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  1. Everyone has their own opinions about the series and how it has progressed in some respects and regressed elsewhere, but man, it's a series with some serious tunes. Even games that get joked on a lot, such as Sonic 2006, has some catchy tracks as well. FIgured we could share some of the ones that we like. I'm gonna get things started with a couple from one of the "storybook" games, Sonic and the Secret Rings. Sonic & The Secret Rings - The Night Palace (Unawakening Float) Sonic & The Secret Rings - Levitated Ruin (High & Broken)
  2. I'm surprised that Skullgirls is releasing with so little attention. Just another game on a list of so many others that are landing considering the fanbase it built up at the height of is popularity.
  3. Looks pretty slick and there does seem to be a lot to it. I don't even think the price tag is too much to ask for with regard to what's on offer here. Nothing I'd want to buy but it's a cool little piece of tech.
  4. Totally flaked on the Trapinch event. I'm so used to Comm. days being on Sunday still.
  5. Real shame on the loading times for sure. Was it the same way with the release on other platforms? I wonder if they just didn't optimize well enough for Switch or if it was an issue across the board.
  6. I haven't looked at the stream as I'm going on a media blackout after the last big new Pokemon reveal, but if what you're saying is true that they're just showing a static image then they probably aren't showing a great deal of the area. I also wouldn't doubt that whatever version being shown is purposely throttled to be relatively inactive to prevent any new unrevealed Pokemon they aren't ready to show from spawning and running around. Just the description from your posts makes it sound like it's specifically curated to prevent just a sneak peak at a new area rather than a full on reveal of anything substantial.
  7. To be honest, I thought this was a known thing? Publishers will release a vertical slice of media to the ESRB along with information of what the game is about and ratings are determined based on that. I'm assuming it's a process being done in good faith as any infractions that are contradictory to what rating a game has might constitute a violation against the publisher. (this last part I don't actually know if it's true but it makes sense as a way to hold publishers accountable)
  8. I like that idea for a theme actually! Pretty creative.
  9. It's kind of the same situation as CING where they produced a lot in partnership with Nintendo but they weren't so intrinsically linked that there was an obligation for Nintendo to buy/bail them out. It would have definitely been a gesture of goodwill considering how much of Alphadream's influence helped in the popularity of Nintendo handhelds from GBA going on forward so it would have been nice to see even if just for that. I'm also pretty sure that Nintendo as publisher always had the rights to the series bankruptcy notwithstanding. It's like with the CING example I mentioned above that developed games like Trace Memory/Another Code. We haven't seen another entry since CING went belly up but Nintendo owns the IP.
  10. I should try Hero mode at some point too and get some more mileage out of the game. It's such a charming little package that I really do hope Grezzo/Nintendo take this and start in on remaking the Oracle games.
  11. Liking some of the news here. Glad that HMs are being done away with as the series marches on. I'd like for their to be more puzzle solving elements in the overworld and once upon a time it was a cool idea to think about how much more engaging HMs could be in that regard but there could be potentially better ways of going about that. I really like the idea of not having to necessarily breed to get super competitive Pokemon either. Breeding was never really a huge feature for me throughout the series so I'm cool with other options being looked at.
  12. Just like the first Brain Age it would just become a Sudoku app for me eventually XD
  13. I like the idea behind it, but why two DPads?
  14. The game really is great and I do like that they managed to make updates and a few changes without overwriting the original game's charm or design in the process. I've barely even touched the chamber dungeon feature though so I need to jump into that now that I've beaten the game.
  15. Geez, sorry to hear you've been having to deal with such a royally sucky situation there XLW. Hopefully you can at least get your cash back from your paypal claim but missing out on the limited edition when you thought you already had it on the way is still a bummer. Hoping for all the best that the end result gets you your money back. As for me, finally beat the game this morning. Not 100% but I completed it. The closer I got to the end the more I dreaded it because I didn't want the adventure to end. All of the enhancements they made from the original and some of the new additions were great and the graphics are just so charming and pleasing to look at. I'm really hoping, like others, that Grezzo takes this engine and starts on the Oracle games next.
  16. Can't really say I've experienced many noticeable issues with the game during my play time. The only one of issue I've come across is one that seems to be a common occurrence which is in the swamp area. This took me by surprise. Was fighting the boss of Tail Cave and had half a heart left and I just knew I'd be good because I had a bottled fairy should Link fall in battle. Well, Link fell...and didn't get back up. I hit retry and then quickly checked my inventory to see if maybe I accidentally used the fairy earlier and didn't remember. But nope, it was still there in my inventory. So yeah, don't depend on bottled fairies to auto revive you this time around.
