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  1. You absolute MAD MAN! XD It's a cute looking game and I actually like the wackiness of the premise for it. I always feel weird saying it because I know I've paid more for games with less content or paid the same for games with similar runtime but it still feels like $15 is too much for a 5-6 hour experience if I were to take the plunge. Otherwise, it sounds like a pretty competent game despite what most might think at first look.
  2. For some reason I thought they always had a podcast. Is there another tech analysis channel for gaming out there that I might be confusing them with?
  3. I'm honestly curious if this is something they can enforce. That being said, I have similar concerns as you regarding my job. So far they've been pretty understanding of various circumstances so that we feel safe and heard regarding our concerns. However, they pushed hard for people to head back into the office in September and at first were very stonewalled on people remaining working from home unless they personally had a condition that made them at risk or lived with someone who was. They pride themselves on the in office culture/experience and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they t
  4. One of my favorite moments during the initial Pokemon craze is how quickly it swept through my middle school. My mom/dad would always drop me off to school a bit earlier so I would spend time in the band room hanging with friends since I would see them later in the day anyway for band class. But those early mornings eventually became like a breakout session for everyone playing Pokemon. Gameboys and link cables for trading/battling were all over. At one point the school tried to ban bringing them to school and would confiscate them til end of day, but eventually it seemed like no one was r
  5. I didn't do too great but still had a lot of fun. By the way, did we ever figure out if that MOMO person was up to some shenanigans or were they just taking some really efficient shortcuts?
  6. I'd sooner assume the frame issues is because the game is still early in development. The way some of the Pokemon (especially Chingling) had that stuttery movement reminded me of how creatures in the distance on Resident Evil Mercenaries 3DS would animate if there was too much going onscreen until you got closer to them.
  7. That moment when you order your Pokedex from Wish.com. To be honest though, I can't even find on a google a Pokedex toy that looked like what they had in the video either.
  8. I'm surprised they went the direction that they did with Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl versus building upon Sword and Shield's engine. Either way, I enjoyed the Sinnoh games so I'll end up revisiting with Shining Pearl later this year for sure. I really like what they're doing with Legends though and I can't wait to see more of it as it's further along in development. Also the first time I've heard Arceus' name pronounced as I always pronounced Ar-SEE-us rather than ARK-ee-us. Pokemon Snap though...POKEMON SNAP THOUGH!! They really put their foot in this one (I meant that
  9. I can't even pretend to imagine what you and your family are having to work through here. You're a strong one taking on those final responsibilities on your own but that's a heavy weight to bear. Be sure to take time out for yourself to recuperate so you don't overexhaust yourself but also to have time to grieve as well. So sorry to hear DN, condolences and all the best to you and the family.
  10. The Pyra/Mythra swerve into Smash was great. I was legit trying to figure out what this was. Did it take place after the ending? Well, that doesn't make sense because the world looks the same. Is this a side story/missing chapter where the gang loses sight of Pyra? That also doesn't make sense because where in the story would it fit? Whatever, just glad we got a new Xeno rep and I like how they're handling. I am surprised they didn't try to implement the Blade system and have Rex as the main like in the games but I still like it. The Eiji Aonuma swerve however got me, I was
  11. Oh it's a biggun! They have plenty to talk about too just thinking on announced games that have yet to get an update in a bit along with updates on current titles. Really hoping for a new BotW2 trailer and crossing my fingers for something around MonolithSoft's new project. (Also hoping for a Xenoblade X port)
  12. Pretty lame if he doesn't get to voice Mario. Either they need a pretty good copycat or they're going for something completely different which is a bit... ehhh, I don't think so Tim!
  13. I still remember early on when it was going by SMRPG2 but when the final game was revealed I was still pretty excited for it. Can't remember if it was Nintendo Power or a European Nintendo mag I used to read called Total 64 but one issue had a huge spread on the game and that sold me on it. Krazy and I put some time into that game too playing it together though I think he was the one who ultimately beat it. Good times! It's interesting to see just how much the Mario RPG formula has changed since the days of the original SNES game and still delivered unique experiences throughout.
  14. I like that they incorporated a bunch of different ideas into it. They could have easily just done a basic Green Hill Zone set and left it at that which still would have been cool to see but more representation is better especially being a one off set. Man, my kingdom for the Metroid idea though!
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