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  1. IU

    General movie discussion

    Just got back from seeing Shazam! with my little sister, and it's a great time. Pretty much every time Dr. Sivana appeared on screen, I was excited to see what he was going to do and generally was smiling whenever he did do something within the film. It's refreshing to me to see a villain actually be a problem for the superhero and bring in some darker tone to balance out the rest of the film. I would say the boardroom scene with Dr. Sivana and the ending with Freddy were the stand out scenes for me personally, covering two different extremes. I definitely was on the verge of a tear or two for that ending, but it did make me wish Warner Bros. had their shit together. Shazam! is the best film I've seen in theaters since last year's Infinity War and Black Panther, and it did remind me that I really need to see Aqua Man. I'll probably check out Aqua Man for the first time tomorrow.
  2. IU

    What's with all the Disney hate

    I think The Last Jedi is bad especially as an 8th episode in a series and Captain Marvel is the worst MCU movie though I don't consider it as much of a failure as The Last Jedi. I think Captain Marvel is at least probably 5-6 scene changes away from being an average to above average origin film in the MCU, because the movie's main story and flow overall are all right. I'm also not down on End Game having seen its trailers in spite of how I felt about Captain Marvel. The Last Jedi on the other hand has made me question pretty much everything film-based for Star Wars going forward, and do think that's a much broader mind set than media and Disney will make it out to be. I mean, any trailer for a trilogy finale in Star Wars to me should be getting well over 24 million views in its first 24 hours not as a total its hitting a week later. Star Wars as a franchise under Disney is not reaching the potential it should be reaching and that has plenty to do with how Rey's trilogy has been handled. Beyond those two films, Disney has been solid to me in the films that I've had an interest in seeing. You mention The Incredibles 2 which I thought was better than what I had heard going in. Personally, if there's anything really wrong with The Incredibles 2, it's that it didn't release much closer to the original. They gave so much time for The Incredibles to cement itself as a classic that it was impossible for the sequel to really live up to that same level. I wouldn't mind rewatching The Incredibles 2 and I do hope it's a sign that Disney will stop sleeping on The Incredibles as an animated superhero universe.
  3. I haven't played any Persona game, so Joker doesn't do anything for me as a character. I was hoping that the move set would get me excited, but it looks like more of the same of what's already in the game with Bayonetta, PK Fire side special and more counter moves. His stage though and the other Persona characters appearing within the stage/as spirits are where I'll get some value for what I've paid for. The stage switching its look depending on the music track I think is a very good idea and could see myself having longer matches on that stage specifically due to that feature. After seeing Joker, I'm hoping that the next reveal is from Nintendo, but rumors are that a Dragon Quest character is coming. The Mii costumes aren't something I'm willing to pay for at $0.75 each. I don't think $4.50 for 6 Mii costumes is that cheap for what's being done, but I would consider paying more for character specific alt costumes for the broader roster, i.e: Bayonetta getting her Nintendo-based outfits, Samus getting her different suits, Link his different gear, Mario his different outfits, etc. More stages inspired from the current rosters' IPs would be nice too if they're going for paid DLC avenues outside of the fighters pass.
  4. IU

    General movie discussion

    Episode 9 will probably be a better experience than The Last Jedi since my expectations will be pretty low following the worst movie I've seen in any series I've been invested in. The teaser though to me looks like more of the same from the previous two episodes in how they were shown. I'm worried that Rey and Kylo aren't even going to duel lightsaber to lightsaber. Already it looks like Kylo is going after Rey in a ship for what looks like a 1-on-1 confrontation, and he seems to have forgotten how to use his own lightsaber with how he's slamming someone instead of just cutting them down. I also don't understand how Rey isn't outrunning that ship with the force since she has been so capable with force abilities without training prior to this episode. The return of Palpatine and Lando are cash grabs within the teaser to me, and it's a shame that Disney built such a poorly done trilogy that it still needs to pull from the past for its finale. Personally, I will be interested to see more of Episode 9's trailers, but I'm not going to spend money on this unless I either see a hint of a lightsaber duel in a trailer or if a film reviewer I trust gives the film at least an okay rating for the movie. I'm not walking into another TLJ.
  5. I agree online leaderboards are what would happen for Metroid Prime Pinball since Nintendo would probably go for the most basic addition to take advantage of their online service. The game has a 1-8 player 100,000pt multiplayer race mission on the Magmoor Caverns table, so I was thinking of that being made into an online multiplayer mode along with expanding that experience to all the game's tables regarding the potential of a MPP update. Blast Ball would be the weakest part of the package if Federation Force as a whole would only receive a graphical update, but it would be smarter if they were to open the gates for DLC updates for both Federation Force and Metroid Prime Hunters. Federation Force could receive more specialized paint jobs and bonus missions to mix up the gameplay and Metroid Prime Hunters could have customizable hunter skins and additional maps to expand and personalize that experience. There's more money to be made in these games than I think most Metroid fans give them credit for. The LABO VR headset does not include a head strap which means the positioning of the experience would be like playing the Switch in handheld mode right up to your face. It's not very attractive right now for anything extensive. Someone could customize the set, but how many people are willing to make that extra effort on top of already having to construct the Toy-Con? I don't think many will bother with this LABO set beyond curiosity, much like the other sets, and Nintendo VR probably won't have traction until they make something more expected for a VR headset. Since the base product has to have at least one hand providing support, it would be difficult or at least awkward to play either a MPT HD port (or MP4) with a split Joy-Con control scheme and that would be the most familiar set-up for those that have experienced the games on the previous consoles. Without any additions to the LABO kit, it'll likely be a dual stick scheme with gyro aiming to assist with the player always having to support the system and headset. It may get old really fast regardless of the quality of those three games. .... Hopefully with the rumored Direct comes the Smash Brothers update on the same day. I've watched one video on the rumor talking about next Thursday for the Direct, but I'm avoiding putting any expectation on a date until I see Nintendo tweet information.
  6. That's a better trilogy of games and, if Nintendo's willing, all would have online multiplayer on the Switch. I really think a HD port of the MPT when it releases will not have sales that match the build up, and I think the same for MP4. I think they could make a better pitch to a larger audience with MP:FF, MPH and MPP since they'll likely see much more attention graphically updating/reworking them for release and potentially with the online multiplayer across all three games. MPT for Switch will come and go quickly. ... I hope Joker comes out sooner than later this month, because I'm ready to see who the next DLC fighter is. Having never played Persona, the character doesn't register much with me, but I'll give him a try whenever I decide to play Ultimate again. Looking forward to the potential new modes more in the update, since I got kind of burned out on just fighting and would like something like Break the Targets and Home-Run Contest to break up the monotony a bit.
  7. Even though I think the LABO VR looks ridiculous, I probably would've been tempted to purchase it had a first person BOTW been connected to the device and then drop it after a while until they release an actual headset. Not really sure about Odyssey as I think controlling from a fixed angle within a kingdom could be awkward, but the new missions look like they would feel better. Odyssey updates and LABO seem like Nintendo's responses to a corrupt a wish topic.
  8. IU

