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  1. I've got the first forms of every single one of the wave one Sinnoh Pokemon except for Shinx and Riolu. Out of the remaining I also don't yet have Chatot, Carnivine or Pachirisu. My girlfriend got me back into playing, or rather we got each other back into playing so we're still pretty low leveled. Me at 23 nearing 24 and her at 25 nearing 26. We did manage to nab an Aggron and Mewtwo for the first time at a couple of Raids yesterday though which was nice.
  2. I kind of figured, especially after that one race where you got hit right at the finish line. I've had that one bad before, 3rd place and getting hit right at the finish and ended up in 7th and all my kart had to do was literally drive an inch to complete the race. But nah...
  3. Kezay

    Top scary movies for Halloween 2018?

    Not exactly a traditional Halloween movie but Event Horizon is one that used to creep me out a lot as a kid and even now is still pretty creepy to watch. I mean, it's still a horror film, albeit sci fi horror.
  4. Pretty neat! I shall master the water types. Eat your heart out Misty, get on my level!!
  5. Kezay

    Huawei releasing a Switch competitor?

    I'm surprised it already isn't there considering there have been some fairly large screened phones already released hence my phablet mention above. My older brother has a phone in that style. If the case was just a bit wider it would be like he was holding up a Kindle Fire up to his face when he talks, albeit of a bit slimmer.
  6. GoldCrono was just killing it, even though there were others that nabbed first place he was already seemingly too far out of reach halfway through unless you were already close in the standings like Krazy was. I think the only reason my score ended up so high was because Surge dropped out a bit early. He was my biggest foil for most of the tournament!
  7. Kezay

    Huawei releasing a Switch competitor?

    Doing the "phablet" movement proud!
  8. Kezay

    Huawei releasing a Switch competitor?

    Bold strategy positioning it against the Switch, let's see how it plays out for them...
  9. I'd chalk it up to a risk management kind of thing. It doesn't have to be a situation that is immediately relevant but protecting their brands from any future impact of an adverse scenario. Say an accident or something happens with this tour service, granted Nintendo has no direct involvement with it but it could still hurt their brand if the news surrounding the accident continues to cite their properties alongside the more relevant info. It's an extreme example but the kind of thing that can happen where Nintendo can be affected in some form even without direct responsibility for it.
  10. Well, this is an interesting surprise. Nintendo is putting out a console bundle for Diablo III. Releases November 2nd and is exclusive to Gamestop.
  11. Wow 20 years, PB!? Nice! Hopefully some arrangement comes out of it because Sears would still be a huge logistical acquisition for a potential buyer if the Chapter 11 doesn't improve things.
  12. I think the problem is that Maricar actively used Nintendo related brands to promote their services. Granted, Mario Kart is a pretty big deal even today and so there is benefit in sort of indulging that interest and nostalgia while also continuing to promote what Mario Kart is about with an experience that is about as close as you can get outside the games. On the other hand, they're still using Nintendo's properties to do so. At first I figured it was an issue of the company specifically asking for people to dress up as Mario Kart characters or something like that but if they're actually providing costumes designed after Mario characters to realize that experience then I can't exactly fault Nintendo for going after them. I'm curious if they were given a cease and desist at some point though so that they would have an opportunity to at least stop the part where they are using likenesses of Nintendo's own brand to promote the service.
  13. Kezay

    Mario Kart Tour info still not out

    The part in bold is really not that out of the ordinary. Nintendo has literally announced and released games within months of the initial announcement. The Metroid II remake, for instance. But maybe that's an extreme case, however it's not like it's an unknown thing for a game to be slated to release the NEXT year and have info withheld until a later date as that next year encroaches. After all, do we know when it's supposed to release next year?
  14. Kezay

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    One of the only articles I could find that has some sparse details about how this new TRU/ Geoffrey's Toy Box will begin rolling out. Biggest surprise to me is that the TRU HQ apparently had a skeleton crew working there all this time. We knew they had some staffers there during the last weeks of liquidation to handle last minute oversight, data storage and logistical duties but no idea that the place was essentially still running all this time. How Toys R Us Plans to Make its Comeback
  15. I was putting in some work on this week's races!! ^_^ But really, good races all around and a lot of close calls. I like how at one point three people were on the course select screen donning a crown. A three way tie for first place was cool to see