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    Remember Outsider?

    Well, you're welcome back if you want. It's hardly the same, but you might see one or two familiar faces, who knows. I should add, the database survived *despite the best efforts of GoDaddy* which forcibly moved the DB to a different physical server, without any fucking notice, and then dropped tables from the DB. Took 10 hours of angry phone calls for them to dig the full DB off the old drive, and then I had to manually edit a few table entries directly to get it all back together again. Was a super fun couple of days when that happened.
  2. HeroofTime55

    Remember Outsider?

    Hope this is alright, but I'm poking my head in old Nsider offshoots to see if I can't round up some old time Outsider members. We had a few URL changes under varying circumstances, and people get lost along the way. I don't recall what our first URL was, but it was some invisionfree nonsense or something run by Karel (who is, and always will be, forum) Then we moved to gtfoutsider.com, run by Phydeaux. That iteration blew up when we discovered he was a pedophile and registered sex offender, so he pulled the plug. Fun Fact: Milo (the famous alt-right guy, yes) did a piece on the very same Phydeaux because the pedo is STILL going after little kiddies, very recently. That was super funny to follow up on. Think he went back to prison for it, lol. Anyway, when he went off the deep end, we set up shop on kevinmara.com under Soup, converted one of his joke forums into the new Outsider, and that ran a good 8 years. At the end of that, a much more amicable transfer of ownership to myself, current domain is ootsid.com. The database actually survived this time, so it's nice to keep 9 years of history and everything, as well as everyone's accounts. You guys seem fairly active, and I'm not trying to recruit from here, but just trying to lay out a few beacons for any old Outsiders who might have gotten lost along the way with all the crazy domain transfers. Hope that's alright. -Hero