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  1. Yeah prehistory would not have had much in way of boxes to put our dead in, and likely cremation in a lot of cases was common, too. Bear in mind that we’re living in a pretty densely populated time compared to basically any other era, so these problems are mostly cropping up now. People have been quietly relocating the dead to larger or more convenient spaces for centuries too. But different parts of the world deal with death rites differently anyway, and even now not everyone is buried six feet under in a box. But I know for sure my local cemeteries still have room... and other options (again, cremation, mass mausoleum spaces, etc.).
  2. I have no real interest in playing ARMS, nonetheless I am glad they managed to get a nod. It just makes sense.
  3. Lol Sorry I had no idea the game locked it out for the player if a friend buys it. I will return it to the you if you want it back. Gate’s open in Seasona if anyone is interested. Gate closed.
  4. Sorry, returning quickly to give you some cherries and sell off some pitchers.
  5. Well right now they’re bamboo sprouts or whatever they’re called. What does the recipe call for exactly? Star fragments are indeed from shooting stars. Make a wish and you get one the next day. Or so I hear.
  6. I think Ford said that schools would probably not open on April 6th. Not a clean declaration yet maybe but I know based on his comments we’ve been preparing for that eventuality in my house. My city also just declared a state of emergency recently. Even closed the parks, which makes sense... not many people have been heeding the social/physical distancing concept. I love the memes going around that are like “people in 1939, called to war; people in 2020, called to lay on the couch”. Yet we can’t even get that right...
  7. I think I will be joining the New Horizons club now. Switch Friend Code: SW-6731-3456-9408 I have the Museum and first bridge now, as well as Nook’s Cranny. The ability to explore the whole island and deposit stuff in the Museum has improved my life drastically. Scanning QR codes in is great fun, although some of my older patterns cannot be transferred as they are super old and not made by in game characters so New Leaf won’t let me turn them into QR codes... Oh well.
  8. I am in the same boat as @DLurkster geographically speaking. I get to work from home and my wife’s family helps with the kids while I do that. My wife is recently unemployed so she is around to help, too. We are all in all hanging in there, but not anticipating this to end anytime soon.
  9. I loved that show growing up. It may not be high art or anything but it was a lot of fun.
  10. I think it’s a great thing. Depending on the price I might even get some for my son, who loves LEGO and playing Nintendo games with me.