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  1. Pretty quick to the new addition, Gardevoir is coming to the Unite arenas starting tomorrow.
  2. Surprisingly started using Alolatales in Ranked last night and went 6-1 with them. Helped me get up to Great Class 1. Gengar and Garchomp are two of my worst enemies, they just steamroll through me in 1v1 situations.
  3. The movement speed is quite slow, but I can see why they did it if they wanna try and make the game more strategy and move utilization in the right spot and moment instead of a focus on being able to maneuver around a move's AoE and reposition for a better counterattack or retreat. It is a pretty decent pace for the size of the maps and the time limit of each match, and it is bolstered by the speed flux lanes between your goal zones on both the top and bottom paths and the ability to be launched to various spots on your side of the field after a certain point in the match. It really makes you
  4. So I mostly use Pikachu, but have used both Slowbro as well as Zeraora when Pikachu was already taken. I just got to Trainer Level 9 and have been enjoying the game thus far.
  5. Pokémon UNITE, a new free-to-start MOBA-styled game made its debut on Nintendo Switch today with a mobile release in the works for the coming months. As such, I figured we may as well have a general discussion thread for the game, as well as use it as a way to see who else is playing. So for anyone that is playing, what Pokémon is your favorite to use so far?
  6. I know the tourney hasn't been changed for tonight yet, I will get it changed before it starts though.
  7. I have the DLC and it got me to put more time into the game. Heck, it got me to even go for 100% completion on the non-DLC stuff.
  8. Who knew watching the tourney instead of playing would be so fun? Thanks for suggesting such a thing, PB~ Better luck next time, bud.
  9. I mean, at this point it's whatever because no one else can participate in the game night if they wanted to. If this is how you want to run the game night then so be it. Just maybe don't advertise a tournament in the game night to the public only to say "Anyone else interested can just watch us play LOL"
  10. I understand that it is usually just you four, but setting up something exclusive in a weekly game night thread on a public forum really doesn't give off a vibe of being open to others joining in subsequent weeks. Then posting saying "All others interested can just watch because this is only set up for us four" is another dick move to anyone else just learning about the tourney. Finding three others in a day and a half is really not plausible. Also, considering the title of the thread wasn't updated to announce the tourney idea until Wednesday this week, giving anyone e
  11. So much for anyone else joining if they caught wind of what was going on.
  12. I'll make sure the tourney's time is fixed if needed since we just had Daylight Saving Time start yesterday.
  13. I couldn't help but want to whale on this Fodlan banner. I was aiming for Ingrid and Marianne so I was focusing hard on blue orbs after the initial set of lower cost full circle summons thanks to the forging bonds free summon tickets that helped me nab both Dedue and Linhardt early. No Ingrid or Marianne was pulled before I reached the free choice at 40 summons though so I picked Ingrid hoping that Marianne would come from the summons afterwards. Sadly, I made the wrong choice as I have gotten a total of four Ingrid and no Marianne. I still have story chapters and paralogue orbs to gather so I
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