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  1. I think the part you're talking about does chime in during the game but there may be a time or two where the track doesn't play all the way. I may be wrong as it has been a while since I played but I'm pretty sure there is at least one time where the full track doesn't play. But Counterattack is a fantastic theme and is basically this game's version of XB1's "Engage the Enemy". As for where you are in the main XB2 game, if you say you're "inside" a titan, then you're at Uraya. Still somewhat early in the game but it's in this section where you'll learn about and pick up on a lot of new gameplay tips and options. Also, Uraya, despite being the inside of a titan, is a MASSIVE open environment too, but the story really ramps up in this part of the game as well. Anyway, going back to the track I mentioned before it only plays early on in the Torna expansion when you fight the first Gargoyle. In the main game, that track doesn't play until the end of the game and is used for a completely different type of enemy. But as mentioned before, unless you're underleveled your party will wipe the enemy out before the song really gets going.
  2. The battle theme is pretty excellent. It's kind of nuts how long the battle theme arrangements are in the Xenoblade games and they remain incredible all throughout, most of the time. However, I am glad they add this theme to the game as well even though I think it only plays in a certain battle near the start of the game. In XB2 it only played in one area and unless you were severely underleveled you would never hear most of the track before defeating the enemy. There is an entire portion of this track I was never able to hear in game because of that so I would listen to it on youtube.
  3. Link's Awakening remake had me giddy. The moment I realized what the opening animation was...boiiiiiiiiii, it was on! Astral Chain looks intense. Not sure why, but when I was first watching it I was kind of getting Xeno vibes from it, in fact early on in the trailer when the characters were transforming or whatever this darkish cube appeared which made me think of "core crystal". But hey, a cool looking action game from Platinum and I'm already there. I am disappointed about the lack of visual Bayonetta 3 progress updates. Starlink update was funny to see because my bro just recently beat the game and now there's even more content on the way. Not all that surprised because I think the game performed best on Switch, no contest and that was no in doubt helped by the Star Fox addition. Daemon X Machina...gotta play the demo. Glad for that update from the Direct at least! Yoshi's Crafted World continues to look as charming and fun as it always has. Didn't even realize a demo for it is out there now too which my brother just told me about a few moments ago! Tetris 99 I want to try too and it's funny seeing people dub it as a battle royale game but it fits. Fire Emblem Three Houses. I want to see more from the game but I thought it looked nice. It's definitely a different kind of setting so I'm curious to see how all of that plays out. Dragon Quest XI S, I definitely plan to get. Even if it was a straight port that was the plan but I like all of the new additions they're throwing in. One of the earliest announced Switch titles even before it began proper Switch development and it's finally on the way! Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 I can't wait to play. Definitely want to play through it with my bro like we did with MUA2 years ago on Wii. Mario Maker 2 was an interesting surprise especially after the expectation that a Wii U port would be the likely candidate. Plenty more I can comment on later like FFIX being surprise released, Rune Factory 5 announcement, some of the upcoming RPGs and many others but this will do for now.
  4. Part of me is expecting it to just hint towards more info on the impending release of the slate of titles that were announced late last year. But I'm certainly crossing my fingers for surprises here. Anyway, there's a lot I'm hoping makes the cut for tomorrow but in particular I hope there is some progress update on Bayonetta 3.
  5. So, I got Torna: The Golden Country back when it first came out but due to a myriad of issues the furthest I got after starting the game was the Danagh Desert. The game would sit at that point for a few months until the past couple of weeks where I would pick it up again and eventually complete it thanks to the free time afforded to me by my new job. All in all, for a DLC expansion there is a lot of content to it despite its scope not approaching nearly the same breadth of material as the base game. But it makes sense as the expansion was focusing specifically on certain characters and events that ultimately supplement many of the story threads in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. If there was any disappointment I had with Torna it's that my expectation of it doing a deeper dive into certain character motivations and origins wasn't met to the degree I would have hoped. Granted, many of those are explained as backstory tidbits throughout XC2 and if you're paying attention there are things that aren't spelled out so obviously if you think about the journey and its effect, good and bad, on the characters involved. Gotta say, without spoiling too much there was something really cool about seeing Addam's true self and an incredibly unrefined Mythra. Lora and Jin are really just the best and Lora's character is awesome to see in action. But seeing how that chapter ends and ultimately sets the eventual stage for XB2 was awesome to see. I think my final play time was around 30+ which is nothing to sniff considering I still have a lot to do in the game still, but certainly a far cry from the 100+ hours I put into every other game bearing the Xenoblade name. I really can't wait to see what MonolithSoft is working on next. It won't be a new Xenoblade but I can't wait to jump into whatever world they're cooking up next.
