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  1. Things do change as development goes on (both for the better and for the worse) which is why you typically see the whole "game footage not final" tagline applied to a lot of in game footage including Sword and Shield's trailers.  Gamexplain did a pretty good video pointing out a lot of the positive changes and still remaining pitfalls from the initial reveal trailer and the trailer shown during the Pokemon Direct prior to E3 week.  Reservations still in tow but seemed pleased with the advancements and changes on display between presentations.  I'm looking forward to seeing if they do an update to that analysis following what we know out of E3 where the verdict stands then.


    But to your point, regardless of how well the game may do commercially is not really an all encompassing reason around whether or not the game's visuals can/will improve.  I don't think anyone arguing the point are expecting a complete overhaul but it's not much to expect, for example, texture work in areas to be touched up and improved as development progresses.


    Edit: just to clarify this post was for Ridley, was posting from my phone so I guess something went weird and it doesn't show me quoting him. Sorry for any confusion on this one Doc. 😅

  2. 20 minutes ago, Doc Brown said:

    I agree to disagree with you on that one. As I wasn't even insulting the game, one, and two, I'm aware that there is still work to do. And three, I'm of the mind of seeing where things go. That said, I find nothing wrong with thinking something doesn't look all that hot. I'm honestly not even remotely frustrated at this point. And I don't even care that they're removing Pokémon. I get why some people don't like it though. But it is what it is. Only real issue I do have, in terms of feeling worried, is that it feels rather sterile to me some how. First time I can actually say that about a Pokémon game. I'm hoping that it doesn't feel the same way to me by the time it hits the market.

    Didn't mean to insinuate it was you insulting the game just bringing up where some of the reaction around Pokemon being cut is starting to lean towards. That comparison between the two games mentioned before being an example of that.

  3. On 6/22/2019 at 8:01 PM, Doc Brown said:

    Heck just showed my mom the pic from Sword/Shield and XD and she thought things were horrible in regards to the clarity of the graphics and didn't want to buy the game. Can't say that I blame her for feeling that way. I can see where you're coming from as well, @DLurkster, it's kind of me too, but I still feel as if something is missing there, spirit wise in game. It feels rather sterile right now. Just hoping that the final product has any issues/problems ironed out by then.

    It's a pretty bad comparison in general. Ther s still work to be done in Sword/Shield for sure but it's doing nothing but taking potshots to line up Pokemon XD next to it like that. There's no real messsge being put forth doing that and instead is an example of people insisting on reasons to bash the game elsewhere out of frustration around the controversy this game is seeing. It's a big reason why I can't buy the laziness angle because it's such a fundamentally empty hot take with how most are approaching it.  

  4. On 6/20/2019 at 9:43 PM, DLurkster said:

    No, to my understanding but you can create dungeons that have sub-levels. You may not be able to stack floors but at you can make basement levels.

    I figured they wouldn't get too elaborate with it but just curious how far they might go.  I already have it in mind that something like Eagle's Tower won't be possible but being able to have arrangements that can provide some additional challenge or obstacle for players to get around would be neat.

  5. That's kind of putting words in my mouth as I never argued that their method of adding to the experience across various games is what I consider some standard for creativity.  That's just where my disagreement comes in if we're going to be talking about laziness and complacency.  I don't want to get into the empty argument of suggesting "they could have done worse, they could have done nothing" but the fact of the matter is a lot of the features they produce aren't necessarily arbitrary additions.  They're ideas that they actually help build the game around for some purpose or another.  That it doesn't go far enough for some people is one thing but to dial it back to zero as the developer being lazy is a generalization that I don't feel is warranted here.  As you said, maybe we'll just have to agree to disagree because clearly we're seeing this from two different extremes.

  6. Each game has always had some kind of advancement in one form or another whether it be the size of the game world, what can be done in that world and various changes to the content over time that gives each entry its own unique space in the series. By virtue of what you're arguing here, that they place focus on new exotic Pokemon and new gimmicks as their focus, in my eyes, does no favors to the accusation that they're being complacent and lazy when they're actually trying to brainstorm new ideas to add to the experience. 


