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  1. Youngster Joey

    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

  2. Youngster Joey

    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    Paper Mario 64's best quality is that all the chapters are good, unlike TTYD's chapter sometimes being completely awful. PM64 was one of the first games I ever finished, and that final battle is intense even now.
  3. Youngster Joey

    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    I played an hour and a half of Witcher III and found it to be a confusing experience so far. I usually avoid Western RPGs but for a game touted as the best of this generation, I figured I should give it a try. What I faced instead were sloppy controls, having mechanics thrown at me with only paragraphs for explanation, and just general confusion for what I should be understanding. I'll give the game more time, but so far it's been overwhelming, and it's more off-putting than exciting. I've been at odds with videogames for over the past year and half since I started working. The most invested I've been lately is playing Dragon Quest IX with my girlfriend or replaying the entire Kingdom Hearts series. It's different from when I was in college and had to find ways to waste time. I just don't have the time and interest to pour hundreds of hours into Smash Ultimate or the most recent Pokemon game. I can still play through a 40-hour JRPG, it'll just take me 6 months instead of 3 weeks. It's hard to settle into the mood for certain games knowing I'm always one text message away from having to leave home to fix something for work.
  4. Youngster Joey

    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    Been plugging away at Tales of Vesperia since I finished Dragon Quest XI. I'm about 22 hours in and it's... okay? I think I'm a bit disappointed after people telling me this is the best Tales game for 10 years. I'm also finding the dialogue and terminology annoying. It would really benefit from more "show, don't tell." Thank you Karol for info-dumping me with guild and leader names, but what does it matter if I don't see them and what they do? They're just names as far as I'm concerned. And most of the scenes have a tendency of running in circles enough to make Golden Sun blush. Just get to the point already.
  5. Youngster Joey

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    Finished Dragon Quest XI after playing it in sporadic patterns for 8 months. Fantastic game with some difficulty balancing issues. The draconian mode Harder Monsters option provides an engaging experience early on until you encounter some bosses where it's flaws become apparent. The difficulty option shows that it's like someone made a "harder" romhack by boosting all enemy stats by 30%, and not bothering to play test it. Dora-in-Gray broke me with her ridiculous crit rate and chance of inflicting status ailments. I'm hoping that Square or Nintendo takes liberties and rebalancing this mode for the Switch. If I were to play the game again, I'll stick with the default difficulty. The main game is a breeze, but the post-game is difficult enough. Can't say I feel bad about having this version with the impending Switch release, either. This game is gorgeous, but it's going to be a disaster on the Switch on way or another. As for this my biggest complaint with the game:
  6. Youngster Joey

    SakuraCon 2019

    Went yesterday with my girlfriend. We both agreed this year was kind of a calm. I wasn't too floored with some of the cosplays, but I've also been out of touch with recent media in games and anime. There was tons of My Hero Academia, Bowsettes, and Jokers. If anything, I feel inclined to play Persona 5 now. My 5 Favorite Cosplays: Dragon Dildos:
  7. Youngster Joey

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    htop is a necessity for all my Linux servers. Mainly because it shows the cache usage, unlike the default system monitor.
  8. Youngster Joey

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    At some point I need to figure out how to play Trails in the Sky on Linux.
  9. Youngster Joey

    Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort - N4A Chat Thread - March 2019

    Never have been a fan of VR. Looks very uncomfortable and terrible for your eyes. I'd always seen it as grotesque, both in form and meaning. In regards to the near-future of videogame technology, I think we're approaching a time of lacking innovation. The PS4 and Xbox One are identical outside of some spec variance, and the Switch has no identity of its own outside of functional convenience. Computer technology itself has been stagnant now for almost a decade because there's no longer a need for better technology among most consumers. If anything, I feel like most current technology isn't utilized to its best potential. Cable "HD" television looks terrible on a 4K TV, web browsers take a few GB of memory if you have a few tabs open, videogames stutter because god forbid we reduce the amount of blades of grass flowing in the wind that contribute absolutely nothing to the user experience.
  10. Youngster Joey

    Two new Switch models on the way by Summer?

    If the handheld model is slightly smaller, has a better battery, and can still display output, I'll bite. The Switch's LCD screen is poor, so having a smaller display won't hurt. A battery that supports an hour more of play time would go a long way.