  6. If the compilation is coming I probably wouldn't expect it getting the Octopath treatment. My guess is that those filings are rather independent of each other unless it's expected that Square Enix is really gonna jump out the box and revamp it with their whole HD-2D special sauce, which would be awesome, don't get me wrong. But I hope the collection comes over as I'd love to play SD3 again ^_^
  7. The idea of a Nintendo Kart has been a popular idea kicked around for a while but I almost feel like at that point you might as well remove Mario Kart from the equation altogether and create a whole new karting franchise that does more than simply being Mario Kart but with guest characters. Otherwise they could do something like Mario Kart: Nintendo Tour or Nintendo All Stars and have it that way but if they're going to include more and more non Mario characters they might as well revamp aspects of the game entirely. I wouldn't mind seeing them ape Diddy Kong Racing and having different vehicles for different types of traversal.
  8. I actually wonder if maybe Nintendo might skip a brand new Mario Kart for this gen just looking at how well MK8D is doing. I wouldn't mind if they started up doing DLC for it again though to keep things fresh and push off a need for a new entry if that's the case but it's just an idea. If a MK9 does come around though I think they might continue what they've been doing lately and have a mix of new tracks and old but I'd like to see more love given to battle mode to drop some new ideas and game types in there. I'm also still pretty keen on them doing something similar to Mission Mode from MKDS.
  9. Fun night for racing especially with the antics in chat. Made for a fun night of karting!
  10. Completely random, but anyone else remember the site n-sider? (yeah, the hyphen is important here :P) I used to love that site back in the day because it was one of the best repositories for legacy Nintendo info. Pretty much one of my primary go to resources for brushing up on stuff like the story surrounding the SNES CD Add On, Hiroshi Yamauchi and passing the torch to Satoru Iwata, development stories like many of the now well known feats by Iwata and a more thorough breakdown of the origins of Retro Studios and Metroid Prime than what IGN had at the time. Just a ton of stuff and I remember not long after joining the original Nsider community and learning about that site I spent weeks just absorbing all of those articles and expanding my knowledge on Nintendo and various goings within the industry in general. Well, I only bring this up because it just sparked in me to see what the site has been doing in the years I haven't looked at it and it's pretty much just a shell of what it once was. Not even the same site and no longer contains all of that information I just spent a paragraph gushing over. But I suppose nothing gold can stay. Just had to walk down memory lane for a bit, I suppose.
  11. XY just did very well out the gate and over the long term. But in terms of sales pace LGPE does have it beat. Took from October 2013 to March 31st 2014 for XY to hit 11.6M. LGPE came out November 2018 and through December 31st was already over 10 million.
  12. Even though it's Smash and Smash just about always does well these are still some massive numbers. I mean, we kind of had an idea when Nintendo mentioned it in PR during the month but seeing the total for just weeks of being on sale is pretty nuts.
