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  1. i blew my load(s) too early trying to get cleopatra and ishtar and ended up with nothing but despair; i dont think im gonna get him ;_; Money has been a bit tight these past few months with school, bills and such, but I'm extremely tempted to, especially since she's five months away.
  2. Isotope

    Viridian City - N4A Chat Thread, November 2018

    jersey is great and i will not hear any more slander about my state 😤😤😤😤
  3. Isotope

    Dragalia Lost

    reminder that dl's ost is fantastic
  4. https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/10/10/psn-online-id-change-feature-enters-playstation-preview-program-soon/ xXx_M3T4L_G34R_420_xXx, your days are finally numbered.
  5. Isotope

    Dragalia Lost

    Yesterday, an interview with Dragalia's Lost director was uploaded (and had a Machi Asobi fair attendee's summary translated) with some tidbits. The bullet points below are some of the important/interesting parts: Originally there were orchestral tracks in the OST, but they were removed There will be more characters coming from Granblue Fantasy and Rage of Bahamut Skyfarers at Nintendo provided a lot of feedback to the team (aka "Do this like Granblue" and "Dont do this like Granblue"). For example, getting rid of the MVP red chest in multiplayer was one of their suggestion. The story is co-written with Nintendo Would love to get an anime adaptation with ufotable sometime soon The execs at Cygames is giving pressure to the DL team as they want DL to be the new face of Cygames. Also, DL is doing well for itself in Japan in terms of revenue: While download totals aren't exactly the highest (last I saw was somewhere north of 800K downloads I believe?), it's good to keep in mind the game has only officially launched in four countries (Japan, United States, Macau and Hong Kong). For a brand new IP with its only brand recognition being the names Nintendo and Cygames, it's off to a nice start.
  6. Isotope

    Dragalia Lost

    Romona certainly is giving her a run for her money: Save for a few, all the girls are titty monsters
  7. Isotope

    Dragalia Lost

    It's an 8-4 joint, in case people were, for whatever reason, worried about the localization. My friend code is 8297 3298 678.
  8. Isotope

    PlayStation Classic announced! Out 12/3/18, $99

    give us chocobo racing you cowards I get the "authenticity" angle, but really, why not DualShocks; that alone limits what can be added (rip in peace ape escape's chances).
  9. Isotope

    Isle of Café Seiren - N4A Chat Thread, July 2018

    Going through supports, I saw that was not surprised one bit. now you gotta go for np5
  10. Isotope

    Isle of Café Seiren - N4A Chat Thread, July 2018

    @LimeCatMaster I hope you're able to roll for Tamamo. i rolled her in two tickets
  11. Isotope

    Physical or Digital

    If it's a game I'd play often and over time (Multiplayer/online games), then digital. Anything else (Singleplayer/RPGs), then physical.
  12. I love Granblue, so I’m looking forward to this, gacha mechanics aside.
  13. I seemed to have missed a theme uploaded for MAR10 Day; here it is 200 Platinum Points (6/2 at 2 A.M.)
  14. Few things: 1: The OP has been updated with the news that Gold Points can be used on the eShop (I use "used' here sparingly). 2: If you find the Four Hidden Friend Hearts on the Kirby Star Allies page, you will receive 100 Platinum Points. 3: The second post has been updated with the most recent Rewards. More importantly (to me at least), I've fully updated it to include an image of what the Reward is; a visual aid is more helpful than just lines of text of the Reward itself. Each image has a link embedded in them as well, taking you to that Reward's corresponding page, where you can then redeem your Points for. As always, if anything can be improved upon, or something needs to be changed, do not hesitate to let me know.