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  1. Console. My phone's battery doesn't last long enough to play most mobile games, so I usually just don't bother.
  2. omg my friends and I recorded a cover of that song right after high school, man that brings back memories
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd2hX721Wjg The opening track off Anamanaguchi's latest album was officially posted just now and GOD i love this band with my whole ass heart
  4. I don't watch many gaming channels either. But I do love documentaries about video games! Two fantastic channels for that are Noclip and Archipel. Cloth Map is another great one.
  5. LOL I busted it out for the first time in a long time just for emulation. Last thing I played on it was Persona 3 Portable, but I can never seem to get into emulating on my phone, and this allows me to still play my randomized gen 1/2/3 runs. Been wanting to look into a way to play randomized gen 4/5 stuff on a handheld but I haven't taken the time to start looking. yeahhhhh lmao got a leafgreen all queued up so I might just give that one a go for now. Thankfully I'm not too far in.
  6. Alrighty y'all I need advice. Doing a randomized emerald nuzlocke, and I'm in a bit of a bind right before roxanne. The only relevant things I randomized are wild encounters, abilities, and held items. The only pokemon I've leveled is Koffing (speed boost) and he's done alright stalling out with poison and rest (found a tm), but I worry it won't be enough for rock tomb. Any advice? Here's the current selection lol
  7. Denver was so great!! I'd never visited and loved it. I have a good friend who lives in Boulder so I'll definitely be going back. The rockies were the first part of our train journey and gosh it was so pretty!
  8. Took a train from Denver back to CA over the past couple days. First time taking a long train journey, was a great time. Absolutely breathtaking views.
  9. I wonder if my guy says "aye" in real life.
  10. https://twitter.com/N4A_nintendo this acct is odd
  11. saw this on twitter, thought it might be fun These were the only ones I could think of at the moment but I'd love to know yours
  12. congratulations, @wildflower!!! best wishes to you two!!! <3