    Part of building that brand is acknowledging the changes that come with driving something that is clearly as ever changing as Pokemon has been.  Gimmicks and new animals is not a new concept for the series.  Just about every entry since the beginning has introduced some new mechanic or feature that has enhanced that game in some way.  Some of those features have carried over, some haven't,  but there has almost always been an introduction of something new in these games outside of having new Pokemon to catch.

  7. So in other news:


    Trump held a rally in Orlando for his 2020 run.  Among many other elements of absolute BS, he claimed that if he were elected again he would cure cancer and aids, probably in an effort to one-up Biden who said he would push to cure cancer if he were to be elected.


    Also claiming that mass deportation of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. will take place starting next week.


    Also claims "both sides" to the Central Park Five case, refuses to back down from the belief that they should have gotten the death penalty...yes, this is after it was proven they did not commit the crime.


    And his cohort McConnell claims reparations are no longer a talking point because, among other things,  America once elected a black president.

  8. On 6/14/2019 at 11:14 PM, purple_beard said:


    And don't forget he was the star of the Nintendo Killer, FF7. The game when Square left Nintendo in the Final Fantasy dust and propelled the PSX into stardom.

    I'm guessing they didn't have that in mind when choosing him though.  Simply put, Cloud is probably the most ubiquitous Final Fantasy character and for the kind of game that Smash is it's probably the most obvious choice.  This isn't All Stars Battle Royale where they settled for peeps like Raiden instead of Snake or DmC Dante instead of DMC Dante. They chose the character that players would connect with the most.

  9. I do want to play this game but I gotta find the time first.  I'm tempted to pick up a steelbook copy I saw at the store that was still available just to have it until i can play it at some point in the future. I always liked the look of the game too back in the day because it seemed different from what Final Fantasy games usually portrayed and the world just seemed a lot more interesting.

  10. BotW is kind of a hard sell to make that comparison by.  There are plenty of games that don't measure up to that pedigree of development and for all the lack of effort those other games have by comparison that doesn't make their efforts lazy in their own right. Aside from the changes the series has steadily seen from iteration to iteration that has advanced its own pedigree, the quality of what it brings to the table is measured in ways that is its own unique brand of entertainment which has allowed it to endure without the need to push the envelope the same way a new Zelda might.  There are areas where I feel like Sword and Shield can improve even from the new stuff that they're doing but it doesn't have to be a transformative experience to make that leap.


    Also, it's not that catching them all is no longer part of the brand but that emphasis isn't nearly as much a driving point for enjoying the games as they used to be.  That they don't even specifically depict that anymore on a surface level is what's telling.  It doesn't do away with it being a part of the experience for some people it's just a bulletpoint that no longer needs emphasis. I'd wager that the expectation of catching all 800+ currently available Pokemon is not the strongest motivating factor for playing these games anymore.  Seeing what new world they've built and what new Pokemon that inhabit it has been a driving force behind each new iteration and what more players can discover within it.  That much has been true since the original Gold and Silver.

  11. You're misrepresenting my point regarding the disingenuous nature of the commentary I'm seeing.  As I mentioned before, criticism is one thing, but relegating the effort of this change to laziness, greed or scheming on the idea that they expect people to buy it up anyway regardless is definitely changing the tone of what is actually happening.  There's criticism and then there's that.


    The issue with RSE is something I don't remember from back then, not that it doesn't excuse anything but it's just news to me that the impetus for the connectivity with Colosseum was a direct result of that.  Feel free to educate me here because I honestly don't know.  But to the point being had with that, it's not to excuse it by saying every generation did it so that makes this okay, it's more that this scenario has happened before and so there may be more to it going forward even taking into account potentially bringing the ones left behind back into a new generation.


    You're right it is a brand, but even the brand doesn't hold as fast to the Gotta Catch Em All moniker anymore.  I don't even remember the last time that tagline share top billing on the game cartridges let alone additional merchandise.  That isn't to say it's not part of its DNA but I think that may be in part due to the realization that catching them all is not nearly as integral to the enjoyment of the brand or its media as it once was.  It has endured in many other ways beyond becoming a Pokémon Master and catching them all. 


