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  1. DQVIII is very good but in my opinion, the plot of XI is just more interesting, mostly because the characters all get a bit fleshed out more than in VIII. For the Ys series, so far I have only played Ys VIII, but I really enjoyed that one. Particularly they did one of my least favourite tropes very well, and the plot overall was quite unique and engaging. It does suffer from a bit of a lack of focus in the first arc, but it all pans out in the end! If Ys IX is anything similar, I probably would like it, too.
  2. I actually really liked XII in particular, when I got around to playing it on Switch. It felt much shorter than other mainline FF games, though. Usually I wouldn’t complain about that but I felt particularly engaged in that story/world and wished they had fleshed it out a bit more. Honestly I think as a general series feel though I prefer Dragon Quest. Just overall more interesting to me. I guess I’m a sucker for the chosen pure hearted hero trope.
  3. Well I recently took the plunge and got into this game. It’s quite fun in and of itself, but the micro transactions are annoying. Also strangely expensive? Like, would I really spend $50 to get access to one character and kart, and a handful of gems? Nope... Here’s my friend code if anyone besides @The Albraskanstill plays. Thanks for being my first friend by the way. 4537 5436 4647
  4. I recently splurged and bought Simon from Castlevania and preordered Hero. I would like to represent 1 amiibo from each of my favourite series, at least.
  5. I wonder if this means more console exclusivity or not. I feel like in today’s market buying Bethesda really translates to mostly getting a chunk of their sales (and the potential to apply pressure on them to produce more consumable games, but I’m not certain they would). I don’t think they would turn around on their recent cross-platform initiative because of this, I mean by keeping options open they stand to make more money than forcing console exclusivity, right?
  6. Porygon community day event today was great! Not only did I get three shinies but because Sinnoh stones were given I finally finished evolving my Sinnoh stone lines.
  7. I’m afraid I don’t really understand this response. What are you getting at? Are you saying masks are not important because we want a vaccine? If so... Masks are absolutely important for stopping this thing. A vaccine’s purpose is to end the pandemic or at least greatly curtail its threat. The purpose of masks is to contain the virus’ spread. The two are not mutually exclusive so there’s no reason to set up a dichotomy between vaccine and masks. If that’s not what you’re saying then sorry, I just don’t get what your point is. Also not sure why simply saying the military will help is all you need to hear... but that seems to be a personal thing. How many people have officially succumbed in your country now, close to 200,000 right? Not sure how anyone can feel “safe” with numbers like that... especially not if social distancing and mask wearing are not taken seriously by so many.
  8. Thanks for the book recommendation. I know, even just laymen observations can demonstrate that it’s happening... Things are just so much more intense than they used to be. @Pichi That’s so sad. I didn’t even know Bush’s government was doing that. I know he also really pushed for a pandemic plan, which Obama’s team built on but modern GOP cut to smithereens... @purple_beard I recently saw a meme that said something along the lines of “voting isn’t marriage, it’s a bus station. Don’t wait for the perfect one, get on the bus that’s going closest to your desired destination”. Might be important to keep that kind of thinking in mind.
  9. Oh really? Interesting that they have it as one of the missions then but I guess they want to promote MKT, too...
  10. I think it’s silly that they’re not giving us recognition towards the pins for competing in the recent Mario Kart tour until September 29, but whatever... Anyone who has the mobile Mario Kart game want to friend up?
  11. I’ve never understood the politicization of climate change. This is something that literally impacts everyone but right-leaning people just chalk it up to a left-wing conspiracy... it’s funny because if the climatologists are wrong (they’re not but bear with me), the average person loses comparatively little by making society less superficial. But we lose everything if we don’t. And in fact, it might already be too late... All this just to save a bit of money on consumables? Or is it more because of racism? What really do people gain by being apologists for this broken system? Especially in America where most people are one hospital visit away from bankruptcy? I know corporate greed and quarter to quarter thinking contributed greatly to this problem, it’s why we outsourced everything to China and places where workers were easier to exploit and environmental regulations were lower. But that they’ve so enraptured the “average Joe” with their own greedy rhetoric is really quite alarming to me. Since the average Trump supporter arguably sees less of the tangible benefits of this system than the 1% (white-privilege aside, that doesn’t account for the whole thing)... I really can’t fathom the depths of why they want to keep things this way. I know there are many reasons, many excuses... but it’s just so frustrating. People just refuse to see the forest for the trees. And now the forest is on fire!
  12. Yeah bullet point 8 saying the word “game” was my tip-off.
  13. I finished the Unova Special Research quests today (after having to wait for the photo bug fix for a few weeks)! Got myself a Genesect, which is nice. Also Hatched a shiny Alolan Meowth from an egg, which is neat, too.
  14. Me too. Could be regional thing maybe? Like, maybe we don’t qualify for it since we’re technically NoC and not NoA?
  15. I dunno... it worked for me in BotW for the most part, but I still am having a hard time seeing it for this. Breakable weapons seems to me too cumbersome in a 1 vs 1000 environment. And yes, thanks both @EH_STEVE and @DLurkster, you hit the nail on the head for what I meant.