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  1. The Booster Course Pass is better than the base game at half the tracks. Wave 3 is incredible, and the Moon Cup may be GOAT. I'm becoming more of a fan of 200cc with these tracks with pretty much all of this wave being great in that class. I thought Berlin Byways was my favorite, but I'm not sure anymore...Maple Treeway and Boo Lake are probably my least favorite though. I also really love the custom items update...That's a lot of chaos and a lot of fun.
  2. Phazon on Tallon IV seems tame compared to what it became like as the Trilogy went on. Aside from the Chozo, who rejected Phazon, I cannot recall Phazon causing noticeable harm to life on the world in the time Samus is there. That may be due to sealing away a large portion of the world's Phazon beyond the seal of the Artifact Temple, in the depths of the Impact Crater. Space Pirates still played with fire quite a bit and seemed like Phazon largely benefited them, with the rise of Elites and Omega. The Mawkin Tribe probably would have been much worse than the Space Pirates as a potential and growing threat. I couldn't imagine Raven Beak would reject Phazon for the tribe, instead would make an effort to harness its power and Phazon probably would be willing to give it. Assuming that any Chozo outside of ZDR are Thoha, had the Tallon IV Thoha decided to harness Phazon in moderation, could they have prevented the development of Flaahgra and saved their water supply in the Chozo Ruins? With the difference between Phendrana Drifts and the Chozo Ruins, arguably the Space Pirate activity there exploring the potential of Phazon may have saved the local ecosystem from becoming as poisoned as the Chozo Ruins. Tallon Overworld is also in a fantastic state, and goes to show that the Chozo deciding to take action made quite a difference for that region considering that the Artifact Temple and Cipher are there. If the Mawkin Tribe were on Tallon IV, I don't think the world would be as wondrous as it would likely have more industrial developments; however, I don't think the planet would've gotten poisoned anywhere near the same extent as Phazon would be taken and processed away from the ecosystems and brought in to be harnessed and for experimentation. I didn't realize how formidable the Ing are until answering whether or not the Mawkin would overcome the Horde's threat. The Ing may be the strongest localized, intelligent race in the series...I don't have any entity beating them aside from those established across multiple worlds and with interplanetary fire power, i.e. Galactic Federation, Space Pirates and Alimbics. The Mawkin seem like they would be capable of creating their own technology to protect them from a dark world and potential possession, but I think those advancements at their best would go to Raven Beak while the rest of the tribe gets scraps in comparison. If the overall Mawkin Tribe had even half of what Raven Beak gets, they would be at the table as one of the most powerful groups in the series.
  3. I've seen it mentioned a while back that Raven Beak is making use of Beam Burst and Lightning Armor Aeion abilities. I do want to pay attention to the statuary on SR388 more the next time I play Samus Returns, because I don't remember seeing Raven Beak depicted. If it is him though and those statues are tied to where the Aeion abilities are obtained, putting the two together would suggest that the Mawkin developed those Aeion abilities to potentially be used in assisting in the containment of the planet's Metroids. I don't recall how effective either is when dealing with the Metroids though, especially dealing with the more developed evolutions. There is an interesting topic on the Metroid subreddit asking if the Mawkin Tribe could have defeated the Ing, and I'm interested to see how people here view the Mawkin Tribe in relation to other advanced races and threats. Personally, I think, in spite of how advanced they are, they are doomed due to the ego of Raven Beak and would have a worse time with the Ing than the Luminoth if they had to deal with such a threat. I would also take the Alimbics in a head to head against the Mawkin Tribe.
  4. After getting through 4 Titans and beating Katy, I'm now going through a reverse Gym challenge and have currently beat both Grusha and Tulip. Tulip seemed much more formidable than Grusha as she brought me down to my last two Pokemon. I really only had my Scovillain and Lokix as answers for her, and they will both be carrying the load again at my next Gym. Overall, having a lot of fun with Pokemon Scarlet in spite of its technical issues. My favorite Pokemon from this generation as of right now would be Scovillain.
