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  1. Yes, I have opened my island. The next stars will be falling at 10:17pm EST (so 35 mins from this post going up). You can visit, water flowers, do some diving, bug catching, or fishing in the meantime. Stayed open until 10:45 and then closed. Thanks for visiting, Art.
  2. I learned about a tool online to help determine your island's weather pattern seed and decided to go ahead and do it. After a while I got my seed pinned down and now I can see what sort of weather my island will have from now on, as well as when meteor showers will occur down to the second. If anyone is interested in such in-game knowledge of your own islands, the tool is MeteoNook. For those that wanna know, my next meteor shower will be on Monday and Tuesday evening so if anyone needs some easy shooting stars to try and get Cancer Fragments, let me know and I can open my island for those evenings.
  3. Actually he made a twitlonger prior to those two I shared. It was in response to the initial accusation made by Jisu that didn't really do much to either admit or deny the actions he was accused of (tweet here). Then that is when Katie (an anonymous party accusing him of being inappropriate with her over Skype) and Leffen came out with their stories, so ZeRo responded with a second twitlonger, the first that I shared. This morning is when I saw his third twitlonger and what I edited in as the second tweet. So it took him three twitlongers to skirt around the accusations and come clean.
  4. I still have a lot of the new bugs to get, it just sucks how rare some of them can be, especially the palm tree ones. Do you think I should I go to a Nook Miles island to try and force the spawns to be on the trees there?
  5. And there goes another top player from the Smash community. ZeRo was called out on stuff and has responded/admitted to such. He acknowledges a lot of the claims and apologized to those making the claims. He has stated in another tweet he is banning himself from any and all Smash events and is done creating content on YouTube for a while.
  6. IIRC it was Saharah, Kicks, and Leif that were guaranteed. Ninja'd by Zora
  7. Thank you so much, skycandy. Already got a good start on my sea creature Critterpedia, and with there being forty new creatures to catch in the sea, it's gonna be a heck of a search.
  8. Anyone have the update downloaded and still have Nook's Cranny open? Mine just closed before I could get the update installed and now I can't go diving until at the soonest tomorrow.
  9. Played some local smash over at a friend's place. Min Min felt good but not as good as my mains, so will likely play her occasionally. Was on Hyrule Castle against a Villager that really likes to perch on the upper platforms and drop bowling balls and trees on unsuspecting players. After a few of them hit me I remembered that Min Min has a reflector in her up smash. So towards the end of the match with the Villager chopping a tree down to drop on everyone below, I hit the up smash and sent the tree back to sender, nabbing a resounding KO. I will see if I can get my friend to clip that and post it on the Smash sharing thing so I can share the clip here.
  10. They don't like Banjo's side special, they think it's too OP with its i-frames and says there are few ways to deal with it. I gave counter plays to it but they aren't willing to listen, so whatever. I'll just take solace in getting KOs with it, especially since I never use all five uses per stock so it's more of a surprise when I do pull it out. Also, this is the same friend who will spam Charizard side special after getting above 140% or constantly use Piranha Plant neutral special. Do I get caught by them more than I like to admit? Yes. Do I think those moves are OP? Absolutely not. If anything, they are just plain annoying because of how often he uses them (although not as annoying as the subsequent teabagging he will often do after getting a certain number of KOs with the aforementioned moves).
  11. I'm gonna try to be online tonight. Have a topic I wanna bring up regarding a character in the game that gets a local friend so salty. Especially after I used said character to beat him in three matches over the last week.
  12. Honestly, I was hoping for a core main series game but am not ultimately disappointed in Unite. It's never been done before so it's something new, and the gameplay looks fun and chaotic.