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  1. For me I was in 10th grade and it was during my accounting and typing class when word started getting around. Our teacher for that class always had a small portable TV at her desk to watch while we did busy work and she was the one that announced it to the class. After class was over the school had the library, gym and cafeteria open with TVs set up to watch what was going on. We had class the rest of the day but I doubt there was actually any work/teaching going on; that's how monumental this was. By early afternoon I just ignored the class rotation bells because people either just stayed in the same class for hours or they just rotated to their next class to do what they were doing in the previous one watching everything unfold. Needless to say, it was pretty unreal to see something like that unfolding in real time and still I remember how insane it was that the second plan slamming into the tower was televised unhindered. I mean, it's not like it was something easily telegraphed obviously but I was so used to seeing newscasts cut the feed when something violent/tragic was about that happen that I was mostly in shock just seeing that happen live. Then just feeling that weird pit in my stomach knowing that I just saw a plane full of people lose their lives in an instant. Don't even get me started on when people started realizing that amongst all the debris falling from the blown out floors of the towers that some of those were people jumping to their death because they had no choice but to. In the days afterward, despite everything else going on the thing that stuck with me the most from a personal perspective was seeing how that manifested into people verbally going after students who simply looked like they were from the middle east or dressed or certain way. Specifically asking people like them what they think of the attacks or calling them names. It's still kind of nuts to think that something like that happened here. Terrorist threats and actions (both domestic and foreign) aren't new to the U.S. or even New York in particular, but this was something on a completely different level. It still bears a lot of weight even looking back on it two decades later as a critical point in our history.
  2. Just having the Chozo as such prominent figures this time around really is a trip to see.
  3. I think it's a cool idea that they're pulling in other characters as part of the multiverse shenanigans but I don't know that I see making them a part of the MCU going forward.
  4. There is so much coming with this game since the initial reveal when it was all about the EMMI drones. Loving that we'll be taking on some Chozo equipped with weaponry on par with Samus.
  5. I guess what I'm getting at is one year having a mainline title (whether new/remake/etc.) as their premiere Pokemon title and the next year a game that is an RPG/Adventure title but tackles content differently than their mainline years titles. If that makes sense. Of course, there will be other titles that release during that time frame but just putting a focus on their larger Pokemon adventure styled games. As for GF taking on projects, they could stand to potentially bring in outside help or outsource support but that's about all I expect. We've had other companies jump in to help support before like Bandai Namco doing New Pokemon Snap and some other company is developing Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl. So it's not out of the realm of possibility to see their development process evolve as time goes on.
  6. Whether or not this game has it I do hope they explore some of that tension between Samus and factions of the Federation at some point. After Fusion and Other M it definitely seems like a plot point thread they've been trying to pull at but just haven't pulled the trigger on.
  7. I'm just gonna say it, both games are looking good. While the chibi look on the overworld can be hit or miss depending on preference BD/SP are looking pretty darn good. Not that it looked bad before because that same polish is there but I get why the chibi look would be a turn off for some. But as a game being an updated representation of the original, it's doing good things. Legends Arceus also had a much better trailer. I still have questions from a gameplay and story beats perspective but it's definitely giving off some "here is a world, get messy and have fun" vibes that BotW was giving off pre-release in its footage. Was definitely taken aback by the Pokemon who have a different style/look now as a result of the times/region but it's a nice touch. Further exploring the idea of a world where the interaction between Pokemon and humans as partners was still in its infancy I'm looking forward to what this whole Pokemon rampage effect seems to be headed in. I'm curious though how future mainline games will develop and evolve though. I still have yet to get Crown Tundra but I liked how much more polished and expanded the Wild Area gameplay was in Isle of Armor and I can see them continuing down such a road in a future games. I don't know if what they're doing with Legends Arceus will make that jump but I'm definitely not going to be against there being another self contained series of games that tries different things without being tied to the same tropes as the main games. I can imagine a pattern of releases where we get a main game/remake one year and the following year another adventure/action style game that follows the Legends Arceus formula. Eh, just a thought.
  8. I'd be so down for a Samus' Gunship Lego set. Their take on Dread is pretty awesome too and the Lego-ized E.M.M.I. look amazing!
  9. Considering Nintendo's stance/approach to mobile I'd be hard pressed to think they see Tour as the "next" Mario Kart despite having the series veteran, Konno, still leading as producer. I'd say ditto for Live as well. If nothing else, that's my hope anyway. I don't think it's something that requires such a heavy handed literal approach. Sure, it's not confirmed that SSHD is the result of spill over from BotW players but it's also not an unreasonable assumption to make. Breath of the Wild is far and away the most popular Zelda to date and it's still carrying on in sales with no problem. That even a fraction of newly interested Zelda fans might take a look at other Zelda titles as they release (such as Link's Awakening and now SSHD) would make for a great result. Even if there are other factors at play I feel that enhances the possibility that newly interested Zelda fans are taking a chance even to just see what it's all about.
  10. It has been long past time for a new home system Mario Kart, that's for sure. It's great to see that Nintendo knocked it out of the park with MK8 but if they're done with pushing DLC for it then I certainly hope a new entry is waiting in the wings to be revealed at some point.
  11. Hey all! It has been a while since I've posted one of these threads but figured I'd get back into providing updates. The most recent data for the time period ending June 30th and released August 5th are as follows below. (Link to data here) The last time I posted one of these threads Switch was closing in on 80 million units sold and this was back in February. Here, the system is closing in on 90 million and in all likelihood has since passed that number since this data was tracked and concluded on June 30th. In the timespan since my last thread and this one the total sales of Switch to date has eclipsed the Nintendo 3DS, the Sony PSP, the entire GBA family of systems combined, the XBOX 360 and the Playstation 3. To put into perspective how crazy this is, the Wii (which was a phenomenon unto itself) didn't hit this number until September 2011, nearly five years after its initial launch and after two price drops. One to $199 in 2009 and another to $149 in mid 2011. Switch is at this number now at just over four years since launch and not a single price reduction. (although the cheaper Lite model has been introduced during this time) Next up to be passed in the gaming system hall of fame are Wii (101M) and PS1 (102M). On the software front, the usual suspects continue to prove their evergreen status and cementing them as the most successful entries in those IP of all time. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe alone will have sold more than Mario Kart Wii during its lifetime. Pokemon Sword and Shield are within spitting distance of Gold and Silver to become the second highest selling in the franchise, although with the way sales have tapered Red/Blue will continue to remain king. Although New Pokemon Snap came into the picture with some awesome sales as a much needed revival. Ring Fit Adventure has also hopped up from outside the Top Ten million sellers by overtaking New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Unfortunately, Nintendo hasn't provided an extensive list of million sellers outside the top ten, but new entries include New Pokemon Snap, Mario Golf Super Rush and Miitopia! Nintendo Switch - 89.04M Switch Top Ten Million Sellers Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 37.08M Animal Crossing New Horizons - 33.89M Super Smash Bros Ultimate - 24.77M TLoZ: Breath of the Wild - 23.20M Pokemon Sword/Shield - 21.85M Super Mario Odyssey - 21.40M Super Mario Party - 15.72M Pokemon LG Pikachu/Eevee - 13.57M Splatoon 2 - 12.45M Ring Fit Adventure - 11.26M Additional Million Sellers Outside Top Ten New Pokemon Snap - 2.07M Mario Golf: Super Rush - 1.34M Miitopia - 1.04M
  12. Getting to this super late but did you get the game yet? How do you like it so far?
  13. We Eldagoss users just want you to accept our love and support! XD
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