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  1. I very much agree with that, but as far as I know there hasn't been much said on that front and nothing shown but RE7 Cloud Version. If that's all that can be expected from the RE Engine then I wonder if something with the engine changed along the way where there was nothing more that could be done after Switch specs were made final. It's pretty much speculation more or less at this point. But even so, I'd expect those at Capcom to have some idea of what all of that entails which brings the question of why even talk about DMCV as a prospective Switch title.
  2. The only DMC I played was DMC2 at a friends YEARS ago and then I got DMC4 when the 360. That was it. There's at least two interviews though where the producer of the game has kicked around the idea of getting the series to Nintendo platforms somehow. One was in reference to a question about Dante being in Smash and his response was that the character had to have appeared on the platform in some fashion already and mulled the idea around then. (granted, technically Dante was already there thanks to Project X Zone) The other time I think was in reference to actually doing a compilation of past titles for Switch as an idea. Aside from that though, the whole test games thing just needs to stop. I can totally understand wanting to have a feel for the kinds of titles that might sell comfortably for that market but at least be sensible with it.
  3. I'm surprised that it doesn't seem like more VN title are coming to Switch. I know I'm forgetting a few but the only ones coming to mind now are this and Steins Gate. Huge fan of the Clannad anime but I probably won't be getting this.
  4. Saw Captain Marvel with Krazy on Friday night and overall I thought it was a good movie. Probably my biggest criticism is that there were parts in the first half that felt a bit slow but everything else around that was enjoyable. I also wished Clark Gregg had more appearances throughout. If there is one thing I really enjoyed throughout is how playful much of the main cast seemed to be which made it a fun ride. A nice little palate cleanser before diving into a "post-snap" world with Endgame next month.
  5. And the thing is I totally get that, but if this is the case then why would they even entertain the idea of DMCV on Switch going so far as to say they would consider it if Dragon's Dogma does well? Early on in the Switch's lifespan it was reported that Capcom came to Nintendo with a request to increase the RAM on Switch because of the RE Engine and Nintendo obliged.
  6. It started wtih Ultra Street Fighter II... Then it continued with Monster Hunter XX... Now, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen is up to be tested and if it does well Capcom "might" explore the potential for DMCV on the system. Now, Capcom's Switch support has actually not been too bad with some of the ports and remasters they've done, but the whole test game situation is just not a good look especially when it has been relegated to a few times thus far. Either you plan to bring the game to Switch or you don't, but holding that carrot over everyone is becoming tiring.
  7. From my end it's more of a how do the different configurations work? Even if they feel like they can't show the gameplay for whatever reason there is clearly something up with having an elephant looking one on there. Some elaboration on what these different configurations can be used for is something that could be shown I think.
  8. Surprised there's no video of it in action to go along with the announcement. Even though it's supposed to be pretty basic VR I wonder if existing games can be updated to use it or smaller titles created with it in mind?
  9. Most likely that would be a big barrier as well depending on the game. That and a lot of the development tools that today's indies have sort of gravitated toward might make porting some of those games to newer platforms a lot harder too. It's a shame too because many of the developers behind a lot of those titles are still around so it's not even a case of them closing up shop. But at the same time there are many who no longer are in business or have since moved on from their humble beginnings.
  10. I'm curious if it would even be possible for some devs out there to try to remake or at least port over some of the titles that were on the Wii Shop Channel. Despite being loaded with quite a bit of junk there was a respectable number of gems that came through on the Wii despite the baby steps that were being taken with it having an online storefront. In particular, it's probably games like the Rebirth series from Konami that I'd like the most since I didn't get around to playing those but there are others like Blaster Master Overdrive, FF:CC My Life as King/A Dark Lord, Art Style series, the original series of Bit.Trip games, Lost Winds and many others. Granted, this is just the risk taken with digital storefronts as they'll shut down in due time but if possible there just seems to be a good opportunity to reintroduce some of those titles thanks to how ubiquitous digital storefronts are now on every gaming platform.
  11. Not that I planned on playing a mobile Mario Kart but if it were to become a gacha type of game then that just increases the chances that I would resist any temptation to give it a shot if I my mind were to stray from my resolution to not play a mobile Mario Kart.
