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  1. Generation 5 is a great generation, and I'm excited for when it comes to Pokemon Go. My mom and step dad are into Pokemon through this game, so I'm very interested to see how they react to many of those Pokemon. There is a lot Niantic can do with Gen. 5 through Community Days and Limited Research to have a solid year of events. The Community Days I would like to see, including the obligatory starters: 1. Snivy 2. Tympole 3. Solosis 4. Roggenrola 5. Tepig 6. Deino 7. Vanillite (Summer) 8. Venipede 9. Oshawott 10. Litwick (October) 11. Sandile 12. Axew Limited Research: 1. Frillish 2. Patrat (February) 3. Rufflet (July) 4. Zorua 5. Yamask (October) 6. Larvesta
  2. I'm not sure of all the older Pokemon that have been confirmed prior to this trailer, but I am fine with the selection so far. I really hope that having any single Pokemon that is associated to an evolutionary line confirms that entire line as I would want a Glalie after seeing Froslass. I'm surprised though that they didn't sneak a new Pokemon in anywhere.
  3. With the exception of that Wild Area gameplay, I've liked pretty much everything new about Sword & Shield. I like that there will be a new batch of regional forms for the Galar region and look forward to the next few that they show off. The rock'n roll inspired look for the Galar Zigzagoon line is really good and I would want an Obstagoon in my main team. Morpeko is such a relatable Pokemon as someone who has had issues with low sugar and obviously likes to eat. First time I think I'm fond of a generation's "Pikachu." The hangry mode has a little Gengar in it as well, which is one of my favorite Pokemon, so I'm a fan in spite of generally disliking these kind of Pokemon in the past. Team Yell doesn't do much for me, but I still think that overall Sword & Shield are doing very well in terms of character design. If that's all I would base my purchase on, Sword & Shield would be a part of my Switch library day one. It continues the trend that Nintendo set early on with the Switch so I am definitely looking forward to see more of the characters in Galar. I am a little concerned about what Team Yell and more rivals means for the pacing and direction of the experience, in terms of being dragged around by the narrative; however, shiny hunting should help alleviate that in my case and allow me to be more in control of a playthrough. With the issues that many have pointed out with Sword & Shield, I'm happy that the Pokemon Company has decided to let the games speak for themselves through these trailers. I'm slowly getting back on board in spite of presentation issues and other concerns I have, and it has to do with the new Pokemon and character designs that they have been showcasing. I may end up waiting until I see a stream of these games after release that way I get a perspective of these games outside of a controlled setting like Treehouse Live and these trailers before I decide to put down $60 for either version. I don't think I'll end up so persuaded to make the purchase just based on these trailers alone.
  4. Maxwell from Scribblenauts Jiraiya from Naruto 18-Volt from WarioWare Shy Guy from Super Mario
  5. I think the only movie that I don't have much of an interest in that was announced would be Captain Marvel 2, just due to the direction of the first. She's the only female MCU character that has been done with that direction, so I'm confident in Black Widow and a female Thor being much more likable (Black Widow already is). I'm on the fence about the stream shows, but I can see myself paying for the service to see The Falcon and the Winter Soldier at least. in general, I would prefer to see the MCU on the big screen.
  6. My opinion on the fan base, those defending things that seem really obvious, and Game Freak, which has lied, is much worse than my opinion on Sword & Shield. I'm already convinced just through shiny hunting the new Pokemon, which have mostly looked great, that I'll get plenty of value out of Sword & Shield well worth the $60. I'm also not down on the game's character designs and environmental designs for the most part with the exception of the Wild Area shown at Treehouse Live. Nessa, Sonia, Bea and Allister all in particular look amazing to me. All the nonsense though does give me some bad vibes about the games, but I personally am not completely out on this generation especially as they reveal more. Regarding the translation, recycling is more acceptable to me than incompetence and the potential of lying again. Recycling wouldn't be so targeted in the first place if Game Freak didn't say they were making more expressive Pokemon animations as an excuse for omission, and the fan base wouldn't have to roll with nonsense to defend it. I don't believe that Game Freak had to redo old models, but I do believe that they are addressing their plan for the Galar region as that has been restated, which includes the decision to omit Pokemon.
