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  1. Happy Birthday! But yeah, I rarely ever use fast travel in BotW. The world is always fun to explore, and I often find korok seeds to my destination. My only complaints towards the game are it's guardian dungeons, and having something like a queue of weapons to auto equip when one breaks would be cool.
  2. I've read people saying Discord has replaced message boards, but what you explained is why I feel that's incorrect. It's difficult to keep track of messages and topics in it's format. I'm only 28, but most people I know who are just a few years younger than me look at me like I'm an old man for still using message boards. It's weird to think this year will mark 10 years since I graduated highschool and started college. I can at least still say college was infinitely better than my HS experience. My first year of college comprised of hour and a half long bus rides, spending 12
  3. Started playing Gotta Protectors on the 3DS since yesterday. This game is super fun and now I'm excited for the Switch game coming this year. I love the parodied western art in the game's manual that you would find for NES/SNES games. I kind of unironically enjoy the old tradition of turning an anime character into some He-Man Hannah-Barbera look-a-like.
  4. I remember joining Nsider in late 2005, just when I started middle school. I was 12 at the time, and really digging JRPGs with Final Fantasy I&II and Kingdom Hearts: CoM on the GBA. I used the name "HUBO". To this day, I don't know what compelled me to make that name, but I imagined it was a cute robot, and that's why I always used a ROB avatar. I remember posting reviews for games I liked. I aspired to write for Nintendo Power at the time, and even years later. I think I had finally reached Koopa rank just in time for the forums to shut down. Nsider stands as a very interesting point
  5. This reminds me I was surprised to see the word "simp" used in Pokemon Ruby, when you first meet the leader of Team Magma in Slateport City. This also reminds that while recently replaying Pokemon White, an artist trainer says, "Looks like I've been white-washed!" upon defeat. On a completely different topic, I recently acquired a PS5 (disc version). It's rekindled my interest in playing PS games. After I finally finish FF7R, I was thinking on playing Nier:automata. I also thought of recently trying to play Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, but I try ignoring that voice.
  6. I'm in favor of the style they chose for the DP remakes. Sword and Shield are an ugly set of games. And I think the chibi-esque style is part of DP's charm. Legends looks really cool. It'll hopefully make the people who've been crying for a Pokemon of the Wild game finally shut up. Everything here looked great. None of these games are developed by GameFreak, so hopefully GF is receiving the time they need to make a quality product. But with Pokemon Company reaching to other developers, that gives hope to new and interesting titles. Also I laughed out loud when they comple
  7. Not much going on these days, it feels like. I've been playing Monster Hunter Stories, and I was thinking on dropping the game, but once I pushed past the snow stage, things are a little more interesting. What hurts more is the fact that Monster Hunter feels terrible to play on the 3DS. The deadzone on the circle pad is so big. I'm basically pushing as far as physically possible before my character moves. I want to replay the Zenithian Dragon Quest games, mainly VI. Great games, but I want to see how fast I can finish them now than in my previous playthroughs. I remember VI took me like
  8. I dug out an old Sansa Sandisk MP3 player. It looks like this: I know it's nostalgia, but this tiny lil device was and is still really cool. I remember my brother buying this as a birthday gift back in 2008, when iPods were all the rage. I remember wanting this instead because I really hated using itunes. It only has 2GB of storage, which seemed adequate at the time. I remember converting most of my library into .wma format because I couldn't discern the difference on my super cheap earbuds. I would eventually come to regret that decision, but for a beautiful moment in time, I was able
  9. I was gifted $50 in eShop credit for my birthday, and the only thing that's interesting me is trying one of the Atelier games. Their cost usually deters me, but I have money to blow in this case. Can anyone recommend Atelier Ryza? Is the performance really bad on Switch? Graphical downgrades are acceptable, but load times would be more concerning. Update: learned that the game doesn't have an English dub. That's a little discouraging.
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