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    Where's our next Nintendo Direct?!

    Yeah, I think you’re right. Theirs is kind of like an honorary post these days. Corocoro is given some information now just because they used to be a big deal for Pokémon fans, but it’s really just peanuts or elaborating on certain pre-revealed details. Or maybe TPC feels kind of bad for them so throws them an occasional bone? In any case, I suspect Nintendo will want to discuss upcoming early-mid 2019 games soon. So I definitely think one is around the corner.
  2. DranSeasona

    [RUMOR] Switch firmware 7.0.0 coming soon?

    I feel so bad for you right now. I remember losing a Chansey I worked super hard on raising during a trade-error, once. I felt terrible. New firmware is always good. Doubt it’s anything major, but that’s ok.
  3. Are cell phone stores just sketchy, is that the issue? Yay got another shiny!
  4. DranSeasona

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    @DLurkster: I respectfully disagree. I felt that the platforming elements worked really well. Many people may not have liked it or found it unintuitive perhaps, but these are all subjective rather than objective views based on one’s personal experience of the games.
  5. DranSeasona

    Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

    Fair enough. I am willing to give the games I didn’t play the benefit of the doubt. Who ya gonna call? Nostalgia!
  6. DranSeasona

    Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

    I am sure this will be an unpopular opinion, but based on my limited experience with Tales characters, they don’t usually seem very nuanced; at least not the games I played. There seems to be an idea the developers were trying to get across in the game as a whole (I.e. theme), and the characters serve that idea (or tropes), rather than coming off as particularly realistic. I know many people applaud these games, but the ones I played came off as condescending, to me (Phantasia, Symphonia, Symphonia 2). I dunno, maybe some games are better than others, and I haven’t managed to play Vesperia yet, so I will leave it at that.
  7. DranSeasona

    Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Discussion Thread

    I think control issues are very hit or miss as far as complaint for these games goes. Personally I had no trouble whatsoever with the ball throwing mechanic, joycon or pokeball, but yeah obviously some people are. Don’t know what to say but I feel for you guys on that. Right now I am mostly milking this game for Meltan so I can get another Melmetal.
  8. Fun times. Think I vaguely remember the Super Mario 64 one...
  9. Aww man, just finished field research and got another Articuno as my reward. Ah well, there’s still a month and a half of the current offerings left, so maybe my luck will be better next time...
  10. DranSeasona

    Rumor Mill heating up about SNES games incoming for NSO

    Definitely think they need to up their game for NSO, so this would be a start, if true. But ultimately still unsatisfying; we now have 20 year old games instead of 30. Whoo-hoo?
  11. DranSeasona

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    @DLurkster: Truth be told I really couldn’t get into last gen Smash, so no, I didn’t play that mode. It’s not a deal breaker for me, it just feels odd. Honestly, I feel the platforming of Brawl did it better, at least for me. Well, looks like @Tyranogre was correct, if this video is accurate Looks like the only bone SE was willing to throw this time was Cloud (admittedly big bone). Or Nintendo just didn’t want to cough up the dough for licensing at this point. Either way kind of bummed. lol I’m nowhere near good enough for intensity 9.9 yet, so I will take all of your words for it.
  12. DranSeasona

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Just got Geno. I am happy that Geno is at least a legendary spirit and not a low one. Anybody know if the Geno costume for the Mii gunner is in Ultimate? WoL beat too, into WoD... I have mixed feelings about this adventure mode. On the one hand it’s fun, on the other hand, I feel like I’m playing Mario Party, and that’s kind of weird.
  13. DranSeasona

    Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

    If it’s just the joycons I would suggest sending them in for repairs. My warranty ran out so I had to buy new ones, but replacing the cons is cheaper and more efficient than the whole system.
  14. Where’s VII? Isn’t it just a simple port? Wonder what’s taking so long...
  15. DranSeasona

    Switch Pro coming this year?

    Pro and Lite idea makes sense, they have done that with lots of consoles before. I mean, ducks I’d likely be automatically lumped into the Lite group since I don’t plan on upgrading, but whatever. As long as they still support original Switch, I’m fine.
  16. DranSeasona

    Introductions thread.

    I was just Seasona for a while on Oldsider and NSider2, not that adding “Dran” makes much of a difference but hey. I mostly hung around the Zelda, Pokémon and fan-fic boards. And yes, I was away for 6 years from forums, and when I decided to return I found NSider2 had imploded... oh well. Nice to have people to talk to from the old forums. Fun times to be had here, though!
  17. DranSeasona

    Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Discussion Thread

    I put many hours into the game, beat the League, completed the Pokédex, became Mew and Mewtwo Master and beat Red. Now I think I am done. Don’t feel motivated to become Grand Master. Still willing to coordinate trades, though. Overall loved the music and graphics. A nice toe dip into the Switch for Pokémon, in my opinion.
  18. I am hoping for a Moltres from field research, although honestly if I am lucky a Lugia or Ho-oh would be amazing. Got my first Skorupi today. I have three Suicune. Lol I guess I am having similar luck to @Kezay.
  19. DranSeasona

    what do you do for a living?

    I work in a bank (in Canada, so we’re not quite as blood thirsty as I hear American banks are; although emphasis on “quite”) doing risk management work. That basically is a fancy way of saying I help my group stay out of compliance hell. Although the frustrating part is having no actual authority... People can listen or don’t, and when they don’t listen and get caught by Audit, everyone can get in trouble. But most of my job is much more fulfilling than I expected. I got the job 3 years ago as part of a program where a non-profit organization helps place an individual with Aspergers/Autism with a partner company. Most of my peers ended up in anti-money laundering but I love where I am. They love me and my work here (with the exception of a couple people but hey that’s life). My bosses are happy so that’s the most important thing.
  20. DranSeasona

    Introductions thread.

    Oh hey, I recognize @Malkon! Welcome to the Ninfora community. You probably don’t know me at all, but that’s ok. Look forward to seeing another Oldsider around.
  21. DranSeasona

    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    You’re very welcome, @Uni! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (sunk 200 hours into it on PC... and another 150 on Switch lol)! Also hope your holidays were good, too. Thanks also to everyone for a fun Secret Santa this year. I am surprised by how easy Chrom made it and then how well everyone got into it. It’s amazing how we can do something like this these days, whereas not that long ago this kind of long distance event would have been almost unthinkable. It reminds me of being a mod in another community struggling (and ultimately failing lol) to organize a video captured Pokemon tournament in the early days of YouTube... My ambitions outstripped my technical capacity. This by contrast went so smoothly, which surprised me. Great work everyone and I look forward to next time!
  22. I agree completely. I use a tool called Poke Genie (others here have been using it before me) to help me determine which Pokémon to level up and evolve, as it gives details on what the max CP for a Pokémon is.
  23. Happy New Year from the sky (on a plane), Ninfora! And no, doesn’t appear to be any snakes...
  24. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for being such a nice online community.