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  1. Got a replacement TV from a co-worker that was moving and needed to get rid of their TV, so I'll be online to race/battle this week. And I will be changing it to battle before we start, no worries.
  2. I mean I'll be online. Not like I'm doing anything else tonight before TotK releases.
  3. I should be here for 200cc this next week, just wound up in the ER the other night for not being able to keep down any fluid or food for approximately 24 hours leading up to the tourney.
  4. Sorry, didn't realize there was a ping until today since I wasn't on last night. 200cc is actually next week.
  5. Well theme or no theme I'm not able to play. I close tonight and won't be home until after 10:30, then have to eat dinner and get to bed to start the day all over again tomorrow
  6. Don't have my schedule for this coming weekend yet so I am not sure yet. I am pretty certain if I am closing as I seem to be doing most of lately then I'll be a no-go
  7. Watch, Mar10 Day is gonna be when Mario Party 3 gets shadow dropped on NSO + EP I won't be done with work until 10pm that night so it'll be just like last time except hopefully I get home at 10:30 instead of 11
  8. You beat me to that, pb. I was about to post the same thing except their tweet.
  9. I get done with work at 10pm, and won't be home until about 10:30 so it'll depend on how late you guys wanna hold out on starting
  10. This release date happens to fall right on a Thursday, so we'll be racing those next week if they come out prior to the tourney starting.
  11. Anyone opposed to changing this tourney to Mirror since today's date is literally a palindrome (3/2/23, or at least as close to a palindrome if you do a shorthand format instead of a traditional mm/dd/yyyy format (dd/mm/yyyy for non-American folks) which would be March 2, 2030 (or February 3, 2030 non-US) and those don't even fall on a Thursday).
  12. I can set that up, yeah. I'll get to it before the start of the races tomorrow.
  13. I'm not taking any credit for that. Having an active group for weekly Mario Kart racing is 100% dependent on the rest of the group wanting to play as much as I do. So for those that have made an effort to come out and race as often as they have, I really have all of you to thank for that.
  14. Was there doubt of playing this week because of the Video Game Awards being at the same time? Because I'm gonna be working until 10:15pm this week so I'll likely miss it anyway.
  15. I would not be opposed to trying out a night of Mario Party on N64 if the interest and attendance is there. Otherwise it might make for a good night to do some more Pokemon Violet recording.
  16. Just my own. And those that I beat tonight in Mario Kart
  17. I finally managed to secure two of the N64 Controllers from the Nintendo Store. Just in time for the next year of N64 Online releases, too like Pokemon Stadium 1&2 and Mario Party 1-3. Thank God I didn't have to pay a scalper 2-3 times retail value. Now I can feel more comfortable playing the classics again with actual C-Buttons as opposed to the R-Stick on the Pro Controller and Dual Joy-Cons.
  18. Yeah I realized that the day after I set it to 150cc. I'll get to it before tomorrow
  19. Hope everyone is ready to become familiar with the walls tonight, because it's 200cc~
  20. It's actually insane to think Splatoon 3 is releasing tomorrow. I may run an Inkling since I won't be getting the game. I will also change tourney rules to 150cc before we start, so no need for a mention here/Twitter DM/Discord DM @TKrazyO
  21. I'm at Escue in my Dread Mode run and had to put the game down after dying over and over for an hour. The hardest thing about it is the storm missle attack, but reading which attack is coming when all three options seem so similar in start-up is what mostly trips me up. I have reached stage two Escue three times but each time jumped into it when I was trying to spin boost over. The initial jumps weren't a spinning one and so the button input to boost instead initiates the spin. Clearly I was just getting too salty/tilted about the battle because coming back to it later I was able to beat it in less than ten attempts. Starting with a Shinespark seemed to help with the first phase at the very least. And I just finished Dread Mode. A tiring run, definitely. Just gotta get sub 4 hour for Normal and Hard mode to get all endings now.
  22. My alert tweet came in at 4:46pm. Well after I got the game update and played through the tracks in 50cc/100cc GPs. Oh well, better luck next time Nintendo.
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