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  1. is that why i got a random pm for a request for eshop codes
  2. $7.5B in cash, nbd. Having Games like Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI Day One on Game Pass is huge. Legit surprised a deal of this magnitude hadn't leaked out at all. These acquisitions are nowhere near similar. With Rare, unless I'm misremembering, the Stampers were looking to get out of the game industry, and Rare weren't exactly lighting it up during their late years being a Nintendo developer. Nintendo has no qualms giving them up/allowing them to look elsewhere. While Rare was greatly beneficial for Nintendo, they were just a game studio, one that was expendable. Zenimax is an entire publishing arm, and the numerous IPs under the Bethesda/Zenimax umbrella were/are MUCH more relevant than anything Rare put(s) out. Like, this is legit an industry changing acquisition.
  3. shout out to burgle my bananas: a feature for such a shitty game that of course it ends with the console being shipped to antarctica While no one could fill Ryan's shoes, Dan was such a great hire for GB that helped fill that void. Who else can convince Jeff to play SMB 3 while on a roller coaster. Shepherding so much great content for the site, I thought for sure he'd be a lifer, so the jump to wrestling and out of games in general was shocking (though for anyone who knows Dan, going to work for the WWE is not shocking in the slightest).
  4. it doesnt even begin with a g; his name is nester
  5. If you're going to get a PSTV, you're going to want the Whitelist hack (article is dated March of 2018, but it should still work) as well; not every game is PSTV compatible, and that hack lets every Vita game become playable on the PSTV.
  6. The escape part itself was kinda iffy then and it still is; what makes it so cool was the ending itself, not necessarily the gameplay part of it. It was such an adrenaline rush that eight-year-old me thought was super cool and I hadn't seen before in a game. Sure nostalgia clouds the way I look at it now, and actually looking back it now, yeah it's very clunky, but I just really enjoyed it.
  7. The last mission with you escaping the Pillar of Autumn was real cool. Halo 2's ending was fine because of how it ended, with the wait for Halo 3 more excruciating because of the ending itself. I really liked Halo 3's ending too; it was a great way to send off the trilogy that 14-year-old me loved.
  8. hell yeah whos ready to die this weekend B)
  9. The Tapioca Challenge. #タピオカチャレンジ