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  1. IU

    Rank the Metroid Games

    How Federation Force was marketed before release was a complete disaster. Coming out with an even more radical shift on the look and design of a Metroid game to follow up Other M's reception years later was a big mistake, and they should've had a teaser for Samus Returns ready to go back in 2015. Blast Ball to me is the weakest part of what Metroid Prime: Federation Force offers, so it should've never been the first footage released for the game that E3. It also should've not been used as the demo for the game, since it gave no real feel for the main game. A sub-game inspired likely by Rocket League isn't going to give any Metroid vibes. The better demo would've been the first 3 missions available in the main game. I think Nintendo also made a mistake in repeatedly promoting Federation Force as a co-op multiplayer experience, which I feel is less enjoyable than playing through the game solo. It didn't help either that Nintendo kept trying to silence feedback on the game by disabling like/dislike bars and comments for Federation Force footage. After Other M's response, a lot of fans had expected Nintendo to play it safe with a Metroid II remake which ended up happening a year after FF's release. If Federation Force wasn't doomed on first impression, it certainly was after Nintendo's marketing heading towards the game's release. I would probably have Metroid Blast about even with Metroid Prime 3, mainly due to the multiplayer experience I had with my little brother and sisters. It also brought back some of that competitive multiplayer that I had only gotten from Hunters, so I had a number of fun, intense matches with my little brother. Metroid Blast, even with three bosses available iirc, was creative in some of its boss scenarios. I think the most challenging was the Ridley and Ice Ridley encounter that you mentioned, but I think the most memorable was the last stage iirc where it was an encounter with Ridley and Kraid. I got to give credit to Nintendo Land and Metroid Blast for bringing a Kraid boss into 3D and making it enjoyable. It's sad that no one directly involved with a Metroid game wants to bring Kraid back. Maybe Prime 4 will end the hiatus. It took me a while to decide to play AM2R, because I was turned off by how it was being put out there during all of the Federation Force backlash. I came around after learning more about the fan project and seeing it in action which lead to me beating AM2R just before the release of Metroid: Samus Returns. It does lack the polish you would expect in an official game for sure in some areas, but for the most part it felt like a Metroid Zero Mission level remake of Metroid II. The two things that stood out to me with AM2R were the level of detail put into visual effects, which felt like Super in that regard, and the ambition the game has with its boss line-up and design. The multiplayer in Metroid Prime Hunters puts a sizable gap between it and the other Metroid games for me. I'm just not getting anywhere near the same rush and satisfaction, and that experience is happening consistently over a sitting with almost every kill. Being very active as Trace in particular and sniping heads on the move with an end result of 8+ headshot kills in a 10 kill match is something else. I can't get into that kind of rhythm with any other game. Personally, I'm pretty much where you're at with the gap between Hunters and Federation Force in spite of having them as my #1 and #2. That's even with thinking that Federation Force offers the better adventure mode experience than Hunters. Since doing multiple playthroughs of Federation Force, I haven't been able to go back to Hunters' adventure mode for about 4-5 months now.
  2. 1. Metroid Prime: Hunters 2. Metroid Prime: Federation Force* 3. Super Metroid 4. Metroid Prime 5. Metroid Other M - AM2R 6. Metroid Fusion 7. Metroid 8. Metroid Zero Mission 9. Metroid Prime 3 10. Metroid Prime 2 11. Metroid Prime Pinball* 12. Metroid: Samus Returns 13. Metroid II** Metroid games that I've 100% completed: Metroid Prime: Hunters, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, Metroid Other M, Metroid: Samus Returns * I ranked Federation Force and Prime Pinball purely on how I enjoyed them as games against the item-based progression design Metroid games typically go by. - I'm going to show love to AM2R for being the better Metroid II remake. With how much time I have in my Top 5, it'll be hard for AM2R to close the gap, but it's definitely a game I should replay at some point. ** Metroid II is at the bottom of my list for being monochrome, but I enjoy the game more overall than I do Metroid: Samus Returns which had gameplay designs that didn't appeal much to me. I'm mainly giving credit to what Metroid: Samus Returns did atmospherically in ranking it higher.
  3. IU