  17. Just got back from the store with both the game and amiibo in hand. ^_^
  18. Never played a Bubsy game before but even then I had a very "who asked for this?" reaction when a new Bubsy game was confirmed to be in development. Moreso than that while I never explicitly sought out info on this game I never even heard until now that the game was an auto runner. And even moreso than that is learning just now that Gaijin Games is now under a new name and has been for at least a few years. I can't say I had any real interest in this Bubsy game and have more reason to stay away hearing about the repetitive nature and extensive load times here, but if nothing else this review at least educated me on a few things I didn't know about previously.
  19. Gotta say, if Gamestops start looking more like that then I would be more compelled to shop there. Right now the only time I pop into a GS is to track down a game I simply can't find anywhere else and because I haven't fully embraced the digital culture yet there are times where that becomes an issue. But this looks really nice and is a nice step up from the current cluttered thrift store-ish look that always felt like a holdover from the days of Babbages and EB Games. Gotta agree about the furniture bit though which seems a little much. Then again, it might not be so bad if the Gamestop is large enough to where they can have days for socializing with table top gaming, tournaments and things like that. If they do want you to be a pro member to play the retro systems then that's a bit much especially if it's only on retro stations and not the gaming stations for current platforms. All in all, I can dig it and I'd like to see how something like this might turn out!
  20. Liquidations are a luck of the draw kind of thing, the part that's gonna be tough is hoping people don't rush down the doors when the discounts are low. I guarantee you that if they do start it will be a slow burn before you see any deep discounts so you likely will see stuff like 5%-10% off on highly sought after merch first. As the weeks go on the discounts will get deeper but the merch that barely moves will receive bigger discounts much more quickly. Liquidation isn't about clearing out stock as quickly as you can, it's about clearing out stock at the greatest rate of return. While the store is gearing up to close down they still have debts to be paid and are still looking to bring in some kind of return even with slashed prices.
  21. I will say that Trials of Mana was up there as one of my favorite announcements out of E3 and it was just a "THE MADMEN FINALLY DID IT" kind of feeling. It was always frustrating why Square Enix never localized the game. I still remember back during the DS days following Chrono Trigger's release on DS that Square Enix had a survey around what game fans wanted them to bring over next and I think Seiken Densetsu 3 won out, but nothing ever came from it. All that time waiting and still no modern, let alone localized, release for a game like that. So for Square Enix to come out swinging with not just a localized release of the original but an announcement of a full on remake, it made my day. All I can say! The mana series in general I really like and would like to see more from it. I have played Final Fantasy Adventure back in the day but never beat. Secret of Mana my bro and I have played to completion; but so far in the collection we dove headfirst into Trials of Mana to finally get a true taste of what it's like to play this game. I remember on the original Nsider forums someone mentioning that it was what they chose to market it as in the west. Final Fantasy had built a name for itself and it would be more ideal to sell the game as a spinoff of that series.
  22. Do they have a list of closings yet? I feel like I have an idea of two of them near me that could be part of that wave. One being in a strip mall that doesn't see much traffic and one in a mall that was once a huge bustling entertainment and shopping area but is now literally being propped up by a JCPenney's, a meager foodcourt and a few business that are somehow still surviving at that location. Even during Christmas it sees very little foot traffic. That sucks though for everyone about to lose their jobs. So many industry changes both from a corporate and consumer perspective just seemed to have blindsided Gamestop and their attempts to catch up or diversify their offerings probably isn't helping nearly as much as expected.
  23. I wonder what this will lead into if it comes to fruition? Clearly something Nintendo is thinking about even if their various approaches to VR have been more experimental what traditional VR options aim for.
  24. ...and there's like no one talking about it. Not just here, but most other places I visit don't seem to have much discussion going on. I know the genre isn't the most hype inducing one out there but after the reception to the Zero Escape series I felt like it would be riding on some kind of excitement the same way the Ace Attorney and Danganronpa series have. With September having quite a few games to play along with some I'm still going through I plan on getting AI even if I don't get to play it for a little bit but it's just weird seeing little to no fanfare for this game when I remember Zero Time Dilemma having at least a little bit of momentum of excitement behind it as it neared release. No launch trailer as of yet but the most recent piece of media is an investigation trailer released not too long ago. Also, it just me or does the narrator's voice sound a lot like the same VA who voiced Naomi in the Trauma Center/Team series?
  25. Saw news about this floating around yesterday. Without more information I just don't see the need or a sense of practicality for the joy con to be hinged like that. Maybe cause it's early and my brain's creative side is still slumbering, but I don't see a real use or reason for it to work like that.