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  1. I still remember being really excited at the prospect of the VC and eventually WiiWare when it was coming around. I never dipped around too much in some of the best WiiWare had to offer primarily because I bought so much physical software for the console that I spent a lot of time on, but I played some good ones and those that I enjoyed and remember really well. One WiiWare title in particular that stands out is OnSlaught which most probably remember for a certain "and that's why you're still a kid!" line while you fought the alien insect menace. It was also online cooperative which was cool at the time for a WiiWare game fairly early on in the system's life.
  2. Toys R US shutting down

    I'd be surprised if something goes through since this was part of the plan prior to a hearing that took place last Thursday. It's part of the reason why the rumors had been circling most of that week but officially nothing came down the pipeline until Thursday evening. Would be nice though if it did happen to keep some element of the business around. As for the second part, I honestly don't know. When we were talking about the situation at work when the whole 200 stores plan was circulating as a possible back up it was mentioned that a buyer would have to take on all the assets of the remaining stores as well as the debt. I'm assuming they meant the remaining debt since the consolidation and liquidation of all the other stores that don't make the cut (if this plan goes through) would be generating the capital to begin paying dues to their creditors.
  3. Sucks, I'll be at work all day when it airs so I'll have to check it out later.
  4. Toys R US shutting down

    Not altogether tied with this topic... or maybe it is, I dunno. But for those planning on taking advantage of liquidation/clearance "sales" and the like, for the love of god please be courteous to the staff. The past few days alone have been filled with people acting like entitled jerks (to put it nicely) because the stores are soon to close and they're out looking for a deal. I don't mean people coming in and asking when liquidation is starting because that's innocent and general enough, but people coming in with an attitude because we don't have a certain item in stock (for obvious reasons), twisting the knife with snide comments when they can't haggle their way down to a lower price (because we aren't in liquidation yet and so until that time it's still business as usual) or generally being nasty or rude for other reasons. Don't get me wrong, I'm always down to check out good deals too but just be considerate about it. There is a lot that is still out of our hands and will be even moreso when the assets are no longer ours to control at which point any kind of haggling will need to be handled by the supervisor overseeing the liquidation process, not TRU/BRU staff. For the most part people have been generally kind and understanding. Most I've talked to about the situation would actually stop and chat about their memories and how unfair it is that things turned out this way. One lady who was pregnant was almost at the point to tears because her children will be born after the store are gone and they will grow up in a world without Toys R Us. But I know the closer we get to the closing date there will be less of those people and more of the "vultures" so to speak. So yeah just, exercise some discretion.
  5. What is your favorite Mario game?

    Super Mario Bros. 3 forever remains a special game in my heart and not just for Mario but any game. But there's a lot of nostalgia tied into those reasons which makes things a bit unfair. If anything though, following that I'd probably have to say Super Mario Galaxy. I haven't run through the entirety of Odyssey yet because I'm so tied up in Xenoblade right now, but I plan on finishing it and just watching my brother's playthrough I can see Odyssey taking over Galaxy on that vote too. I just want to finish it out first before making that distinction.
  6. Sweet package, but man, sucks a physical release didn't crop up until now though. I know who Mighty is, but what's the other character's name?
  7. Toys R US shutting down

    First year I started working there was the year Wii came out. I started working in September and managed to save up enough cash by launch date to go completely HAM with software and accessories alongside the console. It was one of my first major purchases and my bro and I even lined up at around 4am just to preorder the thing when they went live and I'll never forget that we got the second to last preorder so we got there just in time. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to manage that since the timing with being hired was perfect. Since then it has been an adventure learning and moving my way around and up in the store and making friends of coworkers that I will remember for a lifetime. Never expected to be there as long as I have and I'm really disappointed that this is how things have to end. I fear more for the people who have created careers and had their lives centered around the company to support themselves and now they're gonna be back on the job hunt. Some of these people have been with the company for 25+ years, starting their work when I was still in elementary school. Back when buying games required you to take tickets up to a booth to get a copy because they didn't yet establish a dedicated electronics department (RZone). it's rough and I'm not looking forward to the reactions my fellow coworkers and customers alike will have over the next few months as the reality of things slowly start to settle in as the shelves empty out and the building slowly becomes little more than an open warehouse.
  8. Kirby Star Allies

