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  1. I got seven shinies all together, evolved one non shiny and two shinies up to Infernape for Blast Burn and gave them all a second charge move as well since I was well over 200k stardust so could afford the 10k stardust cost.
  2. We've had two special outfits for Mario and Peach already and Shy Guy/Rosalina as well as Toad, Toadette (technically) and King Boo got alts, so let's get someone else in there with winter gear before going to Mario again.
  3. An in-game item for changing volume levels? WTF?! This game just sounds so backwards to me...
  4. Here is my list of notable merges in the spoiler below because it's a long list. Color coded for Normal, Super, and High-End tiers
  5. What's the highest level driver/kart/glider everyone has right now? With three platinum driver tickets, two Gold Pass gifts, and a lucky pull in a previous tour, I currently have a Lv 5 Metal Mario.
  6. I'm gonna try to get online tonight but our internet is a bit wonky right now. Upload and download speeds look good according to tech support over the phone but the ping is apparently atrocious. So while Netflix and Hulu aren't working, somehow Amazon Prime Video and YouTube seem to work fine. I havent tried going online on Switch yet so that's kind of up in the air right now.
  7. Took home first in the group rankings and first among friends again, now up to rank 17. Just gotta make Top 3 to make it into rank 20 at the end of Paris Tour part 1.
  8. I was at Youmacon and people were talking about the leaked starters on the Detroit People Mover and when I asked what they were talking about they just nonchalantly show me the YouTube video thumbnail with Sobble's final evolution. Like, didnt bother asking if i wanted to see it or not, its not like I had been pretty much leak-free up until that point.
  9. Those that would like to watch and support me today at Youmacon and the Youmacon Battle Opera tournament, you can catch the MK8D stream on one of these three streams (I don't know which one will have the races as there are two other tournaments going on as well, Puyo-Puyo Tetris and Catherine: Full Body). Can confirm it is going on at twitch.tv/gooshigaming Welp, didn't even make it out of the first round. Extremely disappointed when I felt I could have done much better. Item luck just wasn't there, especially when I was not in first when I needed it the most.
  10. I'm at Youmacon during the event time period, so there's no point in me doing it when I have a lot of other things planned for that day.
  11. Man, what I wouldn't give for a Poltergust 4000 to show up in my shop... Also, has anyone had an easier time than me trying to flatten three racers? I got the first two but now that I'm actively trying to fish for lightning it seems like they don't get squished because I either run into them too early after the stun from the lightning or run into them too late because of how fast the timer for being shrunk by lightning seems to be.
  12. Ahh. No, from the time I spent researching clans several years ago, there is generally no rules or code of conduct like that. In fact, many have alternate Miis and names without their clan tags to make it harder for 'anti-clan' players from finding them easily and targetting them.