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  1. Honestly asking here as I never saw anything out of the japanese script, but do they refer to it as the Zohar? I always assumed that there were loose connections to Gears/Saga and this being one of them.
  2. I just need to know when preorders open, I am ready to put. that. money. DOWN! That said, very surprised to see the release date moved up, gonna have to clear some time for this one! The trailer is fantastic though with a lot more revelations being made than I was expecting.
  3. This is how it was for me, too. Though I'm mainly there for Nintendo it was still nice to just have the buzz of so many things going on and gaming communities just light up for a whole week talking about everything. I didn't even think of Treehouse streaming though, hopefully they still do that for their games this year despite lack of an actual E3 venue. I know COVID is still a thing but I wonder when they'll get back to do doing events at Nintendo World. E3 as primarily a place for business to be conducted went by the wayside a long time ago, I feel. I mean, granted, deals and decisions were still being made but it has been a long time since that seemed to be the focus. Remember the days of each company spending up to 20 minutes talking about sell through, market performance and future potential in and out of game announcements (no disrespect intended Howard Lincoln :P)? More often than not, that stuff is now saved for press releases or creatively interwoven into talk about upcoming hits or something of that nature. But yeah, as the internet and social media became more widespread it definitely became a question of what was more beneficial I think. Spend gobs of money to prep a snazzy booth at the convention, or have your own small event or digital stage where you have control over expenditure, content and messaging? Some publishers slowly were already creeping that way and that's why I wonder what E3 next year will be like. Will the landscape have already shifted too much to really make much of that like we used to or will big publishers be enticed to be part of that again? Other than the usual big publishers that tend to have JRPGs and VNs there are some smaller developers that have had a presence around E3 time to talk a bit about their stuff. It's not like they make much in the way of headlines there's still a glimmer of a spark there for the genres you gravitate to.
  4. Reading the story on GN they mentioned previous class action lawsuits didn't go anywhere, but I'm wondering what more does this case have that is more pivotal or influential than the previous class action lawsuits? Like, yeah, some definite legalese drilling going down for this to be the hurdle that the family has come to but even if that weren't the case what would allow this case to be successful where previous cases weren't?
  5. ESA Statement on E3 2022 Official statement linked above, but in a nutshell the ESA mentioned that due to Covid concerns there wouldn't be an in person E3 2022 which left the door open for there to be a digital event/venue. Well, that too has now been scrubbed with the promise that they are leveraging their resources to deliver an even great experience with E3's return in 2023. Kind of wild to see things come to this but I suppose it's understandable. However, I'm also curious because there has been commotion about E3's relevancy in light of digital events becoming more the norm both during E3 season and outside of it. I wonder if missing a whole year like this makes it even more challenging for E3 to re-establish itself as THE time of year for gamer engagement and announcements like it used to be. (despite it primarily, once upon a time, being a vehicle to drive partnerships and business transactions) I've seen a few of my friends on social media being annoyed with the news but it hasn't phased me much. I think that is also helped by Nintendo having long since established a digital event presence that I spend most of my time checking out/reading up on anyway. Though I will miss saving a few of my time off days to use around E3 time so I can both chill out from work and enjoy a week's worth of gaming media consumption. Technically, I can still do that, but still.
  6. Been playing SMTV, though been on a days long hiatus as I'm currently stuck fighting Chernobog. Definitely the toughest boss in the game I've faced thus far. Previously if I had trouble I'd adjust my party accordingly to take advantage of weaknesses/debuffs and such and the second or third time I'd be good. Chernobog though, I get his health into the red and all of a sudden the balance quickly shifts in his favor. Only once did I get close to beating him but thanks to two of my party members whiffing their attacks (and for the first time ever during that run) Chernobog went in for the kill and fully wiped my party.
  7. I'm sure that likely isn't much of a community now but when it first came out it wasn't difficult to pull other players for matches in FF. Granted, that first launch window period is where most checking out the game would have dabbled in multiplayer and such. That said, this along with Hunters had multiple as part of their experience but they were perfectly playable otherwise. Federation Force solo was definitely more challenging as a result but the game's balance adjusted depending on how many players were actively playing.
  8. I don't know that it's so much that its origins seem so obvious but that it actually sounds very similar to things Miyamoto has said in the past which is probably why so many attributed him to having said that quote. No doubt also bolstered by how often Nintendo delayed games during the N64/GCN generation that ended up turning out pretty fantastic when they finally did release. Just made for perfect bedfellows in a way with how that worked out!
  9. That is a fair point, in that case I switch that one out for Wario Shipyard. Also after looking at your MKTour list I looked up a few videos and I'd love to see them adapt that Los Angeles track. As far as urban courses are concerned it feels more varied and less closed in than the New York track.
  10. I spent 15 minutes earlier trying to track this down myself because I could swear that was a sourced interview for this. I'm pretty sure it used to be on the now defunct n-sider.com; that website used to have TONS of material like that and learned so much about Nintendo during the Nintendo Nsider days thanks to that place. That's wild though if he didn't originally utter that quote. I'm at the very least pretty sure that he has had interviews and whatnot in which he expressed thoughts about delayed games that ran similar to it, however.
  11. Some pretty good picks here, especially a couple of course I forgot about, Airship Fortress and Shy Guy Bazaar.
  12. Krazy was telling me about the announcement yesterday and it's a no brainer to get this package. There have been some decent compilations these days but this is definitely up there with some of the best. We also had a blast with the beat em up collection that we probably need to get back to for a couple of games too!