  7. I saw Nintendolife has put out an article as well regarding the translation. The Famitsu interview is from around this year's E3, June 13th, so it's not just coming out but is just now being used by those trying to excuse the games. If true, this should've been said at Treehouse Live on the 11th rather than choosing to lie. It's possible that this was the next excuse from Game Freak following the claim of having better animations. Masuda also should have reiterated that they had to start from scratch when putting out a response statement to the backlash just over 2 weeks ago, he didn't. It's just more BS to me that just happened to go under the radar due to a lack of translation, and it only hurts the look of the games and Game Freak by adding more fuel for the negativity. Some fans get so caught up in trying to find justification for decisions that they can't see that. Edit: Some slightly good news for Game Freak is that the Famitsu interview appears to be mistranslated, so this isn't another lie, but there are still a lot of fans making them look bad by running with the bad translation. I'm interested to see how long it takes for sites to make updates or if they're willing to stick to a false narrative for additional clicks.
  8. There are going to be plenty of fans that will likely latch onto that piece of information. I personally don't buy it simply due to the timing of the information, and the fact that Masuda didn't even address that aspect of development when attempting to respond to the backlash over 2 weeks ago. I also cannot buy it because they've put out false information before with regard to better, more expressive animations which they now seem to be admitting are the same at least based on that section. It just seems like another narrative to try and quiet as much of the negative reaction as possible before the games release. They should just focus on trailers, especially looking at the like/dislike ratio for Gigantamax, to speak for the games rather than fan the flames with questionable details trying to excuse the lack of Pokemon.
  9. I may have gotten this model had it been released near the Switch's launch, especially being $100 cheaper. I tend to play in handheld or table top mode most of the time, but it has been nice on occasion to play off of a TV. This is a Switch that isn't a Switch; however, I'm okay with a lower cost option being out there to access the current and future library of games. I'm hoping this revision points to the Switch's generation being like the DS's run rather than the Wii U's.
  10. It's good to see a couple of predictions turn out to be true, and the Zeo Gold Ranger is one of my favorite rangers. Hopefully the wait for Lord Zedd isn't too much longer, but in the meantime I'll get familiar with Jen and Trey. The only box left unchecked for me now is the White Ranger and I hope they're not against using a good Tommy for two different rangers. Seeing both the Dragonzord and now Pyramidas in specials, I'm dreaming of calling on the Tigerzord with Saba.
  11. The game looks all right outside of the Wild Area that was shown during Treehouse Live. While I'm still not too sure on the games, I'm still interested in seeing more.
  12. That screenshot of the Wild Area is such a step back from what I've been use to from Nintendo with regards to open areas: I cannot make out a single Pokemon. I imagine the bike is in due to Sword & Shield having (one would think) much more potential ride Pokemon than the Let's Go games, and Game Freak just not caring to make the effort to allow the player to really explore with their Pokemon. An Arcanine and a Gyarados for example can accomplish the same purpose of bike traveling on land or water and are much more visually appealing. In itself, I don't have a problem with Dynamax since it plays into the design of the region's gyms, but becomes a problem with the subtraction of two previous battle mechanics. Game Freak really shouldn't have to subtract anything from these games since they're releasing on Nintendo's most powerful system. I hear about Pokemon Snap quite a bit, and it's a shame that it's in a state of only being on the table if it has some crazy twist. With how many Pokemon there are now, simply having that much more Pokemon and environments compared to the original should be refreshing enough for a sequel to be developed.
  13. Far From Home, Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 are the top-tier Spider-Man films in my opinion. I'm hopeful that a third MCU Spider-Man film will move away from heavily tying a villain to Tony Stark, but I'm okay with that connection in this film just due to the events of End Game and the tactics of the film's antagonist. I did feel like the actual final encounter with the main antagonist was a little underwhelming compared to the intensity of their first battle and would have preferred it to have been a scene of Spider-Man going up against illusions of several Avengers in that hallway heading toward Mysterio: Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Captain America, Rescue, Thor and Ant-Man come to mind.
  14. I think Game Freak needs to take their time for the next generation or even a third Galar game, but I don't want to see such a gap where the fan base is basically starving for that kind of product to where plenty gets overlooked. Whatever comes next for Pokemon shouldn't just be great based on situation.
  15. I'm not loving the Switch for handheld play of this game at least for something intensive like a speed run. The placement of the right analog stick under the Y and B buttons is awkward.