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  1. Finally got a chance to see Detective Pikachu yesterday and it honestly wasn't all that bad. There's plenty to nitpick about here and there but I think it did a great job simply being entertaining and the references were all really great, too. If nothing else I think it went a long to really pushing how best Pokemon would work as a live action movie. There's a lot about the movie I can mention that I liked a lot but there was one sequence in particular that did something I never thought about before and kind of works as an out of the box kind of thinking of how Pokemon in the real world could be used in different ways:
  2. I don't even know what to think anymore if that is the case. The whole timeline thing is a big question mark that may or may not lead into what the next wave of movies will encompass. No doubt, all eyes are on Spiderman Far From Home to confirm or deny what effect all of the time travel madness has cooked up. I just hope Marvel is consistent with what they're trying to do. I'm already not liking that the latest season for Agents of Shield is apparently ignoring the post Infinity War snap even though they name dropped Thanos and the attack on New York (Ebony Maw) multiple times last season. There IS a connection there but now it's like there is no mention of it.
  3. I can't wait to see what new additions they threw in this time around. I didn't mess around much with the original Super Mario Maker but I'd like to try my hand at what this one will offer.
  4. So as some know by now the original Devil May Cry is coming to Switch by way of Devil May Cry HD. Pretty cool to see the series finally make the jump to a Nintendo platform after having been multiplatform for so long. However, it's hard for me to be really excited for it because of a certain something: There exists a collection that has Devil May Cry, DMC2 and DMC3 that has launched on PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 and XB1. In the case of PS4 and XB1 there is a digital offering that also bundles in the special edition of DMC4. But there's no mistake with what the Switch is getting and that's only the original Devil May Cry albeit the HD version. I don't think any pricing has been stated yet but for comparison the HD collection launched on other platforms at $29.99. It pretty much gives me flashbacks to how Mass Effect was handled on Wii U. Mass Effect 3 launching at $60 for Wii U when other platforms were receiving the entire trilogy collection at the same price.
  5. Fortunately, the hours at my new job will allow me to see a portion of the Smash Championship after work and then I can watch the direct while on my lunch break so that's pretty convenient at least. I'm trying to think of what we can potentially expect though, I'm sure that I'm missing others that could potentially show up that we know of: Animal Crossing Pokemon Sword/Shield TLoZ: Link's Awakening Astral Chain Fire Emblem Three Houses Bayonetta 3 Shin Megam Tensei V Super Mario Maker 2 Luigi's Mansion 3 I'm sure we'll get new announcements but I hope they aren't taken up by stuff like the recently announced Devil May Cry HD or Bulletstorm. Still holding out that a Switch version of Xenoblade Chronicles X comes along though.
  6. Curious what it is they plan to do. I do play Pokemon GO quite a bit but much of that experience has been spurred on as a result of playing it with my girlfriend when we're out and about. Otherwise it's rare that I go out of my way to play it on my own. The only other mobile game I've ever really put time into is the Pokemon one with the figurines you battle with and that only lasted about a month before I lost interest in it. There's not much to go on so I wonder what this one will be, but I don't think there would be any expectation for it to debut at E3. I can't even remember if Nintendo really does much mobile discussion at that time anyway.
  7. That's something I never thought about either that Captain Marvel may have been dealing with a Thanos that wasn't at 100%. I still have no doubt she would ruin his day if she added some clever strategy to her repertoire to balance out her method of brute forcing through problems. But because she was infused with energy from the Tesseract her body is accustomed to that massive energy boost compared to Thanos who, with the aid of the gauntlet, is doing all he can to keep the power of the stones from overwhelming him. The fact he even does that with some ease is a testament to his insane strength as well which is why I think it's that much more impressive that Captain Marvel could tank hits from him like they were nothing until that power gem driven sucker punch. Right on the money. But not only this, as long as it's not some kind of massive swerve the latest Far From Home trailers could be opening up the floodgates for the MCU to be as bombastic as they'll ever need it to be.
  8. Definitely something I gotta set aside time to watch. I think the last time I saw anything indepth on XBAND was back on N-sider.com (the fan site) which used to be a really good archive of smart and well researched gaming industry articles. Unfortunately, last I checked it is nothing like it used to be. But I digress, I've always liked checking out in depth overviews of stuff that are seldom talked about.
