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  1. No problem at all man! Hope you enjoy all the awesome games and have a great Christmas man! P.S I also own a Mac and have to run BootCamp whenever I wanna play Windows games. Didn't know The Messenger only runs natively on Windows.
  2. I grabbed Super Meat Boy Forever with some of the balance of the gift card. It's still got that trademarked SMB difficulty but damn I still enjoy it! Gonna save the rest of my eShop balance on whatever else goes on sale that I wanna grab. As for Xbox stuff, I'm still undecided what I'll grab there, but I'm sure I'll find something. Thanks again, @Eliwood8
  3. Thanks man, I'll be sure to post what I grab when I can
  4. Huge thanks to @Eliwood8 for the Xbox and eShop cards! Sorry for no picture, but I'm waiting to see what Holiday sales we get on the Xbox/eShop before grabbing some stuff, but I will be sure to post what I get here if that's okay
  5. Saw Tenet back in early September when theaters were opening up again. Was okay, but way too long and had a hard time hearing the dialogue at places.
  6. Allow me to sidebar your sidebar a bit! Lazenby was always my least favorite Bond actor, even though I enjoyed OHMSS well enough. Moore, again, was a very hit and miss Bond actor. While I loved The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, and A View To A Kill, Live And Let Die, TMWTGG, and Moonraker were all pretty bad, though I'll give L&LD a pass since it was Moores' first film. Dalton has always been my 2nd favorite Bond actor, due in large part to my love of License To Kill, which is in my Top 5 favorite Bond films! Brosnan was always hit and miss with me. While Goldeneye is in my Top 5 Bond films, and The World is Not Enough is a decent enough action movie in it's own right, Tomorrow Dies was such a dreary mess of a movie, while the less said about Die Another Day the better. Craig, like Brosnan, is very hit and miss with me. While I love Casino Royale and Skyfall, 2 of my favorite Bond movies, Quantum of Solace was such a nothing of a movie, while Spectre was just okay. I am very much excited for No Time To Die, though! Finally, we get to Connery. Look, I love Connery as much as the next Bond fan. But let me run though his films real quick. Dr. No: As the first Bond film, it's okay. It's definitely bested by pretty much everything that follows it, with maybe the exceptions being Diamonds Are Forever, Die Another Day, and Quantum of Solace. From Russia With Love: Was a fun enough sophomore outing that felt a bit too much like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Goldfinger: An absolute classic. Thunderball: A chore of a movie for me to sit through. You Only Live Twice: Like with Goldfinger, an absolute classic Bond adventure. Diamonds Are Forever: The only one of Connery's official films I just can't ever go back and re-watch, it's so bad. NSNA: Less said about this one, the better.
  7. I love all of these suggestions, especially the mass purchase of copies of Code Name: S.T.E.A.M! P.S "another" shirtless pic? Does this imply you've posted one before?
  8. Hey guys, I'm sorry I've been so inactive this past year, but mom and I have been going through hell and back again. Back at the end of September, we were forced to move, and since then we're been struggling. I've been working night and day looking for jobs, but noones called me yet for an interview. Thankfully, we're in a new home now, but we've run into a new issue. When I got our electric bill today, I was faced with a nearly $400 bill. Turns out, they're wanting $292 for security deposit. This is a huge burden to us, as we're already doing good just paying our rent, groceries, and other bills. I hate even coming on here after months of inactivity asking for help, but we really need it right now. If anyone is financially able to help us out, we would be forever grateful. I've been trying my damndest to get mom and I in a good position, financially, but every time we seem to be doing okay, something like this crops up. Again, if anyone can help us with this bill, or any other assistance, please PM me! Thanks for reading this long-winded post, and please stay safe! Matt
  9. Got quite the game haul from a trip I went on to visit a friend! Don't have many game shops around me, so I kinda went a little overboard, haha
  10. Here’s my favorite games of the 2010s: 2010: Pokémon Soul Silver 2011: Portal 2 2012: Halo 4 2013: Runner 2/ Animal Crossing: New Leaf/ Rayman Legends (Can’t pick 1, lol) 2014: Shovel Knight 2015: Super Mario Maker 2016: Doom 2017: Super Mario Odyssey 2018: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2019: Resident Evil 2 Overall favorite game of the 2010s: Shovel Knight. Such an amazing indie game! 😊
  11. That's a really nice Glalie, but for the love of god please get a new screen protector for your Switch!
  12. Don't worry about it man, I wasn't able to get around to opening it till today anyway since I've been busy with work!
  13. Huge thanks to @Tyranogre for the Christmas goodies! Can’t believe you got me that Samus figma, have had that on my wishlist for an eternity, haha. Can’t believe you got me Code Name S.T.E.A.M, I already have it, but it’s a nice joke gift nonetheless. Absolutely love the card, Pugs are the best!!! And the Spyro Trilogy I’ve been wanting for a while now. Thanks again man! 😊👍
  14. Oh dang man, hope you get it back soon so you can catch em all!
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