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  1. Great matches tonight. I'm surprised I won a few. I didn't think Bowser Jr. would become my main in Smash Ultimate, but I guess I'll stick with him unless I want to mess around more. It helps me get some more practice in for Thursdays I guess. @TheBarkinHyena I was listening through @TKrazyO stream for a reaction to getting caught up on the rope. I wasn't sure how I landed it, but I thought it was funny to keep going until I got a little self-conscious. I didn't want to come across as dicking around too much.
  2. I should be available next week if there's a need for a sub. Sorry I didn't get to this topic sooner, haven't been near my laptop this week as I've been trying to keep myself as isolated as possible.
  3. Hopefully, I’ll be good to go by Thursday, so I can race on the new tracks with you all. Been dealing with Covid since Wednesday evening, so I wasn’t in the best condition for MK and Smash this week.
  4. Going with what's in Tour and with this being Wave 2, go with Koopa Troopa Beach 2, Choco Island 2 and Vanilla Lake 2. Nintendo may not name the tracks like that for the pass, but I think those will be the iterations they go for. Beyond SMK tracks, two city Tour tracks I think are locked in and I feel strongly about Daisy Cruiser being in Wave 2.
  5. I hope I won't be in the dark too much if I go ahead and play XC3 without beating 2, Torna and Future Connected...There is no possible way for me to beat any of them before Friday at this point, so I'll jump into XC3 with just the original under my belt. It seems Monolift Soft might have finally figured out undocked visuals, which I'm very excited about.
  6. This is my expectation now that most of July has passed and with Nintendo disappearing in June prior. Nintendo also doesn't have a game in August, so I'm thinking the week of August 22-26 which leads into the anniversary that Saturday the 27th is when Wave 2 releases.
  7. The more this gets mentioned, the more I see Nintendo doing something Nintendo and releasing Waluigi Pinball in a 2023 wave. Everyone I've seen comment on these waves wants that track. Every track from MKDS's Flower Cup (favorite single cup in MK) is on my wish list, so Desert Hills, Delfino Square and Waluigi Pinball (got Shroom Ridge, and it's my favorite track in MK8DLX). Nintendo will likely go with Tour's Waluigi Pinball, which unfortunately continues 7's hang glider launcher section....To me, it takes away from the visuals a bit when launching on to the table, but even with that Waluigi Pinball is probably my most wanted track for Deluxe. Beyond the DS Flower Cup tracks remaining, I really want to see Waluigi Stadium from Double Dash make a return and more tracks from Mario Kart 7. Piranha Plant Slide and Music Park are my least favorite tracks from 7 and they're already in Deluxe, so it's only up from there for that game in my opinion. More of 7's tracks need to break free from that lack of single player VS. That omission prevented 7 from being the best Mario Kart, because I do believe it has the best track selection.
  8. If you see any screenshots you like, you're welcome to use them for any of the videos. I have been thinking about putting clips on Twitter too from these sessions, but want to look into tags for that. Do we know who runs the @MyNinfora page? I might tag that account and hashtag everything else.
  9. A couple of these sequels this year I'm backed up on with previous entries. I'm in the middle of Bayonetta I think, and haven't even touched Bayonetta 2. I have played and beaten The Wonderful 101 since putting down Bayonetta, so I am a little more use to the repetition and style of game Bayonetta is. For me, Naive Angel Mode definitely makes Bayonetta 3 even more of a must have game. The fact that they felt the need to create a censored mode means that they're pushing the boundaries with the fan service in this entry even more and I'm looking forward to that.
  10. I've got you and DL added, so I can join in later if that's still the plan.
  11. Great races Thursday, and finally had the chance to race again on Shroom Ridge during these sessions! I'm hoping next week we'll have eight new tracks to race on, but who knows.
  12. Do you have a time in mind? I'm fine with 10pm on which ever day the next wave releases.
  13. @purple_beard I believe I can play and watch Krazy's stream. Do I just need to go to the Discord for the arena ID?
  14. I think the Final Destination was turning up from EA's selection. Smash isn't really my thing, just think there's a bit too much going on, but I knew a couple of regulars weren't participating so I decided to join in. That might have been the most fun experience I've had with Smash Ultimate between @TKrazyO's stream and the matches themselves. I'm not sure what the max number of players are for an arena room, but if there's room for one more I would be down for more. Does everyone join once they see the arena ID on stream or is it usually on Discord before appearing live?
