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  1. Alright, didn't have much time to try out too much but I just gotta say... Holy shit, the upscaling makes SM64 look fantastic. Granted I have a 4K capable 65" Smart TV but still it's fabulous regardless. I can't wait to get into Sunshine and Galaxy.
  2. @Carl321Omg he's finally here! The great (and surprisingly young sounding) Gatrie has finally arrived in Heroes!
  3. I set up a DIY recipe area between my Able Sisters and heart pond. I have culled most of my flowers and reorganized each of the remaining ones into beds based on species except for the roses I have been using to work towards my own blue roses. That batch consists of orange/white and dual reds just south of Nook's Cranny and dual oranges next to my home. Anyone visiting for shooting stars if you could water those roses that would be great. Opening gates in roughly two and a half to three hours.
  4. Gotta say that I am super stoked to see this happening. Not only is it more Hyrule Warriors but now we get to experience the events that led to the Calamity which should also include some further character building moments for the other four Champions.
  5. I agree, remasters of the 3D games would have been preferred but for me just having the games available to play on Switch is appreciated. The limited run is annoying despite it mirroring what they did for the 25th anniversary. The Mario Kart Home Circuit or whatever looks bizarre but somewhat intuitive. Too bad it really doesn't work well for anyone that has a small area to work with. Super Mario Bros 35 looks super fun, throwing in a competitive spin ala Tetris 99. Can see that getting extremely hectic and makes the enemy-heavy levels people make in Super Mario Maker into viable 'practice'. 3D World + Bowser's Fury will be great to have on the platform since I didn't play the game on Wii U. The anniversary love in other Nintendo IPs is really neat. Definitely looking forward to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons furniture.
  6. Lots of great Super Mario Bros fun to be had in the next several months, including the long anticipated Super Mario 3D All-Stars.
  7. Got the Salmon, King Salmon, Mitten Crab, Cricket, and Bell Cricket today and am now only four critters away from completing both the bugs (Dung Beetle and Damselfly) and fish (Pond Smelt and Blowfish).
  8. Alright, I think if I haven't gotten my own blue rose by the end of September then I would like to be added to the blue rose pool @Zora. I desperately wanna get my own and I am supposed to be on the tail end of my chain breeding for it so I am hoping it shows up in the next 30 days.
  9. BIG NEWS! For those that are regulars of the Thursday Night Throwdowns, we're gonna be shaking things up just a bit. Similarly to how we have agreed to have 200cc for every final Thursday of the month, we're gonna add some new regular modes to coincide with the first Thursday of every month. Starting next week, we will have BATTLE MODE on the first Thursday of every odd-numbered month, while every first Thursday of even-numbered month will be MIRROR RACES. That means that while we will have less 150cc tourneys per month, we will be having more diversity in our tourneys just like we started by introducing the regular 200cc nights. Battle Modes will be random, CPUs will be included at the Normal difficulty, rounds will be set at 3 minutes, and for the time being there will be no teams. So prepare to Throwdown in Battle Mode NEXT WEEK.
  10. Just a heads up I gotta close gates here in just a few minutes, will open the gates later in the afternoon when I get back from running my errand.