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  1. I really wish Travis Touchdown could get a shot, but I'm surprised no one like Sora or a protagonist from the Tales series hasn't been considered yet.
  2. I kind of wish I still had the wherewithal to be off during the week so i could just chill and watch Treehouse all day, but I'll have the weekend to catch up I guess. But Nintendo absolutely delivered this E3. As much as I wished for certain other announcements there was virtually nothing that I was disappointed about. Even the lows weren't too bad, but when the highs hit...THE HIGHS HIT! I cannot wait to try out many of these games and it's insane that so many have release dates coming over the next two months or so.
  3. I can definitely see that being a possibility. The idea that there are conventional dungeons but the passage of time or whatever convenient reasons has relegated them to being underground tombs or something to that effect. It would definitely be one way of creatively using the space of the huge overworld they created for Breath of the Wild in a new way.
  4. It's a pretty sweet bundle, even though it's a later port with a lot of added extras I really hope the game does well.
  5. I've gotta get caught up with the Treehosue streams but I'm really liking Trials of Mana. Very clean and expressive look to it and they did a great job faithfully recreating everything in 3D. Hearing some of the music redone from the original was really cool too. Astral Chain looks really great too and I like that you can create your own character. Gotta watch more of the segments they covered this one on to see how they use some of the other Legion types. I wonder how many in total we'll get to use in the final game.
  6. Didn't get to watch it live with my bro as we often did in years past, but we both summoned up the courage to avoid looking at our phones so we could watch it with fresh eyes together... ...and it did NOT disappoint. The new Smash characters, expected a Dragon Quest rep and I'm surprised it took until Ultimate for it to happen but they're really going to town with it. Banjo Kazooie is something that I always felt was possible but never would throw down a bet on it happening. You can't imagine the smile on my face when I saw that Jiggy fly across the room near the start of the trailer. Also, genius move reusing the K.Rool troll trailer especially because it introduced playable versions of characters from the days when Nintendo and Rare were together. Luigi's Mansion 3 looks incredibly cool. I got similar vibes watching this trailer as I did when the first game was about to hit Gamecube. I don't know how to describe it, I just want to play it. Link's Awakening looks awesome. Glad that we got a more extensive look at everything and it's just cool how there's so much they managed to retain of the GB original despite the new tech on display versus the Gameboy days. Dampe's Dungeon Designer thing is gonna get so much use. Probably the closest we'll ever get to an official Zelda maker, but I'm not complaining. Witcher 3...even with all the rumors I wasn't prepared to actually see it let alone it being a complete edition and not a port of the vanilla Witcher 3. I was impressed by this announcement. Trials of Mana Remake and Collection of Mana... Krazy and I LIVED for this one-two punch and if it weren't for me waiting on my replacement credit card to arrive in the mail I would have bought Collection of Mana right after the Direct. Either way, we're getting both of these, especially now that SD3 is finally seeing localization after all these years; how could we not!? No More Heroes 3... I honestly didn't even know what I was looking at until Travis appeared. I kind of had an inkling because when he walked out the front door I got vibes of the No More Heroes Hotel he stayed at. But then things got crazy and I knew then...we were in Suda51's world now. It looks so fresh, so clean. Fire Emblem Three Houses is more m bro's thing for the most part. Can't wait to watch him and see what it's all about though especially after this trailer offering up so much more exposition than we had before. Resident Evil 5 and 6...I mean, that's cool that Capcom are bringing these and in particular I never played RE6, though even back then I never really had the desire to. I'm just curious what they plan on pricing it at considering the wacky prices they've been doing. Honestly, Capcom's support has been really blah for Switch for the most part. Yeah, they're bringing games but it's almost like there's no intent to want throttle what they can bring. Like, why port Devil May Cry 1 HD and not the entire remaster pack plus DMC4 like they've done elsewhere? Just DMC HD? But whatever, I've ranted on this enough in the past about Capcom's approach. Animal Crossing, this game looks so friggin clean. But more importantly, they're really revamping a lot of the stuff you can do especially since it seems like you're building up a town from nothing more or less. I wonder how much more extensive things will be now that some element of crafting is coming in along with a lot of other QOL-esque features that should make customization and personalizing aspects of your town so much