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  1. Oh is it your birthday? Happy birthday Pichi! Hope you had a good day!
  2. That interview was pretty good. I am willing to give this game a shot for sure. Was that a Toad Temple at the very end of the video? That’s pretty funny.
  3. Lol Thanks. Fair points, I don’t really know what would be well enough known these days since I am so far out of the pop culture loop. But if a band I am familiar with could be still well enough known then I guess I may not be as far removed as I thought. Edit: Thanks for the pin up, Chrom!
  4. Not sure if I can do this but nobody did it yet... Figured I would pay homage to the Paper Mario game coming out this month to jump start the chat thread. Also obscure 70s band reference FTW!
  5. I was able to get my Zeraora yesterday. Apparently the fix for Pokémon not being registered to the Isle of Armor Pokédex when transferring from home has now been fixed, too, with this latest update.
  6. Joy. Well the naysayers were all saying “COVID is just like a flu”, right? Well now if we’re so lucky we’ll get to experience another actual flu pandemic. And to your point, bad timing and all. Reminds me of those funny memes about Earth taking pandemics as medicine to specifically combat humanity... and then the Sun suggesting it just lob another asteroid at Earth.
  7. Of course it’s how I see it. Anybody can really only say how they see things, right? My understanding was we would start reopening once we started hitting our (arbitrary) target of, what was it, 200 per day? Yeah we’re barely scraping that now but we started reopening 3 weeks ago. It’s silly. Try easing restrictions when we get much closer to zero, maybe. As for “taking the precautions“, I don’t know where you are in the province but where I am only half the people I see on the rare occasions I go to get supplies seem to be taking it seriously at all. Even in my own family they aren’t totally dedicated to the effort (some not at all). Of the people that do care, not all of them understand even everything they should be doing. So call it a geographic difference maybe but I am definitely calling it as I see it.
  8. We‘ve been opening up in Ontario slowly too, not that we earned it on our end... anyway, good job east coast! @PichiI am guessing you don’t have access to a sewing machine, eh?
  9. Welcome back! You have to beat the post-game completely to be able to Gigantamax Urshifu unfortunately but yeah, the trick works. I am getting the same error. Obviously everyone trying to get Zeraora at the same time is crashing the servers. Lol
  10. It’s not lupus, it’s never lupus.
  11. It is available on Switch, I downloaded it there. Eh, I find it pretty boring actually. Not at all my cup of tea... pun intended.
  12. I actually beat about 6 Zeraora myself, 4 and 5 star variants. Ran into one shiny but it beat me and my one other human helper to a pulp. Lol I started a new save last night to get the second Urshifu. Funny how easy it is to exploit raids in order to get over leveled. The only thing really stopping me from completing Urshifu’s quest is the lack of a bike (water specifically). So will have to play to at least just after Gym 6 I guess.
  13. Yes, watching it waddle around in the camp is quite funny, IMO. @DLurksterOkay, that makes a bit more sense, yes. So it’s really just you were knee deep in trying to get 2nd Urshifu so weren’t progressing the DLC story in the main file. And I actually figured out the workaround to the dex on my own by accident. I was trying to breed a couple of the ones I needed to transfer and when I withdrew it registered in the dex. I was quite surprised as it never even occurred to me that would work like that.
  14. I am a little confused. I figured this out naturally as they tell you as much the next time you walk into the Dojo after evolving into Urshifu. Is there some kind of glitch with some people’s games where the continuation of the dlc’s story does not trigger after evolving into Urshifu? Anyway I completed the story and the dex. Working on getting the Diglett. By the way for those wondering, if you’re transferring in Pokémon from Home to complete the Dex, a workaround the current glitch where that doesn’t automatically register is to deposit your needed Pokémon with the daycare, then when you withdraw them it triggers the game to register them in the Pokédex.
  15. I am enjoying the Isle of Armor dlc thus far although definitely feels a bit too short. Hoping the Crown Tundra beefs out the experience a bit. Anyway fun to start catching em all again for the 140 new additions. Evolving Slowpoke is very interesting. I kind of wish more Pokémon had evolution methods like that.