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  1. Finally got my Dreamer Edition. The art book is cute, I wish they had the endgame Nightmares in it but that’s ok, not a big deal. on the second dungeon as well. The game is cute but I really hate the fogginess at the edges of the screen...
  2. Well we are approaching Canadian Thanksgiving. My parents are up from Texas, which is nice. Can hardly wait to spend time with them. Although with recent deaths in the family bringing end of life issues to the forefront, I am planning to sit down with them and verify a couple of things while they’re here... It’s a grim conversation but needs to be discussed eventually, so I might as well do it now.
  3. Almost makes me switch which version I plan on getting. Almost. I think SirFetched is pretty cool though.
  4. Really enjoying Ghostbusters lately. Fun times despite how dated it is now in terms of mechanics, etc.
  5. That should be November’s candidate. The Day of the Dead is November 2nd, after all. But I guess I’m skipping ahead a bit, there...
  6. Unova Pokédex is on the Pokédex screen now. Wonder when the announcement will drop?
  7. Sure it was funny. Can’t say I like everything about it, but definitely they hit the correct humour notes to be considered funny. I dunno for me humour and the apparent messages behind them are always tricky. I often find myself laughing while simultaneously disagreeing with the implications. Although honestly I just don’t like the taste of Doritos anyway, so regardless I’m not eating them.
  8. While I admit I may not have worded my point the best just based on blcdude1’s response, here you’re clearly misrepresenting what I said and turning it into a red herring. That’s not what I said at all. @blcdude1 Oh absolutely. My point was that people get offended easily and it’s heightened in the internet age, not that people never got offended before. Sorry for not quite wording it in a way that may have made sense to you. Obviously anger is a basic human emotion and expressing it against something you dislike is just human nature. Regardless, there is an old idiom or saying or whatever that describes letting things flow off you like water off a duck’s back, rather than absorbing it and letting it weigh you down. That’s what I am getting at, here. Obviously I am offended by things, but thinking I have control (or should have control) over other people is unproductive. This is referring of course to media doing stupid and offensive things. I just don’t patronize it. Vote with my wallet rather than my mouth. But of course, and this goes out to everyone, if someone is gonna get up in arms about locking immigrants in cages or police attacking innocent people of colour, I agree that is an issue worth doing something actively about. There are things worth fighting about and things not worth fighting about. Since blcdude1 was talking about a commercial on television specifically, that kind of situation is what my comment was aimed at. @Tyranogre It’s a good lesson for sure. I always knew it since I’ve been watching videos on YouTube, since I belong to an older demographic that didn’t grow up with internet media in the same way as many people you’re describing did. I learned not to naively trust people on the schoolyard with a few people rather than millions on YouTube. But it’s a real issue for younger people that need to learn these life lessons in a more globalized setting than older generations had to. Things are definitely much more heightened these days, if for no other reason than the magnitude of the situations as you two just described.
  9. So much of media today is irreverent towards basically anything, and in this internet age people get offended very easily. For me, though, If I don’t like something I tend to just ignore it. I see little sense in picking up a pitchfork on the internet as I see little productive value in it.
  10. I don’t know about most of that outline but the “tail” could well be an intentional reference. Neat find, anyway.
  11. I am excited to see what is revealed.
  12. Ah ok. I noticed it a few days ago quietly snuck in on the Eshop saying it would be released today, so was just wondering. Grandia 2 has a special place in my heart, so I am looking forward to playing it again.
  13. Grandia Collection comes out tomorrow doesn’t it? I don’t see it on the list.
  14. That would be nice, although the slow trickle idea was old in the Wii era. Now it’s just annoying.