  12. Happy belated Birthday, Tiki. Clearly, you've got a profound effect on certain members of our realm! I'm also blown away that Shadow Dragon was ten years ago!?
  13. My favorites are definitely the one with Simon Belmont and Jigglypuff/Inklings!
  14. If the world really does reflect the world map then I'm pretty excited to start exploring it. Blowing up the map and poring over the different details shows some interesting things they're doing with the world and hopefully there's a lot of opportunity to explore considering how huge some of the environments seem to be like that huge snow region. Also hoping most of that surrounding water isn't just world boundary and that there are a lot of hidden things throughout than just the sprinkling of islands that can be seen.
  15. I had to hit the link to make sure it was a legit card and not some off brand sketchy somethin-or-other XD But man, that's a good price!!
  16. The fan amiibo is a really cool thing and I can only imagine how touched the creator of it was to see it in Reggie's farewell video. Man, that's cool! The Doug Bowser memes though...maaaaaaaan, he doesn't yet know what he's in for; but he'll learn. Oh HE'LL LEARN! XD
  17. This man joined Nintendo the year I graduated high school. Crazy how much he was able to become such a big part of the overall discussion with the gaming industry, seeing Nintendo through multiple highs and lows and climbing that corporate ladder like the boss he is. I think everyone is gonna miss that guy but it's a well deserved retirement after all these years. As much as like the Nintendo Direct approach, I wouldn't be against one more E3 press conference to see him off. As for Doug Bowser, 1) Has it really already been four years since he joined!? 2) Here's to hoping he does a great job leading NoA once the Regginator steps away Nintendo is in a really great spot right now so it's a fantastic note to close his chapter on.
  18. Booooooooooo! That's like half of the tourney!! =_=
  19. I don't really keep tabs on the BR scene much at all since I never really touched those games yet. PUBG was fun to watch at first but I never really invested much more time into other games of that genre. But Apex seems to be making a big name for itself, so what exactly sets it apart from the rest? I remember reading a while back that someone was trying to make a BR style game but with magic and mages and stuff like that which seems to be the biggest departure from what I've seen in BR style games so far.
  20. My main draw with this game is that it would probably scratch that itch that I got when my bro and I would play NSMBU and would try to run through the levels without being interrupted as much as possible. It was our way of doing like a Mario parkour kind of thing. That aside though, when you get into that sort of rhythm and it becomes a methodical challenge and your whole sense of focus sort of shifts to doing that. I can see myself enjoying a game like this simply based off of the rudimentary style of play I used to get from that in NSMBU.
  21. While not nearly the same level of "outrage" it does give me flashbacks of the months following the Wind Waker reveal seeing some of the reactions to the game here and there. I wonder what new stuff they'll add in though, if any?
  22. Meant to post about this when I came across it earlier last week but this pretty much gives a roadmap of what the "new company" plans on doing with the brand going forward. Toys 'R' Us Is Making A Comeback As Tru Kids -- With A Modern Customer Approach Basically, some former execs remained to get this upcoming project off the ground and are operating under the name TRU Kids (get it, Toys R Us Kids? Heh...yeah) Anyway, they're still going to continue some of the in store displays that cropped up this past holiday season but are looking to push into having their own brick and mortar establishments as well. If they do, it won't be anything like the previously existing stores as they instead will be operating with a smaller footprint and focusing on in store experiences as part of the business. But that's "IF" they go that route since things still seem to be in planning.
  23. I'm curious to see if anything comes out of it, but if anything is gonna be an initial entry point for VR with Nintendo then LABO definitely fits the bill. I dunno about many existing games being made to work with it at the start so you'll probably get something LABO oriented with some smaller tier titles developed alongside it to use it.
  24. Addam was a great character. Seeing him playing the part of comic relief at times while also being that doting father figure was something I never expected. Seeing his response to Jin and Lora after that first fight is interesting since it almost seems to implicate that Jin and Lora's battle style is what influenced the Blade and Driver system that would eventually exist in XB2.