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  1. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Makes you wonder what they have in Felicia's cooking pot of a weapon... 🤔
  2. I would have definitely been online tonight if I wasn't nursing a migraine an hour before races started.
  3. Should totally do a Mario Kart 64-esque intro "Welcome to Mario Kart!"
  4. I got 7 shinies and attempted the Origin form Giratina raid but was the only one of my group of friends to not catch it, same as last community day where I caught about 6 shiny Treecko and did a Dialga raid but was the only one of my group to not catch it.
  5. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Wait so I'm new to AR tier 21 or higher. Do you return to AR tier 21 after each season if you climb up to the higher tiers? I noticed the lift requirments for Tier 22+ was a lot lower than it was to reach tier 21, so am I correct in guessing that Tiers 21+ are just a "see how high you can go before next season" sort of thing?
  6. Man I wrecked it tonight
  7. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I know my next GHB merge project now that Black Knight is finished.
  8. Id prefer to do the themes separately. MK64 theme on the 11th and Reggie theme on the 18th.
  9. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I got Yune the other day, built her, Ophelia, Aversa, and Hoshidan Summer Micaiah, updated Brave Lyn, and added my L!Azura for Dark season AR defense
  10. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I got an Eir while trying to summon Yune, so now I'm netting +165 lift on a perfect raid with my team of Devoted Ike, Titania, Legendary Azura, my +5 Eir, and my new second Eir. Should I not have too many offensive raids where I lose a unit or two, I should finally break in to Tier 21
  11. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I seem to be the only one on the forum here that is excited for Yune...
  12. I'll see about getting on tonight unless the going away party for my friend goes through the time allotment for racing. She's in the National Guard and is being shipped out to Cuba for about a year, so today is kinda the last day to hang out since tomorrow she is packing all day and Saturday is when she leaves.
  13. Surge135

    Splatoon 2 demo out

    Been playing this morning and my Splatoon 1 experience is keeping me up in the top of my team in Turf Wars, losing maybe only two matches so far.
  14. Surge135

    Splatoon 2 demo out

    I wanna get the demo and play with friends on here, but I don't wanna get into the groove of playing with them only for the demo to come to an end and I still won't have the full game...