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  1. The context surrounding Metroid Dread's story and that of Other M's story are very different, and Samus should reflect that. I'm not saying I want to see anymore of Samus like she was in Other M in a new game, but I also, aside from aspects of authorization and the lack of sufficient explanation, don't have a problem with the portrayal overall due to when it takes place. Without Other M, I wouldn't consider her portrayal in Metroid Dread to be as much of a positive evolution as I currently do. I ended up liking Metroid: Other M more as I played through Metroid Dread.
  2. This isn't my favorite version of Samus from a gameplay perspective, but I would agree in terms of character that this is the best Samus seen so far. When she spoke in Chozo to Quiet Robe, reassuring him, that elevated her character and the game. Considering the last game where she opened her mouth, it felt like a bold choice to even take that chance with her. The scenes tied to the boss battles are all great to take in, and I was snapping away with the screenshot button during a majority of those interactions.
  3. This is the reason why I waited to start playing Metroid Dread until early Saturday morning, because I felt too hyped from lucking out with the Collector's Edition, amiibo and taking in the launch atmosphere from the store. I didn't begin the game until my little brother had already beaten the game, instead most of Friday after getting the game I spent playing Metroid Prime Hunters. I ended up throughout the weekend going between multiple hours with Hunters and Dread just to make sure I didn't overrate my experience. I might have spent more time playing Hunters than Dread ultimately. Had I not done this for Metroid Dread, there are several parts of the game that could have made me hyped enough to overrate the game. The final boss and ending in general itself is full of moments that could have made me think "best Metroid ever" had I made Dread my sole gaming focus since getting the game. With Metroid: Samus Returns, the opposite happened. I did initially rate the game running off of my hype. I have a post on Instagram back in 2017, maybe shortly after achieving 100% in the game, stating that I couldn't pick between Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid: Samus Returns as my favorite Metroid game experience. Then that second playthrough happened during which I was really thinking about what I was playing with Samus Returns and was comparing...It plummeted and I considered Returns one of the worst Metroid games for a while. Away from the hype and comparing with my Hunters experience, my recent third run of the game was more positive and I would consider the game above average within the series. This roller coaster wasn't something I wanted to repeat with Dread. My eventual second run should hold up to the initial run's 4th ranking.
  4. I beat the game a little while ago, and have enjoyed my time enough that I will try for 100%. Quick rating, I think I would have Metroid Dread at #4 behind Hunters, Federation Force and Super, with the margin between Dread and Super being close. The gameplay is solid; however, the game's narrative left the greatest impression on me. Dread, like every Metroid game, is going to be replayed and my opinion could change then, but I think, unlike Metroid: Samus Returns, Metroid Dread is going to get better on the second, third, fourth, etc. playthrough. Frustration is my biggest negative for the game, in terms of feeling lost on a couple occasions and the learning process for bosses. That should go down as I play the game more. Overall, fantastic and I'm looking forward to the journey for 100%.
  5. This game has really picked up momentum since acquiring the Varia Suit. I ended for the night on route to the next objective following the third boss. I am liking how the narrative is developing, and have a better handle on the controls and abilities.
  6. I'm mixing up my left triggers for this game early on. My mind is telling me that both mechanics should be mapped to the larger button, but obviously there's just one ZL. I found myself sliding off of platforms after performing successful counters on multiple occasions trying to activate the free aim. It's more of an adjustment with the controls than I was expecting. I'll be better as the game progresses. Don't want to invest too much time at once, so I ended my first session after beating the first main boss.
  7. I have my Collector's Edition and amiibo as does my little brother. A line formed inside instead of outside the location, so I thought we were going to get screwed. Thankfully, people still are wanting to get their Xbox Series X and their PlayStation 5. They really went beyond today. It did feel like a new generation had I not been aware of what the OLED is, with Metroid Dread being that highlighted game as was Breath of the Wild for the original. They also were playing a chronological order Metroid Series recap on one of the TV displays entering into the electronics section. Fittingly, as the line walked by Metroid Prime Hunters was being mentioned and as I was leaving, waiting for my brother, I stopped and watched the recap for Federation Force. The universe definitely made sure to remind me to somewhat check my hype. I'm excited to play later today.
