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  1. "I only know how to ride birds." That part probably got me the most XD
  2. Just to clarify, the information in that link was from a little while ago since there was talk about Game Freak wanting to establish new game ideas for the studio. That initiative is the Gear Project name that they keep bringing up in the article and it's from this program that non-Pokemon game ideas like Town, and in the past, Harmoknight came from. For something of a comparison think about the "Garage" program Nintendo had a few years back which is what helped spawn Splatoon and I think ARMS is credited for coming from that as well. But it gives them a second team to further explore game production outside of Pokemon since they've always had a dedicated development structure specifically for that series. But allowing their teams to work on other projects in different levels of capacity they're able to learn things elsewhere, outside of the environment developing for Pokemon and being able to use what they've learned both on new projects as well as with Pokemon itself.
  3. Unless the plan was to change course from what they stated during E3 it would have been better to just not say anything. Unless he planned to suggest a change then no matter how well intentioned his words he would be in a darned if you do, darned if you don't situation insofar as actually providing a response to the outcry over everything. All this is going to do is prolong the smoldering embers of discontent for another week or so.
  4. I know that the SIM mode was greatly missed in Actraiser 2 but I felt the sequel improved on the original in every way outside of the SIM mode. Sprite work got a heck of a lot more impressive, the music to me was far more memorable, the world and level design was better and the bosses more challenging. Biggest downfall is how wonky the flight/glide mechanics are. Having to account for The Master not stopping on a dime when he lands from a glide made platforming a chore in some levels where precision platforming was key. Tower Souls is one I specifically remember being almost unenjoyable to play because of this. This game looks like it can scratch the itch though, I'm liking what they're doing here.
  5. Such great special editions, super jealous to say the least!
  6. That first video you posted of him consoling a fan's sister really does hit so much differently knowing things now, but he wasn't wrong. I like his approach of tearing down the idea of stressing out over the future and instead making each day as you go count and "the future will map itself out." That's pretty darn good.
  7. Well, let me put it like this. The only number I can find as to the number of activated Smartphones in the world hovers around 3.3 billion as of 2018. A massive number, but without doing a lot more digging I couldn't tell you how that breaks down in terms of low, mid and high range phones or what they're capable of. But needless to say that huge number means there are a huge variety of phones out there at different levels so, sure, there are many people who will be locked out of some games but also many who would not. I don't think Ishihara is assuming that everyone is at the same level though with what he's saying especially since as far as I know all offerings of Pokemon on mobile don't require a high end phone to run well to begin with. For instance, I'm not a fan of mobile gaming at all, the only one I play consistently being Pokemon GO and I run that on my three year old Moto G4 with no problem. The phone cost me just under $250 back in 2016 and if you're able to find it now you can get it new for less than $100 if you shop around. Certainly, people will be locked out, but unless they make a game that specifically targets higher spec mobile devices there is an incredibly wide range of mobile hardware that is capable of running their software. Like many CEO's Ishihara was seeing the ubiquity of smartphones as the next great frontier for gaming and likely plays a big part in TPC's development of more Pokemon applications for mobile but it hasn't caused them to shy away from continuing to see more traditional Pokemon adventures on Nintendo hardware.
  8. Out of nowhere, developed by ACE and Sega, SolSeraph seems to be a spiritual successor to ActRaiser. While definitely doing its own thing you can see where so much of the inspiration has come from. The little zoom in-spinning map tease that ActRaiser was known for, the protagonist Helios descending to the Earth from the Heavens just as "The Master" did in ActRaiser and while not the same approach SolSeraph has its own God-Sim style mode that plays more like a strategic tower defense where you help the people of the world defeat monster lairs and develop the land. They even got the composer for ActRaiser, Yuzo Koshiro, to prepare the opening theme for this game! Definitely keeping my eye on this one to see how it shapes up!
  9. Siliconera: Astral Chain is Being Made as a Trilogy Full details at the link but there's not much more to it than what you see in the thread title. Platinum is developing Astral Chain as if it were a trilogy and we'll see more from it depending on how well it does commercially. It would definitely be nice to see it happen but gotta get to that first game first towards the end of August. Would be nice to have another Nintendo driven IP from the team outside of what they already have so I'm all for it!
