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  1. Feels good man. Like warm cookies fresh out of the oven good. Now I just gotta do this when there is a full room going...in another life perhaps XD
  2. Kezay

    Mortal Kombat 11 coming to Switch

    I never knew this. Was there ever a reason stated for it? Anyway, I've seen higher quality versions of the trailer since the Game Awards and I still had no idea that the sand was going in reverse. But the time travel element makes sense considering MK3 Ultimate Scorpion showed up. (I think that's who it is, has the same padded uniform design as Sub Zero from MK3)
  3. Awww yeah! I won a tournament!! XD
  4. Kezay

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I really love how much of a swerve the Joker reveal was. Been watching a few reactions and they range from "oh snap! Some new Persona 5 stuff" to "really? I guess that's cool". Then the card turns over and shows the Smash seal and everyone commences freaking the heck out because of the sheer WTF of it all. It's great! Gotta say I'm actually a bit tired of Etika's reactions and I usually enjoy seeing his freak outs. But watching his for this one...the dude's act is finally wearing on me because it felt TIRED.
  5. It's a pretty relevant announcement considering how much awareness of the Marvel brand has grown in the past ten years. Really liked playing through MUA2 with my bro years ago when we got it on Wii (albeit a bit later in its life) so I'd be down for this. And just judging from some of the rather salty comment sections in different areas plenty of people would have loved to see this beyond the Switch as well. XD
  6. Kezay

    Mortal Kombat 11 coming to Switch

    Pretty surprising to see it announced for Switch. I watched the trailer which was cool and figured that was it. Nah man, it has been a while since I really touched an MK game. I think I might want to jump back in on this one.
  7. Kezay

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Played a few games with my bro tonight and along the way we unlocked Young Link, Zelda, Ness, Marth, Villager, Inkling, Pit and Bowser. (I think that's it) Pretty fun so far (I mean, it's Smash so of course :P) but definitely takes some getting used to with how fast it plays. I really wanna get used to Inkling because like the move set. Just seems like it will be a fun character to mess around with. Really loving the remote bombs with Link, too!
  8. Kezay

    Video Game Awards having Nintendo teasing?

    The character they should have revealed: Glover
  9. Kezay

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I know nothing of Persona 5, but even I got a bit hyped at that reveal. Pretty cool way to do that.
  10. Kezay

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I thought Brawl was a fun game all around. Really, the only baffling decision to me was the whole tripping mechanic but otherwise I thought it was great. I'm in no way a competitive Smash player so I know my perspective is probably far more kind to the experience and what I enjoyed of it than some others. Subspace Emissary to me was like Great Cave Offensive from Kirby Superstar but starring the Smash roster and to me that was just the best ever as GCO is probably my favorite game on Kirby Super Star next to Milky Way Wishes. I dunno, it a lot of the right notes for me.
  11. Just to clarify a bit here I think you're insinuating more than my intention in making this thread. I didn't make this to the extent that I'm wanting a direct answer of what comes after Ultimate but expressing curiosity at how can Smash be topped after Ultimate. It's more of a "how do you go beyond something that's so full featured and direct at what it aims to do" and less of an assumed sit down with Sakurai asking him what his next plans are. It's not so dramatic as all of that especially in the sense of "worrying" about what's next, it's pure curiosity and nothing more. Something like what Tyranogre, IU and even XLW posted about in just brainstorming what they would like to see for the future is more in line of what I'm talking about and less about the idea of haggling Sakurai or wanting him to push himself even harder to go beyond. (Plus Ultra!) I would agree with you on the extended references thing but I think that would depend a lot more on the development team and what they can accomplish with the resources given to them. I don't know how big the team for Ultimate is but I'm sure it's fairly extensive and with all of those people doing all of that work from pre planning to actual development and still some kind of constraint urged Sakurai to forego trophies then I think it would also have an effect on what other extensions they could to do to really promote more of the universes they're bringing together. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see it especially ideas of characters having more of their attire among other things to flesh out their history both in how they look and how they play. I've seen ideas like that pop up too where the kind of game it is sort of changes as well. More often than not I see people bring up Power Stone but Project X Zone is definitely a new one. It also makes me think back to when Kamiya said he originally wanted Wonderful 101's concept to be centered around Nintendo characters and ever since then I've wanted to see that idea come to fruition.
  12. I mean, really now... how does Smash Bros. as a series get topped? Can it be topped? And it's not just the fact it's a crossover of so many characters and elements of their universes but everything that surrounds the game right into its marketing. The other day I was watching all of the reveal trailers from Brawl all the way through to Ultimate and it's amazing the care and attention to detail that goes into the reveals and all the characters and set pieces that are involved to usher them in. To have someone at the helm that so thoroughly understands each character included that no matter how far away on the spectrum of likely match ups we could have ever dreamed that any two characters just seem to "work" when they are pitted against each other is insane. I'm sure many of us thought of some kind of competition between Mario and Sonic as a dream match up one day and thought about how it would work out, but what about Cloud vs. Diddy Kong? Luigi vs Simon Belmont? Link vs. Pac Man? I know this is kind of retreading ground a bit over the years as each new Smash game comes out but it's still kind of mind blowing to think about. Will there ever be anything as "right" as this series has turned out to be? I almost feel as if a game like Playstation All Stars Battle Royale did everything right it still wouldn't be able to match Smash on its worst day. But then that begs the question; where does Smash go after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?
  13. I'm honestly curious why they went with the original controller. Maybe to truly have that "classic feel" for those who remember it before dualshock became a thing but considering a few of the games involved that's a concession they shouldn't have made. This assuming they release an updated one down the line that does include the dualshock to truly mimic having that update further down the line. It's almost amazing how badly this thing was handled particularly from the software front. Like, how do you not have a single Ace Combat or Armored Core? No Jet Moto? Hot Shots Golf? This not even taking into account the more obvious omissions or better suggestions.
  14. Interesting little bit of trivia but yeah I can see why Nintendo was like "nah, bro" other than being fairly protective of their licenses. Granted, they've opened up a lot more but they still maintain a tight leash and good for reason.
  15. Kezay

    The Skyward Sword HD Switch rumor

    I would probably say the only major gameplay section I personally would want to see redone it would have to be the quest you do for Faron later in the game with the musical tadpoles. It was probably the only point in the entire game where I felt like something major needed to be reworked. Provide a whole new quest altogether that is a less of a brick wall to the game's momentum and it will be golden by me. A few QOL improvements on top and I think it just makes an already great game even better. i really enjoyed my time with Skyward Sword so it would be nice to see it reintroduced for those who never got around to it back then.