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  1. Uncut Gems too - I've never EVER cared this much about a basketball game in my life.
  2. FINALLY saw Parasite, PLEASE go give that movie a watch if you haven't. Absolutely phenomenal.
  3. hap new year fam <3 hope we all have a better 2020
  4. @Weaver I did a double take seeing your account show up on my ~irl twitter~ feed because people I know follow you LOL Made me think I was logged into the wrong account, it always cracks me up when I get one of your tweets recommended to me over there.
  5. Nice! Glad to hear it, was thinking of dusting off my vita tv and purchasing a physical copy (:
  6. @ace I'm thinking about finally getting around to playing Danganronpa, is there any particular platform that's best to play the particular titles on?
  7. had a job interview for a seasonal gig to keep me busy for the next month or so while I figure things out and got a call scheduled w a therapist tomorrow to see about scheduling an appt, things are looking up : )
  8. what's the first thing y'all cooked on it?? I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out and you're back on your feet in no time!! That's so exciting!
  9. hi everyone ! I hope you've been doing well. I feel like it's always when I'm isolating myself from the real world that I come back on here but I always enjoy checking in and seeing how things are going on the forum. I restarted my village in ac:nl so if anyone is playing atm and wants to add me lmk! Other than that I've been reading a bit (Mistborn), playing Persona 5 finally, and watching Steven Universe. I'm going to vent a little bit about a huge bummer I've been dealing with if y'all will indulge me
  10. Console. My phone's battery doesn't last long enough to play most mobile games, so I usually just don't bother.
  11. omg my friends and I recorded a cover of that song right after high school, man that brings back memories