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  1. Dropped off the series at some point into the Hoenn journey way back when. Even so, it's still bittersweet to see this journey finally coming to an end and a new one starting. I don't know that I'll watch the new series but I'm looking forward to seeing the direction the anime goes in from here on out!
  2. Their metal covers of some of the XB3 tracks are amazing, but I laughed pretty heartily when the "YIPPEE" was inducted into the track. Done so well too!
  3. I've only watched part of the first video thus far but this is really cool. Such nostalgia thinking back to those games and it's pretty cool getting some insight into some of the details like this.
  4. It's a shame that there is so much polarization around this game because it's so much fun to play. If it weren't for work and personal matters I'd be playing it (Violet) a lot more than I have been. I'm still early on with it but I love just getting lost in the world and seeing all the little details. Can't wait to see what more of the game has to offer!
  5. Hey @DLurkster Just check this out, at least the first 46 seconds, you'll know when you see it
  6. I think once I learned to say the word I said it correctly but I don't think I ever said it as con - science. Now, as a trick to spell it correctly that's how it was taught when I was in school.
  7. @DLurkster Very good song choices and to be honest, listening to the first one you spoiled again I nearly forgot how good that song is. As for mine: I personally love this theme because it falls in line with Gaur Plains from XC1 and Gormott from XC2 as that theme of starting a grand adventure as wide open field opens before you. It gets me so pumped and so anxious to explore everything without getting too distracted to continue the story, lol This first one was such a gut punch and an unexpectedly emotional moment this point in the game. This one... I just love how they weave in the motif from the off-seer melodies into some of these tracks but this one has to be my favorite. I don't want to say too much in fear of spoiling but simply put this track is such a perfect theme for this character. I'll put more details into the spoiler:
  8. I like the visual style of it, but just reading the review this feels like a game that would be great as a minigame in a different game that is bigger in scope rather than its own thing. Or even a bite sized version of itself being a minigame in a party game. I looked up a video of the game and it does look fun but I can see how it could wear out its welcome before long.
  9. LOL, well the intention with the second paragraph wasn't to tear you a new one; just highlighting why I disagreed and why there are losers in this situation. Others may very well disagree with me and that's perfectly fine; I like the discussion all the same. And you're right; I don't want to imply that Hellena is necessarily guilty insofar that she intentionally deceived people but it's pretty clear that she wasn't being completely forthcoming about the situation until she basically had to speak more to those details. But I do believe that the emotional charge behind her initial message created a false narrative of what was going on and as more information came out the conversation began to snowball in a way that she could no longer control what she created and it eventually turned on her.
  10. Dude, we'll never know how far Dunsparce can go if we don't give our boy the opportunity. This Pokemon has been overlooked and disrespected for 20+ years. Check it, he's got little wings, a drill for a tail and chin spikes. There's a powerful entity in that one; we just don't know it yet! As for Shadow's video, looking forward to what ghost types we might be getting!
  11. Hellena opened the door to this conversation and beyond her statement piece and plea to action was also the lack of detail around the compensation provided and the commanding ownership of the character. Now that we have details that run counter to her claims the onus is on her to further emphasize what exactly is it that she was wanting from this. Because, and I know how this is going to sound, the more this goes on the less I believe that Hellena was truly intending to rally around the conversation of where the industry is failing its workers and more around how she perceives the industry (or in this case Nintendo/Platinum) is failing her. Speaking as an individual that has wants and needs I don't fault her for that, but now we're hearing that she was only telling part of the story and wanting to just put this all behind her as the conversation started to take a turn. It's difficult to even want to rally around her when the door she forcefully opened she now wants to quietly walk back through leaving everyone she entreated to the discussion to manage it for her. I also disagree with the no winners and losers part, because there are arguably some losers here. I don't know how this sort of thing travels in networking circles but Hellena's slate of work is already not extensive and could have potentially damaged her brand going forward; but that's self inflicted so she gets to own that. But you now have a controversy that will be a part of the Bayonetta series' DNA for a while yet to come. You have Jennifer Hale who was unfairly pulled into this madness and while I don't think there will be any damage to her career she basically got to be the punching bag as the "not Bayonetta" because of Hellena's initial comments. You have Hideki Kamiya he will probably ultimately not care in the end but for everything about him people criticize him for there is now a faction of people who have no problem being blatantly and openly terrible towards him leveraging this situation as reason enough to basically attack him personally. You have other voice actors and personalities in the industry who have been fighting for the kind of support that Hellena falsely represented and the blowback from that is in no way a step towards progress in their fight to overcome those challenges. That last one being the worst of them all because that was the platform Hellena implied she was fighting for when all of this started and everything that has happened since then has done nothing but undo whatever message she thought she was promoting.
  12. Honestly, that's not something likely to happen even if Kamiya wanted to and not even just from an NDA perspective. That would be like your boss publicly sharing your compensation documentation on social media as a way to combat you claiming you were being paid less than what you actually were.
  13. Just curious, what exactly would we be expecting Kamiya to show to combat what Hellena was claiming?
  14. The annihilation events I somewhat understand. They're basically a byproduct of the "endless now" when "Z"intervened to prevent the worlds from merging. Had the worlds merged they would have basically cancelled each other out which is the reason why Melia/Nia created the plan around Origin. Annihilation events are a residual factor in anticipation of the worlds merging despite "Z" suspending everything. That creates the other problem, if annihilation events continue to occur then over time even the world of the endless now would eventually be destroyed. The black fog being a warning for those events is one thing, but to your point there's no explanation of where the black fog comes from, what it is or why it gathering in one spot cascades into an annihilation event. In N's grief after M died and after losing to Noah and his team he starts to generate a ton of black fog from his heart to which "X" mentions something about there being damage to his core (I figured it was some sort of symbolism for heart break - but that doesn't explain why black fog generates when Consuls increase their power and go beyond their interlinking limit which also result in annihilation events).
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