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  1. Just used almost 200 bait on a 'Fistful of Fish' day in the first week of the Ethereal Moon and earned about 16,500 Exp in Professor Level, jumping from B rank to A rank, only 7710 exp from reaching A+
  2. As I don't have much money to put into the game nowadays, I mainly just save my free orbs for new/missing Tellius units. Missed out on Ranulf and Caineghis as well as the wedding Sigrun/Tanith, so I'm hoping I can get them down the road after saving orbs.
  3. So FEH put out this video with the new Brave Heroes having a conversation amongst them and something irks me... Veronica Taylor seems to not have a direction on how to pronounce the name of Micaiah's home of Daein. In character quotes she says it like "Dane" but in this new video she pronounces it "Day-in". I'm glad they got it right this time, but can they please pick one and stick with it? It's driving me insane.
  4. Frustration from Chapter 8, specifically a paralogue available during that time.
  5. Put in 130ish free orbs into the Brave banner, came away with these 5 stars: Green Olwen Brave Micaiah Sumia Brave Alm Claude Brave Camilla Just need a Brave Eliwood to finish up the set, which could be possible with the free orbs from Tempest Trials but if not I also still have my free summon that I want to use for a free merge of B!Micaiah but will use for Eli if needed.
  6. Just refined Elincia's Amiti to have Swift Sparrow 2 and merged her up to +5. Now let me paint you guys a picture: Elincia is on a Flier team with Hinoka, Michalis, and Kinshi Hinoka. With two Goad Fliers in Kinshi Hinoka and Michalis and K!Hinoka's bow having a Drive Atk effect, there is a whopping +11 Atk/+8 Spd combat buffs within a two space vicinity of those two. Add on top of that Death Blow 4, Brazen Atk/Spd 3 seal, and Desperation 3 on Elincia, a player phase, Amiti refined Elincia at 75% HP or less gets a combat buff of +32 Atk/+19 Spd. And that is not including a Hone Flier buff from base Hinoka bumping up that to a staggering +38 Atk/+25 Spd. So now if we take Elincia' s offensive stats of 50/36, given the right circumstances she would be flying around in her pack of fliers with a mighty 88 Atk and 61 Spd. That speed is plenty enough to quad just about anything in the current meta, and with Desperation she can quad all before the enemy has a chance to attack. Luna would make sure the fourth hit does a massive amount of damage by cutting defenses, so no matter what you aren't getting out of this unscathed.
  7. I have been taking my sweet ass time playing my first play through of Golden Deer, about 30ish hours in and only at the second week of September and Chapter 6.
  8. I actually got a free Fallen Tiki from my first summon on it. Forgot to check IVs but whatever, it was one of the units I was missing from when I sort of fell off the game about 5 months ago.
  9. This community day takes place during my annual family reunion, so unfortunately I will miss out on it.
  10. Free summon on Mythic Banner was male Byleth, so another free Byleth for me As for the Feh Channel, in specific the CYL reveals, I am pleased with what they did for Micaiah. The only thing I would nitpick is how they pronounce Daein (akin to 'dane' rather than how they pronounced it in FE9/10 as 'day-in') but that is because I am a Tellius fanboy and don't like change.
  11. Just finished Chapter 5 Sadly, I have not recruited anyone to Golden Deer yet, aiming for Bernadetta and Annette first but needing Strength stat/Bow skill for the former and Magic stat/Faith skill for the latter is frustrating.