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  1. Youngster Joey

    New Year’s Resolutions 2018-2019

    I'm looking to workout more regularly, ideally 2-3 times a week. I'd also like to get my Cisco certification, and to do more travelling this year.
  2. Youngster Joey

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I finished all the characters in classic mode. Classic mode this time around was a real treat, probably the best iteration of it in the series. Now that leaves me with World of Light, and I can't say I'm very interested in this mode. I'm reading it's taken players between 20-30 hours to finish this mode, which I find ridiculous. I've only played the mode for 4 hours and I feel exhausted already. The only drive I have for finishing the mode is so I can change the menu music. Also the fact that character selections reset after every Smash really grates on me. It kills my drive to play dozens of Smash matches in a row like I would before. There's no reason for it to be like this.
  3. Youngster Joey

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Finally got all the characters. I've mainly just been bouncing back and forth between Smash and Classic mode to unlock characters. I only started World of Light until a little while ago. Some impressions: - All my mains (Marth, Kirby, Ganondorf, Mewtwo) still feel very good. Ganondorf is a beautiful creature, he's what we wanted him to be since Melee. - The gameplay feels great. My biggest problem with Smash 4, especially in 1-on-1 matches, is how much time was wasted waiting for your opponent to return to the stage. The physics in Ultimate reduce that time by a wide margin. - I hate the flow of starting a Smash match. Picking a stage first is really awkward, and the game keeps deselecting your character after the much. I really hope a future update resolves this, and includes the feature to keep character skins based on user profile selected. - Online is also awful partly because of the point above. - Classic mode is really fun. I'm happy to say that after the disaster that was Smash 4 WiiU's classic mode. - Still wish that Smash Run was kept. The content in terms of modes feels a bit lacking. Does anyone know the unlock condition for changing the music in the main menu?
  4. Youngster Joey

    Viridian City - N4A Chat Thread, November 2018

    I keep forgetting that Octopath Traveler exists. I haven't read anything about the game since the week it launched, which I find amusing because people were hyping it up as the next Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger. Looking to grab Xenoblade 2 and Pokemon Ultra Sun next week from Black Friday deals.
  5. Youngster Joey

    Viridian City - N4A Chat Thread, November 2018

    I've been home all day for the last 5 days. Had wisdom teeth surgery last week. Recovery has been a lot less painful than I anticipated. Finally caught up in playing Dragon Quest XI, and I'll be playing IX with my girlfriend tomorrow. We've never done the DLC quests, so that's something we're looking forward to.
  6. Youngster Joey

    Smash Bros Direct - Nov. 1 - Discussion

    I think my biggest disappointment so far is the confirmation of no trophies. It was my favorite part of Melee and later games, I'd spend hours chilling and reading trophy descriptions. My impression so far is that Sakurai is trimming some of the fat that previous Smash games have had. No extra modes like Targets and Home-run contest, All-Star has been re-purposed as Multi-Man Melee, and less collectibles. It's not a bad decision, most players barely even touch this content. I imagine trophies were given the cut to make the deadline for this game releasing this year, considering the amount of effort of creating the models and writing/translating the flavor text. I can't say I'm very excited about Spirits, either. It seems like a pseudo-gacha system designed for busy-work. World of Light looks interesting, and a nice vehicle for exposing players to challenges and the Spirits mechanics. I would have liked to seen Smash Run stay. It's a nice divergence from the traditional Smash competition, and could have been expanded upon. At the end of the day, it's still Smash and a product of love from Sakurai. So I'll be there day one. But as someone who's play over 700 hours of Smash 3DS & WiiU, nothing about Ultimate has me very excited besides the new character additions.
  7. Youngster Joey

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    I enjoyed FoMT and AWL. I also remembering really enjoying Harvest Moon DS... Atleast until after 40 hours when I discovered you need to acquire 60 or something sprites in order to marry someone. I played some of Rune Factory 4 last year, but didn't get very far. I might pop it in soon. I associate Harvest Moon & Rune Factory as nice autumn games.
  8. Youngster Joey

    How are all of your Switches doing a year later?

    No hardware issues to speak of for my Switch. I occasionally play it for Sonic Mania. I've only invested some considerate time into games like Disgaea 5 and Super Mario Odyssey. It still hasn't replaced the 3DS for me, and there's no chance of that happening until Animal Crossing and Gen VIII Pokemon hit.
  9. Youngster Joey

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Finding an affordable, simple, and reliable wireless mouse & keyboard combo shouldn't be so difficult. Logitech has something affordable and simple like the MK235 and 270, but there's countless reports of lag and it no longer working months later. And once you move past the $60 range you're finding weird ergonomic keyboards and right-hand exclusive mouses with 8-buttons. I remember having the MK520 and it being really solid until I messed it up. But it's still $60 after 8 years. I guess there hasn't been much change in the realm of wireless keyboard and mouse combos in that time.
  10. Youngster Joey

    The Velvet Room - N4A Chat Thread, September 2018

    I haven't watched through any anime since 2015, and even then it was the original FMA series. I'm terrible at keeping up with recent media. I had this thought today when I realized the only game I've bought that's released this year is Dragon Quest XI. And I only plan on picking up Smash Ultimate for the remainder of it. January is looking killer, though, with three games that I want.
  11. Youngster Joey

    Baten Kaitos III could have happened

    I remember there being rumors of a Baten Kaitos III on the DS a long time ago. I guess that became Xenosaga I & II. Not sure what to say for Baten Kaitos in this day and age. I don't think it would be worth the cost of porting these games over in HD, definitely with the pre-rendered backgrounds that would be challenge to bring over. And with how awkward the voicing and presentation is in these 60-hour games, it would be a difficult to sell a collection to modern consumers.
  12. Youngster Joey

    The Velvet Room - N4A Chat Thread, September 2018

    Playing Dragon Quest is reminding me how much I like games with monster-raising. I've had Monster Hunter Stories in my backlog for a while now. How does it fare against Pokemon and Dragon Quest Monsters?