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  1. How do you THINK Pokemon became the single most profitable IP in the world? With "filthy" business tactics like these, obviously. I'm definitely not a fan of the price, but if this is supposed to be the next method of storage for the games moving forward, of course they will price it the way they did to make up for the "cut Pokemon" fiasco.
  2. I've voted for Bernadetta, Gatrie, Bernadetta, and Black Knight thus far
  3. With the interim results being posted before the end of the third day, it's hard to imagine the gaps between characters being that large. That being said, things can literally go any which way and move the top 10 around completely if voters rally for non-3H characters.
  4. No surprise here that 3H is dominating in votes. If it's a clean sweep for 3H, you can bet there are going to be salty players.
  5. I should hopefully be on tonight. Last week I was not in the greatest of mindsets to play and just needed to go to bed. Feeling better today though.
  6. Do they though? Their down special gives them some super armor on the start up, meaning if you find yourself committing to a laggy attack within range of that move, you'll be eating a huge axe hit. Technically not a counter but easily capable of being used like one.
  7. Relatively happy with this reveal. Another FE rep, sure, but they utilize a sword, axe, lance, and bow in their moveset, not just the sword.
  8. I did too, it was really well done. I can't wait to see more of those mini episodes.
  9. I'm just hoping that I can send my Battle Points saved up from Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Home next month because I am sitting at 3999 BP in Bank right now. I'd rather spend those on nature mints and *good* held items and possibly tutor moves in the DLC in Sword and Shield than buy the few trade evolution items needed for my Gen 6 Living Dex and then nothing but Rare Candy.
  10. Not quite Gen 7 since this is in Alpha Sapphire, but regardless, I got the Crescent Isle in my Mirage Spots for the first time a few days ago since starting my AS file back in 2014 so started hunting for Cresselia that afternoon. Probably less than 100 SRs later and I get the shiny. Caught it in my preferred Poké Ball of choice for all of my shinies, the Luxury Ball. Synchronize for nature didnt work but I could care less, it's a shiny legendary in under a day from the start of the hunt.
  11. Seems there is some constant confusion about this, so allow me to explain. The Expansion Pass is for the extra content of the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra. There is going to be a free update once the DLC has launched to allow players that aren't buying the Expansion Pass to be able to trade for/transfer the added-in Pokémon from these DLC to their game via other players or via Pokémon Home. Therefore, there is not a paywall for the 200+ Pokémon being brought back.
  12. Did you ever check to see if your Bank was gone @EH_STEVE?
  13. I'm not racing tonight, just not in the right mindset
  14. I'm gonna keep Bank for a while, I still play Gen 6 and Gen 7 periodically and have unplayed games to complete the National Dex in and get the Shiny Charm as a reward, so having the Bank available to hold both my Gen 6 and Gen 7 Living Dex will be helpful until I have nothing else to do in those games.