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  1. I ended up getting 4 shiny Swinub during the Community Day. It was a mess here, so my family mainly drove around at a park and around the neighborhood. I actually wanted to walk and hunt Swinub since I think it's the best shiny line they've done since Beldum in October, but mid-40s with rain is a no go for me unless the Pokemon is really something I want. I also managed to fill out more of my Pokedex today. I was happy to finally have Blissey since that Pokemon is usually a gym tank. Floatzel and Electivire are two of my favorites of their respective types from Generation IV, and having never had Electivire in a main series game I'm happy to have one in Go.
  2. Super Mario Maker 2 Link's Awakening Yoshi's Crafted World Astral Chain Fire Emblem The Three Houses Oninaki I think the worst part of the Direct was the Smash Brothers Ultimate update reveal. I don't want to hear and don't really care about Smash unless there's a new fighter announcement or footage. I thought that was a waste of time that could've been used to show a bit more footage of either Super Mario Maker 2 or Link's Awakening. Super Mario Maker 2 is such a creative and social gaming experience, it won this Direct by a long shot and June is not that far off. Just please make sure everything that got shown today is in the game from the start. I'll be getting my NSO membership when that game releases. With the exception of Three Houses and Oninaki, I'm leaning towards buying the rest of the list with SMM2 and LA being the must-haves. I was surprised by how much better FE looked over the course of today's footage in comparison to what was shown before where it was just a couple of characters, a battle in a generic grass area and some castle roaming. Having never played a FE game, it's going to be more of a gamble to pay $60 for anything coming from this IP, but I've moved from indifference to interest. Oninaki's theme interests me more than anything else, and I think something with a darker theme will better balance the year for me. When I saw Astral Chain, I was convinced it was being developed by Monolift Soft until I saw the names being shown actually responsible for the game. It reminded me a lot of the Drivers and Blades from XC2 and Torna in concept with Astral Chain's protagonist(s). Platinum Games is usually very good at action games, so this game is definitely on my radar. When more footage is shown in another Direct, I think I'll be convinced to purchase the game. What was shown today for Yoshi's Crafted World was exactly the kind of footage I wanted to see when they instead decided to drop that story trailer a while ago. This game looks really good to me and it seems to have very inspired level design. I'll probably buy Crafted World and I think it'll keep me entertained enough before most of my attention shifts to Super Mario Maker 2.
  3. Fire Emblem: Three Houses being the highlighted title for the Direct puts the current state of Nintendo's 2019 in perspective for me: It's not good. This could be the best general Direct since E3 2017 though, but it's going to take a handful of new game footage/announcements to do that.
  4. I had this issue last night. When I realized I was having difficulties transferring, I disconnected the two. For the Switch, what I did was press the power button for a few seconds and then went into the options to restart the system. For Pokemon Go, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and made sure to completely turn off my phone before logging back into the app. Once that was done, I reconnected the two from the options before continuing the Let's Go adventure. Make sure both are fully updated which I'm sure you've done, and hopefully this will work for you like it did for me.
  5. Let's Go has been the best Pokemon game I've played in over 7 years. I hope those sales continue to climb.
  6. Niantic pretty much gave the finger to anyone who hasn't been scheduling their Meltan availability for Tuesdays. I was making it a thing for the weekend, so I'm stuck with a 4 day counter until Saturday evening. I'm so close to my 2nd Melmetal, but now I'll hold off for a chance at a shiny. Hoping to get at least two before this ends and will send them over to Let's Go. I'm glad though that Meltan's and Melmetal's shiny forms have released within a few months of Let's Go. With how Niantic typically is, I figured it would trickle out in a year.
  7. IU

    Metroid Prime 4 Development update

    Prime 4 in its previous state was probably on track to be the Prime Series' Other M. If you look at the Prime Series, it has had more and more story brought directly to the player with nearly each sequel. With the exception of Hunters, going from Metroid Prime 2 to Federation Force the story has been more spoon fed to the player and less of an optional experience. Kensuke Tanabe, around 2 years prior to the announcement of Metroid Prime 4, was stating that he wanted to focus on the relationship between Samus and Sylux for the game while doing rounds for Federation Force. It's not too far off of what Sakamoto wanted to do with Other M based on what he wanted Metroid fans to really know about where Samus's character was much of that response. Nintendo couldn't let that kind of reception happen for a highly anticipated Nintendo Switch game. I do blame Kensuke Tanabe for the game's direction and for why the development wasn't transferred and restarted sooner. As far as I'm aware, Tanabe is the development team's line with Nintendo, and if he's not voicing concern then Nintendo may not be aware until they're wanting the game to show. I don't believe Tanabe is working with Retro Studios for anything other than to provide the frame of the game's plot and settings and then he's hands off beyond that outside of updating Nintendo. It's still important for Prime 4 to have a story, and there's an expectation of what that story should be about, but it shouldn't be story dominant. I think Prime 4 can tell the story it needs to tell by being similar in structure to Prime 2's. I don't know if they can be as minimal as the first Prime.
  8. I'm going with Pikmin 4 as the game "fans will be delighted to know" is coming to the Switch in July 2019 and Super Mario Maker Deluxe or 2 will be "tailored for online" Switch play in September 2019. I want to believe in the Metroid Prime Trilogy rumors, but I don't think it's being specifically referred to outside of being an unannounced Switch release. With Prime 4 out of 2019, I think it'll be used in the holiday to provide balance with Pokemon. I know a new generation of Pokemon games can hold their own, but like last year it was nice to get Let's Go and Smash for a great balanced end to a slower 2018.
  9. Shiny progress going into February: I don't know if I'll actually do a full shiny living dex, but so far so good. My longest hunts so far were for Drowzee (catch combo: 465), Venomoth (catch combo: 428) and Magmar (got on 3rd phase, 1st: Chansey and 2nd: Grimer). My next shiny hunt will be Psyduck since I failed to get the shiny in Go last weekend. I already have 62 of the 63 Psyducks that I caught last weekend transferred over to Go Park so I can get a max shiny odds chain going quickly.
  10. IU

