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  1. @Samus2008 That’s not actually a screen protector you see peeling, it’s a light dimming film. The protector is perfectly good underneath. I should peel the film off and put another on, but then I’d have to cut the new one to shape and I really don’t want to.
  2. Those are both very creative gift ideas, that’s for sure. How does one go about purchasing a square foot of land in another country? Seems strange to me that just anyone can do that. I mean no offence or anything. I am just really curious about the process.
  3. That’s neat. What a fun idea. I am correct that this is that oil rig, right?
  4. That’s funny, didn’t know you could even do that. I thought Sealand wasn’t even a thing anymore. How much does that cost, roughly?
  5. Thanks to Surge135 and Art I now have a full Pokédex too, so thanks guys!
  6. Yeah, I figured you would. Lots of people putting common Pokémon in... nice to see some are putting in rare/version exclusives, though. I mean, I get some people just starting out and all, I just feel like there’s a disproportionate amount of commons in there...
  7. Lol Me too. Nice there’s a few people able to help with this, eh? I have been spending a lot of my game time flooding version exclusives into The Surprise Trade system, too, as I have been looking for Pokémon I needed. Hopefully this approach catches on in general... would make things easier on a lot of people.
  8. Here’s all my Pokémon Go shinies, BTW... a lot of luck in Go I guess? Or is it pretty normal? I dunno. Lol
  9. Well, I suppose it depends to some degree on what kind of games one usually consumes, but I agree that it’s not exactly what I would call “family-friendly”. I would lump Pokémon and Mario into that category. But I guess that’s kind of the point of what Adam is saying above, right?
  10. I’d be willing to help with that. If you have Zamazenta for data that would really help me. Will send a PM.
  11. I know the GTS made much more sense then what they’re doing now... Sent you a PM. Thanks!
  12. I would say it’s luck, just like it usually is. Even at best of times the shiny odds are, like, 1 in ~600, right? 1 in several hundred is still a pretty large margin. Just the one shiny for me. My red eyed Glalie is pretty nifty.
  13. Congrats! First one of us to do so, maybe? For myself I can knock Lunatone off the list above, 16 left...