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  1. New trailer. Game comes out July 27th; also announced for Epic Game Store.
  2. As the title states, there will be a Nintendo Direct tomorrow afternoon/evening. This is this first non-Mini or Partner Direct since September of 2019.
  3. The Vita Memory Cards are universal, so yes, they can, and will.
  4. I caught up with Attack on Titan after stopping midway through Season 2 3+ years ago and holy SHIT; it's so good and im so happy i caught up with it.
  5. It was fun to watch this flash game take over /v/, /sp/ and I think /tv/ (I'm forgetting a 4th board; maybe /a/? Also, 7 years ago wtf)?
  6. Play Final Remix, and it'll sorta make sense why he's back. Or just watch this 30-Minute Video of said game's cutscenes.
  7. Nearly 120,000 people watched a virtual shark sing. And it was wonderful.
  8. PSA: Play 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. That is all.
  9. is that why i got a random pm for a request for eshop codes
  10. $7.5B in cash, nbd. Having Games like Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI Day One on Game Pass is huge. Legit surprised a deal of this magnitude hadn't leaked out at all. These acquisitions are nowhere near similar. With Rare, unless I'm misremembering, the Stampers were looking to get out of the game industry, and Rare weren't exactly lighting it up during their late years being a Nintendo developer. Nintendo has no qualms giving them up/allowing them to look elsewhere. While Rare was greatly beneficial for Nintendo, they were just a game studio, one that was expendable. Zenimax is
  11. shout out to burgle my bananas: a feature for such a shitty game that of course it ends with the console being shipped to antarctica While no one could fill Ryan's shoes, Dan was such a great hire for GB that helped fill that void. Who else can convince Jeff to play SMB 3 while on a roller coaster. Shepherding so much great content for the site, I thought for sure he'd be a lifer, so the jump to wrestling and out of games in general was shocking (though for anyone who knows Dan, going to work for the WWE is not shocking in the slightest).
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