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  1. They have made games that don't support handheld mode. I don't think two of the highest regarded Super Mario games should be excluded when they would work perfectly fine on the base Switch model. @Pichi Are you referring to what Luigi's backflip can do at certain spots? I haven't noticed much of a difference with the other characters within the original levels.
  2. Metroid Prime Hunters would be my first option. Searching Chris Donovan with the game, it is a glimpse of what could be if Hunters came to the Switch. The game's online experience too would be much improved under Nintendo's current structure. I'm also wanting to re-experience the game with either motion controls like the Prime Trilogy or dual analog. Add in a Spring Ball upgrade in the tutorial stage of the game, first visit Celestial Archives, to allow all hunters to be playable and the best game of all time would be that much better. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga would be another game I would want to see on Switch. This is more of a remake concept, but I would like to see the game updated to look like the box art for the original. The clay look looked worse than the GBA version in my opinion. Nothing else needs to be added or changed.
  3. I would still consider buying a remaster of the original, but I would like a remaster of Super Mario 64 DS more. Aside from some areas of control, Super Mario 64 DS is the better game in my opinion. Sunshine and Galaxy are major and a new Paper Mario is to be determined based on its direction. I might not double dip with 3D World. That depends on what's new in a deluxe version. I would much rather see Super Mario 3D Land get an update.
  4. Something to think about with ARMS is the potential of an ARMS 2 being announced in June's Direct, and the character in Smash being the sequel's mascot character(s) as promotion. It would disappoint me if there was a swerve like that, but I would get the character just over the potential hype that an ARMS 2 would generate with me. I might not just outright buy the pass though like I would for Twintelle and Min Min. It would come down to the character and abilities.
  5. Besides Animal Crossing, Ring Fit Adventure is one of the hottest Switch games out right now. I keep reading over on Nintendolife that they're having trouble keeping up with the demand, especially with what's going on with the quarantines. Since Wii Fit Trainer is in, I can imagine the Ring Fit Trainer being a representative in this pass and I think there's a more obvious pool of potential moves for the character than there were for Wii Fit Trainer. I don't think the Smash community will like that pick, but considering Nintendo is responsible for this second pass I can see this as a real possibility.
  6. You're experienced with the game then to be at Level 5 with motion controls. Byte & Barq (plus Dr. Coyle) and really any presence of a heavy ARM is a pain in the ass to deal with in the breaking targets challenge. I'm dealing with the pair right now on a Level 7 run with Ribbon Girl. It's my least favorite activity to do in ARMS and it's unfortunate that it's forced in Grand Prix. Hopefully you're able to break through that challenge though and get back to the 1-on-1s. Hedlok has a pattern where you can play mid-range. Hedlok usually will just try to launch one side at a time with some delay with the next set. If you dodge the first barrage of three ARMS, you should have an opening to land a punch. It's definitely difficult to do. I haven't fought Max Brass with Hedlok in a while though, so there could be some bigger differences between him and Dr. Coyle than I'm recalling in terms of pattern. I would recommend a curving ARM for Hedlok either way. Almost right after Springtron does his shock wave special, he's briefly vulnerable to a grab. If you get that timing down, the Springtron player likely won't use that ability much if at all for the rest of the match and will rely on the base Springman abilities. Even if you do have the timing down, you might want to consider letting them get the shock wave at the start of a match if the Springtron is going for it (unless they have rush). If they see that they can do that once, they'll do it again and so you have set up a punishment for them later.
  7. ARMS definitely has a steeper learning curve than pretty much any other 1st party game I've played on Switch. What difficulty did you jump in on and what's your control set-up?
  8. Kirby is a great point towards a specific character. If Twintelle, I can imagine her neutral special being Star's Aura, which would slow down actions done by other fighters within its effect area if translated in Smash. A Twintelle Kirby design might break the internet.
  9. I don't understand the desire to have the game's whole roster in just for the sake of it while sacrificing what makes the roster unique. The customization with regards to the actual ARMS is fine and I do like their suggestion of having more directional input for whoever the character is between the two ARMS selected. Min Min being able to throw a punch with her Ramram in one direction while her Megawatt is traveling in another for example.