  9. That part blew my mind because I for sure thought I had that win locked up especially when the bob omb went completely off to the side XD
  10. I think Tony coming around to tinker with solving the time travel dilemma was kicked off quite a bit after looking at the picture he took with Peter. Throughout the earlier parts of the movie after Scott Lang presented the possibility of time travel the whole theme changed from moving on after a hopeless situation to one where there is a slim chance of undoing what Thanos did. Of course, Tony wasn't trying to hear that at first because unlike most of the remaining cast he did move on, settle down and created a life for himself in a post-snap world. But Peter's death hit him hard; one of the first things he told the team after being rescued was "I lost the kid" and that was a failure he took personally. There were definitely story beats in play during Endgame and in part from previous movies where Tony and Peter interacted that played a part in his decision. That and well, he did prove to Steve that he was capable of "making the sacrifice play" in the end. That's what kind of figured, it just seemed odd that she was there for the fight but then afterward she was just gone. But I guess it's not like she would have really talked to anyone since this Gamora didn't really know anyone. The only person she probably would have talked with about her future plans is Nebula. Falcon getting Cap's shield was done in the Prime timeline so unless they do start exploring alternate realities as you suggested every film directly following Endgame's timeline will have Sam as the new Captain America. I'm just a bit concerned about what the upcoming DIsney+ shows would cover as it has been confirmed they would take the events of Endgame into account. I'm pretty sure the Loki series will be following the events of Loki escaping with the Tesseract and they confirmed a "What If?" series where Agent Carter uses the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers, but I hope the Winter Soldier and Falcon series isn't where Sam as Captain America ends up instead of having a role in the MCU going forward. That would be a big cop out to me. As for Captain Marvel, I do think Brie's acting was a lot more stiff in Endgame than in Captain Marvel. I actually hoped she would do more in Endgame than what she did but I'm glad that her lack of involvement had legitimate explanations around it. She was also whoopin' Thanos' like it was nothing but I like that created situations where she didn't completely dominate the battle because I think it wouldn't have gone over as well if the characters that have been in this saga for all this time, especially Iron Man, didn't have a hand in ending Thanos once and for all.
  11. The races were pretty good. I still can't get over that photo finish Surge pulled on me on one of the tracks. Also, all the bomb tosses...what the heck was up with the item selection last night, lol.
  12. Oh man, the squad is already checking in. Avengers! Assemble!
  13. So I read an interview where apparently the Russo's confirmed that Cap didn't go into the past to live out his life with Peggy Carter, he went to an alternate/branch reality. They wouldn't say much more than that about how that fits in with anything other than proposing the question; "so how did he get back to THIS reality?" There was some other talk about the potential for the upcoming Winter Soldier and Falcon movie to play into it but nothing outright confirmed.
  14. You're good, spiel away! lol It did answer a couple of things so I do appreciate the detailed explanation.
  15. I know present Gamora is gone for good, just curious where past Gamora was because I didn't remember seeing her with the other Guardians when Thor decided to leave New Asgard. I suppose the assumption is that's where she is because her only real connection in that time now is Nebula and what she has told her about the GotG.
  16. Really enjoyed the movie and the theater was pretty amped up too. I think they did a great job balancing the seriousness of what was going on with some humor and emotion to drive the kind of reactions that would have been appropriate for the scenes on display. For a three hour movie it did not feel like three hours and that's with me having the opinion that it wasn't nearly as well paced as Infinity War was. There was just so much to take in within each act that nothing ever really felt like a slog, IMO. I figured there would be additional deaths but I figured it would be more on Cap because if his whole "throwing yourself on the wire and letting the other guy crawl over you" way of heroism. Black Widow being killed off was unexpected but I guess there would have been no other way to get the soul stone which requires a sacrifice. Adding salt to the wound was the same theme played from when Thanos sacrificed Gamora. But to see Tony Stark die off like that, it was gut wrenching. Especially seeing but not really noticing the death flags leading up to it such as Strange telling him that their path to victory won't happen if he tells them this is at that one moment. And then when the opportunity came up, Strange lifted up a single finger, this is that moment. That final battle was everything, though. Thor dual wielding Stormbreaker and Mjolnir, Iron Man killing it with all sorts of new weaponry and skills especially when he teamed up with Pepper Potts during the battle with Thanos' army. But seeing Cap wield Mjolnir was the best and I loved Thor's reaction to it. Also, as much as I wanted Captain Marvel to dominate I am kind of glad that they didn't allow her to steamroll over everything and take over what needed to be a proper send off for the original MCU team. She did some damage and I love that the movie made sure to highlight how much of a threat she could be to Thanos. Just her entering the atmosphere was enough for their cannons to stop raining down on the battlefield and refocus squarely on her only for her to take down Thanos' battleship like kleenex. But even more to the point was Thanos being crafty enough to pop out the