  5. I hope all that are dealing with Jason David Frank's passing are able to find healing. The talent he provided as a Power Ranger across many seasons deserves all the thanks and praise. Jason David Frank played inspirational roles as Tommy Oliver and those roles will continue to inspire me after his passing. The White Ranger is my favorite Power Ranger, the Green Ranger is among my favorites and Zeo Ranger V, Red Turbo Ranger and Black Dino Thunder Ranger aren't far behind. His roles made kids want to grow up to be heroes and leaders, and it's sad to know that he is gone. I found out about this shortly after talking about Power Rangers with my family too and I'll get into that. Rest in peace, Jason David Frank. .... My family had asked me earlier this morning what my favorite Christmas gift was over the past 5 years since we're in the holiday season now, and I said it has got to be one of the collection Megazords I've received from my younger sister. I then narrowed that down to when I got the White Tigerzord and Saba...A little while after that I go on youtube to find a video to listen to while I grind in Metroid Prime Hunters, and I see a thumbnail and a title that's along the lines of R.I.P. JDF. My first thought is what was that about, so I go to Google and type in Jason David Frank. I see the news from tweets that pop up in the horizontal feed that appears within the search results, but I didn't believe it. I end up refreshing for the next 15 minutes, and as more credible sources popped up in tweets, the news began to hit me. I was on the verge of being very emotional, so I turned off my laptop, gathered myself, grabbed MPH and grabbed a water and went to isolate myself so I can work through Jason David Frank's passing. I ended up calling my younger sister, asked if she heard the news which she hadn't and I couldn't get out the words to tell her as I was too emotional to clearly speak. She thought something had happened to someone within our own family after that call, so I finally through text was able to come to an acceptance and share the unfortunate passing as I cleared up the situation with her. From there, I spoke with my Dad and shared the news. The communication with them helped me get through my emotions and to a more positive mindset. Those calls were made while I was in the middle of a session grinding away in MPH, as I felt I needed to play my favorite game to get better mentally. The most efficient spot to grind ironically is Incubation Vault 03, and while I played there my emotions toward the passing were coming in waves. The Green Power Ranger is one of my favorites, and I was being reminded of that character and the episode "Fighting Spirit" in Dino Thunder when Tommy must face that previous life. That too helped me work out my emotions, and getting back to feeling regular. I do hope those impacted are able to work through their own process as well during this difficult moment. Jason will be missed. If a person is feeling down, I hope they can will themselves to either friends and family to talk to and/or to activities and interests that they find comfort in. It's never good to deal with being down when in a void.
  6. Beyond the tutorial of the game, which is about an hour or so and is the worst start I've had with any game I've had anticipation for on the Switch...Pokemon Scarlet is turning out to be a great time in spite of its flaws in presentation. It remains great in core mechanics, character design and in Pokemon design, so while there's plenty I could be negative about I'm personally not having a negative experience overall. I consider it a great sign that I played until my Switch died while watching @TKrazyO's stream. Normally, I would cut my session with a game short and let my Switch charge docked for a bit, but Scarlet kept me hooked as I didn't want to put the game down once it opened up. If Nintendo does an end of year stats log like they did last year, I wouldn't be surprised if 11/19 or 11/20 is the day I played the Switch the most with Pokemon Scarlet being the main game.
  7. I'm all caught up on Andor. It's solid, but I think I would struggle with this show once per week since it's a slow burn. Andor is better than Kenobi, unless the series abruptly nosedives, but I don't think it's up there with The Book of Boba Fett and certainly not either Mandalorian season. I feel confident in saying that Tales of the Jedi is the best Star Wars content of this year. That said, I wouldn't mind the team involved with Andor be given another live action project to work on...hopefully one with a more interesting foundation. Writing and storytelling have generally been great. I think there's only one big missed opportunity so far in episodes 1-8.
  8. Tales of the Jedi is phenomenal. Live action and animated Star Wars storytelling is night and day, and Dave Filoni and his team should be very involved with more Star Wars content. If I see his name first in the credits, I'll trust what I'm getting...Credibility was already established, and Tales of the Jedi further hit hard. The ship, for now, has its hyperdrive back online after months of the ship meandering, drifting through space. Finally!
  9. Unless it's something serious, i.e. criminal, when I see anonymity being used, I generally am going to feel the truth is on the other side. It would have been better if Platinum left the situation alone personally, because there has been a point made regarding the current talent involved working on Bayonetta 3, at all levels, and that they shouldn't be thrown under over a pay dispute. Now, the report is making the offer look worse since they're trying to cover up Hellena's side. This likely won't ultimately impact whether or not I buy Bayonetta 3, but it won't feel as good to make the purchase as it usually would.
  10. I have to report something regarding @Surge135. He used PEDs tonight. I popped up out of the graveyard and swung by Mario Motors to get some work done to my bike before we started racing. Surge just happened to be inside the shop already getting work done, and I overheard him telling the Toads,"Give me Phazon Enhancement Devices!" When I heard that, my jaw literally just dropped. I didn't confront him there about the PEDs put onto his Pipe Frame kart, but he did give me a death stare to which I responded, "That look earned you more than Green Shells being thrown backwards." So yeah, to wrap this story up, we should start testing the karts for Phazon Enhancement Devices because that kind of modification shouldn't be allowed. The integrity of Mario Kart racing is at stake! Also, if anyone is wondering why I stopped racing close to the finish line the second race on Shroom Ridge and got last, Dry Bones literally chucked both of his arms off the side of the cliff when he realized he wasn't finishing Top 3. He had a worse tantrum than Bowser Jr. taking an L. Never saw an animation quite like it before.
  11. Did you know the walls on Dragon Driftway have Lakitus on them?
  12. @alienboyva I haven't played since the last session we all played. I'm just taking it in right now to see if I want to get invested into Splatfests. I don't think I did one for Splatoon 2. Mainly, I'm getting an idea of the grind and when the triple battle mechanic comes into play.
  13. I was intentionally bumping into you and @DLurkster depending on my racer with the hopes that going to MKTV after the fact would have some great interactions. That moment near the beginning of Sydney Sprint was the best of what I was able to find. There were some opportunities in Tokyo Blur, but I either didn't catch up or I briefly passed and got nailed by a green shell.
  14. Great racing tonight! I had a lot of fun! Also, love the Iggy insanity!
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