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  1. Must dance, feel good music....Another thing about Sonic Rush's OST is that listening to one track isn't enough. I've been jamming for the last half an hour.
  2. Sonic Rush is one of two video game soundtracks I've bought (the other being Xenoblade Chronicles). That game's OST for the most part brings so much energy to the table and is such a great fit for fast-paced gameplay that I've listened to Rush while playing Metroid Prime Hunters. Rush's OST always deserves to be played loud.
  3. I'm more concerned about how poor the spawns are when I turn on the game. The initial spawns are normally what get me into a Community Day, so if I'm not seeing good spawns I just don't want to go out for the event. The shiny line for Chimchar is all right, but I'm looking forward to the December's non-starter. It would be nice to see Spheal.
  4. I can imagine he would be upset, but the performance level wasn't there and Suicide Squad was just okay. After seeing Joker a second time, I would say it is my favorite film that I've seen this year and would also say that Joaquin Phoenix is my favorite live action Joker. I picked up on Arthur's psychological issues more and do believe there are a number of delusions mainly centering around Sophie and Thomas Wayne. I do though believe or want to believe that most of the film's events are real. The way I look at the ending specifically is that Arthur had been arrested again after rising among the clowns and sent to Arkham, where he had thought of the Waynes' murders and killed the staff member.
  5. It was a scripted stream that had around 8 minutes of content scattered across 24 hours. My problem wasn't that the same image was being shown, as the stream was suppose to be from the perspective of a fixed nature cam, it was that that image was the only thing there for a vast majority of the stream. The Pokemon Company didn't respect their potential costumers' times for what amounted to one new reveal. I think it would've been better handled to have the new reveal play out in a 45 min-1 hour long video after seeing a summary. The gist of the event would still be there without wasting a lot of time.
  6. Joker is probably my favorite film of this year. Very character driven, dark, cohesive...and the score is pretty much perfect for the character, what issues arise and situations that occur. It's a different kind of comic book inspired movie, and I found that very refreshing.
  7. I feel bad for any Pokemon fans spending hours in this stream, unless they're paid to cover any potential news. Sometime tomorrow I'll check a wrap up of whatever was shown, and I hope that they didn't waste a lot of people's time with just one new Pokemon reveal in a 24 hour stream (and possibly only a new form at that). It doesn't seem good though. Every time I've checked in, it has been the same static image with the same sounds. My level of excitement is back down between this and the 18 gym slip. If I do end up getting either game, Glimwood Tangle is not an area I'm looking forward to. I don't think it was a good choice to showcase an area as this inactive just to have a 24 hour stream.
  8. I still don't know where 18 Gyms came from if both versions have 8 Gyms and Gym Leaders. I'm reading the updated news as Sword having 8 unique Gyms/Leaders and Shield having 8 unique Gyms/leaders, but that doesn't make much sense either as only Allister and Bea were shown to be exclusive. Milo and Nessa seemed to be in both games when they were revealed. The minor league is confusing too...TPC needs to check this information before they let major sites start sharing. Regardless of this and being disappointed in the update, I'm interested to see what tomorrow's stream brings.
  9. Nintendo to me caused the decline of Mario & Luigi and unfortunately AlphaDream. The series was not the same when it moved to the 3DS, and AlphaDream seemed creatively restricted. Dream Team was promotion for the Year of Luigi, Paper Mario was forced into the series and then there are two remakes with an arguably worse art style that were coming to a system that was already done. Superstar Saga, Partners in Time and Bowser's Inside Story for the GBA and DS were AlphaDream at their best and I'm glad I got to play them when they first released. I do hope the people at AlphaDream find better and become successful again.
  10. I don't like that experience is distributed automatically throughout the party. Personally, some of the risk, reward and satisfaction gets taken out with individual Pokemon by having that feature. I've gone back to Pokemon Black, Heartgold and Pearl after playing Let's Go and dealing with Exp. Share, Lucky Egg and/or party lead has made me feel more engaged. Level 100 isn't special in that system either. 18 Gyms would tell me that Galar could be as large as two previous regions. Kanto and Johto combined in Heartgold/SoulSilver for a total of 16, so Sword and Shield could have a ton of content even if all Pokemon are not available to use in these games. That number also would cover all current Pokemon types. We do know of exclusive Gyms though so that number may be much lower for the games individually and result in a more standard size for the Galar region.
  11. I'm not seeing the new Season Pass on the eShop. I expected to see Kruger and would like to purchase the pass to play as him. Having the White Ranger now, even as a skin, all of my favorites are going to be in the game, so I can't wait for that. The Quantum Ranger was one that slipped my mind when it comes to sixth rangers. Eric may be my third favorite following Tommy and Jason. Hopefully the power of the Q-Rex is translated well in his special. I'm surprised they pulled Dai Shi for the villain following Lord Zedd, but I like that they did go with a newer villain. I just hope that Dai Shi actually shows up for the special.
  12. Dunsparce could evolve and be Shield's exclusive. I'm a fan of Sirfetch'd, but I do wish the typing was grass/fighting. I still would want to teach it Leaf Blade regardless though if it can learn that move. If Sirfetch'd has a black shiny, I would likely hunt for it or Farfetch'd in Sword.
  13. This is my first time seeing Purrloin on its hind legs and it looks weird after playing Black for hundreds of hours. So far I've gotten 4 of the new Pokemon: Patrat, Foongus, Lillipup and Purrloin. Generation V might be the first new generation since the game's launch where I go out looking for Pokemon outside of raids, limited research and community days.
  14. They created a solid foundation for these kinds of games on Wii and decide to ignore that foundation because it's on the Switch. Wii Fit Trainer and definitely Miis would've added a lot more personality to Ring Fit Adventure.
  15. If this new peripheral leads to an experience on par with a Wii Sports Resort or even a Wii Fit, I definitely would be interested. Wii Fit was a solid experience when I had the room to play it, and Wii Sports Resort could be argued as a Top 10 Wii game. I don't see a return of that kind of experience as a bad thing and honestly felt it was missing once the Switch started becoming a hot system. I'm worried how this is being handled on the side as to whether that level of software quality would be reached. A Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit caliber software can stand next to the games they showcase in Directs.