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  1. The Tapioca Challenge. #タピオカチャレンジ
  2. The boxarts are garbage; they’re so plain. Otherwise, game looks nice. Better than the initial reveal.
  3. I'm gonna assume you're talking about Raikou; she's from Fate/Grand Order, the mobile game.
  4. Translation for the sequel is "moving at a breakneck pace compared to previous episodes", so there's that.
  5. A long endeavor in the making (nearly three years) is now complete, with The Great Ace Attorney now fully translated in English. Stuck in translation hell (while never given a concrete answer from Capcom, many assume it's a combination of Ace Attorney games in general not selling very well and copyright issues regarding the Doyle Estate), fans took it upon themselves to translate the game, as a release outside of Japan was becoming unlikely as the days (and years) went on. Scarlet Study, the team behind the translation, previously had been released a demo for the game and subsequent patches for the translations of later chapters; this release is the game fully in English. To play the game in English, you will need either a physical copy of the game or a digital one from the eShop and homebrew to apply the patch (NOTE: you can be on the most recent firmware, 11.9, and still use the homebrew needed to patch the game). Said translation patch can be found in the above link's website in the "Download" Tab.
  6. Remember this saying: Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow. dont actually follow this advice finish your paper grim you got this
  7. Development must have been in a crazy kind of hell for Nintendo to be this transparent about this. This sucks real bad, but I can at least appreciate that Retro is working on it now, despite that most of the people that made Prime originally are no longer with Retro. Hopefully this means their rumored Star Fox game is almost or nearly done and isn’t cancelled.
  8. I'm going to assume no, considering they're just JPGs/PNGs. The fact they even tie new Avatar releases to firmware updates and not into a sub-section in the store is baffling, but not surprising (in addition, when tf are they going to add Themes aside from the basic White and Black ones we have).
  9. just give me xenoblade 2 avatars please
  10. Because NISA is trash at localizing/translating games. Their translations are suspect at best (ranging from okay to what the fuck is this translation even, and the whole Ys VIII fiasco with them having to re-do the entire translation because of how subpar it was) and they introduce bugs into games that were not present in their native version, some of them game breaking. There's also just the familiarity factor; while I never played any of the Trails games or CS games, I do know that XSEED did an excellent job on localizing them, giving them the care that, I'm assuming, Falcom fans expect and deserve for these games. There is no guarantee that NISA will be able to uphold the consistency that XSEED has established with the series.
  11. ones id buy: tokyo mirage sessions (though they would definitely have to re-work some things) the wonderful 101 (cause its a lot of fun and more peeps need to play it) super mario 3d world+3d land (i know this is a 3ds title) (make it a 2-in-1 package of two really good games) aside from that, everything/anything worthwhile has already been ported over. mario maker would be better off suited with a full-fledged sequel.
  12. i blew my load(s) too early trying to get cleopatra and ishtar and ended up with nothing but despair; i dont think im gonna get him ;_; Money has been a bit tight these past few months with school, bills and such, but I'm extremely tempted to, especially since she's five months away.
  13. jersey is great and i will not hear any more slander about my state 😤😤😤😤