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  1. I really don’t think Pokémon ever had much to offer in terms of story. Gen 5 was the only time the games had me stop and think for a minute, but in my opinion at the time (haven’t replayed the games in years) their message mostly came off condescending. The rest? They’re fine. But ultimately the same from one generation to the next. Beat bad team, become Champion. Rinse and repeat. Couldn’t agree more on hand holding though (felt like a very long extended tutorial on Melemele Island in Alola). But really I wish they had difficulty levels so it was more accessible to everyone’s speed. I admit I am mad about basically cutting out a large swath of their Pokémon but not sure it’s really a hill I want to die on.
  2. So disappointed about the Pokémon not in the Galar Region dex being stuck in gen 7. Bummer. Will it stop me from buying this though? Probably not. Besides that, great E3 Direct. Loved Bowser, can’t wait for Witcher 3 and new Smash DLC, and I am so happy they went ahead with BotW2 rather than remaking everything again.
  3. @PichiAllow me to rephrase my point: the idea of a game without checkpoints (or useless checkpoints) is frankly antiquated, which is why most games now have save points and was in fact an early improvement in the game industry. In my view, taking all that time to backtrack isn’t “learning and conquering a challenge”, because the part you’re struggling with is not what’s taking up the majority of your time. You can still conquer a challenge without needing to do most of or the whole game over again. But I probably just misunderstood Ty’s post, because I can’t argue with the notion that saving every few seconds without at least trying first does take the fun out of the whole thing. It’s all in the approach...
  4. Yeah. Abusing save states in older games is fine, IMO. Usually all you’re doing is skipping over the pointless trekking back to the part you’re struggling with. The part that always bugged me was that wasted time. I still feel like I accomplish something when I finally conquer that cheap jump or what have you. Old games are designed to be cheap on purpose to artificially extend your play time, as they had more limited resources to build games back then so could not make them naturally long. Games are generally easier now because they can get away with that while still making a satisfyingly lengthy experience. Old school difficulty is frankly based on antiquated game design, and in my opinion shouldn’t be held up so often as the model for good games.
  5. I’ll stick with Edgar. Hey, I am finally getting hyped for these games! That was a pretty good Direct.
  6. @Doc BrownBetter beware, Big Trainer is watching us now. Or how about this one? ”They see you when you’re sleeping, they know when you’re awake... they know if you use Pikachu as a portable battery so don’t do that for goodness sakes!”
  7. Huh... well that is interesting. Pokémon Sleep? I am not sure how I feel about that...
  8. That was always a bit of an odd game but yeah, perhaps time to let it go.
  9. I wonder if Taylor Swift still thinks it’s a love story?
  10. Hoenn is my favourite region but TBH I think Johto is best in terms of overall delivery. Alola was great in terms of a breath of fresh air, though.
  11. I think that’s exactly what Putin wants, actually. Divide and conquer.
  12. Me too. SMRPG is actually still one of my favourite games. In terms of Mario RPGs, I prefer them in this order: SMRPG - loved everything about it. Only issue is graphics have not aged well TTYD - beautiful game with lots of charm. But I will never forgive them for the slog that was level 4 (back and forth from the church building was really annoying) so it will never be at the top for me Superstar Saga - another great game, but the ending I felt was also a bit too tedious to get through PM - Great concept and delivery for the most part but again with the tediousness of the final level. Also the boss of level 6 was cheap. Stupid cloud thing... The rest - Honestly I don’t even think the others besides the top 4 are worth mentioning. Completely forgettable. But to each their own...
  13. I wouldn’t worry about that, personally, but it’s your choice, after all.
  14. I wouldn’t worry too much about a repeat if it’s a reputable restaurant, but I would suggest taking it easy in general. So maybe don’t go just to help recover faster by resting at home.