  10. Ribbon Girl and Springman are on the game's box, just announce them if one of them is the representative in Smash. I could be wrong, but I don't think they're waiting until June to reveal a character on the game's box. It would be a bad move on their part too to hold that kind of reveal back when the official reveal occurs, because the speculation and hype build up is going to center around the fan favorites. There doesn't seem to be a lot of love for this DLC pick outside of the ARMS community to begin with. @purple_beard Are you saying each of the 15 fighters would be the equivalent of a Mii Brawler, Mii Gunner and Mii Sword Fighter, each being unique, and the ARMS be distributed out in the custom moves for the specials?
  11. @purple_beard What specifically are you comparing to the move customization of the Mii fighters? I would think that would be the 42 individual ARMS, and not the characters' individual abilities of which some are passive. I do like the idea of a large pool of moves based around each ARM for customization. It wouldn't be right on a character level though, that focus should be on one specific character given their abilities.
  12. The highlights for me were Shinsekai: Into the Depths, Clubhouse Games and the ARMS fighter announcement for Smash. Xenoblade is Xenoblade, but I don't think it needs an epilogue story that appears to occur on Bionis which makes no sense considering the game's end. I would have wanted the Bionis Shoulder to just be an extra region that could add story depth/lore but otherwise have little impact within the game's main story. It's still my most wanted upcoming game though regardless. Shinsekai: Into the Depths looks like a game inspired by traditional Metroid, and it looked very unique to me. I'm waiting to see what the general feel for the game is from reviews on the Switch version before I make a decision. I received the original DS Clubhouse Games for Christmas last year and have really enjoyed my time with the game. Clubhouse Games on the Switch seems like an even better package with more variety especially in terms of action games. I'm looking forward to it later this year. The best announcement was the ARMS character announcement for Smash, given that ARMS is my favorite game on the Switch and Twintelle is my second most wanted character for Smash. Twintelle has a real shot, but I think Min Min has the strongest case in the roster. As excited as I am now though, this fighter could become a major disappointment for me come the official reveal in June. It could also be the best reveal Ultimate has had in my opinion. Either way, I'm looking forward to talking about the representation. I'll either be playing a lot more Smash or a lot more ARMS come June.
  13. The biggest problem with swapping around the fighters or the Bowser Jr. concept is that the unique abilities of the ARMS characters would probably be removed to follow most likely Springman. You gave a great example of the problem that would occur, the character is Byte & Barq. Just offering Byte is putting out content that's underdeveloped, and likewise so would be including the whole roster based around the design of a singular characters' abilities. While it would be visually nice, I hope they don't go that direction.
  14. Since Smash Bros. Ultimate's release, Min Min has won the ARMS Party Crash Bash Tournament. Min Min is also Mr. Yabuki's favorite character in the game. She is very deserving to represent ARMS in Smash. I personally would be really happy to see Min Min in Smash, and her standard ARMS: Dragon, Megawatt and Ramram, should make for a solid move set. My most wanted from ARMS is Twintelle, and she is recognized as the fan favorite in the ARMS Dev. Talk provided by Nintendo. She is a character designed for a broader appeal, and considering how much fan service plays into Smash I think Twintelle is a strong candidate too. Assuming we would be getting either the Ramen Bowl or Cinema Deux as the stage with Min Min and Twintelle respectively, I think Cinema Deux is better designed to translate into a Smash and cameo stage for ARMS than the Ramen Bowl. Anything other than Min Min and Twintelle just seems slightly off, and I think going with a male rep. would take away from the game's more unique female cast. With how the official reveal will occur in June, I don't think they're going with a box art character and it would be disappointing to build up to something that would seem very safe like that. Other than that, I think the only other character I'm not hoping for is Springtron. Springtron is a better Springman in mechanics, but isn't original and lacks the personality. Again though, I think the appeal of Min Min and Twintelle makes them the two best options especially given how the reveal wasn't done right away.
  15. Businesses should be allowed to adapt to the situation, but if they can't or unwilling, then shutdowns need to occur especially as numbers continue to grow. I don't feel comfortable with how my employer has been handling the situation. There's no customer limits for entering the location nor is social distancing being pushed to become a part of daily work routines among co-workers. I think pick up and delivery needs to be more considered in place of in-store shopping. I was a little concerned this past week after I had started experiencing soreness in my lung and chest area along with some body fatigue after vomiting twice last Monday night. I ended up thankfully just being diagnosed with a viral bronchitis that hasn't been too hindering as my coughs have stayed relatively normal. I've been at home nearly the entire week steadily getting back to feeling 100%.