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  1. This I will probably jump in for cause that is one heck of a deal.
  2. Skyward Sword, BOTW, and Positivity

    I really loved the changes they did with Breath of the Wild and it helps that the designers were insistent that things be different and stray from the formula more often than not. With that said, I loved Skyward Sword as well. Yeah, there were parts I had gripes with but it was still a pretty good Zelda game. Our experiences were certainly different however as I never had any issues with the controls let alone anything that made it feel unplayable.
  3. I won't even be able to touch this until around Christmas or so when my workload fades somewhat. I've got a lot of gaming to catch up on but I can't wait!
  4. On my lunch break in the middle of the night last night and I scour the web for VGA info and Bayo3 was the first news tidbit I saw. My eyes got so wide, I'm surprised it's even happening let alone being an exclusive. And good on Sega for bringing over the first two to get everyone caught up to speed. It's kind of crazy that this franchise has essentially made its home with Nintendo now.
  5. Oh snap! It's a done deal then! Hey, Krazy, THE HUNT BEGINS NOW!!
  6. If this turns out to be legit (and apparently it is) I'm definitely gonna have to grab a box!
  7. I have become a timelord!

    I played Minecraft but my bro usually handles all that setup stuff. I just jump in co-op when things are ready to go. Anyway, I guess I didn't completely comprehend your original post so I had a completely different scenario in my head about exactly merged or why/how.
  8. I have become a timelord!

    It sounds really cool despite my utter confusion at what is going on. Like, so you went to a past world of yours and there was a time you burned down the mansion for fun. Then you start a NEW world and manage to find that mansion yet it was on fire? Then, some hip hop hooie happens and you end up finding the mansion, then finding a tower from your game that was previous deleted because your PC crashed and you end up with a mansion that merges in on itself with the same mansion from another period? I probably have this ALL wrong but it's still all kinds of madness that I can't figure out. XD Like, when you start a new world it carries over elements from previous worlds you've had or something?
  9. I actually had no idea there was any kind of negative to the Minions' speech, but I can see why people might be wary if they choose that route considering gibberish speak is pretty much most of what you get from Mario and Luigi in the games, like the RPGs for instance. But something like that can't carry a whole movie.
  10. Gotta say, I actually like this explanation better considering the theme of bonding between humans and Pokemon that was really strong in the earlier series. Not sure if that has been kept up throughout since I sort of fell off with the anime midway through the arcs that covered their adventures in Hoenn.
  11. I see your setup and RAISE YOU THIS!

    I want to be pals with this dude... and his game room. But really that's a pretty incredible setup. Truly a new age mancave if I ever saw one.
  12. Vs. Super Mario Bros might be 12/22

    Any reason why it wouldn't just be a simultaneous global release? Granted it's an assumption but doesn't seem too farfetched to go with what NintendoLife is thinking there for the most part.
  13. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this since it's a format that makes sense for Mario. Gonna be interesting to see what various Mario characters end up with full on speaking roles and an entire movie's worth of scriptwork.
  14. It's the only thing that makes sense to me considering Pikachu doesn't talk at any other time during the movie apparently and out of nowhere just starts speaking fluent human-speak right after Ash gets his bell rung.