  13. Can two players on a single Switch play FZero X online? If not, I'll have to get my own copy of course, but I'm down. Fire Sting Ray Let's GOOOOOOOOOO!
  14. Biggest difference between Re-Boot and games on the Wii U eShop? Re-Boot has/had an active marketing campaign that likely would ramp up closer to release. People are likely not buying a Wii U (if they can find one) to download those games and I also doubt there is much fervor for current owners to run out and do so to any appreciable degree. And ultimately, you're probably not wrong about where Nintendo's mindset is in the rationale behind delaying Re-Boot, but still have a business to run and if there is potential for widescale PR backlash due to the nature of the current climate, then it is sensible for them to do so regardless of whether or not you feel the action is out of actual empathy for those in Ukraine or to distance themselves as much as possible from any potential backlash as a result of any sense of insensitivity because of what's going on in the world right now.
  15. I think release night races would be cool to do instead of waiting a whole week for the following week's tourney for us all to race them together.
  16. Hopefully Triangle Strategy does well. Feels like much of the marketing has been on the Nintendo side of the equation (outside of the demos, of course) but otherwise doesn't seem to be as much hype for it as Octopath had. I feel like I've seen more buzz from Square Enix around Stranger of Paradise by comparison, but I suppose marketing dollars are a much easier bet on something carrying the Final Fantasy name.
  17. Half a decade at this point already? Kinda weird to think about as Switch came out a year before Toys R Us went belly up, but during that launch year there were some fun and interesting times with the games our Nintendo rep brought now and again for customers to try out and play. I think ARMS was probably the most fun of them that most people simply "got" and just had a blast with. It was something different but still felt familiar when considering some of the comments of our guests comparing it to being like playing on the Wii. As for me, I didn't get one at launch so a lot of my playtime was through Krazy's Switch. But man, Breath of the Wild was such a trip to play and so much fun. When my, now, fiancee and I first started dating, I introduced her to Breath of the Wild and she pretty much got her own Switch and that game shortly thereafter. It was her very first Zelda game and now she's eager to try the other entries. Another highlight for me is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Nintendo already had my money when it was first announced but I was not prepared for how great of an experience it would ultimately turn out to be. At the time I pretty much considered it better than the original, although after that initial high I did put it at a very close second. However, I do think XC2+Torna is a stronger package than XC+Future Connected. On those merits, XB2 is definitely tops for me. My experience with Switch has been great and I only regret that I don't have nearly as much time nowadays to game as I used to as there are still so many titles I want to play but may never get around to.
  18. I gotta be honest here, when I think of seamless open world, a true seamless open world; I think of games like Xenoblade Chronicles X where literally the entire world has no transition/loading segments except when you enter and exit the Blade Barracks in NLA. I don't know that I'm ready to expect that for SV, but can certainly see if everything is seamless when outside of structures and cave/tunnel systems.
  19. Geez, TEN YEARS since Awakening!? I haven't dabbled into Fire Emblem as much as I would like but I at least have fond memories of Tiki in Tokyo Mirage Sessions!
  20. I was curious if this was going to be true open world or something where the outside world was open but there were still transitions into towns and such. Very interested in seeing how things look after some practice with the Wild Area and then the world of Legends of Arceus.
  21. Hey! Long time no see! That's a pretty awesome effort and I like all of those platforms lined up like that. By the by, took me a moment to figure out why the size of the NES and SNES seemed so off... didn't dawn of me they were the NES and SNES Mini XD
  22. That's madness, considering what we got around 20 years ago Pokemon wise (see Colosseum, Gale of Darkness) this would be very much an obvious step up in what people were expecting in terms of visuals and pushing closer to something more open world when it comes to Pokemon. Not to pull the "old-head" card here but as someone who was very involved in those kinds of discussions (online and off) when it came to Nintendo's more popular franchises like Pokemon, the idea that people would look at this and say, "that's pretty nice" and leave it at that does not gel at all with reality. Even the talk on polygon counts, as I'm assuming you're still targeting things like grass and some other smaller nitpicky environmental elements rather than actual character models, you were not seeing Pokemon models back then in the way that you're getting them now.
  23. I think the answer there would be obvious for the most part considering there is no entry for Star Fox or Kid Icarus on Switch to include in that comparison. To your point, the list can go on even going beyond major franchises, but the key detail is in consideration of those titles that actually did release on Switch and actually did outpace the sales of previous series highs in prior generations. The only comparison I can draw here is from the data that is presented each quarter; I can't speculate on what hasn't released and therefore hasn't had an opportunity to fall under the same level of scrutiny. I mean, you could always look at Kirby Star Allies which is an existing exception as it hasn't outsold the original Kirby game, but has become the 2nd best selling in the series. I'm also fairly certain the latest Wario Ware isn't the best selling in its series either.
  24. Animal Crossing had a shot, but Mario Kart just keeps rolling with the Golden Shroom! Sales data isn't exactly the hottest topic here but it's still interesting to see the progress nonetheless. Hopefully, with some changes going on at my job I'll have a bit better work/life balance to be able to push these out on time among other things. I'm just curious to see how far Switch will go knowing how much of Nintendo's development is now centered around one platform and a lot of franchises have been able to benefit from the great word of mouth and windfall of the platform's success. I think just about every major franchise has had all time highs with this generation except for Metroid Dread unless you count sidescrolling Metroid titles. However, even it is close to surpassing Metroid Prime and becoming the new best selling Metroid. It's nuts!
  25. Booted up the game for the first time in a few days and spent half an hour catching a ton of Alolan Exeggutor... none of which were particularly good either unfortunately.
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