  8. I sent you a private message. I do hope everyone here is able to get the products they want from the Metroid Dread release. I'm starting to feel the hype after what I saw and I'm curious how most retail chains are showcasing products. If I didn't know what the Switch OLED was, I would probably feel like I was walking into the launch of the next Nintendo generation tomorrow morning.
  9. So I had given up on the possibility of getting the amiibo set and the collector's edition as they were mostly taken by scalpers; however, this evening the storm clouds parted and a glorious ray of sunshine came down upon the store I work for. I had no idea that the store would be carrying multiple collector's editions for Metroid Dread and plenty of the 2 packs. My store takes no preorders, so all I really need to do is make sure I'm over there early before the store opens. More than I was intending on spending tomorrow, but certainly what I'm willing to spend. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a really great day off into a holiday weekend.
  10. I think the final character is first party and is Waluigi, and the reveal trailer will involve Waluigi being regularly rejected and dismissed as new fighters are invited into Smash until he just takes an invitation from someone from Fire Emblem. There could be a little breaking of the 4th wall too with Waluigi seeing Sakurai reject him with animated footage of the assist trophy reveal.
  11. Visions is the first new Star Wars content I've watched through since leaving the theater for The Last Jedi, and this series of nine stories reminded me of how I felt when I first got into Star Wars as I watched Tartakovsky's animated Clone Wars in the early 2000s. I saw all of the stories this last weekend and then finished rewatching Visions Monday evening. I'm already thinking of watching the series for a third time before the end of this week. Visions has left me feeling inspired and I really do hope there is more to come. Personally, this might be my favorite release on Disney+ so far. After my second viewing, my Top 5 from this series would probably be: "The Twins", "The Village Bride", "The Ninth Jedi", "T0-B1" and "The Elder". My favorite of the series is "The Village Bride", and really love the design of F. I also went ahead and preordered a hardback edition of the upcoming novel associated to Ronin from the first story, "The Duel", and look forward to exploring the lore of that character and world. Has anyone else seen Star Wars: Visions? What are your thoughts and favorites?
  12. If they have gone in the direction of bringing back multiple old bosses, at least in the realm of how iconic Kraid is, that would elevate the experience for me. Metroid: Other M's final stretch within the Bottle Ship still stands out to me among every boss line-up in the series with the exception of Super Metroid, where the entire line-up may be iconic status. Ridley, Masked Nightmare, Unmasked Nightmare, Queen Metroid and Phantoon, I would say that experience of getting to and prevailing over those boss encounters is Other M at its best. Kraid and a Chozo leader are a great start for Metroid Dread to do better and the result could definitely be argued as the series' best boss line-up certainly in status and impact. Maybe they can even sprinkle in some balls and poles into the game for good measure.
  13. Kirby and the Forgotten Land looks to be up there with Pokemon Legends: Arceus and BOTW's sequel as a favorite to be my personal GOTY for 2022. That was the best new announcement from the Direct. The addition of Nintendo 64 games to the NSO service hopefully will at most cost $30, up $10 from the current year plan. If it's that price, I'll upgrade when the new tier launches and look forward to playing Ocarina of Time on the Switch as I have Super Mario 64 available already through Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Once it's added, the Switch might be the right system to experience Majora's Mask on for the first time. Bayonetta 3 is looking good and I'm excited for the release in spite of not yet being too into the current games. I still have to finish up the first game and then play Bayonetta 2. 2022 is shaping up to be a special year for the Nintendo Switch, like it's 2017 launch year. I'll say too that I'm glad that they are making the final Smash character reveal its own presentation. As fatigued on Smash news and speculation as I am, Ultimate deserves a Direct all on its own for its final character.
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