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  1. At least I got to play in at least two Splatfests before they stopped. 😧
  2. You guys, there is a totally logical explanation for that to happen. The Blue Shell didn't realize how far ahead I was on the track and needed to make a pit stop, obviously.
  3. I only perused the potential new evolutions for past Pokemon and that's it. I've been wanting to keep myself out of as many leaks/rumors as possible for these new games because I miss being in the dark about a game until it's out. So everything up until now has been avoided by me barring the titles and thumbnails of soooooooo many YouTube videos that are nearly impossible to avoid (yes, I've gone ahead and unsubscribed to many YouTubers that cover these leaks/rumors because it's been that annoying).
  4. I mean I look at a closed beta test application like a sweepstakes. Only select winners out of thousands, if not millions of entries
  5. Not that I wasn't trying to break 100 points, mind you, it just didn't help the numbers of racers weren't there this week (and I kinda dropped off at the end, finishing below 3rd pretty much the last 4 races)
  6. Surge135


    I always remember F-Zero
  7. Makes you wonder what they have in Felicia's cooking pot of a weapon... 🤔
  8. I would have definitely been online tonight if I wasn't nursing a migraine an hour before races started.
  9. Should totally do a Mario Kart 64-esque intro "Welcome to Mario Kart!"