'm looking forward t
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention before that I am curious to see what time period relative to the rest of the series that VI is taking place because Mitsurugi looks a lot younger in that footage than he has for awhile. In fact, he looks almost Soul Edge young; I wonder if it will take place between Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. And I agree about the new characters in SCV, Patroklos and Pyrrha were especially annoying characters and sadly took up most of what passed for a story mode. Hopefully this at least goes back to before Sophitia has kids so we don't have to deal with them again, lol. I'd also
  5. That remix of Mitsurugi's theme from the original Soul Calibur that played during trailer would be a welcome stage track, that's one of my favorite tracks from the entire series. I can't say I'm too excited for VI though as I didn't really get into V. I really never got to where I liked some of the major system changes they made in V. Some of that might have been because I didn't have anybody to play against and couldn't play online since I didn't get it until after I moved to where I am now with my horrible internet connection. Fighting games usually bore me after too long if I'm just playing
  6. Well, here we go again - another month, another set of free games for PS Plus members. This month's entries include the following: Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition - PS4 Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends - PS4 Syberia Collection - PS3 Xblaze Lost: Memories - PS3 Forma.8 - PS Vita (Crossbuy with PS4) Wanted Corp - PS Vita As a reminder Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for PS VR will continue to be free for PS Plus members through Jan 2, 2018. Also of note, there will be a playable beta for Monster Hunter: Worlds Dec 9 - 12 excl
  7. I got 100% on my first and only play through thus far though granted I got 2 of the trophies after beating the game - the Freeman one and the one for collecting all the Yaoi, of which I had to look up the location of 4 of them. I felt stupid for missing 3 of them but the other one was pretty well blended in so I didn't feel too bad about missing it. I got the deluxe version, which includes the season pass, for the PS4 but I enjoyed it so much that I may get the base game for X1 if there's a good sale during BF just to support the game and franchise as well as to play it again, lol. I've alread
  8. So, I managed to beat the game this morning and holy buttfuck, that game was fucking amazing. I thought there was no way they would equal let alone top TSoT but I'd say it at least equaled TSoT in terms of the overall game satisfaction. Toward the end of the game like around Day 4 or so I started getting annoyed with how the enemies' HP had outpaced the amount of damage that your characters do, which didn't make the battles particularly harder but just more drawn out, which was quite annoying. But omfg, once you start the Farts of Future Past story segment, everything is just SOOOOOOO worth it
  9. This is great to see. I think I originally played Guacamelee on PS3 when it was free with PS+ and I ended up loving it so much that I've bought it 2 or 3 more times. It was definitely a surprise hit imo and very much looking forward to playing a new game in this style.
  10. I guess I didn't adequately emphasize HOW SLOW my internet is. I just received the game about an hour ago and it has a 2.5 GB update to download, which on my 1.5 Mbps internet will take at least until sometime late tonight if not overnight. On my 15 Mbps internet that I had at my old place, it would probably take 30 min to an hour to download but now obviously it's about 10x that and that's assuming one of my other devices doesn't start some kind of update download that I'm not aware of and hog bandwith. I could go ahead and start playing the game since its installed but I prefer to let the da
  11. My copy should come today, I was pretty pissed that it didn't arrive yesterday. It was the first time I pre-ordered a game from Best Buy that it didn't arrive on or before the release date and I was really looking forward to playing it. Oh well, I guess waiting a day won't kill me although it'll probably have some big day 1 update that I'll have to wait for as well, which always takes forever cuz of my slow internet. Glad to hear you're enjoying it so far though.
  12. That's cool that we keep getting news of actual new 3rd party multi-platform games coming to the Switch. By this point in the Wii U's life it was more like multi-plat games that we had previously thought were coming to the Wii U were being cancelled in the droves, lol. So yeah, this is definitely a good sign and I hope it keeps up. Although tbh, I still prefer playing multi-plat games on the PS4 and don't care all that much about the portability of the Switch, but I still like to hear that it's continuing to get support so that Nintendo will hopefully get back to the point of being a "primary"
  13. Just got it this morning and think it's great for what it is. I like it better than PixlCross on Wii U cuz that was more of just a speedrun, how fast can you whip the stylus up down left right and remain accurate, lol, whereas this is good traditional Picross. It feels a little weird playing on my tv although obviously I could just take the Switch out of the dock but I don't really care to ever touch it when I'm at home. Controls feel a little slippery using the Pro controller but it's probably just cuz I'm used to controlling it with a tiny d-pad and having the screen right up in my face, lo
  14. Oh wait, is it already out; shit I'm about to get my Picross fix back on if it is?! EDIT: Whoops, I obviously didn't read the full thread title!
  15. Yeah, I expect that's the case; I feel like the DS / 3DS games are not super accurate with a stylus but still very playable. However I can't imagine trying to play it without a stylus with touch controls unless the grid was WAY bigger, which probably wouldn't fit the screen, lol.
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