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  1. I still have people on my facebook timeline posting stuff like this. If they don't believe the virus is "real" then they are responding to it with this kind of rhetoric:
  2. That's nuts. I hadn't kept up with the TCG since the Neo Destiny expansion so I didn't even realize all this went down. I remember this guy making a big fuss about the card but didn't think anything ever came of it. Just tossed it in the pile with the rest of the anti-Pokemon controversies back in the day that didn't go anywhere. But yeah, looking at some of the more recent cards they do have him listed as a basic Pokemon. Must have been funky trying to balance the game with a stage 2 Pokemon having to be reclassified as a basic.
  3. Wait...when did this go into effect to begin with? Unless I'm mistaken on some details here there were cards of Abra, Kadabra and Alakazaam as far as the Gym Challenge expansion. As for Porygon, there was nothing really stopping them from using the Pokemon again outside of potential bad publicity from some people remembering it as the Pokemon that starred in that seizure inducing episode.
  4. For me: Elementary = NES/ SNES Junior High = N64 Senior High = Gamecube College = Wii/Wii U Post Grad = Switch My college years and onward I was working but the early days of the Wii I was still a scrub at my job so my responsibilities were minimal. College wasn't too bad then either so I had a ton of time to game. It was around the later years of the Wii's life and on into Wii U that my gaming time dwindled as accelerated and promoted into new positions where I worked among other things. My current job after Toys R Us, while great especially with
  5. I'm pretty sure that they're decision to cut support here isn't because the original has more content than what SMM2 has. That's what I'm not getting with the example being used here. Hypothetically, if we got Ultimate on Wii U and and Smash 4 on Switch and Nintendo decided to cut server support for Ultimate the reason is not going to be because Ultimate has more content.
  6. Can't wait! Still remember playing the original on the DS for the first time and just being completely sucked into the world. Definitely helped it just had a cool art direction, fun as heck battle system and catchy music. Speaking of Minamimoto's return, I am now listening to this in celebration! Edit: After watching some clips it seems like the only version of the game where the song below plays during a Sho fight is in the original DS game. Looks like the track was changed to Transformation for other versions of the game.
  7. I was just talking about this in your SNES anniversary thread but this game was a bonding moment for me and my dad when we first got the SNES. I owe much of my interest in that franchise to those days we played the original so many years ago. But that game was the beginning and mostly the end of my dads affiliation with the series. While my dad did play F-Zero X a bit it was never at the same depth as when he played the original. With the original he put tons of hours into each machine before finally settling on Fire Stingray as his go to selection. In X, he mostly only played with Fire S
  8. The SNES was definitely the console that cemented me as a gamer for life. My family had the NES and my favorite game of all time SMB3 created some great memories, but I think the SNES was where it really hit home. Before we ever got it my cousins had it for Christmas with games like Super Mario World, Final Fight, Madden and ActRaiser. When we finally got it we had all of those games (sans Actraiser) but then Sim City and F-Zero were added to the mix. So many hours spent in games like Super Mario World and my older brother and dad with Madden. Frustrating times with Final Fight since as a
  9. The Electabuzz event was great, found a couple of decent ones, ran across three shinies but I've been trying to evolve Electabuzz for a while now so this was needed. By the way, why do all Shiny Pokemon seem to suck? The only one of mine that didn't is during the Rhyhorn event a while back. I have a pretty great shiny Rhyperior because of it but nothing else.
  10. The DC MAGA March is confusing because what exactly are they marching for? To fight against a rigged election that they can't explain how it's rigged? It's hilarious seeing some of the people interviewed from that event and hearing the things they say is legitimately crazy. I know, that sounds redundant considering what we've seen the last several year but even in my personal experience when I ask questions, seeking to understand the logic from people I know that are devout Trumpers and hearing them come with a nothing answer yet believe in the rhetoric anyway is madness.
  11. Wow, Bump of Chicken is a name I haven't heard of since the opening theme for Tales of the Abyss. This track was pretty good though and the footage was cut pretty well! The style of it gave me similar vibes to the promotional trailer they cut for Sun/Moon back when it came out.
  12. The battles were fun but definitely could have used more human player representation for ultimate chaos I didn't fare nearly as well as I would have liked but I still had fun.
  13. Like PB I think we got the game from the MK8 promotion on Wii U. I actually really enjoyed my time with the game but it was a bit short without much to do replayability wise. Hopefully, there's far more to Pikmin 4 as a result if it's still waiting in the wings.
  14. After a good night's sleep it was great to wake up knowing that despite the challenges ahead that there will be more competent heads leading the country after January. And I was thinking, a few weeks back my girlfriend and I visited the Washington Oaks Garden Park in Palm Coast and man did they have a ton of Trump supporters there. Very wealthy area, tons of amazing and unique looking mansions and seaside homes ruined with giant Trump/Pence banners displayed across them. Definitely want to visit that park again, but I'll be honest that part of that is being able to weather the 15 mile drive
  15. I still can't even put into words how I'm feeling right now, but this is the result we needed. I'm loving all the images of people around the country coming together to celebrate!
  16. I'm curious about the streaming games. I dunno about Hitman or Control, but if they bring over RE7 like they did in Japan or Phantasy Star Online 2... I might bite.
  17. So Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court. If there is any good that can come out of 2020, let Biden steamroll Trump next week; let there be a blue wave and let the clean up begin in earnest.
  18. Gengar's costumer almost looks like a frankensteiny version of Banette and the nail in the head reminds me of the animation for Curse in the traditional games. What does Sableye's look like? Also, did not see a single Galarian Ponyta, just a bunch of Farfetch'd. I have enough to evolve but none with decent stats that I want to do so at the moment.
  19. Never commented from the race nights, but pretty good races for a fairly decent turnout. Also, kudos to you Surge helping K-Pop with her little scheme; was definitely a surprising addition to the race roster XD
  20. That collector's edition is glorious!
  21. Early voting began in Florida and in my humble little city it was nice to see people out and doing their thing at the various voting precincts I pass by on my way to and from work. They were respecting social distancing rules outside from what I saw so hopefully it was the same inside as well.
  22. Not surprised Trump is on the lying bandwagon (okay, he didn't exactly get off of it at any point, I'm just saying...) as I also read an article earlier where he has been focusing on his crowd sizes versus Biden's as proof of his potential to win. Nevermind that Biden's camp is actually embracing social distancing measures but of course he won't let a little fact like that deter his rhetoric.
  23. That Melia is absolutely divine! Pretty awesome sculpt on that one. Also really like the Bayonetta Nendoroid too
  24. Thinking? This is the same guy who spends $70k on on a hair stylist and still walks around in public looking like straight dumpster juice. Anyway, currently awaiting my absentee ballot. Would love to vote him out in line and in person but I'm not trying to involve myself in crowds at the moment.
  25. I feel like the Layton series had a pretty good run after blowing up on the DS and sort of hitting a sunset with the 3DS. They just weren't able to really inject much more into the series to make it click with people afterward. Yokai Watch I felt was somewhat mismanaged after it found some early popularity and just wasn't able to sustain it. I still remember the game blowing up in Japan and not thinking it would do much overseas but even here in the states at least the first two games were pretty big and there was something of a media presence too. It was actually kind of cool seeing merch
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