    Super Mario Party

    After a couple of sessions playing against my brother on his copy, I am likely going to get Super Mario Party soon. Super Mario Party is a lot of fun, and I think the biggest factors for that are the strategy involved with the different dice blocks and the overall pacing for the boards. It feels like something is at least happening every other turn. The game has its issues though. The game comes across as low effort in terms of some of its presentation and the amount of boards present. The mini-game selection roulette is a joke to see today. I don't know who is whispering into Nintendo's ear about removing personality from presentation, but the Switch and Super Mario Party both suffer from looking basic and sterile in some of their menus. I have noticed at least two mini-games taking place in the exact same area too. Smaller board sizes to me should have amounted to more boards than the traditional Mario Party experience not less. Ideally, the game should have 8 boards. I imagine this game will have a post-game update schedule going forward, and I hope that Nintendo announces their plan soon.
  4. Hopefully a new Switch model coming in 2019 means that 2019 will be as strong as 2017 for Nintendo software i.e. Metroid Prime 4 and/or Bayonetta 3 coming out next year to balance the slate. I'm interested to see what this model does and how much more power it'll have. If the new model balances the power between undocked and docked (boosting undocked performance), I might go for it if only just to have a better experience with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It would be nice if the Switch itself and its new model get more features and personality leading into this launch. It's bad how behind the Switch is in terms of features over a year and a half later.
  5. I wanted to buy Super Mario Party, but I'm not supporting a Mario Party with only 4 boards and another Mario game that's likely going to follow Aces' update model. It's a shame that these Mario spin-offs appear to be stripped down to promote their online with content updates that should be in the games already on release day. Maybe I'm wrong, if Super Mario Party does have at least 6 game boards, I would go out and get the game tomorrow. Right now, my understanding is that there are only 4. I'm waiting for Nintendo to make a Mario spin-off outside of Mario Kart a must-have again on the Switch. Games like Mario Tennis and Mario Party use to be those experiences on the Gamecube.
  6. The only issue I've had is with the analog stick of my left Joy-Con that I got with the system. It's good that I got the pro controller when I did, but I use to play a lot of ARMS in handheld mode with the block mapped to pushing in the left analog stick. I think that is what ultimately did that Joy-Con in. I honestly thought this was a different topic based on the title though.
  7. 1. Mario - Super Mario Odyssey 2. Luigi - Luigi's Mansion 3 3. Bowser - Super Mario Odyssey 4. Zelda - Hyrule Warriors 5. Samus - Metroid: Samus Returns, Metroid Prime 4 6. Pokemon Trainer* - Pokemon Let's Go 7. Lyn - Fire Emblem Heroes 8. Link - Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 9. Inkling - Splatoon 2 10. Villager - Pocket Camp, Animal Crossing 2019 11. Rex with Prya/Mythra - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 12. Kirby - Kirby Star Allies I am only focused on characters with major releases within the last two years, have big upcoming Switch release(s) and/or have appeared in multiple games within the last two years.***** I left out Yoshi due to a lack of development and over representation of the Mario Series in spite of the upcoming Yoshi's Crafted World. I left out DK because his major appearance has been through a port rather than through a successful new release, and I feel he's too Mario associated still like Yoshi. Peach is excluded again due to representation balance and she is not well developed enough with Super Mario Odyssey. I also felt Princess Zelda was the better of the two to include as while she lacks being well developed in Breath of the Wild she is very developed in Hyrule Warriors. The Pokemon Trainer would only use two Pokemon: Pikachu and Eevee, with the ability to switch between the two.* For the Fire Emblem rep, I looked up the best hero and heroine for Fire Emblem Heroes. What I got while making the list was Ike for heroes and Lyn for the heroines, so I went with Lyn to increase the female representation. Min Min over Springman and Ribbon Girl simply due to being the first fighter to be featured in 3 ARMS Party Crash events and due to being either the devloper's or producer's favorite fighter in the game (revealed during a Nintendo Minute). Edit: Removed Min Min for Villager. Rex is included with the ability to swap between Pyra and Mythra as his blade. I almost forgot Kirby.
  8. The game lost some excitement as soon as the Kanto event ended as far as having those Pokemon in the wild. Niantic needs to better balance the generations when they are all available. It seems like they are mostly just using standard Pokemon from each generation. The less common from either Kanto, Johto or Hoenn should be alternating every other week. It's not very interesting seeing the same kind of Pokemon from each generation around.
  9. IU

