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  1. I like how at this news everyone is like this is one of the most challenging days in Sony's history. But for Nintendo, it was Tuesday. And it was literally Tuesday when it happened! But in all seriousness I had to check around when the news first broke because I honestly could not believe it. Definitely going down in gaming history as one of the biggest moves around.
  2. First of all, your work is pretty darn good and your style is distinctive enough that it's recognizable without completely overwriting the characters that your work is based on. I'm not an artist at all so I don't know if my appraisal means much here but I still wanted to say something about that. Secondly, that is awesome that you had such a great time and got some first hand exposure taking the leap and coming away with a great experience. If you aren't doing so already it would be a great idea to link up with some of the people you may have met and ingrain yourself into that community. Especially when it comes to cons most people are usually incredibly supportive even when offering constructive criticism and support. This was a really good thread to pop into, a really nice feel good subject to read about! Great job!
  3. Definitely threw away my shot on this one, was looking for a good price to jump in with and I may have missed it. That's awesome though that there's rumblings of expanding the content like that.
  4. Reading through these there are a couple that I don't even recall hearing about much if at all (Genesis Noir) but otherwise a solid list that really highlights the variety of games we saw in 2021.
  5. Surprised to see this announced but I'm all for it! It has been since Muramasa on the Wii that I last played a Vanillaware game and I keep hearing about how bonkers the story is in this one.
  6. I wish that the room would just auto fill if you've "painted" a certain amount. If it's a room with expansions/items then the room should auto fill when you've gotten all of the items in that room. I usually don't feel compelled to fill in each room but I definitely did it with at least two entire sectors in Dread thus far. XD
  7. If they could somehow make Maxwell work that would be incredible. Does WB also own Drawn to Life?
  8. For something just recently announced I think they did a great job of really emphasizing what they're wanting to do with this game and the experience they want to provide. I think there will be opportunities to surprise people with character choices after they truly nail down who they want in up front and which brands to represent. I think it's a good idea and like DL my only sense of being iffy is with it being a F2P title, but that's not a dealbreaker. Well, that and omitting Switch of all platforms but as with the aforementioned criticism it's not a deal breaker. Just an incredibly curious omission.
  9. Hey all! It has been a while since I've posted one of these threads but figured I'd get back into providing updates. The most recent data for the time period ending June 30th and released August 5th are as follows below. (Link to data here) For the period ending September 30th the Switch overall continues to have a pretty good run. Cresting the 90M consoles sold mark to reach nearly 93M total. It will be interesting to see what the current quarter run will bring with the new OLED model in the wild along with the fervor of the holiday season. However, Nintendo did mention alongside this release that the silicon chip shortage being felt by manufacturers all over the world brings a risk of uncertainty for future allocation. With the console still relatively difficult to find in stores consistently this added hurdle will almost certainly be felt in the months and quarters to come. Software wise there actually hasn't been much movement between the placement of titles reported in the previous quarter. They simply held their respective ranks and added more unit sales to their overall total. Pokemon Sword/Shield have certainly lost steam as this is the second quarter in a row that they've been so close to overtaking the original Pokemon Gold/Silver, but not quite their yet. However, Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee and Splatoon 2 had relatively lower software shifts over the past quarter than every other title currently above them. The title currently below them, Ring Fit Adventure has comparatively shifted more units over the same time frame. Don't be surprised to see Ring Fit Adventure overtake Splatoon 2 with the next earnings release. As for our additional million sellers, both New Pokemon Snap and Mario Golf: Super Rush tack on some additional numbers increasing their overall total. The big difference this time around though is the strong showing by Skyward Sword HD with 3.6M units. The last numbers I could locate for the original Wii release was 3.52M. Not a huge difference but a notable result nonetheless! Nintendo Switch - 92.87M Switch Top Ten Million Sellers Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 38.74M Animal Crossing New Horizons - 34.85M Super Smash Bros Ultimate - 25.71M TLoZ: Breath of the Wild - 24.13M Pokemon Sword/Shield - 22.64M Super Mario Odyssey - 21.95M Super Mario Party - 16.48M Pokemon LG Pikachu/Eevee - 13.83M Splatoon 2 - 12.68M Ring Fit Adventure - 12.21M Additional Million Sellers Outside Top Ten TLoZ: Skyward Sword HD - 3.60M New Pokemon Snap - 2.19M Mario Golf: Super Rush - 1.94M
  10. I had to do a double take... Kool.K!? KOOL.K!? Dude, how have you been?
  11. These new Hisuian forms are great! I'm curious if they're going to do little vignettes for future reveals like they did for the line Zorua line.
  12. Maybe I'm just easy to please, but as much as I like Super Metroid I actually enjoyed Fusion more than it. Needless to say, Dread is definitely my favorite of the side scrolling titles.
  13. I might give this a shot, it looks charming! I'm still playing Pokemon GO but not as much as I used to but it still remains the only mobile game I've stuck with to any appreciable degree.
  14. I dunno if we need a prequel per se, but I absolutely agree. The first real taste of Chozo outside of the ghosts from Prime and I want more! They don't have to go crazy with it because I like that the Chozo are still maintained as this mysterious advanced race but I'd love to see more of what they do with things going forward.
  15. Other M was definitely chasing a different perspective so I don't see it as a risk here that they allowed her to open her mouth. Different direction, different intent, I don't see the reception of Other M having been some litmus test with that.
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