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  1. I'm curious to know about buildings and shops that will be around in New Horizons and how long they'll take to come around. I'm thinking New Horizons will be a grind to get certain establishments available like New Leaf, but I hope it's not as time consuming for some of the more standard locations. I dropped New Leaf and went back to Wild World at around 25 hours. Right now, I'm still into Wild World, so I'm looking to see if this Direct will convince me on New Horizons. It would help if New Horizons can stay active after in-game 11pm.
  2. Ghor hadn't even crossed my mind until your post. With Metroid, I think the only other character that I thought about that I could see as loosely robotic was Mother Brain based on the Super Metroid appearance. You're right though. Ghor is probably the best example of a robotic character from the series, especially going on a strict definition. I originally was going to do a Top 5 before I realized how much I liked some of Xenoblade's characters in comparison to the rest of my list. Chibi-Robo was right behind Weavel and Fiora for me originally. I've only played the original Chibi-Robo and its sequel Park Patrol. Chibi-Robo took a backseat because it's more of a blank slate character, but I do love its purpose to serve to better life whether that be in a house with an odd family or at a park that has been neglected. Chibi-Robo feels like the Woody or Buzz of Nintendo's Toy Story without the stand out personality. The rest of my Top 5 were going to be Mike from WarioWare (mainly for his role in WarioWare: Touched!) and Byte & Barq from ARMS. Mike's microphone focused microgames were a nice change of pace from all the touch screen microgames that Touched! is named for, and it was interesting to see all the scenarios that could play out through use of the DS mic. Byte & Barq connect with me on a dog owner level and they're an obvious "good guy" character that's a nice pick to get immersed into a match against the likes of Dr. Coyle and Springtron. Based on their ending in the Grand Prix too, it is nice seeing how chill the pair can be when not on duty or putting in work in ARMS tournaments. The Seekie, Bubb and Cracker are a great base set of ARMS as well.
  3. Weavel is my favorite if just by a slight margin. I do think he is the most fun to play as within Metroid Prime Hiunters with his mobility via the Halfturret split and how visually satisfying it is to assault rival hunters with the affinity Battlehammer. In terms of background, Weavel is a vengeful Space Pirate that didn't have the same blessed body as other Space Pirates that have been reconstructed after their defeat by Samus Aran. With nothing original left besides his brain and spinal cord, he had to get use to his new mechanical body and once again establish himself as a highly skilled member of the Space Pirates. I like that Weavel is an aggressive come back character. I like that he wears the results of what Samus Aran's actions can do. Weavel made Samus Aran more believable and her actions more significant. It's a layer I feel made Samus Aran's mission and perspective more serious and immersive. Weavel is just a slight favorite because I love pretty much everything related to Mechonis in Xenoblade Chronicles when it comes to mechanical characters. Characters there are visually interesting to me with how complex their attire is. The black and gray fits the sleek, advanced machine vibes of that side of Xenoblade's world, while the oranges, teals and blues add the personality and elegance to these characters. My favorite character from Mechonis is definitely the new look Fiora. Fiora is right there with Samus Aran as one of my favorite female Nintendo characters with her arc in Xenoblade, if not already my favorite. Mechonis gave birth to some of the most epic boss battles and antagonists I've encountered in a Nintendo game as well. These characters that stood in the way of Shulk, his friends and the Monado all had plenty of build up to their encounters. That lead up in a way made each of these particular bosses feel like finales in their own right any time they were met. The arc for Metal Face in particular is one of my favorites from an antagonist. Each battle not only felt epic, but emotional with how personal some of Metal Face's actions were to some of the game's protagonists. Metal Face may be the only antagonist that I actually wanted to defeat outside of doing so for progression, and he accomplished that level of immersion early on.
  4. Didn't Blizzard try to get involved with the depiction of Overwatch's cast and it caused a creative boom? A larger scale of that would happen with Nintendo.
