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  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons gave me chills and the sequel to Breath of the Wild's teaser stirred up emotion. Super Mario Maker 2 will eventually become the grand slam game it should have been from the start, and I'm more than ready to sink hours into that game. Luigi's Mansion 3 has me more convinced, but I'm not quite there yet. I need to see more ghosts that are more in the direction of the original's portrait ghosts. Since the game's release is vague, there's a good chance that game will be in a Direct again. Link's Awakening looks like a lot of fun and I think it'll be refreshing to play following the experience of Breath of the Wild. I have never played the original, so the game will be completely new for me. Sword & Shield is 2 for 2 with female character design with Sonia and now Nessa. Prior to Animal Crossing's new date, it's likely that I'll have possibly 4 solid Nintendo games to keep me very occupied for the rest of 2019. Also, I'm glad that I can now move on from thinking Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Switch is a thing and get back into those games on the Wii U. I was holding out on replaying any of those games until seeing this Direct.
  2. Paper Mario or a Yoshi's Island style would be a nice addition to the game next to Super Mario 3D World considering how distinct those styles would be compared to games in the Super Mario Bros. line.
  3. Super Mario Maker 2 has made me suspicious of any online co-op going forward, and since playing with friends online wasn't specifically mentioned I'm going with that not being an option for Max Raids unless they say otherwise. Besides that, this direct took me from being on the fence to wanting to get the bundle pack. This presentation was a lot better than the initial reveal, and I liked nearly everything in the direct with the exception of some of the character designs: Leon, Hop and Milo. Leon's outfit just looks like it completely changes either side of his waist and Milo's face seems like it's missing a nose. I would say the worst though is Hop just for giving me friendly rival vibes and usually that means the game will give too much direction around locations that I'd rather just explore and learn about at my own pace. Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is my most played Switch and Pokemon game, so I'm very excited to see overworld encounters present in these games and for what will likely be a lot more Pokemon. I also really like that these overworld encounters seem to mainly be a feature of the open Wild Areas. In Let's Go, I thought the best routes of that game to see Kanto's Pokemon were the more expansive routes like Route 6 and 17, so there likely won't be too many Pokemon all in a confined area now and the experience will likely be much more natural. I'm looking forward to all of the rarer Pokemon spawns in Galar's Wild Areas like the Milotic and Steelix. In Let's Go, it was exciting to see certain Pokemon out in the overworld like Charizard, Dragonite, Vileplume, Arcanine, Starmie, Rapidash, Poliwrath, etc that I wouldn't usually expect and be able to target them directly for shiny hunt chains. If catch combos exist in Sword and Shield for shiny hunting, they'll probably end up as a couple of my most played games overall not just on the Switch.
  4. I was just speaking on my interest between the two. I'm not very willing to try out new game releases unless they are high in quality, stacked in content and personally appeal to me because of the time gaming needs, and I'm find investing hundreds of hours into a single game if it checks those boxes. Movies don't have to meet as high of an expectation for me personally in comparison, and since they require around 2.5 hours or less of my time, I'm more willing to check out what's new in theaters week to week or month to month than I would be gaming: Movies are easier to explore. If I go out to a theater, I know I'm pretty much only getting a handful of new to recent releases at any time. They don't have to compete for my time against older releases or a ton of new releases there, and that's just the benefit of that industry versus the vast amount of content each new game has to compete with.
  5. Personally, the movie industry has me more interested in what's coming than gaming. Gaming has the issue of price and quantity that the movie industry does not have, and as interactive entertainment gaming just requires more time investment. Games for me these days need to either really get me with the fan service or be very stacked experiences while maintaining a great level of quality. Generally, movies just have to entertain me for 1.5-2.5 hours and at least be all right in bringing me into their story. Both industries are progressing in terms of what can be done, but I don't feel like gaming has improved as much with more as an interactive entertainment as films have as visual/audio entertainment. For example, how many Power Stars in Super Mario 64 could be obtained by a single Ground Pound versus Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey? I would argue that what SM64 does with 120 stars is equal with if not more than what Odyssey does with its ~999 moons. With film, I would say Iron Man to End Game is a considerable leap in terms of what's being done on screen.
