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  1. I'm only not at work because I took PTO for a couple days. I'm glad because work has become a circus show. Tomorrow I'll be jumping into New Horizons, but first we have to deliver a copy to my girlfriend's mom. I also need to update her game, and it can only be done by making my phone a mobile hotspot... I really hope the update is small.
  2. I would like to share with everyone here that Sarah having a Switch makes me happy, and seeing her face on my friends list has improved my Switch user experience. That is all, thank you.
  3. I'm fortunate to be working in medical IT. They laid-off the dental staff, which is scary . But I'm worried for my mom and dad who may be without work. They'll probably be depending on my paycheck and savings for the near future. I'm concerned about the economical impacts more than the virus itself. It's surreal that we went from joking about the virus a few weeks ago to people losing their jobs left and right. We were blind-sided by this, and needless to say, our current administration continues to be a joke when we need help the most.
  4. I wouldn't have recommended the Switch until a year ago. The first two years was mostly ports from WiiU and games from the prior decade. There's finally some original games worth playing. I think a problem that still exists is the system's lack of identity. The Switch lacks the personality of previous Nintendo consoles from it's design to it's UI. I said this from the day the Switch was revealed: the Switch is both a handheld and a console, but a master of none. And this remains the case. As a console, it's vastly underpowered. As a handheld, it's battery is insufficient and you're carrying something the size of a WiiU gamepad. Despite this, I think the Switch is the best move Nintendo could have pulled in their circumstances several years ago. It was obvious that Nintendo's WiiU was a failure, but their 3DS was selling great. But Nintendo couldn't bet on a successor to the 3DS as the market was shifting to mobile. I think the Switch manages to serve home console and portable users fine enough, even it wasn't done gracefully (Offering you enhanced ports of games you bought a few years ago at full price). I think a successor to the Switch will help it become a better hybrid console as processors become more powerful and energy efficient.
  5. Bring back the Wario Land series. And maybe foot the bill for some good presentation. Maybe some hand-drawn animations aiming for a story-book aesthetic.
  6. I love it when I can find an online guide in HTML5. It's infinitely better than the old days of trying to parse through someone's .txt file of a guide. I need to pick up Rune Factory 4 again. I've been playing it on-and-off for the past three years. I decided to round off my 3DS collection with a few games including Story of Seasons. To complete the collection, the last game to be added will be Yoshi's New Island.
  7. Been replaying Final Fantasy X for the third time, first time with the international edition. This game does weird things to people. People including myself really like this game, but I think we forget how terrible the camera work and animation is for cutscenes. Like, who can defend Tidus and his behaviour? Not to mention the almost nonexistant character development outside of Yuna. Wakka gets only a gentle slap on the wrist for his racist behaviour. It's really bizarre. The game is still incredibly fun and the music is great. I could see myself one day putting in the time for the platinum. I kinda hope the game receives a remake. I think the world and concept of Spira is really great, it just didn't reach it's full potential. Not sure what I'll play afterwards with AC and FFVII coming in less than two months. I have almost 300 hours of PTO at work, and the idea of doing some travelling sounds nice. I'd like to revisit some places I've lived before. I've even thought of travelling to the east to Idaho and Montana. Only problem is I don't like driving where I haven't before. It's stressful. The alternatives of taking a train takes literal days and planes don't have the satisfaction of the journey getting to your destination.
  8. This might be the first Switch game that has me excited. Terraforming the island will be nice, and I'm glad they finally brought back multi-level towns. The museum looks amazing. They've added tons of convenient improvements, and it'll be interesting to see how being to have furniture outside will change the dynamic. I'm ready for Animal Crossing to take over my life again.
  9. For a moment, let's evaluate the cost of entry into Generation 8 with all the bells and whistles that would normally included in a $40 package: $60 for either Sword or Shield $30 for the DLC season pass $5 for Pokemon Bank to transfer your Pokemon from previous gens $16 for the premium Pokemon Home service $20 for Nintendo Switch online to trade and battle with other players. After taxes, you're looking at $150 in order to enjoy Pokemon Sword & Shield to it's fullest extent. Previously, the equivalent of this would cost you 1/3 the price.
  10. Nintendo Land is a great game. I want to play it with people. The WiiU stays hooked up for virtual console and Wii games mostly.
  11. Not really, outside of trading via GTS and seeing their IVs.
  12. Wasn't Pokemon Bank introduced to the solution to this problem to begin with? There's no reason for Home to even exist like this when we could just have "Bank+", where Bank subscribers would be included in the premium plan of $5 a year. At this stage, I'm more concerned as to when they may cut off support for Bank. Hopefully it'll last another two or three years. Edit: I think I resigned to the fact Gen 7 may be a stop gap for me with the series when the Pokemon cut was announced. This is where we're at with Pokemon. Game Freak fails to deliver a satisfying Pokemon experience for long-time fans and consumers. It's no longer a joke that GF develops games with one step forward, two steps back.