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  1. I'm not as big into One Piece as many others are but I was always under the impression that the anime was so good because very little of it was filler. Or at least of the mundane kind of filler that filled Naruto for example. To that end I figured it might have been difficult to really give it the Kai treatment if most episodes actually are substantial in the grand scheme of things.
  2. Arstechnica: Survey: “Gamers” are poorer, more male, less white than “game players” Pew Research Center - Gaming and Gamers So this is a fairly interesting bit of information. Last December, the Pew Research Center released a report that was the result of surveying approximately 2000 adults regarding their thoughts on the societal impact of gaming and the appeal it has to them. Yeah, yeah, it sounds like it might come off a bit dry but there are actually some interesting topics that are discussed throughout that may potentially underscore some of the discussions that have been at the forefront of gaming for the past couple of decades. For instance: The term "gamer" as an identifier. While a comparable number of male and female respondents play video games in some form only a fraction would specifically identify as a gamer with the largest expected group being young males ages 18-29. As the age demographic skews older the numbers between both groups decreases but males still remain more willing to use the term gamer as an identifier as compared to women. However, in the game player group older women are more likely to play games in some form compared to older men. Violent game content linked to actual violence. While most respondents feel that violent game content isn't linked/influential to actual violence women are nearly twice as likely to agree that there is a link compared to men. Also, respondents who recorded that they don't play video games at all are more likely to agree that there is a link to violence and in addition as the age demographic skews older the likelihood of adults in general to agree that there is a link to violence increases as well. Attitudes about gaming (waste of time, develop critical thinking, promote teamwork, etc.). In nearly all these categories (and more) most adults tend to agree that some games apply while others don't. For instance, most feel that some games are a waste of time while others aren't, most feel games develop critical thinking/promote teamwork while others don't and so on and so forth. Basically, most answers in this category seem to run almost neutral with the overall number of respondents. There's quite a few more topics and categories than just these and it also expands into taking into account other factors like income and the type of area they live in. It's not a ton of information to parse but if preferred the Arstechnica article provides a condensed general overview of the report's findings. Probably the most striking bit is what is detailed in the headline's subtext within the actual article about the demographic that actually considers themselves gamers as well as plays games namely that 49% of respondents play games but only 10% actually self identify as a gamer. Interestingly enough, while it's fairly easy to assume that males make up the largest share the surprise for me was that it's actually minority groups like hispanics and blacks that not only command a higher percentage of being game players but are also more likely to identify themselves as gamers. Some additional information is the Appendix for the Pew Research Center's report with a breakdown of demographic information and other elements from the questionnaire.
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    birthday thread

    Happy Birthday, man! Stay frosty!
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    Then and now

    *Then* Age: 18 School/work: Graduated high school earlier in the year, hadn't decided on furthering education yet though Gaming systems: Pretty much Nintendo exclusive. GCN, GBA Games: Certainly Smash Bros at least but don't quite remember much else I played a lot back then. Phantasy Star Online I still played quite a bit back then too. Goals: Didn't have much of any at the time. Sorta ran with the "year off after graduating to decide" route but I was leaning more towards college I guess Hobbies: Reading a book series my dad got me into called The Destroyer, gaming (of course), creating rough DBZ inspired comics Interesting fact(s): First online community I ever joined was one revolving around pro wrestling on an IRC chat and my very first screen name was Skull Keeta. Eventually that community died down and I found my way to a game making community for engines like RPGMaker95 and RPGMaker2000. It was there that Kezay was born and I've had this screen name ever since. *Now* Age: 31 School/work: Went to college at 20 and started working retail on the side at 21. Hiatus at 22 but kept working full time, started going back to college at 28 and will have two degrees majoring in management and marketing come next spring. Gaming systems: I still have my 360 but I've mostly gone back to being Nintendo exclusive but now it's Wii U and 3DS with the occasional DS/Wii title Games: Haven't had much time for gaming so I've got a bit of a backlog but I still play the Mario Kart 8 nights and 3DS wise I've last played Federation Force, Zero Time Dilemma and looking forward to getting Spirit of Justice. Oh and Pokemon Moon, I seriously cannot wait for that. Goals: Graduation and hopefully getting onboard with a former co-worker at a firm that deals in marketing and logistics Hobbies: Hob...bies? But nah, unless watching anime and gaming sporadically counts as hobbies Interesting fact(s): Though I've made many friends from Nintendo communities over the years and have lost contact with many, one member I always wished I could get back in contact with was GamecubeGirl. I really miss her. I remember E3 2004 I was still working with a fairly slow internet connection so I couldn't really load the media players on sites like IGN and Gamespot so I couldn't even watch the Twilight Princess trailer at first. GCG was nice enough to pack a folder full of images and a version of the trailer for windows media player and emailed it to me so I could have an easier time checking everything out. Her adoration of Miyamoto in particular was really infectious and as shy as she always was on the forums she used to let a lot of trolls have it and not in a "leave my idol alone here's a bunch of exclamations" kind of way either. Like, she really knew her stuff and would school these fools. Ever since Nsider closed though I never could find her again and I lurked quite a few Nintendo forums looking to see if she joined somewhere else, but to no avail.
  5. Reminiscing on one of my favorite tracks from this game: Oh and this beauty... though Bayonetta/Bayonetta 2 is full of such greatness!
  6. I think the idea of transparency being key is probably the best approach. If you initially show off a game and talk about major features/content that you had initial plans for that end up being cut as development goes on then be forthcoming with it. It might bring some of the wind out of your sails at first but it's better than ending up in a situation like No Man's Sky where it may be more difficult to gain consumers' trust in future titles from that studio.
  7. Looking forward to the Zelda series ones for sure.
  8. I was skeptical on this for a while... this trailer has pretty much gotten me on board. I'm actually looking forward to it.
  9. Interesting shade if nothing else. Shade of BLUE that is!
  10. Who deez ppl tho? I want to wager a guess and say it's something Trails in the Sky related, but I've never played that game so this could be anime promo art for all I know.
  11. That pretty much is pretty spot on with the rumored talk about what NX might be. Curious in seeing how close to the mark they end up being when the time comes to finally unveil it. Now I'm wondering how many more rumors we might see going forward as people adapt ideas from this device as "insider info" from "anonymous, but confirmed sources".
  12. Quoted for truth. Though even with the game garnering some positive reception and word of mouth as not being the Sticker Star 2.0 people painted it as back then (and even now to some extent) it's still being met with guarded optimism as some are still stuck on the whole Sticker Star 2.0 sentiment. But it's whatever, though. Glad to see it going over well though especially with word that it's apparently a pretty great game. With that said, I need to check and see if the last of the Rescue Squad vids is up.
  13. I think Eliwood has the best approach for the situation. I think there would still be quite a few Wii U owners who would still pick up the game in 2018 but I can understand that the number might be anticipated to not be worth the effort. If the consolation is making sure it appears on the next Nintendo system that is set to replace it then it's something I suppose. It's hard for me to have as much an issue with this approach compared to cancellations seen for Nintendo platforms in the past like Super Meat Boy (originally for Wii) and more recently Project CARS and 90s Arcade Racer.
  14. In retrospect that really does make all kinds of sense but it still blows my mind. That's pretty cool.
  15. Cute way to promote it I suppose. I like how they have an alarm system in place specifically for a reverse color warning. Guess you gotta dot all your I's and cross your T's when Luigi is around just in case.
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    Contra 4

