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  1. Pretty much agreed with Ridley Prime's prior comment (sans the Pokemon stuff) since any criticism I've seen is because Metroid Dread is being lumped into the same "it's a 2D title so should be in the same bucket as indies" sentiment that has been floating around. As for Metroid games beaten in one sitting, I only have Metroid II on my list for that and that's several years after I originally played it and had a day to kill where I still collected everything in game and beat it in one sitting.
  2. I actually wonder why more indie games aren't chasing after the mascot character way of things. Granted, maybe there are plenty and I just haven't been paying attention but I feel like there was Freedom Planet and nothing really on that scale since then. Seems like something that would be ripe for the picking. Visually it looks pretty good with the spritework. I really like that first pic with all the different blues and the general look of that forest.
  3. I get what PB is saying here, though but has there been a situation where partially paid for POs were cancelled in order to sell full cost to someone else? I've never done a partial pay on a preorder before so I'm not sure how that works, lol I'm willing to give it a try, or set an alarm to be up at 3am/4am hoping I catch any listings that might appear. BTW, just curious I checked Ebay. The top seems to be a warning (if not, good gosh they are nuts charging 1k for an amiibo set)
  4. The Enoema are still his people though so that race is still out there. Kanden just may or may not resemble them since he was freakishly enhanced or whatever.
  5. I wouldn't mind a break from the Metroids either. Thanks to a lot of the Prime oriented games we've been introduced to a variety of other races that help to expand the universe beyond just Samus and the threat of the Space Pirates. It might be a nice change of pace to tackle on challenges beyond what has been Samus' primary objective throughout the series. Races/Characters Luminoth Ylla Ing (though gone now) Phrygisian (Rundas' race) Vhozon (Noxus' race) Diamont (Spire's race, though mostly extinct) Enoema (Kanden's race) Kriken (Trace's ra
  6. For all I know I could be chasing a red herring. I see that initial shot in the trailer that is so reminiscent of Skyward Sword and so now I'm searching for connections based on that game and I could be completely off base! But I still wanna tug on this thread and see what unravels, lol! I do agree about the islands likely not zipping in and out of time as I personally haven't seen enough to go that route either. But I definitely agree with some theories that there may be some time shenanigans going on in this one. In the game's ending you can see the coloration on th
  7. Hmmm... has anyone seen anything regarding this as a theory? Was just looking up some stuff regarding Lanayru Desert from Skyward Sword to see if there were any links (heh) that could connect with BotW2. Does anyone else notice that the design of the timeshift stones (see below) looks very similar to the slanted pillars around Hyrule Castle in BotW? Similar shape and design motif. Not only that, but according to the wiki there is a working theory that the Gate of Time in Skyward Sword is made out of refined timeshift stones. Now this part is probably a reach. According to Bot
  8. Didn't even notice it til now. Even checked out the trailer again (I think this is my 16th viewing haha) and it's not a trick of the lighting either. Assuming it's not part of the design I wonder if it could be an indicator. Worth exploring that possibility at least. Some theory videos I've seen have highlighted that we aren't seeing Greek tunic Link from the front and that there may be a reason for it. There has to be something more going on there whether time shenanigans are involved or whatever. Part of me is also wondering where is he falling from in the start of
  9. Just a heads up, after watching the trailer a few times Link does in fact have a melee weapon (sword), though even so there wouldn't be a lack of weapons as we've at least seen his bow/arrows. I screen capped and put arrows towards what looks to be the hilt of a sword. You definitely see it much clearer in the left image rather than the right, but if you watch the video in slow motion you can see that there is a difference between the sword hilt and the curvature of the bow. Follow it down and you can see what ends up looking like either the blade itself or a sheathe that it slides into at
  10. Not surprised. After Other M there was a lot of "dragging through the mud" of Sakamoto's name and no doubt certain fallacies and outright lies took root. It's good to see though and I'm curious why the one in this game was seemingly dismantled. The AUs were designed to assist with the development of operations or planet terraforming depending on where they were installed so whatever happened there could have some big implications as to mysterious surrounding planet ZDR.
  11. So, I learned something today rewatching the Treehouse stream for this game. I did not realize that they actually have a reference to the Aurora Units from Metroid Prime 3. There is a scene in which Samus interacts with this device called the Central Unit which looks very much like the AUs in MP3 and have similar function.
  12. With the Advance Wars remake coming I really hope they consider doing Days of Ruin. Granted, back in the day it never released in Japan as it was more western focused, didn't even do well in the states (I got my copy on clearance for $5) and the fanbase in some ways seems divided on their approach to a grittier Advance Wars after AW, AW: Black Hole Rising and AW: Dual Strike kept things consistent. Still... I enjoyed my time with the game and almost every track in the OST is an absolute banger! That is some incredible luck right there... XD
  13. Yeah, quite a few insider folks were convinced that it would be announced. Granted it could show up later if it's indeed a thing, but definitely a cautionary tale of being mindful of rumors and speculation.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I'm in a similar boat. My workday starts at 8am and ends at 5pm unless there is a project and could be at work as late as 8pm at times. If I gotta use PTO to make this happen, I will, lol! I've got the time to burn.
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