  5. Teasing the X-Parasite threat doesn't mean Fusion should be remade, but if there were another remake next, Fusion should get the nod due to that tease and overall easier expectations to meet compared to Super if they deviated. It would be better to have a new Metroid game though since it is going on 3 years since MSR released.
  6. I don't understand the desire to fill a release with a remake that has more potential to be disappointing compared to other options available. Really, only Metroid and Metroid II are aged enough in either their mechanics and/or look to where a remake made sense. The only reason why I think a Fusion remake is brought up is because of how Samus Returns ended. If not for that, I don't think Fusion should be remade either. It's going on 10 years since anything completely new has come from the main series and going on 18 years since anything entirely new from 2D Metroid. If they're not taking on a remake that they opened the door for with Samus Returns, the Metroid game should be brand new.
  7. I would be fine with a Super Metroid remake if it was 99.95% faithful to the original game's design, but I think they're going to use Samus Returns as a template which would be asking for a great looking version that's very inferior to the original. I think at most, beyond visuals, what should be done is to have the map update once items are acquired, allow Spazer and Plasma to be stacked, remove damage from Shinespark and add lore-based galleries like Chozo Memories that unlock based on progress (most of which @Tyranogre pointed out). I mean making the encounters trivial with a melee counter system again. I do hope enemies stay aggressive personally, but it needs to be more than lunging towards Samus in my opinion. Fusion has plenty of X-infested Space Pirates to help with that and the zombie scientists could be interesting to encounter again as well. Fusion overall I feel will provide Mercury Steam with more inspiration than Metroid II for how enemies will interact and hopefully how Samus can deal with them. With SA-X, I do hope they change up the scripted meetings and chases from the original if a remake were done. I don't want to expect SA-X at certain locations based on my knowledge of the original.
  8. I don't think the current standards for the series are better than what Super had. Power Bombs are probably selected due to the combos, and I wouldn't want those combos removed to have Power Bombs more accessible in Morph Ball. Getting rid of the run button too would leave less options for the player. I think Samus's movements became stiffer after Super due partly to allowing less control of how she moves. Both would likely be adjusted in a remake to follow the standards set since Fusion, and that already would change the feel of the game. I'm more worried though about how trivial enemy interaction will be if they used Samus Returns as a template and that goes for any 2D remake.
  9. I think the only thing that may be as bad as Super Metroid being remade with Samus Returns as its core direction would be MPH being remade with the criticisms of most fans being addressed. That's how disappointing it would be to see that happen to Super this year and it would mean there would not be another 2D Metroid experience for another few years. I think at best, a Super remake would look great and complement the universe visually established by the original well. The gameplay though is going to be almost completely off with Samus Returns as the foundation. It'll be successful and likely praised though just due to where the fandom is right now and how starved most were between Corruption and Samus Returns for traditional Metroid.
  10. I'm voting for Rhyhorn over Vulpix. Go activity on Community Days must be down for them to do this, but I don't really think it's an issue with their Pokemon selection more so their time window. In winter especially, I would prefer to play in the afternoon from 1-4pm. I would probably get up for these shiny Pokemon options though, more so for those unreleased.
