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  1. Surge135

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    That's pretty smart thinking, Steve. Nice going.
  2. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I haven't seen anything about the next Tempest Trials
  3. Larry Koopa all the way Happy birthday though Krazy
  4. New Super Smash Bros. Switch
  5. Surge135

    Pokémon Quest

    I specified my first real recipe for my game to be for the electric types and pulled an Electabuzz with Meditate and Thundershock. Then went for a blue soda recipe hoping for Dratini and got a Horsea with Icy Wind. Probably gonna go for a grass type next since I got a Growlithe (I'm assuming just like everyone else) from the two tutorial meals to round out the starter elemental triad.
  6. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Effie being a bonus unit in this Arena season is a blessing for me because now I can continue to use my Armor Emblem team to try and stay in Tier 20 while I have the opportunity to use a fully boosted and fully merged Effie. I mean just looking at the stats on this is disgusting. Hone/Fortify Armor boosts makes her look like this:
  7. Surge135

    CONFIRMED Pokemon Switch coming soon

    We literally have three days left in this month. If they don't reveal this in these last few days, then it's not getting revealed until E3.
  8. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Got a free +Res/-Def Alm on the stance banner
  9. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Using Sanaki/Fjorm/B!Sanaki/Mist for my Tempest Trial main team. TA/Sword breaker Sanaki to handle all greens and swords, Fjorm to handle red tomes, bows, daggers, and staves, and B!Sanaki for cleaning up blues.
  10. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Just realized that the build I have planned for Halloween Jakob is going to be one of the most expensive builds. I mean, just learning refined Guard Bow+ and Close Counter would cost 2100 SP, and that's not including a Special, Assist, B passive, or C passive. Damn...
  11. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    The fact I can use my Armor team for these last two Arena seasons means I can FINALLY reach Tier 20 for the first time in this game. It also severely helps that Arena Bonus Units get Tempest Trial boosts in stats when used, so my +5 merged Amelia is more like a +15 merge when used in these last two seasons and it's great.
  12. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I got a weird +HP/-Res for my Sanaki, which will leave her with 39 HP, 16 Def, and 30 Res. So even though she has a better physical soak compared to neutral HP/Def, I can't quite use Res Ploy efficiently on her with a Res of only 30.
  13. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

  14. Surge135

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    God my luck is all over the place lately. First summon after the free summon (3* Cherche) was Bridal Sanaki. So it took an entire banner of non-focus pulls to finally get a focus unit on the brand new banner.
  15. Surge135

    CONFIRMED Pokemon Switch coming soon

    If Jesse, James, and Meowth make an appearance in these games, then Meowth better have some human-language phrases he can say so he is different from all the other Meowth in the game. If they can make Pikachu say it's name in the latest games, then they can record some dialogue for Team Rocket's Meowth