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  1. That's a nifty little feature. Might even let me give the Pokemon I leave to collect dust in boxes some room to be useful. XD But no, really it's a neat concept to add some more utility and benefit.
  2. Jobs system? What's this about? BTW, just watched the english trailer again and notice Galarian Weezing has a Fairy attribute now? Iiiiiiiiiinteresting!
  3. The new forms thing per region is a cool idea I think. I think the representation is starting to get a little wild compared to when Alolan forms were almost like, new types born out of how that Pokemon learned to cope with its non native environment. Even so, it's another way to put a spin on an existing idea so I can dig it. The Galarian Linoone has a really cool design. Can someone please do something with Dunsparce, though!? Dude has been needing some work since he first made the scene in Gold/Silver! The electric hamster has a move where he basically creates and throws an electric hamster wheel at you which was a pretty neat effect too. Team Yell, kind of weird for that to be the premise behind a new "team" but I get what they're going for. The one dude even has a dual bell vuvuzela XD
  4. Definitely enjoying the game thus far but they seriously gotta rework the camera. There are times where it legitimately compromises your ability to play the game which is a big no-no. I wonder if that's something they can fix with a patch?
  6. Pichi has the right idea, you can migrate your account but you can't share it across devices. Even so, if you decide to bite on it be sure to give some first hand impressions of it. I'd still opt for the standard Switch because I'm willing to swallow the extra cost to get all the functionality I can from it, but the Lite will have its benefits I'm sure and the games will still be amazing to play. Do what works best for your situation.
  7. I got my first Game Boy when I was in 5th grade. My mom got it, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Land 2 for me when I was going on a school safety partrol trip to Washington D.C. for a week. It was one of the Play It Loud series, the red one in fact. A lot of great memories playing it. SML2 was fun and very different from what I was used to in Mario games which was cool and I too really liked playing Mortal Kombat on it. I remember borrowing Mortal Kombat II and getting my own copy of MK3, which I then lost but that's a story for a different day. I think once my bro got his own when the Game Boy Pocket came out is when we really started appreciating the handheld a lot more. Stuff like Wario Land, Shadowgate, Final Fantasy Adventure (which I borrowed from a friend), Link's Awakening, Gameboy Camera and a bunch of other stuff was just different and fun. But then Pokemon Red and Blue came out and that was it. I'll still never forget how much time we would spend playing those games before going to bed at night and even in the morning before going to school.
  8. This looks really good! Is this another Panic Button miracle at work? I'm surprised it wasn't saved for a Direct or something like that.
  9. To be fair, Marvel did have a roundabout answer regarding Thor 2 from what I can remember. I think it was more of a case of better presenting what those circumstances were rather than leaving a gap where continuity was skipped over. But to that end I get your meaning, because if the event is big enough you would think that other available heroes would jump in to lend a hand. If nothing else I've always figured that it depended on just how widespread the event was. For instance, I don't see the Avengers being very much aware with a lot of the bad going on with the Netflix Defenders and Punisher shows. I don't think in any of those shows they ever faced a threat far reaching enough to really warrant SHIELD's interference let alone the Avengers or even pop up on their radar. Agents of Shield is another matter, though but I guess it depends on the timing. In the previous season the biggest known threat that was growing was Graviton and the danger he posed was at the time only known to the SHIELD agents that saw the future his actions would eventually create. Considering that season also coincided with the events of Infinity War either the Avengers were off doing their thing or just didn't realize the threat until it was too late. Then again it could just be Marvel just not focusing too hard to connect threads between their various media platforms resulting in some things not making much sense. Like, the most recent season of SHIELD totally ignoring the effects of the Snap.
  10. With Monster Hunter seemingly done for Nintendo platforms it might not be a bad idea to see what other alternatives out there. I'm guessing this is how PSP/Vita owners felt after Monster Hunter transitioned to the 3DS/Wii U back then. God Eater always seemed kind of interesting because the gameplay was flashier and I really liked the setting, the look of the creatures and the weapons that you could use. But even then it did seem really button mashy. I don't even mind it potentially being easier but if the gameplay behind it results in things feeling too repetitive then it becomes a bit of a hard sell. But I haven't played much Monster Hunter in a good while so I still have Ultimate Generations to jump to, but as an alternative maybe I could always check out Dauntless as well. At least there are options, if nothing else and in the end I may still give GE3 a try. Awesome review on this one, actually has me watching videos of the Switch version again now that it's in mind.
  11. Glad to hear the Bethesda login thing is being worked on but I think when I do get around to this I'll probably settle for Doom 3 alone. Still, nice deal throwing trilogy out there like that, quite the surprise!
  12. It's just crazy to me because Agents despite some down moments is actually a pretty legit superhero show. Especially for Marvel because as far as broadcast TV superhero shows go, DC has that on lock. But Agents could have represented so much more by actually having some relevance to everything else going on in the MCU. It's not like I want it to be so ingrained that it loses its own identity to the films but just enough so that a great show is grounded in this huge media network Disney/Marvel concocted. Some evidence of the Snap could have been introduced somehow. I'm curious to see how the MCU fares post Endgame/Far From Home. The Russos have been pretty open about how they see the MCU going forward and for them a lot of it is a reset button on a lot of the core storylines and characters that they've been building for over a decade. I read an interview the other day where they (Russos) are planning for the Disney+ series to be more closely tied with the films. Something we never really saw stated with the Netflix films or Agents of Shield. I really don't want to sign up for another streaming service but I might jump into Disney+ just because I know I'm gonna want to see these. I just hope that after these one shot seasons that those actors see continued relevance in the new MCU.
