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  1. It's amazing to me see how deep Trump supporters I know drank the kool aid. It's almost scary how effective his buffoonery has been on his base for them to be so far gone.
  2. That's definitely a tease alright. Was hoping for a bit more here!
  3. I still have those old Pokemon Power magazines. They're a bit ratty now but I still remember wondering this whole Pokemon thing was about considering Nintendo Power was putting so much emphasis on it for months on end. I think it was after they sent us a VHS tape that had a bunch of info and episode 1 of the cartoon that I (and probably Krazy) got sucked into it. And to this day, Blastoise is the best! By the by, I'm curious if the new 25th Ann. TCGs will increase fervor over the original Wizards of the Coast cards? Still got a ton of those in great condition that I'
  4. Haven't visited this thread in a bit let alone with the madness that has occurred over the past week. I'm still processing a lot of this but I'm glad that on his way out that some of the worst of his presidency will stick to him. His legacy in the history books will rightly define him as the trash that he is; call it mean spirited, petty, schadenfreude but I'm ecstatic that after years of getting away with things he shouldn't have, earning him the "teflon Don" nickname in his presidency that he is rightly being made to reap what he has sown.
  5. Much like PB mentioned I've seen increasing number of articles regarding talent leaving and things of that nature. Kind of surprising though that with crunch being such a hotly discussed topic in the games industry nowadays that it seems some companies whether in development, games media, etc. are still staying the course. Now, I won't pretend to understand the economics behind the "need" for it but from a wellness perspective it's not a good look and with the discussion going on these days the power is in the hands of those directly affected by it and are becoming more vocal.
  6. Almost feels like an "it's about time" moment for sure. Their partnership with Nintendo has been so close for so long that this move just makes sense. Can't wait to see what more comes from them as an official part of the Nintendo family.
  7. Looking forward to seeing what's in the new year but mainly focusing on finally seeing more of what has already been announced. Breath of the Wild 2, Pokemon Snap (keep forgetting this is a thing that's coming!), No More Heroes 3, Bayonetta 3 (hopefully), and so on and so forth.
  8. You know, $600 is pretty whack but along with some of the other bulletpoints in the bill it's at least something and I personally know a handful of people that would have preferred having something alongside the currently active/soon to be lapsed moratoriums. I really do feel sorry for the people unfortunate enough to be square in the middle of this not knowing what their immediate future is going to be within the next 96+ hours.
  9. Sweet Baby Ray's! I was gonna look up some favorite tracks of mine to post here and came across a fan orchestrated version of Fillmore!
  10. This game is my jam man and I was so glad when it came to the Wii VC. Reliving that music, that title screen intro... just everything. As a kid I also remember thinking how cool it was to have a stage called Bloodpool, haha. I actually enjoyed Actraiser 2 quite a bit though the lack of SIM elements definitely stings. I get that you're now in a more prosperous world but surely there could have been ways to still implement it. Only thing that sucked about Act2 is the friggin skid stop the Master does after gliding. Made platforming in the friggin Tower of Souls the most annoying thing ever
  11. People are using a statement concerning another case with very different circumstances as a sort of connecting tissue for why the same should apply for what is being discussed now. To be fair, there is a lot in the legal verbiage of the Galoob case (and the referenced Sony case to an extent) that probably could be used as supporting precedent; but the breakdown of those details in the Galoob case and the sheer matter that it is contained in its own boundary so to speak doesn't apply here. That's stretching what personal enjoyment means when you're running a organized mul
  12. If that situation with Etika and the amount of money going to charity versus what is being pocketed is true...well that's just hot garbage. The text message image is definitely the worst. If someone is making money off of this that's pretty ballsy to basically tell Etika's family that they're not entitled to any funds from the proceeds obtained by selling merch invoking Etika's name and brand.
  13. To be clear, is Nintendo citing emulation itself or are they more concerned with unauthorized copies of the game being used? More to the point, the cited Galoob case doesn't really tick the same boxes here and I think if the person using that Wikipedia article dove into the case itself they might have learned a bit more versus the one statement they highlighted. It hits a bit different with context behind it: In construing the phrase "derivative work" in light of technological change which has rendered its literal meaning ambiguous, the Court looks to the "basic purpose" of the C
  14. A much better man than myself could create a better reply, but on the surface level I can't say I agree with the premise behind that 4-Chan post. Intellectual property is absolutely a thing and a great deal of that post falls apart simply by ignoring that fact. To be fair, sure, you can't own the idea of a swordsman because it's far too broad, generic and overarching a thing to grant proprietorship over. ( Read: Imagine if someone had a patent on the wheel or use of fire) But you can absolutely own a very specific kind of swordsman created with very specific details and for a very specific
  15. Kinda want to chime in on the below because I do think people are cherry picking quotes less as an appraisal of Iwata's mindset insofar as how a Nintendo still led by Iwata might do something different here and more as a fabricated Nintendo desecrating his legacy narrative created around this situation. I'm not gonna be on the same bus as those who see today's Nintendo as the same "run by old farts who don't understand" Nintendo that was common around the N64-GCN days, but I do think people who expected something different here haven't been paying attention. It's just a convenient dead horse
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