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  1. Exactly. I wanna make sure we have enough getting the Expansion Pack and that it won't exclude half of the group if we would have done MK8D instead. Monday night would not work for Krazy so that is not preferable. Thus why I brought up the Thursday option.
  2. Aight, since we now know how much the NSO + Expansion Pack is for access to the N64 library, the following question is one that is now coupled to another. Knowing what we have to work with as MK64 has a player limit of 4 per game, it gets me wondering... How many of our MK8D regulars are on board with the Expansion Pack pricing and are going to upgrade come next week? And for those that are getting the Pack, is anyone interested in playing MK64 once a month as opposed to MK8D? This is just a proposal and not a confirmed change as MK64 means having to split the crew we have up into two smaller groups. Depending on how many are up for it, that can make or break the 4-player groups, so I really want to make sure we have the numbers for MK64 before we try it.
  3. It sure isn't looking good, not at that price point anyway.
  4. At least two of them, going for $150 alone or $200 with the Genesis controller included.
  5. My guess is that you'll only need to cover roughly 80% of the extra $30 for the Expansion Pack if you re-subbed in September so I'm gonna say... $25?
  6. I completed my fossil exhibit at the museum last year and have just kept a single extra fossil in storage and sold any extras beyond the one stored away.
  7. Is the AC DLC not a permanent buy when you get it from the Expansion Pack? Because in that case this is an absolute no-brainer of a pass because a paid DLC should never be a recurring payment. Those are mobile game microtransactions, not DLC.
  8. Yeah, I'm not gonna lie that a $30 jump is excessive when you don't include the use of the Animal Crossing DLC. Those that have AC can make the best use out of the Expansion Pack at the price it is, but man... that is really a disappointment.
  9. Something I just thought of today while watching a stream of ActRaiser: Renaissance... with the resurgence of the series and an updated look to the characters, I couldn't help but think that the Master's statue you play as in the action stages now has a chance - as little of a chance as it may be - to be the final DLC character.
  10. I've seen some gameplay of ActRaiser: Renaissance on Twitch and I already need this game. The visuals are just so clean, the music is spectacular, the new seige defense gameplay adds in much needed depth to the actual amount of gameplay in between the city building and side scrolling acts, and having objectives and quests during the city building portions makes that more hands on and strategic instead of mindless and boring.
  11. Alright, so the Mario Kart 64 cast/pipe frame theme is the thing that pops into my mind after watching this Direct, though I feel like we just did a Mario Kart anniversary theme in the last month or two. Regardless, that is an option if anyone is up for it in tonight's races. Something else to consider as a talking point tonight is about the possibility of having a Mario Kart 64 online night. Granted there is only four players per game so we may have to look at doing two separate groups at the very least, but that is what we can discuss among other things if it is something others are up for.
  12. Welp, no bingo for me. Was close though, just needed a new Mario Kart game. Biggest surprises were the N64 Online and the lineup they have coming, as well as the ActRaiser remaster. I was thoroughly shocked at the names of some of the voice cast they listed off for the Super Mario movie, in particular Jack Black as Bowser. Having Martinet make cameos is a nice decision though if you can't cast him as Mario or Luigi for the full length film.
  13. No real expectations because I don't expect to see anything in particular except for BoTW2. My predictions/what I'd like to see though... I'ma gonna play some Bingo today. 😁
  14. No themes thought of as of yet, though with the Direct in a little over four hours from now there may be news that could spark a theme idea for tonight. Keep an eye out on chatter in here after the Direct, in case themes are tossed in for consideration.
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