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  1. Would love for this to be true. Granted, it says remaster but I wonder if they would try to rebuild the games in their new engines.
  2. So I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light here. A couple of other sites I frequent have people making comments suggesting that the Future Connected epilogue in Xenoblade can be played at any time. I assumed it would unlock after you beat it or something. I still plan on playing through the game again anyway, but still it's good news for people that simply want to play through the new content and see what it brings to the table.
  3. I'd love to see this, but man that would be like creating a whole new game with that idea. Shame about the team's feelings on making another game but not surprised they're disheartened after the last one didn't do so hot. Would still like to see them give it another shot.
  4. This is the first time I've ever heard of this. But now I get why they called it that especially if they were giving code names to their console revisions too.
  5. Milky Way all day!! That being said, I wasn't all that interested in using Charlotte when my bro and I first played the game and I think the way they have her dialogue now kind of contributes to me feeling that way presently. But I feel like somewhere in that cute, lisp driven child is a beast of a warrior. XD
  6. I'm just talking raw numbers here in reference to the idea that "nobody bought this game". At the end of the day two million plus is not an insignificant number despite how many more millions that other first party Switch titles have sold.
  7. Aw, come awn. Charwotte's voice can't possibwy be that bad, wight?
  8. Not to take away from your personal dissent about the game, but it sold over 2 million.
  9. A remaster of Super Mario Land 1 and 2 would be pretty nice to see. I'd like to see Golden Sun get that treatment too!
  10. No idea, but Trials of Mana was certainly the centerpiece for the reasons you stated above. That alone made me happy when it was first announced. But there have been other Mana games even outside of Legend of Mana. At one point Square Enix attempted a sort of "shared universe" deal with the Mana games that created games like Children of Mana and Heroes of Mana for the DS. I'd have to look it up to see just how many games there were overall in the series but there are quite a few.
  11. It was a PS1 game. No idea what the story for it is like or anything like that though.
  12. Yeah I think that town is like the crossroads where all the main characters conveniently cross paths. Story wise it makes sense too considering what's going on in the world relative to all of their backstories. Though I can't quite remember if it works out exactly like that in the original where they're all there at the same time. Like, you can eventually see them all there at one point or another as the early game progresses, but I could be remembering that wrong. Anyway, I hope the remake does well and maybe Square Enix can also use that engine to remake other Mana games. I never played Legend of Mana, for instance.
  13. I wonder why the load times lag so much on PS4 compared to Switch? I hadn't seen any comparison videos until now but after seeing the load times when playing the Switch demo I figured that would probably be the biggest tradeoff between the two versions. Maybe the PS4 version just isn't optimized all that well? Whatever the case, the game still looks great. I chose Hawkeye as my primary character so it's his story arc that I'm following. The game is certainly a looker but I just like that they transferred the art direction so well from the original to this remake. BTW, my team is Hawkeye, Duran and Riesz.
  14. This is my first detailed look at this outside of the announcement and there's more to it than I thought there would be. The little interactive Mario build is a cool touch all its own.
  15. We don't actually know if coronavirus cases will be reducing over that time period. It's for that reason that events even further out than E3 have also been cancelled or delayed a little further. There's nothing easy about cancellations or even delaying events when it comes to large, organized venues like that. There are a ton of things logistically that are happening before a yay or nay is even given on those kinds of decisions.