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  1. I've seen this game before but I forgot how amazing it looked. I've been out of the point and click game for a while now so I'd like to try this, but the talk of it having somewhat short length would probably compel me to wait until it's on sale. Seeing this and then knowing the Shadowgate remake is out on consoles now is really pushing me to want to work my way back towards playing games of this type again. Eventually...
  2. Girlfriend and I put in about two hours during this event and made out pretty well. She managed to nab about four shinies in that time and I only got two. But I managed to get a pretty good standard Bagon at over 900 CP and a shiny at over 800. Her highest standard was over 800 and her highest shiny was over 400. Made out pretty well and we both managed to catch enough Bagon to have three to four Salamance.
  3. Very fun races with a pretty cool theme and the turnout was pretty good too! Awesome races everyone! (yeah I know I'm late with this reply, lol)
  4. I had no idea this game existed until I saw a blurb about it from a facebook gaming community post. I don't even remember it being announced! It is kind of disappointing hearing that it's a by the numbers experience when it's a game focused on villains but I guess some things are hamstrung by the license a little bit to be more approachable. But it also doesn't help hearing that the rookie character doesn't seem to have much presence or influence during the adventure.
  5. Symphonia may not have aged as well but a hypothetical sequel wouldn't necessarily have to follow it exactly. Outside of story beats and making its world make sense with the framing of the original they could stand to be more liberal with the rest of the game design. Dawn of the New World pretty much did the same, pros and cons of their changes and additions notwithstanding. But I get it, at this point Symphonia is almost 15 years old (at least in the west) and would probably be a hard sell returning to that even after the last entry which came out more than 10 years ago.
  6. I still remember not long after Symphonia coming out and then again after Dawn of the New World that many people were of the mindset that Symphonia could use at least one more game and that would be a prequel. This game would cover the period we only ever heard about in Symphonia which was the Great Kharlan War and the story of the heroes who "stopped it". For sure, we know how this period eventually ends up and what it leads to but there is still a story to tell there and I think a great game can come of it as well. I can't say that I've played a huge chunk of Tales games but of those that I've played none have really stuck with me as much as Symphonia did. From my perspective there is a lot left to experience with the story behind Mithos, Martel, Yuan and Kratos and that's something I think I'd like to play and in the right hands it could be something special at that.
  7. I can see it as Nintendo testing the waters a bit with something tangible rather than talk of testing VR and waiting until it makes sense for their business. It's a growing segment of the marketing as far as gaming consoles are concerned and maybe it's about time to take a more serious stab at it.
  8. That's pretty cool that they were giving MK11 top billing at the mature booth even pulling people from line to try it without waiting. They really want to get the word out there about this one on Switch, I guess. Glad to hear the game still holds up pretty well. I haven't played a Mortal Kombat game in so long that I no longer know what's going on in that game's universe/lore. I think I'll enjoy this fresh jump back into things. For many of the other games I forgot some of those were announced like Windjammers 2 and Wrath Aeon of Ruin. I'm trying to think, isn't there another game coming that is sort of like Hexen? First person magic/fantasy shooter and such? I actually miss playing Hexen 64.
  9. I really hate how some of the cool looking controllers for Switch are wired. There is this awesome looking Zelda themed one that is all black with gold buttons and I'd totally get it...but it's wired. -_-
  10. Can't wait to ride with everyone tonight. But let's try to avoid racing on the same track three times in a single tournament this time
  11. The game does look much better. Something about the earlier trailers made it look really flat and dull.
  12. The quality of the models looks pretty darn good. Characters kind of remind of the look of vikings from How to Train Your Dragon. But yeah, odds of this releasing in any capacity outside of straight to digital in the west are low.
  13. What happens to Kirby when using the Cube Wisp from Sonic Colors
  14. Definitely some fun races with some pretty funny outcomes here and there...like Mario Kart Stadium being chosen multiple times even with a random pick. XD
  15. My girlfriend and I both managed to catch wild Alolan Exeggutor. Didn't know they could be caught wild just yet as they were originally just raid encounters, right?
  16. Mirror Mode had me so tripped up early on. I was jumping into power slides going in completely opposite directions of the track layout because I'd forget it was mirror mode. But, they were some good races with some crazy item situations. Intense, high octane stuff going on!
  17. This game is looking so much better than I ever expected it to. I fell off of Power Rangers after Zeo though, so I have no idea who is gonna be who from series that took place after that, but still.
  18. I wonder if there will be a collection that has the N64 Castlevania games on it or one where we might get to play Symphony of the Night for the first time on a Nintendo platform.
  19. I'm curious as to how deep this newfound relationship is going to go. It's funny, I think back to Wii U and the whole unprecedented partnership that was supposed to be had with EA and that was garbage. This is a pretty monumental step beyond that for the simple fact that Microsoft seems all in with what's going on here.
  20. The elephant/art one is actually some pretty cool implementation of the tech and reading some of the impressions out there there is one with a footpedal that also works as wind flap which apparently adds to the experience to the game associated with it. Most of the ideas here are pretty novel but I could definitely see the elephant one being a standout.
  21. Lots of good stuff this week, didn't even realize FFVII was already upon us actually.
  22. Aw man, time to get all mixed up in tonight's races!
  23. I want to see what the later Castlevania collections might have as that first one isn't really grabbing me, but I do like that Konami is doing this.
  24. I gotta watch the direct as I was at work when it aired but I caught some of the highlights thanks to my brother. I was always interested in Dance of the Necromancer but not so much to bite the bullet and want to get it...that has completely changed now! I want both Cadence of Hyrule as well as the original game.