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  1. I didn't post pics of mine when I usually did for the other Xeno games, whoops XD But hey, congrats on getting it finally!
  2. Started playing the main game and got up to the end of Tephra Cave and stopped there. Feels so good visiting this world again and I've actually done a lot more within Colony 9 this time around than I did when I first played the game all those years ago.
  3. I decided to play Future Connected first and beat it over the weekend. I still have loose ends to tie up in it but the main story is done. Now on to Xenoblade Chronicles proper!! Though regarding Future Connected (Endgame spoilers, if you haven't beaten it yet, don't look):
  4. Got my collector's edition yesterday. I love the look and the weight of the artbook; haven't cracked it open yet though in case there is art (and spoilers) for Future Connected. As a result I decided to start on Future Connected first. I'm currently a little over four hours in but I'm in enjoying it. Had to get used to the combat system again because I still had Xenoblade 2 on the brain.
  5. True enough, but I do appreciate that there are developers who are open to the idea of bringing games to the Switch that the respective publishers either didn't initially intend to or never had any intention of exploring for whatever reason that may be. No doubt the notable developers who have specialized in doing this; Virtuos, Panic Button and Saber Interactive, will realize that there are some games that they simply can't manage that expectation with but I absolutely will embrace the energy that some have to give it their best shot. There are some rather great games that have come to the Switch because they've made a point of giving it a try when publishers are saying that they can't or that it's impossible. They're essentially the RedOctane, Red Fly Studios, High Voltage Software, Treyarch for this generation. And by that I mean, the studios I just listed did quite a bit for Wii much in the same vein of what Virtuos, Panic Button and Saber have done for Switch. I'm still curious to see if the Crysis remaster for Switch is actually being done in house or if one of these studios are taking charge of it.
  6. I want The Outer Worlds for roughly the same reason. Didn't even know Virtuos was behind the port, figured Obsidian was doing all of them. Virtuos seems pretty confident that they could port any current gen game. Now, granted, I'm sure there are some that probably wouldn't make very good candidates for the process but it still boggles my mind that there still isn't a version of GTA V for Switch, as an example.
  7. NintendoLife Note: Had to revise the title so that it's somewhat an approximation of the quote from the article. Character limits and such. Virtuous, much like Panic Button and Saber Interactive, has made a name for itself in porting some games over to Switch that were otherwise thought to not be possible or to be bothered with. They're also the team bringing over the upcoming Bioshock and XCOM 2 collections launching later this week. Speaking of which the link above leads to a lengthy interview where they discuss some things including the process behind how they've brought games over to Switch, what they've learned with each project and the advantage is grants for the next game and also their thoughts on just about any current gen game being possible on Switch. My next experience with their handiwork will be The Outer Worlds. Not sure when I'll get to play it, but I definitely want to give it a shot. But otherwise, what do you think? Granted, I'm not expecting miracles here (though some have happened on Switch) but I think some of these studios putting their money where their mouths are when it comes to translating projects over to Switch then let it happen..
  8. So this week is pretty packed in terms of software releases for the Switch! Not sure why 2K thought it the best idea to release three different collections in the same week but I suppose a variety of options doesn't hurt especially if you hadn't touched any of these titles. This isn't even accounting for others coming like Shantae & the Seven Sirens and Minecraft Dungeons. Personally speaking, other than Xenoblade I'm most interested in BioShock and I'm keen on giving Borderlands a try as well.
  9. It's odd, because my original issue with Hunters is that it was too much like an FPS when I feel like Metroid has enough unique about it that it could do multiplayer but in a way that was distinct. I think Metroid Prime Hunters approached that well enough and with some tinkering could have a style of game that leans more to that side of things. I definitely agree it has the lore behind it now that would probably lend itself to that.
  10. From left to right: Weavel, Spire, Noxus, Samus, Sylux, Kanden, Trace Ah yes, good ol' Metroid Prime Hunters. One of the early standouts of the Nintendo WiFi Connection and a pretty fun little shooter to boot. Even though the game had its shifts away from that traditional Metroid experience it still kept enough of it to stand out as an interesting experiment all its own. Each of the other six hunters came with their own signature weapons and, not to be outdone by Samus, had their own morph ball-like equivalents called alt forms. Hunters wasn't the first attempt at a multiplayer Metroid but it was definitely the most developed one. The previous attempt being a rather low key addition to Metroid Prime 2: Echoes where the only character was Samus and alternative Samus palette swaps for the other players. It was a nice tease of what could be, but little more than that. So, let's suppose 14 years after the original DS release they made a new Metroid Prime Hunters. What more would you like to see from it? What ideas might you have for new characters, match types or anything else? Hunter Adam Malkovich (Federation Soldier) Spoiler alert; Adam is dead. Though you probably already know that if you've played Metroid Fusion and/or Metroid Other M. But in terms of chronology he is now a digitized intelligence having had his mind uploaded into a computer. Having a cybernetic body that his mind can reside in and still reflect look of a Galactic Federation soldier (or even his Platoon 7 getup from Other M) this is one way they could have a GF character in the game and still design an alt form for them in order to maintain similar functionality as the other Hunters. Or they could just throw continuity out the window, have Adam back in full glory, and simply have the practice of maybe some characters not having alt forms but balancing out that drawback with another function exclusive to those type of characters. Match Type Players work together to eradicate all of the Metroids on a given map. It basically takes the premise of Metroid II and makes a cooperative match type out of it. Players can be "downed" by Metroids that attack and feed on too much of their energy requiring another player to assist them. If all players are downed or are killed, they lose. Different maps represent different difficulties which may introduce more advanced stages of the Metroid biology.
