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  1. Land of the Rising Sun Switch!
  2. That Blade Strangers cover art is pretty great!
  3. Man, NoE really went all out for their special edition. Quite jealous, quite jealous indeed!
  4. This I agree with if the time to release is a pretty long ways off from the point of announcement.
  5. On the one hand it could have an impact, on the other hand Nintendo seems pretty adamant on maintaining certain price points so it could very well be something that exists in a vacuum where Sega has much cheaper games via this method than Nintendo or anyone else has via the Virtual Console. But you never know, Nintendo wants to be a more flexible company according to an interview regarding why they agreed to cross platform multiplayer so maybe they can bend on this too?
  6. So far I've only completed Grand Prix on Lv. 2, lol. But it helped me get better acclimated to different fighters and how to even play as I went along. Ninjara was my favorite during the Test Punch, Kid Cobra has just about taken that spot though. We'll see how much my favorite characters list changes as I move up level by level.
  7. Would be pretty amazing if so. Nintendo first party has been killing it for 2017 up to now and going forward. 2018 would be incredible to see stacked with a bunch of big games and reveals as well.
  8. Would be nice to see something of the Switch version but more info on the game in general is a plus so there's something to take away from it.
  9. Attack on Titan was so great this season and I'm glad they're not doing such a ridiculously long hiatus for the next one this time. So many impactful scenes, seeing awesome moments masterfully animated and with the music in many of them... just some of the best stuff around.
  10. Wait... River City Knights of Justice is coming out in NA this week!? I could have sworn that was just recently announced, right? I'm almost positive I saw a recent thread PB or someone made about it just a couple of weeks back or so. O_o
  11. We saw it with Breath of the Wild last year and before that was years earlier with the Wii's formal appearance at E3 2006. (can't remember if such a thing happened for Twilight Princess in 2004) But once again those at attendance at E3 made a mad dash for Nintendo's booth when the doors opened on the final day of E3 in order to play the new hotness which this time around was Super Mario Odyssey.
  12. Glad a Pokemon game is coming to Switch but I'm not so keen on the Stars rumor anymore. It always seemed like a really convenient way to slot it in as plausible occurrence by adopting Sun and Moon's naming conventions and assuming it as a third version.
  13. Glad to see the first of the new fighters. I didn't check out the last bits of Treehouse Live so I missed the reveal but he still seems like an interesting character especially donning championship belts as part of his attire. He is supposed to be the winningest ARMS challenger in history or something, right?
  14. Like Silicon Knights it seems like once Factor 5 moved on from Nintendo they tripped and fell into a rough spot.
  15. A few of these I didn't know about. It was pretty cool spotting some of the ones I did know when watching the trailer. I like how Nintendo tends to have a knack for hitting those nostalgia strings without being too heavy handed about it. ^_^