    I would certainly hope that in time they offer options to bring everything back under that umbrella going forward so that there aren't Pokémon that are just forever lost to pre-Switch entry software. But when Sword and Shield drops later this year, what they're providing is not a partiality of the advertised experience.

  12. It was from an interview the same year Zelda came out. Aonuma mentioned the capacity that MonolithSoft has helped in the past and that with Breath of the Wild specifically had to do with their knowledge of creating large environments.  They had MonolithSoft assist specifically because of their expertise in this area that the Zelda team may not have had as much experience in. That's what I mean when I'm saying it was a known quantity.


    As for Pokemon, when I talk about constraints it's definitely more about constraints they've set for themselves and have to work within; practicality being the context for whatever constraint that happens to be. This isn't a situation where Gamefreak are selling an incomplete game. It's borderline disingenuous for people to rally around the idea that Gamefreak are being lazy, greedy or otherwise of the belief that they are getting away with fleecing their audience because they expect it to sell anyway.  There's criticism and then there's self indulging cynicism. I sympathize around the idea that people should have an avenue to transfer their content whether that be at launch or later down the line but as Sword and Shield will exist is no different than a new generation that omits all but the Pokemon roster that are default to that version of the game.  But for all intents and purposes Sword and Shield will be a complete experiences at launch barring any controversy about cutting out some portion of the Galar region to sell back as a new chapter in the adventure or something to that effect.

  13. 7 hours ago, DranSeasona said:

    I have no idea how hard it is to build a game with all those upgraded models, but maybe if they increased the size of their development team or outsourced as others have been saying (didn’t Monolith basically save the development of BotW?), maybe then it wouldn’t be so much of a pain?


    I just can’t help but feel that sacrificing part of the franchise’s whole identity (gotta catch em all) is not a good decision. I don’t care about Megas or Z moves. It’s the Pokémon cutting that hurts.

    MonolithSoft didn't save Breath of the Wild as that implies the game's development was in need of saving. Unless I've missed something the credit given to MonolithSoft's support was,more or less, that they have experience with creating large open environments and so Nintendo enlisted their help with the game. A known quantity within the development plan that they had set out. No doubt that expertise helped in a major way but it changes the script quite a bit when their efforts are framed as having "saved" the game's development rather than "supporting" it.


    To that end I get the idea around Game freak needing to outsource more of their work to share the burden of producing the title or expanding their dev team because I'm sure they're seeing bottlenecks in their long lived processes with these games. But I don't think it's something that necessarily has surprised them as much as they've acknowledged constraints and are instead choosing to work within them. 

  14. So our first E3 without Reggie has come and gone. 


    The man that made waves during his E3 stage debut nearly 15 years ago amidst a period of transition within Nintendo quickly became a household icon that would grow and endure throughout the entirety of his tenure with the company.  I mean, it's quite the pat on the back when fans largely considered him part of the Triforce when he, Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto showed up to present Nintendo's E3 efforts together.  He saw Nintendo through their highest highs and lowest lows and for every moment that many fans couldn't wait to hear about the next big project from some of the company's biggest names there was always a want to see how Reggie would be involved in debuting the next big thing. Reggie's retirement was announced back in February to be effective on April 15th, well over a month ahead of E3. Various members both within and outside the gaming industry congratulated him on a job well done and expressed their thoughts and gratitude regarding his impact and influence on the world of gaming.  15 years is a long stretch for anyone at any company so it's quite the torch to have to pass for the next one in line lucky enough to have that honor.


    Enter Doug Bowser.


    Doug Bowser is definitely no Reggie, but there isn't a need for him to carry the same torch that Reggie did.  Those are some big shoes to fill and very few executives out there could even promote that same level of energy.  If nothing else Doug Bowser at the very least has come to embody the fun loving and imaginative culture of the company.  Besides the obvious parallels between his name and the Koopa King and playing to that gag in first E3 presentation he seems to have a pretty good grasp on what it means to carry the weight of the brand and project the values and culture of the company in his public appearances.  If nothing else, the man is off to a solid start and while his mannerisms are more subdued than his predecessor I'm looking forward to seeing how he comes into his own as the head of legendary brand and all that it entails.