    Metroid Prime 4 Development update

    I wasn't commenting on anything official about the development. I was commenting on the Youtube channels covering the news acting like Prime 4 was being rushed and that they were glad Nintendo stepped in to restart development with Retro Studios. I'm just saying I don't think the period of development Prime 4 looked like it was going to have is rushed at all as it was around the usual time span for previous Prime sequels.
  11. IU

    Metroid Prime 4 Development update

    I think the fact that Prime 4's previous development is considered rush says it all about how bad development was going. While June 2017 to a likely Nov.-Dec. 2019 release wouldn't have been the longest gap for a Prime sequel, that would have still been the second longest behind Corruption's 2 years and 9 months from Echoes. To me, the time frame for the development of Prime 4 since its announcement was right, but the constructed team wasn't. I'm confident in a November 2021 release and at the latest an August 2022 title. Elsewhere, mainly on Nintendo Life, I've seen a handful of 2023 predictions and spotted a couple for 2024. At that point, I'm better off skipping Prime 4 with how critical I would be.
  12. IU

    Metroid Prime 4 Development update

    I initially didn't believe this, because Prime 4 has had a lot of BS rumors going around since its tease at E3 2017. Once I saw that the news had traction, I just pushed back what I had expected to be the release date this year to Nov/Dec 2021. Based on the time taken for Prime 2, Prime Hunters and Prime 3, I'm not expecting anything longer than that amount time unless they're trying to develop an online multiplayer component. I also have to imagine that whatever game Retro Studios had been working on prior to this shift will likely release this year or early 2020 depending on Nintendo's release schedule as I imagine that project is done for this to happen. Retro Studios had to be heavily involved on a game we have yet to see for them not to be the first choice for Prime 4. I'm glad to see comments here address that this isn't the same Retro Studios, but I do feel they are still very talented based on what they did with the Donkey Kong Country series. I actually like that Prime 4 isn't being developed by the exact same team that did the original Prime Trilogy, because I know what I'm getting from that Retro Studios and more often than not I have most of the series above what they make. I'm looking forward to seeing what this Retro Studios does with the IP and what philosophies they bring over from their work on Donkey Kong Country specifically how the elements impact environments and just how creative they were with specific environmental themes. The Prime Trilogy to me wasn't as strong in those areas as Returns and Tropical Freeze. Nintendo seems to be protecting whatever studio had Prime 4 for the last, at least, 18 months, so I doubt they'll ever show what they ended up turning down. I would like to see it and it does bother me that Nintendo didn't drop in sooner to shift the development which makes me think they let Retro Studios wrap up whatever they had been working on. It's hard for me to believe Nintendo just realized that Prime 4 wasn't going to meet standards, both the company's and the fans'.
  13. IU

    First 4 Figures thread

    If Meta Rildey is the start, I'm interested to see where F4F goes from here with Metroid's villains. I would think a Kraid and Metroid Prime statue are obvious choices going forward. If I had a girlfriend of a few years that was really into Ridley or general Metroid, I would consider getting this as a gift. Me personally I'm not $600 into Meta Ridley, but for those that are I hope that they can get their hands on this statue.
  14. It's clear to me that Sakurai and his team did not really want players to be going to the Spirit Board to acquire spirits with that post match event and the timer for resets. Spirit Board should be a convenience, but it's only that after doing some grinding in WoL and Classic Mode. I don't have the best eye sight, so even if I were to use the two items on a Legend's circle, I'm still sitting there staring at the circle for a few minutes trying to see when to take the shot. It sucks that I have to go through spirits I don't want to have a chance at the spirits that I do.
  15. It would've been nice if Ultimate had a mode to mix up the gameplay as pretty much all of this game boils down to the fighting. If it weren't for the games prior, that wouldn't have bothered me as much, but I think this game really missed an opportunity by not including at least Smash Run. I still love the sheer level of crossover this game has compared to the others because the extended universe feels involved through spirirts. I'll likely pick this game up again soon and definitely when Piranha Plant releases.