easier. Astral Chain, from today's trailer I'm sure if I thought about it hard enough I could peg what this story will eventually turn into...then again it is Platinum Games so who's to say? That aside I really want to give this game a try. I really like the idea behind the action combat system and considering what Platinum is known for with their games I'm curious to see how quickly things can get crazy. Daemon X Machina, I really wish a trailer like this was how the game was first presented because I feel like they did themselves no favors by rolling out very little of the game bit by bit until now. This most recent trailer has all of my curiosity and it looks like there will more variety in terms of variety, enemy types and situations you can find yourself in. Pokemon Sword and Shield, the new trailer they showed is a fantastic design! Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. I was already sold on it but today's trailer just makes it that much more obvious. More characters, more villains, more scenarios with different characters...just more everything with this trailer. I've never even heard of the woman with the trench coat and the two guns, Elsa Bloodstone, but she looks pretty great. Panzer Dragoon remake!? Out of NOWHERE!! That was a shocking surprise! Breath of the Wild sequel... ... ... ... ...what in the world!? I would have been fine if the direct ended on the Banjo in Smash reveal but to follow up and bring this was the cherry on top of an ice cream cone that is balancing on another cherry that is topping yet another ice cream cone. I figured that they would do something with all that work they put into Breath of the Wild into another project eventually but I wasn't expecting it this soon. Especially in a year when we're getting Link's Awakening and a Legend of Zelda themed indie title. Nintendo had E3 in the bag well before this point, now they were just planting the flag to remind everyone else who was here.
  7. It's kind of crazy that they're still supporting Just Dance on Wii. Are they still selling enough of it on the platform to keep it going like that? Still, that's mighty impressive!
  8. Apparently Nintendo has sent a C&D to a twitter user named Sabi that has been leaking a lot of what was eventually revealed during E3 thus far. Apparently this same twitter user also claimed they would leak what they knew about the upcoming Nintendo E3 Direct prior to it showing. Quite a bit of discussion on how legit the threat itself is, but this person has pretty much been pitching a perfect game on what they've been leaking throughout Microsoft and Bethesda's conferences among other announcements. EDIT: Quick update, they posted the C&D letter from the attorney (complete with their correspondence signature and everything) explaining their intention to take legal action if compliance wasn't met.
  9. I don't get what Ghostwire is supposed to be, might need to watch the trailer again. But my take from it was a city full of people being taken by some kind of rapture and those who remain are trying to survive against demons and spirits that are starting to overrun what's left. That's when the hero jumps in and brings up fond images of Ronin from Endgame. But it does look cool, just gotta get a better idea of what it's about.
  10. My girlfriend and I noticed a similar thing while we were out for community day. I thought it was a glitch or something like one of those floating petals/confetti graphics from a standard lure module got stuck or something. I wonder why it was even there. Anyway, my girlfriend lucked out hard. Got a 900+ CP Slakoth and when she appraised it the Candela basically praised it to the high heavens. After full evolving it to Slaking it's final CP was over 4000. The strongest one I managed to get was around 3970 max. She also kept finding shiny Slakoth, walked away with five whereas I only found two. We both also managed to catch Cresselia from a raid with our very last premiere ball. Needless to say, the anxiety was high especially when we both went in with around 11 to use. Very productive day!
  11. Breath of the Wild is an amazing game and I love that I see new videos now and again find new ways to do things in game this far out from the original release date. It's the game that keeps on giving! There were a lot o conventions that were broken for the game to become the phenomenon that it was and along the way there were changes and omissions made that were always prevalent in Zelda games like conventional dungeons. Breath of the Wild does have "dungeons" but the shrines and Divine Beasts are their own kind of implement and as a result are nothing like the dungeons we were used to. But maybe when a follow up to Breath of the Wild comes about we can have that again. The modding community has already dipped their toes in the water with one user having created a dungeon of their own and it's actually not too bad.
  12. How about Mario's Time Machine? Imagine using the resources they used for Menlo Park or even Alexandria... I'm kidding. For the sheer uniqueness of the pieces you could use I'd probably go with Super Mario Bros. 2. The enemies, items, pathways and environments would be cool to experiment with I think.
