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  1. Got two Ronan today so foddered both Swift Stance 3 and Joint Spd Drive from one to my Fallen Ike.
  2. I just got a response saying they no longer have codes as of Dec 22. So yeah. I'm kind of miffed.
  3. I have reached chapter 3 and enjoy playing Mipha the most, followed by Link one-handed.
  4. We got the game as a present today as well, though the kiddo got to open it and... well, the reaction was quite a good one.
  5. I doubt I will be on tonight, and I know I won't be available next week either.
  6. Oh yeah, that's awesome. I would love to see more people show interest in gathering for a batch of Among Us rounds one night a week.
  7. I had enough gold My Nintendo coins to get the game for free, so I now have it on Switch and PC. Typing on the Switch is a pain though, so I would recommend using some sort of outside voice chat service like Discord if you intend on playing with friends. Otherwise the PC version is superior for that ease of being able to better communicate with random players.
  8. As I said before, I would definitely be down to play an Among Us game night, as well as my roommate.
  9. If the interest is there, then I don't see why not. I would definitely be down to have an Among Us Game Night.
  10. The two year old game that has taken gaming by storm over the last year and claimed both Best Multi-Player Game and Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2020 has now sus'd its way onto Nintendo Switch with cross-platform play! Come together with 4-10 friends to work as a crew to complete their tasks each round while the imposter(s) among them try to sabotage and kill off the crew. Can the crew sus out the imposter(s) while keeping casualties to a minimum? Or will the crew find themselves among the dead before the round ends? Just be careful... trusting the wrong person could spell t
  11. I would not be opposed to it but it isn't particularly necessary.
  12. Trying to hatch a shiny Horsea, been going well into 200, maybe even 300 eggs at this point.
  13. Yeah, my birthday is pretty commonly on either Thanksgiving or Black Friday, which I have grown to dislike quite a bit because it clashes with those two events often.
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