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  1. Apparently, the only hunters from MPH made into spirits are Kanden and Trace. That's disappointing, but interesting to see that preference. He didn't include either MPH's or MP3:C's fan favorite hunter. Aside from Ridley, it seems like this game went halfway with Metroid. I'm still interested in eventually getting those two hunters though.
  2. My little brother got Trace as a spirit today, so to me, that confirms the representation that I really want to see in this game and I can't wait to come across one of those spirits. I'll have all of them maxed, and if they're supports, I'll run them with whatever my primary is. I'm looking forward to seeing what they're about in this game.
  3. Now that I understand World of Light more and know what to look for, I'm enjoying the experience. I still occasionally run into a difficulty spike with a spirit encounter, but I now know that each spirit and their puppet fighter comes with a power level. I'm sometimes avoiding encounters that seem drastically higher than my spirit team's power at the moment. It feels kind of like the Xenoblade games in that way and plays off of the light RPG elements associated to the spirits. I've also encountered my first boss in World of Light, Giga Bowser, and had problems with him at first until I maxed out one of my attack type spirits that strengthened sword strikes and complemented that with a weapon boosting support spirit. This is the first time I've ever had so many consecutive matches with Marth.
  4. I love the Stage Morph feature. I don't think it's there, but I'm going to have to check for an option to select more than 2 stages. I was playing what felt like my own mini-adventure selecting a specific series' stages and picking a respective rep, i.e. Mario shifting between Galaxy and New Donk or Samus between Brinstar and Norfair.
  5. A younger me would’ve tossed my pro controller several times tonight. This game is the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Let’s Go. I haven’t been mad about a game for a while, but some of the World of Light battles really are/were testing my patience.
  6. IU

    Video Game Awards having Nintendo teasing?

    I'm interested to see if any of the Prime 4 and Metroid Prime Trilogy rumors get validated and how they're presented/played. My expectations aren't going to be high for a VGA teaser of Prime 4, I just would like to see how the game looks and I hope that they keep it simple.
  7. My current party is nearly all at lv. 60 or above and I have not dealt with Team Rocket in Celadon yet. Let's Go to me is probably the most laid back Pokemon game I've played outside of Go after trying for Shiny Caterpie (which I gave up on) and now trying for a Shiny Growlithe. The EXP gain from catch combos is crazy when they're approaching 100. I'm only still catching after the 31 streak just to get something out of my time, since I've yet to get lucky in this game and I need to break up the routine of route resetting occasionally. I'm not going to say Let's Go is my favorite Pokemon game, but I do think it's the best Pokemon game on a Nintendo system since my time with Pokemon Black. I'm really liking the absence of random wild encounters, and would likely find it hard to go back. I certainly don't want random wild encounters for Generation 8 next year, though I'm fine with wild battles coming back. Seeing Pokemon out in the wild gives the game's world a lot of personality and has gotten me into shiny hunting for the first time in a main game. Let's Go is looking like the next 50-100 hour minimum experience I'll have on the Switch.
  8. I do think Smash could be topped currently, but only by Nintendo. To me, I don't think another company has as many iconic characters and IPs as Nintendo currently does to make a crossover that tops Smash; however, I don't think Smash has hit its full potential as a crossover of Nintendo's iconic IPs either even with what Ultimate is doing. Smash as a series lacks extended references for the characters with the history to allow for more references. I still have an issue with alternate color swaps being the only other option beyond their standard look for several playable characters in the game. Samus has always had all of her different suits left out, and now we have Mario and Link having a lot left off the table following Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. If the history is there, it really needs to be a part of Smash at some point or another Nintendo crossover. Depending on the game's DLC plan, Smash Ultimate can better hit its potential as the ultimate crossover of these iconic IPs.
  9. IU

    Super Mario Odyssey

    People want more of what they enjoy. I think it was reasonable to expect major post-launch content from Super Mario Odyssey after Nintendo opened the door with Breath of the Wild's season pass. It's built to have more kingdoms as DLC, especially given some of the costume choices, and I think that content would've been a safe investment for Nintendo earlier this year especially given how bare this year was for the Switch with new first party content. I do think it's time to move on though as Nintendo clearly isn't considering any major DLC for the game.
  10. IU

    Nintendo WFC Returns!!

    I just want to know if the Nintendo WiFi USB Connector works around a router set to WPA2 before I make the choice to order one. Once I find that out, I'll probably get an order in tomorrow and have it with me some time Saturday. I would be good to play off of my brother's copy that day if that all works.
  11. If the Nintendo Switch were to get native voice chat as well as the option to send/receive messages, I would likely fully subscribe to the service. They can add all the games they want to the service, but to me it'll always be less than ideal without the social features in place directly on the system. If Nintendo is not going to budge on having the Switch be more of a social system via the online, then it's going to be up to them to regularly come out with games of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's caliber in terms of a multiplayer experience to get me to invest at all into the service. Due to that game, I'm planning on paying for at least January. Overall though, the service has a poor foundation, so I'm hoping that gets fixed before they move on to whatever is next after NES games.
  12. IU

    Nintendo WFC Returns!!

    Yeah, my router is set on WPA2. I was looking at the connection on my laptop and did see the option for WEP (without the WEP key though), but I don't want to mess around with the router since it's used by the rest of my family and multiple devices are connected. I'm interested if the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector could work around my router's current set-up.
  13. IU

    Nintendo WFC Returns!!

    I just ordered a new copy of Metroid Prime Hunters that should be delivered on Saturday. If this all works with my router, I'm available to play a couple of matches that day on the new copy. I should go ahead and test this method out with my original copy to see if I can get it to connect. I thought MPH required the router to be configured to WEP. Edit: Never mind, the game does need a WEP key to connect itself and so I've canceled my order.
  14. IU

    Nintendo WFC Returns!!

    I'm very tempted, but I wouldn't go online on my copy of MPH that has seen years of activity offline. I am curious to see just where I'm at in the game against other human players though.
  15. They might have one or two promotional characters planned like Corrin for Smash 4. I can see The Three Houses getting a lord or avatar put into the game as one of the DLC characters. I would like to see Sylux as a newcomer to promote Prime 4 late in 2019, but I think Sylux is going to be a spirit along with the rest of the bounty hunters. So far, I don't think I've seen a spirit for Metroid outside of a Metroid besides Adam Malkovich. I hope it's not typical Metroid plus Other M for that series' spirits selection.