    As far as I can remember? Nope. Like, cameo appearances with the stone ability I think but as an actual "element" in the game? I don't recall anything.
  9. I can see it being a really popular mode at gatherings like cons and the like. Pretty cool they went to those lengths with the tools available to them.
  10. Just got done playing a bit of XBC2 and I came back to add some music stuff to the one addition idea I had fleshed out which was the addition of Rex... only to see you listed a bunch of the same tracks I would have chosen and then some! Honestly, much of this list should be pared down but the OST in the game has so many tracks that would work well in Smash that it's tough to make those cuts, lol. Though I'd also add in the Giga Rosa Theme too. Like, I saw Drifting Soul on your list and I was like, ehhhh, that could probably be cut. But then I remember some vocal tracks in past Smash games that oddly seemed to fight the fray like Calling to the Night from the Shadow Moses stage in Brawl. Really pulling for Zeke's theme though, that's just an awesome theme to fight to.
  11. Hopeful Character Additions: Bomberman Agreed with PB on this one but in addition his arsenal could make for an interesting gameplay dynamic. Stage(s): Old School Considering the top down nature of Bomberman games and their maps I'm not too sure how they would make this work but at least one stage should be based on the classic map from the original. Maybe it could cycle between maps somehow over the course of the match. Simon Belmont Gotta have a Castlevania rep at some point and Simon is the most popular of the Belmont clan. Bringing in his use of the Vampire Killer and maybe even some of the secondary items/weapons used in the games could make him an interesting character addition gameplay wise, too. Stage(s): Clock Tower [Super Castlevania IV] One of the few areas of the game that I distinctly remember other than the graveyard in the beginning. They could do some interesting stuff here with regard to stage hazards and interesting platform placement and movement. Rex Latest Xenoblade protagonist and could bring some interesting stuff to the table thanks to how blades and combat system works in XBC2. Taking an idea I presented from the Direct thread; they could pull a mix of Pokemon Trainer/Ice Climbers for Rex and Pyra and maybe some other blades. To at least keep with the spirit of XBC2's battle system. Otherwise, maybe it could just be like Pokemon Trainer but Blade characters in the background can change showing them supplying energy to Rex while his weapons and movesets change depending on the Blade in play. But I wonder what form the Final Smash would take? Would it simply be another chain attack like Shulk's? Or would they go into things a bit more and somehow add in the Burst elements as well? There's a lot of cool ways they could approach this. Stage(s): Alrest/Azurda Fast Travel Basically, the players fight on Azurda's back as he flies around different titans specifically near key areas of where the game's story takes place. Certain elements of each area will play a part of the battlefield while Azurda is in proximity to that titan until it transitions (fast travels essentially) to the next titan. Gormott Province This would essentially function similarly to Gaur Plains from the last Smash game since it's also an open area with sprawling fields and greenery much like Gaur Plains was from the first XBC. Land of Morytha/Rhadamanthus The battle starts in the Land of Morytha then slowly transitions up the World Tree touching on areas like the mid floor "Mizar", the perimeter where you encounter Amalthus and his ability to control the titans, the ruins of what was thought to be Elysium and finally ending in the hangar where the Artifice: AION is stored. Then transitions out into space and descends back to Morytha to begin the cycle again.
  12. Good point and I totally forgot about that interview so you're probably right that it could be going the significant update route.
  13. Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Ten Years Later

    I was never much for the hugely competitive scene so I never really saw eye to eye with the alleged "issues" of the game. Other than the tripping mechanic it was a fantastic experience all around and I really enjoyed the addition of the Subspace Emissary. The hype surrounding the game was intense though and I remember staying up late to see updates on the Dojo and scouring a number of sites for any bit of info no matter how trivial just to know more about the game prior to release.
  14. Games you wish they made

    Going off your Crystal Chronicles suggestion I hoped that the version of FF:CC they showed during one of the Wii's showcase trailers would end up actually being made. Yeah, we got a really weird port of Echoes of Time from DS and The Crystal Bearers which was an interesting departure of sorts, but always wanted to see what would have become of the game they initially revealed in that preview reel. Also, would be nice to see what the original concept for Xenoblade Chronicles X would have been if they didn't decide to have a central online element and player avatar partway through development. There's a lot in the artbook that came with the special edition that seems was cut because of the change which is a big reason why many want to see a sequel to that game along with the cliffhanger among other things Other than that, it would be kind of neat to have an MMO based on XCX.
  15. Kirby Star Allies

    I was a bit hyped about them showing Marx. lol Played the demo with Krazy and had fun with it. A lot of elements give me a Superstar mixed with Crystal Shards kind of vibe with the cooperative play and being able to enhance weapons/abilities with the powers of your teammates. That was a nice touch.