  11. Would love to provide some tips but Krazy and I gotta find time to get back to this. We're still somewhat early in the game XD
  12. I hadn't had a chance to really look at the variety of the games until now and it's a pretty nice spread! Nice to see some gems from WiiSports/Play make the jump, too!
  13. Pretty amazing read and not something I ever expected to see from you of all people! But hey, you're still The Ultimate Mario Fan. Takes a real fan to look at what they've amassed and think to themselves to share that bounty with the world. But hey, more power to you man and fantastic karma on ya!
  14. I'd be down for more games that explore more of the story behind some of the other common races throughout the games. It doesn't have to be a game solely based on them of course, but let's get some lore behind the Zora and Gorons (for instance) with a similar depth and character as the Sheikah and Gerudo.
  15. I really do wonder if that's a tease of a Metroid reveal. For all we know maybe Nintendo will start showing off titles like this in lieu of a Direct or anything would have usually been E3 related, who knows at this point? But that's just a really odd and on the nose kind of thing to highlight at the end of the trailer almost like a teaser. But I don't want to look too far into, there was that one time years ago where Reggie wore a Metroid related pin and everyone was certain something Metroid related was coming from it and then...nothing. So, I'm being cautiously optimistic. XD
  16. I like the way it looks and new hook they have as the next threat. But man that's such an out of nowhere announcement. I wonder if Nintendo will really push off their next Direct until later in the summer or just drop surprise bombs like this.
  17. The engine used with Revelations was MT Framework which was designed to be scalable to devices like 3DS. At one point Capcom planned on using Panta Rhei (the engine powering the Deep Down tech demo) to be the premiere engine for their next gen games while MT Framework would be for other projects, but that never panned out.
  18. But a remaster of Tony Hawk 1+2 of all things? It's not like they're doing a new game on some wholly new proprietary engine that Switch can't run. Small studios have done impressive things on the system already. Knowing the Switch has its limitations I find it hard to believe that a remaster of THPS 1+2 would tax the hardware to such a degree. I didn't even think about this. Although at least with Crash that was Playstation exclusive until the next year when it also hit XBOX and PC in addition to Switch. Spyro is another story though.
  19. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 remastering the originals later this year, but not to Switch So, I'm trying to understand this because I'm actually pretty annoyed that stuff like this keeps happening. The two games they're remastering were no stranger to Nintendo systems and in fact I don't think any multiplatform game in the series has skipped a Nintendo platform other than Pro Skater 5. It being a remaster rather than a remake has me thinking that there is nothing being done with the game that couldn't be done on Switch. Honestly, I don't even think if it were a full on remake of the two games that it would be outside of what Switch could handle. It's not like asking for Final Fantasy Remake to be put on Switch or anything; I could understand those circumstances. I know I shouldn't operate under the assumption that Switch should be seeing more announcements for games that seem obviously viable for the platform, but it's hard to look at this news and notice the omission.
  20. I do wonder if Nintendo would ever be open to wild departures in tone like that. Considering Miyamoto at one point wanted Zelda to be more futuristic/sci-fi but we've only ever seen slight elements in regards to that in the games. Even then, those elements are more like magical artifacts with a sci fi flair than actual sci fi elements. Definitely. Though I've yet to put any serious time into Hyrule Warriors I absolutely love their depiction of Impa. Just on that alone I'd be down for a game centered around the Sheikah. It's kind of wild that Retro Studios is one of Nintendo's premiere development studios but they seem so out of the limelight. Not sure how big they are nowadays but I wonder if they might be able to work on multiple projects at once. Maybe have a AAA title every now and again like Metroid Prime 4 and inbetween having other games going that allows them to flex their muscles a bit but not necessarily having to be a huge production. Exactly and especially for a company like Nintendo that has talked openly before about how they'll re-purpose former ideas in new ways. I've no doubt that many of the games we've played have had stuff in them that were carried over from previously scrapped ideas. I'm pretty sure there's evidence on that floating around actually.
