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  1. The idea of simply nailing the feel of it simply being fun to move the characters around in a 3D environment is one of the things that really set Nintendo apart from the rest when it came to a lot of games that generation and not just on the N64 either. There were a lot of games that took some interesting risks and introduced some new ideas beyond what Nintendo did and while they were fun to experience they were often nowhere near as polished when it to actually controlling the in game characters. And all this on the funky trident controller of all things. I think that was part of the charm of really picking up and playing a game back then really managed to click in all the right areas where the fun of experiencing gaming in this new perspective wasn't just the game world itself but actually being able to navigate well within it. I still remember that being part of the fun of playing the Mario 64 demo at Blockbuster every time we rented movies or an SNES game or something. Just running across Bob Omb Battlefield and discovering new moves and ways of interacting with everything alone was about as fun actually making real progress to collect a given a star.
  2. I think it's possible. I think ever since Wii they had a few games here and there that had there own in game achievement type systems... then again they could also not do it as they've released at least two other brand new platforms since then that haven't adopted such a thing, so who knows? I won't mind if it's there but the one platform I own that has it system wide I've never really cared for achievements to actively chase after them. So basically my gamerscore on my 360 boils down to a bunch of achievements earned from merely playing the game, like beathing Chapter 3 in Gears 2 or something like that.
  3. I got Protagonist (ENFJ-A) I've gotta rummage around and see if I have the report from when I took the test in my earlier college days but I think even then I had the same readout (I remember the one I took in school being a heck of a lot longer and having far more seemingly ambiguous statements or whatever, that one also cost money too though the business school covered it for all students anyway)
  4. Figured I'd revamp and bring over a post I made in a similar thread on NS2. Well if we're also considering spinoffs I do want to give a shout out to the Crystal Chronicles series, particularly The Crystal Bearers. Part of me wishes that the original concept for The Crystal Bearers which resembled the other CC games had appeared but I mostly wish they would have found a way to continue the style with what Crystal Bearers actually became but with some polishing up on the formula. Anyway, definitely one of the more experimental entries in the franchise because of it but I had fun with it. I still need to give FF Explorers a try although I wish Square Enix would return to the world that the Crystal Chronicles games made up as it really seemed like they were trying to build a cohesive world and history from game to game that could have turned into something more. But ah, well. Also, pics of my awesome time with The Crystal Bearers:
  5. The few impressions I've been able to find seem really positive thus far.
  6. I sort of figured as much, though I thought DQIX did well at least. I dunno about the remakes but I know IX at least had a decent marketing push from Nintendo/Square Enix. Like, if the effort were put in to really get the name out there it might do well consistently over time kind of like what Capcom was able to do with Monster Hunter after it made a home on Nintendo platforms.
  7. How has the series generally performed in the west to have Square Enix so wishy washy on localizing some of the games for it? Considering we've gone three iterations on Nintendo platforms with no batting of eyes regarding localization I'm not gonna hold my breath, though I'd love to play it if it ever did come over, I've felt this way ever since it was announced for the Wii. But whatevs.
  8. DK Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8 and Xenoblade Chronicles X stand out to me. Quite a few games on the Wii U have memorable soundtracks to me though so it's hard to choose without wanting to constantly switch suggestions in and out.
  9. We gonna make a separate thread for this but I saw this and thought... AH! poifect! So yeah, I only caught on to this a couple of months back but apparently this guy has done this series for a while now. Basically he attempts to retell the story of each Final Fantasy game in 60 seconds or less with some fairly hilarious results in many of them. I'd personally recommend my favorites which are FF IV, V, and VI, though VI is broken up into two parts so technically I guess that one is told in 120 seconds or less. Nevertheless, give em a watch. I think the furthest he has gotten up to is FFVIII though. Final Fantasy Final Fantasy II Final Fantasy III Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy VI (PT1) Final Fantasy VI (PT2) Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VIII
  10. I can understand where IUniverse is coming from sorta. There is a bit more to the game's story beneath the story that in many cases is more implicit than anything else in that it's not blatantly spelled out to the player. I think Bion is probably the best in this area but both Excelcion and Talvania have their own elements to offer up as well, it's just that with so much with Bion leaning on ancient tech, civilizations and whatnot and actually seeing some form of these things in action it lends a bit more to it. I like to compare it to Bryyo from Corruption in that way, I suppose. With that said, I do like that the game makes the Space Pirates feel more formidable than they ever have before. Not sure how much it matters at this point but I'll spoiler it just in case:
  11. No doubt Heaven won't let me in for this one. They'll have to send me to the other place wrapped in a gasoline snuggie... because this is pretty terrible. But without further ado:
