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  1. I tend to ignore the additional content in the PSP/GBA ports. 1 has some additional boss fights and dungeon that's brief. 2 has a more lengthy campaign of exploring literal Hell with your fallen comrades. It drops you in end-game dungeons with undeveloped characters, so most of it's grinding. Everything else afterwards seemed like tedious dungeons with bosses that were extremely difficult unless you know their gimmick.
  2. I feel so out of touch with modern gaming. I'm just someone who wants to play Nintendo games and JRPGs, and trying to find time to finish my 3DS backlog. I bought the Pixel Remasters of Final Fantasy 1 & 2 this morning. Good stuff so far, despite my initial impressions being underwhelming. There are some games I need to have for my device to feel complete. If the first two FF and DQ are ever available for any system, I absolutely need them. I figure this is the result of my nostalgia for obsessively playing FF: Dawn of Souls on the GBA 16 years ago.
  3. Played Trauma Team for the first this year because my girlfriend wanted me to experience the game. Fantastic game, easily in my top 5 Wii games. Enjoyed every bit besides how Naomi's stages can drag sometimes. As for the Trauma series these days, I can't think of where it belongs. I think it could be replicated with VR, but I can't imagine Atlus investing in a VR game of a niche series.
  4. As someone who uses Linux mainly, gaming on Linux has come a long way. More recent games are better about compatibility through Proton. Older games pre-2016 can be a struggle. So it's not perfect, and I expect many will be disappointed when they discover the SteamDeck isn't the portable gaming PC they're imagining, and they'll give up when it requires tinkering inside Linux to obtain some form of playability (with oddities and crashing still possible.) I'm curious to see how it may handle emulation. I'm on board if it's proven to handle PS2 and GameCube/Wii emulation.
  5. I'm looking forward to playing Skyward Sword soon. I never played the original for a length of time because when it released, I had a CRT TV when SS on the Wii forces 16:9 (meaning the display image was tiny on my 4:3 CRT), and I didn't like the motion controls. I'm thinking it'll be nice to play on the Switch Lite. It's been a long time since I played a 3D Zelda with traditional dungeons that isn't my annual Ocarina of Time playthrough. Also Groose.
  6. If I want to try one of the Atelier games, which one should I play?
  7. There's a lot of games coming out this Summer. Skyward Sword, TWEWY NEO, and Tales of Arise are what I'm eyeing. And even if there weren't, I have a backlog for a lifetime. I can't bring myself to be excited for TWEWY NEO. I loved the original, but it's been 13 years. After over a decade of being tormented with teases for a sequel, I don't care too much. But I'll still have fun playing it alongside my girlfriend who's more excited than I am. Having Square develop a sequel sooner would have been a disaster. Their development was pretty bad in the PS3 era, and has only become somewhat
  8. 1. All the meats and cheeses. 2. Cheese, mushrooms, jalapenos, and whatever spicy sauce offered. 3. Beer or wine.
  9. Today I learned that amongst a team of dozen people who collectively spent over 1000 hours of their lives on a fan translation, literally none of them thought to import a copy of Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. Instead they all worked from a bad dump of a ROM, then proceed to request you have also have said bad ROM to patch the game.
  10. Started playing Persona 3 Portable. My girlfriend kept telling me that FES is the best choice, but my availability of the TV and PS2 is very limited, so none of that matters if it's inconvenient that I may never play all the extra content. Persona games are great when you have an entire day to yourself. We're all trying to stay inside with the heat wave going on in the PNW.
  11. Happy birthday! I finished SMT Soul Hackers last night. I've always had to lower the difficulty for the final boss in any SMT game, which discourages me a little in playing some of the older games like Raidou. But Soul Hackers was great. I liked that I still had plenty of demons to look forward to fusing even in the endgame, which I felt wasn't the case in 4 and 4A. This is also one of the few games I wish had gone on longer. Spending more time with the Spookies would have been nice.
  12. Lately I've been ordering Japan-exclusive games to play them via fan translations. I've now got all the Dragon Quest monsters games released on 3DS. My girlfriend really wanted Rocket Slime 3, so I grabbed that too. Tales of Destiny DC with it's fan translation is now available to me. I was thinking on grabbing FE New Mystery of the Emblem.
  13. Wait, but Paper Mario was released February 5th in 2001... I remember getting it for my birthday just a few days after release. You folks are 4 months late. I feel like TTYD falls into this paradox that when people think of "Paper Mario" they think of TTYD rather than the original. And most people who like TTYD completely disregard the original. Kingdom Hearts has the same problem, where apparently everyone started with 2, and write off the first game.
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