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  1. No, but I don't think it's a bad idea either. Attendees are screened and are offered masks and offered sanitizer should they want either. Most now seem to be choosing to wear masks, and I've seen that get questioned as to why they're wearing them now. I was considering attending his rally tonight in Newport News, but didn't think I would make it in time following work. He should be speaking soon if anyone is interested. The current narrative going on in the country and the reaction of cities to that narrative. Police getting shot, their vehicles and department buildings being set on fire...The whole "defund the police" non-sense, that's all getting in the way of full performance. I'm sure some now have concern about defending themselves if they are fired upon. I don't feel any particular way about it, because I know there's talk on both sides of contesting the election. I still don't understand how it would be unsafe for anyone, unless they're high risk, to vote in person nearly 8 months out from the initial Covid-19 shutdowns and both the individual and the polling place knowing what to do to significantly reduce transmission.
  2. The crowd and its energy certainly helps to make each rally engaging that I've seen recently. It seems that his live attendance is in the thousands, and his virtual audience is much higher and I'm just viewing these rallies from the perspective of Right Side Broadcasting Network. Since watching, his virtual audience has grown there by around 15,000, from 76,000 to nearly 91,000. I like being in a place where there is some common interest, and the Trump rallies I've seen recently have given much more than that. I don't 100% agree with everything the President does or with his supporters' decisions, but I do know I agree with them vastly more than I agree with the Democratic agenda. You and I have a very different take on the ABC Town Hall. He could have declined to have a town hall with ABC and arrange one with Fox News. Biden decided to not have his town hall with ABC and instead had it arranged with CNN, an even more advantageous environment for him in the format. President Trump is willing to go into a situation where there will be a lot of pressure put upon him, and I felt for the most part that he responded well given the time provided (a program running from 9-10:30pm with commercial breaks). If I had an issue with any response, it was his failure to mention Opportunity Zones in response to Pastor Carl Day, something that did come up a few times during the RNC. I don't necessarily think every stance needs a long-winded answer either. For example, President Trump wants to restore law and order, he wants police to be able to do their job and I know that that should mean lower crime rates across the country which has plenty of benefits. There is his stance on ending unnecessary foreign wars, which should result in more peace and less American lives being put at risk, both civilian and military. Being concise is important. Too many political figures go on and on talking out of their ass. There's also the matter of actually taking action and not just speaking on an issue. President Trump at his rallies is a mixture of his role as the President with his role as an entertainer, being the host to thousands live and significantly more online. He speaks for around 90 minutes, and goes through his agenda for the next term, what is currently going on and what he is currently doing for the country. He will change his tone occasionally. As he covers a subject he looks to be informative on what has been done and sets the expectation that it'll continue to get better, at times emphasizing certain phrases to play to his supporters. Those reactions are generally high energy as "We love you!," "Fill that seat!", "USA!" or "4 more years!" erupts at these events.
  3. If anyone is interested, President Trump will be speaking at his protest in Swanton, OH soon. I watched two of these protests over the weekend, and they have been an engaging, enjoyable time. There are 34,000+ watching, sure to be more when President Trump arrives and speaks, so come on in.
  4. I'm saying that I believe Trump's time table and plans for vaccine distribution largely due to the military having a key role, as they did for PPE production which I've seen some result of. Masks are important, when I'm out I'm usually wearing one. If I'm ever not wearing my mask outside, I feel I'm well distanced from other people. There's been one instance that I took a risk of not wearing a mask since this all started and that was around my dad when I went to see him in Ohio earlier this month. The United States of America has around 330 million people and each state has been hit differently by the virus. The death rate is around 0.6% for Covid-19. Between 200,000 and 0.6, I want to be cautious when I go out but I'm not shitting my pants when I walk out the front door either. I also live in Virginia which is higher than average in terms of population, but no where near the top. If I were in a more populated state, especially the top 4, which seem to be the hardest hit, I would likely have a different opinion as the numbers should mean something worse.
  5. I got my copy today, but my brother unfortunately has to wait until Sunday according to his order update. We might have raced through the games or at least one of them tonight. I haven't begun playing just yet. I do have to say though that I love how Nintendo designed the inside of the case. It would have been nice if this were available in a steelbook like the Metroid Prime Trilogy. That said, this is the better collection of games in my opinion. It's going to be a great time going through these games again.
  6. Yes, I do. What are the CDC director's comments regarding a time table for the vaccine following the news conference? I know that he has gone back to clarify his statement regarding the effectiveness of a mask when compared to the effectiveness of a potential vaccine. Really the only thing the President needed to say, for me personally, regarding his time table for vaccine distribution is that the military would be involved (@ 15:44). I do not doubt the ability of this country's military. Trump had the military involved with the production of PPE, and, in my daily life, I see a surplus and because of that I feel safer and I feel my family is safer in the midst of Covid-19. I haven't. This topic isn't the only option for political discussion. You, @ace and @Edie Napier aren't entitled to responses to your points when all three of you are unable or unwilling to make those points without an insult. It's much better to have all three of you blocked and pick when and where I want to see any of your posts here.
