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  1. Got the shiny Carkol Monday night after 4,544 OEs. I wasn't expecting to get the shiny for several thousand more encounters considering how my luck has been in Pokemon Black going over odds, so I was caught off guard when this one appeared. I didn't even see the sparkles until I went to the clip I captured. My next hunt isn't certain yet, but I'm considering either Galarian Farfetch'd or Stunfisk for my next target. Hopefully whichever I pick will be a bit of a quicker paced hunt.
  2. I just went over odds going for a shiny Carkol. This is probably the second slowest hunt I've done with soft resetting for Cobalion being my slowest. The two instances I've gone over odds before, the hunts didn't shine until nearly double odds at least. This is my first "full odds" hunt (I think I've battled a Carkol before) in a 1/4096 game, so hopefully the encounter number isn't too high relative to what I've been doing in Black's 1/8192 odds.
  3. I've been looking to order another Metroid hoodie, but keep getting bummed out that there's nothing available for Metroid Prime Hunters. I might just go for Pokemon instead.
  4. I'm not buying any Metroid rumors. Metroid Prime Trilogy HD has been a rumor since a few months after Prime 4's initial reveal back in 2017. I'm not excited for that until it is actually shown. I would like to at some point soon be able to use the media features of the Switch to capture a Metroid Prime experience, whatever that might be. Super Metroid isn't Metroid and Metroid II, so I'm hoping Nintendo is treating a remake more like the recent Link's Awakening and not the series' own Metroid: Samus Returns. Do a few QOL tweaks and give Zebes a face lift with more modern graphics. That's about it. There's not much that'll make a remake of Super Metroid noticeably better in my opinion, but there's a lot they can do to make a remake noticeably worse. Super Metroid is an easy argument for one of the top 2 entries in the franchise, so I think it's more of a risk to remake that game as opposed to a Metroid Fusion (which MSR was setting up). If there's anything really positive I can see Nintendo doing with a Super Metroid remake, it's expanding the lore of Zebes and furthering the lore of the Chozo and Space Pirates. I thought the lore was one area that Metroid: Samus Returns did well. Anyways, not much excitement right now until footage is actually shown. Parts of the fanbase seem very desperate for anything new from Metroid to the point where it just comes across that news is being created so that there is something new to discuss while waiting for Prime 4. I think I'm more irritated to be honest.
  5. I'm a little over 5 hours in and just outside of my first gym. Early impression, I enjoy Sword more than Pokemon X and Pokemon Moon. I'm still dealing with the same story leash at times that hurt my experience with X and Moon; however, aside from Hop, I don't dislike the characters so far. Hop probably is my only issue with the game. If he had Grookey, I wouldn't mind his talking as much, but he picked a type disadvantage so I just want him to shut up most of the time. A rival at the start should always have the type advantage in my opinion. Bede on the other hand is exactly what I want from a rival character. He doesn't have Grookey, but he's arrogant and has a preference for a type I generally associate as being powerful. I look forward to interacting with Bede again, where as I dread seeing Hop. The Wild Area has been probably the biggest surprise for me. No trailer did it any justice, and that footage almost turned me away from the game. Trailers gave me the impression that there would be a large, empty area aside from a Pokemon here and there and the occasional Max Raid den. The Wild Area turns out to be mostly the opposite of that and provides a fair amount of Pokemon spawns to encounter along with the occasional rare spawn that tends to be too powerful to deal with early game. I don't feel any Breath of the Wild when I've been in the Wild Area, but I have felt Xenoblade Chronicle's Gaur Plains which I think is much more ideal for an RPG like Pokemon. Every time I see a rare spawn, I take note and do my best to avoid while still being in a bit of awe of what I will eventually be able to catch and potentially shiny hunt later in the adventure. Rolycoly's line is my favorite Pokemon line in some time, definitely since Gen. V's Trubbish line. The middle evolution from the line at first seemed forgettable next to Rolycoly and the final. The creativity with how that evolution is encountered though is perfect and elevates the design. It's likely going to be my first shiny hunt for Sword, probably after I clear the first gym.
  6. I plan on picking up Pokemon Sword tomorrow. I was wrong to judge the Wild Area as a whole based on what may have been its introduction. There was a stream I was watching back last night that showed the Wild Area with about 2-3 Gyms worth of progress in the game, and what I was seeing was more in line with my expectations. With the exception of not having the chance to get a shiny starter right at the beginning, I think Sword will be a solid entry to shiny hunt in. I plan to pick Sobble as my starter. Sobble's line isn't exactly what I expect to see from a starter Pokemon's line, but I think the final evolution's inspiration fits the best with how I currently play Pokemon.
  7. Having seen a stream of this game and seeing the Wild Area off script (not in a trailer or presentation), the Wild Area is the worst looking part of a first party game on a Nintendo platform that I can remember and Sword & Shield should at best only review an 8 because of it. The rest of the game doesn't look anywhere near as bad and is standard for Pokemon...not $60 Switch game standard, but $40 3DS game standard. Some of the game looks like it's on the Switch, and some of it looks like it's on the Nintendo DS, so I'm meeting in the middle.
  8. Apparently, starters cannot be shiny hunted via soft reset at the beginning of the game, rather if you were considering one you may be forced to breed. I'm really disappointed as I was planning on soft resetting for a starter if I were to get Sword. Maybe this game too is designed to be a chore to soft reset hunt in like Let's Go. I don't like that they are designing potentially slower start ups and more cutscenes for that to be a miserable grind now. If there's any silver lining, I'll see streams within the Wild Area likely on launch day from shiny hunters and so can make my decision on Sword sooner. The recent trailer footage for the Wild Area was mostly poor, but I'll still wait for a live experience to see what it is actually like and what it offers. Anything beyond Max Raids in the Wild Area that draws my attention away from the fact that there are sparse Pokemon spawns will be good.