    It's also pretty interesting how Reggie was ushered in with the announcement of a major new entry in the Zelda franchise as was Doug this past week as well. 



  15. My only problem with that theory, albeit a trivial one, is the connection that Ganondorf snaps his neck back in place after the whole deal with Zant snapping his own neck Twilight Princess which causes Ganondorf's death in that game.  Thing is, when Zant did that to himself, it didn't make Ganondorf's neck snap as well; it simply severed whatever remaining connection that Ganondorf had to Zant and ultimately killed him.  But maybe I'm taking it too literally and maybe the neck snapping into place, while not entirely accurate, is meant to be a direct callback without being super on the nose about it.


    For all intents and purposes, it's a really great theory and I'm pretty astounded seeing the connections being made.

  16. 10 hours ago, purple_beard said:

    I haven't been a Pokemon player and my only real investment with any Pokemon game was Pokemon Stadium / N64 and my brother got me to play him some on both Pokken Tournament games.


    One the concepts of the games that escapes me that with SO MANY Pokemon in the game and the tagline "gotta catch 'em all" is that there has to be some that are better than others and what real world benefits would be to having so many different ones because some point I would think that powers/moves get very similar.  I guess, in other words what I am getting at is I can see needing to get your team well rounded with maybe 4-5 of each type fully leveled up so you can make the team you need to beat who you need to beat.  And that point a lot of the "lesser" Pokemon fall away from just not being what you need.  I am willing to have my opinion contradicted  though, that said, my brother who has loved the series since the beginning hasn't convinced me that you need them all and all are worth it.


    You're not wrong but I do think it kind of goes into a territory of people's interests being fluid in the kind of Pokemon they want to have on their teams for whatever intended purpose.  There are some Pokemon that just aren't good bets for serious Pokemon competition but that doesn't necessarily mean they are useless because most people aren't playing to compete in tournaments.  Not everyone is playing to compete online.  Not everyone is playing to compete against their friends.  Some people may have "lesser" Pokemon on their team because they simply like the way it looks or maybe they play to a certain theme.  The Pokemon series is definitely getting to a point of bloat, if it hasn't already, with the sheer number of Pokemon that have been introduced over the course of its run, but having that variety is part of what makes everyone's experience so different and is part of their customize their style of play.  Dunsparce, for instance, has been relatively useless from what I understand since the day it was introduced in Gold and Silver and I'd say that's definitely one that isn't needed.  But I don't think I could make that decision for anyone else out there, as unlikely as it is to me, to actually like that particular Pokemon.  I've actually read of people doing their utmost to train it and give it a moveset that could actually make it useful so maybe there is a sense of overcoming challenge with that.


    Back to S&S though specifically, I find what I have seen underwhelming.  Yes, it looks better than any prior portable entry but it in no way looks like a CONSOLE version of Pokemon.


    Based on my limited knowledge of the games and what I have seen form them, I would have done somethings along the lines of following for a console version:


    *Not to say a BotW world is the best choice but I would say that change to a BotW landscape versus prior entries seems ripe for a new Pokemon world.  It wouldn't have to be as dark and realistic but it would be within the wheelhouse of the graphics usage.


    I think an open world Pokemon is the dream everyone is shooting for so I don't think it's impossible.  However, to a degree I think that's part of what the Wild Area in Sword and Shield is supposed to be as something of a compromise.  Considering how large some of the environments are supposed to be throughout the Galar region and how there doesn't seem to be traditional routes and paths like in past games these open free roaming areas are going to be large zones separated by towns and cities.


    *I would think that with all these "regions" in Pokemon there would be some sort of "world map" to where you can visit all regions for all kinds of Pokemon you want--it comes off to me as every game is a one region at a time set up.  And they seem to like to go back and retell the same regions multiple times and haven't really connected different regions.  Again, I could be wrong with my thoughts so anyone feel free to correct me.


