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  1. Toys R US shutting down

    I guarantee you, they didn't delay it because he passed away. There was a hold up in court between claims from creditors and Toys R Us. It's a shame all the same though, I still remember he came through our store when we had our grand opening back in 2008. It was just neat seeing the man behind it all make an appearance if nothing else.
  2. I've said this in similar threads in the past but I'd like to see the return of the Mission Mode that was in Mario Kart DS but expanded even more and maybe even throw in some cooperative play. I don't know if we should ever expect to see a Mario Kart with a "story mode" like we saw with Diddy Kong Racing but something like an expanded Mission Mode to give a bit more meat to the game would be nice and could be used as a way to unlock more upgrade parts or whatever other goodies they toss into the game.
  3. Toys R US shutting down

    Supposedly, we're supposed to know by Friday what will come of that proposal but no idea just yet what all the factors are that play into the 200 stores that may be picked if things go through. Had this discussion with one of my managers earlier this week and he said despite our performance the biggest obstacle for us being chosen is the fact that we are in a shopping center and therefore don't own the property. Since any buyer would want to mitigate as many additional expenses as possible that would be a big hurdle. But we are one of the newer stores from when the company was doing remodels and creating super side by side stores over the past ten years or so and we are in a prime shopping location in the city, so there's a lot of other perks in that regard. Business wise, after the closure announcements, from Thursday-Sunday our store did nearly half a million in sales which is pretty insane outside the holiday season. When you have daily budgets around this time of year for our store size that hovers around 28k-36k and we're smashing that multiple times over on the daily it's a pretty wild thing to consider. And mind you, all we had at the time was the closure announcement, even now there aren't even any liquidation sales starting at my location yet so all those numbers were pulled on normal business as usual operation more or less.
  4. Toys R US shutting down

    Other than the fact that staying on working guarantees a paycheck and benefits until the end I can almost guarantee that most people sticking around are dong so for each other. When you've been with coworkers long enough it really becomes more like a second family. Heck, during the holidays I probably spent more time at work around these people than I did my own home and family. There's always good and bad days and especially now with liquidation starting tomorrow customers are going to be a lot more unreasonable about certain things than ever before and it's gonna be tough to deal with, but for those of us sticking around we'll manage it together. Even a lot of the managers we're really cool with up to a point for obvious professional reasons, but outside of work, or rather outside operating hours we joke around and have fun while working just the same. One of my assistant managers is a huge gamer/anime nerd so we always have stuff to talk about on the daily and I've known him almost as long as I've been with the company. It's very easy to be disenfranchised with the company, but the family that grew up under that umbrella still sticks together and that goes for former coworkers who have since moved on to other jobs, too.
  5. Hazy Maze Cave, from Super Mario 64. It's the one with the yellow toxic fumes or whatever in some parts. I also think it's where you find that Loch Ness monster-ish creature in an underground like, water cavern or something.
  6. A track inspired by Hazy Maze Cave would be interesting. Something that has an industrial aesthetic to it but still has organic/natural environments that make up the core of the track. Maybe a Koopa Kids fortress themed stage that takes various elements from the Koopa Kids' castles in Super Mario World. This one might be harder to pull off, but a track based on Super Mario Galaxy. However, the track itself is invisible with maybe like colored lights or a thing rainbow-ish border showing the track edges all through the map (so you don't fall off) and as you race each racer creates a glowing rainbow trail on the "track" for a nice visual effect. The background just has a bunch of animated and moving elements from the game like Mario's Starship from SMG2, various planetoids and enemy/boss cameos...stuff like that. I can see this one being a problem since it might harder to make a distinction between visual cues on the track so players not only know where the bounds of the track are but can still plan ahead without being surprised by a sudden turn and end up slamming into the track border or something.
  7. Atari back in the hardware game?