  12. Sticking with tradition and starting with my boy Squirtle. My eventual Blastoise will be so rad, ya see?
  13. I just want to see how Trump even handles himself in the upcoming debates. Dude is convinced the system is rigged against him if he loses, says there shouldn't be a moderator and that they would be partial to Hillary anyway. Would be nice to hear him encouraged to actually explain himself for once.
  14. Mushroom Kingdom Hearts... we're almost there! Anyway, are there any impressions out there from people who managed to get the preload and are able to play the game in full?
  15. All I really have are POP figures of Shippuden Naruto and Titan Form Eren. I also have a charm on my keychain based on the pentagram symbol that represents the pact between Ciel and Sebastian from Black Butler. Unfortunately, the part that connects to my keychain broke off so I gotta find another way to attach it.
  16. Well that's why it's listed as a rumor as there is no real confirmation of it. You're right that such a thing was also rumored a while back but quite a bit has happened since then that lends a bit more credibility to that possibility. But once again, it's nothing that is currently confirmed.
  17. True that. Mario Kart Wii, Armored Frog was almost unstoppable. Surge basically inherited that with Mario Kart 8.
  18. GoNintendo - RUMOR - EU retailers unable to order more Wii U stock after Oct. 1st In all honesty, while the stuff of rumors and speculation at the moment it may not be too far from the truth. The most recent estimates for Wii U shipments from Nintendo shows that production is slowing in a big way leading into the next fiscal year. In addition, Kimishima said this earlier this year in response to a question regarding Wii U production ending, “Since we are making a big shift to the NX, there is that possibility (in the future).” Europe is usually lumped in with "Others" in terms of territorial breakdown of sales in Nintendo's earnings reports but maybe EU is getting hit first because of the big three territories sales of Wii U are weakest there and they'll just go up the line from there as time goes on.
  19. Well, to be fair many of Other M's detractors actually played the game and have some experience to draw from in their criticism of it. I'd wager most of Federation Force's detractors haven't.
  20. Also really partial to the soundtrack of both Baten Kaitos games. Too many favorites to list but this was always a favorite of mine. Filling me with DETERMINATION before it was cool.
  21. Other than the days having massive discussions with people on the original Nsider on the Nintendo boards. Good times. I'm still in contact with some of those people, too.
  22. For what it was I enjoyed it and I wouldn't mind another game in that same style from a gameplay standpoint. I think they approached a good design for representing Metroid in a third person perspective. Change up the controls (only issue I had was how missiles were done which was a bit cumbersome) and dial back the cinematics and just focus mostly on gameplay and I think they could take that framework and really do something special with it. For whatever faults it has I enjoyed actually playing that game from start to finish so I wouldn't mind if they went that direction again per suggestions above.
  23. That's quite a bit of conjecture there. Based on the information out there it seems Intelligent Systems are fully in ownership of how they're developing Paper Mario now, at the very least with Color Splash if you believe Miyamoto's involvement was forced implementation rather than a suggestion. There has only been one or two interviews with IS regarding Color Splash with Rise Tabata who I think is this game's producer and for all intents and purposes it seems Color Splash was developed as it was by choice as it began development not long after Sticker Star was completed. I won't speak much on Fates as I haven't played it yet but lumping it in with the assumption that maybe, possibly, could be someone disagreed with how the story was prepared is a pretty "shot in the dark" allegation. By all means such a thing could be assumed about any game in that sense.
  24. Nah, you did good Sun. I assumed it was real because of the other cards we've seen in this thread. It just fit so well. But Gold was out for trickery? Gold's about to get these hands!!