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  1. If nothing else this whole debacle has certainly exposed to me just how toxic and petty the Pokemon fandom can be. And here I thought the vocal sect of the Smash community was the worst after Brawl and "4".
  2. Finally beat it with a run time of 12 hours and over 80,000 steps. Pretty awesome little game and they did the Zelda license an incredible amount of justice. However, I'm looking at the leaderboards and there are people who beat the game in 2000 steps or less. BUT HOW THOUGH!? That seems impossible to me.
  3. It's like some people are still stuck in the era where calling Nintendo kiddie was cool or something.
  4. I'm sure I've seen the game's name before but never really thought about it but it seems there is quite a bit to the game in terms of gameplay variety between the characters/classes and the kind of traits you can obtain/build up and progress you can make. It sounds like it would be a fun multiplayer game for sure so I'm kinda interested in checking it out.
  5. Knowing about mark ups kind of puts us in the same position as not knowing the cost associated with producing the product. The hang up here being on business/retail side where the pricing is concerned is still getting away from the understanding of the "how" and "why". I get your rationale with the "perception" of that $100 difference relative to what changes there are between the Switch and Switch Lite but the perception of that price difference and the economics of it are two very different things. Like, at Toys R Us, one of their most profitable toy lines was an owned brand called Imaginarium. Highly profitable for them, we knew because we knew the profit margin on them especially relative to competing brands that it was created to respond to like Thomas the Tank Engine, crafting and creative toys. But simply knowing that profit margin gives no insight into what it actually costs to make it and how they could price a multifunctional wooden train table with more in the box toy components a lot less than a Thomas the Tank engine one. Now, we can make inferences based on known information as to why, but we'll always be at that stage of assuming rather than knowing. There's an entire side of that equation that you would likely never be privy to in order to correctly assume as much. That's all I'm getting at.
  6. It's crazy how this thing kind of blew up, though I find it hilarious that memes about this are turning to how much people would get slaughtered if they actually did it. XD
  7. Without you or I knowing the details around that $100 difference then yes, I could certainly say that lacking all of that stuff it's only a $100 cheaper because that is the price difference we're seeing. Getting hung up on the retail price of the item without any respect to all the potential things that could tie into why Nintendo can price it just $100 cheaper is for sure can puzzle anyone as to the economics of why they can do this because you're only seeing (and wholly accepting) only part of the story around it.
  8. Kinda bummed that it apparently hasn't retained the kind of quality expected from a spiritual successor. Watching some videos I do like how enemies will come from the foreground and background to engage you, it's a pretty cool little effect. But it doesn't make sense that monster lairs can't be defeated which means you're constantly defending territory that you've overtaken. There really needs to be other games like ActRaiser out there but maybe it requires the right studio in addition to the right names being attached to the projected. Would be cool if a studio like Frozenbyte (Trine series) got their hands on it, for instance.
  9. That $100 difference in price could factor in a multitude of things that none of us may ever know because we don't know the cost of producing those components or the mark up that is reflected in the price at retail. It's not as simple as taking the retail price of the dock , subtracting it from the retail price of the Switch and then using the difference as a reflection of the cost pool for the remaining components making up the difference between the Switch and Switch Lite.
  10. Kind of interesting they just sort of dropped a trailer instead of waiting for a Direct or something. But I guess it's not the first time they've done something like this, but either way it was a cool surprise for a random Wednesday in July! I was always curious how they would handle the next stage of Nintendo handhelds with the Switch out there but I guess this is just how it needed to be. Making the Lite option live up to the name by being a cheaper alternative that is light on certain features that makes the current Switch what it is. I like the color varieties and also the Pokemon SwSh one particularly for the color theme there. Definitely not for me though, I'm holding out until maybe just before Pokemon SwSh launch before getting my own Switch just to see if there is truth to the Switch Pro rumors by that point.
  11. Gigantamax almost seems like its own version of Mega Evolution crossed with Dynamax. I can dig it especially with how the designs can change too. But I wonder if this means that every Pokemon can Gigantamax and if each form of that Pokemon can show differences when in use. That would make for quite a few variables from a form count perspective as it would mean a three stage Pokemon evolution would essentially have an additional three forms it could potentially be when Gigantamaxing. I'm almost half expecting then that only certain Pokemon can Gigantamax and it would probably be largely reserved for single stage Pokemon. Hoping not though cause I can imagine both Corviknight and Drednaw having some potentially cool evolutions. Gym leaders look pretty cool too. I definitely got Toph vibes when I saw Bea roll up. I'm also curious about Alcremie's name since most Pokemon names tend to be based on pun, word combinations or something else that hints to why they were named the way they are. Seems like a combination of Alchemy and Cream.
