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  1. I came online for the first time in months and forgot that my signature was linked by Tinypic, lol. Looked around and redid mine. :b Using an old sig from like 2007, but I still like it.
  2. The new look definitely seems interesting to me. I do think they're modernizing it well enough, but I do think they need a few more things on the walls as far as decoration goes. Maybe it just depends on the store, because I know that not every Gamestop is going to be that big to accommodate these newer aspects. The two near me are certainly not going to have the room to be able to fit that back area of the store or a couch for customers to sit around in trying out new games or having tournaments. For smaller stores, it'll be intriguing needless to say on how they decide to incorporate the mod
  3. That was my thought too, but apparently Geoffery's Toy Box was only the name of their experimental pop-up shops in Kroger supermarkets. TRU Kids Brands might not even be the name of the upcoming stores themselves, but rather the name of the company that owns the rights and assets to the brand. Whatever they do ultimately name their stores though, you can be sure it'll be something very similar to the original.
  4. The second one made me laugh. Was wondering if anyone would actually draw it.
  5. I heard they're trying to relaunch TRU overseas first, before they try to get into the US market again. Asia, India, and Europe are their current targets for opening 70 new stores and they're also looking to get back into e-commerce too in viable markets. TRU Kids Brands HQ is apparently still going to be stationed here in New Jersey, so I have no doubt they'll be expanding into the US again at some point once they figure out the best strategy. Stores are going to be much smaller, probably about 10,000 square feet and the aisles are not going to be stacked as high. Probably going to be aim
  6. Our local K-Mart closed late last year, and had been there for a long time. Living in this area since 2002, I watched it go from being a Big K-Mart to Sears Essentials to just K-Mart again, until its closing. Used to be a pretty cool store, and was busy enough in my first few years living here but then questionable choices led to its steady decline. Noticed they'd stopped carrying CDs, then video games over time, and their DVD selection wasn't much to look at. Prices also rose a bit more after K-Mart purchased Sears many years ago. They never had more than usually 2 registers open at a tim
  7. With Nintendo doing as well as it is now, it'll be interesting to see where this new president steers the ship once he officially takes the reins. I feel Nintendo had the next few years figured out in advance so they should be good for the next while; I doubt much significant change the average consumer can see will be much noticeable if at all. As long as the new president sticks to his strengths without it hurting the company, he'll do fine I think. That being said, Kimishima had big shoes to fill three years ago, and overseeing the strategy that Iwata helped to craft and hel
  8. Hm, yeah I usually play until the red light starts to come on or starts flashing red. Never heard about that method, thanks for the tip. Guess I ought to start checking on my system once it finishes charging, and unplug it afterward. As you said, it's not always practical especially if you go out somewhere or let it charge while you're sleeping, but if I'm doing it during the day than I'll try to start checking on it more. Thanks for your expertise here.
  9. Gotta quick question about a New Nintendo 3DS XL battery. My current N3DSXL is a birthday gift I received back in August 2015. It had been working pretty well up until about half a year ago or so, maybe a little more than that, when for some reason the battery in it started dipping way down in lasting performance. Nowadays the system only lasts anywhere from 10, maybe 15 minutes or less before the little red light on the system starts appearing and flashing, then my system turns off. It still works if it's plugged in to the wall with the charging adapter, but trying to play without it plug
  10. Understandable. From my understanding, another site that should allow you to do albums is Flickr. Yahoo owns Flickr and like Photobucket, began charging $499/year for access to special tools and more storage space, but unlike Photobucket, seems to still offer a free membership with up to 1TB of free storage space. Might be something to consider as well if you need any alternatives.
  11. Looks like the Canadian branch of TRU operations is close to being operated by Fairfax Financial Holdings, Inc, which is a Canadian company: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-fairfax-closes-in-on-canadian-toys-r-us-deal/ Don't really know if Issac Larian's chances are slimmer than they were before, but he himself said he plans to keep fighting for his bid.
  12. If you're looking for a free site that allows you to have albums, although I haven't used it myself, I have seen it and it seems Imgur is a good choice. If you want a free site where you can just upload images without really being concerned about having an album, like a site where you can just upload images to a site to host for the long term and not being concerned about keeping track of links (unless you manually keep track of them, which of course you could), I'd highly recommend PostImage.org. Been using it a lot myself ever since PB started charging for linking to images, a
  13. First off, I appreciate the well-thought out response to my post. So, thank you for that. I do agree, he would probably get something pretty big out of it and yes, it's fair to say he would probably use a big part of it in the interest of his company. I never even knew the guy's name until all the TRU stories started springing out of the media. The fact that he's actually digging into his own pockets for something that seems like a long shot effort even if most other toy companies didn't see the benefit in helping to invest in his effort due to their own understandable reservat
  14. http://money.cnn.com/2018/04/13/news/companies/toys-r-us-billionaire-bid/index.html The billionaire CEO of MGA Entertainment (Bratz, Little Tikes) Issac Larian is submitting a higher bid from his own earnings than he originally put forward to save over 200 well-performing stores and for control over the Canadian operations, and to control the Wayne, NJ-based US TRU headquarters. Still seems like a long shot, but hey, that'd be pretty cool if he could pull it off. Seems like a genuine guy who really wants to do all he can to rescue and preserve TRU for future generati
  15. Don't blame you. I have a FB and even I didn't hear of it until my sister's boyfriend told me about it. And don't worry, I don't have a smartphone capable of downloading apps like LetGo either. If you had a tablet, you probably could...or you could ask a close family member or friend to ask if they'd consider letting you use their phone for that kind of thing. But you're probably better off just finding a method you can personally access yourself, if you're still trying to sell it. Either way, no problem and hope it goes well for ya.
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