  10. There is a pretty sizable market out there for people with high end smartphones that could run fairly complex games so it's not exactly out of the ordinary. There was a lot of this kind of chatter going on as mobile gaming took off in Japan with CEOs, like Ishihara, wondering how traditional gaming would fare with the rise of mobile as a viable delivery platform for gaming. I mean, a lot of this was heard even as the 3DS first started making waves and was a big point of contention when the 3DS struggled in its early years and is often used as a bulletpoint by people explaining why the 3DS, having done well enough, had total sales that were well below the Nintendo DS. There have even been budget mid range smartphones released in the past few years that could run some of those games as well with little to no problem. Technically, he's not wrong to question things back then but the problem was leaving his thoughts out there as a general assumption of the market, something that he admits he was wrong about (and continued to be proven wrong about in the two years since the article was written) when it came to the Switch. Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with Ishihara at all and we've seen the market react similarly. But at the end of the day traditional Pokemon software continued to be produced for Nintendo's hardware while other kinds of Pokemon software were being produced for mobile devices. Both types have been able to succeed on their own offerings independent of one another. If this article is reflective of anything it's how Ishihara's thinking was challenged years ago as the Switch saw and continued to see success and he has admitted as much.
  11. You are piling it on incredibly thick here to the point of misinformation. Nothing in the article you just posted suggested that Gamefreak "needed" the Switch to fail or that they were "counting" on it. Having concerns about the Switch's potential to excel as a portable device in the age of smartphones is one thing but Ishihara admits he was obviously wrong on that front. He even cites quality software being a driver of hardware and that this is what helped the Switch. Even in the article he still expresses reservations about Switch's potential to appeal to a wider audience but we know that much has changed because a lot has happened in the nearly two years since this article was published. Pokemon Let's Go started development in 2016 before the Switch launched and before anyone knew whether or not it would be successful.
  12. If the Direct was about the Switch game and not other mobile titles you can bet there would be more responses. I'm just sayin'. Anyway, not really gonna hang around for this direct but I'll catch up on the details later. I'm curious how it will play, anyway.
  13. I can't remember what first got me into checking out his videos but for a time I enjoyed seeing his over the top reactions because they were funny. But more than just that, as much of a clown as he saw himself as there were moments where I really just enjoyed watching his playthroughs of some games (especially Xenoblade) and watchthroughs of some anime and seeing his genuine and legitimate reactions to things that happened. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is one of my favorite playthroughs of his because he pays attention to what is going on and actually reacts to what is going on with the story or with certain characters or certain events and more than that he dedicated a LOT of time to that game. But when the moments that could be considered cries for help as he started acting out in weird ways started happening I slowly drifted away. More than just losing my taste for what he was doing I think the breaking point where I really stopped paying attention to him is when that first incident that blew up on social media . At the time I took it more as a cry for attention rather than a cry for help and couldn't stand the fact that he betrayed the help and empathy of so many people who wanted the best for him. I don't apologize for how I felt at the time or getting to a point of pushing his antics away but it does make me question my own actions if this was someone much closer to me rather than a youtuber I used to spend a lot of time watching. Being able to parse why people may be doing what they're doing from our own feelings of why they're doing that is a tough thing and giving the benefit of a doubt when it's not always obvious that there is something else beneath the surface makes it that much more concerning. I did end up watching the video that's going around about his final message and it's incredibly sobering to hear him speak about everything in such a real way. For me, hearing him talk as if he fully understands his issues, fully understands what he's done, fully understands the consequences and yet fully understands how he wants to "solve" it was the toughest thing to think about. Hearing him aware of the fact that he's going to miss out on things that he enjoys, miss out on seeing friends and family grow up and prosper, miss out on things he is looking forward to it starts to hit harder and harder about just how far gone he may have been. It's a terrible thing that this is how it turned out. If nothing else, hopefully he's been able to find his peace now.
