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  1. That’s Steve Buscemi saying that, right? I’ve seen that quote in, like, two or three videos on YouTube lately.
  2. The Arceus game totally came out of left field. The potential there is staggering. I’m a bit meh on the DP remakes but the Legends game surprisingly excites me.
  3. I don’t know about most of whatever they were going on about in the video (the discussion was pretty sporadic), but certainly I can agree that this is a good excuse to test out a potential 3D Mario evolution in a less committal way than a full-fledged game. With that said, I can definitely see this spawning a new open world Mario game, but honestly with Nintendo’s track record, I think calling it a “direction” would be too generous. It seems to me pretty arbitrary what game mechanics stick for more than one iteration and which just kind of get thrown to the side after one go. They exp
  4. I “beat” Bowser’s Fury last night. It’s pretty fun running around in an open world again and fighting Bowser as Giga Cat Mario is pretty fun, too.
  5. Yes, you can soft reset if unsuccessful. But are your Chocobos sufficiently trained via the races? You need to pass a certain threshold there before you can get the proper Chocobo.
  6. I know he’s popular these days but I don’t think I have ever heard any of his songs before. Should probably see if I can even stand him before thinking about attending a concert, but that’s pretty neat. Would be nice if they put some of this marketing budget of theirs into building better games, but I guess that’s beating a dead horse now...
  7. @Shadow118Digimon CS is an okay game. A bit trope-y and weird, especially if your exposure to Digimon was just the original anime’s dub (like me :P). How the game uses the universe of Digimon to tell its specific story was IMO pretty trippy. But you would probably enjoy it for it’s monster collection mechanic, given how you enjoy Pokémon. So if you are able to look past some eccentric (and sometimes a bit disturbing) plot elements or even enjoy those, as well as some questionable character designs, I can recommend it as a reasonably good time. ___________ As to FFVII, I
  8. Yeah dunno whatever happened to QA but I am hoping this is too big for them to ignore/dismiss now.
  9. The video points out that the images they show are not final versions of Lego Sonic, they’re basically just conversation starters between LEGO and Sega. I don’t think the final product will necessarily look just like this. This is kind of neat but I’m not sure what they would actually do with it. Mario’s gimmicks are a bit easier to adapt to LEGO IMO. Would they maybe do a hot wheels kind of thing where LEGO Sonic can actually move fast? That might be neat.
  10. Well yes, I know the Witcher began as a book series, but we all know how difficult adaptations of books can be, too. Middle-earth for example has a long history of adaptations falling flat or not even getting off the ground. Peter Jackson’s success with LotR trilogy was an enigma, IMO, not an inevitability. The Witcher is arguably an easier thing to serialize or just adapt than Zelda, specifically because of how its protagonist is framed, whether they choose to follow the books or not. The games themselves are evidence of this, building on a rich world using Geralt’s fairly simple at i
  11. I think Star Fox might be cursed or something, since they have never been able to properly pin down the series since 64. Though we’ll never know about the show now, it’s rough history as a series always gave me pause for basically any project using it as a base. So I’m not really bent out of shape over not getting a TV show. Zelda while more successful is difficult to pin down too, with respect to distilling its essence into something most people could agree on for a possible adaptation. I feel like for all its complexity the Witcher is an easier thing to adapt due to its central s
  12. I too was initially disappointed when SMRPG2 was no longer and out of its ashes rose this series. But I actually was intrigued by the concept anyway and still bought it on release. While it will never replace SMRPG in my heart, I still loved this franchise from the beginning. That said, Nintendo really did show their more stubborn side from an administrative perspective ever since Sticker Star. They just refuse to listen to long-standing fans asking pretty specifically for RPG elements and more interesting unique characters (as in not generic Toads), opting instead for gimmicks and
  13. It’s true that map variety is definitely better in Fates. To be honest I preferred the soundtrack in Fates and felt myself more emotionally invested in some of the story moments at the time, even if I overall felt either choice but the DLC route was pointless. So I don’t think the game is without merit or anything... actually some of the plot elements felt a bit more raw to me. Whereas in Three Houses I felt the story was trying to be a grander epic (debate all we will on if they succeeded in that), to me Fates definitely felt more personal.
  14. Fair enough. I’m not really pretending the game is perfect or anything, I just felt they did a lot better than I was expecting them to. Honestly though for some of the beats I’m missing story-wise I have just been trying to fill in the blanks via wikis and stuff. Sure I shouldn’t have to do that in theory, but humour me for a second as I play devil’s advocate. If the central premise of the game is that you need to make a decision and stick with it and deal with the consequences, this design kind of works. It doesn’t really make sense in theory that one would know everything there
  15. I really don’t mind how they handled Three Houses at all. And I would argue that their decision to build the game like this wasn’t altogether trend-based. Since one of FE’s strengths has always been characterization, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to dabble in the choice template for story-telling, since frankly that seems to me a natural fit. Fates dropped the ball on this, sure, but I think Three Houses pulled it off better by having a more complicated history that allows for people to have diverse motivations, giving these choices much more of an impact. Of cour
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