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  1. Heh, I figured starting the thread that way would be interesting XD Anyway, as for the Divine Beasts, while the thread title does say robotic I probably should have said mechanical like I mentioned in the body of my post since it seems robotic is conjuring a specific mindset around the kinds of characters most are suggesting. If nothing else, the Divine Beasts are mechanical which is why Vah Naboris is what I chose; so sorry for the confusion there. I had to look this one up...that thing basically looks just like R.O.B.! Never knew that. Weavile is a good pick. I never played him as much in MPH but I always thought his alt form was pretty unique and the battlehammer was pretty powerful if you could manage the way it arcs well enough. I really hope they revisit that one day.
  2. Yo, what up? Like many videogames there are plenty in Nintendo's own stable that contain a wide and interesting variety of mechanized characters. Everything from the waddling Mechakoopa from the Mario series right on up to the powerful Artifice Ophion from Xenoblade Chronicles 2; there are plenty to choose from throughout Nintendo's catalogue. So without further ado, what are your favorites? For me, I'm a big fan of the Divine Beasts from Breath of the Wild and in particular Vah Naboris. Just the idea of these giant, mobile, mechanical titans roaming around the environment is cool to see and in particular with Vah Naboris I remember how shocked I was when I came over a cliff and in the distance I see this huge robotic camel just chillin and walking around.
  3. Remains my favorite game of all time. Partly nostalgia but mostly because it still remains such a solid game after all these years. Four year old me fell in love with the game back in the day and I still love it now.
  4. This is good XD Considering they've been doing Smash only and Pokemon only Directs for a good while now I wouldn't exactly use those as a litmus test of what a more general Direct would consist of, not to mention that if they don't yet have a Direct put together they probably aren't going to put just those two games as one big Direct with clearly different focuses on what is being promoted. Scatterbrained isn't really the term I'd use here especially if it's just because they don't have a general Direct lined up after showing up with two Directs with very clear intentions on what they were promoting around those specific titles.
  5. The impact of his bad decisions ruining relationships with the press there. Using privileged information for some internet fame, not all that worth it.
  6. Don't know much about what Interspecies Review is about and from what little I've heard I've got no desire to, but of all things to kickstart discussion in this thread it's a shame that this of all things is what is doing it. -_-
  7. Sheesh, y'all picking up shinies left and right and I don't have a single one yet -_-
  8. I'd actually be pretty down for Pops from other Nintendo franchises.
  9. Funny enough, I watched a video of this game just a few days ago because the caption mentioned it being The Goonies inspired. I'd like to give this a try one day and I think that it fully integrating player two as a substantial part of the adventure is a big reason for that. " it's distressingly rare for games to recognize the healing power of high fives, so I commend Knights and Bikes for making it an integral part of the game. After all, how many games have a dedicated high five button?" Granted, I don't think it had healing powers but it totally gives me "hug button" vibes from A Boy and His Blob. ^_^
  10. The Shantae looks really nice actually and I know my girlfriend is gonna flip over Vulpix (her favorite Pokemon).
  11. I don't know how rampant cheating is in Switch games but from a certain perspective I can understand the limitations in regards to games like Splatoon. The cheating in Splatoon on Wii U eventually grew to the point that in my waning time with the game I ran into them numerous times during a play session whereas prior to that point I might see one every now and again. I get the argument that people are going to cheat so might as well be more open and just deal with things on the back end and then I think back to those times where some of the more popular online games on past Nintendo consoles became so rife with cheaters that unless you were playing with friends then it was little more than an exercise in frustration playing any other way.
  12. I can understand no cloud saves, I figured that a foregone conclusion for obvious reasons. But I'm not getting the inability to system transfer bit; that seems excessive.