  11. Traditional Paper Mario would probably hold my interest better than the recent entries. Traditional Paper Mario for me is more about having a connected world with a diverse range of characters with some lore to them as opposed to a stage based adventure with Toads and more Toads. I'm interested to see how they handle the aesthetic of a post-Color Splash Paper Mario game, because I really think they went all out in that game. I also think pushing the aesthetic too far leads to a sillier game, so I actually hope they take a step back and go for more of an in-the-background approach with the paper aesthetic like they did in TTYD. I want to be able to really dig into the world of a Mario RPG again and too much play on paper could distract from that. Partners too are almost essential for a new entry to get me really excited. Metroid Prime 4 should not release this year even if it was done. It has not been a year since Nintendo informed the audience that development for Prime 4 had restarted, so I think a release this year would bring in speculation that the game was again a rush job. Prime 4 is likely a late 2021 release. With how soon they handled Prime 4 last year, I'm convinced that Prime 4 was originally suppose to be a late 2019 release following its E3 2017 tease. An early 2019 update to late 2021 release would put the game development around that same time window. We could see Prime 4 in a post-E3 Direct if not during E3 in the form of a brief trailer this year. Metroid: Samus Returns isn't that great to me, but I do think Metroid Fusion would be a better foundation for Mercury Steam to work from than Metroid II and should deliver a better remake or re-imagined 2D Metroid game. I'm not convinced that Metroid 5 is on the way as I don't feel there is a clear vision for that sequel. It has gone from a corrupt Federation arc from the set up of Other M and Fusion to dealing with villainous Chozo that were established in Samus Returns. I think Metroid 5 has gotten more complicated not more of a reality following Samus Returns. It would be cool though if Metroid 5 did come this year and I would take an original entry over another potentially somewhat botched re-imagined 2D Metroid. My hope is that they don't touch Super Metroid. If they are doing a new take on an older 2D Metroid, skip right to Fusion as was set up by Samus Returns' ending. Please remove the Melee Counter too.
  12. Nintendo's decision to exclude NA from more available stylus options seems odd to me. A large portion of Super Mario Maker 2 would have been made bearable with a stylus, so it's unfortunate that they withheld that option. I get the feeling that they might think that this market doesn't want touch screen interaction within their Switch game experiences.
  13. Seeing that made my day I think Byleth is the best fighter to come from the first pass on first impression, because I actually know at least something about Fire Emblem. My initial reaction to hearing the news from my little brother was hysterical amazement not disappointment. Fire Emblem is a series I haven't played at all, but I think I like mostly everything besides the core tactical RPG gameplay. Smash is basically providing me what I would want to experience with Fire Emblem's extensive cast. I'm looking forward to having a play session mainly focused around Byleth and Terry when the release date hits. The second fighters' pass needs a female representative or plenty of female cameos in my opinion. Byleth's showcase went over a little better for me too because it did have more female representation between the alternate look and the stage's cameos. I do feel though that there's a small void in Ultimate when it comes to female representation. Pokemon seems like it'll get another representative, and I do like @purple_beard idea. I would put Nessa in as the new representative and have her function much like the Pokemon Trainer. My idea is to have her cycle through Drednaw, Golisopod and Inteleon, each having their own moveset and fighting style. My most wanted character for the roster though is Sylux. I hope that Sakurai's search for new play styles when including newcomers has already made Sylux at least a thought, because I think the Lockjaw would offer that with its bomb system and its ability to create and chain tripwires. Chaining could both be used for damage or for recovery. How a triangular tripwire bomb would translate would be interesting to see and should challenge the team. The Shock Coil too offers the game a character that would be able to constantly recover damage while doing damage and both dramatically increase the longer the Shock Coil is connected. A sustained Shock Coil connection would be difficult to maintain, as it should be easy to break, but the options to break the connection should be limited as to allow the Sylux player to somewhat make other fighters more predictable as they avoid a fuller connection. Between the Lockjaw and Shock Coil, Sylux should offer something great and new for Smash.
  14. I'm convinced that anything other than a 3rd party prediction is a bad one. I would be shocked if they suddenly decided to include a Nintendo character as the final fighter of this pass. The fighter pass selection hasn't appealed to me much until I took the time to play as each character. My first experience with the characters featured in the pass is Smash. I'm interested in seeing who number 5 is and will likely have a long play session trying that character out as well as Terry (who didn't initially get me to pick up Smash again).
  15. I thought I was looking at a deity from a Legend of Zelda game when they covered Calyrex. I'm usually more of a fan of legendary Pokemon that look more like Urshifu, more complex and intimidating design, but the Zelda vibes from Calyrex brought the two near even for me. Considering that Urshifu has Gigantamax forms, I hope they have plans to develop a Gigantamax for Calyrex that looks less frail.