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  1. I really like that the Steamworld series has taken off so well since the original. I still gotta catch up on other entries but I'm glad to see another genre take with the series which is helping to keep the whole Steamworld universe fresh!
  2. I've got like two Piloswine so if I have to deal with a ton more Swinub then I hope Mamoswine is coming up.
  3. It's all in fun despite some frustrating situations, but just gotta sit back and laugh sometimes. Heck, or be like me and come away impressed with some of the shots I get hit by or the tactics some people use. Sometimes getting whacked by a cool shell bank shot or a well placed banana throw is just so good you gotta give props.
  4. Hopefully we keep having turnouts like last week. The crowd made for some interesting races despite the blue shell nuke fest in so many of the races XD
  5. So I take all of these are promotional from events or something like that and commercials that aired on TV? I watched up to Mario Kart 64 and didn't recognize any of these commercials even though many of those games did have televised ones. Still, it's pretty cool seeing a time capsule like this and getting an idea of what their promotional ideas were like back then. It's so deliciously 90s cheese and I love it, haha!
  6. I plan on getting this as soon as I have some free money to play with. I was expecting quite a few differences with this compared to the other NMH games for obvious reasons but I'm glad to hear that it's still fun to play and has that distinct Suda51 style to it.
  7. Kezay

    General movie discussion

    The Broly movie was pretty good. Krazy and I saw it earlier today. The turnout in the theater was higher than when we saw Resurrection F back when it came out and people were into it a whole lot more. The audience even clapped after it ended which is something I've only ever witnessed with superhero movies. Even though Dragonball has always been fairly popular it has been pretty neat to see the series reinvigorated thanks to Super and everything that came with it.
  8. Kezay

    Where's Yuki?

    You did nothing of the sort, Mao. XD
  9. Kezay

    Political Containment Thread

    The money that he's asking for now won't even be enough to construct his wall across all tenable areas of the border and is a fraction of what he was originally asking for earlier in his presidency. This is simply him wanting to cement some kind of legacy for himself and if by some divine prank he does get this money for the wall this so called legacy of his will be met with a HUGE asterisk considering it's in no way aligned with his initial campaign promise: A huge wall across the entire southern border paid for by Mexico.
  10. Kezay

    Where's Yuki?

    Oh geez, Mao. Couldn't stand much of that one. I swear it seemed like they were the type to wake up and think of strategic ways to be the best prick they could be for that day. In all my years on gaming communities I can count on one hand the number of people I well and truly disliked. Mao was one of them.
  11. I had to work during the Community Day so I was only able to get a handful of Totodile, nowhere near enough for Feraligatr. But I did get a shiny Totodile in the mix which was nice.
  12. Kezay

    Switch Pro coming this year?

    I'm curious if we even see a revision this year but I'm hesitant to believe that there will be a revision that resorts to being handheld only. But stranger things have happened and if there is a high margin on those docks then I could see Nintendo pushing a less expensive dockless package that leaves the option open for people to make the product whole by buying a dock later if they so choose. But that's more of a package revision rather than a product one if everything else stays the same.
  13. Mine has been working flawlessly lately so I'm guessing it was a bit of a hiccup somewhere? I dunno, but everything is tracking like it should. Also managed to nab a few Skorupi and some Cleffa out of eggs.
  14. Kezay

    what do you do for a living?

    Long time, no see! Glad to see you still check in every now and again. ^_^ Anyway, I guess I can finally respond to this thread after receiving some good news from some things that have been in the works for a bit. Previously, I was a supervisor at Toys R Us with nearly 12 years at the company under my belt before things went under. Then I transitioned to a Super Target store nearby and have been working with their backroom and ship from store teams for nearly five months now. But as of 9am this morning I was hired for a supervisory role at a brand new office in town managing one of multiple teams for auditing time and expense reports for contractors with the company all over the world. Needless to say, it's a huge jump from what I was expecting considering I've worked retail all of my life but I count my lucky stars for the timing of everything and how incredibly awesome the recruiter I had been speaking with has been for the past few weeks. I don't start for another few weeks yet, but I'm excited to start on a brand new career path.
  15. Hopefully there is a good turnout tonight too!
  16. Kezay

