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  1. Holy! Alright, yeah that's pretty rough. I think it was a pretty rough go of things all around this past Thursday night.
  2. I never played a Red Faction game, but I still remember how much buzz there was for Red Faction 2 when it first came out (on everything but the GCN, grumble...grumble...) but I always wanted to give it a try. Never really had much interest otherwise and even when Guerrilla came out I didn't have much interest even with me owning a platform the game released on back then as well. I'm usually a bit more interested when a game that formerly wasn't released on a Nintendo platform sees a release on one down the line but even then I'm not really looking out for this one especially when it sounds like the rest of the game doesn't seem to support itself well beyond the gimmick it's centered around.
  3. Gamestop is facing market realities quickly. I'm really curious how much longer they'll be able to sustain themselves. Their stock price took a beating yesterday but then again one year ago today their stock price was nearly six times higher than it is now. Cratering is an understatement.
  4. Thought this was pretty cool. Also shows off a few things that may not have been seen since the last major showing. A lot of information and previews going up about the game and it's looking to be really good. Just a shame that so far it doesn't seem to be drawing nearly as much buzz as I was expecting a new game from Platinum to be getting.
  5. Awesome review because I plan on getting this game at some point. I'm kind of glad I haven't yet (mostly out of procrastination, lol) because hearing about some of the issues the game has was disappointing. I mean, wasn't the game initially going to release on Wii U at one point? That might have been a little disastrous if it released in a similar or worse state. The Switch version from what I've read thus far is one of the best selling versions of the game, if not the best selling one outright so hopefully they really are putting some priority into stabilizing the technical pitfalls that are being had there. Once that is addressed, that's when I'll jump in.
  6. I kind of figured it would be something more along those lines considering the surprise in games like Cuphead and Senua's Sacrifice appearing on the Switch. Ori makes sense in that case, for sure!
  7. Nice catch! Krookodile, Galvantula, Chandelure, Samurott... there were some good designs in that gen I liked, can't wait!
  8. Looked up that Terrorhythm game cause I've never heard of it til now. Not something I'd get from the gameplay vids I saw but I like the concept. Kinda feel like there's more that could have been done with the presentation. Doesn't even seem like the movements match up very well with the music either which would take me out of the game if I were to try it.
  9. It has been a while since the last Nintendo Direct. Wonder if we might see the veil pulled back on this sooner rather than later. Then again, they could stealth drop the news on a random day like they did the Switch Lite announcement.
  10. Last night's races were definitely challenging. The new squad joining our ranks is definitely putting on the pressure but it makes for some intense racing. Already can't wait for next week!
  11. A regular Rayquaza with those stats would be an awesome catch, let alone getting a shiny. pretty legit! Aside from that the new community day times for September are really early.
  12. That's a nifty little feature. Might even let me give the Pokemon I leave to collect dust in boxes some room to be useful. XD But no, really it's a neat concept to add some more utility and benefit.
  13. Jobs system? What's this about? BTW, just watched the english trailer again and notice Galarian Weezing has a Fairy attribute now? Iiiiiiiiiinteresting!
  14. The new forms thing per region is a cool idea I think. I think the representation is starting to get a little wild compared to when Alolan forms were almost like, new types born out of how that Pokemon learned to cope with its non native environment. Even so, it's another way to put a spin on an existing idea so I can dig it. The Galarian Linoone has a really cool design. Can someone please do something with Dunsparce, though!? Dude has been needing some work since he first made the scene in Gold/Silver! The electric hamster has a move where he basically creates and throws an electric hamster wheel at you which was a pretty neat effect too. Team Yell, kind of weird for that to be the premise behind a new "team" but I get what they're going for. The one dude even has a dual bell vuvuzela XD
  15. Definitely enjoying the game thus far but they seriously gotta rework the camera. There are times where it legitimately compromises your ability to play the game which is a big no-no. I wonder if that's something they can fix with a patch?