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  1. I dunno if we need a prequel per se, but I absolutely agree. The first real taste of Chozo outside of the ghosts from Prime and I want more! They don't have to go crazy with it because I like that the Chozo are still maintained as this mysterious advanced race but I'd love to see more of what they do with things going forward.
  2. Other M was definitely chasing a different perspective so I don't see it as a risk here that they allowed her to open her mouth. Different direction, different intent, I don't see the reception of Other M having been some litmus test with that.
  3. Finally had time to sit down and read through this. While some of the magic of Iwata Asks has disappeared along with him I do like that Nintendo still has these little developer insights that at least keeps the spirit of Iwata Asks alive. Nothing too crazy in this series though, but it was nice hearing about the steps they take when implementing new technologies and talking about some of the not so obvious changes with the OLED model that aren't openly advertised.
  4. Going back through and watching some of these cutscenes and boss fights on youtube, it's crazy to me that MercurySteam may have created the best, if not one of the best, versions of Samus thus far. If nothing else, they have definitely created an awesome foundation to build from as the series/story expands from here.
  5. I'm lowkey not upset by no recording. Was not a good race for me and I definitely was so tired after work yesterday I was nodding off in the middle of the last several races. If you saw me inexplicably running straight into walls and off course, it's cause I nodded off a bit before catching myself XD
  6. You know, I said to myself I was fine not getting the special edition since I was at least able to get the amiibo, but looking at your stuff here I REALLY wish I had gotten the SE! Anyway, yes, all I did was power through Metroid over the weekend. XD
  7. Regarding Ty's post above Are there parts of it that sound like Spanish? I honestly don't know so I had already assumed they went through the trouble of creating the language, not that it makes it any less incredible because it was cool they did that. Anyway, some of these items I'm still trying to wrap my head around how to get, but it's pretty cool how creative they got with how to obtain many of them.
  8. 1. I do think this would be left to interpretation until we learn better down the line. I'm still trying to connect the dots on his "I'm counting on you" line after his corpse is infected. 2. He was VERY quiet... Anyway, no idea about the manga, but at least from the game I don't recall Adam saying he made sure they weren't X hosts. Just that they assisting him in moving the ship to Samus' location. 3. In Fusion, the SA-X attacks the Omega Metroid after Samus is downed. I actually got vibes of "Super" seeing that moment back in the day more than anything here if only because in both instances, after first attacking Samus, the Metroid in Super and SA-X in Fusion fight and sacrifice themselves against a boss that nearly defeats Samus which grants her the capability and window of opportunity to win in the end.
  9. So, I finally beat the game last night and my gosh what a ride! MercurySteam has my blessing to take charge of this style of Metroid going forward. As much as I loved Samus Returns they really knocked it out of the park with Dread. I do have some nitpicks here and there but it's nothing compared to the sheer enjoyment and rush I got out of playing through and completing this game. First of all, challenging game, I probably had more game overs with this game over the past few days than I've had with just about every Metroid game I've played combined over my lifetime with the series. But they definitely made for some great "learn from your mistakes and do better next time" moments. Boss fights were fun and had some creative attacks/tactics and the different E.M.M.I. made some later sections really tense. Didn't help that it took me forever to get the timing down for deflecting their instakill move. My only real gripe is that there's maybe two songs in the entire game that I really liked and remembered. Not that I disliked any of the music in particular but there just wasn't much that really caught my ear. Maybe in subsequent playthroughs I'll pick up on them a bit more but. Overall, I'm both sad that I've completed the adventure but really excited to see what the future holds going forward. Nintendo has found a fantastic partner in MercurySteam for this and if the game proves to be as successful as we're all hoping, we don't have to wait forever to see what Metroid 6 will bring us.
  10. What store? I've only heard from some retail friends that their stores (Target, Gamestop) only have the amiibos coming in. If I can land both the amiibo set and collector's edition... I have the cash. I will make this happen!
  11. Granted, much too early to even be thinking about Smash beyond Ultimate, but how do they tackle the next game? There's no way they're topping Ultimate from a content perspective so what direction do they chase in a future, brand new entry?
