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  1. Waluigi needs his time to shine! Although I wouldn't mind Wart, Geno or Fawful.
  2. Kezay

    Jet Li looking kind of rough of late...

    Wow. I can't remember the last movie I saw him in but he looks totally different. Knowing what he's going through though, I hope he pulls through and makes out alright.
  3. Kezay

    Bioha7ard is coming to Switch...

    Maybe it will come in due time? How long did it take them to localize the Switch version of Monster Hunter XX? Maybe that's the time table we get to work with
  4. I'll wait and see but I'll be happy if it's true. Yeah, Ridley will be hype of course and I'm sure the return of the Ice Climbers will draw a lot of talk but I'm curious to see how they tackle a Castlevania rep and what his moveset will be like. I'm just really looking forward to the reveal of this next Smash, I can't wait!!
  5. Kezay

    Bioha7ard is coming to Switch...

    His enthusiasm is infectious, admittedly it makes me a bit less critical of it, but not by much. But I'm surprised he's so surprised by this even in Nintendo's regard just because it's not something they ever really talked about or hinted at. I can't recall if Wii had any such games but the 3DS has a version of Dragon Quest X that is streamed from the cloud.
  6. Kezay

    Yoshi the Labo dino?

    I never really stopped to consider that they could include modes or something that could be designed around taking advantage of Labo. But I can't see it being such a huge feature of the game as the reason for holding back talking about it much. Then again when it comes to Nintendo surprises of all kinds are on the table so I certainly wouldn't rule out what you and your bro are thinking here.
  7. Kezay

    Bioha7ard is coming to Switch...

    That's an interesting way to do things and I wonder if they'll release any info about why this is the route they chose to take. Phantasy Star Online 2 is headed to Switch as well and it too is cloud based.
  8. Late reply to Thurs. tourney but it was fun despite my performance issues. I was placing in the bottom ranks way too consistently so I gotta step things up a bit. Still had fun though!
  9. Kezay

    Physical or Digital

    I lean more towards physical but don't mind the digital route if necessary. But if given the option, definitely physical.
  10. I dunno about Call of Duty 3 but I heavily played every other CoD game campaign and all on Wii and they played just fine, even better considering the way shooters played using the Wii Remote. Though I didn't put as much time into MW3 as the others I still played that a lot too. Even so, it's a shame Activision has been gun shy (heh) with the series on Nintendo platforms the past few years. It was pretty cool that both Wii and DS were seeing frequent releases of the games but after Black Ops 2 and Ghosts on Wii U there wasn't anything else and even the 3DS didn't see a Call of Duty game at all. Even if it were a market performance thing Switch has been a near complete reverse of the Wii U that actually saw two CoD games I believe but there hasn't even been a hint of Activision wanting to even bother doing anything with Switch.
  11. Back when it first came out on Wii I wanted to give it a try since it seemed like a heavily expanded Wii Sports Resort but the open world nature of being able to go anywhere and play a ton of different activities gave it a different kind of vibe. Pretty much an out of nowhere announcement to see it ported to the Switch though.
  12. Surprised there aren't any other comments in this thread considering how good Aces looks and that additional content can be unlocked through the demo to try out as well among other things. Definitely gonna have to give it a shot, havent' done much gaming lately but I gotta see what the new Mario Tennis is bringing to the library.
  13. If true I think it could be pretty cool depending on how they handle it. If anything I'm interested in seeing how they balance use of different vehicle types (Walker vs Arwing for instance if that's a possibility) as well as how they design tracks based on the existing locations from various Starfox games. I'd love to see how they tackle maps like Macbeth, Solar and Zoness.
  14. We'll see Emily. But I suppose some sort of info is expected soon anyway with E3 being just a month or so away at this point and we may even see a Direct in the meantime.
  15. True, I'm not saying sports games aren't there but it's definitely an under served genre on the system that leaves an opening for indie sports titles to fill. Though I should also mention that while they did give us 2K18 they also gave us WWE 2K18 which was hot garbage at release and they have done nothing to urge Yukes to fix/patch all the issues plaguing that game. The fact they released it in the state that it's in and have done little to nothing to bring up to an acceptable standard should have more vocal support behind it but the game likely bombed anyway from how they handled it so there likely aren't many voices to convey that disappointment to begin with.