power gem and use its power individually to knock her away. In a straight up brawl she would kill Thanos (heck, I'm pretty sure Wanda would have done it if Thanos didn't call for the cannonfire), but this wasn't the movie for her to take that win. Anyway, I am curious about what thing. In the past New York, Loki took the tesseract and space jumped out of there which makes me curious as to what effect that might have. Granted, they did say that other points in time won't effect the "current" timeline but I can't imagine they would do something like that without a purpose behind it. Unless I'm missing something it is the one major event changing thing that happens in a prior timeline as a result of interference. Other than the Thanos/Nebula of the past being killed off. My girlfriend did say it might link up with the Loki series they're doing on Disney+ later on, so I'll wait and see if that holds up; good theory in any case that I didn't think about. Other things I'm curious about. What about Ghost from Ant Man and the Wasp? Because of the way her body is I had this theory that she might escape the snap because of that and be able to help in some way. Where is past Gamora? Unless I missed something she wasn't on the ship with the other Guardians. Also, would it even be necessary for her to return to her own time with all that has happened? Speaking of earlier time. What now happens with the Thanos of 2014 and his army being dusted? One would think it means those in that past and onward don't have to worry about him anymore but what about before that point? (like PB said, time travel solutions just brings more problems, lol) I wonder how a post Endgame MCU will handle these events going forward. Do governments start to change and adapt in order to address potential seemingly insurmountable threats such as Thanos? Does it give more weight to an organization like SHIELD to become much bigger going forward? Could we eventually see the formation of S.W.O.R.D. as a response to that? I think the five year gap works because it serves a twofold purpose: one, it gives a point of reference to understand how the world has continued on following the snap. At the start of the movie it had only been three or so weeks since the event so there was no sense of settlement or that the world has crawled toward coping with the loss of so much. Five years later, you see how the world has change and the people in it including the heroes themselves. And two, it gives a point of reference for how time works in the quantum realm beyond just Scott Lang saying so. The world has moved on five years, but for him it was only five hours. Granted, I do think it makes things very plot convenient in a comic book-y way but I think even the writers knew that as they poke fun at it multiple times throughout the movie. It makes sense to me. If Nebula is connected to a network then I would think any version of herself would be able to connect to that same network. The problem being the interference of the same network being accessed twice by the same person simultaneously which is pretty much what happened. The other issue is that the past Nebula ends up accessing information that she has never seen because she has yet to experience anything the current Nebula has while the current Nebula already knows of everything the past one does because she has lived through that.
  17. Not really, that was just a bad port not any kind of messaging of Switch's capacity to handle that type of game. It doesn't help that the series has a history of being a near annual QA pit on the platforms it was initially designed for. That they even got away with releasing that game on Switch in the state it was in with no intentions on improving performance speaks volumes to how that was handled. I'm surprised there wasn't much of an uproar over them essentially selling a broken game, but then again I don't think it sold very well either. If Persona were to come to a Nintendo platform I'd definitely give it a shot. Years back I watched a playthrough of Persona 4 and liked what I saw so it would be pretty cool I think. I have nothing against what they're doing here but while I would be interested if Persona 5 came over I'm not at all interested in a Persona 5 musou.
  18. I still pop in. Not as active as I used to be but I don't plan on calling it quits on this place anytime soon. I'm certainly there for the Mario Kart tournies on Thursday ready to roll as well!
  19. Kezay

    SakuraCon 2019

    Loving those Xenoblade series cosplay. Mythra in particular looked really good and I do like the Dickson one too.
  20. Reminds me of that, "hey, can I copy homework? Yeah, but don't make it too obvious." meme. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, supposedly. Besides, I think Nintendo is used to others following in their footsteps after all this time.
  21. I can't think of anything that would fit that. Really curious what it turns out to be if it is something we've yet to see!
  22. Yeah, there's really not much to go off of based on that. Like you mentioned it just looks like a silicone cover for the Switch.
  23. I've seen this game before but I forgot how amazing it looked. I've been out of the point and click game for a while now so I'd like to try this, but the talk of it having somewhat short length would probably compel me to wait until it's on sale. Seeing this and then knowing the Shadowgate remake is out on consoles now is really pushing me to want to work my way back towards playing games of this type again. Eventually...
  24. Girlfriend and I put in about two hours during this event and made out pretty well. She managed to nab about four shinies in that time and I only got two. But I managed to get a pretty good standard Bagon at over 900 CP and a shiny at over 800. Her highest standard was over 800 and her highest shiny was over 400. Made out pretty well and we both managed to catch enough Bagon to have three to four Salamance.
  25. Very fun races with a pretty cool theme and the turnout was pretty good too! Awesome races everyone! (yeah I know I'm late with this reply, lol)