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  1. I'm interested to see just how much the remake will change from the original. What we have looks pretty good so far, visually and I hope they dig in a bit to some of the character backgrounds some more. Was talking about it a bit in the Mario Kart chat that they seem to be going that route and if so we need more from Krauser in this game, especially after seeing what his characterization and development was like after Darkside Chronicles.
  2. Seriously though, after talking with TKrazyO earlier that part does make sense especially looking at the differences in the two legendaries. I wonder if we might see some actual world affecting shenanigans with this rather than it simply just being an interesting theme or something.
  3. Can't wait to see more from this new region and maybe some new pokemon. Right. Into. My. VEINS!
  4. I appreciate you calling that out. I know this place isn't the most active, but I honestly would have rather no comment be posted and the thread slowly die off into Page 2 and beyond than what the first comment ended up being. Haha, well it sounds like this author is pretty new in this space and is hungry to have this story told so hopefully it won't stay incomplete. As for A Song of Ice and Fire, I'm not holding my breath too much, but it is giving me an opportunity to check out some other stuff while I wait in the meantime, just in case. My plan later this year, as a gift to myself, is to purchase the most current book set. If Book 7 still isn't out then it it is what it is. My next hope then will be that it's out by the time I finish the previous ones! I've never been successful at those book reading goals so kudos to you for making it to 10 in your endeavor! If you have space/time to check it out then go for it; it's a really easy read so even if you happen to not like it as much as I did it wouldn't have been too far out of your way. As for Dune, that's another book I have no read but I know plenty who have and it has ranged from "you have to give it time to really settle and build up the lore" to "one of the best books they've ever read". Always at extremes, no inbetween; but that's one of those books I'll tackle when the mood strikes. Could be never for all I know!
  5. Fair enough, I think last year we didn't know what their plans were until the first week of June so you could very well be correct and we'll hear something this coming week. Here is to hoping anyway!
  6. I wonder when Nintendo will announced their Direct? Granted we don't have an E3 proper so everyone is kind of doing their own things anyway unless they're part of Geoff Keighley's summer games showcase thing, but I feel like we usually knew what Nintendo would be doing by now, right?
  7. Y'all... it has been a while since I've read a good fictional book let alone one in a fantasy setting. Game of Thrones I've always wanted to read, but between enjoying the HBO series and the fandom's ire at GRRM taking forever on the next book I figured I"d wait until that book comes out and then just binge it all cover to cover until I'm caught up. In the meantime, my immediate manager at work let me borrow a book titled The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart and let me tell you it is one of the best and easiest reads I've had in a good while. Just over 430 pages (not counting supplemental material at the end of the book) and a fantasy setting rooted in Asian mythology and a story-centric hook that directly relates to the title, the use of bone shards. I don't want to get too deep into specifics in case anyone may be reading it (or may plan to) but the author does a fantastic job leading the reader through different character pathways, across a variety of lands/settings while maintaining how vast the world is that they're building. They also manage to contain it just enough that character interactions and the effects of events on one side of the world affecting the other feels organic and consequential to the overall plot. There are a couple of twists in the story, the biggest of which was handled in such a cool way that even though you're tipped off enough to know what it is the true reveal of it in the story still comes off as a OMG kind of moment. By that point, expected, yet still exceptional. Fortunately, this book is the first in a planned trilogy and it released in 2020. The sequel, The Bone Shard Emperor, came out late in 2021 and I plan on tackling that sometime later this summer. The series as a whole is called The Drowning Empire, although the author maintains that this will only be a trilogy. Though I wonder if the Drowning Empire is the overarching name of this fantasy series with "The Bone Shard..." named books simply being a part of it. Anyway, that's all I had to say, been a while since I've been so invested in a book and felt like making thread
  8. Running late with this but we still in the game! Without further ado: (Link to data here) The data for the final quarter and full fiscal year information is in and it makes for a nice snapshot as to just how healthy the Switch ecosystem of things is as it surpasses 107M in sales globally. (and that's without any meaningful price drop whatsoever!) Software wise there are some interesting chart movers. Kirby & The Forgotten Land managed well over 2M after less than a week on sale up to when tracking for Q4 ended. It's likely well on its way to becoming the best selling Kirby at this rate. Speaking of best selling, Metroid Dread officially surpassed Metroid Prime to become the best selling Metroid title in the series. It has been a crawl (heh) but it's a nice return to form for Samus to hopefully put the franchise back on the map as a prime (heh-heh) pillar in Nintendo's stable. Here's to hoping we get some info on Metroid Prime 4 soon! Continuing the train, Skyward Sword HD has surpassed the sales of the original release on Wii; additionally, Pokemon Legends Arceus managed to nearly double it's total sales count since the previous quarter. It's already tracking to potentially surpass every other Pokemon title released on Switch thus far, not name Sword/Shield, by the time the next quarter rolls around. With Scarlet and Violet pegged as the big holiday releases it still has time to continue racking up numbers before everyone starts moving towards the next in line. Nintendo Switch - 107.65M Switch Top Ten Million Sellers Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 45.33M Animal Crossing New Horizons - 38.64M Super Smash Bros Ultimate - 28.17M TLoZ: Breath of the Wild - 26.55M Pokemon Sword/Shield - 24.27M Super Mario Odyssey - 23.50M Super Mario Party - 17.78M Pokemon B.Diamond/S.Pearl - 14.65M Pokemon LG Pikachu/Eevee - 14.53M Ring Fit Adventure - 14.09M Additional Million Sellers Outside Top Ten New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - 13.31M Splatoon 2 - 13.30M Pokemon Legends Arceus -12.64M Luigi's Mansion 3 - 11.43M Super Mario 3D World+Bowser's Fury - 9.43M Mario Party Superstarts - 6.88M Clubhouse Games: 51 WW Classics - 4.22M TLoZ: Skyward Sword HD - 3.91M Metroid Dread - 2.90M Kirby & The Forgotten Land - 2.65M New Pokemon Snap - 2.40M Mario Golf: Super Rush - 2.35M Miitopia - 1.68M Big Brain Academy - 1.59M WarioWare: Get It Together! - 1.27M Game Builder Garage - 1.06M
  9. All I'm going to say, I'm glad I join these things just for fun. Gaming is my outlet to de-stress and be in a space where I can enjoy myself. There's enough going on with real life matters that I don't need to also bring that energy into what is essentially my "happy space".
