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  1. No. You log in using your Nintendo Online registered user, then you can manually change to a different user (i.e. file) after it launches before you select which game you are going to access Home with. It’s not entirely intuitive but after all this time they have yet to patch that option out, which makes me think it was intentional.
  2. Is this Inspector Gadget the show or movie? If the former I don’t see the issue, if the latter... yeah, ok.
  3. Looks really good actually. Graphics are much nicer than I expected. Really looking forward to this new Snap iteration.
  4. I get it (I am an aspie too and social stuff has always been very hard for me), and understand what you were going for, but I would still suggest trying to be more careful. There are serious implications with comparing those two things. There’s obviously very good reason for people to get specifically upset about the one over the other...
  5. I found the show funny usually but really thought they overplayed Sheldon’s stereotypes. Young Sheldon appears to do the same thing, naturally, and that’s still on. I don’t personally have strong feelings either way about if he is autistic and if so, if his portrayal is particularly problematic. Mostly I just remind myself that it’s a tv show and they’re going to take liberties whether I like them all or not. I don’t think it’s the same as blackface. At all. That’s harmful not only because it’s stereotyping, it perpetuates specific and invented stereotypes that by design are trying
  6. Is that grammatically correct, or is it “peni”? English is a funny language with its inconsistent rules...
  7. So before we close out the year I just want to say sorry for going a little overboard with the pessimism yesterday. I definitely think hope is important and don’t begrudge anyone wanting to look forward to a new year with lots of potential. And @ace, I am especially sorry considering what you have had to go through on the front lines this year. Thank you for putting yourself out there, and I have a lot of respect for you especially showing vulnerability like you did. Here’s to a new year with new possibilities for good to come.
  8. Same, got that email back, too. I tried to suggest multiple ways they could fix their mistake and got the same thing back again. So yeah, no dice.
  9. Sure we can celebrate victories as they come, but even the things mentioned above are not perfect “victories”. There is always work to do... and it will require a lot of sacrifice to do it right. As just an example, if enough people don’t get vaccinated with one or another vaccine, or at least perform the basic sacrifices that have been asked of us thus far (which has been difficult for a lot of people), this thing will linger and kill a lot more people, and then may never go away (a new smallpox/bubonic plague, or worse). It’s already mutating; if we waste any more time with lacklust
  10. This way of thinking is kind of silly, IMO. With climate change, an ongoing pandemic, geopolitical unrest in various parts of the world and countless other potential things to be concerned about, I really don’t think that 2021 is really shaping up to be any better than 2020... There’s never an end to things to work on, it doesn’t just go away when the clock hits midnight on the 31st-1st. I mean I know news outlets like to drum up this kind of thinking for clicks, but your average person really shouldn’t be expecting 2021 to magically be better than 2020...
  11. @Link, the Hero of DreamsI take it you’ve been to the doctor’s already, right?
  12. Right now I am playing Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. It’s the first Digimon game I ever played and it’s much weirder than I expected. I was expecting something more akin to the first 3 seasons of the Digimon anime (which was really my only official exposure to the series). But it’s a bit trippy at times, IMO. Some of the minor plots are strangely messed up, too...
  13. That does make sense. Probably not the first time an unrelated company has pretended to be putting out a ridiculous-premise console to drum up publicity, either...
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