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  1. Super Mario Odyssey

    Just finished New Donk City. How far am I, maybe half-way through?
  2. Super Mario Odyssey

    Just reached the fourth kindgom (whichever one after the Desert Kingdom) and the game is... good. That's about all I can say. I'm actually starting think I'm just not into 3D Mario games as I am with 2D ones. I'm just not seeing magic people have been praising this game for, but it's still too early to give any verdicts. Mario games tend to have underwhelming intros.
  3. What happened to NSider?

    Nsider: "Alright, kids, we're closing the forums. But we'll be back soon! ... Maybe. Maybe not." Nsider2: "CG is no longer working with us. Quick--let's jump to a new forum!" Ninfora: "Welcome to Ninfora. Please, take a seat as a we witness a political shitshow unfold." If our chat thread is any indication, activity here as dropped considerably. Ninfora started small, and was only torn apart after some political fighting backed by hostility. I stopped coming here as well this past month. It's depressing to see Ninfora in this state. I only came back because NeoGaf was down and I was bored. I can't imagine I'll be here any longer after this year. Not even most recent Nintendo/videogame news provides a pulse in these parts. Most of us are growing up, too, our interested and time for videogames is waning.
  4. Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

    I've been replaying the Kingdom Hearts series on PS4 over the 2 months, and I'm currently going through Chain of Memories. CoM really encapsulates mid-00's game design in where the designers made sure the game would satisfy the 40-hour game time quota. You don't just get experience points, you have to run around like an idiot to collect experience point orbs. You can't just run through a world, you need to interact with every object in hopes you'll get something valuable. 97% of your time will be fighting random battles. Atleast the original had the novelty of it being Kingdom Hearts on your GBA.
  5. Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

    I'm thinking I should buy a spare battery for my New 3DS soon. If I plan on playing this thing for a couple more years, another battery will help it last.
  6. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    So far my list is: Final Fantasy XV (I know it's not great, but it's something new amongst a sea of PS2 remakes.) Final Fantasy XII (A better version of one of the best FF games.) Dragon Quest Heroes Dragon Quest Builders Bloodborne (Kind of a gross for my tastes, but it's a must-have for the system.) Persona 5 (Might be the first Persona game I finish.) Nier: Automata (Looks like a fun ARPG.) World of Final Fantasy (Looks like a fun game for the girlfriend and I to play together since we're big fans of classic Final Fantasy) Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Tales of Berseria Horizon: Zero Dawn I'll look into Gravity Rush.