  21. I get why Nintendo may be holding off on a new installment of Mario Kart and relying on MK8D, the game has sold three times as much as the original release and has put up nearly an additional 2 million in sales between the last two quarters. But if not for a new installment it would be nice to see some new DLC since the game is pretty long in the tooth now for those who have been on it since the Wii U. I think Sword and Shield still has quite a bit of juice in it. I don't expect it to reach the highs of the first two gens (original releases, not counting their remakes) but it will definitely be higher than every other entry. If the DLC boosts sales enough and it manages to have a Christmas resurgence I can see it eventually overtaking Gold and Silver in the long run. As for Animal Crossing... I can only wonder where it will end up before it starts losing steam. New Horizons was expected to be big, but not 13+ Million in six weeks big.
  22. So, the image below is concept art from an ex-Retro Studios artist. The image depicts a character from a cancelled Zelda spin-off that was said to take place within ruined Hyrule in the downfall timeline. In it, there is a dark Gerudo tribe that is attempting to give birth to a new form of Ganon. It also mentioned that the game would be an origin story for the Master Sword. Now, here is where my interest kicks in. The character in the art reminds me very much of Ghirahim. The long flowing cap with the large "collar" around the neck and then the skin tight suit under the cape looks very close to the outfit that Ghirahim wears throughout Skyward Sword. To an extent, even the hair (at least from the front) reminds me a bit of Ghirahim's hairstyle with long locks that fall over one side of the face and covering up an eye. Another interesting point, the game would be an origin story for the Master Sword. So you can see where I'm going with this by now. It's no secret that ideas that are once scrapped can be reused in another way if the project encourages it. I almost wonder if this now scrapped Zelda spin off had some ideas that were repurposed for Skyward Sword. Other than the character art below bearing some resemblance to Ghirahim, Skyward Sword was also a game that dealt in the origin story of the Master Sword. But I could be barking up the wrong tree, still interesting is all. What say you?
  23. From Nintendo Investor Relations page the data below is pulled from various sources surrounding their Q4 stats and information. So, I decided this time around and going forward that I will omit the 3DS and just focus on Switch. Reason being that frankly, there wasn't a lot of moving between quarters on both a hardware or software front. Not that it's any secret that the 3DS has been on the way out but if you really wanna check that data it is available at the investor's relations page linked above. Switch had a pretty big quarter reaching nearly 56M sold and with many of their evergreen selling titles (which seems to be a substantial portion of their first party stable) seeing continued strong sales making for some continued record breaking sales for individual series. The most recent of which, Animal Crossing, was only tracked for 11 days before the end of the quarter and managed to sell nearly 12M. That is ridiculous. Nintendo also provided up to date sales following the end of the tracking period to show Animal Crossing had sold over 13 million in its first six weeks on the market. Mario Kart continues to be a beast at over 24 million sold with it selling nearly three times as much as the original release on Wii U. Combined those two releases make Mario Kart 8 the second best selling in the series under Mario Kart Wii's 37M sold. Smash Bros is still strong posting up an additional 1 million units+ since its ranking in Q3. In fact, most of the games in the top posted anywhere between an additional 100K-1M units between quarters which is nuts for games like Breath of the Wild that have been around since launch. With Animal Crossing joining the top ten it means Luigi's Mansion got pushed off the list but fortunately Nintendo have been showing supplementary data that includes million sellers outside the top ten which is a hefty list and of itself. Kind of necessary when the top ten consists of all double digit million selling titles except for one resulting many other highly successful titles not being in the spotlight simply because the millions they sold wasn't enough millions. Not exactly a bad problem to have! Nintendo Switch - 55.77M Switch Top Ten Million Sellers Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 24.77M Super Smash Bros Ultimate - 18.84M TLoZ: Breath of the Wild - 17.41M Super Mario Odyssey - 17.41M Pokemon Sword/Shield - 17.37M Pokemon LG Pikachu/Eevee - 11.97M Animal Crossing New Horizons - 11.77M (13.41M tracking it's first six weeks on the market) Splatoon 2 - 10.13M Super Mario Party - 10.10M New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - 6.60M Additional million sellers outside Top Ten Luigi's Mansion - 6.63M Super Mario Maker 2 - 5.48M TLoZ Link's Awakening - 4.38M Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 2.87M Ring Fit Adventure - 2.73M Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - 1.26M Astral Chain - 1.08M Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - 1.08M
  24. Can't wait to lose another 100+ hours of my life in this! ^_^
  25. I'm at the same crossroads here, I don't know if I want to jump to the main game first on the off chance there may be new story beats that could tie into Future Connected (or elsewhere) that I want to see first. Or jump into FC because I already generally know what's going on with the main story. I definitely got Torna battle them vibes with this track, too. Can't wait to hear the full version and whatever other battle themes they add in. ^_^