  6. I saw Detective Pikachu yesterday with my family, and I enjoyed it. For most of the beginning of the movie, I was loosely paying attention to the story and was more so checking out what Pokemon were being shown and how they looked within the film's more realistic style. Throughout the movie it was always exciting to see a new Pokemon appear on screen and see how they were imagined for this world. I thought the overall story was fine, and better than what typically would be a story for a mainline Pokemon adventure. My favorite scene was seeing the full extent of the Torterra Garden(s) and I really liked how they handled Mewtwo in general as well.
  7. If they're putting a "What If" series for Agent Carter, then I would imagine the Loki series would involve the reality in which he escapes with the Tesseract as you said and the Disney+ platform could be where all the potential alternate reality angles could be told. I hope that Sam as Captain America is for the big screen. I think moving that character from being a sidekick on the big screen to leading an off screen series would be a step down, especially after having the symbol of Captain America passed to him in the franchise's biggest film. It would be interesting if they began to build up Sam for his first solo Captain America film in the sequel to Black Panther. Disney could also just get right into Sam leading a solo given how much history has already been developed for the character as Falcon. Between what Thor did towards the end of Infinity War and what Captain Marvel did in a 1-on-1 with Thanos, I'm convinced the Infinity Stones when they are all six connected lose pretty much all but the grand action of a "snap" to wipe anything from existence or the ability to destroy the stones. That's the only way it would make sense for Captain Marvel to start gaining the upper hand in that fight and yet get launched when the Power Stone was used separate from the other five stones. Captain Marvel herself should only be as strong as what the Tesseract is capable of at her best since she got her powers from Dr. Lawson's engine which was developed with the Tesseract. I'm also thinking that the six stones united takes a toll on whoever is wielding them in terms of just having to make a tremendous effort to keep the power from overwhelming them, so I'm not sure Captain Marvel was dealing with Thanos at his best compared to what Thor, Iron Man and Captain America were dealing with prior to the two armies clashing.
  8. Got myself my first shiny legendary today through Research Breakthrough after failing to catch a 2nd Azelf.
  9. End Game is nearly exactly what I was hoping for going in. I wanted a more serious tone compared to Infinity War, and I got that I feel. The humor this time around didn't feel like it was taking away from the seriousness of the overall objective of bringing everyone that could be brought back back and putting an end to Thanos's conquest for universal balance. Emotions for me were high at several points in the film. End Game might be the most emotional film in the MCU in my opinion overall even though it never quite hit the emotions of Yondu's passing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The emotional peaks for me were Thor seeing his mother again, the epicness of seeing the fully assembled Avengers vs. Thanos's army, Iron Man's passing, "Proof Tony Stark has a heart," and Steve Rogers returning to dance with Peggy Carter. Finally got to see Pepper Potts as Rescue in the end, and I guess I'm fine with her not saving Tony from being stranded in space considering how things developed in the film. Rescue is an appearance I've wanted to see since Pepper wore Mark 42 in Iron Man 3, so it was a six year journey to see come about. It was nice to see Pepper and her husband, both suited, doing their thing against Thanos's army. It depends on Disney and Gwyneth Paltrow as to whether or not Rescue appears again in the future. It's possible for Rescue to be a trilogy to fill the void left with Tony's passing and the completion of the Iron Man's arc. Thor joining the Guardians of the Galaxy and Falcon getting Cap's Shield are both arcs I'm interested in seeing in the near future from Disney; however, I hope the latter really isn't about exploring alternate realities or whatever with what Captain America did at the end of End Game. It's very simple for it just to be Steve Rogers going back, putting the stones back in place and choosing to stay in the past with Peggy Carter. If they start going down the rabbit hole of alternate realities due to the Quantum Realm travel, it could just get too ridiculous and complicated. I don't like the Russo Brothers apparently trying to put out information to steer interpretation after the film's release. They're the directors so it should've been directed to heavily imply the vision they have for these characters especially arcs that are associated to characters from Cap's trilogy as those are likely the character films they'll handle later. If there's anything I don't like in End Game, it's Captain Marvel once she got her hair cut. I don't know if it's Brie Larson or how Disney wants Captain Marvel to be, but my impression was that she had a branch up her ass in all but the beginning of the movie. She was more expressive in her own film and I'm not blaming the Russos' as the rest of the cast was very solid in their direction. I'm glad that Captain Marvel wasn't as OP as I was concerned she would be in End Game and had a minimal role in comparison to the veterans of the MCU. I also like that she is the reason that the forced female squad scene existed, if only because that brought Rescue and Wasp together on the same objective during the finale. Those two are my favorite female characters in the MCU, and the two I would like to see on screen more following Black Widow's sacrifice.
