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  1. Okay I'll keep an eye out I'll also watch for the stream so I can see if Crash is near-beaten
  2. Well, they were hectic... too much so for me to possibly enjoy...
  3. And yes, I will have the rules changed for 200cc by tonight.
  4. Yup. This was not the best dump of orbs. With 200 orbs I got: Pity broken by Shannon at 4.0%, back down to 3.0% Sparked for Baby Ike Pulled Baby Ike and Rinkah at 4.25%, back down to 3.0% My only other consolation prize was three 4☆ Baby Ilyana. I saw no Soren or Mia. Gonna pile up on f2p orbs, should have another 100 orbs I can throw at these guys by the time I'm done because I never touched Squad Assault until just this week.
  5. Oh for sure. I only have about 200 orbs to pull at least one of each with so I'm gonna be hurting afterwards.
  6. @Ithrak UtopiaThis Thursday is the first of the new month so we host different classes depending on the months. For odd-numbered months the first week is Battle Mode and for even-numbered months we play Mirror Mode.
  7. It really was a lot of fun last night. We were super glad to see you join and I'm happy to hear you had a good time. That is what this game night is all about, having fun with other players on a regular basis. A little reminder that next week is going to be 200cc for the 200th weekly tournament. As far as any other theme ideas though, not a lot is coming to mind.
  8. This is the link I had sent out to someone else a year or so ago, so let's see if it's still valid? discord.gg/yAF55S4
  9. I've reached out to Adri from Krazy's streams to let her know about the new tourney code and remind her she is always welcome to race with us as well, and I told a Twitter friend they could join too if they were interested, so it's not just PB. With the 200th week of tournaments next week, I was hoping to get some more interest drummed up and have some more regulars to play and celebrate.
  10. I had no problems with 200cc GPs, no restarts for less than 1st place finishes. Lightning was prevalent in just about every race I did but that essentially made it 150cc for those brief parts of race and gave me no issues. Haven't touched Mirror yet, we'll see how forgetful I am of inverted turns soonish though.
  11. Tweeted out my first impressions last night, figure now I should go into more detail about my thoughts. Paris Promenade is visually one of the more nicer looking tracks of the bunch, bolstered by the updated textures to the road and background elements compared to its Tour iteration. The track itself is actually a little confusing, particularly on the third lap when you make the loop and start backtracking resulting in potential collisions with players lagging behind. This is the first instance since Double Dash we have had a dual-directional road with traffic allowed to intermingle so it does make me wonder if GCN Luigi Raceway could be on the way. My rating: 7.5/10 Toad Circuit might be one of the least impressive tracks in wave one as the off road parts are lacking in detail. As the opening track of Mario Kart 7 though, the simplistic track does well by making a very easy new circuit to learn basics and physics in the game. For a veteran of the game, the ease of the track doesn't seem to make for an exciting three laps unfortunately. The small group of onlookers watching from the top of the tunnel at the halfway point is a nice touch however. My rating: 6/10 Choco Mountain might be a favorite of mine in this wave. The touched-up design of the track to include a crystal cave and a glider over a broken path may not be new outside of Tour, but I feel like it really translates well to MK8D to give the mountain a glow-up. Dirt roads have a nice texture and feel to it, but probably my favorite part of the track is the wide turn through the rock slide's path. The weight of the falling boulders is really felt with the sound of the impact and the shaking of the camera while driving by that leaves me fearing them each time I reach their crash zones. My rating: 9.5/10 Coconut Mall was probably the most anticipated tracks for everyone for the nostalgia and it doesn't disappoint in that regard. The mall is beautiful and vibrant and crisp, and the escalators are just as fun to drive on as they were in Mario Kart Wii. Shy Guys replace the Miis in the vehicles at the end and they remain stationary which seems to take away some of that personality and craziness of the track but it's far from being the change that ruins the track. My rating: 8/10 Tokyo Blur blends the three paths of the track's Tour variants and creates something that feels just unique enough to want to play more. The expectation of being able to choose your path based on the Nintendo of Europe press release does deflate the hype for racing in Tokyo but with landmarks galore and Thwomps that crash down on the track with that same feeling of unbelievable weight as the boulders from Choco Mountain, this city circuit is right at home in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. My rating: 8/10 Shroom Ridge shocked me as it was not one I was excited for when it first was announced but upon racing on it it's such a pleasant circuit. The texture of the asphalt is actually one of the more appealing textures to drive on and it really feels smooth and enjoyable with the track's curves and hills. Traffic is sparse enough to not impede on the racing quite to the degree of Toad's Turnpike which is a plus for me, giving more opportunities to the players to cause the shake-ups with items. Actually a sleeper favorite of the wave. My rating: 9/10 Sky Garden has a lot of stuff going well for it, particularly the visuals that were implemented in it. Garden brick textures for the road might be my favorite to drive on from all these new tracks, giving the garden a pleasing environment to kart around on. The clouds on the other hand are not the most detailed things in a track known for its cloudy aesthetic, leaving much to be desired on that front. My only other issue with the track is the leaves on the right for you to bounce off of following the first turn, feeling quite awkward on both getting to the first leaf and the weird physics of the bounces. Otherwise it is a decent track. My rating: 7.5/10 Ninja Hideaway is packed with a loooooot of elements and includes a handful of different paths, giving you a lot to look at in three laps. Aesthetically the hideaway is beautiful, easily the best looking track of the first wave. Branching paths that layer with each other help condense the track while also expanding it, utilizing fans and wind effectively to blend the layers together especially on the latter half of the course. My rating: 9/10
  12. @Art_de_Cat If you need the new tourney code, here you go
  13. New tracks were playable right at 12am EDT, played through them for their 50cc Grand Prixes to get my first impressions. Will try to write them up tomorrow morning while my kiddo is playing his games.
  14. I checked the tournament settings and saw nothing to change to make those tracks part of the rotation or not. I'll check again after the DLC goes live later tonight.
  15. I'm trying to play the 50cc Grand Prix of the first new cup and I'm still getting the same notice about having to buy the DLC or have the NSO Expansion Pass. Yeah, GX were playing off of a Japanese-account where the DLC had gone live. The tracks that I did get a glimpse at looked relatively nice, still a lot of complaints about missing details or whatever in their live chat still. Looks good enough for me though.
  16. I swear if they are gonna hold off on green lighting the DLC until tomorrow after putting the software update out the day prior, I'm gonna be annoyed. The game is literally going to be teasing everyone with the new content with the update available but unplayable for a whole day. Edit: GX seems to believe the DLC should be playable globally by 7pm EDT/4pm PDT based on information from Nintendo of Australia.
  17. Server maintenance is underway, was saying a software update is required to go online. The update (from Ver 1.7.2 to Ver 2.0.0) is also already live? Edit: Can confirm it is LIVE!
  18. I wanted to piece together the Tour tracks to get an idea on what they may look like with their paths overlayed but the only one I got complete was Tokyo Blur. Paris Promenade has two tracks that have the same starting line and one that is different, so piecing that together is gonna take me some more time and thought. Ninja Hideaway only has the one track distinction other than its reverse and trick/stunt variants so I imagine that will likely stay as is. So that leaves Tokyo Blur, which I overlayed as such:
  19. Maintenance scheduled for Thursday morning, and a press release pointing at different paths for the Tour city tracks. GX compares it to Yoshi Valley's branching paths.
  20. Well regardless the tourney has been adjusted time-wise to take into account the ending of Daylight Savings this last weekend.
  21. About three years. But yeah, it's not dead pixels but it's the LCD backlight strips that are dead for the right half of the screen. So imagine having one side of the screen bright and the other half dim
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