    Seems an odd combo to bet things on. On the one hand, classic retro games and on the other a hub of apps that allows it to do more but like you said there are other options that provide the same thing and probably have more clout with gamers, let alone the general public. Wait and see, I suppose.
  8. I like the idea of Wart appearing as a character. I wouldn't mind some reps from the Mario and Luigi games like Fawful for instance.
  9. I like the idea of being able to customize karts in the way you described them, personalize things a bit more. Maybe more interactive track elements? Weather elements that could affect environments in different ways like rainstorms creating puddles, mud pits depending on the track's environment, wind storms that can generate mini cyclones that travel across the track and stuff like that. Maybe even "disaster" effects like earthquakes that can affect the terrain from lap to lap, tsunami that could transform the tracks as well or a meteor strike that completely changes the layout of an area of the course. Something that could make racing on tracks a different experience from lap to lap in some way. Of course, options to turn off all those hazards too if need be.
  10. Toys R US shutting down

    Yep, both TheKrazyOne and I do.
  11. I still remember being really excited at the prospect of the VC and eventually WiiWare when it was coming around. I never dipped around too much in some of the best WiiWare had to offer primarily because I bought so much physical software for the console that I spent a lot of time on, but I played some good ones and those that I enjoyed and remember really well. One WiiWare title in particular that stands out is OnSlaught which most probably remember for a certain "and that's why you're still a kid!" line while you fought the alien insect menace. It was also online cooperative which was cool at the time for a WiiWare game fairly early on in the system's life.
  12. Toys R US shutting down

    I'd be surprised if something goes through since this was part of the plan prior to a hearing that took place last Thursday. It's part of the reason why the rumors had been circling most of that week but officially nothing came down the pipeline until Thursday evening. Would be nice though if it did happen to keep some element of the business around. As for the second part, I honestly don't know. When we were talking about the situation at work when the whole 200 stores plan was circulating as a possible back up it was mentioned that a buyer would have to take on all the assets of the remaining stores as well as the debt. I'm assuming they meant the remaining debt since the consolidation and liquidation of all the other stores that don't make the cut (if this plan goes through) would be generating the capital to begin paying dues to their creditors.
  13. Sucks, I'll be at work all day when it airs so I'll have to check it out later.
  14. Toys R US shutting down

    Not altogether tied with this topic... or maybe it is, I dunno. But for those planning on taking advantage of liquidation/clearance "sales" and the like, for the love of god please be courteous to the staff. The past few days alone have been filled with people acting like entitled jerks (to put it nicely) because the stores are soon to close and they're out looking for a deal. I don't mean people coming in and asking when liquidation is starting because that's innocent and general enough, but people coming in with an attitude because we don't have a certain item in stock (for obvious reasons), twisting the knife with snide comments when they can't haggle their way down to a lower price (because we aren't in liquidation yet and so until that time it's still business as usual) or generally being nasty or rude for other reasons. Don't get me wrong, I'm always down to check out good deals too but just be considerate about it. There is a lot that is still out of our hands and will be even moreso when the assets are no longer ours to control at which point any kind of haggling will need to be handled by the supervisor overseeing the liquidation process, not TRU/BRU staff. For the most part people have been generally kind and understanding. Most I've talked to about the situation would actually stop and chat about their memories and how unfair it is that things turned out this way. One lady who was pregnant was almost at the point to tears because her children will be born after the store are gone and they will grow up in a world without Toys R Us. But I know the closer we get to the closing date there will be less of those people and more of the "vultures" so to speak. So yeah just, exercise some discretion.
  15. What is your favorite Mario game?

    Super Mario Bros. 3 forever remains a special game in my heart and not just for Mario but any game. But there's a lot of nostalgia tied into those reasons which makes things a bit unfair. If anything though, following that I'd probably have to say Super Mario Galaxy. I haven't run through the entirety of Odyssey yet because I'm so tied up in Xenoblade right now, but I plan on finishing it and just watching my brother's playthrough I can see Odyssey taking over Galaxy on that vote too. I just want to finish it out first before making that distinction.