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  1. The original article was based in part on a renowned securities analyst from Japan. The implication being that Nintendo hasn't announced any new major ventures in the mobile space and what they have currently hasn't generated the kind of revenue that would suggest a long term stay in that market and therefore likely no new projects on the horizon. Reading the article you posted, while it's not new commentary from Nintendo, they are standing by their intent to stay in the mobile space but that their take on it is more supplementary to their core business and also helping to drive online accounts in addition to expanding the reach of their franchises.
  2. I had to look harder than I thought for this thread. I didn't realize this was way back in mid April! But a trailer was posted up on the eshop apparently... and then the team said the game is being delayed (all platforms) for additional polish and a later re-reveal presumably with a new trailer. I'm guessing there was some miscommunication or someone jumped the gun? Either way, the trailer is still floating around out there. Can Switch run Crysis? Well...
  3. The open world aspect is a surprise. Definitely got a sense that there were some wide open areas from the trailer but never guessed they would be going for an open world setup.
  4. Though the game didn't get a complete overhaul it's hard to deny its worth as the definitive edition. Playing through the game again has been a blast (again) thanks to a lot of the new features and streamlined additions that were implemented. I also really like some of the remastered tracks although there are those such as "You Will Know Our Names" that I actually prefer the original version. Anyway, I've currently only made it up to Sword Valley so I still have some ways to go but the experience has been as good if not better than I remember it. Hard to imagine it has been ten years since the original yet everything about it is still so good even today. As for Future Connected: I really enjoyed this extension on the story, but I do wish there was more meat to it story wise. Maybe I just need to think on it more or maybe the team plans on explaining the threat more in a future game but I feel like the antagonistic force in the game sort of came and went without much exposition or closure. Made it somewhat difficult to really appreciate the threat level it posed. Outside of that though the expansion was fantastic!
  5. If they keep the same style of animation then it's gonna be awesome. Never would have guessed someone would pick it up to actually bring this cartoon inspired game back as a cartoon.
  6. For those who have played through the series in some fashion or another and have gotten to experience their respective ending themes; which is your favorite? For me, it was a tough choice, but One Last You from XC2 is my favorite of the bunch. Something about it just stuck with me even moreso than Beyond the Sky. Just the song itself and the lyrics to it describing this sort of journey of a person finding their place in the world and the growing adoration they have for the one that helped them to do that. The entire song is almost like a realization of these things building up to a point where the final lyrics are a desperate plea to be granted one final moment to tell that person how they feel. It hits even more if you've played through Torna and have an understanding of the backstory and the events that tie in a bit more to the meaning of the lyrics. I told my girlfriend that when we get married I will probably sneak this song into whatever playlist she decides to cobble together. But anywho: Xenoblade Chronicles - Beyond the Sky Xenoblade Chronicles X - Your Voice Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - One Last You XC2: Torna The Golden Country - A Moment of Eternity
  7. I've never played a MOBA even though I could play SMITE right now which is apparently pretty darn good. But I can see myself giving this a try. A big part of it is because it's Pokemon (I mean, come on, just being real here) but also I like the idea of choosing a team at their lowest and having to make decisions on how to progress your character to be most effective by the time your teams clash. I do think it's a weird decision to not incorporate type advantages but maybe it would cause balancing issues? I dunno. Still, looking forward to giving this a shot.
  8. If those other games coming are legit I wonder what the EA Original title will be if they have former Vicarious Visions people looped in. Would like it if the Dragon Age games made it over or even Dead Space or the Mass Effect Trilogy. Would love to see more new content of course but I'd like to see games that Nintendo platforms missed out on get a chance there.
  9. Although this is mostly based on speculation from from analyst, Serkan Toto, they did highlight that since Mario Kart Tour Nintendo has not announced any new major forays into the mobile gaming space. Switch's success especially off the back of highly successful titles like Animal Crossing has essentially made for a stronger argument for resources to be dedicated to their dedicated games platforms. Personal opinion, I don't feel like the mobile games have taken away from Nintendo's development elsewhere which was my main concern back when rumors and eventually confirmation of Nintendo going mobile came about. But the release of their mobile games didn't take the form of brand new entries in those respective franchise in the sense that they would be replacing what we expect were separate experiences all their own. I can definitely see where Toto is coming from though when Nintendo hasn't announced any major mobile initiatives in a long while so it's not exactly a wild and out there prediction. I can say personally, the only Nintendo mobile game I tried was Pocket Camp. It was fun for a few months especially since I downloaded around Toys R Us' last holiday season and when working overnights I would play it during my lunch breaks. But I've seen deleted it and haven't looked back. The only Nintendo related mobile game I actually play to any real degree is Pokemon GO and that's more of a Niantic and The Pokemon Company kind of arrangement. IGN: Nintendo Reportedly Stepping Away from Mobile Games
  10. So yeah, I've aired my grievances regarding EA's support of Nintendo platforms post Wii-era but I'm curious if now they're really trying to make a play owners of Switch. Not too keen yet on giving them too much credit as they have once again provided a "Legacy" edition of the only sports title they're willing to put on Switch (Fifa) and the most recent title from them is a Burnout Paradise remaster. (don't get me wrong, apparently it's a solid port of an amazing game) There are also titles from smaller studios that they're publishing or having published already. With their event last week they announced that Apex Legends is also coming to Switch complete with the updates and crossplay support that the other platforms are receiving. It's not exactly a megaton announcement but is probably one the biggest showings of support they've provided for Switch thus far. As mentioned, I'm not yet ready to clap for them considering the level of support they've already brought over and announced after three years since Switch launched. I'd be more convinced if we actually start seeing Switch games based on the Star Wars property or sports games outside of Fifa, for instance. However, I'm now actually curious and am waiting to see what else they may have waiting in the wings. Giving the benefit of a doubt now, if you will. GoNintendo: EA says they're bringing games to Switch to let players play where they want, making a big push for cross-play
  11. I still need to start playing the Isle of Armor DLC. Watching bits of this direct again is really scratching my itch to jump back in asap especially for some of the new Galarian forms being introduced.
  12. I've never played the Tsum Tsum game that AB mentioned above but just from watching the trailer it seems the hook is more on the level of a score attack. The more of a certain type of Pokemon that you can connect in a single stroke the higher your score. I don't know what kind of consequence element (like the screen filling up in Tetris resulting in a game over) they have that's playing against you as there didn't really seem to be one other than challenging yourself to connect more/score higher.
  13. Caught myself a Galarian Farfetch'd on my way to the mailbox. I dig it!
  14. Time to put some respect on this game's name! Bit late to the party regarding the new trailer but it's looking good.
  15. Definitely a surprise to see Pokemon Snap of all things returning. Curious to see what next week's news will be about now!