  10. Honestly asking here as I never saw anything out of the japanese script, but do they refer to it as the Zohar? I always assumed that there were loose connections to Gears/Saga and this being one of them.
  11. I just need to know when preorders open, I am ready to put. that. money. DOWN! That said, very surprised to see the release date moved up, gonna have to clear some time for this one! The trailer is fantastic though with a lot more revelations being made than I was expecting.
  12. This is how it was for me, too. Though I'm mainly there for Nintendo it was still nice to just have the buzz of so many things going on and gaming communities just light up for a whole week talking about everything. I didn't even think of Treehouse streaming though, hopefully they still do that for their games this year despite lack of an actual E3 venue. I know COVID is still a thing but I wonder when they'll get back to do doing events at Nintendo World. E3 as primarily a place for business to be conducted went by the wayside a long time ago, I feel. I mean, granted, deals and decisions were still being made but it has been a long time since that seemed to be the focus. Remember the days of each company spending up to 20 minutes talking about sell through, market performance and future potential in and out of game announcements (no disrespect intended Howard Lincoln :P)? More often than not, that stuff is now saved for press releases or creatively interwoven into talk about upcoming hits or something of that nature. But yeah, as the internet and social media became more widespread it definitely became a question of what was more beneficial I think. Spend gobs of money to prep a snazzy booth at the convention, or have your own small event or digital stage where you have control over expenditure, content and messaging? Some publishers slowly were already creeping that way and that's why I wonder what E3 next year will be like. Will the landscape have already shifted too much to really make much of that like we used to or will big publishers be enticed to be part of that again? Other than the usual big publishers that tend to have JRPGs and VNs there are some smaller developers that have had a presence around E3 time to talk a bit about their stuff. It's not like they make much in the way of headlines there's still a glimmer of a spark there for the genres you gravitate to.
  13. Reading the story on GN they mentioned previous class action lawsuits didn't go anywhere, but I'm wondering what more does this case have that is more pivotal or influential than the previous class action lawsuits? Like, yeah, some definite legalese drilling going down for this to be the hurdle that the family has come to but even if that weren't the case what would allow this case to be successful where previous cases weren't?
  14. ESA Statement on E3 2022 Official statement linked above, but in a nutshell the ESA mentioned that due to Covid concerns there wouldn't be an in person E3 2022 which left the door open for there to be a digital event/venue. Well, that too has now been scrubbed with the promise that they are leveraging their resources to deliver an even great experience with E3's return in 2023. Kind of wild to see things come to this but I suppose it's understandable. However, I'm also curious because there has been commotion about E3's relevancy in light of digital events becoming more the norm both during E3 season and outside of it. I wonder if missing a whole year like this makes it even more challenging for E3 to re-establish itself as THE time of year for gamer engagement and announcements like it used to be. (despite it primarily, once upon a time, being a vehicle to drive partnerships and business transactions) I've seen a few of my friends on social media being annoyed with the news but it hasn't phased me much. I think that is also helped by Nintendo having long since established a digital event presence that I spend most of my time checking out/reading up on anyway. Though I will miss saving a few of my time off days to use around E3 time so I can both chill out from work and enjoy a week's worth of gaming media consumption. Technically, I can still do that, but still.
  15. Been playing SMTV, though been on a days long hiatus as I'm currently stuck fighting Chernobog. Definitely the toughest boss in the game I've faced thus far. Previously if I had trouble I'd adjust my party accordingly to take advantage of weaknesses/debuffs and such and the second or third time I'd be good. Chernobog though, I get his health into the red and all of a sudden the balance quickly shifts in his favor. Only once did I get close to beating him but thanks to two of my party members whiffing their attacks (and for the first time ever during that run) Chernobog went in for the kill and fully wiped my party.
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