    Political Containment Thread

    Just came across some news that Michael Cohen will be publicly testifying before Congress in a few weeks: Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer, to testify publicly before Congress
  17. Good to hear yours is up and working well now. Anyway, I figured the Adventure Sync just used your GPS/location feature because I don't have any fitness tracking apps at all on my phone or that I even use but Adventure Sync still works.
  18. Announced sometime earlier this morning out of nowhere!
  19. Mine was working fine yesterday, gotta see if it holds up today. But your issue is exactly what had been happening to me and I even went in my settings and disconnected from it then reconnected and it still had issues. Seems like it's having some kind of intermittent problems or something.
  20. Come one, come all! The amazing Akinator and his mind blowing telepathic abilities can discern, evaluate and reveal just about any fictional character you can think of...most of the time! Step up to the plate with a character in mind and prepare to answer a volley of prying questions from Akinator himself that will allow him to reveal to the world the exact character you have in mind...most of the time! Akinator, the man who knows what underwear you're wearing...and if you're not wearing any at all! So yeah, in a moment of nostalgic reminiscing I started playing around with this site again for a bit of fun and to see if I could stump it. I still remember many years ago being introduced to it and was a bit blown away by how accurate the guesswork was despite the fact there's nothing really fantastical going on. It was just cool to think of a super obscure character or anyone for that matter and have Akinator be able to guess it. I recently tried H.B. from Xenoblade Chronicles X and wouldn't you know, Akinator guessed him without fail. The dude's still got it! But if you have time to kill it's fun to play around with again for a bit.
  21. I decided to do that, just let the game sit so it can catch up. The egg didn't hatch but after I closed the app and opened it again everything came through like it usually does. My Magikarp got some candies and my egg finally hatched. I'll have to see if it's working like it should over the course of my work day today. Just sucks cause I got a ton of 7k eggs recently and I'm trying to hatch them all too. BTW, do the legendary encounters through field research ever spit out Raikou or Entei? All I ever get is Suicune and I've got like four of them now. Was awesome the first two times I saw it, but now it's just annoying. XD
  22. For those who use Adventure Sync has it been acting wonky for you lately? Up until this past week it worked flawlessly for me. At my current job I basically do a lot of walking around for 8-9 hours and can hatch a lot of eggs that way. Lately though it seems like Adventure Sync isn't picking up my steps like it used to. For instance, I have a 5k egg going now that before I went into work was at 4.9k/5k and when I got off 8 hours later it was still at 4.9k. Not sure what the issue is because my GPS still works and the icon that it's active stays available at the top of my screen. No idea what the issue is but it's a bit of a bummer because I'm also racking up Magikarp candies this way which has come to a standstill as well.
  23. Kezay

    The Bowsette/Super Crown trend

    Artists could have been doing that this whole time (and I think some have) but most of the popular interpretations still use the Super Crown. In addition, it's not even like Nintendo had to make this comment since it being an exclusive power up for Toadette was made known the moment the power up was revealed the first time around so it was a known factor for months. I don't think Nintendo's intention here is stop anything regarding the Super Crown Extended Universe fandom from doing their thing.
  24. Kezay

    The Bowsette/Super Crown trend

    I mean, we all know this isn't gonna stop anything. If anything it might just fuel it, but considering the whole Bowsette thing misappropriates the naming convention to begin with it was always kind of weird. The internet mob just ran with the fetish despite all of that. Now how long after launch does someone hack in Bowsette?
  25. Is it just me or is the balancing on some Pokemon kinda wonky? I'm Lv. 28 and evolved a fully powered up Squirtle into a Wartortle and then that into Blastoise and it's CP is just below 2000. Considering my three highest CP Pokemon is an Arcanine at over 2600 and two Vaporeon at around 2400 I'm a bit salty that all the time I put into Blastoise didn't seem to amount to much, or at least not as much as I expected.