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  1. Denver was so great!! I'd never visited and loved it. I have a good friend who lives in Boulder so I'll definitely be going back. The rockies were the first part of our train journey and gosh it was so pretty!
  2. Took a train from Denver back to CA over the past couple days. First time taking a long train journey, was a great time. Absolutely breathtaking views.
  3. I wonder if my guy says "aye" in real life.
  4. https://twitter.com/N4A_nintendo this acct is odd
  5. saw this on twitter, thought it might be fun These were the only ones I could think of at the moment but I'd love to know yours
  6. congratulations, @wildflower!!! best wishes to you two!!! <3
  7. oof, I feel ya I just got back to norcal from L.A. for a concert and it was cooler there than it is back up here T.T
  8. First thing I saw when I arrived in LA today
  9. Slowly but surely getting a bit better at the league autochess, having a good time with it. Give me drafting in any game and I'm here for it lmao
  10. Been playing a good amount of Teamfight Tactics tonight, slowly getting the hang of it. Has anyone else been playing any of the autochess games?
  11. Bettas are so cool! My little brother had one and just like you said, it was so much more interactive than any of the other fish we kept growing up. I miss maintaining an aquarium - it was something I'd always do with my dad when I was young since he sad several. Looking forward to moving to a place I'm going to be at a while so I can keep fish again ~
  12. Y'all there's this girl I know who is touring Italy rn and she keeps putting "prego" into her captions on instagram and every time I read it I think of the ultimate mario fan