  12. Can't say I'm mad with this choice. Though I was hoping for something completely batty and off the walls, this was an ideal choice and something so simple and clean that I doubt many could really be upset with it. He looks great, the effort put in is awesome and they did a great job with the introduction connecting it back to the game's reveal cinematic years ago. I haven't put nearly as much time into this Smash as I have prior ones but now that Ultimate's expansion of new characters is coming to an end I won't think twice about giving it a go again and playing as Sora to try him. Um... and... uh... SANCTUARY!! Definitely a bittersweet end, though. I hope Sakurai and his team can get some much needed rest after finalizing one of the best gaming packages of all time. It's hard to imagine any effort now and in the future even touching the love and care that went into each and every element of this game.
  13. Taking inspiration between both games, they definitely could do something with the Lord of Light. (I honestly still prefer "Master" as the name, but eh...) But yeah, there are some great music tracks that could be added, a variety of moves/attacks/spells (or miracles?) and they could probably do something cool with his stage slowly being built by the people in the background and then Tanzra destroys it or something. I dunno, it can work! As for me, healthy or not, prediction time!!! Safe Prediction - Sora Wild Prediction - Billy/Jimmy Lee (Double Dragon) Psycho Prediction - Master Chief
  14. It's a bit disappointing to see how this Ultimate version of Sonic Colors has turned out. Considering how well received the original on Wii was it feels like this version almost tarnishes the legacy a bit unless you're completely new to this chapter in the series. I played a little of it but Krazy definitely put the most time in as I don't think I invested as much time into Sonic games as I used to after Secret Rings. Speaking of which, I always wondered how a remaster of those "storybook" games might turn out in this day and age but if Colors is any indication they might need to stay where they're at in the meantime.
  15. With me nearing the end of Actraiser Renaissance and really enjoying my time with it, I really do hope they give Actraiser 2 the Renaissance treatment as well. Yeah, it doesn't have the Sim/World Building mode, but that makes sense in the context of the story between the first game and the second. Granted, the liberties they took with Renaissance and the stuff they added only enhanced the game so that doesn't mean they couldn't find a way to slip some of that world building stuff into the sequel as well but whether or not they do I'd just like to see how Actraiser 2 would show up in this style. If they fix the gliding mechanic that alone would give it an edge over the original iteration of Actraiser 2. That said, it would be even better if this compels them to somehow, someway continue and give us an Actraiser 3.
  16. This game is looking really good and I like how much they highlighted traversal in this game with a lot of areas to run around and try them out in. That new region variant Scyther form or whatever looks incredible, too!
  17. I know, I know, lol... I really gotta get on it. I was so all in on the original Splatoon and looking forward to the evolution of the lore in Splatoon 2 and I haven't honored that yet. I am besides myself with shame... SHAAAAAAME! On another note, I did get Actraiser Renaissance and I'm loving the extra stuff they've added in. The remixed tracks are pretty good (although I did have to pop open the classic Bloodpool track at least a couple of times, always loved it!) and the new stages and quests are a very welcome addition. Definitely increases the level of content by quite a bit and I like how sassy Angel can be at times. I'm almost 7 hours in and only just made it to Kasandora and it never took me this long in the original game. So I'm glad they did more than just dress the game up in a pretty package. Although the second game does away with the world building portion I hope they remaster that next. Just make sure the Master's (or Lord of Light's) gliding mechanic is overhauled. I refuse to tackle Tower of Souls again with how that mechanic controlled.
  18. That's about how I feel as well, but I can only assume there's more going on under the hood than we know that may be too taxing for Switch. I dunno, but always get into these points of equivalency in my mind of like, other developers got games like Doom and Crysis running on Switch so what's going on here? But not everything is an apples to apples to comparison so I guess I get it.