  9. Ironically,if a Pokemon had king or queen in their name they had a great chance of being cut. I actually really like the new Pokemon and Galarian designs I've seen from the leaks, but the game itself is just too much of a mixed bag mechanically for me to invest without seeing live streams and my brother play first. If I think Sw/Sh are solid for shiny hunting, I'll likely get one of them.
  10. I've been playing Pokemon Black a lot this year after getting into full odds shiny hunting. Since starting back in April, I've done four hunts and have gotten two targets: a Venipede for a Scolipede and the Watchog. The other two hunt targets were a Roggenrola, which I phased twice on for my Woobat and Swoobat, and then a swarm Pokemon, which I phased a Garbodor. My luckiest hunt is for my Watchog that ended in 1,944 REs via double grass on Route 1, and my longest is my Garbodor phase that ended in 33,965 REs on Route 9 single encountering. While a phase, Garbodor is probably my favorite Pokemon in Generation V right along with Cubchoo and Trubbish, so I'm really happy getting that shiny after so much time. Returning to put around 400 hours into Pokemon Black with these hunts, the random encounter (RE) system prior to Let's Go has become more appealing to me than the overworld encounters that now seem to be the future of the series. I like it specifically for the shiny hunting aspect as every encounter has anticipation and mystery. I haven't felt like I've had to encounter an undesired Pokemon as I do in Let's Go to cycle through the overworld spawns. There are certainly Pokemon in Generation V that I don't have too much interest in that are in the encounter pool for some of these hunts, but again, I don't actually know what I'm getting until the encounter has occurred. The wonder of hunting with the old encounter system has kept me invested much longer than my hunting in Let's Go and has made these handful of shinies that I now have very rewarding and satisfying to earn. Currently I'm 2,250 REs deep into a Cofagrigus hunt in a dune area far below the surface in Relic Castle. Animal Crossing: Wild World has been another large time sink this year as I've been more into the game with New Horizons around the corner. There have been a handful of neighbor portraits I've gotten through the summer, and currently I'm wanting to get both Alli's and Ribbot's pictures as I go through the usual collecting and selling for Boondox donations and adding further to my bank accounts. This year is the first year since I got the game back for Christmas 2005 that I've put time into it outside of the spring and summer seasons. Beyond the hype surrounding the series right now with the new game, 2019 has brought some of the most unique neighbors I've seen to my town. This is the first year I've had elephants, an alligator, a fox and a freakin' robot frog. I also have a desire to get more golden items and have settled on getting the Golden Net and Watering Can. I only need to get the Mole Cricket to receive the Golden Net, and I'm planting flowers daily to try and help my environment status. I've seen a few hybrids and uncommon plants appear recently, but my town's environment status is still neutral. So much time put into playing and discussing Metroid Prime Hunters and yet I feel like I'm just getting into the game's physical combat. I want to define the Boost Ball, Dialanche's blades, Vhoscythe, Triskelion lunge and Halfturret slice as melee combat, but they may not technically fall into the category. If I were to lump these alt form attacks in with Other M's Overblast and Lethal Strike and Metroid: Samus Returns' Melee Counter as physical combat within the Metroid Series, I would say I've been experiencing the best over the last few weeks. Yesterday in particular over the 7 hours I played I made it more of a goal to finish off kills with these direct, physical attacks. To me, the Boost Ball and Vhoscythe aren't as satisfying as landing a finishing strike with the Dialanche, Triskelion and upper Halfturret. The "wow" moment for me in my sessions yesterday was dropping off of the ice bridge in the Ice Hive after pumping Magmaul rounds at a couple of hunters, going into Dialanche form and finishing the match with a double kill from the Dialanche's blades. That said, Weavel may just be the funnest playable character in the franchise. Rushing another hunter with well timed, consecutive Halfturret slices is very satisfying and is a great complement to the fun lobbing action of the visually satisfying affinity Battlehammer.
  11. That trailer showed my initial expectation of the Wild Area in that it would have plenty of wild Pokemon roaming all around the player. The reality is an area that is very empty aside from a small set area around the player. The gameplay experience should not be that different from the hundreds of hours I put into Let's Go; however, the presentation with the Wild Area is much worse than the more enclosed Kanto routes simply because the latter filled its space. I personally think the Wild Area will be very tedious to shiny hunt in depending on where spawn resets are versus the nearby options Let's Go had for a number of routes. Seeing Sword and Shield in shiny hunting streams will determine how interested I am in purchasing either game.
  12. Must dance, feel good music....Another thing about Sonic Rush's OST is that listening to one track isn't enough. I've been jamming for the last half an hour.
  13. Sonic Rush is one of two video game soundtracks I've bought (the other being Xenoblade Chronicles). That game's OST for the most part brings so much energy to the table and is such a great fit for fast-paced gameplay that I've listened to Rush while playing Metroid Prime Hunters. Rush's OST always deserves to be played loud.
  14. I'm more concerned about how poor the spawns are when I turn on the game. The initial spawns are normally what get me into a Community Day, so if I'm not seeing good spawns I just don't want to go out for the event. The shiny line for Chimchar is all right, but I'm looking forward to the December's non-starter. It would be nice to see Spheal.