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  1. i've been hunting for one for so long today and still no luck lmao, maybe 100+ bait uses and just a whole lotta black bass rip
  2. I'm a dummy and mixed up iron and stone and spent all my iron on upgrading my tools... Time to grind for nookmiles and visit more of the deserted islands!
  3. CUTE omg I just saw vesta on an island and invited her IMMEDIATELY i am so excited
  4. My sister named it after our hometown when we played the GCN edition as kids, and I always stuck with that all the way through New Leaf. Might change it up to something cute this time though, we'll see.
  5. If you're looking for anyone else to play with hmu, a friend and I have been playing lately and I'm looking for more people to keep it v low key lol. I'm too old for the salt and playing with people who are super negative so I just stick to playing with friends who are there to keep it positive haha. I'm an ok botlane main.
  6. Uncut Gems too - I've never EVER cared this much about a basketball game in my life.
  7. FINALLY saw Parasite, PLEASE go give that movie a watch if you haven't. Absolutely phenomenal.
  8. hap new year fam <3 hope we all have a better 2020
  9. @Weaver I did a double take seeing your account show up on my ~irl twitter~ feed because people I know follow you LOL Made me think I was logged into the wrong account, it always cracks me up when I get one of your tweets recommended to me over there.
  10. Nice! Glad to hear it, was thinking of dusting off my vita tv and purchasing a physical copy (:
  11. @ace I'm thinking about finally getting around to playing Danganronpa, is there any particular platform that's best to play the particular titles on?
  12. had a job interview for a seasonal gig to keep me busy for the next month or so while I figure things out and got a call scheduled w a therapist tomorrow to see about scheduling an appt, things are looking up : )
  13. what's the first thing y'all cooked on it?? I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out and you're back on your feet in no time!! That's so exciting!
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