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  1. My turnips also went down again, from 79 yesterday afternoon to 74 this morning and then 69 or 70 this afternoon.
  2. From what I have read, he will hold Bug Off competitions but only on select days of the year. If he visits your island outside of those days, he is available to buy your bugs for 1.5x Nooks value and can also make a sculpture of a single bug if you give him 3 of the same bug for this art commission.
  3. I started today with about 150k in my savings, paid off the 560k loan on the house in full, and am up to 600k in savings again. Pretty much all but 100k of what I've earned today was on selling bugs to Flick.
  4. Morning turnip price was 83 and afternoon is 79. Also, Flick arrived on my island so I sold him all of my bugs thus far and those I've caught while just playing and have made well over 700k in just bugs today.
  5. I just need Flick to finally show up to my island because I have ~360k worth in bugs bogging up my storage and want them cleared out to get over 500k from everything and open up 100+ slots of storage.
  6. I'm not usually on the game much before noon but I will do my best to post my selling prices and make an attempt to open my gates at least once a day if the price is good. SW-1512-4286-1137 is my code for those that haven't added me yet.
  7. I got 400 Turnips at 90 Bells. I have never played before so Turnips are a completely new thing for me so... starting tomorrow, what kind of prices should I be looking for? Obviously if I see 180 Bells that will at least double what I paid but I'm not sure what is a 'good' price for Turnips.
  8. Where does everyone put their collection of Turnips they have for the week? I have 150 turnips and looking to buy more today but don't know where to put them.
  9. I've been utilizing the Nook Miles Tickets to gather resources, particularly those pesky iron nuggets. On two instances at night I've run into an island covered in tulips, had a single pond in the middle, and was just an Emperor Butterfly haven. Got 18 to bring home the first time and 17 the second time, making the second loan of 198k Bells really easy to finish paying off. So now I have a second room in the back of my house and am about 1/3 of the way done paying off the ~300k Bell loan and I haven't even gotten the workings for an upgraded Residential Services yet.
  10. Star fragments you get after wishing upon shooting stars during a meteor shower. If it is a clear night and you find Blathers' sister Celeste wandering around your island, it means you should spend some time looking up at the sky by pushing the right stick up and not moving. As long as you are not holding a tool in your hands, you can press the A Button when a star streaks across the sky and it will shine brighter before disappearing. Also note that if you see one star, you'll likely see upwards of four more stars immediately afterwards and can occur multiple times throughout the night. When you have wished upon as many stars as you want, the next day you will find the star fragments lying on the beach every time you enter and exit a loading area (aka a new building). I got 14 star fragments but didn't get a single large star fragment which is needed for my star wand recipe so I can swap out outfits as I desire.
  11. Uhh... I thought I finished the 12 race set with 1st place though?
  12. I whaled hard on this banner aiming for Annette, Lysithea, and in particular Bernadetta and... got pity broken by Loki and Fallen Tiki... I got three Annette and one Lysithea but not getting my Bernie is killing me.