  10. Saw End Game with my family this evening and it's great. I thought the tone was handled much better than in Infinity War, and it felt like a film that matched the build up. I would recommend watching nearly all of the prior MCU movies for some of the film's references to make sense. I don't recommend seeing Captain Marvel, but do recommend catching up on some details from that film before going in to see End Game. I left End Game having more of an interest in what's next in the MCU than I did leading up to seeing the film.
  11. I still check in here daily for the most part due to the familiarity, even though a lot of the familiarity has been gone for years now between people getting fed up with NSider2 and the original NSider Forums closing. I mostly spend my time online now with YouTube, Twitch and Instagram.
  12. Just got back from seeing Shazam! with my little sister, and it's a great time. Pretty much every time Dr. Sivana appeared on screen, I was excited to see what he was going to do and generally was smiling whenever he did do something within the film. It's refreshing to me to see a villain actually be a problem for the superhero and bring in some darker tone to balance out the rest of the film. I would say the boardroom scene with Dr. Sivana and the ending with Freddy were the stand out scenes for me personally, covering two different extremes. I definitely was on the verge of a tear or two for that ending, but it did make me wish Warner Bros. had their shit together. Shazam! is the best film I've seen in theaters since last year's Infinity War and Black Panther, and it did remind me that I really need to see Aqua Man. I'll probably check out Aqua Man for the first time tomorrow.
  13. I think The Last Jedi is bad especially as an 8th episode in a series and Captain Marvel is the worst MCU movie though I don't consider it as much of a failure as The Last Jedi. I think Captain Marvel is at least probably 5-6 scene changes away from being an average to above average origin film in the MCU, because the movie's main story and flow overall are all right. I'm also not down on End Game having seen its trailers in spite of how I felt about Captain Marvel. The Last Jedi on the other hand has made me question pretty much everything film-based for Star Wars going forward, and do think that's a much broader mind set than media and Disney will make it out to be. I mean, any trailer for a trilogy finale in Star Wars to me should be getting well over 24 million views in its first 24 hours not as a total its hitting a week later. Star Wars as a franchise under Disney is not reaching the potential it should be reaching and that has plenty to do with how Rey's trilogy has been handled. Beyond those two films, Disney has been solid to me in the films that I've had an interest in seeing. You mention The Incredibles 2 which I thought was better than what I had heard going in. Personally, if there's anything really wrong with The Incredibles 2, it's that it didn't release much closer to the original. They gave so much time for The Incredibles to cement itself as a classic that it was impossible for the sequel to really live up to that same level. I wouldn't mind rewatching The Incredibles 2 and I do hope it's a sign that Disney will stop sleeping on The Incredibles as an animated superhero universe.
  14. I haven't played any Persona game, so Joker doesn't do anything for me as a character. I was hoping that the move set would get me excited, but it looks like more of the same of what's already in the game with Bayonetta, PK Fire side special and more counter moves. His stage though and the other Persona characters appearing within the stage/as spirits are where I'll get some value for what I've paid for. The stage switching its look depending on the music track I think is a very good idea and could see myself having longer matches on that stage specifically due to that feature. After seeing Joker, I'm hoping that the next reveal is from Nintendo, but rumors are that a Dragon Quest character is coming. The Mii costumes aren't something I'm willing to pay for at $0.75 each. I don't think $4.50 for 6 Mii costumes is that cheap for what's being done, but I would consider paying more for character specific alt costumes for the broader roster, i.e: Bayonetta getting her Nintendo-based outfits, Samus getting her different suits, Link his different gear, Mario his different outfits, etc. More stages inspired from the current rosters' IPs would be nice too if they're going for paid DLC avenues outside of the fighters pass.