  19. I'm gonna bite the bullet and get Actraiser. My backlog grows with yet another game but my gosh was this such a pleasant shocker of a surprise to see announced. Actraiser of all things, and I'm here for it! I also wonder what the threat will be Bayonetta 3 since it definitely doesn't look like the angels and demons route the first two games took with their creatures. Also some interesting theories that this game is outside the timeline of the previous games and this Bayonetta isn't the one we followed in the first two games. At some point I need to pick up the Bayo 1/2 pack and replay Bayo 1 to get back in touch with the story beats of that game. Kirby looked amazing and I can't wait to play it. I hope there is still some form of co-op play in it though as Krazy and myself have played Kirby games together since we were kids. I'd like to keep that tradition if possible. Splatoon 3 looks positively wild and I still need to start the story of Splatoon 2. The new weapons and abilities look cool too and I can't wait to see more of that mech hermit crab looking thing. Metroid Dread, no more to be said, gonna buy it and play it in my bed! When that card game showed up earlier on, I seriously thought Baten Kaitos was going to be announced (remasters of the original games at least), but alas it was "not in the cards". Ah well. I still haven't even touched Monster Hunter Rise and the expansion looks like it's gonna be a big one. Basically something akin to Iceborne for World from the sounds of it. Krazy normally handles the Nintendo Online side of things between us so he's the one that will have to make the decision on the expansion pack. Hopefully Nintendo doesn't charge too much extra because I don't like the idea that as certain console libraries are added to the service that they're separated by tiers of membership. It would be cool if Gamecube popped up at some point, but not so cool if you have to elevate your membership yet again to have it included in the total package. I'm already not a fan of paying for online gaming subscriptions so I'm having reservations over it. Can't wait to see the final Smash Fighter. I'm still of the opinion that it's gonna be something absolutely wild and out there and I'm gonna say it will be Master Chief. Animal Crossing direct will hopefully bring a ton of news with it. My girlfriend is obsessed with the game but hasn't played it in some time because there isn't much else to do on her end. Needless to say, she's excited for that Direct! I need to hurry and complete Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity too!
  20. Retroactive cancellation is actually a thing though... soooooooo
  21. For the MK Tournament Nights Squad. The only expectation I'm going in with is...
  22. I want to give it a shot. Last time I went to Dave and Busters I think they had this game (I for sure remember a Triceratops being a "ride" in the selection screen) and it was a lot of fun. As long as the content is there I think I'll bite eventually.
  23. Honestly, the game looked good even at E3. The worst thing people could say about it was that it was too long and that was only because they were wanting Square Enix to hurry and show off the new Final Fantasy game which turned out to be... not what people were expecting. I would definitely like to give it a try, though I have some trepidation about it being streaming only on Switch. I love the idea that they have this option to still allow Switch owners some way to play certain games but it's just getting over this barrier of not actually owning the game. I mean, it's really not much different from downloading digital only titles so it's more of mind thing with me.
  24. For me I was in 10th grade and it was during my accounting and typing class when word started getting around. Our teacher for that class always had a small portable TV at her desk to watch while we did busy work and she was the one that announced it to the class. After class was over the school had the library, gym and cafeteria open with TVs set up to watch what was going on. We had class the rest of the day but I doubt there was actually any work/teaching going on; that's how monumental this was. By early afternoon I just ignored the class rotation bells because people either just stayed in the same class for hours or they just rotated to their next class to do what they were doing in the previous one watching everything unfold. Needless to say, it was pretty unreal to see something like that unfolding in real time and still I remember how insane it was that the second plan slamming into the tower was televised unhindered. I mean, it's not like it was something easily telegraphed obviously but I was so used to seeing newscasts cut the feed when something violent/tragic was about that happen that I was mostly in shock just seeing that happen live. Then just feeling that weird pit in my stomach knowing that I just saw a plane full of people lose their lives in an instant. Don't even get me started on when people started realizing that amongst all the debris falling from the blown out floors of the towers that some of those were people jumping to their death because they had no choice but to. In the days afterward, despite everything else going on the thing that stuck with me the most from a personal perspective was seeing how that manifested into people verbally going after students who simply looked like they were from the middle east or dressed or certain way. Specifically asking people like them what they think of the attacks or calling them names. It's still kind of nuts to think that something like that happened here. Terrorist threats and actions (both domestic and foreign) aren't new to the U.S. or even New York in particular, but this was something on a completely different level. It still bears a lot of weight even looking back on it two decades later as a critical point in our history.
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