  13. Not too long ago Nintendo held their earnings report for the last quarter. What came with it was a revising of their 20M units target for Switch hardware for the fiscal year which while a lower than expected forecast still shows an impressive run for Switch. However, it was a monster in terms of software sales which changed up the chart a bit since the last time I posted this information back in August 2018. The evergreen sellers are putting in work as usual but a huge entry came with Smash Ultimate which quickly grabbed the third slot having already sold over 12M units in little over three weeks from its launch date to the end of tracking for the period on December 31st. Hardware Data Switch Software Data N3DS Software Data Nintendo Switch Hardware - 32.27M Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 15.02M Super Mario Odyssey - 13.76M Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 12.08M TLoZ Breath of the Wild - 11.68M Pokemon Let's Go (Both) - 10M Splatoon 2 - 8.27M Super Mario Party - 5.30M 1-2-Switch - 2.86M Mario Tennis Aces - 2.53M Kirby Star Allies - 2.42M Nintendo 3DS Hardware - 74.84M Mario Kart 7 - 18.11M Pokemon X/Y - 16.37M Pokemon Sun/Moon - 16.14M Pokemon OR/AS - 14.17M New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 13.08M Super Mario 3D Land - 12.41M Animal Crossing New Leaf - 12.10M Super Smash Bros. 3DS - 9.45M Pokemon US/UM - 8.28M Tomodachi Life - 6.40M
  14. Pretty crazy to see how far this is going. Makes as mentioned before since it does seem like MS is moving to a "..." as a service model like they've been doing with products like Office over the years.
  15. I was reading the thread title and I'm like "well, I mean we know upcoming things is a thing" but didn't realize that last bit of info about one for the fans and one tailored for online. The one for fans is hard to nail down as you would think it would be one to make a huge impact when finally announced. There are a few guesses, most of which already said in this thread but even I don't have a confident guess. As for online, the rumored Starfox game makes sense for a variety of reasons but more importantly because of Retro now working on MP4 with the assumption that if the Starfox game is real then ideally they'd be finished with it. But I also think that maybe it will be a surprising new title that isn't tied down to an existing IP like Splatoon was years ago. It's just the "tailored for Switch online" part that is a chin scratcher because I'm curious what that actually means and what the game actually is.
  16. If they do end up making "mini" I wonder what it will look like because it's hard to imagine it being much smaller.
  17. I don't think it had anything to do with being rushed as it's hard to really determine that from what scant information there is surrounding the game.
  18. I haven't found a Shiny since the Totodile event and before that a random Murkrow. I was finding Trapinch like crazy when the Hoenn Celebration event first started but these last few days have been absolutely dry. Plenty of Zigzagoon and Wurmple for days though!
  19. One of the most common replies to Nintendo being so forthcoming with this is how much of a 180 it is as compared to a lot of other publishers, usually western studios. But man, is it telling how Bethesda is the #1 butt of the jokes that have been born from this. I still remember back on GAF before it declined to what it is now there was a thread where people made anagrams out of various gaming oriented names/titles/etc and by some divine prank someone was able to turn Bethesda into Beta Shed. XD
  20. I see what you're saying and yeah it would have been nice. Even with Wii Metroid Prime 3 came in fairly early in its lifespan too so it's gonna be a change of pace having a Metroid for Switch coming out more towards the tail end of its life depending on how long it continues trucking along.
  21. Metroid Prime was a fairly early launch, though. It came out just over a year after the launch of the Gamecube itself.
  22. Surprising bit of news, a little disappointed because it will be that much longer before we see the game but it sounds like it was all for the best. I don't really get much of the complaint about the game being handed off to another studio initially rather than Retro Studios because it's not like we really knew what Retro had been up to at this point anyway. There was always the assumption they were working on another project and so the timing didn't work. But even more to the point is that it also freed up Retro from just being the Metroid studio so that if they were doing something it would be something potentially different. Even though the Retro of today isn't the same as it used to be I can't imagine that they are incapable of putting out a great Metroid considering they had key staff leaving over the course of the original trilogy. I'm sure they'll do wonders with it either way.
  23. I watched it yesterday and it's indeed pretty impressive and a pretty great counter to Ted Cruz's bluster. Speaking of which, I've already seen posts on facebook using the Cruz portion to suggest that his plan was a clear path towards ending the shutdown and that Trump was ready to sign but democrats ruined that chance again. Yeah, there are people out there who still think the shutdown is the fault anyone else but Trump. More annoyingly is the sentiment that this is a "both sides" problem when it's pretty clear who is actually at fault from the onset.
  24. I really like that the Steamworld series has taken off so well since the original. I still gotta catch up on other entries but I'm glad to see another genre take with the series which is helping to keep the whole Steamworld universe fresh!
  25. I've got like two Piloswine so if I have to deal with a ton more Swinub then I hope Mamoswine is coming up.