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  1. Pretty well made video and is cut pretty well as it goes on from showing how sounds in certain areas play into the recreation of the song to showing pivotal scene from the game.
  2. Kezay

    Political Containment Thread

    More and more I start to believe that many Trump supporters are who they are because Trump gives them almost an official outlet to be the worst kind of people. He is the pied piper and they are the rats except he's playing a dollar store recorder and his base are just attracted to chaotic and discordant noise. Having discussions with people both online and in person whose opposition boils down to "either love this country or go somewhere else" and baseless assertions with some combination of the phrases "Dems", "Soros" and "paid protestors" gets to be incredibly exhausting.
  3. That's insane. I don't remember how far I could get in the original Tetris but there was a point where it just became impossible to realistically strategize how to place pieces and keep up with how fast they were coming. This is pretty nuts!
  4. I've got the first forms of every single one of the wave one Sinnoh Pokemon except for Shinx and Riolu. Out of the remaining I also don't yet have Chatot, Carnivine or Pachirisu. My girlfriend got me back into playing, or rather we got each other back into playing so we're still pretty low leveled. Me at 23 nearing 24 and her at 25 nearing 26. We did manage to nab an Aggron and Mewtwo for the first time at a couple of Raids yesterday though which was nice.
  5. I kind of figured, especially after that one race where you got hit right at the finish line. I've had that one bad before, 3rd place and getting hit right at the finish and ended up in 7th and all my kart had to do was literally drive an inch to complete the race. But nah...
  6. Kezay

    Top scary movies for Halloween 2018?

    Not exactly a traditional Halloween movie but Event Horizon is one that used to creep me out a lot as a kid and even now is still pretty creepy to watch. I mean, it's still a horror film, albeit sci fi horror.
  7. Pretty neat! I shall master the water types. Eat your heart out Misty, get on my level!!
  8. Kezay

    Huawei releasing a Switch competitor?

    I'm surprised it already isn't there considering there have been some fairly large screened phones already released hence my phablet mention above. My older brother has a phone in that style. If the case was just a bit wider it would be like he was holding up a Kindle Fire up to his face when he talks, albeit of a bit slimmer.
  9. GoldCrono was just killing it, even though there were others that nabbed first place he was already seemingly too far out of reach halfway through unless you were already close in the standings like Krazy was. I think the only reason my score ended up so high was because Surge dropped out a bit early. He was my biggest foil for most of the tournament!
  10. Kezay

    Huawei releasing a Switch competitor?

    Doing the "phablet" movement proud!
  11. Kezay

    Huawei releasing a Switch competitor?

    Bold strategy positioning it against the Switch, let's see how it plays out for them...
  12. Well, this is an interesting surprise. Nintendo is putting out a console bundle for Diablo III. Releases November 2nd and is exclusive to Gamestop.
  13. I'd chalk it up to a risk management kind of thing. It doesn't have to be a situation that is immediately relevant but protecting their brands from any future impact of an adverse scenario. Say an accident or something happens with this tour service, granted Nintendo has no direct involvement with it but it could still hurt their brand if the news surrounding the accident continues to cite their properties alongside the more relevant info. It's an extreme example but the kind of thing that can happen where Nintendo can be affected in some form even without direct responsibility for it.
  14. Wow 20 years, PB!? Nice! Hopefully some arrangement comes out of it because Sears would still be a huge logistical acquisition for a potential buyer if the Chapter 11 doesn't improve things.
  15. I think the problem is that Maricar actively used Nintendo related brands to promote their services. Granted, Mario Kart is a pretty big deal even today and so there is benefit in sort of indulging that interest and nostalgia while also continuing to promote what Mario Kart is about with an experience that is about as close as you can get outside the games. On the other hand, they're still using Nintendo's properties to do so. At first I figured it was an issue of the company specifically asking for people to dress up as Mario Kart characters or something like that but if they're actually providing costumes designed after Mario characters to realize that experience then I can't exactly fault Nintendo for going after them. I'm curious if they were given a cease and desist at some point though so that they would have an opportunity to at least stop the part where they are using likenesses of Nintendo's own brand to promote the service.
  16. Kezay

    Mario Kart Tour info still not out

    The part in bold is really not that out of the ordinary. Nintendo has literally announced and released games within months of the initial announcement. The Metroid II remake, for instance. But maybe that's an extreme case, however it's not like it's an unknown thing for a game to be slated to release the NEXT year and have info withheld until a later date as that next year encroaches. After all, do we know when it's supposed to release next year?
  17. Kezay

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    One of the only articles I could find that has some sparse details about how this new TRU/ Geoffrey's Toy Box will begin rolling out. Biggest surprise to me is that the TRU HQ apparently had a skeleton crew working there all this time. We knew they had some staffers there during the last weeks of liquidation to handle last minute oversight, data storage and logistical duties but no idea that the place was essentially still running all this time. How Toys R Us Plans to Make its Comeback
  18. I was putting in some work on this week's races!! ^_^ But really, good races all around and a lot of close calls. I like how at one point three people were on the course select screen donning a crown. A three way tie for first place was cool to see
  19. Kezay

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    Apparently, the Toys R Us website has been revamped a bit to reflect their intentions to go forward with keeping the brand alive. Just kind of weird looking through it especially the history part where they laud the creator of Toys R Us and how far his dream went considering what they did to his dream just a few short months ago. The press release has some interesting wording in it though: So basically, not a done deal on paper yet but there's enough support that it might as well be. Makes sense considering they are moving forward with it to some degree. This was something I didn't think about at first. When it come to intellectual properties I didn't even think of them retaining their owned brands like those they listed above. A lot of them were really good alternatives to the popular brands they followed suit. Imaginarium for instance had a train table that was designed to accommodate its own train cars/vehicles as well as those of Thomas the Tank Engine toys which was good considering how expensive the Thomas branded toys were. Though it was assumed at this point they are definitely planning to return with brick and mortar stores again one day since I know a lot of the early speculation assumed they would just selling once RUS branded toys at other retailers or sell exclusively through an online RUS marketplace.
  20. Kezay