    Dude... DUDE! Anyway, I don't think I ever beat Contra 4 but it was pretty fun. I wonder if I still have it, not sure if I traded it away or just stowed it away somewhere. Game was tough though, Wayforward definitely kept the spirit in that regard.
  17. I watched this on a whim back in August I think and was a lot more impressed with it than I though I'd be. Great film, indeed. Want another corny martial arts movie to watch? Five Elements Ninja. A coworker recommended it to me as we kept recommending "so bad it's good" or just bad movies we caught on Netflix and this one fit right into that mold. Anyway, Turbokid... watch it guys/gals. Enjoy. I think it's still in Netflix.
  18. Kezay

    Hurricane Matthew

    Up here in North Florida and they've basically closed most if not all the schools for the rest of the week in Duval, Clay, St. Johns... most counties that are close to and on the coast earlier yesterday. Also evacuations for everyone on the coast and come later tonight/Friday morning travel will be limited as they'll likely close down some of the larger bridges. Still waiting on word from my job to see if I still have to come in as I have overnight shifts now and my working tonight into tomorrow morning will basically coincide when the brunt of the storm will start seriously affecting our area.
  19. I know I remember reading (probably on GAF if anything) people questioning why Shin'en sticking to creating Nintendo platform exclusive content when they could be doing far better as a multiplatform developer. Granted, they may not be wrong but considering I only ever saw that sentiment arise when Fast Racing Neo was on the way it just came off more as thinly veiled platform begging rather than any real concern for the developer's well being as an exclusive Nintendo developer. (which by the way, doesn't seem to be a problem for them, but whatever) To an extent I can understand the want because no one is really creating futuristic racers like that. Sony killed off the developer that creates Wipeout, Nintendo hasn't done much with F-Zero and Microsoft doesn't really have a hat in that ring. Outside of indie offerings there isn't much out there and Shin'en seems to be cream of the crop in that regard especially considering how they've made a reputation for themselves of doing so much with so little. Fast Racing Neo is probably the best or one of the best out there for those wanting a futuristic racer.
  20. I may be wrong but I think there is a reason why indies don't give out sales data and I think it might be tied to their agreement with Nintendo. I could swear I read that somewhere from a while back when another indie refused to give out specific data about how their game was performing. Still Shin'en seems pleased with the game's performance, at least initially and they've already confirmed work on their next project.
  21. I totally get that. It's like starting on a brand new adventure but it's only temporary, at least until the full game comes out but by then that fresh start feeling is done and gone. Yes, you're crazy. jk
  22. We'll see, I'm not holding my breath on it but here's hoping to being surprised in any case.
  23. I didn't want to believe the rumors about what showed up towards the end cause it just sounded too out there, but man... cannot wait for this demo. BTW, still going with Popplio as I've always gone water starter, but I'm not the biggest fan of that second evo. Just... I dunno.
  24. I know at one point it was considered canon but I don't think they've shied away from that since with Tanabe elaborating that the Prime universe sort of "expands sideways" from its point in the story. Although I do think Sakamoto or Tanabe toyed with the idea of things taking place in parallel with the main series or something like that. That's sort of part and parcel with the purpose of this thread in how the series deals with the Federation in future titles. Yeah, on their own and in general they can be boring but there's definitely a different kind of narrative that surrounds them as the series has changed over the years that they have more of a presence in the series rather than being this unseen organization that sometimes contracts Samus for specific missions. The situation that occurred with Fusion I think has the capacity to take things in a more interesting direction than what we've so far seen in the Prime series as in the Prime games you don't really have that narrative of there being corruption coming from within... although Federation Force drops a couple of hints that may eventually change things.