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  1. Steamworld dig 2, that one pinball adventure game, yooka laylee, and redout or formula fusion info
  2. Have gamestops online preorders gone live yet?
  3. i wish i could have gone to a store but my car is in the shop
  4. How could amazon not limit purchases to 1 per person and i never received any email notifications about it going up from anywhere, also fuck best buy for surprise releasing it at midnight even after walmart got a lot of shit for doing the exact same thing, even if it was a mistake.
  5. I don't really like either of them but i went with mayo so i'd be able to play the other team this time
  6. They have said that splatfests have been planned for 2 years post launch so it will definitely be a while. Though i think it being released outside of splatfests comes down to how radically different the stage will be during each splatfest. I'm excited to check it out this weekend
  7. KirbyKiller

    Splatoon 2 ver. 1.1.2 now available

    yeah they fixed the infinite ticket glitch as well. The special gauge adjustments were mostly due to the prevalence of certain weapons in the top league battle teams, which is nice to see them make adjustments from the more competitive side
  8. KirbyKiller

    The Welcome Inn

    why hello there!
  9. KirbyKiller

    Splatoon 2 Splat Call

    yup, it should be related to your multiplayer level
  10. havent seen a single cake team yet
  11. we can play together though, join me
  12. nope, the clothes dont even level up. So its pretty much a time to get used to the new game
  13. Most likely more info on salmon run and the single player along with maybe a new multiplayer game mode. There has to be at least 1 big thing they have not talked about yet or the direct would be kind of pointless. There will also probably be a testfire this weekend
  14. KirbyKiller

    Nintendo Switch firmware update 3.0.0 now available!

    I think they just fixed the UI part of it cause im still getting the same download speed as before the update to 3.0, which is less that half of what my computer is getting from the same distance.
  15. KirbyKiller

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    is that everyshop for 100-500 or that one guy that buys meat from you? also where is the meat buying guy?