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  1. It would be cool I guess, but I would rather the next Mario Kart focus on new features and additions than an Ultimate version.
  2. Didn't know about the PoP Trilogy having come out because of that. But would be nice to see Spyro on Switch happen, although if the Crash trilogy does well hopefully Activision doesn't rely on one person porting a portion of it during his spare time on a weekend to give it the green light. True and I doubt we're getting the full story about what happened with this one though I'm sure the bit about one guy doing the initial work is true. I get the argument that resources may not be there to support additional versions of a game being made but in this instance a game like Crash actually works well with the kind of games that often sell on Nintendo platforms. It seems crazy to me that Activision wasn't exactly pushing that hard for it to happen assuming there isn't much more to this story. By that same token it's also why I hope they put in more effort to include Switch among the platforms receiving the Spyro remaster. But it would be nice to see more effort go into considering tackling titles for Switch. One thing I really liked about the Wii era is that there were developers that put their best foot forward to sort of do away with certain "understood" beliefs about what Wii was or wasn't capable of. Red Octane/Vicarious Visions did a lot towards helping the Wii versions of Guitar Hero keep some level of parity with other versions of the same game. Treyarch championed a lot of the changes that helped the Call of Duty series take advantage of the differentiating factors of hardware and keeping as much of the game intact as possible. High Voltage Software was probably the most notable in putting a lot of their weight behind Wii with a lot of their projects with Conduit and Rage of the Gladiator being standout titles for the system. There are others but these are some of the more notable ones off the top of my head. But it would be nice to see more of this on Switch these days. Fortunately, it seems like Panic Button has kind of taken on the mantle for third party games in that regard this generation.
  3. NintendoLife - One Guy Got Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Up And Running On Switch In a nutshell, after the PS4 release of Crash Bandicoot an engineer working for Vicarious Visions spent a weekend getting the first level of the game up and running on Nintendo Switch hardware and succeeded. It is said that after this the company saw that a Switch version was possible and the project was given the green light. It's always surprising reading little stories like this about how smaller efforts end up becoming a pitch that results in new projects being made. Although in this instance it probably helps that the engineer in question is a Nintendo fan according to the article.
  4. Kezay

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    It's kind of funny hearing how this little rivalry started all those years ago and they still keep up with it as time goes on. But yeah Reggie pulled out win for both the land and Waluigi!
  5. Variety - ‘Doom’ Makes Argument for Switch as Simultaneous Release Platform, Dev Says The above is an interview with Panic Button talking about their experiences with the Switch hardware and how their efforts have allowed for the realization of some AAA third party titles to transition well to the system. However, there are other tidbits of information in there to note. Panic Button, the same studio behind the Switch adaptations of Rocket League, Doom and the upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Colossus says they have another major project in the works to announce next month. Wonder what it could be?
  6. Kezay

    So its called Team Sonic Racing.

    I like that there is banter between characters during the race and it's nice to see a visual representation of some of these team mechanics. I'm guessing Sega will do more of a blowout on the game later on because there doesn't seem to have been a lot of specific info for this game out of E3 and even this interview doesn't really shed a lot of light on some of the finer details. Still, the team mechanic is good way to add some fresh ideas to the genre especially with the focus on multiplayer cooperation. Looking forward to seeing how it shapes up in the end.
  7. I nearly forgot too, haha. My bro is currently playing Fortnite otherwise I'm sure he would have thrown a reminder out there.
  8. Still karting tonight, right?
  9. I think my bro played the demo for this and I watched him. Looked pretty good and if he decides to go for it this game will be the first in the series we've experienced. I remember the first time I heard of this series was from NintendoElder who was one of the Sage Rank members on Nsider. He was a huge fan of it and every now and then would talk about it.
  10. Kezay

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    This is a really awesome detail! But does Sheik also have that flowing scarf in Smash? (I haven't seen any gameplay vids with her in it yet) It would be cool if we got other alt designs for different characters. Maybe it's something that might make it into the final game? It's something to hope for anyway. I like this game's Zelda design but I also wished they allowed us to use her design from Breath of the Wild as well, too.
  11. Kezay

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Don't forget Lego Dimensions. That was also part of the whole Toys to Life segment in gaming.
  12. Kezay

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Yeah, for a second I thought he might be introduced as an echo character at least. Would be pretty cool, anyway. But yeah I thought it was a pretty cool nod with the AT for him to deliver a weapon after the fact. It's hard to imagine anyone else getting down to the little details like that other than Sakurai after all these years. It's like every part of the game he touches, not just the characters, is just a continued celebration of where that character is from. It's pretty amazing to think about.
  13. Kezay

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    I was watching reaction videos to the Smash roster and there was something I noticed about the Rodin assist trophy I missed before. Not sure if it has already been mentioned but before he disappears he passes a Drill item to Bayonetta, or rather this is what he would do with whatever player summons him. It's a neat little callback to his job in the Bayonetta series where he will provide weapons for her.
  14. Kezay

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    No doubt but while I'm sure Reggie at one point was a gamer like he claims I really doubt he has the chops to really put his cred out there these days. I won't excuse the MK7 thing, but it really could be worse. I'm surprised I can't find a clip of it but it could be Cammie Dunaway playing Super Mario Bros. levels of worse.
  15. Kezay

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    The sodium in this post is insanely high. It's not that serious bruh.