    The Bowsette/Super Crown trend

    Someone brought that Rosalina concept up in my Instagram feed, and I believe she would've fit in perfectly within New Donk City given the casual clothes and the guitar. Later on, she could've been playing with the New Donk band on the moon or something. Considering that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was pretty much Galaxy leftovers, I would like to see them take a stab at a Super Mario Odyssey 2 using some of these ideas they've left out. I kind of want to see if I can get the Odyssey Art book imported out of curiosity for what else might have been cut.
  10. With some fans speculating that Metroid Prime 4 will appear at the Game Awards, what are your expectations for the game when it is first shown and what are you hoping for from the final product? When do you think the game will release and does a later release date impact your expectations for Prime 4? I currently expect to see Metroid Prime 4 fill up that December release for 2019 as I expect Pokemon to be their big November release. Ideally, I would've wanted to see Metroid Prime 4 release around the anniversary of Prime 1, but I think December would be a good fit given the month has been used for big Switch titles already like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. If Prime 4 slips to 2020, the later in the year it releases the more I would want a multiplayer experience to be present. Multiplayer to me is the main reason why the game could end up in 2020, but I'm not really anticipating a full fledged multiplayer experience out of Metroid Prime 4. I would like to be wrong though and it is something I would like to see happen again in both a cooperative and competitive fashion.
  11. IU


    Pokemon Black is my favorite currently. I really liked the look of the Unova region, and how they showcased some locations with different camera angles like Skyarrow Bridge and Castelia City. It made the region feel more alive than just having a fixed angle for the entirety of a game. The Generation V Pokemon designs were appealing to me for the most part and it felt like a return to simpler designs: I think Generation V is very comparable to Generation I. The gameplay and presentation within battles is solid. I like both the unlimited TM use change that Pokemon Black made and the moving sprites were really cool to see. The game overall just felt more alive and faster than previous entries. I think Pokemon Let's Go Eevee has a strong chance to dethrone Pokemon Black. Pokemon Go has been the most enjoyable experience I've had with Pokemon in spite of its flaws and not being a RPG experience, and it's at its best with the Kanto Pokemon. The Let's Go games for me are very close to my ideal Pokemon experience right now. The only change I would make is to include the full evolution lines related to the Kanto Pokemon, involving quite a few Pokemon that were first introduced after Generation 1. I would love to see some DLC events or just see the games updated with those Pokemon. Until I see footage of the 2019 games, I have zero excitement for them. A continuation of whatever Ultra Sun/Moon did is almost the opposite of what I'd want to play through. I'm fine with simplified mechanics in a Pokemon game, but I'm not fine with more tedium and having the narrative drag my experience around. I forced myself to beat the league in X/Y, but I quit early with Pokemon Moon. The games need to open up and stop hindering the player for these stories.
  12. IU

    The Bowsette/Super Crown trend

    If Super Mario Odyssey ended the way that initial Bowsette comic ended, then it would've been a better game to me personally as it just felt bad to end the game with a rejection scene after all the experiences the game offered prior. It would've been weird to see in a 3D Mario game, but there is already precedent in the Mario universe for Bowser to react to power-ups and even to other beings such as Cat Bowser in 3D World and Bowletta in Superstar Saga. If they don't want to alter Bowser's gender again, I think it would be interesting to have a Princess Bowsette in some sort of peril and be the princess that Bowser never wanted but the one Mario didn't know he wanted. That would be a nice basis for an arc in a Super Mario Odyssey 2 if the game gets a sequel. Regardless, I'm glad that Bowsette blew up on the internet and happy to see that Nintendo had thoughts about. I'm going to draw her again as a redhead.
  13. It's hard for me to wrap my head around Nintendo only charging $20 yearly for a Nintendo Switch Online membership with a full Virtual Console library. Why would they add more systems to the NSO service when most have already paid them for a full year? Their stocks went up since launch, not down, so I don't see why they would bother with improvement or offering more. Even though I own both a NES Classic and SNES Classic, I hope a Classic Games section is on the way for the eShop. The Nintendo Switch cannot be behind in features for the entirety of its life.
  14. IU

    The Bowsette/Super Crown trend

    I like what's going on with the Super Crown power-up, and might just buy New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe out of support for the concept. I've chilled out a little bit, but Bowsette was really on my mind yesterday so I decided to get in on the wave while it's around. It's just a colored sketch that I wanted to put together last night while the idea was on my mind. Overall, I think the fan art has been pretty great. I think Rosaboo was the only other mash-up I've heard of also getting some traction. I would like to see more Peach variants pop up and gain a fan art following once Bowsette dies down a little. It's kind of cool that a new power-up in a game no one asked for is responsible for arguably the most memorable Nintendo-associated character of the year. I know it has little to no chance of ever happening, but Bowsette can be a Bowser echo fighter in Smash Ultimate if Sakurai wanted to get crazy and explore the echo fighter concept a bit more.
  15. I'm surprised fan art hasn't appeared of him yet like that.