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  1. Ordered a copy of Metroid Prime Hunters from Japan, might do the same for a European version down the line depending on the differences in its packaging Ordered a pair of knifes, a table and a spatula spreader, as well as an ice cream scooper from a company called Cutco to help my little sister with her first job
  2. It's a very tiny nitpick I have with Metroid Dread, but I would have preferred the new arm cannon configuration be named something other than Omega Cannon. When that name came up and does come up, I think about the weapon of the same name in the finale and Oubliette arena in Metroid Prime Hunters. If this was more than a name share, like one of the bullets fired ends up looking like MPH's Omega Cannon, it would bug me less. Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 3 had a similar situation with the Hyper Beam. It's used only once in Super Metroid, but it's still the Hyper Beam that is first to come to
  3. Her past is intertwined with the present situations within the movie for the most part. You'll know what you need to know about her past from the movie. The only recommendations I would give before seeing the film is to have seen Captain America: Civil War and the last two Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.
  4. Got back from Black Widow, and I enjoyed the movie overall. As a solo movie, I have it just below Iron Man and Captain America and above the rest. Compared to the overall MCU, I would say it floats around #8-#12 range. I'm expecting Shang-Chi to be in that same area as they build up more characters after the conclusions of Endgame.
  5. I'm very excited knowing that we've got a new Metroid game coming out in a matter of months. The story and lore are what I'm looking forward to the most as I do want to know what all happens following Metroid Fusion and how it is impacted by the lore that has been added to the main series since, especially the potential for living, malicious Chozo to become a terrifying part of Samus's present situation. I love the E.M.M.I. already as it's nice for Metroid to have more of a horror element again. E.M.M.I. gives me Stranger Things and A Quiet Place monster vibes with all the chirping beeping sou
  6. Are the riots that have been occurring recently across the country in certain cities caused by far right groups? They've been associated with Black Lives Matter protests. I'll agree that he shouldn't have said that regarding the Proud Boys following Biden's mention. He also agreed to condemn three times, unless "sure" and "I would" don't show agreement.
  7. I made a mistake. He did it three times, and you're not accurately quoting him, "Sure, I'm willing to do that, but I would say..[interruption by both Wallace and Biden]..I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing not from the right wing. If you look [interruption from Wallace] I'm..I'm willing to do anything. I want to see peace." That final sentence is the third time. I want to know the source for your quote from the debate. I'm making it out from listening to that part of the debate around the ~52-53 minute mark as best I can since the debate wasn't handled very w
  8. He did it twice which is why I was asking if you had seen the whole debate. Did they not want him to denounce white supremacists?
  9. The debate was out of control and both camps should feel embarrassed. Both camps need to be able to at least follow the rules of these debates for a majority of the time. There is already plenty for a voter to process between the two candidates on policy, they shouldn't also have to process a live train wreck of a debate on top of that. I told my little sister and mom after the debate that I wouldn't want to be a first time voter right now.
  10. You were the first one to directly quote me in this topic. Actually thought I was going to be left alone until you quoted me around 2 weeks later. If you didn't want to have a discussion, don't quote me or just call me a clown from the get go so I could have a reason to block you. I do agree with @Kezay and @devilsKnife about certain points, I'm just debating when I would like to take the time to respond, because it will take me some time to get to all that has been addressed. I also don't want to stay on the ABC Town Hall too much longer with the first Presidential debate tomorrow.
  11. That's what I was thinking about to as I now try to 100% the game. Sunshine is also one of those games I remember loving, so I figured I would push for the 120 on 3D All-Stars. Would you play a game like Super Mario Sunshine on your Twitch?
  12. If you don't collect all the red coins, avoid the warp pipe at the end. I forgot how the level worked, appeared back in Delfino Plaza and haven't been back to that level since. The boat ride to me is much worse than the level itself.
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