    Unless I'm wrong, all of these regions do essentially take place in the same world, however, unless they're direct remakes or a situation like Gold and Silver where you could travel from that game's Johto Region to Kanto from Red and Blue they really don't retell the same regions. There may be hints or notes here and there that reference other regions which helps with the allusion that all of these regions exist in the same world, but that's about it.  And a game that puts you in a world that has every region in it is probably not likely to happen, not anytime soon anyway.  That would be a massive undertaking on its own before even considering a game that does all of that using Sword and Shield's engine.


    *I do see a lot of potential with their set up of  Gyms, Rivals, and Main Rival.  Also, with what my brother has done with PokemonGo and the raids, I see a lot of potential in that too.  Maybe have a real captivating overall story arc to tie all that into a mission?  I do see a lot there with battling to level up your Pokemon and to test your team against other teams.


    The Dynamax battles in the Wild Area definitely seems to take some inspiration from the raids in Pokemon Go and with the whole thing around Dynamax and how it's an everyday occurrence and part of the DNA in Galar region Pokemon battles I'm almost betting there will be story beats centered around that phenomenon.


    Anyways, just a non-player looking at it for what I think would work.


  17. On 6/13/2019 at 9:30 PM, purple_beard said:


    Its called money.... and contracts.  I still wonder how Cloud came over to Smash... and I bet that part of the deal was he had to get TWO Amiibos for him LOL.

    I think it's a bit too simple to boil it down to just money and contracts.  You said it yourself about wondering how Cloud came over to Smash which is arguably a much larger get than any Tales rep or Sora despite how successful KH is.  I mean, there actually is a representation of a protagonists from one of the most successful Tales titles on a Nintendo system within Smash but for whatever reason that's as far as that will ever go.

  18. 3 hours ago, Vector said:

    Ever since the end of Gen V, Game Freak seems to have taken the Pokemon games in a questionable direction; that is, they are putting their focus on drawing in and pandering in a broader audience at the expense of alienating hardcore fans. They ignore common fan complaints about things like friendly rivals and continuous handholding, and give some pretty lame reasons as to why there are doing those things. Add in the casual-friendly gameplay , stories that lack depth compared to ones from previous generations, and it seems like Game Freak is keeping Pokemon from properly evolving as a game series. 


    Rather than taking their time creating a new installment filled with more content, GF seems more than ever committed to half-assed annual releases that do away with the gimmicks from the previous generation, no matter how well-liked they are. This habit feels especially troubling, as Nintendo  is known for taking their time with their in-house titles to make sure that they are a proper expansion of their respective series. And while Nintendo has been recently been more sensitive to fan complaints. GF still makes the same decisions that fans hate so much. This all came to a head when they announced that Pokemon not from the Galar Pokedex would not be programmed into Sword and Shield. Because of this, I can't see Nintendo being too happy with GF running one of their most iconic franchises to the ground for the sake of drawing in more audiences. Do you think it's time for Nintendo to step in and do something to save this franchise?



    I think the part in bold is an incredibly fast take based on very little that anyone knows about the relationship that Nintendo has with the Pokemon company that those outside that circle would even know.  I mean, you've just spent two paragraphs talking about how Gamefreak consistently makes "mistakes" with their games with each new installment yet the series continues to prosper while generating new ideas and levels of excitement around the Pokemon brand which in turn generates excitement for Nintendo.  There's a synergy there that isn't being understood by the sect of long time hardcore fans who do feel so down on brand about and what they project is the general feeling all around.  That just isn't the case.


    That's not to say that the brand hasn't had missteps or questionable ideas along the way from a certain perspective but I think the above is filled with a lot of personal disposition about the current state and future of the franchise that isn't taking much to heart about what the franchise as a whole represents in the grand scheme of things.  For instance, Pokemon hasn't particularly been a bastion of storytelling.  While there are games that have stepped out further than most it's hard to really say that there is some logical conclusion that Pokemon should be properly evolving (heh) to some higher standard of storytelling.  We are definitely far and away removed from the days of Red and Blue where the purpose of the journey was primarily to catch them all and/or become Champion but one or both of those elements are still front and center in these games despite what all is happening inbetween Points A and B of that journey.


    I don't say this to suggest that the voices of those with complaints don't matter but I often get a sense of tunnel vision about what the actual problem is when it comes to topics like this because attempts to project that personal investment out to be something far more generalized than what it is.