  12. I totally forgot this one existed, had to google it again to remember what it looked like again. One I always wanted to play back when it first came cause one of my coworkers at the time got it and was pretty addicted to it.
  13. What were the expectations for Pokken? It sold over a million on Switch and I'm almost positive that during the Wii U years it was on Nintendo's list of million sellers at one point. It for sure didn't light up the charts like a traditional Pokemon game would or as some spinoffs have but it didn't die on the market or anything. As for Pokemon Snap it has come up in multiple interviews in the past so I know there is awareness for it the same way there is awareness for want of a new F-Zero. In both cases we've seen comments where interest around developing a new one is reliant on what new thing can they do with it. F-Zero is understandable, F-Zero GX was a huge undertaking for a game that ultimately did not do well as unfortunate as that is. Pokemon Snap, I have no idea how well it did but I've always assumed it did at least alright for the kind of game it is. But considering Pokemon Snap was born out of marrying the license to a former project's gimmick I don't fault them for feeling like a new game would have to do more than iterate on that. Doesn't mean who does has to necessarily reinvent the wheel with it or anything.
  14. Pointing out that Game Freak had nothing to do with Pokemon Snap. Comments on what they'd like to do about a future installment aside the Pokemon Snap we know didn't even begin as a Pokemon game, but that's what it eventually transitioned into. Throughout the whole process Hal Labs had oversight of that project.
  15. Sorry for missing out this past week. Ended up deciding last minute to see the fireworks with my girlfriend when the rains in town started letting up. Once we realized it was planning to rain most of the day into the night we decided to call it off and do something else to make up for it over the weekend but things started to calm down about two hours before the show and so we decided to wing it and hope for the best. Hope the races were great though! I'll be back to flip out about well placed bombs and Zeus strikes next week.
  16. I'm hoping the new movie explains a bit more as to why this new armor is needed for Mewtwo. I often disagree with most when they consider certain Pokemon to be "over-designed" but this is one instance where I totally see it. Like, I don't get the design of this armor in some aspects like the spiky foils protruding from the sides and the weird looking arch array strapped to Mewtwo's back. That being said, I still can't wait to try and catch it!
  17. Pretty cool that they're doing that, but it would be nice if they offered the one from the first movie as an alternative sometime down the road, too.
  18. Death threats and now rape allegations? I know this is people venting in the stupidest ways, joking or otherwise, but said people out there showing their behinds like this is not a good look for anyone.
  19. The first time I heard the singing in game when I was near a shop I'm sitting there wondering WTF IS THAT!? Then I see shop dude killing it with the legendary vocals. XD
  20. So my bro got me this game for my birthday and it has been really fun... ...and more difficult than I expected, at least starting off. For a game based around keeping rhythm and acting in tandem with the beat it's a lot more versatile and interactive than I was expecting. But more than that, despite everything that is so different with it the game in many ways feels so distinctly Zelda. The enemies though are pretty friggin tough, though! I think I spent the first few hours of this game simply exploring the map as far as I could because everytime I stumbled into a dungeon, cave or hidden area I would see a Stalfos Knight/Rider/Mage or an Iron Knuckle and would just "NOPE" right the heck on out of there. Literally, at the start of the game depending on what direction you go in the very next panel has an Iron Knuckle roaming around. But as I got my bearings I dove in and took some risks...died a few times, but hey, we're learning... and the game has opened up so much more. But it still remains pretty challenging. It's a really interesting mash up with the stylings of Crypt of the Necrodancer but they nailed the transformation of that experience into one for the Zelda series. I think once I'm well and truly done with this game that I'll go and give Crypt a try as well.
  21. I don't think Nintendo are doing the dual packs in lieu of something else. If they weren't doing that then it would just be as most other generations where it was Version A and Version B and that's it. I have no need for the dual pack because I could just as easily buy my own copy of the game and my brother Krazy could get his own copy but then that's why I don't exactly see the fault in anyone buying the dual pack if (a) they were going to buy both games for themselves anyway (b) it's being bought as a gift for siblings (c) any other reason that involves having either version together. I mean, it's really just an alternative to what is already there at no additional cost.
  22. Not that I disagree, but it doesn't pose a problem for simply existing. Whether someone buys both separately or together it's the same difference. The only argument I'd make is that any additional cost doing it that way may as well repackage as a steelbook/special edition or something. But a dual pack as it exists and has existed in prior gens isn't hurting anything.
  23. Forgive me I totally misread what you were saying. Basically being able to buy one game at full price and the other at a discount. I totally get that. I was thinking the point being brought up is Nintendo charging more overall with the dual pack or something along those lines.
  24. Well I mean, it makes sense if they're selling the dual pack for the same cost as buying both separately. They aren't charging more for it, they're basically selling both units together in a single package for the same cost as buying them separately.