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    I still think it will be tough for even Walmart and Target to fill the void without doing a notable expansion. I have Super Targets and whatever the larger Wal Mart stores (super Wal marts?) in my town and neither have a toy department that accommodates nearly as much as the standalone Toys R Us stores had let alone larger side by side superstores like the one I came from. The Super Target I go to carries Star Wars toys in about 12ft worth of a 20 ft long aisle including a 3ft endcap. The Toys R Us I came from had at minimum an entire aisle to itself at around 40 ft of space and four 3ft endcaps (an additional 12ft of space). The reason I say at minimum is because around this time of year and especially in a year where a new movie drops it also gets the entirety of the feature area at the front of the store which at our store was an additional 28 ft of space. Granted, some of that could be cut down because some items had multiple facings/spots but most areas were completely unique SKUs covering various lines of just that one product. Star Wars Black Series, Hot Wheels, Micro Machines (at the time), Collectible Figures, Funko Pops, standard lightsabers, build sabers, RC toys, Nerf branded toys...it's a lot of different brands that the Star Wars product line alone covers. Then you consider other large toy lines like Marvel, Barbie, Nerf, Disney, Disney Princesses, Cars (yeah that's Disney too but it's a big enough property that it had an entire aisle all to itself, Hot Wheels...the list goes on and on. And these are all toys Wal Mart and Target both carry but not nearly the same amount of unique products. Without doing a fairly extensive expansion their best bet to even match that would be to expand toy lines on their respective online marketplaces, something Amazon apparently is already doing and advertised about not long after TRU went under.
  21. Kezay

    Toys R Us Hints At Returning; Fired Employees Upset

    Rightfully so. Without the specifics surrounding it it's incredibly difficult to find any good from this news that doesn't boil down to "well, at least RUS will be around for the kids" again. I'm not a big fan of it, but I've made my peace with the closure and have moved on so it's whatever at this point.
  22. Kezay

    Political Containment Thread

    I get your anger but I think it's a bit much to assume they wanted a rapist and chose him because they like rapists. Not that the alternative is any better in that finding out about these allegations after the fact in no way deters member of the party or supporters of those within the party. At this point, I think in many ways some decisions are made simply because it's antithetical to what democrats want, morals and "party of family values" aside. The Kavanaugh situation, if it were found officially that he sexually assaulted anyone, I bet it would be a hard sell to republican senators to refuse to confirm him to the seat and I'm pretty confident in stating that many conservatives wouldn't care either, they would still argue that it was a smear campaign that placed an innocent man in a bad spot. I think I became most fed up with the case when I started seeing comments about how his accusers shouldn't have been at a place where these things were happening as if their presence at a party validated the risk of being assaulted. It's about as bad as people who argue that if women don't want to be treated as a sex objects then they should dress "appropriately". Or memes about how American families now have to worry about their young boys growing up and being falsely accused of sexual assault and having their lives ruined. A pretty fun spin on the parents of young black boys having to worry about the safety of their children. But considering how the Black Lives Matter mantra was co-opted into All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter I'm not surprised that conservative pundits don't even understand the weight of the original message as they sought to make it their own so to speak. It gets said a lot but best thing to do is get out there and vote and if you can get your friends and family to as well. Our country is being led by a party that essentially hand waved Trump straight up disrespecting military families and veterans but lost their collective minds that one time Obama didn't salute a Marine when he boarded Marine One. A random statement to be sure but just think about all the subject matter and situations as of note the past few years in which this same hypocritical standard applies. It's pretty telling.
  23. Kezay

    New Castlevania game(s) going to PS4 only?

    We got Snake in Brawl and the only thing Metal Gear Solid related we got between then and now was a cruddy port of Snake Eater on 3DS. Maybe you can count cameos too like in Bomberman R. Would be nice to see some Castlevania love after the Belmonts making it to Smash at least, though.
  24. Kezay

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    If they made the announcement beforehand I'd wonder if it would interfere with the bankruptcy process since the whole reason for it is to sell off assets in order to pay back some of what is owed to their creditors. Announcing that beforehand that they'll just prime the brand for revival after the fact would suggest they have the capital necessary to do so in which creditors would rightfully take issue with it. But, I've no idea how bankruptcy proceedings work in that regard and even moreso I don't know if that debt even still remains. The way I figure it after Chapter 7 went through then any remaining debt is written off as a loss at the creditors' expense, but then it begs the question why they would be allowed to wait so long and as of now be able to maintain control of intellectual property assets. In any case, part of me is glad that Toys R Us will continue on in some form and part of me is conflicted because the way this was handled was dirty and even now there are people I've worked with who are still facing hardship trying to get back on their feet after losing their job, let alone the other 33,000+ employees. By the by, a bit more elaboration on what this revival plans to do along with quotes from members of the toy industry who aren't a fan of it: Toy Industry Not Thrilled with Idea of Toys R Us Comeback
  25. Kezay

    Political Containment Thread

    Kavanaugh confirmed to the supreme court, I see. I won't say anything about whether or not he's actually guilty of what he was accused of but the response, the FBI investigation and the way the White House essentially worked to cut it off at the kneecaps and the sense that this whole debacle will have an adverse effect on victims of sexual harassment and assault coming forward in the future, just a terrible deal all around. -_-