  15. After four Normal, two Hard and a Dread Mode run, I now have gotten all the unlocks for the game. Practicing in the Boss Rush got me warmed up to go for the elusive Zero Suit Samus ending that I've been wanting for a while. Hard Mode was first as I figured if I got under the best time condition there it should be no problem to repeat for Normal Mode. My best times are above for both difficulties. Metroid Dread isn't in the sweet spot that both Hunters and Super are in, usually ending runs in around or less than 90 minutes, but it's also still relatively new. My eighth run is going to be in Rookie Mode, which really is the only aspect of the game I haven't gone through yet. Started the run last night to get to the Quiet Robe cutscene which I feel clarifies the Kraid timeline. With the way the bosses went in Dread Mode, I was worried that I was going to struggle more than I did in Dread Rush. In Dread Mode, had Bombs and Screw Attack for Kraid and Escue respectively, but they are not in Samus's arsenal for Dread Rush. In spite of being the biggest obstacle, I really liked the Escue encounter without the Screw Attack under Dread difficulty conditions. That, Golzuna and Twin Robot Chozo Soldier got a lot more appealing as I completed Dread Rush and went for new personal records in Boss Rush. Regarding how natural the environments are on ZDR, not every region freezes up from the system block in Cataris. Dairon, Ghavoran, Elun, Ferenia and Hanubia don't show the impacts that occur to Artaria, Burenia and Cataris during that event when viewing them via the global map. It seems that Ghavoran, Ferenia and Hanubia do have naturally developed ecosystems or are located within such areas of the planet, and they trickle down to Dairon which is where it seems most of the experiments on ZDR occur. Experiments from Dairon and whatever may be not native (not sure what is and isn't) then go down to the artificial environments of Artaria, Burenia and Cataris. The Mawkin have Kraid bound on ZDR before the Mawkin-X crisis begins, which occurs after their return from SR388. They have Kraid before the events of Metroid II/Samus Returns, so if the Mawkin did go to Zebes for Kraid or a sample of it wasn't during the events of Super Metroid. I still believe that Kraid's origin is ZDR, specifically from the Ghavoran region and was moved down to Cataris as an experiment. The alternative is that the Mawkin had an arrangement with Mother Brain and the Space Pirates on Zebes. That requires more mental gymnastics, because I don't see the two groups working together...but it could explain somethings from Super Metroid that we encounter. The Torizo for instance and the dead body outside of Kraid's room could be a Mawkin soldier. If they did work with Mother Brain though, it would need to be before Raven Beak decided to...basically have the same idea of having Metroids as a bioweapon and during a period when the Metroid operations weren't active on Zebes (it's implied that Raven Beak saw SR388 as his only option for Metroids until Samus's successful vaccination). I don't think the two groups would work with each other, and think it's easier to imagine Kraid being native to ZDR while Mother Brain also has data on the species as to create the ideal ruler for Brinstar. Federation Force's take on Sylux is very interesting to me and sets up a very deadly antagonist for Prime 4 even without the newly hatched Metroid, which itself should be larger than usual. I'm glad that Federation Force only showed a part of the overall model in-game, enough to draw the conclusion that it is Sylux. If they had gone with the full model, it would be the mystery ship from Corruption all over again...and I think the mystery ship has a stronger association with Sylux than the Federation Force model. Initially when I saw the model, I didn't believe what I was seeing due to the helmet. I'm so use to Sylux's helmet design in Metroid Prime Hunters, but after thinking about the model design I love it because of the potential being set up. I do hope Prime 4 uses that for the character to an extent, both that Federation Force model and the potential that it further sets up.
  16. It'll be tough to do, as I do want to get Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but not being able to secure a special edition today has me considering skipping the game entirely until Nintendo offers more to those willing to buy. It's not a money issue, it's some other crap and I think I'm done with it. Whatever policy Nintendo has for employees to leave notice before taking vacation, should apply to these special edition drops...It shouldn't be announced the day before with no specific time given for when orders go live. These should be done much further in advance.
  17. Great racing earlier! So I didn't get hit by the fist, but ran into it and proceeded to drive off the course trying to get around it. Sums up my night in general. I did end with this though. Finally got a chance to cause mayhem with a Lightning again.
  18. Great racing earlier. Thought I was doing better as Pink Gold Peach for a while there, until Cheese Land and Dragon Driftway brought reality back. No Shroom Ridge tonight too. ;_; Anyone think we could see new tracks by next week's tournament?
  19. I've got Star Wars fans at work who will absolutely love Part V. I don't know why the Kenobi series wasn't given the budget of the Mandalorian series when it has both Kenobi and Darth Vader....That's more of a nitpick with a particular scene which I otherwise enjoyed once it fully played out, but I have issues with Darth Vader, which I don't feel can be corrected, and Obi-Wan, a Season 2 could help, looking ahead from this series to the original trilogy. As great as it is to see the power of Darth Vader, because of Part III and A New Hope, Obi-Wan has to get the better of that Darth Vader at some point. He ain't getting there by Part VI. Watched the first episode of the Star Wars Resistance last night...I figured I would check it out since Clone Wars and Rebels are fantastic, and it's part of their timeline on Disney+ before TFA. I don't have high expectations for the show since I haven't heard too much about it...and the characters I do know are from the sequel trilogy or have their roles from that time. The first episode didn't have much going on; however, I know the animated series aren't at their best right from the start so I want to see how the series picks up.