  13. I've been meaning to compile the data for a few days now but just didn't have the time or energy this week to do so. But here we are! You can grab this information and so much more at Nintendo's Investor Relations page but I've outlined the updated sales data for Switch and 3DS below. Not much to say here other than Switch is a beast of a machine on the market right now with a slew of titles that continue to live up to the evergreen status of just selling non-stop. Mario Kart 8 on Switch alone at over 22M is nuts; if you were to add the data for the original Wii U game then Mario Kart 8 on the whole is a 30M+ seller. But just look at any title on the list below and it's pretty amazing to see just how well some of these games are doing. Breath of the Wild over 16 million, Pokemon Sword and Shield just came out in November and is already over 16 million. Even Luigi's Mansion 3 is putting in work at over 5.3M sold. However, what got me the most were the additional million selling titles that were buried in the supplementary financial data. Games that did incredibly well but didn't make the top ten simply because they didn't sell enough millions to do so. Like Link's Awakening already pushing over 4M or Fire Emblem Three House already being the second best selling FE in series history at over 2.5M. Ring Fit Adventure a 2M seller. But what really caught my eye was seeing both Astral Chain and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 making the list. While essentially first party games via third party collaborations both are titles that I'm sure were not expected to hit that milestone. Even though both barely squeaked by on the list at just over 1 million that's a pretty great result for an all new and exclusive Platinum Games IP and the return of a fan favorite Marvel series. Anyway, enough talk; to the lists! Also, as an addendum as it wasn't part of the initial sales data Nintendo did hold a presentation with their investors to discuss Q3 data and the effect that Nintendo's decisions are having and will have in the coming year. In that presentation it was revealed that there are over 15 million Nintendo Switch Online accounts. Nintendo Switch - 52.48M Switch Top Ten Million Sellers Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 22.96M Super Smash Bros Ultimate - 17.68M Super Mario Odyssey - 16.59M TLoZ: Breath of the Wild - 16.34M Pokemon Sword/Shield - 16.06M Pokemon LG Pikachu/Eevee - 11.76M Splatoon 2 - 9.81M Super Mario Party - 9.12M New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - 5.85M Luigi's Mansion 3 - 5.37M Additional million sellers outside Top Ten Super Mario Maker 2 - 5.04M TLoZ Link's Awakening - 4.19M Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 2.58M Ring Fit Adventure - 2.17M Astral Chain - 1.03M Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - 1.02M Nintendo 3DS - 75.71M N3DS Top Ten Million Sellers Mario Kart 7 - 18.68M Pokemon X/Y - 16.44M Pokemon Sun/Moon - 16.18M Pokemon OR/AS - 14.26M New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 13.32M Super Mario 3D Land - 12.67M Animal Crossing New Leaf - 12.45M Super Smash Bros. for N3DS - 9.57M Pokemon US/UM - 8.70M Tomodachi Life - 6.55M
  14. I understand, especially considering what it teases and how it ties into it. Doesn't necessarily mean Fusion is up next or should be up next as a result in terms of remakes. It's kind of a "if you know...THEN YOU KNOW" moment when it happens.
  15. My point of contention was primarily with what the image was conveying not really lining up with reality. As much love as Sakurai puts into Smash that didn't stop him from being internet mob steamrolled over something perceived as being so much worse than what it is. Maybe it's from a place of privilege, I dunno, but considering we've seen "throwaway" comments even for those like Hero and Terry for various reasons it still had them projecting the audacity to make it seem like they were slighted. The same people you're calling greedy and selfish for things like that are the same people that will speak to their soapbox on why they're justified in how they feel about those updates one way or the other. Pokémon, at least with the Pokémon Home business I don't like the model for the Basic package. But I also feel like any announcement from TPC/Masuda/etc. will continue to be met with derision moreso from the conversation that has already surrounded the games and less from any other consideration. The idea that the game was obviously rushed (based on?), carved out content to sell us later in the form of the DLC expansions (says who?) is not coming from a place of understanding but a place of "how else can I hyperbolically express my dissatisfaction with this franchise and these people."