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  1. IU

    Mario Tennis Aces Review

    I have yet to get Aces due to its approach for unlocking characters. From what I've seen of the story mode, there are a handful of characters that should've been added to the game's roster as the player makes progress towards collecting all of the power stones. Instead Nintendo has locked them and spread them out behind either online tournaments or monthly updates. It's not an approach that I'm eager to support for a Mario sports game, so I'll probably wait until next May or June to get Aces hopefully with its complete roster.
  2. Sakurai found a way to include Dark Samus that is effective for the game's development while still being faithful to the character's traits in the series. The animations given to Dark Samus were what made me have second thoughts, because, as someone who has beaten Prime 2 & 3, I didn't think making Dark Samus an echo for Samus would feel right. Now I'll likely prefer Dark Samus over Samus as my new main.
  3. IU

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    A port of NSMBU + NSLU has the potential to out sell the Wii U release, and be another million seller within the Switch's library at minimum. There are around 19.6 million Switches sold versus the 13.5 for Wii U with a difference that surpasses the sales for NSMBU itself (~5.77 million), so it would make sense for Nintendo to do a port of NSMBU with the NSLU DLC. It's a release that would take little effort on their part that likely would end up being a multi-million success for the Switch. Unless you are someone suffering from NSMB fatigue, NSMBU is a great game and more great games will only benefit the perception of the Switch. I personally don't think NSMBU w/ NSLU is the best port option from Mario to bring to the Switch going into the launch of their online service. I've heard more desire to see Super Mario Maker on the system, and if they add in a few level elements such as slopes, I think an enhanced port of that game will carry the same results as a NSMBU port and then some as it'll have more of the Switch audience actively invested in the online service which will only bring Nintendo more money. I think a Super Mario Maker Deluxe has better potential as a double dip option for owners of the Wii U game than NSMBU + NSLU does as well, certainly with more level elements. Hopefully this rumor gets cleared up in the next Direct.
  4. IU

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    Yeah, I think $60 for that is an easy purchase decision. I don't think Nintendo would do a collection, remastering three games, so I have to hope this rumor isn't true and that a new 2D Mario game is coming soon instead.
  5. IU

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    It doesn't make much sense since Super Mario Maker exists. I would be on board if it were a HD NSMB collection though, otherwise it would be underwhelming to see a Wii U port from a series that doesn't seem like it would need that much time to create a new entry. I'm sure it would be enjoyable for those that didn't own the NSMBU+SLU combo. It would just be a shame to see Switch owners pay more than $29.99 for that experience.
  6. In Ultimate footage?
  7. Anyone else think Geno, Banjo or both will be coming in the next Smash Direct? I feel Ultimate will have one of those two revealed next time Sakurai covers the game. He definitely seems to be going towards big fan requests for this one. I think Shadow will be an echo of Sonic...I don't believe we've seen him as an assist trophy yet. The inclusion of two Castlevania reps has opened the door for more third party presence, so I'd imagine Ken and Jeanne are coming for Ryu and Bayonetta respectively. They could go Akuma instead of Ken if they wanted to go for even more villains. I hope though that Chun-Li comes in as an assist trophy. I would also like to see Sylux appear as an assist trophy, as I feel the door closed for the character as playable with Dark Samus being treated as a Samus echo fighter as opposed to a brand new fighter. There's room there since Dark Samus is no longer an assist trophy for Metroid.
  8. I would be interested to see what a Dark Samus amiibo would do in games like Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid Prime: Federation Force, more so the latter. I expect it will have functionality with Prime 4, but would have a problem with that. It would either suggest Dark Samus's or Phazon's presence within the new game or it would lead to complaints from other Metroid fans that there's Dark Samus amiibo functionality but no Dark Samus. Beyond that, I do want to see what such support would do in Prime 4. I do hope it's more interesting than the amiibo support that MSR got, but I think there isn't much they can really do within a traditional Metroid game experience either.
  9. I know that they were all from Awakening, but I've never played a FE game. I wasn't willing to really read up on Lucina and Robin at their reveal. There seemed to be a bigger reaction to Chrom's exclusion, so my interest was more towards that character at the time. I think FE Warriors and #FE also played up Chrom, the former showing him in its reveal first, so he has seemed the most notable modern FE character.
  10. Marth was included first back in Melee, so I had no idea who he was to get excited about him. Chrom is the first one I'll know a bit about before getting the chance to play as him.
  11. I think Chrom is the first FE character I'm excited to play as in Smash, probably because this is the first inclusion I actually am a little familiar with.
  12. I was a little disappointed in the game once I completed the story mode since that didn't take long, but then I explored the challenge mode. That's where I've spent most of my playtime so far mostly between Kat's & Ana's Split Screen and 9-Volt's Gamer. It has the potential to be the best WarioWare I've played.
  13. I thought I would be more upset with Dark Samus as an echo fighter than I am. Dark Samus was a character I thought would be better as its own, since it's not a straight clone of Samus. They did enough animation-wise for me not to be upset about it. I think the only bad thing about Dark Samus being included now is that Metroid fans will begin to speculate that the inclusion hints at its return in Prime 4. Within Ultimate though, I'm looking forward to playing as Dark Samus and I'm loving that Sakurai is putting more villains into the roster. I think a Subspace-like single player mode would work better now with the inclusion of Ridley, Dark Samus and now King K. Rool.
  14. IU

    Whatcha playing? General Edition!

    I haven't been able to get enough Metroid Prime: Federation Force since I've completed the game 100%. Since MODs weren't counted towards that total, I have been replaying to get them all and finally did yesterday while running through all of the Talvania missions in the game. After about five playthroughs and over 100 hours, it's tempting to rank Federation Force as the best game in the Metroid Series. I find it very satisfying to play through the game solo now that I'm experienced in the game's mechanics and the game's full arsenal is at play. I'm going to try out Ungrounded with AUX Amplifier III in HM01: Outpost in my next sitting. I've been running Fuel Injector and Combustion since getting them, so I want to see how effective a different elemental build will be on some of the Excelcion missions.
  15. It's a shame that a WarioWare game is coming so late in the 3DS's life cycle. I haven't played the demo to avoid spoiling any content for myself, but will be picking up the game while I'm on vacation Friday. The microgame collection games and even Game & Wario have been enjoyable experiences, so a whole lot of that kind of content in one package is an easy sell.