  14. Things do change as development goes on (both for the better and for the worse) which is why you typically see the whole "game footage not final" tagline applied to a lot of in game footage including Sword and Shield's trailers. Gamexplain did a pretty good video pointing out a lot of the positive changes and still remaining pitfalls from the initial reveal trailer and the trailer shown during the Pokemon Direct prior to E3 week. Reservations still in tow but seemed pleased with the advancements and changes on display between presentations. I'm looking forward to seeing if they do an update to that analysis following what we know out of E3 where the verdict stands then. But to your point, regardless of how well the game may do commercially is not really an all encompassing reason around whether or not the game's visuals can/will improve. I don't think anyone arguing the point are expecting a complete overhaul but it's not much to expect, for example, texture work in areas to be touched up and improved as development progresses. Edit: just to clarify this post was for Ridley, was posting from my phone so I guess something went weird and it doesn't show me quoting him. Sorry for any confusion on this one Doc. 😅
  15. Didn't mean to insinuate it was you insulting the game just bringing up where some of the reaction around Pokemon being cut is starting to lean towards. That comparison between the two games mentioned before being an example of that.
  16. Gotta remember this week's tourney is 200cc. Gotta make sure I have an appropriate build cause I always forget and use my usual and...it's just not a good time, lol XD
  17. It's a pretty bad comparison in general. Ther s still work to be done in Sword/Shield for sure but it's doing nothing but taking potshots to line up Pokemon XD next to it like that. There's no real messsge being put forth doing that and instead is an example of people insisting on reasons to bash the game elsewhere out of frustration around the controversy this game is seeing. It's a big reason why I can't buy the laziness angle because it's such a fundamentally empty hot take with how most are approaching it.
  18. Good races the other night, always a fun time. But good gosh, bob ombs EVERYWHERE!!!
  19. I figured they wouldn't get too elaborate with it but just curious how far they might go. I already have it in mind that something like Eagle's Tower won't be possible but being able to have arrangements that can provide some additional challenge or obstacle for players to get around would be neat.
  20. I wonder if the Chamber Dungeon mode will only be single floor arrangements or will there be an opportunity to do multiple floors?
  21. That's really cool and I'm surprised it took this long for a set like this to come out when they've done Mario based branding with their toys for years now. If Toys was still around I know for sure this would be a hot seller!
  22. That's kind of putting words in my mouth as I never argued that their method of adding to the experience across various games is what I consider some standard for creativity. That's just where my disagreement comes in if we're going to be talking about laziness and complacency. I don't want to get into the empty argument of suggesting "they could have done worse, they could have done nothing" but the fact of the matter is a lot of the features they produce aren't necessarily arbitrary additions. They're ideas that they actually help build the game around for some purpose or another. That it doesn't go far enough for some people is one thing but to dial it back to zero as the developer being lazy is a generalization that I don't feel is warranted here. As you said, maybe we'll just have to agree to disagree because clearly we're seeing this from two different extremes.
  23. Each game has always had some kind of advancement in one form or another whether it be the size of the game world, what can be done in that world and various changes to the content over time that gives each entry its own unique space in the series. By virtue of what you're arguing here, that they place focus on new exotic Pokemon and new gimmicks as their focus, in my eyes, does no favors to the accusation that they're being complacent and lazy when they're actually trying to brainstorm new ideas to add to the experience. Part of building that brand is acknowledging the changes that come with driving something that is clearly as ever changing as Pokemon has been. Gimmicks and new animals is not a new concept for the series. Just about every entry since the beginning has introduced some new mechanic or feature that has enhanced that game in some way. Some of those features have carried over, some haven't, but there has almost always been an introduction of something new in these games outside of having new Pokemon to catch.
  24. So in other news: Trump held a rally in Orlando for his 2020 run. Among many other elements of absolute BS, he claimed that if he were elected again he would cure cancer and aids, probably in an effort to one-up Biden who said he would push to cure cancer if he were to be elected. Also claiming that mass deportation of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. will take place starting next week. Also claims "both sides" to the Central Park Five case, refuses to back down from the belief that they should have gotten the death penalty...yes, this is after it was proven they did not commit the crime. And his cohort McConnell claims reparations are no longer a talking point because, among other things, America once elected a black president.