  13. The thing with Agents is that it had a direct tie in with the events of Winter Soldier and during last season they actually name dropped Thanos a few times. So there is an awareness of where it's supposed to be in connecting with the movies. But here we are in the current season that according to showrunners doesn't take place after the Snap yet the elapsed time between last season and this season should place it some years after the Snap has occurred.
  14. Caught the new Armored Mewtwo and so many Mudkip that I could have up to 4 Swampert if I wanted to. Caught like six Shiny Mudkip but none that were any good.
  15. Curious, I might be wrong but I think in the case of Howard and Norton they had a pretty bad break up with Marvel around their continuing on with their original contracts. I don't quite remember Howard's situation but I think with Norton it was him wanting to have more control over his script/scenes than they were willing to allow making him a troublesome partner. But as for Hugo Weaving, why was it that he couldn't reprise his role as Red Skull? I never really thought to look it up, just assumed he had other obligations which would have been a scheduling conflict. I agree but to an extent I can understand why they're expanding some properties to streaming shows. The MCU has gotten so large and there are so many possibilities with what they can do that it would probably be impossible to maintain a schedule of an entire slate of property introductions and sequels strictly as theatrical releases. That being said, I do hope that Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan don't find their newfound elevation in place of Chris Evans' being stuck to a streaming service. I hope they still continue to start in the theatrical releases too. One thing I wished the MCU would do is have a tighter continuity across all mediums that it exists in. I hate that outside of a few mentions here and there that confirm they're all in the same universe that there are very few direct connections made between the Netflix Marvel shows, Agents of Shield and the theatrical releases. Once upon a time Agents of Shield was a part of that with the Hydra takeover directly aligning with Winter Soldier. They even had Sam Jackson cameo in an episode or two. But the Disney+ shows seem like they will be directly connecting with the films which I guess is easier to manage now that the Netflix series are at an end and Agents of Shield is confirmed to end after season 7.
  16. Marvel Panel: San Diego Comic Con A better run down at the link above but Marvel came armed with quite a bit of news yesterday: Shang-Chi & The Legend of the Ten Rings The Eternals Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Thor: Love & Thunder Black Widow Blade The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Hawkeye Wanda Vision Loki "What If...?" The next phase of the MCU throughout theaters and Disney+ after it launches. Some interesting tidbits though especially with the Blade announcement. Mahershala Ali playing Blade is a cool choice and I think it was an idea I've seen tossed around as the alternative if Wesley Snipes couldn't reprise the role when rumors of another Blade being produced were flowing about. But now I wonder if the Netflix Marvel series will even be considered canonical to the MCU going forward since Mahershala Ali played Cottonmouth who was the lead villain in the first half of Luke Cage. The new Thor movie will have Natalie Portman's character, Jane Foster, becoming the new wielder of mjolnir. Can't wait to see the bruised egos of those boycotting the strong, independent woman stylings of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel getting their jimmies rustled over a female Thor all over again. Dr. Strange's new movie will apparently lean more into a horror type of film which I can't wait to see how that turns out. Never expected Scarlet Witch to partner up with MCU's Dr. Strange though, so that's cool. Wish there was more of a blurb for Loki to clarify if it will pick up where a certain influential scene in Endgame left off. I think it was mentioned sometime before that it will be but I don't recall if that was just speculation or something that is actually going to happen.
  17. I had no idea about that whole replaying the same seed thing. But for sure it still seems pretty insane!
  18. Looking forward to giving this a try especially with the additional roster announcements.
  19. Glad to see it finally get a release date. I know my bro will be getting it so I can't wait to try it out myself
  20. Not had ideas at all but consider the cost associated with a program like that. Having staff available to retrieve, process, swap internals, test and ship would be a lot and that's just off the top of my head for a program like that, I'm sure there's more. The second idea would a lot more feasible. I'm sure still with costs of its own but a lot less to deal with. Either way it's a lot to ask for a market that doesn't have a sort of modular way of making upgrades. Even the comparison with phones is asking for a potentially problematic precedent to be set with frequent hardware revisions. I get the sentiment though because the original battery life leaves a lot to be desired. It's just one of those things about being an early adopter. Consider all the revisions they did for the 3DS but I still roll with the OG Cosmo Black XD
  21. Over two years on the market I don't think anyone is getting screwed that a revision came down the line. To that merit the only way for people not to feel screwed would be to never release a new version of anything from the original launch day unit. In any case I don't yet have my own Switch so I kinda lucked out here!
  22. That's quite the out of left field announcement. Not quite on the level of Panzer Dragoon from E3 but it's still a bit unexpected!
  23. Will probably be a hot seller. But unless it's sold on its own I already feel sorry for the poor souls working in toy departments that will be asked multiple times to check in the back and open a whole new case just for this specific one.
  24. If nothing else this whole debacle has certainly exposed to me just how toxic and petty the Pokemon fandom can be. And here I thought the vocal sect of the Smash community was the worst after Brawl and "4".
  25. Finally beat it with a run time of 12 hours and over 80,000 steps. Pretty awesome little game and they did the Zelda license an incredible amount of justice. However, I'm looking at the leaderboards and there are people who beat the game in 2000 steps or less. BUT HOW THOUGH!? That seems impossible to me.