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  1. The reason this choice bothers me is not because it’s a sword user. His move set sounds pretty diverse, honestly. The problem isn’t even just that it’s a FE character. I don’t hate the series or anything, I am quite ambivalent towards it actually. The real problem is the squandered opportunity. This is a series (Smash) that breaks down barriers in terms of third party representation, beginning with Snake and Sonic, but also literally everyone else in this fighter pass besides Byleth. We have historic representation with many multi-faceted characters. There is 40 years of video games to draw on. The world is their oyster. There are so many possibilities in terms of movesets, creative settings, mashups, etc. And they choose an avatar character from what I hear is really just an okay game in a series with already a tonne of representation. It’s just... disappointing, to say the least. Well, at least they say we can purchase fighters individually right? We don’t need to buy the 2nd fighter pass if there’s a character we like? Also I am happy with the other 4 in this 1st pass, so it’s not like it’s a wash for me, so that’s good, too.
  2. Agree completely. I didn’t even care who it WOULD be as long as it WASN’T another FE or Pokémon character. The over saturation has now simply become a flood.
  3. Well giving them the benefit of the doubt, Pokémon Origins did the same thing despite at that point there was a region based on France, so they really should have done at least a non-American (I.e. French) accent. I guess they figured why bother?
  4. Where are you at, Winnipeg? Man that’s low...
  5. @Ridley PrimeHe’s absolutely right. It’s silly to crucify Gen 8 specifically when the whole model is seedy. And I agree with him that this is frankly better looking in terms of optics at this point than any of the “3rd outings” were. We go through the same argument every year anyway where we complain the model isn’t changing enough, but now I guess Gen 8 is the straw that broke the camel’s back for people. And as Jim said, if this is your time of reckoning with this series, then that’s great. But maybe not everybody sees it that way or even cares, because they get a great deal of enjoyment from the series still. BTW, loved the new Pokémon miniseries pilot, not gonna lie.
  6. @Surge135 Yeah that’s my plan... transfer to Home and dump Bank altogether.
  7. I don’t think that’s how it works. I’m fairly certain you can transfer any Pokémon to Home upon its release (that’s what they advertised at E3) in February, you just can’t transfer from Home to SwSh until June. @TyranogreAll kidding aside I really don’t think it’s that extreme. Again, there isn’t a real paywall for the Pokémon, here, since they can be traded (so that’s really fine).
  8. Yeah they announced this at least as far back as E3. I also have wondered how, which is something I was hoping they would finally discuss in this Direct, but looks like we’ll need to wait longer. I suspect the Home storage system will just use Bank’s as it’s base (why reinvent the wheel), and so will automatically have access to Bank’s data. Anyone who is paying for Bank will have the ability to transfer seamlessly from there, is my guess. But we’ll have to see.
  9. I can’t say this came out of left field or anything, since BotW did a similar thing, but it did take me by surprise. It looks to me like there will be enough content in here to be worth $40, ignoring the returning Pokémon (which can be transferred over or traded so is not actually a paywall per say, unless you literally have no interest in Home). As a stand-alone financial transaction, I can’t say this is shady or anything, since it looks like even now there will be a lot offered. The problem as I see it is really that Pokémon Sword and Shield were not really worth $60/$80, not that this expansion pass is not worth $30/40. So looking at it on its own, I don’t have a problem with this. @EH_STEVE You forgot that bank connected to Home? We’ve known that for a long time now...
  10. I certainly hope they take this time to explain Home given all the opaqueness so far around how it will work as it’s own thing. Really don’t care about Sleep but that’s a likely candidate too, of course. I wish we got another Colo, but with the current climate and direction I think it’s sadly never gonna happen.
  11. That idea is called strategic syncretism; as Christianity spread and interacted with more and more groups, it absorbed some of the cultural traditions/festivals and “Christianized” them, partly to give converts a better sense of familiarity (and partly to undermine the competing religions). The leaders in Rome decided to celebrate the Feast of the Nativity on the 25th, possibly as an attempt to undermine Mithraism, a competing religion at the time. But as blcdude1 said, the Eastern Churches/Rites don’t celebrate it then, they have their own dates. And I have yet to see anything saying that those days align with a pagan holiday. But the real sticking point is Easter of course, which is technically more important to Christians historically, so when that was supposed to be celebrated was much more important and controversial and is still being debated on which calendar to use as the base, Julian or Gregorian. To expand a bit on why it changes every year though, it was supposed to move based on how Passover moves. But it is not always aligned with it even so because the Hebrew calendar is lunar while the Roman ones are of course solar. So the full moon thing is the same, but the days obviously don’t normally line up...
  12. You mean the numbers don’t seem to add up? Probably, I got a few games on sale this year that I haven’t finished due to time constraints. But honestly I am not sure I actually spent that much money this year... I am a little confused, actually.
  13. You’re most welcome, @Kodiack! Hope you enjoy, them! Sorry about the staggered arrival, I was having a hard time getting the games to actually get sent to you due to some regional error. Glad you got them in the end.