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  1. Well it's good to hear things are going from strength to strength. Gonna be interesting to see how it fares throughout the holidays and how much momentum it can maintain or how much more it can generate. I wonder if we'll get direct numbers on the SNES Classic, too.
  2. Sony publishing games on Switch?

    And people said for years Nintendo would be the one to go third party... mwahahahaha! jk (sorta)
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if it involves them thinning the pool of review copy recipients and some kind of method of verification to determine who is leaking the game if it happens again. I definitely get what PB is after regarding that click bait culture of being "first" and reaping the benefits of it having an effect. It's just another one of those things that's just going to encourage Nintendo to be more conservative in areas like this which is exactly the kind of thing people tend to complain about them doing in some capacity.
  4. Legend of Pokemon - Watercolor Heroes

    Friggin A! Didn't even cross my mind, lol. Thanks!
  5. Legend of Pokemon - Watercolor Heroes

    Cubone as Zant, Sandshrew as Agahnim, Meowth as Ghirahim and Eevee as Zelda are probably my favorites up there. Who is Jirachi supposed to be though? I'm seriously racking my brain here on that one.
  6. Pretty nice deal, then. As for the coin, I think I have still my preorder coin from back when I preorder Super Mario Galaxy.
  7. BlazBlue CTB announced for Switch!

    Was surprised to see this announcement the other day. I'd like to give it a try sometime for sure despite my lack of experience with just about all the franchises involved.
  8. Glad to hear Miyamoto was instrumental in Superstar having co-op. Krazy would probably agree but growing up that provided a ton of multiplayer memories especially with Milky Way Wishes and the Great Cave Offensive. Even the side games like Megaton Punch would put a lot of time into if I remember correctly. Also, OMG!!! Now I finally know what Kirby yells when you use the third and final Mic attack! For the longest time I joked with my bro that he is saying "Sistah (sister)" but they actually reveal it hear and apparently it's also Sakurai's doing.
  9. Makes me wonder what direction they might go with it. Do they recreate the original, green screen and all? Or do they at least hit up GBC and maybe sometime after introduce GBA? I'm sure nostalgia types would be all over an original GB but it's hard to imagine that it would be a big sell if they kept that whole setup intact. For authenticity sake it might be the way to go but at least rolling with GBC would have a bit more appeal and they could expand the library of worthwhile titles as well. I dunno, maybe I'm just rambling here. EDIT: Better yet, got the GBC route with the option to switch back and forth between the monochrome and color. Although I totally forgot about GBPocket, so would they go with the green tinted screen or the more grayscale (I guess that's the word I'm looking for?) style that GBPocket had for the classic tint.
  10. Need some balls to play with Pokemon?

    Really impressive looking. Wonder why it took so long for quality looking Pokeballs like these to come around? I think I may still have the Burger King one that came with a gold plated card trinket thing, those were pretty cool too.
  11. Pretty interesting concept. Guess he's shooting for 420 rooms and at this point I'm watching he has gotten to 85? Gonna be a rough trek.
  12. The first stage of the championship seemed to be a group of oddball challenges considering what they were. Definitely weeded out the contestants though considering the challenges chosen.
  13. Good thing they found some kind of middle ground so that everyone could get a little something. If they did Famicom Disk System then would this whole retro Nintendo platform product line have been relegated to just that? Even more surprising is that they didn't even consider Japan initially in doing this for the NES/Famicom classic.
  14. Kinda cool seeing how high F-Zero scored back in the day. Would be cool if they also put the critics opinions/reviews too to get an idea of what their thoughts were on some of these games at the time.
  15. New ARMS trailer showing new character?

    Mecha Godzil Spring Man Also, that Twintelle zoom was totally intentional, they knew what they were doing!