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  1. I'm man enough to admit when an opponent gets me good, and even more so to capture the clip and share it for others to see.
  2. Is there a reason why four of them are nicknamed 2?
  3. I wanna save at least 4 of mine for transfer to Let's Go so I can have Eevee/Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon for my Shiny Living Dex. It'll save me the trouble of dealing with the long hatch time of Eevee or the hit-or-miss SOS method of Gen 7 for a handful of them.
  4. I managed 9 shinies yesterday and my friends got me 4 shinies Saturday while I worked, putting me at a solid 13 shinies total.
  5. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Been pulling hard for Festival Micaiah and have been pity-broken by an Ares and then a World of Thracia Olwen on a non-red circle hoping instead for Festival Elincia. Aaaaand there's a pity Exalt Chrom... Finally got Festival Micaiah and also got Festival Xander in the same circle.
  6. Oh god, I can't wait go see the Wario Kart tourney video and the Bob-Omb at the finish line on Excitebike track. I wanna see how close you were to finishing and how it transpired on your screen.
  7. Working tonight, so that's a no from me unfortunately
  8. Surge135

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    So... that was a thing that happened... So GOTY for 2018?
  9. Only 202 Magikarp candy left before I can finally get out of this dang level of Mythical Research...
  10. This video is amazing https://www.facebook.com/groups/PokemonGoTheCenter/permalink/825606914314462/
  11. Gotta love how I call out for help on my local PoGo discord server for a nearby Machamp raid and get no responses, but 15 minutes later someone calls out an Absol raid and 3+ people respond saying they'll help. And the Machamp was still up for 20 minutes when the Absol was called out. I understand that it's just a Machamp raid, but I'm not Level 35+ with 20 Machamp in my storage from previous times where Machamp was a raid boss. It's just obnoxious what with the selective nature of my local PoGo community.
  12. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Got Ishtar, L!Lucina, and an extra Exalt Chrom on this banner, and then with the orbs leftover I pulled Olivia and Libra, the two remaining units I needed from the Ylissian Travelers banner. Wish I could get more than Summer Linde on the second Summer banner but I likely wont.