  13. This Direct was needed. There are still questions around some things but I think having this kind of showcase after the original reveal and the criticisms brought about then (largely with the graphics it seemed) I feel presented a better idea of the progress they're making and what they're doing to set this new entry apart from previous games. At least personally, I'm really excited for what more we haven't seen out of this game despite the volume of information we've gotten from this direct and the previous reveal. I'm liking the new Pokemon designs particularly Corviknight and Drednaw. The first time I saw Corviknight I was just like, okay that's cool, a raven...but then I noticed how its crest and feathers were shaped like knight's armor and it blends so seamlessly that I knew I needed to have it as soon as I can when this game comes out. The Wild Area I am a fan of. Though I haven't played Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee extensively what I do like about it is that Pokemon are visible in the field. I know it's a point of contention with some fans and while I have nothing against random encounters I like the idea of seeing Pokemon roaming the environment and feeling a part of that ecosystem. Between the games that allow Pokemon to follow you and seeing Pokemon visible in towns and cities just chillin' I always wanted to see them having more of a physical, tangible presence out in the wild as well. Knowing what we know now about the wild areas, wandering Pokemon, Dynamax battles and new items improving your methods of travel (such as that water bike from the direct) it gives me a whole new perspective on the most exciting thing from the initial reveal which was the map of the game world. It's big, and there's all types of areas and hidden/not so obvious areas of interest littered throughout if you look at it closely. This is the first Pokemon in a long time where I'm genuinely excited to explore its world and get lost in it since the original Ruby and Sapphire.
  14. Tonight's the night, Let's live it up, I got my red shells, Let's toss em up. Armed with that mix tape, On Rainbow Road, Bust out those mushrooms, And grab the gold.
  15. Hoping for a blowout on Animal Crossing Switch and what changes they'll make to the game since New Leaf and Happy Home Designer.
  16. Slay the Spire combining card game mechanics with a roguelike experience is interesting combination. Dunno if I'd ever give it a try if only because I'm not super huge on roguelikes as it is. The look of it kind of reminds me of RPG Maker 2003 or something like that as well.
  17. I keep forgetting about the whole Stadia thing. I'm interested to see what it actually turns out to be. Other than that, can't wait for the Pokemon Direct later this week. From what I'm hearing there's expectations for Microsoft to have a blow out of a conference. I don't own an XBOne or anything but I'm wondering what they have up their sleeves for this. If nothing else I want to see how the new Battletoads game will be look and play. Then there's Nintendo's E3 direct, the first without Reggie heading NoA which is rather bittersweet. But I'm betting on some pretty nice announcements so I'm looking forward to that.
  18. Considering the number and variety of monsters in the series it's not a bad idea at all. But I've never been particularly invested in the DQ franchise so it's hard for me to really be excited about what this might bring to the table. Still, variety is good, so bring it on.
  19. Here's to hoping it comes to the west and that SD3 comes along with it. I don't want to get my hopes up as they could easily bring it over sans SD3 and slip in Sword of Mana or something in there in its stead or some madness.
  20. That time investment is just an assumed part of the experiences and ideally is a necessary one to convey the intended experience. Metroid Prime probably wouldn't have been nearly as well received if Retro had to chop out everything and cram what they could and still tell their story in 1.5-2.5 hours. There's a very different experience involved when you have a movie that is framing the experience for a specific duration of time compared to a game where that experience is driven by your own time investment. A movie that ends at 1.5 hours will always end at 1.5 hours and every time you watch it you are experiencing the same 1.5 hours of media. Play a game from start to finish multiple times and you're likely to get very different results each time. But I get it, that time investment is a potential problem point because we don't always have the time to give to playing games, especially if they end up not so great. It's one thing to blow off a 1.5 movie that turns out average but it leaves a sour taste in your mouth if you were to invest 10-15 hours in an average game. Even a good game that requires more time investment is hard to swallow simply because it's a heavier investment. Took me over 100+ hours to see the end credits of Xenoblade 2, loved every minute of it and I still have tons left to do in this game. I've seen people with time counts as high as 500+ hours. But that 100+ hours was over a couple of months of off and on playing; so I get how the time investment can be a problem. But as mentioned that time investment is just part of the experience and probably isn't the kind of thing that can be corrected without telling a truncated story or building a gameplay model that serves the story more than it does the experience of playing the game.
  21. Is it really that bad? It's not even on the level of Binding of Isaac in that department, I mean it has beboppin' skeletons and dancing demons. Definitely will be surprising if they just stealth launch it without much fanfare after how hot the reveal for it was.
  22. Oh! This sounds like some big stuff could be coming down the pipeline then.
  23. A business strategy meeting too? I wonder what this will be about?
  24. Can't wait! A good way to pass the time too until E3 the week after this. I'm actually surprised they're doing this rather than waiting until E3.