  20. I had a very vague memory of the original trilogy for Star Wars....I'm not entirely sure if I fully watched A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back before this week, but did have a better memory of Return of the Jedi. In my opinion and watching the versions available on Disney+, none of the three films feel like they've aged much. That was something I was concerned about watching content like The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels and going back to the franchise's foundation. In general, it makes sense as I see the connection and expansion from this trilogy. I don't think any of these three really stand out in the same way I currently feel Episode III is the best of the prequels (feel like I should rewatch them at some point again). They are all very solid films...If I had to rank them, probably Empire Strikes Back would be my favorite just a tiny bit above A New Hope and Return of the Jedi which are about even. I decided to watch A New Hope after watching Part III of Kenobi, noticing that currently there's some conflict in the overall story that Kenobi should address. After watching Part IV, I definitely wanted to wash that away by watching the rest of the original trilogy. For the rest of Kenobi, I think I'm going to watch it as entertainment associated with Star Wars rather than as Star Wars content...The fan service has lost its magic for me and the bullshit has been cranked up, but since there are only two episodes left for Kenobi I'll go ahead and finish it out. At this point, the more Star Wars a person has watched, the less I would recommend the Kenobi series. Going forward, if the Kenobi writers are associated with a project, I may skip the content unless there is clear indication that improvement has occurred and has had a fair amount of recommendation. I won't let the Kenobi series completely turn me away from the franchise's new content to the extent The Last Jedi did, because there is content done under Disney that has had slam dunk potential that they actually delivered on (i.e. Season 7 of Clone Wars). Oh well, two more weeks to go.
  21. Bowser Jr. just got back from the doctor's and I'm sad to report he suffered two fractured shell spines, a concussion and, worst of all, a bruised ego after the disturbing incident that took place on the final lap of Shroom Ridge Thursday evening. He will be out next week to recover. His step momma, Pink Gold Peach, is not happy about what happened to her little man. She is planning to join next week's races and will be dedicating her shoddy driving to Junior's speedy recovery.
  22. By the time they bring the store back out of maintenance, I imagine there will be no Special Editions left. SEs are getting too ridiculous to purchase. I want to give a company more money, it shouldn't be a shitshow race to make that exchange. I like that this was announced what...24 hours in advance too. If it's going to be like this and what it has been for other SE during this generation, announce these drops much further in advance with a time.
  23. Now that the dust has settled for me with Part III, it does force scenarios onto the series. Obi-Wan will have to duel Darth Vader again as well as Reva, and will have to get back to Clone Wars era level if not beyond to beat Darth Vader....because otherwise it definitely will go against A New Hope. They have to sensibly elevate his character from what it has been through half the series. I'm interested in seeing what they do in Part IV Wednesday.....hopefully there's a turn around since there are only 6 parts. Part III can become a bad episode depending on Parts IV, V and VI.
  24. With how much the theme is used, if I wanted to make an interpretation of that theme in Super Metroid, it would be a theme for Samus in those situations rather than the bosses themselves. Now it's definitely associated to Ridley, so a remake would need to change up in that regard. I'm conflicted if I want original tracks or remixes on Ridley's theme. Draygon having a remix with hints of Maridia could be great as a reference even though I personally generally prefer hearing original tracks than remixes...I could understand a remix for a remake of the game that featured the track originally. I don't want to hear any remixes out of the Prime Series for a Super remake for instance like they did having a Lower Norfair remix for lava rooms for SR388 in Samus Returns, unless there happen to be references to make the link beyond environmental themes. Dairon needed a Kraid easter egg in one of its labs more so than it needed to stir speculation on Draygon which turned out to be nothing in the actual game. I think it's more believable that the Mawkin Tribe had access to the DNA of Kraid's species, than they had access to get the corpse of Kraid from Zebes while Samus's hunt and Mother Brain's operations were active. Ghavoran could have been another great area to flesh out Kraid as well with references. For instance, in a couple rooms, have a creature that resembles Kraid's original Metroid concept art be active in the background...serving as an infant stage. Little things to suggest that ZDR could have been the homeworld of Kraid's species. I find it odd that they didn't do more with Kraid's return in lore considering what they did for Ridley in Other M following his demise on Zebes. Dread could have used a Sound Test as an unlock....I feel the audio director might have been right on initial response. Dread's OST, in some ways like Other M's, is hard to really enjoy and appreciate in-game because it is generally so quiet. Beyond that, in terms of sound effects, Dread is fantastic and could be the best in the series in that regard. Don't know if it's still possible or if it has been patched from the game, but speedrunners were going through a stretch of Artaria for early Screw Attack purely on audio. The game has to be given credit there just based on what the community had been doing. By the way, I know this is a nitpick, I hate that Dread has an Omega Cannon configuration. It would've been better if it was kept at Omega Blaster and Omega Stream. I still love using the mechanic and find it satisfying to annihilate the E.M.M.I.s, but it's the Fraud Cannon to me.
  25. Part III is exactly the kind of tone I wanted from the series from the beginning. My only complaint is that it reminded me of what occurred with the Grand Inquisitor in Part II still without context for Reva's abilities. The episode may be the best live-action content under Disney since acquiring Star Wars.
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