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  1. Poster arrived just fine! And I had a feeling it was by you as I saw the deviant art link written on the back haha. Great work! 😊
  2. Huge thanks to @Uni for all these awesome goodies! Love that poster! Wonder who signed it 🤔
  3. Awesome, glad it all got there safely! Enjoy man, and Merry Christmas! 😊
  4. Awesome, glad it got there man! And by the way, you should’ve gotten a couple more things from me this past Saturday 😉
  5. Just submitted my form, can’t wait as always! 🤗
  6. Samus2008

    Still here!

    Oh whoops, sorry guys, forgot we had an introduction/welcome back thread haha.
  7. Samus2008

    Still here!

    Hey guys, I know I haven’t been active here in almost a year but it’s been another stressful year for me. Moved from Florida to Tennessee with my aunt and have just been adjusting to being here. I’m gonna be more active in 2019 for sure, I’ve missed this place! ☺️
  8. Saw Game Night on Wednesday and it was absolutely hilarious! Def go check it out if you need a good laugh, Jason Bateman, Rachal McAdams, Jesse Plemons, and Kyle Chandler put in a really funny black comedy/murder-mystery flick 9/10
  9. Saw Black Panther again today with a co-worker who hadn't seen it yet. Still really enjoyed it. Also saw Red Sparrow. Enjoyed most of it, but lost the plotting about 3/4 the way through. Other than that, really solid acting and action, loved Jennifer Lawrence as always! Black Panther- 8/10 Red Sparrow- 7/10
  10. Thanks man, every little bit helps!
  11. Any signal boost/help would mean so much to us. We just need all the help we can get.
  12. I've posted it to Facebook and Twitter. Just figured I post here to see if anyone here could help or help spread the word. We need all the help we can get