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  1. Completely missed this community day partly because of being distracted by Pokemon Shield but mostly because I'm still not used to them being on Saturdays and starting so early.
  2. Got the final form of Roly Coly....holy geez it looks cool! Otherwise, I'm really enjoying the game so far. You definitely get the sense that it's not as grand as it could be when you are able to view areas and far off vistas that you can never actually get to, but for what's there it feels like a bigger adventure just with the addition of the wild area. I've had a few Xenoblade style moments where I rolled up on Pokemon level 45+ and had to get myself out of there. But I'm liking things so far at just over 15 hours in and I just now made it to the town with the fourth gym challenge.
  3. The controls/movement being awkward gives me pause because I really want to give this game a try one day. Just something about majestic acrobatics while gunning down chumps that spoke to me when the game was first shown off in a Direct a while back. XD
  4. It's kinda nuts to think that at one point they thought about cutting off Fire Emblem for good until Awakening. To think how fitting that name was for the franchise as a whole and it has only continued to build its popularity to new heights from there. Still hoping for a return to Advance Wars at some point, but that's a discussion for a different day. But I'm curious to see where Switch ends up after this holiday season.
  5. Results Briefing/Supplementary Information Hardware Unit Sales Switch: 41.67M 3DS: 75.45M Updated Top Ten Software Unit Sales Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 19.01M Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 15.71M Super Mario Odyssey: 15.38M TLoZ Breath of the Wild: 14.54M Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee: 11.28M Splatoon2: 9.28M Super Mario Party: 7.59M New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe: 4.59M Super Mario Maker 2: 3.93M TLoZ Link's Awakening: 3.13M -------------------------------------------------------------------- Fire Emblem: Three Houses: 2.29M Nintendo is having a pretty darn good run with the Switch. In all likelihood it could potentiall break 50M throughout the holiday season. Software is also killing it with quite a few titles with counterparts that launched on Wii U having sold quite a bit more this time around. Link's Awakening did really well considering when it was released to have already amassed over 3 million units sold. Fire Emblem Three Houses did very well too. It wasn't part of the original Top Ten list simply because it fell just outside of it, but it was revealed to have sold over 2 million in the actual results briefing. The Q&A portion of the event hasn't been officially uploaded just yet so I'll link to it later, but snippets from live tweeting are floating around out there.
  6. I remember when I first read about it I was thinking there is no way Capcom actually did this. Apparently, I underestimated their capacity to do so. XD
  7. At this point I think most have already made up their mind on getting the game. I'm willing the bet the portion that have said they won't support the game ahead of release will likely be there as well.
  8. I feel like the halloween event this year isn't spawning nearly as many ghost/dark type Pokemon as it did last year. Trying to grab up Gastly so I can get candies to fully evolve a 3 Star Gastly with max stats that I found the other day.
  9. Sucks we couldn't get join on Thursday. Krazy literally tried all he could think of to get things working but no luck. Really odd situation too.
  10. There's a lot of really good picks in here and some I either haven't heard before or didn't pay much attention to when I did play those games. I also agree with what DL said earlier regarding Crush 40. Dunno what it is, but I would not mind listening to some of their tracks like I would any other kind of music and they bring such a high energy to it too!
  11. Everyone has their own opinions about the series and how it has progressed in some respects and regressed elsewhere, but man, it's a series with some serious tunes. Even games that get joked on a lot, such as Sonic 2006, has some catchy tracks as well. FIgured we could share some of the ones that we like. I'm gonna get things started with a couple from one of the "storybook" games, Sonic and the Secret Rings. Sonic & The Secret Rings - The Night Palace (Unawakening Float) Sonic & The Secret Rings - Levitated Ruin (High & Broken)
  12. I'm surprised that Skullgirls is releasing with so little attention. Just another game on a list of so many others that are landing considering the fanbase it built up at the height of is popularity.
  13. Looks pretty slick and there does seem to be a lot to it. I don't even think the price tag is too much to ask for with regard to what's on offer here. Nothing I'd want to buy but it's a cool little piece of tech.
  14. Totally flaked on the Trapinch event. I'm so used to Comm. days being on Sunday still.
  15. Real shame on the loading times for sure. Was it the same way with the release on other platforms? I wonder if they just didn't optimize well enough for Switch or if it was an issue across the board.