    Your experiences with [Nintendo LABO]

    The Variety Kit is the only LABO set that I've purchased and it has just ended up collecting dust. I decided to be simple to get started, constructing a RC Car, and the construction process held my attention more than actually using the Toy-Con RC Car. I would deconstruct it, but I don't think there's a quick way to do so without destroying the cardboard. The Toy-Con I was most interested in before purchase was the Toy-Con Piano; however, I haven't had the desire to put aside several hours to construct it and I really don't have a spot to store the Toy-Con if I ever do. I also think it'll be much like the RC Car where once I get my fix of seeing the mechanics in action I'll move on.
  9. IU

    General movie discussion

    This is pretty accurate even with an accidental double click, but I will say that the movies ranked in the teens are pretty close for me for the most part. The Top 5 the quiz gave me is spot on, and as for the bottom I think Doctor Strange is too low. I think Doctor Strange could be right there with Dark World in a mid-teens rank. Guardians Vol. 1 gets a boost from me over Vol. 2 due to how much of an impression its soundtrack left on me. That movie got me back into the music that I grew up with and I recall listening to that movie's songs for at least several months following seeing it in theaters. Vol. 1 is the only Marvel movie I've really made an effort to see as at the time I didn't own a vehicle and so my dad, sister and I walked about a mile to a theater nearby to see that movie day one. It's the Marvel movie that I had the most chills/goosebumps with during my first viewing.
  10. I could end up spending a chunk of money next week now with this game and Yoshi's Crafted World coming next Friday. Fortunately, I get paid next week, so I should be able to get both titles and maybe get around to replacing my left Joy-Con. I hope this game hits my nostalgia as hard as it should. Next weekend will definitely be solid.
  11. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/03/12/carol-danvers-co-creator-roy-thomas-watches-the-captain-marvel-movie/#content I know how I take this article, but I just want to see how this is spun here.
  12. Streaming to game on my internet currently is just not going to be an enjoyable experience with the lack of stability on my end. I think this may be a good investment for those with much better connections and I do think this could be the future of gaming. Personally though, I'm going to live in the past with regards to gaming. Owning games physically has always felt right and most of the games I really enjoy released at least over a decade ago. I think in a generation or two, my gaming will be exclusive to the older generation systems.
  13. After hunting for shiny Scyther, my 33rd shiny, I've gotten fatigued with Let's Go. It could have been Route 15 that made the hunt seem more like a chore and it didn't help that Pidgey appeared shiny about midway through what ended up being a 500+ catch combo experience. To me, shiny hunting in this game is much more enjoyable in more open areas and/or where it's easier to route reset without having to worry about potential off screen spawns. I'll likely come back to Let's Go after a little break and go into a hunt on Route 17, which has been the best route in the game with its selection of Pokemon and its open design. Rapidash was the first Pokemon that came to mind after catching my shiny Scyther, and it'll be nice to not feel obligated to start up a hunt from my Go transfers in Go Park for that one.
  14. I was under the impression @Vector was referring to content creators on youtube @EH_STEVE since The Quartering was specifically mentioned. I should've been clearer in that part of my post that I was referring to those individuals who make a living off of discussing films and general media. I don't disagree with the idea that they may just have better things to do than make a video in defense of Captain Marvel since Disney and Marvel are ready to move on to End Game and I'm sure most creators would like to cover that movie instead of continuing to cover a polarizing film.
  15. Those combos with the Dragonzord look good, and I hope that's a sign of more zord combos being in the game. My favorite ranger is Tommy Oliver's White Ranger, so I would love to be able to bring out the White Tigerzord and Falconzord for combos. Most of the sixth rangers have zords that are iconic to them. I have the feeling that at most only Tommy Oliver's Power Rangers would get that kind of treatment, probably excluding Red Turbo, but I would like to be wrong. Even if it doesn't reach that kind of potential, I think the fan service of just seeing so many Power Rangers that I grew up with together in the same game would be worth $20 if that's the price.