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  1. I'm curious IU because you've said you have seen his rallies and find them to be engaging. In what specific ways are they engaging? What talking points are being presented and how does he address them? I'm honestly asking here because I stopped giving his events an honest watch after the circus that was the corona task force briefings a few months back. Seeing how unprepared he was for the Town Hall paints an obvious picture to me that he isn't capable of speaking at length on any matter outside of events where he controls the narrative and can essentially speak without saying anything of note/substance (i.e. rallies, PCs, White House messaging) I don't intend on watching any additional full on events involving him until the debates and so I tend to resort to highlights which may or may not give the full picture. So I'm leaning on your understanding to convey what that engagement looks like to get some insight from that perspective.
  2. It's kind of weird that in the context of BILLIONS of dollars that this comparison really brings things to scale. To spend 3.5B more to acquire this than Disney did a mega giant brand like Star Wars is madness.
  3. GamesIndustry.Biz - Nintendo 3DS discontinued I'm surprised this hadn't made the rounds here already. In any case, Nintendo has confirmed that production on the 3DS family of systems is ending but that software will continue to be available on the eShop and at retailers (for now of course). It almost seems like a lifetime ago that people were trippin' over talk about the new Nintendo portable having the ability to display 3D that could be seen with just the naked eye. Or that the Triforce of Miyamoto, Iwata and Reggie descended upon E3 2010 and brought with them additional news of their latest portable and debuted a new Kid Icarus game after a decades long absence. This was also back during a time where Nintendo still did live press conferences at E3. Oh yeah, and remember when they gave the attending audience first crack at the 3DS by ushering in an army of women with 3DS units attached to them? It's also kind of interesting to think back to when the 3DS wasn't performing as expected which forced Nintendo into some drastic decision making that completely turned its performance around. Quite the storied history for the little portable and had quite a run! What has your experience been with the 3DS after all these years? Let us reminisce on these times in glorious stereoscopic 3D; slider set to on please!
  4. Just got off the phone with my girlfriend who was in tears hearing the news. This is just tough, I almost didn't want to believe it even as I read about through legitimate sources. I'm not of the mindset that the country will burn but I have very deep concerns about the potential Pandora's Box of bad decisions that may come forth.
  5. Depends on the retailer of course, but when working at TRU we had to inform customers buying a PSP GO that it was a completely digital platform and that it will not play physical media. Product knowledge training around it specifically kept calling that fact out. Of course, that doesn't guarantee anything if the associate doesn't do their part.
  6. It definitely sucks despite the rationale behind it. I'm surprised it has taken this long considering budgets ballooning gen to gen has been a concern for a while. Hopefully, not everyone follows suit and we'll just end up with a wide range of software pricing rather than most defaulting to $70 because they can get away with it.
  7. Monster Hunter Rise and Stories 2 made for some good surprises. I'm glad I wasn't spoiled on the Rise info from leakers late last night. Rise just looks like it will be a lot of fun to play especially with the wire bug being tied into traversal and combat so much. Some of those moves were just stylish to see in action. I know past MH games with Nintendo have had content related to Nintendo franchises but I think it might be a great idea to tackle Breath of the Wild gear in the game again.
  8. Same here, there's so much they could adapt their properties to in terms of experiences and attractions. Crazy enough, my biggest want is a Mario Kart theme go kart attraction as vanilla as that may sound. XD
  9. I do like how Arby's promotional team will make little game/anime/"nerd culture" oriented crafts out of their food packaging materials. Still, that's pretty big for Cuphead coming out of this which is pretty impressive!
  10. Keep forgetting about Doom Eternal, would love to see a release date for Switch on that one.
  11. Rewatched the Town Hall that Trump was involved with last night. Very much a disaster but it's infuriating that his supporters are more concerned that he was "ambushed" with great questions that he couldn't effectively answer rather than being concerned with the fact that people asked him great questions that he couldn't effectively answer. His response on the black experience and how MAGA relates to it was incredibly laughable. Just the idea that he openly stated that blacks have a better experience under his administration than any others point in history is nuts to me. But to dance around what was being asked by mentioning how great the economy was before COVID hit was a marvelous tailspin of BS that I never expected in response to what his administration is doing to address the state of living for people of color in America. The woman that asked about a healthcare plan going forward and urging Trump to respond on what things will be like going forward if he's going to keep pushing to dismantle the ACA was another dumpster fire of a response. They've had nothing effective up until this point and when called out on it basically just threw out there "we have it, it's done." Okay... so then where is it? The entire thing is a great testament to just how out of touch with the country's affairs the current administration is/has been (not new news, but still...).
  12. What are some bets on things being updated/announced? Bayonetta 3 has bee in the wind for a good while now and even with No More Heroes 3 slipping into 2021, maybe we can get an update on that?
  13. Probably a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things and in terms of proximity of immediate concerns, but Trump denying science just continues to be a problem. We've been down this road before where he combats global warming with the fact that the weather will eventually get cooler due to season change but to flat out challenge an official asking him to look at the science with a response claiming "science doesn't know" is a new low; if a new low is even possible at this point. Another presidential assault on science as fires and pandemic rage
  14. I'm pretty sure we had a topic on this previously but couldn't locate it. Anyway, just an updated look on progress from Japan; this place looks like it's gonna be so much fun!