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  1. True, I know Sakurai personally wouldn't want to but I could see it being a request to bring a popular last gen game over to the new platform especially since it isn't backwards compatible. After all, Iwata was planning on a new Smash for Wii at one point to simply be an enhanced version of Melee with online. Whether that was intended to be how a new Smash would appear on the system without Sakurai is something I don't think was elaborated upon though. Anyway, I'll check out your Street Fighter review too.
  2. This was a really nice in depth review which is a lot considering how much content Smash games in general tend to have let alone Smash 4. Haven't had as much time to play it lately but when I was heavily into it the game was almost overwhelming with the amount of stuff you can do but it's still so good. The soundtrack is as good as ever and I think I was most impressed that they included a track from Baten Kaitos Origins. When it first started I didn't think much of it at first and then it started to dawn on me and I was like... is this what I think it is!? I wish they had more tracks from that series because it does have an amazing soundtrack, both games in the series do. Anyway if they do a Smash 4 port for Switch which seems to be a common rumor I hope it combines the best of both the Wii U and 3DS versions.
  3. Beaten by the Ponyta/Rapidash explanations. Maybe the girl is fireproof... or Magcargo's flames are just a really elaborate in world effect by Industrial Light and Magic.
  4. Kirby Superstar is definitely one of the best games we had growing up.
  5. I hope they retain Miiverse just hope it runs a bit better when launching. Would be nice to integrate your Miitomo Mii in some way as well as a sort of medium for customizing it with more stuff.
  6. That chiseled jawline though! Awesome being able to put faces to more names around here. Y'alls is good people. ^_^
  7. I dunno if I ever saw your pic on the NS2 gallery. Then again the thread got so big i sort of just glanced here and there whenever I felt bothered to read through it. You're a cutie, btw. ^_^
  8. Obligated? I wouldn't say that, but some of those games have grown to be expected system sellers for them and expected entries on a new platform by fans. I honestly don't see Nintendo doing without those titles. But in any case, going with your second statement if these "off beat" versions of the game as an addition I don't think I'd be down about it if they turned out alright. After all we didn't get what some nitpickers consider a "real" 3D Mario on Wii U but I immensely enjoyed my time with Super Mario 3D World.
  9. Amiibo have cooled a bit but that's mostly cause new releases have as well. They have a few new lines on the way so we could get better idea of how much appeal they still have but I think Nintendo intends a future with them with Switch still being compatible going forward.
  10. Kind of figured the moment they showed the TV cut off once it was removed from the dock and after hearing the few particulars we now know about the system. If the screen is still touch based then some of the features I did like in some games could still be retained though they won't be immediately accessible as they once were, but still somewhat more convenient even if you have to enter another menu or something.
  11. Man, people still caught up in their feelings over 3D World, SMH. Gamexplain did an eleven minute analysis on that little bit of footage (impressive) and brought up some interesting ideas that might suggest it's more like the 64/Sunshine/Galaxy games. Heck, the way they their speculation progressed it seemed closer to Sunshine in ways with that town area possibly being a hub but instead of being transported to a section of the area where the actual level is you might be able to simply get there on your own as if it were one big seamless world. Would be awesome to see that.
  12. Older pic, used to have it as my avatar for a while on NS2. It's the only one I currently have handy and I haven't really changed much since then so... wala
  13. Oh no doubt, I don't think I even saw one that seemed legit. I saw the one Etika did but he overreacts on all of his which is part of the fun, though.
  14. I think I've viewed it about that many times as well... probably more if you count a few of the reaction videos I watched too.
  15. It's over 10 million now. And still just under fifteen minutes before it has been available for 24 hours.
  16. I dunno how often fan commercials turn out this great but it reminds me back to when someone made a fan commercial for Super Mario Galaxy that showed Mario through the years ending up at Galaxy and then reverting back to his roots in the 8 bit era as a way to show how far the character has come at that point. It was fantastic.
  17. I don't understand the lyrics besides what I'm sure is Pikachu and Mimikyu being repeated every so often. But no matter, it's a cute and catchy song. Mimikyu, you can join my team. Your lullaby rap has more than earned you a spot.
  18. It is fan made apparently which is amazing to think about. It's really well done and I'm sure does a great job hitting home with a lot of longtime fans.
  19. Honestly, since the Wii U and 3DS allowed for much larger storage capacities beyond what Nintendo made standard with them I never saw a problem with it. When the time came, I picked up an external drive with far more capacity than I would ever need for the Wii U which was nice. This time around is a bit tougher because I can't exactly have an external drive just hanging off the unit if I'm out and about using it as a portable. So if it does have expandable memory I wonder how they'll go about it. Yeah, there's always SD cards but you have SanDisk who has a 500GB SD card that retails for hundreds of dollars whereas I bought a 500GB drive for my Wii U for less than the cost of a brand new game. The pros and cons on that don't exactly scale together all that well to say the least.
  20. Suda51 did have an interview not too long ago saying he'd like to return to that some day. He made it seem like it would be a long while off though but I hope that's not the case.
  21. I mean, if Nintendo just creates enhanced versions of what we already have then I'd still expect them to provide a Switch exclusive version of those games in due time. Like, I don't expect an enhanced Mario Kart 8 to be the only Mario Kart on Switch. Would be interesting to see anyway cause it would somewhat break that cycle of only having one entry per platform despite the game technically being derived from a prior platform's iteration in that franchise.
  22. Kind of figured they wouldn't be but if they end up making them available digitally then hey, by all means.
  23. If they do a flat price I can't see them going lower than what they've been charging for digital Wii games which I think have all been $19.99. (correct me if I'm wrong, of course)