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  1. I think ZeRo had too many voices in his head so to speak through Twitter and social media when dealing with this situation beyond his accusers. Every statement after the first implies at the start that there has been responses to a previous statement, so he has every right to make multiple posts to defend himself. The more serious accusation with Katie and his own admission with Laura definitely is wrong and poor judgment, and I hope that they both have a sense of closure now and can move on. Suggestive comments should generally not be made with someone unless a strong relationship is already present and the door has been open for that kind of interaction. They certainly shouldn't be made if you're unaware of a person's age. That being said, I do think ZeRo went too far with his self-imposed punishments following the 2nd statement and I don't feel they hold after his third. What I read sounds more like a suspension is reasonable. Suspension from all Smash events for a year once the world has a better handle on the Covid-19 pandemic (includes all events that may still be occurring as well). In regards to content creation, I would say 1-3 months leave.
  2. I've been on the accused side of a situation not as serious as what's going on in the Smash community, but serious enough to still have cost me my job had I been guilty. It took my employer around 9 months to finally come to any conclusion and it wasn't from the case that originated from my accuser. When I had the actual statements made against me, I believe I had 10 days to respond. I would say most of these unfortunate situations that have occurred are work place incidents, and, even if that definition doesn't hold, I don't feel any accused person should be required to immediately respond or rush out a response. I haven't read into what ZeRo did and his responses, but he should be allowed to express his side within a reasonable time period. If it takes multiple responses to get to the truth, then that's what needs to occur. I think it has been a couple of days since I've played Smash. It has nothing to do with what's going on just having other games that I would rather play.
  3. I do hope that those impacted by these members of the Smash community are able to move on and forward from these situations that have been haunting them. I personally see myself in the Puppeh-Cinnpie case, but I'm glad that I've never had a relationship go that far with that much manipulation. Someone being or feeling silenced by the person that they have issues with for any extended time is a cruel experience when trying to move on and I'm not shocked by Puppeh's tweets right now. I do hope he is able to find something to get himself in a better state of mind.
  4. I'm waiting on reviews for this one, specifically from those that have had a problem with the last two games. I do think that Origami King has the best shot of moving out of TTYD's shadow, and an open world concept certainly could help if it is fully open world. Two of the major bosses being a colored pencil set and office tape still is something I'm having a hard time looking passed.
  5. New main for sure! Just did a stock match against a Lv. 5 Samus, Min Min plays really well.
  6. This is the first time I'm noticing the wait for the DLC since Min Min is a character I actually want to play as in Smash. The evening is a weird time, but now I know in the future if any other DLC characters are brought in that I have a desire to play.
  7. I generally lose interest when I hear that a game is free-to-play now. Pokemon Go is enough for me. In regards to some of the negative reaction I've seen for this, I don't know why people want Sinnoh remakes so much with how Sword and Shield turned out. It would've been nice to have seen Let's Go games for Johto though.
  8. Min Min, to me, is the best newcomer in Ultimate. I wanted Twintelle to be the newcomer, but I always thought Min Min should be in just based on history. Mr. Yabuki's favorite got in and I'm so glad he set the record straight regarding all the non-sense about who the protagonist of ARMS is. Having seen how they translated Spring Stadium for Ultimate, I'm glad that they went that direction instead of Min Min's Ramen Bowl stage. Min Min having her move set be focused on her three standard ARMS from the game is perfect, and I also love that her left arm is always the Dragon ARM matching with her left arm's signature transformation ability. The inputs for Min Min's arms match with the inputs in ARMS if you're not using the thumbs up scheme pretty much. It's more technical with Smash, but I think a lot of ARMS players could feel right at home with the inputs given to Min Min. I'm looking forward to playing as her next week. Since Min Min got in, I'm going to go ahead and get the entire Fighters Pass 2. It's already better than the first pass in my opinion with Min Min. The trailer for Min Min's reveal was one of the more obvious reveals to me, so it didn't carry any surprise. I saw Captain Falcon and Kirby eating ramen, Min Min's the ARMS character for Smash. I loved the presentation of the trailer though. ARMS is my favorite game on Switch and it was nice to see its universe presented in a new style for Min Min's reveal. The translation from ARMS to Smash with Min Min is about as good as it could be. I was hoping to play as Min Min tonight, but having to wait another week doesn't bother me. Starting two work weeks off on a good note is fine with me. I have all of Min Min's badges in ARMS, I believe; however, I'm probably going to play as her a lot until her Smash debut. I still haven't beaten Grand Prix Lv. 7 as Min Min with her standard ARMS. There's 1 vs. 100 too that I could work on as Min Min. Smash is going to be coming back into my gaming rotation now too, so I'll be getting more into it this week.
  9. I ended up doing something that I haven't really done since Brawl on the Wii. Out of excitement for potentially one of my most wanted characters coming to Smash, I decided to play the game again last night followed by a session of ARMS. How I've been playing Smash for years now has been 3 stock, no items and, with this game, omega stages. Last night, I turned on most of the items in the game to high frequency, went back to time match and selected regular stages. That experience is exactly what I needed to start enjoying the game again. The game's variety isn't ideal, I would still like a Smash Run type mode, but having items on does help the game's action feel more varied. Terry and Byleth both feel great to me, with Terry probably being second overall to Hero in the pack. I think Byleth is my second favorite FE character in the roster behind Corrin. They have the two best designs in my opinion and have more going for them than sword combat. Robin is up there for me too, but Hero's superior. It's hard to describe why I really like Terry. It's more of an appeal through the character's feel. His movement is quick and smooth, and I feel his attacks have more impact to them than fighters like Ryu and Ken. His character feels all around more natural in action.
  10. Smash is taking up the most storage on my Switch, so I'm considering using that space for other games or more media if Monday's announcement doesn't do anything for me. I would love for the ARMS rep. to get me back into the game though.
  11. I really hope the character is Min Min or Twintelle, otherwise I think I'm taking the game off of my Switch. I would buy Dr. Coyle as well, but I just don't see how Min Min AND Twintelle get passed over for her in spite of her lore.
  12. New Pokemon Snap is beautiful and a step up from how Pokemon currently looks on the Switch. I take a lot of pictures and clips on my Switch as it is, so having a game that plays right into that experience within my library would be perfect. Pokemon Snap is a game I've never played, but knowing how requested a new game has been already has me excited about this release. In the coming days, I may go ahead and buy the Sword DLC package. Honestly, I'll buy it if Kingdra is a strong spawn...I know Kingdra has been added, I'm just not sure if Kingdra is available through evolution only or can be encountered out right. I'll shiny hunt for it if it's a strong spawn. The only negative I have regarding Sword, Shield and its DLC are the Max Raid Battles. I'm tired of that aspect of the games and I know it's going to blow up even more with the legendary Pokemon in the Crown Tundra. I want to have a purely solo Pokemon experience when going for certain Pokemon without having to deal with questionable AI partners.
  13. This wasn't my favorite announcement from today, but definitely the most interesting for me. I like how Pokemon can inspire its own in-universe items, like the Eevee Cake and the Diglett sandwiches, and that the Pokemon Company is willing to run with it for this game. I don't know if the game is for me as I haven't really been too into puzzle games lately. The art direction and inspired designs are great and I would be willing to try a demo if it were made available.
  14. I was wrong. It is kind of a bummer that I cannot be playing as the ARMS rep. in Smash Brothers today, perfect day to have been doing so, but I've got ARMS and will just play it instead. If they plan on only revealing the ARMS character this month, with no other drops towards Fighter #7, it is a mistake that they didn't ride the anniversary with the update. We'll see soon enough as there are less than two weeks now.