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  1. Finished 999 today with the true ending. My girlfriend recommended me this game, and I wasn't quite digging the game at first. After my first failed ending, though, I was hooked. It's now my favorite DS visual novel, followed by Ace Attorney 1 and Hotel Dusk. I kind of miss unique DS titles that use the system in clever ways.
  2. Thanks for the info! I haven't done video recording in almost a decade, so it's a little new. I'm working with OBS on Linux, and it seems pretty straight forward. I was thinking that 1000kbps for 480p video was the ideal rate.
  3. So I decided to get an inexpensive (less than $20) HDMI capture card and HDMI splitter. Once those come in I'll start doing tests and figure out streaming. My biggest concern is making it work with my ISPs bandwidth cap. I hope streaming upwards of 18 hours of OoT at 480p won't be a problem. @Pichi
  4. I don't think I've had to consider reviews in over a decade. There's usually enough media available beforehand to know if it's a game I may enjoy. That, and I know my tastes differ greatly from most reviewers, where I enjoy archaic RPGs and Mystery Dungeon titles.
  5. I have this controller without the handles. For some reason, the left analog stick drifts like nobodies business when used. The d-pad is perfect, though. It's my go to controller for Sonic Mania and Collection of Mana. I've tried updating the controller with their software, but it's confusing and I never got it to work.
  6. I'm pretty sure SimCity (SNES) and 2000 are still the best in the series. I tried playing SimCity 4 once, but all I remember was compatibility issues with Vista. I always install Micropolis for Linux.
  7. I'm thinking sometime this Summer I'm going to play through Ocarina of Time within a day. I'll start at around 6AM and have around 18 hours. Should be plenty of time, but I almost want to stream it. I haven't used a capture device in almost 10 years, and this stuff is still pretty expensive. I just assumed things had become easier with streamers becoming really popular. This isn't factoring that I use Linux and my options are limited.
  8. Is Picross S4 good? I finished Mario's Picross a year ago and have since felt something missing in my life. Is S4 what I need in order to find fulfillment? @skycandy
  9. @Pichi@DranSeasona I should have denoted that my ranking was based on my favorites, so it's all subjective. I have a post from a year ago that goes over my thoughts of the series: At the time I was playing DQ3, and I plan on elaborating more on my thoughts of the game and the Erdrick trilogy later. Picked up Grandia HD Collection and Tales of Vesperia from the Eshop sale this week. I played through ToV last year on the PS4, and I thought it was okay. I wish developers would provide a cross-save solution for multiplatform games. I spent almost a week grinding Grade so I could have my abilities and other stuff for Newgame+. Seeing Persona 4 get an official PC release makes me nostalgic for playing P4 on emulator back in 2012. Fun game, enjoyed my time with it despite dropping the game because I didn't have enough wisdom to progress the story. Only attempted the game once after, but I was busy trying to find a job at the time and was too stressed to enjoy it. That, and JRPGs based in high school just no longer appeal to me.
  10. I've done it, lads. I've finished every Dragon Quest mainline game released in the US. Finishing up VII was painful, taking around 90 hours. I'm glad I was able to finish it this year after a 3-year hiatus. Quick ranking of the games from best to worst:
  11. I've been on a Mario Golf kick for the past few weeks. Toadstool Tour is still great, World Tour is pretty fun. I'm thinking I'll pick up the DLC once I put more time into the game.
  12. Planning to attend a protest with my brother and sister-in-law this upcoming Sunday. Not going to lie, I'm a bit nervous going to my first protest, as it may be overwhelming and could become violent. But I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunities and comfort I've had all my life, and the brutality from police is inexcusable.
  13. So last week I started Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and since then I've put in about 15 hours into it. It's actually some of the most fun I've had with a JRPG in the past couple years. The battle system is really engaging despite being a clusterfuck. The presentation and soundtrack is terrific, and it's fun to explore the world. The character design is downright embarrassing, though. What were they thinking? Also I heard a lot grumbling about certain blade skills being required at some main story points? Anyone got some tips on how to avoid that being an issue?
  14. I just spent the past month replaying HeartGold, finishing around 80 hours. It's kind of insane how good DS-era Pokemon is. 3DS-era Pokemon is "good", if only for it improving some meta features and only adding more Pokemon insteading of taking them away.