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  1. I've only been to gamestop maybe four times in the past 3 years. All those times were pretty agonizing. Gamestop has just been a terrible customer experience for nearly a decade now.
  2. Good direct. I was hoping for some Mario Maker 2 DLC Happy to see that SNES is coming to Switch, including Yoshi's Island and Starfox. Terry in Smash... I liked the trailer. But I've got Dragon Quest in Smash now, anything else added is just a bonus. I'm still hoping they add an expanded Smash Run to Ultimate. I still have FE# for the WiiU waiting to be played, so I don't feel inclined to pick up the Switch port. GameFreak has managed the herculean effort of slightly improving Pokemon Aime and Trainer Customization after 6 years. I'm hoping AC New Horizons will consume my life next year. Xenoblade looks okay. They're updated the character models but the environments look the same.
  3. Consoles. Can't stand the philosophy of most mobile games, but I do open Pokemon Go on the occasion since my job has me going to different locations. I've been more home console games in the past few years since I got a PS4 after I graduated. While I was in college, though, the bus was my sole mode of transportation, so I was playing the 3DS a lot. Seeing my Activity Log records show I played over 1,000 hours for those years. Can't say I regret it. I don't think any system will give me the same experience as the 3DS, with features like Streetpass. But games like FE Awakening, AC New Leaf, and Smash 3DS came at just the right time, when I could still round up friends to play with at any moment. I still frequently play my 3DS, but I can't fathom playing as much as before. Edit: Y'all need to buy Dragon Quest XI. Incredible JRPG, and I'm excited to replay it for a second time with the Definitive Edition.
  4. Pokemon Platinum: Decided to revisit this game a few months back, and I've got all 8 gym badges. But I'm trying to have 100 entries in the Pokedex before doing the Pokemon League. Doing all the capturing gives me nostalgic vibes of when I got back into the series with Diamond a decade ago, and I was spending all Summer playing the game and working with other users on Nsider2 to complete the Pokedex (never finished it.) Dragon Warrior III: Been playing this on-and-off. Went with a Merchant/Priest/Wizard setup. So far my biggest enemy is the random encounter rate. I tend to be exhausted of resources before I even reach the boss of a dungeon. I'm thinking I'll turn my Merchant into a sage when the time comes. I still need to play my annual playthrough of Ocarina of Time and FE Awakening this year. Aside from those, not sure what I'll try fitting into my schedule for the remainder of the year. I may try Ace Attorney 3 and picking Rune Factory 4 back up, and I want to try Metroid: Samus Returns.
  5. I'm about 10.5 hours in the game now, and my opinion hasn't changed much... In almost any given hour, Three Houses rarely feels like you're playing a game but instead a visual-novel/sim game. I don't have much time for playing games on the weekdays, so spending my free time sitting through dialogue and performing menial tasks doesn't always sound very interesting compared to jumping into battles. And this bums me out in some respect because for the 3DS entries, it was really fun to play those games alongside everyone at the time of release. But with how long this is looking, I won't have time for the hype train this time.
  6. Played about 3.5 hours tonight, so these are just my first impressions. Picked Blue Lions. Dimitri isn't nearly as douchey as I had feared, he seems like a genuine person. Much of the cast seems likeable, and I'm glad it seems they geared more towards quality over quantity in this entry. Presentation just feels sloppy, however. I like that they've fully animated cutscenes and even support conversations, but the game has the technical prowess of an early PS2 game. The only nice looking features are some of the texture work and the heads of character models (texture quality on the bodies is abysmal.) I'm sort of convinced at this stage that the Switch has weaker graphics than the WiiU. Voice acting is good, though. Male Byleth is kind of dull, so I'm glad the voice actor is being replaced later (I would almost prefer him to be mute.) Much of the time exploring the Monarch kind of feels like an expanded My Castle. I've played for 3.5 hours, and I've had maybe 3 battles in that time? I'd rather my time outside of battles to be short, not to instead comprise the length of an entire other game. And I'm just not sure how much of these little side activities matter in the long run, so when the game offers me the "skip" option, I worry I'm missing out on important decisions. I'm interested in seeing where the game goes, but the slow and plodding way of which this game plays has hindered my excitement into playing more.
  7. Finished End of Evangelion. As a whole for the original series, I think it's great. I can appreciate its ambition and ideas, definitely for its time. The content presented is really dense, so I think I'd have to rewatch it all to have a better understanding. I noticed there's the manga series that's been republished recently on Amazon. Is that worth checking out?
  8. Reporting in with a new Ryzen 5 3600. Worst part was updating the BIOS. But it's running Linux Mint like a dream. Now I just need to get this thing in its case.
  9. CPU and Mobo coming in tonight. I'll be pleasantly surprised if this works out.
  10. The upgrade the Switch desperately needed. I may upgrade sometime next year for this.
  11. I bought BotW again so I could put away the WiiU. There's still a bunch of WiiU games I need to play, including Pikmin 3, 3D World, DKTF, and #FE. The Switch is starting to show it's worth this year after two years of ports. I'm not sure if I'll be picking up Sword & Shield. I'm not at all happy with GameFreak's decisions and quality with these games, but I can see myself getting it because of my friends wanting to play together. But even then I may only just finish the main story and consider it done.
  12. Ordered the Ryzen 5 3600, along with a new case, memory, and motherboard. I'll repurpose my PSU and GPU. If everything works out, I'm going to frame my i5-2400. It's served me well these past 8 years.