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  1. Things do change as development goes on (both for the better and for the worse) which is why you typically see the whole "game footage not final" tagline applied to a lot of in game footage including Sword and Shield's trailers. Gamexplain did a pretty good video pointing out a lot of the positive changes and still remaining pitfalls from the initial reveal trailer and the trailer shown during the Pokemon Direct prior to E3 week. Reservations still in tow but seemed pleased with the advancements and changes on display between presentations. I'm looking forward to seeing if they do an update to that analysis following what we know out of E3 where the verdict stands then. But to your point, regardless of how well the game may do commercially is not really an all encompassing reason around whether or not the game's visuals can/will improve. I don't think anyone arguing the point are expecting a complete overhaul but it's not much to expect, for example, texture work in areas to be touched up and improved as development progresses. Edit: just to clarify this post was for Ridley, was posting from my phone so I guess something went weird and it doesn't show me quoting him. Sorry for any confusion on this one Doc. 😅
  2. Didn't mean to insinuate it was you insulting the game just bringing up where some of the reaction around Pokemon being cut is starting to lean towards. That comparison between the two games mentioned before being an example of that.
  3. Gotta remember this week's tourney is 200cc. Gotta make sure I have an appropriate build cause I always forget and use my usual and...it's just not a good time, lol XD
  4. It's a pretty bad comparison in general. Ther s still work to be done in Sword/Shield for sure but it's doing nothing but taking potshots to line up Pokemon XD next to it like that. There's no real messsge being put forth doing that and instead is an example of people insisting on reasons to bash the game elsewhere out of frustration around the controversy this game is seeing. It's a big reason why I can't buy the laziness angle because it's such a fundamentally empty hot take with how most are approaching it.
  5. Good races the other night, always a fun time. But good gosh, bob ombs EVERYWHERE!!!
  6. I figured they wouldn't get too elaborate with it but just curious how far they might go. I already have it in mind that something like Eagle's Tower won't be possible but being able to have arrangements that can provide some additional challenge or obstacle for players to get around would be neat.
  7. I wonder if the Chamber Dungeon mode will only be single floor arrangements or will there be an opportunity to do multiple floors?
  8. That's really cool and I'm surprised it took this long for a set like this to come out when they've done Mario based branding with their toys for years now. If Toys was still around I know for sure this would be a hot seller!
  9. That's kind of putting words in my mouth as I never argued that their method of adding to the experience across various games is what I consider some standard for creativity. That's just where my disagreement comes in if we're going to be talking about laziness and complacency. I don't want to get into the empty argument of suggesting "they could have done worse, they could have done nothing" but the fact of the matter is a lot of the features they produce aren't necessarily arbitrary additions. They're ideas that they actually help build the game around for some purpose or another. That it doesn't go far enough for some people is one thing but to dial it back to zero as the developer being lazy is a generalization that I don't feel is warranted here. As you said, maybe we'll just have to agree to disagree because clearly we're seeing this from two different extremes.
  10. Each game has always had some kind of advancement in one form or another whether it be the size of the game world, what can be done in that world and various changes to the content over time that gives each entry its own unique space in the series. By virtue of what you're arguing here, that they place focus on new exotic Pokemon and new gimmicks as their focus, in my eyes, does no favors to the accusation that they're being complacent and lazy when they're actually trying to brainstorm new ideas to add to the experience. Part of building that brand is acknowledging the changes that come with driving something that is clearly as ever changing as Pokemon has been. Gimmicks and new animals is not a new concept for the series. Just about every entry since the beginning has introduced some new mechanic or feature that has enhanced that game in some way. Some of those features have carried over, some haven't, but there has almost always been an introduction of something new in these games outside of having new Pokemon to catch.
  11. So in other news: Trump held a rally in Orlando for his 2020 run. Among many other elements of absolute BS, he claimed that if he were elected again he would cure cancer and aids, probably in an effort to one-up Biden who said he would push to cure cancer if he were to be elected. Also claiming that mass deportation of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. will take place starting next week. Also claims "both sides" to the Central Park Five case, refuses to back down from the belief that they should have gotten the death penalty...yes, this is after it was proven they did not commit the crime. And his cohort McConnell claims reparations are no longer a talking point because, among other things, America once elected a black president.
  12. I'm guessing they didn't have that in mind when choosing him though. Simply put, Cloud is probably the most ubiquitous Final Fantasy character and for the kind of game that Smash is it's probably the most obvious choice. This isn't All Stars Battle Royale where they settled for peeps like Raiden instead of Snake or DmC Dante instead of DMC Dante. They chose the character that players would connect with the most.
  13. I do want to play this game but I gotta find the time first. I'm tempted to pick up a steelbook copy I saw at the store that was still available just to have it until i can play it at some point in the future. I always liked the look of the game too back in the day because it seemed different from what Final Fantasy games usually portrayed and the world just seemed a lot more interesting.
  14. BotW is kind of a hard sell to make that comparison by. There are plenty of games that don't measure up to that pedigree of development and for all the lack of effort those other games have by comparison that doesn't make their efforts lazy in their own right. Aside from the changes the series has steadily seen from iteration to iteration that has advanced its own pedigree, the quality of what it brings to the table is measured in ways that is its own unique brand of entertainment which has allowed it to endure without the need to push the envelope the same way a new Zelda might. There are areas where I feel like Sword and Shield can improve even from the new stuff that they're doing but it doesn't have to be a transformative experience to make that leap. Also, it's not that catching them all is no longer part of the brand but that emphasis isn't nearly as much a driving point for enjoying the games as they used to be. That they don't even specifically depict that anymore on a surface level is what's telling. It doesn't do away with it being a part of the experience for some people it's just a bulletpoint that no longer needs emphasis. I'd wager that the expectation of catching all 800+ currently available Pokemon is not the strongest motivating factor for playing these games anymore. Seeing what new world they've built and what new Pokemon that inhabit it has been a driving force behind each new iteration and what more players can discover within it. That much has been true since the original Gold and Silver.