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  1. Potential for a physical release of this game in the works now, too.
  2. Next ARMS fighter could be coming soon

    I need to jump back into this and get back to workin' my boy Kid Cobra! Looking forward to what new stuff is on the way, that's for sure.
  3. I still have a few of the other Layton games to beat but they've been pretty fun so I've no real reason to pass on this.
  4. I enjoyed XCX for what it was but it makes me wonder what kind of game it would have been if they stuck with the original idea of focusing on characters and story.
  5. There's no reason why sports games shouldn't be on it. Given the kind of attention and TLC that they give other platforms, while I doubt the Nintendo iteration of these games will sell on par with the competition they could certainly stand to be a lot more successful than some would believe and actually build a base that's more attractive to those games. Once upon a time EA's sports games did well on Nintendo platforms and even on Wii they found some success until sort of self sabotaged themselves with odd additions/changes. The problem here though would be EA relying on a sports game as a test bed for future support, although PB pointed out it isn't just Fifa but then what else do they have?
  6. GN - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 composer shares a detailed look at the immense scope of the project Mitsuda who is composing the soundtrack for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been doing updates on his team's progress for a while now right on up to wrapping up recording not too long ago. If Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X were anything to go by it could be rightly assumed that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be a massive game full of content as well. However, just getting an idea of the work going into the game's soundtrack might lend some idea to just how big it might be. Check out the following:
  7. Even if I can save some items through the dog that's better than nothing, predetermined checkpoints are even better. I may give this a shot when it comes around in that case.
  8. The Flame in the Flood seems kind of neat. But I hope it's not one of those survival games where if you die you have to start ALL over. I got Don't Starve on Wii U and while it's fun it's pretty difficult and if you die you DIE, that's it! I think I managed to make it to my first winter one time and I didn't even survive it. I didn't even starve like the game says, I was killed! But no seriously, it might be n00b tier but I prefer not to start all over when I die. Let me continue from a certain point and learn from my mistakes to progress further from that point rather than way back from the beginning.
  9. I'm still rockin' the og Cosmo Black 3DS so I'm due for an upgrade, lol. Though I was looking at the New 2DS XL as well but this... this changes er'rythang!
  10. I still need to jump into this game, I already have the Switch App so I can start getting some of these things. My bro already got it, I've just been trying to play through some of my other games first.
  11. I checked out a gameplay video since the trailer was interesting enough. Definitely getting some Dead Space-ish is vibes from it but it actually looks pretty darn good, too.
  12. I wonder what the specific ratings issue was? Was something found within the game that the ESRB missed that would cause a change in its rating or something?
  13. Nintendo hit with a Joycon lawsuit

    It's like the Wii all over again, lol. But yeah both of those devices don't even come off the same as the Switch/Joy con. It's almost like their entire case is based on the controllers being able to attach/detach from the unit and even their solutions are completely different from how it works on Switch with its Joy cons, among a myriad of other things.
  14. Must have been, cause I mean... Mayo? Over Ketchup? In a world where Trump is president this also confirms that we are in the worst of timelines!!
  15. That Samus 3DS... I have a mighty NEEEEEED!!