  7. 1. I own all three games, and I enjoyed all three more than enough to double dip with this collection. I'm looking forward to the convenience of having all three in one place, and being able to share my experiences better with the Switch's media features. I may have a better opinion of all three games as I play through them this time around. 2. The first game I think I'm going to play is Super Mario Sunshine. It's atmosphere and energy are both something I'm in the mood for with how 2020 has gone. That said, I've been putting it out there to my little brother the idea of a race through all three games meeting the intended thresholds for beating all three games. If I were to do that, I think I could get through the collection in around 13-14 hours. I did just beat Super Mario 64 DS last weekend to hype myself even more for this collection, so I probably won't want to play SM64 right from the start. 3. For me, it's a split between Sunshine and Galaxy right now. I'm expecting this collection to give me a clearer idea of how I feel about the two games in comparison to each other. I don't know if my opinion will be elevated with this collection enough for either to become my favorite 3D Mario game, dethroning SM64DS, but I won't say it's impossible. The Switch's media features will bring a big boost to how I view these games.
  8. Looking forward to hearing what the President has to say later tonight at his rally in Wisconsin. Hoping it's more of the same from his White House news conference from yesterday, which, for the most part, was positive and hopeful.
  9. Super Mario Sunshine being able to be played on the go gives me an experience I have wanted since playing through Super Mario 64 DS. In that game, they added a new location called Sunshine Isles which featured one of the new star missions and was inspired by Super Mario Sunshine. Around a year later, Mario Kart DS came out with its retro cups featuring courses from Mario Kart Double Dash, which got me thinking that Nintendo might be able to bring Super Mario Sunshine or a similar themed 3D Mario experience to the DS in some form. For much of the DS's life span, I had that hypothetical release on my mind. It's exciting knowing that I'll have a portable experience with Sunshine in less than a week.
  10. What game do you all plan to start with first in the collection? I'm in the mood for Super Mario Sunshine, and I'm a little curious how the game will feel away from a GCN controller.
  11. Did Hyrule Warriors' story mode ever use one character for just one or two story missions? I was thinking about Satori Mountain and the idea of the sage being playable in this game. Later on in a separate mission, the Lord of the Mountain would be playable. I'm not sure that they would want to take away from the wonder of the Lord of the Mountain by fleshing out why monsters fear its presence for this game, but I do think it would an interesting roster choice and it is a memorable character within BOTW. Another potentially interesting choice could be one of the dragon spirits as we know already that the calamity targeted Naydra. Maybe play as Naydra in a one off mission around Mount Lanayru.
  12. I'm on the other side of the country, but based on the news, if I were there, I would probably have a very negative perspective as well. Not much recovery is allowed to occur because of how much fear has been pushed with Covid-19 from certain points of view and now the state is suffering from what could be its worst wildfires. I'm glad I'm not over there. I've been experiencing the opposite here in Virginia: maintained full employment, the governor has allowed areas to get back to business at reduced capacities and there's a clear plan here and I see a clear vision at the federal level. It's not completely normal where I live, but I don't think my area is too far off from normality either. My post was referring to Trump and Biden being live on the same stage away from more scripted events like the DNC and RNC and looking forward to how they engage each other in the upcoming debates. I know what a Trump presidency is like, and it has been great. I actually think 2020 has been Trump's best year since how he responded to Covid-19 had probably the most noticeable impact around me. I see surplus of PPE and sanitizer every day, and feel very safe going out to work now compared to when the virus first started to spread across the country. I just took a trip across several states to see my dad, went out to eat and stayed in a hotel room. I felt safe doing all of that. Right now personally, I wear my mask out of respect for an establishment's policy and other people than I do out of fear of Covid-19 itself.
  13. I may go ahead and save my money on Pikmin 3 Deluxe and wait to spend my money on this release instead. I did not play the original Hyrule Warriors, even though I did have an interest to do so; however, I have played and beaten Breath of the Wild which I had a great time with. That universe being showcased in a different kind of game genre and filling out/expanding the lore of events prior to Breath of the Wild has me sold. I'm looking forward to playing as Urbosa and Mipha.
  14. Metroid, Super Mario Land 2 and Super Metroid for the NES, Game Boy and SNES respectively are my favorites here. I can also still enjoy all three today thanks to the internet, though only Metroid needs that boost with online maps. Of the three, Metroid is my least favorite. I do enjoy it at times more than its remake. Super Mario Land 2 is my second favorite 2D Mario game and I think my first video game (could have been Tetris on the Game Boy). It was my favorite 2D Mario until the release of New Super Mario Bros. in 2006 so it had a great run. Super Metroid is a game I would include in my current Top 5 all time or just outside of it. It's my second favorite Metroid game behind Metroid Prime Hunters.
  15. Treatment would be a factor. ... If I really want to go out and see a movie, I'm going to do so. For anything that I'm not 100% sure on, I look at the critic review average but always make sure to get a second opinion from a source that I trust. If there's a fair difference between those two sources, I'll skip a movie. I don't do this to see if I should save my money, but if a movie is worth the time.